The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 18, 1967 · Page 7
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 18, 1967
Page 7
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MARCH 18. 1967. THE NEW COURIER - PACE 7 Charles C. NE OF AMERICA'S ABLEST . ARTISTS. GRADUATED WITH HONORS, CHICAGO ART INSTITUTE. WON SEVERAL FIRST PRIZES AMOMQ THEM CHARLES PETERSON AMD EAMES MCVEAGH FOR BEST PORTRAIT. WAS CURATOR CARVER MUSEUM, TUSKB3EE. HIS TRAVELLING EXHIBIT SHOWM IN SOUTH AFRICA AND IN THE U.S. SERVED AS LIEUTENANT IN WORLD WAR I. AUTHOR. ABC OF GREAT NEGROES"; AND'THE NEGRO IN ART LIVES IN BUCKS COUNTY, PA. NEIGHBOR AND FRIEND OF FAMOUS PEARL BUCK. IliXRSSatli K 1 J f Vyf Prime minister of the sultan of kuwait, and . ONE OF THE WORLD'S RICHEST MEN. DEVOTED TO THE ADVANCEMENT OF HIS PEOPLE. KUWAIT, ON THE PERSIAN GULF, THOUGH A . SMALL COUNTRY, lb bAlU TO BE THE WORLDS fk RICHEST SPOT IN OIL. ITS PEOPLE, LIKE THOSE OF ADJOINING ARABIA, HAVE BEEN A MIXTURE OF ASIAN AND AFRICAN FROM THE DAVS OF THE. PHARAOHS. JACKIE ROBINSON SAYS 0,1 BOWIE - - KNIFE ADE FAMOUS BY COL. JAMES KIE OP TEXAS. IS SAID TO HAVE BEEN INVENTED BY MANUEUA NEGRO SERVANT OR SLAVE OF BOWIE'S BROTHER. MANUEL, A SKILLED BLACKSMITH, DESISNEP IT WITH A PECULIAR POINT SHARfS ENED ON BOTH EDGES. Letters To The Editor Dear Editor The Civil Rights Movement is at its crossroads. Some leaders would have us be lieve in total separation; some in complete integration; and the others would have us end the movement altogther. Never in our history has unity meant so much to the Negro. If we are to ever gain equality, if we are to ever gain full citizenship, then we need to march together. What we need is a new philosophy. What we don't need are extremists, nor do we need the proverbial "Uncle Toms.'' We need to pull from our midst some new leaders. We need our young people to lead us. And if we don't hurry and find them, they will have escaped into the white world. We have to show our young people that we need them. There are too many of us old tired voices in the way. The future is for the young, the ambitious, the intelligent, able person who has the wisdom and perception to make social change. Thomas Wilson Philadelphia, Pa. Dear Editor: Congress has opened Pandora's Box when it kept Adam Clayton Powell from taking his rigntfully elected seat. This case may never be resolved. Harlem will keep on electing Powell as long as Congress bars him. It would save the taxpayers money if Congress would seat him and drop the matter. Arthur Bankston White Plains, N. Y. Dear Editor: Racism has crept into the halls of Congress! With all the talk about Gov. Wallace of Alabama running for President in 1968, the Democrats could ill afford to throw out Adam Clayton Powell, for Gov. Wallace would be attractive bait for the raciasts all across the country; the ones really responsible for Powell losing his seat in Congress. John Robinson Flint, Michigan Dear Editor: We have accused the white press of creating Stokely Car - michael, the militant advocate of "Black Power," but the Negro press must share this blame too. Carmichael isn't saying anything new today which warrants national press coverage, so why not ignore him? I am sure you can devote your space to more worthwhile news. Harold Young St. Louis, Mo. Dear Editor: The hue and cry that there are too many Negroes in the NBA will surely pick up now that the Associated Press has named all Negroes to its 1967 All - American basketball team. It's an honor long overdue Negro cagers. And who is Bob Lloyd? UPI was really scraping the barrel for a white face when selected him on its dream, team. Joe Wilson Chicago, 111. Dear Editor: Thank you for your kind Race Mom Gets Tot DES MOINES, la. A white child can find happiness in an interracial marriage, or at least a Polk County District Court thinks so. Over the objections of Donald D. Cain, Judge Harry Perkins ruled that his 4 - year - old daughter may continue living with her mother who is now married to a Negro. The interracial conditions under which his daughter is now living were cited by Cain has the reason he wanted custody of the girl. Cain has remarried since the divorce. Since the divorce was granted in September, the girl has been living with her mother here, who married Edward C. Harris a Negro Oct. l. FROM SUPERMAN TO MAN