The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on August 2, 1940 · 15
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 15

Los Angeles, California
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Friday, August 2, 1940
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Lily Pons Charms as JimmiE tidier IN HOLLYWOOD of Nazis Bowl Star Fiim Otters Indictment BY JOH.V L. SCOTT Hollywood's severest film PAGE 13 FRIDAY, AUGUST 2, 1940 PART I Marshall Will Direct Roosevelt Pot o Gold' !? ' - ! Hit Revue to Be Filmed In dictment of Nazi methods so far is contained in "The Man I Married." produced by Darryl - - Zanuck for 20th Century-Fox. The picture, which was once ti tied "I Married a Nazi," opened yesterday at Loew's State and Chinese theaters, accompanied by a comedy, "Sailor's Lady The film comes right out and calls a spade a spade, if not dirtv old shovel. There is no at temnt to Dull punches. Ger- Gene Tierney Wins UadffZ SSS ol'lh.r'SS I besides showing absolute regi ' mentation of the people goes into. the question of how far Nazism will spread over the world. I would not call "The Man I Married" entertainment, which is defined by Webster as a per fnrmance intended to amuse or divert. Neither amusing nor dl verting are scenes of people crawling on their hands and knees picking up garbage spilled by storm troopers, for instance. SILENT REACTION' At various times throughout the production, references to the eventual involvement of the United States with the Nazis are made, usually by an American correspondent played by Lloyd Nolan. At the performance attended by this reviewer, there were no audible reactions to thee references. Feople just sat still and thought we hope. The stiff salutes and other (to us) musical comedy mannerisms brought some guffaws. Storv concerns a uerman-norn man and his American wife, portrayed, respectively, by Francis r.prlfrpp and .loan Bennett, who visit the husband's homo country presumably on a pleasure trip. While there, Lederer joins the Nazi party and enters into its activities despite the plead ings of his wife to take her and Lupino xHard-Luck Dame Knowles, Francis Team Bellamy With Lindsay By Edwin Schallert director for his first the way toward his a venture which is picture. So embarkation being much Jimmy Roosevelt has his things are at last well on on independent production, watched in Hollywood. George Marshall was signed yesterday to assume charge of "Pot o' Gold," and the deal is a, smart one at the moment, because Marshall has such hits as "Destry Rides Again," "The Ghost Breakers" and the current "When the Daltons Rode" to his credit. He's a veteran in the game who has had a special run of good fortune during the present season, and he was consequently in the position where he could practically write his own ticket. He picked "Tot 0' Gold," because that is different from the other films in the sequence. It's musical In character, and for the cast, so far signed, s the Horace Heidt band. With script written by Harry Tugend, and adapted from radio show, the film will start mid-September. Marshall will take time off, by the way, to act as managing director of the charity baseball game the night of Aug. 8 between the comedians and leading men. Gene Tierney Wins Femme Lead in 'Hudson's Bay' Gene Tierney is rated "in" for a screen career. "The Return of Frank James," in which she is leading feminine player, was previewed secretly In Inglewood, and 20th Century-Fox officials determined the reaction excellent. Now, therefore, Miss Tierney is to have her next big chance in "Hudson's Bay," which is the shortened title of "Hudson's Bay Company." Paul Muni and Laird Cregar are the others chosen, and Cre-gar, with Director Irving Pichel and company, has been working on location in Idaho. Outfit Is returning from there to begin work at the studio. Virginia Field, almost set for the leading feminine role at one time, gives way to Miss Tierney. I understand 20th and Miss Field differed on terms of contract. JOINS STELLAR CAST Constance Bennett will appear with Douglas Fairbanks and others in "We Were Dancing," one of the "Tonight at 8:30" series at El Capitan Theater starting Monday night. McGinty's Ups and Downs as Politician Entertaining nv ruiLrr k. sciieieii his wifei Jean Heydt contribute solidly to BV ISABEL MORSE JONES It was "Vive la France!" at Hollywood Bowl last evening. (but not seen) in Walt Disney's Lily Pons