Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 9, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1949
Page 7
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Money Talks 1921 Peace Dollar Criticised By TKI) HAMMKH CLJbrarlan. American Numismatic Association. Not since the public became aroused over the $10 and S20 gold piece?, of 1907 has another coin caused such wide interest and criticism as the peacr dollar of 1921. The peace dollar truly was a collector'.* item, since it was author- lied at the suggeHttcm of tho American Numismatic Association. Association members adopted n resolution at their convention in Chicago in AuKUnt, 1020, anklnK for a coin that ".shall be of an appropriate doui^n commemorative of the termination of the war "between Germany and the United States. Representatives of the association met with 'a congressional committee to [press the request Tor a coin commemorating peace. A bill providing for such a coin wa» introduced May 9, 1921. but the dollar was utruck later that year on authorization of the' treasury department, without the need if leirl slat ion. The coins were minted In December. 1921, and placed in circulation January 3, 3922. The Liberty head "an It stands i» a composite one." explained the designer, Anthony Jo Frunalncl. HL< design was selected from a- montf eight submitted to the treasury. There wan some criticism because Mir..; Liberty airpcnrf'I to have her mouth open. Amonp the critical editorial comment was one piece that called the coin a "flapped dollar". Tnc term flapped waa just becoming popular in apeech. movies and stories. Some members of the American Numismatic Association didn't .'ike the coin, cither. One thought the liberty head represented a "boy of 10." Main objection was the lack of anything emblematical of peace, other than the word peace at the bottom of the tails side. One writer felt that a dove should have been used In lieu of the usual eagle on the reverse. The peace dollars were issued from 1921 to 1928, and In 193-1 and 1935. None has been Issued since 1935. Kansas Senator First Volume Of House Monopoly Hearing Available Part 1 of tho official text of the heariniTB on monopoly power is tho Superintendent of iSbrumcnti), now available at $1.75 a copy from Government Printing Office, it was announced today. Thf SubconjiriSUeo on Study of Monopoly Power of the House Judiciary Committe-! wa<» awjolntod to look Into the present health of American business nnd industry, and to propose any needed amendments to the l.-xwg osnlnsl monopoly. Thla 75C-poK<! volume contains the testlmoniei of Charles F. Brannen Secretary of Agriculture; Tom Clark, Attorney General of the U. S.; Thurman Arnold; and many other witnesses, given at hearings held ffom July 11 through August 5, 1949. It also includes a summary, a digest, and an index that will make It easy to find the testimony on any particular aspect of this vital study of monopoly power. HARRY DAUBY Kepiibllcr.n National Committeeman Hurry Durhy jf Topekit IIIIK »>een mimiKl an 1). S: Henntnr i'rom Kansas to serve the iniexplred town of tho late S<- n . Clyde M. U«»nd. Durby'B appointment W^H announced by Gov. Frank Carlson at a news eimfcrenee. (Itit.) Salem School PTA Meets Wednesday; To Hear Dr. Hawley TV. Kntherlnn Hawley, of th» \Vntcrbury Child Guidance Clinic will be the guest speaker at il-e next meetlni; of the Snlem School Parent-Teacher Assonlatlon Wednesday night, Dec. 14, at. 