MR COPY $2.S0 World's Great Men of Color (200 thim) 2 Volumti ach 4J0 SEX AND RACE 3 VOLUMES EACH $4.59 AFRICA'S GIFT TO AMERICA $7.50 NATURE KNOWS NO COLOR LINE stxo 100 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT THE NEGRO (5,00 t.C. to present, with COMPLETE proof kingi, quoorti, popot, prtiidint of Old end Now World. Rro picturoi $1.00 ENTIRE SET 8U3 SEND 5e'STAMP FOR ILLUSTRATED CIRCULAR 1 1 ROGERS, 1270 5ft Are. Ke York 29. Kw York In Def ense Of Cassius Clay By JACKIE ROBINSON Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay just might be one of the greatest heavyweight champions this country ha ever produced. One thing is certain. He is the most hated. He is hated because he is a Muslim. He is also hated because he speaks his mind. Some members of the sports press don't like either one of these things. But what they seem to dislike most is that Clay is a Black Muslim and an outspoken black man. While, in my opinion, some of the things that Clay says and does, rate criticism, I do not feel that he deserves much of the bad press which he gets. I know what he is going through. For, during my own career in sports, I came to learn that there are many writers who like tame Negroes who "stay in their place." Of course, by backing up his words with deeds, Clay or Ali has clearly demonstrated where his "place" is right up there at the top. I think it is most significant that some of the writers, even the so - called liberals, do not want to grant this young champion his dues. One of the sports writing fraternity whom I have considered a liberal for a long time is Howard Cossell. And Cossell has appeared to be in Clay's corner for several years. Yet, in a recent "Wide World of Sports" television interview with Clay, it struck me that Howard was being quite vicious in the way he tried to sway public opinion to his anti - Clay way of thinking. Of course there are some liberals who always like to bow to the stands and earn the roar of the approval of the masses. If this is the way Cossell is going, I hate to see it. Clay, however, seems capable of taking care of himself in the exchange of words as well as that of blows. words about the late Carl Murphy of the Afro - American Newspapers. He was indeed one of the pillars of the Negro Press. I have often wondered why someone in Negro journalism doesn't iniate a Hall of Fame for Negro journalists. It would help perpetuate a Negro institution we need to hold onto. Leslie Flowers Baltimore, Md. Thinking It Over By EARNEST BOVNTON Young men and women in the military and voluntary services are very much on the move these days. You can't go into an airport or railroad or bus terminal anywhere without seeing them in their service uniforms or civilian dress with their destination luggage tags and awkward facial expressions telling the story. Sometimes they are travelling individually, perhaps going to or from a last leave before being shipped overseas. The sad leave - takings with family and friends are tragic scenes. It seems such a short time since the leave - takings of the Korean War. More often one sees these young military men in groups, being shipped from one post to another, perhaps en route overseas to the Viet Nam fighting. One sees among them happy, sad, carefree, troubled faces. There is one characteristic the great majority seem to have in common. They are so young many just out of high school or college. With the change of the calendar year, there is the gripping awareness that some of those so young people will die this year. Others will suffer wounds and jungle illnesses and still more will sustain invisible scars which will affect their lives. This war like all wars is a barbaric and senseless way of settling human differences. Yet, the prospect for an end is nowhere in sight. Let us not settle for a full military victory. Let us do all that we can to stop mass slaughter. Until such time, let's advance as vigorously as possible (more) to bring heal - ing. encouragement and aid of every feasible kind to the long - suffering Viet Nam people. Out of crisis, there may come the ointment to ease the pain of bitterness which the stupid war has communicated to them. Negroes in the United States, who have been in battle for more than 300 years, surely understand the horrible plight of beleaguered people. (AXP Feature). Harris. 