The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on September 28, 1950 · 16
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 16

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1950
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J' ' 16 Port i-f hiirs., sept. 2 8 j 950 og3ngcicgimc$i WED 50 YEARS Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Fuller of North . Hollywood, who celebrated golden wedding anniversary. ; ., , - Times photo BEGINNING NEW CYCLE J North Hoi ly wood Pa i r Ma fk 50th An n i versa ry Joe Venuti Used Horrible Words, Wife Charges Joe Venuti, bandleader and violinist, yesterday was divorced by Dorothy Venuti, who testified he "used horrible words" and "threw things" when he was "in a temper." , During their two-year marriagei he threw an ash tray at one time j and a kitchen stool at another; time. Once her arm was cut andi once her leg was bruised, she; told Superior Judge Paul Nourse.i who granted the decree. Witness "Weeps Her witness, Mrs. Lucille Som-ner, longtime friend, wept as she told the court of "horrible bruises" fhe had seen on Mrs. Venuti's leg. The musician's wife, she, said, had sought refuge in her home "many times ... . 30 to 50 times" when he had frightened her with his temper. "Even while she was at my home," Mrs. Somner said, "he would not let her alone. He'd telephone over and over." Judge Nourse granted Mrs. Venuti a restraining order to keep her husband from "molesting her by telephone or in person." Her attorney, Maxwell Sturges, introduced for the court's approval a property settlement agreement under which the bandleader will pay $150 a month for his wife's sup port urml S1800 has been paid. HANDCUFF BROKE WRIST, MAN CHARGES IN SUIT Demand for $24,000 ; damages was made yesterday against the county by John O. Dial. 37, who complained that Sheriff's deputies broke his left wrist in applying handcuffs to him. Dial, a truck driver, ; asserts the incident occurred June 3 when two deputies, Otto F. Burk-hardt and Vincent A. Soto, picked him up at the Lancaster City Jail, for transfer to the County Jail on a drunk-driving charge. The petitioner contends he im mediately told the deputies his wrist had been broken but that he was denied medical attention until he was released on . bail three days later. He complains FREED Dorothy Venuti, wife of Bandleader Joe Ven uti, got divorce yesterday, Times photo Yesterday the Leigh Fullers of 11126 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, were beginning their second half-century of married life. And they were especially happy about it, too. - They were married Sept. 26, 1900,. in Denver. He is now 75 and his wife Josephine is 67. They celebrated Tuesday night by going out to dinner with their daughter, Mrs. Byron W. Kays, and their two grandchildren.