The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 18, 1928 · 27
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 27

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 18, 1928
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SUNDAY MORNING. NOVEMBER 18, 1923. f PART II.l .1 UNFOLDING OF A CMC IDEAL Where Beauty Ranks Commercialism REPUBLICANS TO CELEBRATE VICTORY IN LONG FIGHT TO ELECT HOOVE!! "Beautiful City Vision Riverside Realized of rAspirations of Quarter of a Century Achieved Memorial Auditorium New Milestone of Progress If we could (urronnd ourselves with form of beam;, tha evil thing of 1-fe would tend to dsappear and our mors! stnards would be raised. Through our contact with the beautiful e see more of the truth and f t I i i i t : . i 1 l . . t Ir. .- -- ''' -V I . , , fc. - x The Hoover-Curtis victory ban quet Thursday evening at the Eilt- more wiU bring to a trtumpiiani cloe the persistent efforts begun eight years ago to California to elect Herbert Hoover President of toe United Slates, according to local Re- are brought Into closer contact with the innnite, .... President Coolldga. An impressive ceremony was held in Riverside on Armist ice Day consecrating the recently completed municipal auditorium as a memorial to the valor and sacrifices of those who have served their country In time of war, and as a shrine to which in time to come tne people of Riverside will resort to offer tribute to ihe ideals of peace. The triumphs of war and the triumphs of peace were in the foreground and eloquent tongues glorified brave deeds and spiritual victories. In 'the misty shadows were conquests not less remarkable but which no one mentioned. Their history is woven into the epic story of a community's aspiration for the beautiful and of the warfare that has been waged to achieve it amid the crossfires of an age of materialism. The victories of this other Iliad have consisted of a demonstration of the truth of these words of President Cooltdge and have proved that nothing Is so supremely practical as the sentimental and the beautiful. FOR A BEAUTIFUL CITY Riverside was born in 1870. but It was "born aealn" about 1900. It was then that its people decided that the- destiny of Riverside was to be a beautiful city. At that time it nut out of its thought all am bltlon for smokestacks and the hum of industry and visualized a com' munlty of contented homes along tree-bowered avenues and all the civic monuments glorifying a type of architecture into which has been builded the sentiment - and romance of California's earliest sacrifices and adventures. , At the Armistice Day ceremony were those who were present at the . first meetings in the old Glenwood Tavern, who dreamed these dreams ilk -v 'C-w - 'f , A' i v ; 1 " - - - ' i ft' ' y " , s. '?A if $ " v r ' Concrete Expression of Riverside Ideals Above is the Peace Tower on Mt. Rubldoux; below, the bronze tablet set In the wall of Riverside's new Memorial Auditorium. publican leaders who have broadcast a general welcome to the general public a welcome to the Jubilee which will begin at 6:30 pja, in the Eiltmore's new ballroom. Reservations are new being taken at the Republican headquar ters at the Alexandria. Since 1S20 a band of Californlans, fellow-classmates some and admirers of Hoover, have worked steadily in behalf of the man of "Godlike benevolences and unrivaled administrative genius" as one of his biographers has written. Themove- ment, acknowledged to have begun in California, grew Into the overwhelming proportions evidenced in the nation's vote by virtue of the man himself, and also because cf the determination of his many faithful adherents. One of the best known of the early California leaders is Ralph Arnold, Lir.-o ' a mining engineer. W'Ciiara Eric Fooler Is tr''r-man of the Los Angers Cc-" 7 Republican Central Commitu-j. which wiU be co-host of the banquet with the Republican ?s, committee of Southern California. Riverside Courthouse is a beautiful thing a gem of classic architecture which has been the admiration cf everyone for twenty-five years. Still it should not have been because It is a departure from the model. Otherwise Riverside is a symphony of the finest examples of adapted Moorish architecture, a lew 01 which are perhaps the best that lave ever found erpression m ce ment and tile. There are those to oescnoe tuver- slde's Soldiers' Memorial. Tins writing would be fortunate if it could interpret that memorial THE SOLDIER'S MEMORIAL The building, of which a photo graph appeared in The Times Tuesday, is in one piece from top to hot.tom. a solid cast of concrete and a fitting symbol of community unity. if not in all tne nonessenwaia 01 the day's routine, certainly in great civic ideals. The building meets a community need and was conceived for practical service. Yet it is consecrated to sentiment rather than mpn utility. A tablet at the en trance says, referring to tnose ior whom the building is a memorial: "Rphinri us are their glories. Be fore us still their dreams." That Is the spirit of the whole ' edifice into which has been molded the aspirations ana tne areams 01 one of California's most