8 o'clock in the .school auditorium, If W/IH nri- nouncod toduy by Richard Spann, publicity chnlrman. Dr. Hawley, psychiatrist, wi'.l ili.iousB the emotional needs und i/rogramn of children, with cmpho- sifi upon those of the lower ngo groups. She will also discuss tho work of lh>i Child f.uldnnce Clinic All parents rind teachers of the •;chool and others Interested :irc Invited. President Knrl Rhedd will pra- Mde lit thi! biislnens HeHslon. RefreHliments will be fnrnlshe.l l:y the parents of Mlns Robinson's .second grade room and MlHB Kam cr/,el'n first gp-ude room- The room motile.™ lire Mrs. Dayton Sheridan and Mrw. JSnrl Sliedd, rim: (,'i'ade. and Mrs. Joseph Durotto and Mrs. Ka/.ar Tuturlun, second |;radi'. Plnns for this month's meeting were made at a recent executive committen meeting at the home of iVU',9. Willard S. Soinor. Tliono attending Included: Mrs. Sopor, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shedd. Miss Helen Moroney. Cnrl Toolbnker. Dr. Paul Elliott, Allen Trask, Mrs. Howard Wllmot, Mrs. Francis Zettlemoyor. Mrs. Timothy Cronln, MCB. Ralph Pulton and Richar<l Spann. Al this meeting it \was als" voted to add the names of Mln/i Helen Sokoloski and Mrs. Nelson Duly to. the school survey committee. NHS Cheerleaders To Attend Clinic At Bridgeport U. Six Nangntuck }! Inn Sc choerleaderH will he. Htrioii:, group of almoKt 100 from 3f> schools and three Connecticut. letfPB who will attend tho Connecticut Hlyh School Ch leading Cllnle, ul, Uiu Universit P-rid^eport Snturdny. The (M will be under the direction nf T iannone, u<lvlm;r fin- UK; Uolvcr «,f Bridgeport cheerloadern. Tin; one-day affair will Incl discu8Kionn of chccrlnndlncr toch- niqueH und demonstrations by the vldlMnn i;r»MpH. Kf'-wnrl Hiilier, of IJridKcporl, I'., w,;i l)c mmtlfir nf roreiiHinli'.ir nnil Un!vcrnlty froi. .IIIIIICM H, F-lalncy will welcome Ulc Kioup. A dlHciiHMion pei'lod will be held on uniforms, try-outs, chec'.M, HporlHnrmiiHhlp, responsibility. lc:ul- ci'Hhli*, etlmiette, Mor:hill'/.n t ion ;infl what makes 11. K*H><1 cheerleader- The period from 2 to !i o'clock !n the i\n ernoon \viJI be ^ivc-n over U) <lcrnotiMf I'nl Ions by I be vnriotui btj.j:i (•chnolH with rrltlirlimi by t'.nsti pi H;;ent. HrhoulK tu )„> !•••],re.Mcnli-il, In ilddiflon In MlillKJitllclt, urn: An- .iiMiln, Hacon Academy, BJUL-I'M-K, Hi )-J)i), ISn.mford. BrlHlol, Blilluixl Haven, Canton, Crosby, Derby, !3asl. Hnmpton, East Haven, Falr- lielij 1'rop, IParminurt on, rircoii- wleh, J^ltehrield, Jjeii von worth, i.y- "i»n Hull, Mliltlletown, Mllforel, Ni'w Canaan, Newlngton, N"W Mllforel, Norwallt, Plainl'leld, t-'oiv- lnnd, HijKor fjudlown, Hoymotu', .Shelter), Stamford, .Staples, Thnui- nHton, Terryvllle, Torrlngton. Wnr- l fri Harding arid Wet.hfM'tifleld. The University of Bridgeport, Arnold College find the University of Connecticut will also ho represented. MlHH Virginia Smith, n member n! the hlffh .Mohool funnily rind advisor to the checrlondur.i, will fittond, O.H will Wnnrln. Kln;a..