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e' 'a ayine aw "WW) Coward Play Laivrenceville Stories Recall Happier Boyhood and Walter Marsh as her fit" band, amused. That veteran actress, LiUis. Burden, played delightfully. Eileene Stevens gave a per- 0 formance as a mother with sym--pathy and warmth. Clayton Foe- ter was particularly good as the Doctor.

Estok Rosandich acted with style as Kurt Forster. ing of Chorley Bannister. A. Ben-Astar revealed authority and power in his vital portrait of the Nazi officer, Richter. Felippa Rock had charm and appeal as young Doris Shattuck.

Thorvald Holmes registered with a stirring emotional performance. Patricia Stainer contributed clever cockney comedy. Robinson Story Novel, Dramatic BY EDWIN SCHALLERT "The Jackie Robinson Story' "Winchester ot 12:13 a. m. shore and involving a "gag" played repeatedly on unpopular girls, might be eliminated entirely without harm to the major story, which i3 after all about Lawrence-ville.

Noblest of All LosangcIcsCimcsa 9 EXAMINER tarsi BANG-BAHG-BARG-OP ff'i ff and suspense. Paul Henreid Planning ienna Film; Marion Tonite United Artists tost Showing NOW! IMYtBA-KTtlUTIMUL fwK SEW iirnmnp go to SkflalMMV it ii mm t. UMi mm cm 1 ir imiro untrs owm ylil(ilU him THE "IT'S action Marshall oins Marines BY EDWIN" SCHALLKRT Paul Henreid, who just returned from his first trip to Vienna In 15 years, set in motion plans for a picture which will feature the famous Salzburg Festival in Austria. The title of the film is "Rendezvous in Vienna," with screen play by Robert Hill. William Dieterle will direct and the film will be made with British backing next summer by Henreid himself with Montague Marks as coproducer.

Henreid will appear as a musician in the story. The actor returned here for the premiere of "So Young, So Bad," formerly titled "Runaway," which he himself made in the East. Since thatfiim he starred in "Pardon My French" with Merle Oberon. 'Both these films were directed by Bernard Vorhaus. Also Henreid was recently in 'The Last of the Buccaneers" for Columbia.

3IARIOX MARSHALL. GETS BREAK WITH MARINES Solo girl in The Halls of Montezuma" will be Marion Marshall, who will play a Navy nurse. There is one other feminine part enacted by Helen Hatch but that is of the character "MOMENTS IN MUSIC More to the point are the scenes of Dink's hazing (such as it is), his experiences on the baseball and football fields and in the Old Roman's classroom, struggling to master the twin mysteries of "gerund" and ge rundive." Mr. Carroll underplays beautifully as the Old Roman, particularly in the final heart-to-heart, so beloved of MGM, with the penitent Dink. Stockwell, Hickman and Scot-ty Beckett (as the Tennessee Shad) could hardly be better, and their support among the boys including Donn Gift, Jerry Mickelsen, Alan Dinehart III and David Bair is fine.

Leon Ames and Margalo Gillmore appear as Dink's parents and Peter Thompson as his Yale brother. Carey Wilson produced, with screen play by Harry Ruskin and color by Technicolor. Photography and mood are faithful to a more leisurely era. "Gunfire, a routine western with Don Barry, Ixwery, Wally Vernon and Pamela Blake, supplements the feature at Loew's State and Egyptian. htm lULUlNGTH HtluM APPOINTMENT.

CRIME frtn twir In tkVHli infl ATOM MAN n. SUPERMAN PAIL! OMANCtl tiZt ADVZNWKCt a i At mm CM MHHi tV MI mm miummt COOt. MtAtTMfMt COMfOltl type, aunt of one or tne men seen in a retrospect. It seems these youthful solo jobs in mannish subjects are coveted by young actresses because they generally mean a lot of. publicity.

This was discovered when Joyce MacKenzie appeared in "12 O'clock I High." She subsequently got a lead in an independent film, "Destination Murder," and then parts in "Ticket to Tomahawk" and "Mister 880." Miss Marshall had a pretty good assignment recentlv in "Stel Era jLSEWS to -1 owl I CsHOWS tmm hmm imvB SpaxMI raorwrail pctm irrraicnawar -v-AT IHlAIUi IMMiDUUUT tllOW 10:00 fiomt, Ocean fork; Washington, Uptown, Pasadena. 12:00 El Kay, Alhambra. 12:30 Gantry, Los Angelas. 1.30 Carlton, Lot Angeles. 1:45 La Brea, L.A.