appeared in a version, "Bambi," for which Disney is of a French blue fleur-de-lis on a! dl fort t0 dub famou3 white gown en bouffant with a i . , ., tri-corne to top it off. The tight voices for his cartoon charac-little paper-frilled bouquet of ters. . j red, red roses completed the pa- Xot a word of this has leaked triotic effect. Had she come on ,mfiI -, Kt wu , t. rific ballyhoo simultaneously with the pic s release. the stage to sing the coloratura notes no one else can reach in the "Star-Spangled Banner," it would have been perfect. AN DRE CONDUCTS Andre Kostelanetz conducted the accompaniments, of course,! and in addition a dull overture to Faun by De hussy and the am bitious "Firebird" by his countryman, Igor Stravinsky, now conducting his own concerts in Mexico City. The amiable little gentleman, now married to Mile. Pons, can control a symphony orchestra very well but he is not as interesting to watch as the petite "Lilee." The size of the crowd was not duplication of last year's for this couple. Miss Pons was in excellent voice but singing with Secret stuff: Margaret Sullavan I An hour later, two still-giddy and Henry Fonda will be heard youngsters were delivered homt in tne ttogers car. MEMORIES THAT BLES3 AND BURN: When Connie Bennett, unable to keep a date with an interviewer before boarding a ship for Europe, cabled answers (at her own expense) to his questions from Panama . . . When Bruce Cabot and Adrienn Ames chartered a sailing yacht The Sullavan-Fonda Toiceslfor a Pacific cruise, hoping to will be heard as two frightened 'patch marital disagreements, and leaves in a scene where a wind-iwere too sea-sick to talk . . . storm threatens a beautiful tree.' When guests at a swank Holly wood party spent lo minutes convincing Clark Gable and Gilbert Roland they should NOT "go out- settle an argument hen Vic McLaglen, at a party for his "Lancers," hired a "professional Insulter," dressed him as a foreign general, and had him make slurring remarks about American and English sol-diers. It took 15 minutes to quell the riot. Is Mrs. Chico Marx planning TW Freisrhntz" with startling serve papers on ner comeu- dynamic contrasts, a delicate and ian-husband on completion of his ! s j d e to evanescent "Afternoon of a fiIm7 Brod Crawford! 'atlfl TiVlr IVi-a t-i housed together are now pent Most of Jimmy Roosevelt's cast for "Pot O' Gold" will work on percentage, with others taking half sal ary, half percentage . . . Elaine Goodwin, New York breath-taker, arrives in 10 days to become Mrs. Joe (Producer) Pasternak ... A future two-gun cowboy star has just arrived in the Smiley Burnette home, the second Burnette adoption Allan Jones and Irene Bells and No-Bells extreme care so that every last jllervey take off in a few days for one of the thousands assembled j a Stratoliner p. a. tour back East. could hear each note. The tempi Ha! Gladys Swarthout, arriv-all were slow but her cadenzas ;ing in slacks, quickly rolled them flexible as possible and she: to her knees under her mink coat climbed up and up and up in and made an elegant entrance tune and slid down again as, into swank Ciro's . . . Are "Mr." McGinty, as called him, was a tough a wrong guy. lie was on tne breadline when someone tipped him off that the way to make a few smackers was to vote twice but not the support. their young son back to Amen-j tor tne mayoralty candidate, ca. He also falls in love witrnTUIingiiast. Mr. Mcuinty voted a rabid Nazi girl (Anna ALL TAKE LEAVE Climax arrives is about to send May lair Will Film Hit Broadway Revue Mayfalr Productions, operating at Universal Studios, yesterday bought the screen rights to the hit New York revile, "Hellz-a-Poppin," for $200,000. The show will go on the road this fall and after the tour Is completed Mayfair will turn the fihow into a picture. It's a striking follow-up for "Boys From Syracuse," Mayfair's initial feature. According to announcement, the entire cast of the footlight attraction will be used in the film. Included are Olsen and Johnson, the stars; Barto and Mann, the Radio Rogues, Charles Withers, Hal Sherman, Walter Nilsson, the New Orleans Quartet, Bettymae and Beverly Crane, Theo Hardcen and many others. Ida Lupino to Poitray Trapeze Performer Warner studio nabobs think they have discovered a really Ingenious subject for Ida Lupino, who is to be given the big buildup, and in view of her long association with the show business and heritage of