The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 19, 1953 · 17
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 17

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1953
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LOSangClC0CjmCg3 Aleman Broaches 'Blue Jade for Montalban; Benny, Marx May Coslar BY EDWIX SCHALLERT When Ricardo Montalban goes to Mexico City Jan. 6 to gtar in "Green Shadows," with Norman Foster directing, he will simultaneously settle another important deal for a Cinemascope picture south of the border. This feature 13 planned by Miguel Aleman Jr., son of the former Mexican President, and will be shot in Technicolor, as well as the wide-dimension screen, being titled at present "The Blua Jade." A long preliminary discussion was held between Montalban and Aleman over the long-distance phone concerning this adventure subject with a Robin Hood-like central character. The background of the romantic film will' be rather indefinitely Latin American. There will be an English version primarily, as well as a Spanish, and the intention is to secure an actress from Hollywood. "Green Shadows" will, of course, be produced by the Cal-deron Brothers. TOMMY RKTTIG .7UYEXJI-E STAR IX 'RAID' Tommy Rettig, the boy actor who had such an important assignment in that unusual Stanley Kramer production, "The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T," as well as appearing in various Lisa Daniels as the rival of Tony Curtis for International production. He recently played a detective in "The Mad Magician," Columbia release made independently by Bryan Foy. O'Neal has worked at the Neighborhood Playhouse since La Jolla. OIL HEAD'S WIFE IX TAYLOR-PARKER FILM Mrs. Scott Murray, wife of a managing director of a petroleum company in North Africa, has been cast in Metro's ' Valley of the Kings," which will be interesting news to friends she has in Long Reach. Her mother is Olga Lund-berg, residing there. This will be Mrs. Murray's first film experience, I understand, and it isn't determined what name she will use for the screen. She is to be in a pivotal scene with Robert Taylor and Eleanor Parker as an American tourist. So much has been said of the scanty costuming of Mar-lene Dietrich at the Sahara in Las Vegas that the excellence of the show which surrounds her has been somewhat neglected in the comment. With that remarkable juggler and balancer, Rudy Horn, Gautier's Steeplechase and the general staging, this was one of the best. JACK BEXXY, GROUCHO MARX TEAMING POSSIBLE Current rumor has "Time for Elizabeth" as a movie possibility for the combined talents of Jack Benny and Groucho Marx. The stage play was one- in which Marx appeared at La Jolla. He originally collaborated on the writing with Norman Krasna. I hear that Jerry Wald, executive producer at Columbia, has been discussing this possibility, among others. Barbara Laage, who plays the other woman in "Act of Love," is expected to rouse much interest when that picture is shown next week. She is cast with Kirk Douglas and Dany Robin in the film and now I leai n she is wanted for "The Hidden Heart," planned Renagoss production with screenplay by Larry Marcus. Kirk Douglas has also "The Shadow." -6v Dial Ih f WM.U DE Dnyl "IV Caclullmtif at r "Widmark gives a performance that has... bite . . . punch . . . understanding." t A M)M0 MGM'S FIRST in is in PR0OUCTT0N PIOS AUPEX MULTI-DIRECTIONAL STEREOPHOKIC SOUND AND GLORIOUS COLOR! WORLD PREMIERE TUEwoAoao? 