2:00 Bowtevord, LA. BY PHILIP K. SCHEUER "The Happy Years" is Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in its mellow mood, and if you are willing to take the time required to settle down and enjoy it, I think you will. "The Happy Years" is adapted from, "The Lawrence- ville Stories" by Owen Johnson, which were about a hoys prep school near Trenton, in the middle '90s, and particularly about a "young heathen" of a student named John Humper-dink Stover. Dink is played in the picture by Dean Stockwell, who is short but solid and who wears his hair parted in the middle and a derby at a cocky angle.

Dink has been expelled from other schools before his entrance to Lawrence- ville, and he has scarcely arrived before he starts making enemies enemies real and fancied, but mostly, as it turns out, fancied. Not So Tough These are, principally, one Tough McCarty (Dairy I Hickman) and the Old Roman (Leo G. Carroll), who is at once Latin teacher, football coach and house master Dinks second term. Earlier, Dink has disposed of the Coffee Colored Angel and the White Mountain Canary, two minor and, it develops, easily licked adversaries. From Mc- Carty Dink learns about sportsmanship and from the professor he learns about honor both kind of unexpected-like so that when he has recovered from his surprise Dink realizes there is nobody really left to lick.

Filmed partly at Law-renceville, the feature owes much qf its sustained interest and appeal to the direction of William A. Wellman, who has had to rely upon all his native artfulness to keep some of the sequences from wearing too thin and dropping us into somnolence. One such episode, occurring during Dink's vacation at the Dennis Price Not Dad Boy at Heart, Honest Dennis Price, who commits six murders in "Kind Hearts and currently at the Laurel and Vagabond, is in reali ty anything but the villain he portrays. In his youth he had originally intended to study for the ministry but turned to acting when he had an opportunity to fill pome Shakespearean roles. ture cleverly suggests these climaxes.

Minor Watson as Branch Rick ey is excellent. Ruby Dee pleases in her role. Richard Lane, Harry Shannon, Billy Wayne of fer solid portrayals. Kenny Washington is seen. Ben Lesey contributes a little humor, but his opportunities are limited.

On the program is "Federal Man," with William Henry and Pamela Blake, melodrama about rackets which was directed by Robert Tansey and produced by Jach Schwa rz. kJ TECHNICOLOR 0 4k 3 DEAS STOCKWELL-MHIXVJL1 VSm l3 BECKETT-ASSES Sen Hf by Hjrry RvtkiH tf4 -Tm) LmrancMiU Stottn" kf 0m Mmkm MM WILLIAM A. WELLMAN wh v. yov "Batllgrovnd" CAREY WILSON of "Horr" Sri fan 1 i UTt Htll HIH1T 00T 1II1IIII HQ ami COWING MOST EXPIOSVE PiCTUftf Of All TIMf 7II OCKA I1HIVF la" at 20th. Incidentally, Di- Marion Marshall rector Lewis Milestone is credited with such an excellent job on the story of the Marines that he will probablv take charge of "Kangaroo," once known as "The Australian "story." This was pegged for Tyrone Power at one time, though it is somewhat doubtful whether he will do it now.

Alan Napier will join "Across the Wide Missouri" at MGM appearing as a Scottish nobleman, Capt. Lyon, who has a fisticuffs with Clark Gable and knocks him for a loop. It strikes rne that this will be the fightingest film Gable has had in some time. UNITED ARTISTS DEAL GAINS SIGNIFICANCE While the deal will be worked out slowly the reorganization tf United Artists will ultimately see ownership of Charles Chaplin and Mary Pickford passing into other hands represented by Paul V. McNutt, Frank McNamee, Max Kravetz and their associates for more than $5,000,000.

There is every sign that the reorganization itself will mean the complete revivification of the company which has had enormous prestige, especially in the international market in the past. Its world-wide influence has never greatly diminished in spite of problems at home. That prestige was built during it3 earlier history by Douglas Fairbanks Mary Pickford and Charles Chaplin, with the name at least of D. W. Griffith, figuring importantly in its development.

