The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 19, 1930 · 18
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 18

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1930
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G SATURDAY MORNING. TMGK CHARGED -JNJARK. BATTLE C;)sci 5ya Victory No. 2 -Jlcally Road Project IH V a , ' Ti.V7ayers sA; Injunction to Stop All Moves n . Cfj(;rf Orders Doth Sides to ? Submit Briefs )' ' Aiacrtions that the Victory Park Nol.'S project was -camouflage to pu(?jfti-ouBh a motor highway were matfe-'ln Superior Judge Tappaan'a cottftt'by Attorney Bay A. Linn for tha. -taxpayers of the assessment .Cfjcatct0 amusements entertainment t: '-Pin f VA OMI WHIM IH COOL V aramautw XTH AN9 Clira Puts "IT" in Society fiKEETS ATI' ART VsSw-pwp., my. A blackface Amos The Two tiO?iAll If i'w .'Anvbys War1 A Paramount Picturt also Tom Terries Adventure Novelty Newt Oaylord Carter. Oman wmm. Karl Kirueger mm TMmm umwa M?mm 'FOLLIES MAIN T rOVBTH Burlesque J Cafes Restaurants Tea Rooms lis ok vaus J New tfii FIFTH AND MAIN STREETS, LOS ANGELES I 5 yjyw-wr -yiiwggyyyyvy CBATSWORTH INN WO POULTRY FARM" ' "Chatsworth, Calif. SAN FISHNANDO VALLET Opeh',11 year. Steak, Fried Chicken ..DInnera. ' Mice rooma. - Tefephone Owenamouth 6962. "; 1 NtW 1 M NO COVER CHARGE It 1 "MerKWItfiout Woman" Woman- Without Men Men, Women and children ... They Come Hera- From All Points, Near and Far THE EXCEULCNT FOOD, SERVICE AND ATMOSPHERE CHr,,?VJlD,, SOUTH PASADENA h:m u i. x. 8u.) v, FATB ffS Bj MONTEREY Riihl an the Way t HuDtintton Libratr LAiCASITA CAFE 3839 Fiuntain Ave. SPA?!: MEXICAN ITALIAN DINNERS 65c and 75c j Our De Luxe Dinners S1.25. Also a la carte service. Owl IA8. III! II F.M, Dinner Pariin tni Btnauftt. Ph; MOrnmo;di 11062 for reierviticm CCKT FCXS CLIFF DWELLERS CAFE DlicloulT Browned Chlrken. JUmba Knnih anil i , .1. j:"11 tured N Xor ji-U ;gl BE.VERUY BLVD. - BEATING OF Accused of beating his 13-year-old twin Bons, David and Freston, with bis fists', D. P. McCalln of 5007 Laroda street yesterday appeared before Municipal Judge Northrup. Ha entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of Inflicting cruel and unnecessary punishment on a child and was held un der $100 ball to await trial Monday. ' district, who seek a permanent In Junction declaring the whole pro ceedings void. Objections by Den uty City Attorney Babb were sus tained by Judsre Tappaan, who or dered both Bides to submit briefs. The courtroom was 'crowded bv residents of the assessment district, all eager to testify that April l, jasv wnen tne vity council held a hearing for protests, , hundreds of would-be protestanta were unable HILL VA 201 "ML 33 Paramount'$ Fast and Furiout Comedy-Romance of Limousine t and Lunch Counter 1 1 sens: m. LXSJJV V I y-N f s-a LUVt AMONO THF Ft II v J MILLIONAIRES1 With GALLAGHER ERW1N MITZI 1J( riot of fun with and Willie Blacktrnws MACK M TICKETS AT BOWL AND ALL AGENCIES 'Phenc K0 40I6 m ma raw v n ernn ! Splf ' - Conedr Drmm 50o to S3 if. lit:,. "Sli i . I M2 f A goodsiaIti box ttoo B 1 4 W1 MIDNIGHT SHOW TONIGHT