extraordinary communities. The building ltseil is a creauon 01 rare ueamy and fidelity to the Mission type. being one of the last and best of the designs or tne late Armur o. Rpnton. Thus It la a monument to a community's love of beauty and to its reverence for tne btates nnesi traditions centering about those early warriors of the faith who also laid down their lives in service to God's children. And so it Is that the building while glorifying the ideal of world peace in a day to come, in the selection of its beautiful lines pays subtle tribute to the acnievements 01 California's nrss soldiers of peace. The building com- oines tnat fine blending 01 tne useful with the beautiful, which may be said to be Riverside's foremost characteristic It may - almost be said to be a Riverside discovery as a solution of problems which have grown out of its necessities. Kiver- side is a rich community in that there is a high per capita of wealth; but it is not a flush community. There are no bonanza oil wells and there are no $1,000,000 incomes among its citizens. Indeed, hardships have often stalked in Riverside. Never has there been any "easy come, easy go" in its experience. As - a community Riverside has had to have its money's worth. It could not just step to the telephone and order the best Riverside has had to shop and in its civic shopping it has demonstrated that Mission architecture provides most for the money. In the hands of the masters who understand its genius this type has possibilities of marvelous beauty. At the same time it Is practical and economical. It is substantial and enduring. It is plain and so is easy and economical to maintain. It is distinctive. It has character. It has color and romance. VISION UNFOLDED Riverside of today Is an unfold-ment of the vision of 1900. It can be glimpsed only imperfectly from the sketches which are here presented. It can be better appreciated after a pilgrimage to its shrines; but it can be fully sensed only as one dwells in the spirit of the wonderfully fine things that Riverside has done as spontaneous tributes to character, to sacrifice ana to service. In the rocks or Mt, Rubldoux Riverside has embedded tablets to the memory of its great idealists and benefactors. There is a memorial to one who is still alive. It is good to praise and place our garlands while .eyes may see and ears may hear. There is a towor for Frank Miller who hns ever been the high tower of Riverside's inspiration. The sentiment upon its keystone Is a declaration for peace. It is called a "peace tower," and from time to time ceremonies are held in its shadow celebrating our efforts toward world understanding. At the base of the tower, facing the rising sun in the symbolism of the Orient, is a garden planted and tended by the Japanese people of Riverside who laboriously carry water up the mountain and patiently dig its rock and coax color and greenery from the grudging granite. The soil seems utterly sterile and, yet these shrubs are actually flourishing as a reward for this fine sentiment and consistent devotion. If those who are holding the vision for Riverside today have their way the new Soldiers' Memorial will house the community's treasures of art, sentiment and historical romance. While it is said not to have been definitely settled upon, some hoping for a different sort of service; still anyone who knows Riverside will not doubt that the finer thing will prevail. Riverside never does anything commonplace. After the dust of the inevitable conflict between the util- ' itarlan and the sentimental has cleared away, it is invariably found that the community has settled upon the thing which endures to its credit, bringing satisfaction and praise long after any common use which may have paraded as a present need has been forgotten. There la a wealth of treasures, both of the beautiful and the curious, hid about Riverside doing little good to anyone. These would miraculously come cit into the open if a place were provided for them where perpetual care could be guaranteed to them. It is to the thought of many Riverside people to make this memorial building a storehouse for these treasures where they may remain for all time to please and instruct It is a community thought in the making, but it will find expression because it is the Riverside way of doing things. On the four sides of the Memorial Auditorium are the Congregational, Universalist, Christian Science and Christian churches. There is a plan to have flood lights placed to the towers of all these edifices and so trained as to illuminate the spires of all five buildings, making them bright spots to the night heavens. Thus, through the genius of Riverside, these faiths will cease to focus their light upon themselves, leaving others in the shadow, but will shed their light upon each other. May this not be an omen of a brighter day when the mists which tend to make creeds self -centered will be dissolved by the one great Light on high, spreading its comforting charity over all who point their aspirations upward. This is not too glorious for a Riverside vision nor too splendid as a Riverside example. Federal Service