It is indicated that a production man will be chosen in Hollywood to carry out the program for stimulating activities of independent producers under the United Artists banner. I wonder whether the ideal choice wouldn't be that excellent filmland diplomatist, Henry Ginsberg, but recently retired from Paramount. HORIZON SOON TO START ART SCHOOL STORV Sam Spiegel of Horizon Pictures has scheduled "Hothouse" for an Aug. 7 start. His casting director.

Jack Murton, as a windup to the talent quest for the picture, will cover seven LATE SHOWS TONITE! ct VARIIERS 3 THEATRES! NOW is a good straitaway account of a young Negro athlete's fight for recognition. His game battle, which' was essentially one of great self-command and re straint, leads to his conquest in major league baseball as a star player, on the Brooklyn Dodgers. He has many setbacks, actual and psychological, before he gains his ultimate victory, and it proves to be a significant one 1 he. spirit of this feature at the Los Angeles, Chinese, Up town, Fox- llshire and Loyola is gooa. KODinson ap pears as himself the story written by Lawrence Taylor and Arthur Mann, and directed by Alfred' E.

Green. Mort Briskin, who produced; William Joseph Heineman, who presents the film, and Joseph IL Nadel as associate of Jewel Productions, were identified with the filming. The release is through Eagle-Lion. Acting primary roles with Robinson are Minor Watson as Branch Rickey, owner of the Dodgers. Ruby Dee, Ixiuise Beavers, Richard Lane, Harry Shannon, Ben Lessy, among others.

while Bill Spaulding as football coach of UCLA plays Bill Spaulding. A story about Robinson is bound to have particular interest here because he began his career in this area, first in football and later in baseball. In the interim he was in the Army, from which he emerged a lieutenant. Simple Portrayal The picture gains real impetus when Robinson is called into the fray as an exponent of excellence on the diamond. Because he him self plays the pharacter, convic tion really pervades these scenes.

It is a remarkably simple and direct interpretation that Robin son conveys. Yet, it isn't out of key with the acting of the professionals who surround him. As a member of the Montreal Royals Jackie has to make good if he should ever want to play on the Brooklyn team in the major league. He is the first Negro to win thi3 opportunity in organized baseball. He is shown to face plenty of prejudice.

This is undoubtedly historical enough. The picture has the virtue of never going overboard on the racial issue, because it seems to present its facts authentically. Sometimes the presence of Robinson proves objectionable to fellow players. Again it Is ridiculed and even booed by the fans. He has been instructed at the outset that he must be ready to accept this challenge and do nothing about it.

He agrees when he says that if he is struck on one cheek, he has another cheek. Decisively this is a strong story of how young man who is a winner made good. One of the things well accom plished in "The Jackie Robinson Story" is concentrating on cer tain phases of the baseball ac tion, rather than trying to pano rama a whole game. The sharp crack of the bat against the ball when Robinson knocks out a long drive becomes something you wait for. When he slides into a base, or steals from second to third, it is exciting.

The pic- itwr-m) Of iM All MOHtl 2Ri ERU1 BM etart-Ceteeie SPENCEt TRACY JO BENNETT ELIZABETH TAYLOR father of the Wtl ISN Tinai HUlt IUHE SctMi Km to fllKII (M.icft HMW1MCkMt tout mi tnvN Sfi mMi Iftt'rt to flCEiIt frtcM If HUOHt. Bride Mm I3KRTS sie MfCltOT ImrUTll MtNTTM MSttrC Now Nightly IELOILLISIE Los Angeles vs. Philadelphia ELBOWS ANDERSON COACH PAN PACIFIC AUD. Coll YO. 1123 $1.25 1.75 2.50 3.00 ivmMinmnnyiM 116 OlAPLINU wni Impresses BY KATHERINE VON BLON The Pasadena Playhouse Midsummer Drama Festival again strikes a thought-provoking and timely note with Noel Coward's "Peace in Our Time," a story filled with heartbreak, over which the indomitable courage of dust-doomed humanity rises exultantly through the sheer passion of spirit.