'JuMna SAT.,DEC.i9,,953-PartII 3 other films, will have the leading juvenile role in "The Raid," which Hugo Frego-nese is to direct for Leonard Goldstein's Panoramic Productions. Lisa Daniels, who did excellent work in a small part in "The Man in the Attic," will be tested Monday for a top spot in the production, to start Jan. 4, with Van Heflin and Lee Marvin. Patrick O'Neal, who appeared in "My Three Angels" last summer at La Jolla Playhouse with Kurt Kasznar. has signed for "Black Shield of Fahvorth," Janet Leigh in this Universal- indicated he wants her for lavtndar Hill Mobster l-Thol Mon In WhH $uitl-That Smoothit Promotr"l Now lf$ Guinness, the "Genius who keeps his eve at home and abroad! AUC GUINNESS starring CARLO JOHNSON YVONNI CEUA eUU.JiauH.llW... U-Y ''W Barbara Lnajie I Al iijqlft fLr C""1' ' "w'a " iVj'8"" 12:30 I Richard Karl WIDMARK-MALDEH Elaine STEWART FromMGM in Color by ANSCO MGM EXTRt PCTE SMITH'S "CASH SUSHiM SMASH WEEK SHOWS TONIOHT mm you see without special glasses! 1 THE SOUNDING Presentation of Christmas Oratorio Momentous Triumph BY ALBERT GOLDBERG As has happened repeatedly in recent seasons, the conjunction of Alfred Wallenstein, the Los Angeles Thilharmonie Orchestra and the Roger Wagner Chorale made local history through their performance of Bach's Christmas Oratorio in Philharmonic Auditorium last night. There will be a repetition tonight for subscribers regularly holding Thursday night tickets and everyone caring about a rare musical expe-, rience is cordially urged not to pass it up. The Christmas Oratorio is not actually what its name implies; that is, it is not an oratorio in the Handelian sense. Under this title Bach grouped a series of six church cantatas, each intended to be performed during the service on one of the six festival dayg of the Lutheran Christmas observance. Each a Vnlt Each section is complete in itself, but each carries on the story where the other left off, and there is a grandiose overall sense of musical architecture that binds them together. Rerause of the length of the entire work some cuts have to 'LITTLE FUGITIVE CAPTIVATING SAGA BY PHILIP K. SCHEUER The late Joseph Burstyn, who imported some 'of Europe's finest movies for American appreciation, may well be memorialized for his latest release a strictly home-grown product made in, of all places, Coney Island. I have not been partial to pictures about small boys mainly because they have overworked the small boys' small-ness in a big world at the expense of sound storv qualities but this "Little Fugitive" catches me with my defenses down. I think it's a honey of a show. The determined adult trio who have turned it out are nonprofessionals in the Hollywood meaning, but they know their stuff. They are Ray Ashley, Morris En-gel and, Ruth Orkin and they wrote, directed and photographed the film with the S87.000 they somehow managed to get together. Pathetic and hilarious and most pathetic when it is most hilarious, their modest gaga is filled with a continuous and astonishing variety of incidents from start to finish. 