A THRILLING AND SENSATIONAL BURLESQUE PERFORMANCE EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION A Snappy Revue of Colored Entertainers Rarin' to Go! AND DANCE :: ""1 affieliOSSLYN LUNCHEON OR DINNER In our dining room is an especial treatthe best the market affords cooked and served, in a tempting, palatable manner. Lunch 50c, served daily 11:30 to 2 P.M.; dinner, 50c and $1.00, served 5 to 7:30 P. M. SAVE TROUBLE OF PARKING, USE OUR PRIVATE DRIVEWAY-TWO HOURS, 25o LET'S GO TO TAIX FRENCH RESTAURANT Seatlnc Capacity 323 W. Sell Yow Food Not MUSIC , a .Full Frtach lunch. 40a, BMthi, t. Family Afltlr Dlnntr, Sue; BuMhi. 11.00 J2I COMMERCfAL ST. 2 BLOCKS EAST Of POSTOFFICE. MUTUAL 704. ' Cut Steak Dinnen, 1.25 . HOURS: 6 P.M. TO 2 A.M. TWINS DENIED Sentence of Mrs. Jennie Papelo, convicted of cruelty to her B-year- old daughter, was delayed yesterday by Municipal Judge Sheldon until Wednesday at the request of probation officers, who told the court they need more time to in vcstlgate the -case. Neighbors tea tilled at the trial that the woman beat her daughter because she was born cross-eyed. . to get Into the- Council chamber. Objections by Babb that the views of those barred were matters of witnesses' conjecture led to ruling out this line of testimony. ' ALL ROOM TAKEN Frank J. Rogers testified that all standing room was taken and that many who wished to protest could not get Into -the chamber. Mrs. Mary P. Worth testified similarly. S. A. Jubb, once a member of the Planning Commission, was placed on the witness stand to testify that the Victory Park project Is part of the major traffic plan, but was not allowed to do so on grounds tnat such view was simply his be lief. "Your Honor, we wish to show that the use of this proposed park Is simply camouflage to put through a motor highway," protested Attor ncy Llnn.i "The proceedings are for nignway purposes." Objections ; by tiaoo were sustained. Other witnesses, called before Judge Tappaan ordered the case briefed were Mrs. Nettle Hewitt, city Clerk of South Pasadena, and IL u. Mccoy. NOTICES ATTACHED Attorney Linn estimates that the park project will cost the taxpayers fueu.oou, eignty-six; parcels along the Arroyo Seco being Involved. The protesting residents contend that notice of public work as post ed aoes noi aescriDe tne woric ana was- insufficient, that because -of the new charter going into effect the ordinance of intention never was properly passed, that condem nation action should have been brought in the name of the Department of Parks and that this department never consented to the purchase of Victory Park. In Its legal form, the petitioners, Jessie Ivers and others, are attacking the Judgment in the case of the City of Los Angeles against Wllmot and others, the latter being the title of the condemnation proceedings. The protestants seek to have the court enjoin the entire proceedings and declare them void. Until the case is settled city officials are restrained from proceeding with the park. work. BRITISH PLAYWRIGHT BACK IN LOS ANGELES Frederick Lonsdale. British playwright, returned