42, is a clinical social worker at the V'A Hospital. Mrs. Harris, 30, is an audit clerk in the state comptroller's office. BIG MOUTH You Gotta Practice Loving Everyday By ALFRED DUCKETT My make - believe, unofficial son, Little Mouth, he beat my house every day. You think he live there. Weekdays, he come by right after school, bringing them schoolbooks with him. When I gets home from work, he sitting up there talking to Mamma. Mamma think he made out of pure gold. 'Course, I know what happening. That little boy may be only fifteen, but he full of that jive that womens go for. He tell Mamma what a boss .cook she are and she always trying to feed him and he always cooperate. He treat her like she a teen - ager. Tell her how pretty she are. Course, he an't lying about her cooking nor her being pretty, cause Mamma together, man. She so nice looking 'till sometimes I kid her and tell her she must take after me. "Anyway, it are real kicks having Little Mouth around. He are not old enough to have become a fool like most adults. He mind like most adults. He mind like one them flowers reaching up for sun and rain and to bs dug for t h e y beauty. He mind like a 'lectric contraption. You just gotta press a switch and light come on. Little Mouth always asking me questions about things he been thinking about. We has long conversations, him drinking that Mountain Dew and me and Old Crow with a beer chaser hanging out. Sometime he make like he want a drink and I make right back like I gonna let him have it. That work too. Most young folk don't want no drink or no marijuana. They just want to know could they get it. If someone fight them over it, then they really wants it. Young folks is jive just like old folks. "It be real nice having Little Mouth around. He good company and he make more sense than most the fellows I hangs with on Saturdays at the Down Home Barber Shop. Little Mouth work there on Friday nights and Saturday, shining shoes and getting folks coats for them and making believe he brushing them coat off. "There are one thing I has learned from Little Mouth. That are that you can learn a lot from a kid. You can also feel good, trying to help a good kid be better. I give you an example. You know Little Mouth are Puerto Rican. Least his moms and pops - was. He were born here. Little Mouth's pops dead and he moms got six other kids and she a fine lady. So that why I like to help this oldest boy. Being Puerto Rican and living in a all - colored neighborhood, Little Mouth do not think of himself as white, as some Puerto Ricans do. Fact of the matter is, I sometimes think he like to be classified definitely as a American born Negro. But he terribly down on white folks. He young, but he old enough to know what go on in the world and he know they is a lot of discrimination against colored and Spanish - speaking folks right here in New York City. Now, Little Mouth not really the type to hate anybody as a just general, you know, on general principles basis. But he believe he supposed to hate all white folks. Yet, he troubled as to whether this be right. So, every once in a while, he try me out to see if I in good shape on what I been preaching to him. We saw on television where they has killed another NAACP leader in Mississippi. PALI'S ABOUT THE ANOTHER WHITE - WASH ?? 1.4 I r V "fl It:! EC9 Mit.l.4by I liJ tea HaP am E a.s. milai I bif HollowAy.. W1U.NAM MOORS OMtS CMM4KV . ANDREW OOOOMAM V WXCHAtU scHweRven. - 111 1 1 Am I MJ 'II. D." it a rrrfcly, iaftmal appottlmemt W(irm fkyth clan and tlta feopla at wAirfc time ke wlO disenta medical Ivpict which may be beneficial la aaeh of yam. reparole . age, at pnho in Ue. Your qneitiona and coMmentt will ba appreciated. CANCER OF THE FEMALE BREAST is the leading cause of death in women 40 - 44 years of age in this country. According to projected statistical data six women out of every 100 will manifest this common dis. ease. Although the death figures for CANCER OF THE BREAST have remained about the same during the past 25 years there is ample evidence to justify early diagnosis and adequate treatment for long term or permanent survival and control. We continue to be discouraged at the lethargy and lassitude in the females' sustained performance in self - examination of the breast and the implementation of routine follow - up care of