theater, circus and all, maybe their idea Is capital. They intend to cast her as a trapeze performer in a film tentatively called "Hard-Luck Dame," for which Charles Kenyon is writing the screen play. This may follow "High Sierra," in which she plays opposite Humphrey Bogart. Ida will be well supplied with male support in "Hard-Luck Dame," because there will be about five men in her life. Patric Knowles Cast Opposite Kay The Kay Francis picture, "Debutantes, Inc.," be getting under way just about as soon as work in "Little Men," and already choice has the second male lead in the picture. Patric recently was on the stage with Joan Blondcll. Francis at R.K.O., will she completes been made of Knowles, who wins this part, ... . . . , i j alone, ills old tamer, wno wumu have none of the Third Reich, reveals that his mother was a Jewess. The realization leaves Lederer stunned, his girl friend denarts in horror, and his wife takes their son and leaves too. Performances are worthy, with Lederer outstanding in an imsvmnathettc and difficult role. Miss Bennett surprises with the vigor of her portrayal. She is not just the glamorous, languid heroine in this. Nolan's work as the American correspondent, who hates the Nazi regime but flatters officials to get what he wants, is meritorious. Miss Sten throws herself full tilt into her) brief but effective characteriza tion of a fervent party follower. Otto Kruger as the old father of Lederer has some of the choice lines of the story. Maria Ouspenskaya, Ledwig!, Johnny Russell, Lionel Royce, Fredrik V o g e d i n g, Ernst Deutsch, Egon Brecher, William Kaufman and Frank Reichcr all contribute to the scene. Irving Pichel directed from a screen play by Oliver H. P. Garrett. Sten.) 37 times, mat made him a power, eventually he was elected Mavnr himsplf and latpr. fiovpr- when Lederer jno,. his wife back! That's his storv. anvwav as told to a couple of blowzy habitues of a tropical gin shop as they hang over his bar. Mr. McGinty, you see, has ended up a bartender . . . still a tough (but not a wrong) guy. VIGOROUS TREATMENT "The Great McGinty" is the first-directed production of Pres ton St urges, hitherto content with merely writing stories for other, but not necessarily better, men to visualize. It introduces fre-h and potentially impor tant talent to the active field of the screen. St urges has vigor, imagination and a manifest dis taste for conventional movie cliches which expresses itself. conversely, in unconventional treatment. He neither labors under, nor fosters, false illusions, yet manages to avoid the suggestion of absolute cynicism. A little more sympathy, a little less driv ing home of obvious points, and he will be a director to reckon with. Story and script, also by Sturges, are cleverly integrated. One may question whether a Governor would be summarily arrested as this McGinty is, hut I understand it has been done. Nevertheless, this occurrence in; the film seems abrupt and fairly fantastic. "Irene," the old musical play, "with a cost of 150 youthful stars," is on the Paramount stage. It is presented by the Ethel Meglin Kiddies. I feel it has no place in a professional playhouse. gracefully as you please. PLANE INTERFERES Her songs were the usual ones, mere was tne .Message of Love" from Gounod's un known and unmissed opera, "Mireille," and Bishop's "Echo Song" in quite unrecognizable form devised for her by Frank La Forge and enhanced by a flute obbligato played by Anthony Linden. The "Air du Rossignol" by Bells to: Barbara Stanwyck, for stopping her car in the middle of busy Sunset Blvd., tying up traffic while she escorted a frightened 6-year-old across the street ... To Mrs. (Jane'i mama) Withers for always remembering the lean days, and constantly trying to help other kids get their breaks. NO BELLS to: The cameraman (I won't reveal his nama THIS TIME) who set steel traps in his yard because he hates dogs. A beautiful collie was trapped; his leg was fearfully slashed and he tore out his teeth trying to get loose. And BELLS to the Humane Society agent who called at this cameraman's home and stated in unmistakable words . 1 i .j u it u : : ........ . III 4 "I'J " i the Director Lewis Milestones that unhappy, as close ohservers think? . . . Now it's Earl Carroll and Paramount who want a divorce grounds, incompatibility. All in Family An amusing bit of by-play oc-j curred at Republic the other riay.j life was; is ever repeated. HOLLYWOOD AFTER DARK: Adolphe Menjou (whose stamp futile without a close-up of their Saint.Sapna and "Una Vnoo Pnra ' screen idol, Cowboy Roy Rogers, Fa" from Rossini's "Barber ofSLdlca ine sio icnce, crawiea collection is valued at $230,000.) Seville" were clear and calm de-!throu"n tne r,ack-'t brush and 'staring into the window of a bou- spite a plane that circled close jamvea d'sneveled but triumph-! levard stamp store, appraising and then doubled back for no ant. on the western street where j albums on display . . . "Red- apparent reason but possibly to!Ko-v was at work. Morgan, backfielder of the Wash- see the crowd. I Angrily, an assistant' director ington Redskins, slumped in a The last number on the list i started to hustle them off the set Brown Derby booth, complain, was the mad scene from "Lu-i then st0PPpd". stared and apolo- ing that a day of movie football cia." Next November slit wilPR.1ZG(1 wnen. RSors, sizing up the (he's in "Yesterday's Heroes") sing the entire Donizetti role in' situation, interjected an indig- takes more stamina than the - . ... . nntf "lint WnK i l-i n'iit tm t ! .i ti it our Shrine Auditorium. ilc- "Ul' j"" tougnesi -pro game. Tonight Bruno Walter con- K 1 Jvlu MhltI!- nislrlbutfdbTthe McNauiht Srodlratt. In. ducts. s Numerous Stars Aid War Relief Appearances of stars for British war relief, with features showing at the Hawaii Theater,; which include "Cavalcade," "It's Love I'm After," starring Bette Davis and Leslie Howard, and "Shoulder Arms," Charlie Chaplin picture, will include (tonight) Sir Hedric Hardwicke, Binnie Barnes, Ida Lupino and Anita Louise; Saturday night Mary! Pickford, Brian Aherne and Joan Fontaine: Sunday night Errol DALTON CLAN STILL SHOOTW The gun-totln' Dalton boys take over the screens of Pan-tages Hollywood and R.K.O. Hill- street theaters toda' for a second week of "When the Daltons Rode." "Blondie Has Servant Trouble," with Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Larrjf Simms and Daisy, is the companion feature with the latest "March of Time' completing both bills. Randolph Scott. Kay Francis, TONITE fSMS PREVIEW AT BOTH THEATRES and will share attention sparkler., The picture starring status. with James Ellison practically . returns and the feminine Miss Francis to Barton Signed or 'Shepherd of the Hills' James Barton was signed yesterday in New York for the role of Paw Lane In ''Shepherd of the Hills," which Paramount will produce. Robert Preston, Betty Field and Harry Carey are other principals set for leads, with Carey playing the shepherd. The picture starts Aug. 20 with Henry Hathaway directing.. Barton was one of several leading stars in "Tobacco Road." Pick-up Shots Along Cinema Way Ralph Bellamy will finally get the girl in a picture. It.'s a murder mystery with a Mexican locale and is titled "Meet the Wildcat." Bellamy yesterday was given the hero role opposite Margaret Lindsay. Universal also cast Allen Jenkins in the comedy lead. "John Braun's Body" will be the first of the Ellery Queen features to be made by Larry Darmour. It i.s being written by Manfred B. Lee and Frederick Dannay, who also will have It published in novel form about the time the picture is released. Their detective series has been popular literarily and on the air. COMEDY OFFERED "Sailor's Lady," companion film, is a light comedy involving the adoption of a cute baby by Nancy Kelly, who is much sought after by a couple of Uncle Sam's sailors. Jon Hall and Larry Crahbe. To keep the child, she has to prove worthy, ut thanks to the brawls of the seagoing chaps she doesn't have much chance. Eventually she leaves the child on a battleship and there's much to-do when the infant is discovered. Allan Dwan directed with light touch, and principals include, besides those mentioned,! Joan Davis in a comedy role, Dana Andrews, Mary Nash, Katherine Aldridge, Wally Vcr non, and others. eONITEl mm STAGE I tt 8: JO PDQ QUIZ COURT )C ft 00 IN CASH AWARD! r:j.i4 ij.t.i;;::-T.w- m ki v Tit SURPRISE PICTURE of thi YEAR! meqtr Km KM a ra3 ...iM ' DONVY 10- 101 IBM J ' ON OUR STAGE 'Mm toy vv v m . nXSTARS-150. Cure for Blues Hailed as a sure cure for the blues,' "My Love Came Back" Is playing at Warners Wiltern Theater with Olivia De Havilland and Jeffrey Lynn as stars. "Wagons Westward" is the companion film. ONE GIRL'S AMAZING Y! EXPERIENCES! D'J it rr mHf I CASE WEAKENED The "sympathy" part is signif icant. Sturges' objectivity