Barbara Vajda's sympathetic grasp of the sub ject matter and her professional direction or the cast of 40 re sulted in a genuine tour de force. The playwright elects to deal with an Imaginary circumstance, England as it might have been had the Nazis triumphed. Though it is thoroughly British in fabric, it yet remains a universal testimonial to the inflexible will of all people toward peace. Moving Portrayal Norman Rainey gave a won derfully moving and human portrayal of kindly old Fred Shattuck, keeper of the "pub." Lillian Hamilton as Jane Braid was outstanding, and rose to thrilling emotional heights in her denunciation of a traitor. Trevor Ward scored with his polished, suavely subtle account i AW A 4 jTQ vrTTTrrTTTn vs.

LOS AAGELES 42.4 PL. AT AVAL0N ar Cr Oinet BROADWAY Bdwy. Mir 5t Eagle Hawk COLT Ai NEWSKEEL S. UNDER FIRE IN KOREA latttt March al Tiaia ain ana OLYMPIC Ita aatwa. State of the Union SUMMER HOLIDAY PALACE NIGHT IN THE CITY THE TORCH Bdwy.

atwa. B-T pan pacific Undercover Man Witdaat Rctenratiant ROXIE Bdwy. ntw. CAGED ROCK ISLAND TRAIL 15th Annna! STARS July 22 'CPEB BOOH BAitf IRYIRE IQWL 2.40 Crsiads Calf 3 FEB. TAX 1 TBiriX igNMwy-fiikU rr S3.40 Utl.aUa Ta CfNELS MUC SHOP.

a34 HOUYWOOO Biva TUck IM4 1 AU MUTUAL AOBNCBl Qnm to 1 HJY-CUMMINS XV I fcvs i 2d hit Reach for a Star' iirMi -AMcCt- l'i JTlMim rrm mem -x imir I WKmAM- I "CACTUS CWEtK TODAY LADIES' fc I RIBS' BAY 2:10 I BUNNY A ijJt lift -IROQUOIS THAIL" PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE a -w- S.N FHAIVCISCO WRIGLEY FIELD SUNDAY, DOUKLE-IIEADER, 1:30. 1 am mm If MM. 0f MM-Cft-M7 "CANDYLAND I cmm art CLOSE HOLLYWOOD APOLLO :4 5 O.l GR-4522 C. Caibart-R. Ryan, SECREY FURY; W.

Hewdria-A. Mwrghy, SIERRA, ealar CHINESE 692S Hiy.d. hi Op 12. RE-4111 dackia RMninaa aa HIMSELF In tna dACKIE ROBINSON STORY; 2nd Hitl FILM ARTE 1225 1 :5 CR-7712 t. pprner-A.

aaaai amad, CACED; Caraan-A lri)tttt. GOOD HUMOR MAN GUILD 6i26 Kiv.d. Bl. CL. 12.

Hl-7111 Andraaa-Tiamay, Wrwra Sidewalk Endai Gaiaayat Start MOMENTS IN MUSIC HOLLYWOOD Cl. 12 5 m. HE-S371 Cwttan-Valli-Waiiaa. THE Srd MAN; C. Celbart-R.

Ryan. SECRET FURY IRIS S50S Hoil.wovd Bird. Ct.12 HE-21S4 Andraww-Tiarmy, Wnara Stdanalk Endst Calaay al Start MOMENTS IN MUSIC LOMA Sla.Koa.-Wffn.Cm. 1:45 CL-S71S E. Parhar-A.

Maaranaad, CACEO; Widmark-Tternay. HICHT A THE CITY VOCUE 67S Hd. B)id. Ct. 12.

CH-2SAS aamaa atawart-snciiay Winrara-Dan Ouryca. WINCHESTER 73; Snarta OCEAN PARK, SANTA MONICA, VENICE." A CULVER CITY DOME Coot 12:15. S.M. S327S Haydan-Calharn, ASPHALT dUNCLE; O'Cwmr, Curtain Call Cactwa Craak. air.

CRITERION Caatmunu. 12:00 I M. 5S282 Orarary Pack aa THE GUHFICHTERi William Bandia. KILL THE UMPIRE ROSEMARY Opra 12:15. S.M.