to Los Angeles last nlghtr. He was here once before, staying but a short time. He came at the request of Samuel Goldwyn, motion-picture producer. Lonsdale has completed an original story to serve as Ronald Colman's next picture and came to direct the dialogue. On the same train was Lady Maureen Stanley, daughter-in-law of Lord Derby of English racing fame. Lady Stanley accompanied Loasdale to act in an advisory capacity for the picture, which deals with society life in England. i PETITION BIOVE favored Permission to circulate an an nexation petition covering territory bounded by Ninety-first and Ninety- second streets, May avenue and Compton ; avenue was granted by tne City Council yesterday to a delegation of citizens headed by James J. Tobias. TO DINE MIoria' 0riIB9 Hue. i NEW ISrca riil 635 S. LA BREA AVE. . -IFcatnrlnCt MORA'S SPECIAL LUNCHEON-60c Served It A. M. to 2:30 P, M. SPECIAL TURKEY DINNER $1.00 DINNERS DE LUXE $125 AND $1.50 Served r M. to JO P. M. Week Days S P. M. to 12 F. M. Sat, and Sun, ALSO A LA CARTE SERVICE ' Free Parking to Our Dinner Patrons Our Downtown Locations 23S NO. BROADWAY 739 SO. HOPE '315 SO. SPRING THE ORIGINAL MEXICAN CAFES under one management at your service LA MISION CAFE-132 S. SPRING ST. IN HOLLYWOOD-5701 SUNSET BLVD. AND WORLD FAMOUS Casa la olonbtma 35 OLVERA ST., Paseo de L. A. MU. 6031 for reservation HARMONY CAFETERIA 6262 HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD Jui Easi of Vie WEEK DAI'S. II TO 8 P.M. STJNDAYS AXD BOMDATS. 13 TO S P.M. nirfrtlT Opposite New PanUrr Thratre THE; BEST Oi FOOD AT POPULAR PRICES ; DINE AND DANCE AT THE - ITALIAN UILLAGE 4?R,W. 8TH ST. PELUFFO'S ITALIAN DINNER SI OLVEA ST. PASEO DE LOS ANGELES. 11 A.M. till 11 P.M. Reservations:' Mutual 3043. Beane-wade Bavioll. Tarliarine. Rlaaoto. etc., with Italian Bread. Salame anl Salads Served Peasant Style. Luncheon. Me. Dinner. 80c, 1.S5 Part accommodations by reservation.. HOTEL N03MANDIE DINING ROOM 6th and Normandie . PARIS INN I'nlaue Cafe of Los Antelea 210 E. Market St. Bert-Bovcre Mir.- M.-G.-M. BUYS ZANE GREY NOVEL Warner's 'Sign Paul Gregory for "Children of Dreams" Paul Hurst Wins Long Contract With Tiffany; Dorothy Peterson Lead in "Mother's Cry" v BY GRACE KINCSLEY A novel by a popular writer hard' ly has time to poke Its nose Info the bookstalls, these days, before It Is popped on to the highest bid der for picture purposes. So, although the proltllo Zane Grey's latest book. "The Shepherd of Guadaloupe,1' has been on the bookstands less than i ' month. Metro. ! Goldwyn -Mayer announces that John mack it owns the property and will nut t. h siory into production as soon as . i . . r - w a screen aaaptation can be made, xne aneep area of the West, ntUn iL. It. . ill . ' muicr mini ui9 came country, provides the background for this Ma of a veteran of the World War who goes wesr. w renaointate both his ooay ana rus lortunes, It is reported that Johnnv Brown probably will play the hero roie, Dm so iar no director has occn assigned. PAUL GREGORY WILL PLAY WARNER HERO It being decided, by Warner Brothers and