'Killer' on Lam All of them center around the little fugitive, Richie An-drusco, 7, who, as Joey Norton, runs away from home in the mistaken belief that he has potted his older brother with a rifle bullet and finds himself in the dreamland world of Coney Island. Here, with an instinctive resource that any of us might envy, he manages not only to survive the week-end LAST COMPLETE SHOW STARTS 11:30 P.M. .JSSra-ooSr k com1 .u ktj Bel tm"t "RUGGED BEAR" mnniioiot K NO liill DM CIFT TICKET BOOKS FOR CHRISTMAS f FORT StarriM ' YVONNE DE CARLO CARLOS THOMPSON ' J him On MM Witt PAUL HENREID I 'man uimm 1015 MAXWFll Vl - Itlnttl On MM Irtrm 5F RIALTO HOLLYWOOD OOWMTOWM MOUrwOOft It Sham Ew N M DOME FOX ocitH utr mairwcxv) BOARD be made when it is performed all at one time, but these are discreetly made and In no way interfere with the logic or con tinuity of the work. Terhaps because complete performances are so rare, there has always been a tendency to underestimate the qualities of the Christmas Oratorio, but while its choruses and solos are not as complex as those of the B Minor Mass, nor its narrative quite so dramatic as that of the Saint Matthew Passion, it has peculiar virtues of its own that entitle it to be ranked among Bach's greatest works. Imposing Power The treatment of the typical Lutheran chorales in which the congregation usually joined is among the finest in the Bach literature, the big choruses are imposing in theircom-pact power, and the solos and concerted pieces are some of the most intimate and touching that Bach ever wrote. The performance In every way did full justice to this unique masterpiece undoubtedly the greatest Christmas observance in all m u s i c, considering that crush but to live the life of Riley for part of two days and a night. Of all these new-found pleasures so miraculously come by, riding a pony offers the proudest delight. And this, when his $6 is spent, Richie finances by scouring the sands for pop bottles and collecting the deposits thereon. It is there, a forlorn but unbeaten dot of a figure against the rainswept beach, that he is finally spotted by his anxious brother and hustled home, tired but i happy, to Brooklyn. Run and Shade Engel's camera has followed him through it all. The photography is of a high order and occasionally, as when it catches the pattejn of sunliglU beneath the hoardwalk, of real poetic quality. One shot cuts directly to another, sometimes with disconcerting effect but just as often with an instantly arrest ing impact. Sound, though necessarily makeshift, Is adequate The harmonica "score," though, struck me as intrusive. The kid himself is great, con veying as much wnen he is sturdily dead-panning as when he is consciously acting. I hope they will let him grow up in peace. He's earned it. Rickie Brewster plays the older brother, Lennie, with Winifred Cushing as the mother and Jay Williams as the