6327B Wayna-Ouinn, BACK TO BAT A AN; O'Brian-Ryan. MARINE RAIDERS BUNOY Fr. pa. 4R-55161 THREE CAME H0ME Parka. Tha New daltan Sinn Aram.

elr. TIVBLI 11523 Sw.Mos.Bl.Ct.1. AR-S1S3S R. Seatt-R. Raman, COLT .45, aaiari A Trip ta Mara! ROCKETSHIP X-M WILSHIRE 1314 Wil.a.

Bid. S.M. 56999 Allyaan-Paweil. Ralarmar and RadXaadl Rtrwetl-Milland. Weman al Diatincttan CULVER WttL-liviH.

Op. 12. VE-3l24 damaa ttavart-Shctiey Wintars-Baa Ouryea, WINCHESTER 7S INGIEWCOO ACADEMY CCI.O-H. PL-15151. 0R-7100S wmv aa.

mi GuarifiNTER; L. Pay-R. Ryan, WOMAN ON PIER 11 'Tli5JH. Market. OR-S2323 Wtdmark-TMrnay.

NICHT A THE CITY int umpire FIFTH AVE. Ct. 1 2:31 Owl waa njiaiimntra, ASPHALT dUNCLEi B. Larenoe-Q. Lynn.

PEOOY. color Rkttngau ICS S. La Bna. Ct 1 O.l Adulta 40c. Children A m.t,.

SIERRA, d. Wayne, Flying Ttaara tviLlE Wen Bivd.44'.a. Op. 1:45. O.I Adulta 40c, Children Oa.

Tracy Stewart, vemancna aarrnary. REDONDO, HER MQS A. MANHATTAN HEDONDO Opea UJ SnriMB FR-252S4 Gregary Pack aa THE CUNFICHTER O'Cannar, Curtain Call Caetwe Creek, elr. STRAND Oml. L.

Rentier Hayden-Calnern. ASPHALT dUNCLE: Plua THE LOSTVOLCANO HERM0SA Open 12:45. Frentier 2-424S Hutt en-Karl. ANNIE CET YOUR CUN, C. Colbcrt-R.

Ryan. SECREY FURY LAMAR Msbta Frantiar 3-S500 Rent. Mitenum, STORY OF G. I. dOEs Wayna-Hayanard, FIGHTING SEABEES GIEN0ALE ALEA lipa 12.

CH-5152S B. Hutten-H. Kaal. ANNIE GET YOUR CUN. eater; Selected SartSubNeta GLENDALE Opi 12.

CH-52S1S Wayna-Bandi, BACK TO BATAAN; P. Bnen-R. Ryan, MARINE RAIDERS GATEWAY S.Krr.-Brd Op 1:30 CH-S1UI THE Srd MAN; dewmon-Taylor, THE BIG HANGOVER GLEN Cr.lo.-Adane. Opea 1 '3. CH-SITHO M.

Clitt-P. Dauflaa. THE BIB LIFTl RuaeeM-Milland. Wamaa al Dtttinetten POMONA, ONTARIO" FOX PoBKina. Caatipwma I.

Owl flbtr Stevart-Wmtera, WINCHESTER 7: Sterlr)Wereene, Amiaiad Car Reltliaiy SUNK I ST Pomi-na. t'aat. 1. O-l f-aom G. Caeaer-L.

BaeaN. BRIGHT LEAF; Resera, TWILICHT IN SIERRAS, elr. VILLAGE Ciareaarwit. Op. 1:45.

LY-52412 Crawtard-Brian. DAMNED OON'T CRY A Trip ta Marat ROCKETSHIP GRANADA Oatnt Oprp 12 45. S1-S1S1 Craitery Peck aa THE GUNFICHTER; Howard DuB-Marta Teran, SPY HUNT PASADENA. SO. PASAgENA, A LH AM ERA" ACADEMY Opea 12.

RY-ISSOB Grocery Pock aa THE CUNFIGNTER; Brten-Morria. dOHNWY ONE-EYE PASA0CNA Our 1:30. ST -5-77 44 Wtdmark-Ttamey. NIGHT A TNE CITY Lffm-m. Lawrence, PECOY, UPTOWN Oprp 12 45.