Darryl Zanuck that the choice of an actor to play the hero role In the Romberg-Hammer-steln vehicle, "Children of Dreams was a very ticklish matter, especially as said hero not only must be good actor but also a sinrer. ths organization naturally has taken Its time In selecting said player. Yesterday, however, it was decided that no one could play the role so well as Paul Gregory, and therefore he was engaged from among a number of well known actors un der consideration. Gregory is under nersonal con tract to Florenze Ziesrfeld. the nro- ducer having bought the contract from Arthur Hammerstein for a re ported price of $25,000. The actor was formerly on the New York stage, appearing in "The Golden Dawn." "Rose Marie" and "Song of the Flame," in all of which he was featured. He is considered one of the best bets in sound pictures. His first screen work was in United Artists "Whoooee." with Eddie Cantor. PAUL HURST SIGNS TIFFANY CONTRACT Such an exceedingly good, record has Paul Hurst, character actor and comedian, made for himself of late, ms; name oe- ,...,, first in many reviews of films in which he ap peared, that Tiffany decided not to let him go, according to announce- ment by Phil Goldstone, chief ctudlo executive. Hurst has there fore been signed r on a long-term contract by that fnvRAul? But this 1B ' not all. Tiffany is searching around Coffee Shops Cafeterias Hotels NOON AND EVENING Featuring Buffet Luncheon Buffet Dinners, 91-00 Italian O I inert ana a la tarta Hrvlca EatarUlamsnt Suarana. Hi Caver Charge. Sunday Turjtey Dinner, $1 Served 5 to 8 P. M. Prtaarea By Mr. H. . Burner, torwerl m the Leightta Nstel 4 CirtMy Cirele i'Iea Ream. French. Italian dinners, with rrand opera, Italian street linrinr and daorini LUNCHEON DANSANT, 75c Opea averr dar ro 11:3a to 1 A. M. rhooa Jh. 8481 Tn Beservatleni,. , -J j; v t J ( - " j Li; U I r I 1 "SMS for etorles In which to feature the comedian. starting life on a California ranch, Hurst has been a- cowboy, cuide rodeo rider, stage actor, singer, film stunt man, director of some of the best of the old-time serial thrillers and action features, and lately an actor again. With Will Rogers, Hurst shares the distinction of being a registered Cherokee Indian, one-half of his blood being of that strain and nan or tne seneca strain. It was his knowledge of the entire west, over wmch he has driven car or ridden a horse, that made mm uivaiuaoio at one time as a director. But now his talents as a comedian have come to the fore again after many years and he 1 expectea ny Tinany to be one of the big leaguers of the screen in tne near future. . In "The Barbarian." an all-th. nlcolor special, he will hava his first roie unaer the new contract. First National Signs Leads A solendld cast la helnc sxm, bled to portray the Interesting tuaraccers ueien urace Carlisle s w . , 1 "Mother's Cry," uu.utu win yiv duce. Dorothy Pet "rsnn. nr a 1 1 J t? J'nown New V I York character . Ant fm m been engaged to play the fea tured mother role in the pic ture. Jean Bary, formerly Jean Laverty, who appeared sue cessf ully in "The Cock-Eyed