- In 1910, while the Fullers were still living in Denver, he founded the Hotel Greeters of America. He has served continuously as a leader in the organization and was the founder of the Greeters' Home at Denver for aged and indigent members. Since 1932 he has been honorary life president. The Fullers came to Los Angeles to live in 1913. For the. past 12 years he has managed the Universal Hotel Service, and prior to that time he was manager at various local hotels. ; Divorcee Gets Probation in 1948 Theft Conviction . Mrs. Zona B. Stacey, 26, facing sentence on a grand theft conviction recorded against her nearly two years ago. won leniency yesterday in Superior Judge William R. McKay's court. The judge, on Oct. 22, 1948, found her guilty of the theft of SS700. from Ralph Jacobs, 44, El Centro cantaloupe grower. At the time the court was told that Jacobs, who used to call Mrs. Stacey Pumpkins, had placed the money in a safe deposit box held jointly with Mrs. Stacey to keep it from his then estranged wife. 40 Newspapermen on Press Preview Flight to Europe ; NEW TORK, Sept. 27 U.R) Forty newspapermen took off late today, aboard the Constellation Star of Ohio on a press preview flight of Trans World Airline's new London-Frankfurt route. TWA will inaugurate the London-Frankfurt service Saturday on a , daily-except-Sunday basis to London and a daily-except-Tiiesday basis to New York. . The newspapermen will visit London, Berlin, Zurich, Geneva, Athens, Rome and Paris, returning to the United States Oct. 14. Those on board included Stan Delaplane, San Francisco Chronicle; CoL Kenneth Fox, Kansas City Star; Edwin P. Hoyt, Denver Post, and Gene . Sherman, Los Angeles Times. Truman's Marine Note Draws Bids WASHINGTON, Sept 27 &) Rep. McDonough (R) Cal., said today he has received "several bids" for President Truman's famous letter describing the Marine Corps as "the Navy's police force" with "a propaganda machine that is almost equal to Stalin's." He said, he is willing to sell it, but not to "just anyone." and he, intends to give the proceeds to the Marine Corps League. . McDonough estimates the letter is worth $10,000 as a historic memento.. He has insured it for that amount. But before the court could pass sentence Mrs. Stacey, twice a divorcee, was found to have . suffered a mental break down and she was committed to the State Hospital at Norwalk. Now recovered, Mrs. Stacey returned to court yesterday for the sentence. Judge McKay expressed the belief that she had been punished sufficiently already through confinement in the hospital and placed her on probation for five years. Mrs. Stacey, a cosmetics demonstrator, was arrested in Missouri on Jacobs' complaint and later was extradited from that State. If iryou HATE Vfo scrub floors Gum Crowd Sees High-Wire Aerialist Die in Fall MITCHELL, S.D., Sept. 27 U.R) Kurt Rollins, 35, a high-wire entertainer, fell to. his death at the Corn Palace celebration today before a horrified crowd which included his wife. . v v YOUO ROOF! yriH O XSiANT SLABS BETTER 7 WAYS 1. oin Protection 2. fir Protection 3. Cold Protection . A. Sun Protection 5. Heart Protection f 6, Wind protection Fictory!'Yoa Protfction tO EREE INSPECTION Y FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE Pkene AM. 3-5U1 Oeytime Doy or Night Kimball 7244 AXmimttf l-SJt ' Or Writ i; lot ft Utl PAUDllfV It I U I W m r m w m r Coarsegold Inn Still Standing COARSEGOLD, Cal., Sept 27 (IP) The modern Coarsegold Inn was not destroyed by fire last week, but flames did destroy the old landmark of the same name. The structure which was de: stroyed by fire was located approximately five miles from the existing, Coarsegold Inn