pony-ride man. , "Little Fugitive" won the 1953 Venice Film Festival award as "best American film of the year," but I'm sure you'll want to see it anyway. It is at El Rey Theater. IAT SHOWS Mre .W w ... There is a very thin line between an act of sin and an Starrini KIRK DOUGLAS Starts THURS., DEC. 24 RIALTO Down'own and FOX RITZMirodt Mil 6MHIU'MI 733 1 M ou"oooG"tNt L HO 3-3263 U KIM ,nn UJJ "fl O0 WW It MOW) Handel's "Messiah" was not primarily intended as a Christmas piece. The Roger Wagner Chorale sang with magnificent crisp- ness, surety and rhythmic in-cisiveness the big numbers such as the opening "Christians Be Joyful," "Hear, King ot Angels" of Tart 111, and "Glory Be to God" of Part V, while the chorales were intoned with an admirahle sus tained quality of compelling tonal suavity. Finer choral singing than this is simply not to be heard anywhere, and Los Angeles should take unlimited pride in this group. The city should be proud of the soloists, too, all of them local products. Katherine Hil- genberg's contralto was of vel vety smoothness and her mastery of the excessive range of the part, its long drawn phrases, and particularly the emotional communication of such passages as the lovelv "Slumber, Beloved" were all of the first order. Ralph Isbell sang the narrative passages with the utmost dignity, with clarity of enunci ation and splendid tonal quality throughout the equally extend ed range. Richard Robinson's tenor was most tastefully deployed, and the musicianship of Anne Shaw Price in the so prano part was fullv the equal of that of her able colleagues. Incidental parts were also well handled by Patricia Beems, Joyce Ferrin and Howard Chit- jian. Stimulating Guidance The final tribute, of course, must be to Wallenstein's con ducting for its firm sense of pacing and contrast that never permitted the long work to lag in interest, and which extracted from the orchestra the requisite clarity and undeviating tonal beauty. Especial credit must be given to the players of the solo oboe, trumpet and flute parts for their expert contribu tions, and to Shiblev Boyes for her discreet harpsichord accom paniments. Science-Fiction Films to Screen Science-fiction enthusiasts will enjoy a special treat this morn ing starting at in o'clock when the Orpheum Downtown Thea ter presents a program of space anventure. Heading the bill will be "The War of the Worlds." In addition there will be "When Worlds Collide." last year's interplanetary film story. SWClAi HOLIDAY fCHRISTMAsl "i.y2ffi- . .rr .vi : I CHRISTMAS DAT t-fl sTriNcw years ivi O"" it i2: - 7: - 10:midniteshow n m2' -7: J Christmas Oift Certiflcatc! TICKETS to CINERAMA The Ideal and Most Unusual Gift for Everyone on Yonr Xnus List SEATS NOW All AVAILABLE M Pirlimwctl )f 7J7 MATINIII WfO IMUIS -SAt. MM-M. mi m . 