World" and other Fox pictures, will have the featured girl role in the production. Other important and featured members of the cast are Helen Chandler, Pat O'Malley, David Manners, Edward Woods and Eva lyn Knapp. Hopart Henley will di rect. Dixie Governors Invited to See Radio Picture Invitations have been sent to gov ernor3 of all Dixie States to attend the world premiere Tuesday night at the Orpheum Theater of "Dlx iana," new film musical operetta. which stars Everett Marshall and Bebe Daniels. It is expected that several of the invitations will be accepted, inas much as this is the vacation sea' son and it is known that several of those Invited are planning to vis it the Pacific Coast Gov. Young will be present, it is reported, and will act for those State officials who are unable to attend. Scats for the premiere are going rapidly, tne management reports and It is expected that the opening night will be entirely sold; out by Monday noon. Big House" to Close Run Soon at Criterion "The Big House" will flnLsh Its engagement at thi Criterion Theater Wednesday night. It will be lol lowed by the continued run- of "Ro mance," now playing at Loew's State, it is reponea. Both Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer ana Jrox west Coast officials are gratified at the outstanding patronage marks registered by "The Big uouse," according to the Criterion management. In all of the- Fox West Coast Theaters in Southern California "The Big House" will be given - a launching campaign of unusual proportions, It Is said. awaaaaa" mamwaaaaHaM Bill Pleases at Million Dollar The new bill offered this week at the Million Dollar Theater dis plays a well-directed effort on the part of the management to create an atmosphere of cooling cheer. "True to the Navy," starring Clara Bow, is the featured screen fare, and five diversified attractions are presented on the stage. Nolly Tate is seen in a series of acrobatic stunts and as an added feature presents three dogs in a number of difficult tricks. Webb, Dias and Dexter, a trio of collegi-ates, play a number of melodies on guitars and a young lady dances. A comedy sketch by Frazier . and Hammond keeps the bill moving rapidly. The headline attraction Is "The Royal Revue," a company of six musicians and four adagio dancers. ETHEL ABERILL TO . GIVE MUSIC TALK . Wood winds will be demonstrated by Miss Ethel Aberlll, member of the Philharmonic Orchestra, as a special feature of the Hollywood Bowl program review, given by Sarah Ellen Barnes, Monday afternoon' in Barker Brothers' Auditorium. Miss Aberill will use the oboe and English horn, showing the special musical possibilities of wood wind instruments. Sarah Ellen Barnes will discuss the program for the entire week of Bowl concerts, illustrating her points with actual excerpts from the scores. SMITH SURRENDERS One of America's foremost wanderers. Wallace Smith, has ' finally capitulated to the charms of California's climate. The noted author and s:ld!er of fortune who has been in a .emote part of Alaska with George Archainbaud company, where the exterior scenes