and, at the time of the fire, was being used as a private residence. " The old structure, once a stopping place for stage coaches en route to Yosemite National Park, was built about 1855. Nehru Tells China of Views on Korea NEW DELHI, Sept. 27 UP) Prime- Minister Jawaharlal Neh ru has told Communist China the Korean war must be localized and has expressed the desirability of a peaceful solution, an au thoritative source said today. The source denied reports, however, that India had threatened to withdraw her support of Red China if the regime there sent its troops to Korea or Formosa. L ; Am xcluftv' , . boHmd-rhe-Headltn Expos: THE KOREAN SEDUCTRESS WHO BETRAYED AMERICA Coronet NOW OM SAU that his injury will prevent him' from working for about six months. He was convicted later j on the drunk-driving charge. j His suit includes as defendants ! Sheriff Biscailuz and the two; deputies. Noted Doctor Dies j JERSEY CITY, Sept. 27 () ! Dr. James F. Norton, 57, former; vice-president of the American! Medical Association, died sudden-: ly today. ! STtAM ECONOMICAL PERMANENT HEATl with CLOW GASTEAM RADIATORS mm ill Paaw ThM-mafltiit Optional Clow Gostcom Radiotor wak thtr ttaam heat with gat. NO BASEMENT nacessory. Each unit I tompleta STEAM HEAT plont. Simply cn-naet to ga outlet. Moda in wony tiz for imallatt foomi or lorgat building-Clow Unit ora giving jotisfaetion in thousands of HOMES SCHOOLS SHOPS OFFICES all ovar tha SoutKland with natural, butona and propana flov James B. Clow & Sons , 1930 W. Olvmoie Blvd. DU. 7-3351 AciD0GF00DiS "AGREED"... Many are good bat only on is best for dogs and cM. . Ideal, th "7,-Course Meal," feeds in 11 7 ways for .. . ' , . Strait mtMdM mI growth 4. Strong bonat and taath T. Enargy. Try Idaol. Watch yaw U or 3. Vitomia bolonca S. Vitolrty and itarvaa am tar a - rn 1 1. Qaor aya and gUtty toaf 6. Strang alnawa and tanaont WWt IMtyrfratorf fitmtnl l(vw All V0N'$ MEATS 1 MUST SATISFY YOU OR DOUBLE - YOUR - MONEY - BACK U.S. GOV'T. GRADED 'GOOD' STEER BEEF EEF 1 OAS IS CENTER CUT CHUCK OR 7-BONE RUMP ROAST e Lb. ROUND BONE Lb. TRIMMED WASTE-FREE STEAKS T-BOHE, SIRLOIN CLUB, BONELESS ROUND to ton, kti ot ist LAMB BREAST MAT! TO ITtW BOILING BEEF MfSH. MINNISOt SKINLESS CATFISH WISH BlllTS. NO(THIM DOVER SOLE M4 POUNDS ARMOUR'S ClOVfRBlOOM EVISCERATED HEN TURKEYS c Lb. OVEN READY EASTERN SUGAR CURE0 HICKORY SMOKED SHANK END ISy! J ) SLICED BACON 1 l lATERi 494 EXTRA SELECT BEEF LIVER SUCED 69' EASTERN CORN FED PORK CHOPS e Lb. RIB-END CUTS w mm UJLKESDEUC10US KOoRiol VOM'S BEST FRESH GROUND AS YOU WANT IT MB. BAG COFFEE r - SUNTVAUEY YELIOVV BUTTER 36 SUM Vohio 354 SNOWDRIFT J U tN lie CM 3V 7k UstUtrs four Uh M0t er t f CHALLENGE GRADE AA FIRST QUALITY '. IN 1 18. CTN. KiMU SWIFT'S BROOKFI ELD GRADE A FIRST QUALITY lrf" COEEH GIANT FcftS -IB 69 ct5:0 IONG, SHCINO CUCUMBERS FOR LARGE NO. J'l CAN lOjFVERj SAVC 1 CENTS o. iy-u. ukf YOU PAY ONIY SAVE a CENTS 0. l'.