3.10 M.tO V1U1AM KQLDIH ELEAHQR a 1 GREA7 OUTDOOR' COLOR PT . nd Hil(PAlACE): DAN DURYEA IN 'TERROR STREET" B'oaai 6i mm 10 OPEN Euro al HAWAII: DORSET BROTHERS MUSICAl IMIIllfl - "ENCORE" 3 SHOWS TODAY of mm M-G-M PRESENTS WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S Cood dnervtil S.itj lot AIL ptrlor- y.fifTf manc ivaiiaDit i 4 irar ftftw ano a 1 i if Ihowlimt Mais Jl 50 S il SO: v. tn A all day Sun. ( holiday! S 1 .80 1 $?.0 - r.nit D.,.rA ,M. All ...I. th.:. .Jf V.. TfijnixausiviiT ij CTAtf THEATRE wib unW I" " ATVa9IMl4 SUJWIISHIRE 11 P i Slllf FIRST TIME AT POPLAR PRICES! UfeU LATE SHOW TONIGHT 1 MAURICE HERZOG S Bptf ATH-T AKING 9 Min UmUd in Danqcr Atjainsf th "ANNAPURHA".H, TtetSn HURRYI HUfiRYl POIIIVEIY ENDS THURSDAY, DEC. 24th . llSth Smish WMk' F SEVEN DEADLY SINSfe STUDIO BRIEFS Ida Esmeralda, portly character actress, will be seen as the wife of John Qualen in "The High and the Mighty," Wayne-Fellows film from the Ernest K. Gann book. Frank Veloz of Velor. and Yolanda, identified with TV, plans a series of pictures for theaters on the subject of the dance, in which he experts. He hopes to secure the interest of some leading stars in engagements. He will launch this right after the first of the year. Joy Kicholls, noted British comedienne, has arrived in Hol lywood for TV and personal appearances. Her husband, Wally Peterson, and daughter are also here. Miss Nicholls was the lead in a British award-winning radio show, "Take It From Here," has headlined the London Palladium and done two royal command performances. She may stay here for a time. Jack lverson, who was in "Son of Sinhad" at RKO, joins "Conquest of Space,'' George Pal production at Paramount. Estelita will follow her engagement, just concluded at the Waldorf-Astoria, with the Saxony Hotel in Miami. Jack E. Leonard, who has been at Ei Rancho Vegas in Las Vegas scoring a top hit, is reported in line for a comedy role in Metro's "Hit the Deck." He was previously in "Three Girls and a Sailor" at. Warners. Alfred Werker, who directed "The Last Posse" for Producer Harry ,loe Brown at Columbia, is heing brought back to take charge of "Gunslinger" with Dana Andrews. Playwright John Van Druten, who spends so much of his time on the desert near Indio nowadays, will leave in February for London to stage "I Am a Camera" in the British metropolis. QRPHEUM Com 10 10 a m ,, late lhom ONI CAItOtAftV Vogue HOUtwOOO MHaivwo Bl4 0lv If Noon HO ?SSS SIIICTID SHOIIII wesiwooo PICWOOD PhftKt AR. 2649 "Dnnnvin'i Bri.ln" SAT. 10 A M ORPHEUM only scionti-Firtio Show WAR OF THE WORLDS. , WHEN WORLDS COLLIDEy SHOWSilkfeetiWowTW PnhytHM)fltXOt :. "1 SEATS RESERVED WO WJIiriNO m UNI tvy of bo, otlitt tr bp M, otdm U H. ll mn4 U MHI AHKi. PARKER JOHN FORSYTH ESCAPE FROM F0HT BRAVO 3 hi i 5MI Molly.ood-Jt flfl Com Itom Noon -HO tUli HIE PABKINO 1 m i tjm All NIGHT 2, 5 onj :30 P.M. PIlFORMANCISi Moil.lhmfrl -9 iRrfK UI.M -C t Sun and hoWajii- J, 5, and 8 30 1 m'. alar 94 Ik BEST SELLER! Unknewnl Beverly HON I l l' r Al-y I 'nmn v (7 trtilil.llMWII I i in oMiiim ii i i mmnm ti , -7 Li, Dr. Frederick. R. Thome, secretary of - the ' Audio-Visual Aides of the Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church, will be technical adviser for "The City," which is LAST G its man IMS M titf ttrnUt Ummi: II 00 III h I? . tbfHa, Sirtir h! Uiin V N m I l. Mill I I H. HIIMHO, I.IIH "BegHtt falim twr.ii CtaiiiuSCTpt-.starts ttristiaa Ibf! . ' J1.M "7th Marilyn MONROE I MAlIowToMarryAMillionai m niiiimwc SUM " DOWNTOWN lt M4MIU.TI.4S11 ll)0S tm ll: M muHiiL . u ckwu CI. S I90 WHI MIH7-SAI. SHU HOi lYS !? Wolf Ate jfFiBmb flRST Feature-length TRUE-LIFE ADVENTURE Print by TrUAIItTAI AB .