SV-3-4330 WaaMnark-Tnwnay. NIGHT A THE CITY O. LymvB. Lawrence. PECCY, color STRAND iva 12 SY-3SiaJ Dailey-Baztor, Ticket ta Tamanawk, aN.

1 SeHlevan-Cerey. Na Sad Son tor Ma WASHINGTON ltra 12 45 SV-70140 MeCrea-Oard, THE OUTRIDERS, MA AND PA KETTLE 00 TO TOWN STATE Opra 12 IS ST-2713S SearJ-ttirrwif. SHOE SHINE; Ciciting Adrentural Murder in Rereraa RIALTO Opra 12 45 PY-11259, SY-S-31SL Oeuclaa-Petera, LOVE THAT BBUTEf Tucfcer-Mara, Rek Island Tail. atr. EL REV Aih.

4-M nOp.l 5 AT-2S151 Oeoalaa-Patera, LOVE THAT BRUTE; Tucker-Mara, Reck I aland TraM. GRANGE COUNTY WEST COAST Paata Aaa KI-2S4I1 Hutton, ANNIE GET YOUR BUM, eir.i CaMwnrno-Danl. DEADLY IS FEMALE FOX AaeikUBt. Piwjna 3Ca G. Ceeaar-L, Bacan.

BRIGHT LEAF). B. Lawrenca-D. Lynn, PEOBY. arr.

ANAHEIM Phona 4212 O. Kaye, INSPECTOR GENERAL, ctr. Ben Hope In THE GREAT LOVER FOX Pnana 2a7 COLT aeeer: Baact-R. Undtara-Smrtn, THIS SIDE OF LAW LONG BEACH CREST Atlmatw nx-Cronp. Ct.12- PTe a.

Aadnna Taamay, wnora Siawwelk End Manttemary. IROQUOIS TRAIL, Mr. 5P fTTST For Theatre Information Call 6272 i i I i 5 1 I. i 'I www.w- I western cities in the next week or so. Choice has been distilled to about 100 candidates for the 15 roles of art students, three of which are to be tops.

Walter Reisch and Hugo Butler are writing the screen play and Reisch will direct. George MacQuarrie, who toured as director of "The Glass Menagerie" for two and a half years, while his wife. neien MacKeiiar, piayea tne Gertrude Lawrence role, has been signed as an evangelist Pomona Graduate Majors in 'School' of Real Trouping Another graduate of Pomona College who meandered into theatrical life is Eddie Dew, who will have a featured role in Gene Mann's production of "Finian's Rainbow" when it opens a two-week run Monday. After his schooling as a geologist, Eddie followed his natural showman inclinations, which led through several seasons of-trouping with a Shakespeare company to mo tion-picture work. flMM OR.t-2444 FILM IVEW MAPC I Pho.

YO. til isuwiiira 1 IHQAOUnU DU. B-3837 LAUREL 854 Btwt VO. 1164 Pil Viacwrt CamM't SUNSET Wcrtarw attM k.n ca 1 ORPHEUM Brtidwiy war ttH HAWAII 593S Hollywood Iracy-Bfurwtt-Taylw i father of the Bride1 Father of the Bride FORUM fri Pic ft Nartm NIGHT IN THE CITY CCEB RIALTO Ita an Braadway THE 3rd MAN THREE CAME HOME HOLLYWOOD JJJIJJf 523 Hallrwaad Damned Don't Cry Na Mm at Her swa BEV. HILLS JJal Willhirt-Ooheny 3 CAME HOME 3rd MAN i Evelyn Ankers in "Fourteen Hours" at "20th.

Henry Hathaway, director, tested him in the East. Larry Moore of Dusmet-Moore Productions is so intent on securing Lew -Landers as the director of the television film series, "Ding Howe and the Flying Tigers," with Richard Denning and Evelyn Ankers, that he will probably wait until Landers is in the clear from his assignments in "Revenue Agent" and "When the Redskins Rode" at Columbia. Lyle Talbot has been picked for "Revenue Agent." John Qualen will play a fishing boat captain always in trouble with the Navy in "The Flying Missile" at Columbia. ARROYO 3236 X. Fir.