for "The "Silver Horde" are being filmed, has written to several friends that he ts "home sick" for Hollywood and confesses a dislike for further trav- THE o FOX LOS ANGELES ADAMS , Bat. Ruth ChiHirtin, "A Lady af Scandal" Sun., Moa. "Iletiira af Dr. Fa Manriiu' Tues. Gary Caspar la "The Taua" BALBOA VSZ- Sat. OrMtltr-Mtrsa la "Calient Shaft" Sin. "Mea Are Llk That" Hon., Tun. Paul Whlttaue fa "Kins at Jau" BELMONT Sat. CtmtaMt Btnnstt la "Rita !" Sua., Man. Warner Baxter la "Arlzaaa Kid" Tuss. "Cuekau" BOULEVARD Wathlnatta and Varment Sat., Sua.. Mm., Tues. Kay Jehniee la "Thlt Mad weria" BROOKLYN .r11 Sat. Sue Carol la "The Bl Party" , Sua.. Mea. DriHlsr-Maraa la "Cautht Bh'tt" Tuae. "Men Are Like That" CARLTON 51; T"' Bat. Units Slih la "One Ruatsntl Nllhf Sua. Cenittnet Bonnttt la "Rlih Petals" Mea. Dtlerea Oil RIs In "The Baa One" CRYSTAL Sat. Realnsle Denny la "One Hyitarlial Nlhf Bun., Men. Mtrsn-Oraular la "Caught Short" Tuet. Bus Oartl la "The Bit Ptrty" FIGUEROA Flautre s Santa Barhara Bat. Martea Onlet In "Tlw Fltredira Girl" Sun.. Men., Tun. Warmr Baiter la "Arizona Kid" GOLDEN GATE lt Bat. ton Chaney la "The Unhily Tkrsa" Sun. Betty Cemsten In "Midnight Myttery" Men., Tun Helen Kant la "Duigereut Nta MtQrew' HIGHLAND ZSH Bat. Warner Baiter la "Arliena Kid" Bun., Men. Buddy Raeen la "Stlety In, Numbert" Tuet. Edmund Lews In "Bern Reekleu" JEWEL S2 Whlttlsr Btulevara Ba. "Firebrand Jtrdan" Sun., Moa. Beerge Banerett Is XadlM Lets Brutn" Tuee. Hal Sktlly In "Mea Are Like That" LA BREA ff.. Bat. Joan Bennett la "Crtry That Way" Sun., Mn. Centtsnoa Bsanett "Rich Peaste" Tun. Nancy Carroll la "Devil's Hellday" MANCHESTER ?JI Bat., Bun. Buddy Regers la "Safety la Humbert" Men., Tuet. Warntr Buttr In "Arliena Kid" MESA E Sat Sua Caret la "The Big Party" Bun., Mm. Edmund Lews In "Bern Rtekltu' Tuet. "Return et Or. Fa Manchu" RITZ Wlrihlre st La Brea Bat. Clara Be la 'True ta the Navy" Sun., Men.. Tuet. "Cutken" RIVOLI SIB South Wettera Set. Nancy Carrell la "Devil's Hellday" 8un . Men., Tun Marion Oavin la "The Floredern fiirl" SAN CARLOS At Briffl and Ne. Main Bat. Ornsler-Meran la "Caught Bherf Bus. "Seller! Hetlday1 -Tue. Vivian Segal In "Bride st the Regiment" STARLAND . .d Bat. Rlihard Dl la "Levin" the Ladles" Bub., Men. "Return ef Or. Fa Mascha" Tuaa. Gary Ceeger la "The Texan" SUNBEAM SA5,.nu."',, Bat. Oeergs O'Brien la "Rengh Remtnee" Sun., Men. Jack Mulhall la "The Fill fisy' Tun. "The Regus Beng" UPTOWN Sat.. Son Marien Davln In "The Fleredors Qlrl" Men.. Tuet. Clara Bew In "True ts ths Navy" WESTLAKE ?Lh7Xrt Set. Nanty Carrell' In "Davll'i Holiday" 8un. Buddy Regan In "Safety la Humbert" Mon.. Tun. Warner Baiter In "Arliena Kid" WILSHIRE Sat., Sua. Warner Buter la "Arljena Kid" Men., Tues Buddy Rogers la "Safety la Numbert" 'ANAHEIM FOX Sat.. Sun. Reginald Denny la "What a Man" Men., Tuet Len Chaney in "Ths Ushe y Tnrn" BELL ALCAZAR Bat. Betty Common In "Midnight Myttery" Sun. Helen Kans la "Daagersui Nan MeGrsw" Mob., Tun. "Sventen'i. Wild Party" LOS ANGELES AIVARAnO ""South Matinee Today Buster Kenten In "Free and t.y" Sun., Mon Monte