-ft-. 10HM : TODAy AT 1 TJIin.ll 4UKKiII L 111 m fliliMlllllllll I I t&Jrpt ' 1145 p..: STADIUM: 1 p m - ElORENCE; 1 30 p.m.- CARMEl. FAIRFAX. MESA, IIOO; J p.m.: ftOUlEVARD, GORDON, IA BREA; 10 am i GRANADA. Onla.iai, RfDIANOS, UPTOWN,; 11 noon: IttMONT, CREST, long B.oeh; FOX, V.nit.; BUNDY, Sonla Monito; PARK, Huolinjlon Perkj 11:15 p.m.: FOX, Pomsnal 1 p.m.: STUDIO CITY. BEVERLY Bev. Hills. On- 1:45 Owl 1U C. Gable-A. Oifdner, M0OAMB0. 'r. t J. Fontaina, Flight to Tinm.r. dr. BOULEVARO Wth.-Vrt. On. t:45. Owl Dorn Day, CALAMITY JANE, dr.; All Seats 50o; CRAZYLEG& HIRSCH BRUIN Westwoori. Onn 1:30. Owl Show Bum Crosby. LITTLE BOY LOST Jn Wymin-S. Hiydan, SO BIO CARMEL 8163 S.M. Blvd. On. 1:41. Owl Wvman.Doualas. GLASS MENAGERIE: J. Crawford, This Woman Is Dangerous EL REY 5517 Wll. Op, 12:00. WE-11101 Prlia Wlnnlnt Film, LITTLE FUGITIVE; Dally J; Sit, A Sun., 12 EMBASSY-West'n-S. 0p.1:4S. DU-343U Oay-Kael, CALAMITY JANE, Clr,t AM Seats 500 : SINS OF JEZEBEL, Clr. FAIRFAX Be.-F'lax.0p.1:30. WY-311S Oay-Keel, CALAMITY JANE, clr. J Goddard, SINS OF JEZEBEL, clr. FICUEROA FI(.-S.Bar.Op.1:45, Owl 10 Day-Kel, CALAMITY JANE, elr, All Seats SOo; Flight to Tangier FINE ARTS 8556 Wll. On. 9:30, CR-56464 Disney's 1st Full Length True Lite Adv. LIVINQ DESERT; BEN AND ME, clr. FLORENCE Flor.-Comp.Ct.l Owl 10:15 MitchtinvOarrMtl, Second Chance, dr.; Virginil Mayo, Oevil'a Canyon, clr. fiOLDEN GATE 5176 Whit. Ct. 11:30 Oahl-Lamas, DIAMOND QUEEN, dr.; J. Fontaine, Flight to Tangier, elr. GORDON La Brei-Mel. 1:45. WH-1944 2 Humphrey Bngart Hits! TREASURE SIERRA MADRE; THE ENFORCER HIGHLAND 5604 N. Fit. Op. 1:15. Owl Day-Keel. CALAMITY JANE, dr.; Audio Murphy, TUMBLEWEED, elr. LA BREA 9-La Brei.1 :45.0wl. WA-B502 Jane Wyman-S. Hoyden, SO BIG; Goddard, SINS OF JEZEBEL, clr. MDO La ieneBl-PSorOwir BR-13633 Larid-Mason, BOTANY BAY, elr., Goddard, SINSOFJEZEBEL, dr. LOYOLA Manch. -Sep. Op. 1. 0RH5114 J. Leslle-F. Tucker, FLIGHT NURSE; J. Cerroll-M. Powers, CERALPINE MESA Cren.-Sliu. Op 1:Vs Owl AX-16959 John Wayne, OPERATION PACIFIC: AII 8eate50c;Wrn.Holden,TEXAS PARISIAN' Vmt.-S. 0p.li45.DU-7-1l)13 Technicolor Masterpiece, THE RIVER; Jemes Mason. 8EVENTH VEIL BITZ 5214 Wihh. Op. 12:30. WA-1221 LAST S DAYS! A. Oulnntsi-Y. DeClrlo, CAPTAIN'S PARADISE; Magoo Ctn. STADIUM Pico nr. Rob'taon Fr. Pk. Owl Day-Keel, CALAMITY JANE, clr.i J. Fontaino, Flight to Tangier STARLAND 2624 N. Bwy. Ct.1. CA-8090 0. Madison. Charga Feather River, elr. 1 All Set SOe; Granger, Wild North, clr. TOWER Compton, Late Show. NE-61315 C. Gabla-A. Gardner, MOQAMBO, clr. J. Fontaine. Flight to Tangier, clr UPTOWN West.-Olym. Op.12. RE 4H16 J. Leslle-F. Tucker, FLIGHT NURSE; J. Carroll-M. Powers. PER ALPINE VILLAGE westwood. 0n1 :30 Owl show C. Cshle.A. Gardner, MOGAMBO, dr.; J. Fontaine. Flight to Tangier WESTLAKE Alv. -Wilsh. 