Op 1:15. Dla-Ptw. LOVE THAT BRUTE; CrwvAlbrinht, C00O HUMOR MAW BELMONT l.t-Vermt. Op. 1.

OU-S-1331 Andrm-Tiwmr, Wnara Sitfnralk Ents act: Matitw, Hr. CARTOONS BEVERLY He. uTiTT. Own 1 rS. cyZH HuttMvKMl, ANNIE GET YOUR CUN.

elr. i SelKt Snart SulNts BOULEVARD Op. I E. Parkr-A. Maorehtao', CACEO; William Bandia.

KILL THE UMPIRE BRUIN We.twnod Cont. 1:45. 0l WMmaHi-Tmrfwy. NICHT THE CITY: A. Murphy-W.

Handrix, SIERRA, 9mr CARLTON Wni'i-M Op. 1 Owltw Widmark-Tterney, NICHT A THE CITY A. MMrwttaa4-E. Partwr. CAGED CARMEI 8163 R.M.

Bl-I. Opn 1 Caddarw-Armndariz, THE TORCH; F. Tuckw. ROCK ISLAND TRAIL, etr. EL REY 5517 WiUbir.

Op. 12. WE-11181 Awdraw-Tiarwy. Wlwa Sidcmlli Ends Galaxy af Stan MOMENTS IH MUSIC EMBASSY n-3rd Op 1 :4S.Ol 10 WidmaHi-Tianwy, NIGHT A THE CITY; Jack Carwn. GOOD HUMOR MAN FAIRFAX Op.

1 -OO Owi E. Parhar-A. Maarthtad. CACED; Widnurk-TMrnxr. NIGHT A THE CITY FICUEROA Fia -8.

Br. Op US O.l 10 E. Partiar-A. Maarvhcad. CACED; Widmark-Tnrnay.

NIGHT A THE CITY FINE ARTS CR-4512S 7 Priia-Wimtfnc Fartirn Filnwl PAISANt OPEN CITY. Rag. Pr. Cant. Tt Km FLORENCE LA-7S77 E.

Parr-A. Mwnha, CACED; Caraan-AlkriRnt. GOOD HUMOR MAN GENTRY Comp-66'h. Op. 12-3T 0l 10 COLT .45.


LOVE THAT BRUTE HIGHLAND 5604 If. Fi. On. Owl E. ParfcartA.

Moarahcad. CAGED; r. Tadnf, ROCK ISLAND TRAIL, dr. t.A BREA 9h-T JW.Op. 1:45.

Owl ho. CarMn-Albrirht. GOOD HUMOR MAN; William Bawdla. KILL THE UMPIRE LARCHMONT LTrhm'-Ber. Op 1 -35.

O.l E. Particr-A. Maanlnad. CACEO; William Batdl. KILL THE UMPIRE LIO0 Oi-n-rm Pico.

Op. 1:45. Owl Ctan-Valll-Walln. THE 3rd MAN; Peurlas-Patara, LOVE THAT BRUTE LOYOLA On i ORT7444 dachia Rohiman at HIMSELF In tha JACKIE ROBINSON STORY; 2nd Hit! MELROSE Met nr. Vri On 1 r45 10 C.

Cslharl-R. Ryan. SECRET FURY; Paywa-Flamiwa. EACLE A HAWK. dr.

laESA Op. 1-45 O.l Cattan.Vall.Wall. THE Srd MAN; Canan-Albritwt. CO0O HUMOR MAW PARISIAN 1 :45. Owl OU-7-1013 Caraan-Atari km.

COOn humor MAN; G5ddard-Armendarii. THE TORCH RAVENNA SUMOM E. Parhar-A. MaaovlMad. CACEO; Widmarfc-Ttamay.

NICHT A THE CITY RTZ 52'4Wil Tnn nt. Oiv. 12:30 aamaa Wintwa-nan Purya. INCHEST EW '71 SHacta SEVILLE Wat Op. 1 r45 Owl Adult 40e.

CHildran a. Tracy-Stcpwrt. mwuMTn; rwiiwa Tamtary. eaiar STADIUM 12-45 Owl ahow w. Parkr-A.