Blue in "Those Whs Dante" Tun., Wed.. Thura. Al jeltea in "Mammv" AMBASSADOR rM, Today Loll Willis la "Wedding Rings" ARROYO s0, Today Al Jelion la -"Mammy" Sun., Moa Monte Blue In "Thna Whe Dance" Tun., Wed. "Ingagl" and "Sennd Wife" ART 851 ""h Main Street Today "Ths Ca-eln Age" Sun., Mon., Tun. "Lucky Larkln" KNOLL W.itern st Sin Street TirJny "They Learned About Women" and Ths Love Racket Sun., Mon. "High Society Bluet" and - "Knlohte Out" . Tun.. Wed., Thure "Caught Short" and "Egypt" McKINNEY'S LAYHOUSE 1234", West 7th Street Teday Monts Blus la "Thois Whs Osaos" un.. mm., Tues. "Leay la Leva" EMM MIM&mmmmmMzm SUBURBAN and NEIGHBORHOPR I ATERS WEST COAST THEATERS BEVERLY HILLS BEVERLY Mil'""" Bat. Raiaea Nivarre la "la Say Maarls" Bun., Maa., Tun. Wlltlaaj Pewell la "Shide at tne Lt" FVLLERTON MISSION Bat., Ban-fiaarta O'Brlaa la "Rauih Ramata" Mm., Tues. Jaoa Oakls la "The Bsclal Ilea1 CLENDALE ALEXANDER Bt., Bun. Hilts Kins la "Oangsraui Naa MoSrsw" Mta.. Tuts. Etfmand Lews la "Base Inttatiani" GLENDALE Bat., Bun.-Reilnala Deany la "What a Mia" Man., Tun. Betty Cempita I i "Midnight Myttery" HAWTHORNE PLAZA Bat. Gary Cesser In "Only ths Brave" Bun.. Men "Byr at ths Beuta Pels" Tun. Norm Shearer la "The Diverse!" HOLLYWOOD APOLLO 8t. Gesrge Bintreft la "Lid let Live Brutn1 Boa,, Men. Paul Whltenia la "King it Jiu" Tun. Evelya Brant la "Framed" PADltn Crnnnt Jusotlea, 4-avw Heilyweed Bat Norms ghearer la "Ths Dlvereii" lua. Men.. Tues Lawnate Tlbbett la "The Regus Beng" GRANADA Vt&SSS Bat. Paul Whlteman la "King if Ju" Bun. Reginald Denny In "One Hysterical Night" Mon. "He Knew Women" Tuee. MaeKenna.Day la "Temgls Tewer" HOLLYWOOD 4y Heilyweed Blvd. Bat., Bus., Men., Tun. All itsr "Whits Gorge" iris i;.H,,,,,- Bat. Claudelte Celhert-Chas. Ruigln la "Young Man ef Manhattan" Bun., Men., Tuee. Buddy Regeri la "Safety In Mumben" PARAMOUNT S5Z8 Santa Monies Blvd. Sat. Van and Bthenek In "They Learned About 'Women" gun.. Men., Tuei.Dreuter. Moras la "Caught Short" VISTA 44?1 " V U 1 1 Be jlevard Sat. DrMilsr-Mersa la "Caught BHert" Bun., Men.. Tun. Mulhall-Csrrell la - "Her Golden Calf" NORTH HOLLYWOOD EL PORTAL .v.,rJk,r""" Eat Roman NenrrS "la Gay Madrid" Bun., Mea., Tun. "Border Leglm" HUNTINGTON PARK CALIFORNIA Sat. Fled Seott la "Swing High" Sua Mesrs-Revier la "Call st the Wut" Men., Tuet. Helen Kans la "Dane en ua Naa McGrew" LYRIC Bat. Jaek Mulhall a "The Fall Buy" Bun., Men., Tun. Edmund Laws la 'Good Intention!" INCLEWOOD GRANADA Sat Helen Kans In "Dangerous Naa McBrt" Sun., Moa. Betty Cempten la "Midnight Myttery" Tun. "Svemon'i Wild Party" INGLEWOOD Bat. Gary Conner In "Ths Maa train Wyoming" Sun., Men. Moers.Revler la "CHI at the Wett" Tun. Edmund Lews la "Good Intention" LONG BEACH EGYPTIAN Sat., Sua, Richard Di In "Levin' ths Ladlta" Men.. Tun. Oeloret Del RIs la "The Bad One" IMPERIAL Bat, Sun., Men.. Tun. Lsa Chaney la "Ths Unholy Thrn" WEST COAST Sat, Bun. "Dsngsreui Nan MiOrew" Men., Tuet. Bary Casper In "Ths Man tram Wysmiaa" COMMUNITY THEATERS McKINNEY'S REGENT 4112 South Vermont Ave. Today Noah Beery In "Son et ths Flame" Sun.. Mon., Tuei. Jack