00.12:15 Owl J. Fontaine, FLIGHT TO TANGIER; All Seats 50c; JACK 8LA0E WILSHIRE 8440 Wll. Ct. 12. WV-3154 Monroe-Qrabla-Racall, How to Marry a Millionaire. CinemaScopo and Color DOWNTOWN IOS ANGEIES GLOBE 744 S. Bwy. On all nita RE-14111 J. Leslle-F. Tucker, FLIGHT NURSE; J.Crroll.M.Powers, OERALDINE LOS ANGELES 615 8." Brtwy. Op. 10:45 Lloyd C. Douglas' THE ROBE, on tha New, Big Cinemascope Screen PASADENA, SO. PASADENA, AlHAMBRA ACADEMY Open 17. RY-16508 Dahl-Lamas, DIAMOND OUEEN, dr.; J. Fontaino, Flight to Tangier, clr. UPTOWN Open 1:45 SV-34330 Alan Laild, RED MOUNTAIN, elr.; Ty. Power-M. O'Hora, Black Swan, clr. STRAND Open 12:00. 8Y-3-8187 Jam Wymen-8. Hoyden, SO BIG; Day-Keel, CALAMITY JANE, clr. STATE Open 1:15. SY-2-7139 Man Who Changed World Forever! MARTIN LUTHER : Selected Shorts RIALTO Oo. 12:45. PY-11259, SV-93161 Mitchum-Oarnell, Second Chance, dr. Virginia Mayo, Devil't Canyon, clr. EL REV Alh. 1:45. AT-24941, CU-33523 S. Hayden, FIGHTER ATTACK, elr. Audio Murphy, TUMBLEWEED, elr. POMONA, ONTARIO FOX Pomona, font. 11:30. Owl Show Lloyd C. Douglas' THE ROBE on the new large CinemaSrnpo Screen STATE Pomona. Open 1:00. Owl Show J. Fontaino. Flight to Tangier, elr.i Audie Murphy,TUMBLEWEJO,elr. VILLAGE Claremontr 1 745. LY-52612 H 0 W'lls' WAR OF WORLDS, elr.i STORY OF CRAZYLECS HIRSCH GRANADA Ontario. On. 12:45. 61-910J J. Fontainr. Flight to Tangier, dr.; Audie Murphy. TUMBLEWEED, elr. RIVERSIDE RIVERSIDE Cont. 1:30. Owl Show Lloyd f.. Dougle.' THE ROM On the new la, go Cinemascope Srre.n OOLDEN STATE Cont 2:00. Phnna 737 V. Mature. VEILS t BAOOAr), elr.i STORY OF CRAZYLEGS HIRSCH being produced by Paul F. Heard for the Broadcasting and Film Commission of the National Council of Church ei if Christ, starting in January it KTTV Studios, WAYS CKMttf 4 N f.M. II Mb In h i t U nit m mt tu iwni lu u Ckittin ha IJlMjlt WEEK I 1 .. Betty CRA6LE Lauren BACALL 10lh Ctntury-Ftx't m mm m a .i William POWELL I CONTINUOUS NRFOItMANCU MVU1, Itltai ! I! ) - ii n c tul l'l-'i Sud 1.4 so piu, (u Tin Jlom of nuiu U, lived m Bui ItMkkD't hut' A CARTOON K0VHTT v Technicolor NOW FINE ARTS WIDE SCREEN DOOSS OPEN . 10 A. M. H 1-41 It I HO. S-ill ttpubiu r- iAml nun m fmm I -iihidii,i-;wi HOUYYVOOD APOLLO- Hllywd.-Westn. Ct. 1:45, Owl RuiMll-Monrne, GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES; Pack. ROMAN HOLIDAY CH INES E Op.9 -.30. H 0-2TSMl7 RE -14111 Lloyd C. Douglas' THE ROBE, on the New. Big Cinemascope Screen HOLLYWOOD Ct. 12:30-5 am HO-39371 Paul Henreid. MAN IN HIOINO. YDeCarlo,FORT ALGIERS IRIS 650S Hwk. Bl. Ct. 12.30. H0-321B4 J, Leshe-F. Tucker, FLIGHT NURSE) J, Carroll-M. Powera, PER ALDIN E VOGUE 6675 Hwd. Bl. Op. 12. HO-72S5S Fantastlo Beyond Belietl H. 0. Wells' WAR OF THE WORLDS In Technicolor OCEAN PARK, SANTA MONICA, VENICE, CUIVER CITY, WEST l.A. DOME Cont 12:30. EX-6 Y. DeCarlo, FORT ALGIERS; Paul Henreid, MAN IN HIDING CRITERION Cont. 12:30. EX-S8283 Walt Disney PETER PAN, dr.; ging Crosby, LITTLE BOY L08T FOX Ven, 620 Llnroln Bl. 12. EX-6421S Ladd-Mason. BOTANY BAY. olr. 1 All Seats 50o; TUMBLEWEED, clr. BUNDV-Plco-Centlnela. Ct. 2. EX-64414 Robt. Mitchum, SECOND CHANCE; All Seats 50c; DEVIL'S CANYON, clr. TIVOLI 11523 S. M. Bl. CI. 2. AR 3136 A. Ladti-M. Freemen, BRANDED, elr. g Ray Milland. COPPER CANYON, elr. WILSHIRE-1314 Wilsh. Ct.2. EX -5635 Men Who Changed World Forever! MARTIN lUTHER!Selected8hots CULVER Wash.