in dealing with mugs is admirable, but at the same time it weakens their case when he asks us at last to pull for them. Because Governor McGinty's campaign against "sweat shops, tenements and child labor" is prefaced by his own private expression of disbelief that these things constitute a positive evil, we cannot believe in the campaign nor waste sentiment over its ultimate failure or of McGintv's. He simply wasn't a big enough man for the Job. He's a mighty entertaining one, however. It is this quality which raises the picture, an unpretentious effort without a single box- office name, above ordinary criticism, at least so far as the aver age filmgoer is concerned. "McGinty," now at. the Paramount, clicks merrily along from start to finish, and rejoices in the most ingratiating performances yet to be given by Brian Donlevy in the title role) and Muriel Angelas as his wise and right-minded wife. Akim Tamiroff roars with de lightful ferocity as the political boss, and' William Demarest, Al-lyn Joslyn, Steffi Duna and Louisj i to night In person linnit Barntf, Ctdric Hardwitk, An:to louist, Ida liipina "CAVALCADE Jlsn fit ml ttm In ftwi CHARLIE CHAPLIN In "SHOULDER ARMS" "IT'S LOVE I'M AFTER" Belt Doll, LmII Himird. 0Hvi 0i Hwlllint Ciurtny Wvmr Br. 11-12 40c, SSt 4MOCUTKM Flynn, Cesar Romero, Olivia de!l'C0Ie ancron. brian uonievy. Havilland and Bona Masspv. HroticncK Lrawtoro, btuart Lr- Last nicht thosP who worn I'vin, Andy Devine, Frank Albert- present included Basil RathJson :m(1 Mar' Gordon have the hnnp Vioi iw- anri r.JmoiH prominent roles in "The wiuuHis. ueorge iuarsnau di rected. so.n. It was reported that $0800 was cleared on the special premiere at Ciros for the British Red Cross. Again featuring John Canady as Quiz Master, tonight s regular session of the Fox Wilshire The ater quiz will be held in con junction with the screen program, composed of "Gold Rush Maisie" and "Sporting Bloorf" Mm. vt' fviiff Br if SKiiil mH&r 'tL "117 LiU." V rz 1 n W W f IB jMk n it i at . rawvWJjtr . I w j- w .... . - n atit v ir n p m ii.ii.&o ut tin i - lii A ?J0Kl i7G0E WITH'tHE WINDV r 1 v lr,. , ,.:..-..,.,.,r...'y. v- "- j UAst inA air. cnmnui Y'i . ill Quiz Head Named fX "i u HM 1 I -.;S3S If TOMORROW' II . L JNIaisie" and "Snot- nc Tt nnd " In li-"irf 1 u H m R B Fl i I'-T lZZZir I T-phrv: rt t ; firni(Hi f mmUUmlS 1 KlitJlfJJ V 77 w r L ( 4 . &7A rir i ' AT t j i i J j I If I ! I i i i i i i mm i t, j: i IOUELIA O. PARSONS, t. A. Exominer: "Mor excitement them I hove teen on the screen since the good old days..." EDWIN SCHAUERTi L. A. Times: "The rip-inortingeit big outdoor picture seen in many monlhs...on A-l virile pkturel" VIRGINIA WRIGHT! The News: "It's guaranteed to take the mind of anyone off the problems of the day..." HEDDA HOPPERj "It's a lulu... fires os mcmy loughs os bullets I " HARRISON CARROLL: Herald-Express: This picture Mis a furious pace.. DAILY VARIETY: "Will cause audiences to grip their chair arms..." HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: "Here is a smosh oltroclion in ony man's language. ..George Marshall who directed 'Deslry', outdoes himself with 'Dallons'." iSJWL 2nd GREAT WEEK1. J GALE PACE ALAN HALE ROSCOE KARNS HENRY O'NEILL DirtctW by RAOUL WALSH Pr.,.ntJ hf WARNER BROS. RANDOLPH SCOTT KAY FRANCIS BRIAN DONLEVY GEORGE BANCROFT RODERICK CRAWFORD ANDY DEVINE STUART ERWIN FRANK ALBERTS0N -4 v'S'4 HILARIOUS COMPANION FEATURE JUDY CANOVh lMMOWtr-IDOIirOY . WAiiACi roo-niit nwiit SUIT OlllUt -ilMMT JT MATTY MAINKK S OtCHtSU A TIT mm TONITE l WARNERS TWO cow Mmm K5JOI 1:4SM ISt iMMll It mciiina tii i.1 1 tin xiilllru IKIUt'll I Ml si ft iu hi in tun iiiiifik 'mv i nvr WILTERPj-)!ljim','CfllVIEBflCK' THE SCREEN'S BEST TREAT SINCE "THE BAKER'S WIFE!" "THE MAYOR'S DILEMMA" Storring ANNIE VERNAY and CHARPIN Praductd by Stymotir Ntbtmahl wh av ou "Msytrlin" . . . from tht story by Its Mittitr ' srr it FCfllllSIF ' ninux yo-mu ,um TOOAYl tJUUIflfc 8wt J.IS 7;IJ S IJ titnian 40t OriginoJ Krenplay by HAOtO SKUMATf Bawd "Wt Oalfont 9otiw" by tmmtrt OoUon ond Jock Jvrxpntyr. Sr. OmtCTEO r GEORGE MARSHALL A UNIVERSAL PICTURE fwf& an All NEW supporting show! BLONDIE'S FUNNIEST HITJ , BLONDIE HAS SERVANT TROUBLE 7 Penny SINGLETON Arfhur LAKE Larry SIMMS and DAISY Pfoduced by ROBERT SPARK S Djrected by FRANK R. STRAYER St teonptay by R.chord Floucnoy A COLUMBIA PICTURE onim DUTCH BAST INDIES"

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