Mulhall la "In the Nnt Boom" MOON 823 South Mala Street Today "Second Choice" Sun., Men., Tuei. "Behind ths Make-up" OPTIC MS South Mala Street Today. Sun., Mon. "Sunny Bids Up" Tun., Wed., Thun. "The Vagabond Liver" REGENT 8;a. Tedty, Sun., Men. "Rearing Ranch" Tost., Wed., Thurt "Fashimi In Len" RIVIERA 5052 Wait, A da mt TIVOLI a. Central Avenue Teday "Livs Csmn Atlsnt"' Sun,. Men., Turn. Polly Moras and Maria Omtler la "Caught Short" Jui U-,koJ -I r ART Il.t OCEAN PARK. DOME Bet, Sun. Helen Kens la "Oaagereui Naa MeGrsw" Men., Tun. Edmund Lews la "Gsed Intention!"' ROSEMARY Bat.. Bun. Edward Evsrstt Hertea la "Ones a Gentleman" Men., Tues. Rlihard Dl la Sheetin' Straight" fix "XT ONTARIO GRANADA t!, Bst Fred Boett la "Swing High" "T Bun. Jsek Mulhall la "Ths Fsll Buy" Mea., Tun. "Byrd at the Soutk Pats' PASADENA FLORENCE POMONA CALIFORNIA Bst Oiry Ceoeor la "The Man trem Wyemlig" lun. Betty Comptea la "Midnight Myttsry" Moa., Tun. Clara Bew la "Lava Among ths Millisaalrsa" REDLANDS REDLANDS Bat jack Oakle la "The Bwlal Den" Ban. Naney Cerrill la "Dsvll'a Hellday" Mta., Tuet. Ramoa Nevarra "la Gay Madrid' RIVERSIDE RIVERSIDE Sat. Marien Davln Is "Ths Flereder Sir!" Sun., Men.. Tun. "The Big Heme" REDONDO FOX Bst Giry Ceeser la "The Maa from Wytmlia" Bun. Richard DIs la "Jheotrn' Slnlght" Mea.. Tun. Lib Chiney la "Ths Unholy Three" SANTA ANA BROADWAY Sat.. Sun "Leva A meal ths Millionaires,' Clara Bew Moa., Tuei. Wm. Powell "For ths Difoniaf WEST COAST Bat. tun.-Fred ta "Suing High" Men.. Tun Helen Kens In "Oangarevs Naa MeGrsw'' SAN BERNARDINO WEST COAST Sat, Sun. Rlihard Oil la "Levin' ths Lsdlst" Men., Tuei. Gary Ceepsr In "Ths Teiaa" SAN PEDRO CABRILLO Sat., Bun. Ramon Nevarra la "la Bay Madrid" Mea., Tuei. "Border Letlia" STRAND Sat, Sun. Dslerea Del Rle la "The Baa OaaV Men., Tun. Warner Baxter In "Arlitna Kid" SANTA MONICA CRITERION Bst, Sun. Wm. Powell la "Shade st ths Lav" Men., Tun. "Border Legion" VENICE CALIFORNIA Sat Msurlee Chevalier la "The Big Peal" Sun., Man., Tun. Narsa Sheerer la "Ths Divorcee" WHITTIER SCENIC Sat., Sun. juk Oakls la "Ths Seelal Lla Mob., Tun. "Border Leglea" WILMINGTON GRANADA Sat Bebs Daniili la 'Alias Franca Bertllr" The Man from Wyoming" Tuet. Maurice Chevalier la ' Thi Big Pea" WESTERN SIKTbl' Ted.y "Hlsh Society Blun" and "They Learned About Women" . gun.. Men., Tun. Maria D roller and PeM Moran IB "Caught Short" ANAHEIM FAIRYLAND Today "Three Livs Ghoeti" Bun.. Men. "Around ths Cerner" and Maa M URttr'' Tuee.. Wed. Noah Beery la "Ths Geldea Dawn" HOLLYWOOD HUNLEY'S yrr Today "Guilty" and "Ths Melody Mia" LARCHMONT r., Blrt' Today "Ths Big Party" and "Thi BreadB Hester" MAR-CAL l29 Heilyweed Boulevard Today "Sweethenrte and WIvel" and "The Man Frcm Blankey't" Sun.. Men., Tun. "The Flirting Widow" aad "Murder as ths Root" MARQUIS Bants Monies Blvd. snd Dehiny Drive and "The Today "Ths Sky Hawk awellnend ' Bun., Men., Tuet. "Hearts la tills" aad "Oaca a Gentleman" c2LDFl00a 11 Sti el MF.OceiWa -CW5M Ofa Comfbv-st yotrwia, cminen iiifSIi . ...

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