-Duo. 12H5. VE-8-3T24 Oahl-Lamas, DIAMOND QUEEN, elr. Ltw Ayr. DONOVAN'S BRAIN HUNTINGTON PARK CALIFORNIA Op.12. Owl 10:15 JE-5111 Lamas-Dahl, DIAMOND QUEEN, clr j Jack Pelance, F L I OHT TO T ANQIEW PARK Padno Blvd. Cont. 12. JE-3442 H. Bogart-E. Flynn, VIRGINIA CI1V Robert Mitchum, NEVADA M AY WO 66441 7 E . Slous.Ct.1. LA-8454 Wehb-Widmark, Halls of Monteiuma, cln; Ty. Power-S. Hayward, RAWHIDE A LC A I A R 4426 E . Gage. 1.0 wl . L A -330S Ladri-Mason, BOTANY BAY, dr.; S. Haydsn, FICHTER ATTACK, dr. TOWN E 6918 8" Estn.. Bell Odns. Ct. 1J Stanwyck-Cooper, BLOWING WILD; Peck-Hephurn, ROMAN HOLIDAY INGLEWOOD ACADEMY Cont. 1. Owl. OR-71J0O C. Gahle-A. Gardner, MOQAMBO, elr.i Lew Ayres, DONOVAN'S BRAIN FOX 115 N. Market. Ct.12:30. OR-82323 V. DeCarlo. FORT ALGIERS; Paul Henreid. MAN IN HIOINO FIFTH A VENUE 5th Manch. 1:00 Owl 2 Wilt Disney Technicolor Hits! PETER PAN and Treasuro Island; Reg. Price a INGLEWOOD 103 N. La Bree 0R-8311S G. Cooper, YOU'RE IN THE NAVY; Wayne fl. Russell, ANOEL A BADMAN REDONDO. HERMOSA. MANHATTAN REO0ND0 Op. 12:30. Sm'k'g. FR-25254 Qlhle-nerdner, MOGAMBO, elr.; J. Fontaine, Flight to Tangier, clr. STRAND Cont. 2:00. FR-2-S300 . R. Taylor-E. Taylor. IVANHOE, 0lr. M arl I yn Monroe, N I A G ARA, dr. HERMOSA Cont. 12:30 FR-2-6245 2 Walt Disney Technicolor Hits! PETER PAN and Story ol Robin Hood LAMAR Manhattan Beach. 2. FR-2SS00 Day-Keel. CALAMITY JANE, clr.. A. Larld.J, Msion. BOTANY BAY, elr. GIENDAIE ALEX Cont. 12. CH-5-15 Oahl-Lamas, DIAMOND OUEEN, clr. t 4. Fontaine. Flight to Tangier, clr. GLENDALE Open 12:30. CH-S-281S 2 Walt Disney Technicolor Hits! PETER PANandTREASUREl8LAN0i OATEWA Y sl Fer.-Brd. 1:3o" CH-S1631 Wm. Holden, MOON IS BLUE: STORY OF CRAZYLEGS HIRSCH IONG BEACH WEST COAST Cont. 11:30. 6-4704 Lloyd C. Douglas' THE ROBE on the new large Cinemascope Screen CREST Atlantic nr. Carson Cont. 12 Joan Leslie, FLIGHT NURSE Y. neCorln, FORT ALGIERS VAUEY STUDIO CITY-Open 12:45. SU-2-2377 Dorit Day. CALAMITY JANE, elr.! Jano Wyman-S. Hayden, 80 BIQ EL PORTAL N. Hlywd.Op.12. ST-71983 R, Taylor-A. Blyth, All Brothers Wort Valiant; Dahl-Lamas, Diamond Queen VALLEY N. Hlywd. On. 12:15. SU-22272 A 4 C TIME OF THEIR LIVES; D. O'Connor, Feudln', Fuisln', Flghtln' LA REINA-12:15. ST-7294. ST-41141 R. Taylor-A. Blyth, All Brothers Wera Valiant: Dahl-Lamas, Diamond Queen VAN FtUYS Open 1:45. STate 5-2731 Jgna Wvman-S. Hoyden. SO BIQ; S. Hayden, FIGHTER ATTACK, clr. RIVOLI Van Nuys. Op 17:45. 8T-S3914 Edmnnd O'Brien, D.O.A.: P. Fairtunks, IRON MASK ORANGE COUNTY WEST COAST-Santa Ana. KI-3-S117 1st Time at Regular Prices: 0U0 VADIS plus selected shorts FOXAWaheim Phono 3503 ney-Krrl. CALAMITY JANE, elr.i Jlno Wyman-S. Hayden. SO BIQ FOXFiillerton. LA.5218I H. 0. Wells' WAR OF WOPLOS. elr.i V Heyo.n. r 1 n h t t R airsrs rn RfDUNDS REO LANDS Cont. 1. Main 4331 2 Wglt pltnsv Terhnl.slor SSits! PETER PAN and TREASURI ISLAND J' X I Kb. THE FOLLOWING THEATRES T V i if 1 1 V 3& iAJulA mn tu 1 ,n imm fcifl rTi A 11 eti 1181 rti ifl

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