Positions Open The United States Civil Service Commission announces the following open competitive examinations for the departmental service: Policewoman (metropolitan police department;) hospital librarian (Veterans' Hospital;) Junior educationist (kindergarten primary education) for duty at Washington, D.C.; senior tabulating machiuie operator (for duty to Washingon, D. C.;) botanical artist (for duty to Washington, D. C, or to the field service;) senior and associate ii cotton classing (for duty anywhere to tha United States;) sawyer, .Indian service (for duty in Arizona and Nevada;) gardener, Indian service (for duty to Arizona;) senior stenographer and typist for duty in Los Angeles and vicinity. Test .for typist is open to men only but stenographic examination is open to both men and women. Further information and application blanks may be obtained from Warner Mclntyre, Room 613 Federal Building. ., , COLONELS TO ENTERTAIN ' The Kentucky Blue Grass Ciub and the Tennessee Society will have a Joint meeting Friday night at Veterans' Hall, 246 South Hill street Dancing will follow an entertainment program of which the features wiU be Mary Willis Houston in dialect stories and Dr. an3 Mrs. Joseph A. Sanford to maidr reading stunts. and "then worked them out An- morial to the stamp of character other generation will erect a me morial to them, but if not they will have erected their own me- mem I Moiel 700 ' v.. . $75.00 ;. The : Hoover' . . Vacuum Cleaner ' . $75 - - $59.50 THE Hoover Vacuum Cleaner is recom-. mended fof its reliability in keeping rugs thoroughly clean. The principle of positive agitation which if an exclusive Hoover feature makes this Vacuum Cleaner a valuable contribution to the modern home. , It is easy to operate and is satisfactory in every way. A highly desirable device for Christmas gifts and for the home every day in the year. Model 700 at $75-00 Model 543 at $59.50 Dmling Tools to remooe dirt and dust from furniture, walls, draperies, bool( caset and xa-diatort at $12.50 a set. ': SIXTH FLOOR which they have placed upon a city. What an adventure it would be if one could know the end from the beginning and, serene and unafraid, could watch events molding themselves into destiny; if one could watch the unfolding of the scroll and smile complacently at defeats, knowing that they are but the building stones of achievement! But this cannot be. Such thrills are reserved for Deity. The utmost that mortals can do is to have faith, magnify patience and fix their gaze upon the heights, keeping the objective to view and striving toward it Riverside has done this. FOR ACCOMPLISHMENT One cannot sense the beauties of a great masterpiece while closely examining the detail One can not know the movement of history's great transitions while in the midst of them. And 60 it is probable that Riverside people themselves do not fully appreciate the splendor of what they have been accomplishing; Those who have lived in the midst of this movement have often been impatient and irritated that everyone did not see for what Riverside was headed and instantly accept what ever was clearly in the course of Drosrress in that direction. In the nwhlic mints there has been much scolding at delays and at what at times has seemed a auii ana unap-nreciative attitude toward the won derful things in process and in nrnsnpct. Mortals see but a seg ment of the great actions of which they are a part ah we can ao is tr rarrv on in our own particular sector, knowing that the greater the vision the slower the unfold' mpnt. will be. And if it is only in this way that an individual can clear nis consciousness; if it is only through mistakes, throueh falling down and getting up again that an individual can progress; how much more patient should one be when the people of an entire community are Rtrlvinsr to find themselves and to consolidate their efforts so as to carry . forward a great enterprise which Is itself only a viston and toward whose perfect accomplishments the course has never been charted. It Is amazing it is well nigh a miracle thnt with all the coming and eoinir of population, the passing of leaders and the coming of new ones, that the purpose 01 30.000 neonle could have remained so steadfast and the course of their progress been held so perfectly; It is nothing that there have oeen cn visions and waverings or even tern norarv backslldines. The imnortant thing is that from about theVear 1900 a majority of ths people of Riverside have held to a definite Ideal and objective and when the family differences of opinion and arguments have been settled, each new event every new enterprise, each added accomplishment has somewhat advanced the purpose then resolved upon. HARMONIOUS SCHEME As one drives about Riverside to day taking note of its public build ings and civic monuments it is ob served that there is everywhere a harmony of pattern with one exception. That is the Courthouse. Almost anyone today would say instantly that it should have been In mission architecture. But perhaps a people similarly aspiring never had a greater temptation. 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