Maaiilnad. CAffl). Widmarli-Ttarnry. NICHT A THE CITY STARLANO 2624 Jf. Dm.

rvmf. 1. Owl Payna-Flwnint. FAOLE A HAWK, elr. I "HJgi-CHTT.

th ma LIFT TOWER Oimpt. OtwHp O. 1230 E. wirfcar-A. Maarrnrad.

CACFB? O. Matttgamary, IROQUOIS TRAIL, atr. UPTOWN 12 10. PA-1I1S daeata Rrtiixwt a himheif In ttia dACKIE ROBINSON STORY; 2nd Hit! VILLAGE WwH On 1-45 O.l r.rary Pae THE CUNFIRHTER; E. Parker-A, Maarthead.

CACED WESTERN 1:45. AK-I-1MI r.attan-V.lli.WaUe. THE Srd MAN? rw1a-Patera. LOVE THAT BRUTE WFSTLAKE AW Ow IS. Owl A. Parhar. f.Arf; Wldmarfc-Ttemay. NICHT A TM CITY WILSHIRC MM WUfbir Rl CR-5-97 RtMimi im tna dACKIE ROBINSON STORY. 2nd Hit! DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES GLOBE

Ot.IOam RE-4111 Awdra -Tiwnay. Whara Sidanala Enda; Galay at Star. MOMENTS IN MUSI LOS ANGELES .1 M. H- 10 m. till dachia Hakimaa a HIMSELF In tna dACKIE ROBINSON STORY; 2nd Hit! RIVERSIDE RIVERSIDE-iwo 12 4S.

0i i-i-." Hutton. ANNIE CET YOUR CUN, L. McCalHter. BOY FROM DIANA DE A A 12th and Marlt Ptvene 1S4B O. Ferd-Valli.

THE WHITE TOWER: MacRaa. Return at tna Frantiaraman. car. NORTH HOLLYWOOD. VAN NUTS, SHERMAN OAKS.

STUDIO CITY STUDIO CITY Oa. 12. SU-22377, ST-71S77 damas Stewart-Snelley Wtntera-Oan Duryea. WINCHESTER '73; Sriarta EL PORTAL X. liiiy.d Op.

12. ST-729S3 Caddard-Armendarii, THE TORCH; Q. Mewtaamery. IROQUOIS TRAIL, atr. VALLEY N.

Op. 12 45 SU-72272 Cary Grant, DESTINATION TOKYO; D. Morgan. COO IS MY C0-PIL0T LA REINA Op 12:45 ST-41141. ST-72S4J Caddard-Armendarlr.

THE T0RCH O. Mowtgemery. IROQUOIS TRAIL, dr. VAN NUYS Opaa 1:45. ST-52731 Oauclaa-Patara.


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ROCK ISLAND TRAIL, atr. MILLION On Stage LIONEL HAMPTON ORCHESTRA AND REVUE Broadway at Jra 0a tcrtta SIDE SHOW Ojcatcrs Spoken Drama GERSHWIN CONCERT TONIGHT 8:20 Preducco! by FaiKwo i Marc. CORDON MacRAE CRECORY PECK LUCILLE NORMAN MARCO WOLFF, JR. CARMEN DRACON, Conductor Roger Wagnr Choral 40 Fartchnrra Pracisie Daocera Joan Greenwood Finds She Wed Wrong Man British chiller at the Beverly Canon Theater along with "Murder in Reverse," tells the story of a young and beautiful model, Joan Greenwood, who marries a sculptor only to find out that he is still bound to his first wife. When.

Joan's friend, Derrick De Marney, tries to help her the husband "goes insane1 with love and jealously" and seals her inside a statue. Something to It Scott Brady has won nine magazine polls naming him as "the screen fastest-rising star. TICKET PRICES: RES. SEATS 1 JO. 1 B0.

2 40. 3.00. 3 60. CEH. ADM.





mum Iruras "SAINTS SINNERS" Mlfand StSlEH'S WaiS tAUET ia M81TW of 1 tALlFT PRICES S1.30 Sl.IO Pt, GRIMACE PUY BOX OffKX KLUm 3-H6A I SO. CAUP. MUSIC CO, 737 SO. MU. E.

0vtMm 1 fenfcejalBHawjBaaBjcj II.

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