early diagnostic procedures. Every female should be in tro - duced to the technique of self - breast examination at the age of 12 years. This technique is simple; convenient and inexpensive. The tme of the examination should be constant and monthly, preferably after the menses or, if menses have ceased at a specific time of the month. First, the breast should be inspected in the upright position in front of a mirror. You should look for differences in breast size, contour and shape. One should note wrinkling, dimpling and retraction of breast tissue including the nipple. The configuration of a mass may be noted in the upper layer of most breasts. Nipple discharge as to color should also be noted. You should not squeeze the nipple in these circumstances because the professional examiner will utilize this maneuver for further detailed study. The best position to examine the breast is the supine or lying down position with a pillow or other soft object under the breast to be examined in order to push the breast upward and outward. You should palpate the left breast with the right hand and vice versa. You should palpate with the palmar surfaces of the four fingers. This technique should be methodical and detailed. Each quadrant should be examined e.g. upper inner, lower inner, tipper outer and lower outer and the axillae or "armpits." If suspicious areas are noted a professional opinion of a physician should be obtained immediately. All discrete lumps of the breast should be biopsied, not observed. The PATHOLOGIST or the physician who examines tissues with the microscope should make the final differential diagnosis as to benign or malignant. All lumps are not malignant and experience reveals that approximately two lumps out of seven may be cancerous. It is better to biopsy 100 non - malignant breast tumors than treat one malignant tumor of the breast. MAMMAGRAPIIY or the x.ray technique of breast examination is an additional adjunct TO AID the phy. sician in his analysis of the breast, PAP SMEAR on nipple fluid or secretions may also be utilized when indicated. Radioisotopic technique has also been practiced but is not as common as the other two techniques. We must discover CANCER OF THE BREAST EARLY s0 that adequate treatment can be instituted early. "WE CAN DEFEAT THE PROBLEM NOT WITH FEAR AND PESSIMISM BUT WITH HOPE, DETERMINATION AND ACTION." 42 Va. Schools Drop Outmoded Color Bar RICHMOND, Va. - Forty - two of Virginia's many school systems have now completely rid themselves of the being called segregated. In this state which once proclaimed die - hard, massive resistance to the Supreme Courts School.; Decision of 1954, these 42 dis tricts now proclaim that their schools are completely mixed. The U.S. Office of Education confirmed the facts regarding the complete mixing of races in all schools in the districts last week. Among those on the list was the Clarke County School System, which exists in the home of the late Senator Harry Byrd Sr., leader of many Sen ate filibusters against tiie rights of Negroes and of the "massive resistance" movement which failed. Others where civil rights leaders may see in Virginia 'Freedom - Of - Schools - Xow" are Fairfax County and Warren County which closed their public schools completely down during the "massive resistance" period. Falls Church was just recently added to the completely desegregated list. ( Fifteen of the state's school districts had been declared totally desegregated last year and 27 more have been added this year. The 42 completely - mixed districts constitute about one - third of all of the state's school districts. Poverty Cycle Perpetuated WASHINGTON, DC. (WM - NS) According to a spokesman of the Office of Economic Opportunity, the federal government's poverty agency, early marriage and parenthood entrap poor people in their poverty if help is not forthcoming. The first crucial stage is when two poor teenagers decide to get married. Studies show that couples who marry in their teens, or whose first child is born at that time, are more likely to be poor all their lives than those who marry and become parents later. Why? Because neither the wife nor the husband completes his education. The husband enters the job market with few skills and gets only the lowest - level jobs.

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