~ /riWHkl, Miu>;rcUu Docf?an, Man lyn CurlHon. Dhuin Spudolu, Dor. aid Alnujulnt and laribcll Cznplii.'kl, ali monjbot'B of tho checrlcadlng squad. MOTHS LIKK WARMTH I^nrvae of clothes mothn are active at temperatures over 70 do It's FREE for the best mo cm PRICED to- 1947 CHEVROLET TOWN SEDAN $1095 1947 NASH AMBASSADOR TUDOR SEDAN $1045 1940 DESOTO 4-DO.OR SEDAN $495 1940 PLYMOUTH TUDOR SEDAN $495 Low Cost G.M.A.C. Finance Plan Avaiable TRADES TAKEN FREE MOTORS INC 492 NO. MAIN ST. TEL, 2211 Many Boy Scouts Receive Awards In Advancements Sevoral members of Troop 9, Bay BcoutK, Beacon Valley rocclv- rd rulviincomnnt ;i,wivrds at a court nf hontir held al: Wodnoailixy nl!.;-hl.V macllnif in Buaoon Valley Ornnire Hull. Tho'inaH l-lornn \vfi.M pramolorl in Uii! nink of fli'ul. r.liuiu Hcout; ROK- CT Andcrixin wnn i»'uM«tilucl a iiior- NAUG'ATIJCK NKWS (CONN.), FninAY, DKC. 9. IM!>—PACK 7 it badfjc for leather-craft and Hobert Holdsworlh. itwiintnnt. HctiuttiiiiHlei- anil Kx'iloivr e.innel- lor, I'oceh'ed eamplnx 1 and pioneering merit txidtiex. Janie.H Ueynold.i, iiNiilHtiinl. Sooutma«t"r, received a merit badge of chemistry. Charles Schofleld \van :ie.cnp'ted as a member or the troop as a | tenderfoot. Mr. Holdnworth Kuve a ' leetiire on topographical mup.s ami a dlucu.sMJon was held on the Nn- tonal -1950 Jamhorr. A game period WIIM held at tho close of the meetinj?. NKdUO I'OI'lll.ATION Thirty-nix pnr c.ont of (he.- p« pl« of Alabuma uru NegrocH. Buy Chrittmas Seal* Help Stamp Out TB Nationally Advertised Cash Prites-No Charge for Credit! As 50< a Week-Take a Year te Pay at Kay! MAKE KAY YOUR CHjRISTMAS 61^1 HEADQUARTERS BECAUSE USE ONE ACCOUNT TO BUY ALL YOUR GIFTS-BUY NOW-PAY NEXT YEAR OPEN SATURDAY UNTIL 8:45 BUY NOW PAY NEXT YEAR 17J Paul Breguette ii Ihi distinguished watch he'll prlztl Guaranteed precision move- $1AA menlinUKgoldtasel „,.,„««" $2 DOWN-$2 A WEEK 3 Radiant Diamonds . . . h«r (Mart's dtilrtl Brilliant centir diamond, 2 (Id* diamond;, •xquisllely sit In rich MK <IOC gold) 'IV5 $5 DOWN-YEAR TO PAY PAY NEXT YEAR ft-? ladies' 5-Diamond Dial Rytime-brllll0nt gifi-mtcht ™M* «wo»» 17-lewel movement bo'nVl $49' 50 $1 DOWN-SI A WEEK an s 17-Jewel Hamilton ... Ilii wotth ol rallrood otturotyl Fully guoranlecdl Mostuline style (osol Gleaming expansion S^T SO band! * ( $1.25 DOWN-$1.25' WEEK — «S=L- -a ladies' Elgin 0 ( doinly, modern beauty . . . Icaluring glamorous styl«, guaranteed dependable movement, ond glooming metal O^ 7t braceleil 1 l 75c DOWN-75c . 1,1.1 hi,/. 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Dependable! 1 1 50c DOWN -50c WEEK Elizabeth Taylor Set —necklace and eariings of sparkling diamond-like rhinestones, accented by larger moonstones. c*> oc* Superb gift! *5' T * SOc DOWN-SOc WEEK ?t Sheaffer Pen & Pencil Set is the "write" gift for Chrlstmosl Pen hos MK gold pointl Motchlng j« 75 Sheaffer pencil. Boxed. *»5 </3 SOc DOWN-SOc WEEK Pearls . compliment her rwkJinol MolcM ond graduoted lustrous simuloled ptarlsl Sterling filigree <M --* claspl *4 50 •A -=—=c=r: YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD AT KAY IT'S O.K. TO OWE KAY JEWELERS 15 EAST MAIN STREET WATERBURY G.E. Triple-Whip' Mixer to cut her kitchen work in hold 3 beat- ersl Easy selection of 12 speeds! Portable! With «•> J etc power juicer! 'J4'" 75c DOWN-75c WEEK •ft- Sunbeam Electric Shave* master for a "smooth" genii fower- ful head has 1750 openings lor quick shoves! *•> J en *24 >5W SOc DOWN -SOc WEEK G.E. Automatic Iron., for eosier "home-work"! Select right temperature for each fabric! Weighs only 4 ' A ""• IT CIS Quick, even heal! »/.*» SOc DOWN-SOc WEEK 4pc. Percolator Set tor ih« smart homel "Forberwore"—chrome cm brass) ID-cup urn, sugar- $^Q.9$ bowl, creamer and tny! XV 75c DOWN -75c WEEK Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Cheerfully Refunded

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