-,-lk. Pttkaf YOO PAY ONIY 23' It's NEW it's yours FREE! 3om WITH D RIPE OLIVES- if s TifOU AMAZING SPECIAL OFFER HOW AT YOUR GROCER'S! It's our pleasure to buy your first can of deliriously different SYLMAR SAUCE . . . so good with meat or spaghetti ripe olives make the differ- , enee! Buy it at your grocer's. Mail us the label. Tell us howv much you paid for it. We'll send you full price plus postage. One can to a family. Offer for limited time only." Address label: Sylmar, Dept. T, 621 S. Hope St, Los Angeles 14,. Calif. SvMttUnt Dish! Irish 5eu-with SYIMaR SAUCE Start your favorite Irish stew recipe same as always. Cook L meat until partially tender. Add vegetables and cook until done. Then, 5 minutes before serving, add one can of SYLMAR SAUCE for each 6 servings of stew. Best stew you ever tasted! f REE.' Com in end flef it! STAR-KI5T NO. CAN KRAFT TUNA 28 DINNER CHUNK STTtl BUTTER f. AND P. HALVES UNPEELEO APRICOTS DENNISON'S NEW PACK TOR3 ATO GATS HUNT'S SWEET SUGA PEAS SALAO OWt 1 PINT JAR 21e SALAD DOESSinO LIBBY'S LARGE NO. 2' CAN, 29 ,' . FlUIT COCKTASIL. " EANCY WASHINGTON JONATHAN PINEJf. TENOEt SWEET CORN lit- 14 or. BOTTLE 17 OX. CANS OUART JAR 20-OZ. PKG. GLOBE A-1 BISCUIT MIX SAVE 4c SAVE 20 ss 35 cr WORLD OVER OLIVES r PLAIN OUKN 15c WOKIO OV MARASCHINO LEHBMSl VandeKomp5 ORANGE CK1FF0M CAKE I .CMS. IACNI AIMONO MITTlt COFFEE CAKE tO. 49e IACHI 39f. B-Z-B HONEY SKANOt. SA6t, CLOVIR 23c 'I? 57c Sm Cupan n back f jar fof your-B-Z-ft Money ar, ,;- lUEI'S HYGMDI iXINUSS. T(NO Frankfurters IMrOITEO DANISM Bleu Cheese i ii. cmo fKG. PRIZE WINNING ) SWIFT'S t- 1 ( BBflllllM rrtbivuwi'i crinmtd farmer jft FRESH LIVERWURST f )C 15 TOMATO JUICE 47 Ot. CAN WE GLADLY CASH YOU PAY CHECKS CAl tAT THIN C0C0ANUT COOKIES SUNSHINE KRISPY CRACKERS CAMPKElt'S CONDENSED t TOMATO SOUP d UNDERWOOD'S DEVILED HAM CORN FLAKcs SWIFT'S CHOPU0 Ot STINEO m MEATS FOR BABIES tANUT SAtTEO . SPANISH PEANUTS SIIIA ... M TOILET TISSUE f SO'TENS HAKO WAtEl RAIN DROPS A0O . ' CORN STARCH CEUUIOSE ASSOItED COlOtS DU PONT SPONGES Can , IT HAND-IN HEAV Young berries ANAGOL0. NATURAL NO. 2 CANS-2 FOR 23 Grapefruit Juice DE LUXE BRAND FANCY CUT STRINGLESS . PIMENTO J.TUM10 IV' 29c 4 OZ. JAR OZ. JAI OREGON BRAND IN HEAVY SYRUP 18 2 8 01 27 Green Bc a n s JERSEYMA1D FRESH CHURNED Each Buttermilk MARIO ' ' ' Corned Beef Hash CAMPBEll'S-WITH TOMATO SAUCE-23-OUNCI CAN, Uc Pork and Beans 2' F t HALF PRICE 42) rend SAlE! . Quart Carton ALL POPULAR BRANDS ctn 2 ft VOII'S MARKET LOCATIONS LOS ANGELES 3644 W. Santa Barbara at Cranjhaw (th world'j largest) 1500 W. Pico ot Valencia . 8106 W. Beverly Blvd. ot Crxnf Heightt 1020 S. Fairfax ot Olympic 1020 S. Crenshaw at Olympic 840 S. Alvorado at 9th St. 1027 W. Manchester at Vermont 3667 W. 3rd St. at Knmoe 5029 S. Vermont ot 51st St. 10780 W. Pico Blvd. 20 MULE BORAX eeetim ctunsn FOR POOR CONTAINERS 1 II HtO. 27 TEAM PRODUCTS BORAX SOAP CHIPS RICH. CREAMY LASTING. SUP t I ' 29 I 16 BORAXO RfMOVIt STUdOtN DIRT AND ftRUSI I 01. CAM Phon WEbtteP 3-8311 for your neartst VON'S Market Prices Effective Thurs., Frf., Sat.. Sept. 28, 29. 30 Sales tax wilt be added to all taxable items. All Von's Markets Open Sundays, 10 A.M. ts 7 P.M. 8851 S. Western Ave. at Manchester 3334 W. 8th St. at Irola 1 'bell . . 6607 S. Atlantic at Gage Ave. VAN NUYS ' 6625 N. Van Nuys Blvd. ot Vanewen LYNWOOD 11473 long Beach Blvd. at Ftrnwood INGLEWOOO 320 E. Manchester at Market St. SANTA MONICA 1305 Wilshire Blvd. at 14th St. J S.! : j P.O. tit 1112 10 AN5EUS :1 r

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