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MONDAY MORNING. MARCH 11, 1 929, PART II.l SCN-UP IN CHINA 1 There Is far moi There Is far more of world signifi cance in the Chinese mass education IS ANOTHER ICE AGE COMING? a BY BAN SOME SUTTON THE TIMES-MIRROR COMPANY OFFICERS Wr CBMtF. Trn. aa Owl. Kgt.

HUN OTIS H4NTl.tR. Yief-prca. and SWT. 14A.NK X. Trraaarrr.

DIRECTORS rr I (ondlrr, Marlaa 0a Fraak X. rUBiniw. Wabrl Old Bth, Harry Crr rrrT moexinq ik the tf I iar iockped pec. 4in tiab KALm W. tRILfOOD.

MBln tHUr. If you would know a man history, just ask his opinion of friends. movement than is seen by many who have read with indifferent interest the report of the local address of Y. C. James Yen on the subject, though it must have stirred the imagination of discerning people who realize what that movement means not only to China, but to the whole world and particularly to the western coast of America.

Mr. Yen told his Los Angeles auditors that of the 400,000,000 people of China 70 per cent are now illiterate. He and his colleagues of the Chinese Educational Association have pone srriouslv to work ereatlv to FOR years a good many Californians have been earnestly saying that "something must be done." The old missions which are our richest his- All the newspapers agree that this has been the worst winter in Europe since weather bureaus were started. And geologists say that since the days of the cavemen the earth has passed through four frightful glaclatlons. Prior to that time the whole world was warm most of the time.

Long periods of warmth, varied irregularly (possibly regularly) with almost-as-long cold spells, like that at the beginning of the Age of Mammals, which sent the cold-blooded dinosaurs shivering to their graveyards. The records of those ancient ice ages are mostly obliterated, but the scars on the face of Mother Earth scratched by the last four are still visible. Wr, far rrr frbrsira. Ffr anly atr'atr lor Frbraarj. 1929....

trarata eTtr day tain aver Frbruary, .1 i.058 A t- I OFFICES frw Tlmra KutMine. Firal ai4 Braawa. Wraarfc OMIra Km. 1. ath arin fetraat.

Maobinrlan Office, Matiaaal Treaa nuildlm. Cttirai Ofllff. 3 AO Nana Mlrblran Aaaaaa. Kw Vark 0(Hr. SRI Mdln an.

Van FraneUM Off! Si M.rk.i lrt. Not onlv has climate bureaus and metero could think. Men bivouacked and horses were stabled in consecrated buildings. For years afterward it was a pathetic ruin. When the Santa Fe Railway reached Capistrano and many people thought it never would reach farther throngs of excursionists visited the mission and came horn" loaded with souvenirs.

But for efforts of the late Charles F. Lummls and the Landmarks Club it would have been utterly destroyed. The Landmarks Club saved it for California, but it seemed an almost hopeless ruin in 1910. If those who saw it then could see it now they'd be surprised. An adobe reduce that percentage in a few years A free land is one that won't stand for any dictator except one interested in its soul.

Some men remain in the public eye all their lives, and some accept the Democratic nomination. Among the sins of the fathers visited on the children to the fourth generation are paving bonds. logical records, human beings torlcai monuments have been crumbling into oblivion, some having passed completely. At San Juan Capistrano a priest with the fine old Spanish name of St. John but it Is always changing.

Ev ana miena eveniuauy 10 wipe it aftrtnmnULk Vt (Via tt-1 am Yam OaMIr will soon be able to find out whether to prepare for warmer or colder weather. ery year the seasons advance twenty-five minutes, and 10,500 unw nrairr i a wao xu, nitbtui let 14 of the Chinese, now composed of m-e ar th mrtraa ftw, r.nnnt. ran i an enormous and confusing number of Sm HriU. Tha ntinM Af fall. Oflft, 3ifi WhUa Hrnrr taart KKf.

years from now the seasons everywhere. Including the seasons at the Poles, will be reversed. am cliaracters, Is being simplified and farnian, rrris'rrtnc at Ibe ll-nm-J addrrt, a in Tha Iiaj at Intcrrala. 1 1.. A4A i Manaaraizea, oniy oou cnaraciers Deing WHERE CAN I LEARN To Interpret Dreams? O'Sullivan has saved one mission and New York State will shovel snow in July and pick apples in De- frc AM-nre i al i I listed in the new alphabet instead of LOS ANGELES (Uce Ahng hay! a) the that have been and are alphabet instead of cemoer, provided otner conditions remain as now.

Tb iAaactatr fm la ela.tTel 'raBM 1 provinces. The association h0P3n tt Mi Why the winds should blow la ar aa far raaeblleatiAn mt all iuvi rraltatf aba all at atharwlia rrdllr4 in ht aapcr and lacal arwa pahlbbtd bera wttblo. work four years ago and now has more than 5.000.000 students enrnlirrt -ith wall surrounds it. built in 1917. but already looking ancient because so many motorists have run into it.

One enters under a lovely arch, into a charming 1 d- Tre Tiroes aims at all times to be accurate nearly 120,000 teachers. In every published rtatement of fart. Readers Extending and expanding from year hot or cold for thousands of years at a time is not known. Presumably everything is governed by law, but the law which brings in ice ages has not been discovered yet. We do not know whether the earth is getting warmer or colder.

For weather fashloncd garden, with restored buildings on each side bureaus were only recently established, and thermometers were invented only about three centuries ago. To learn whether an ice age is coming or go ing, a series oi very accurate records, covering a lone period who discover any Important lnacenraey of tatement will confer a favor by calling attention of the Editorial Department to the trror. No employee of The Times Is permitted to accept any gTatuity. In money or Us equivalent, from any individual, group or organir. tfon having news or business relations with The Times.

The public ahonld clearly nn-derstand that it is unnecessary to pay anybody anything to get news into The Times and that any Times employee who accepts "gifts" calculated to Influence his or her work lor this newspaper Is thereby rendered subject to immediate discharge. Bad laws, if they ex'nt, should be repealed as soon as possible: still, while they continue in force, for the sake of example they should be religiously observed. Abraham Lincoln. Nature balances things. If a husband feels sorry for himself, the neighbors feel sorry for his wife.

"You're a pharmacist," said Sherlock Holmes. "I see spots of mayonnaise on your vest." If it accomplishes nothing else, the work of our great critics reminds us of our own sophomore days. When a modern youth says he wants to begin work at the bottom, he probably has in mind the signing of letters and checks. Americanism: Keeping ourselves as poor as the rich once were by trying to live as the rich do now. is restoring it with such fidelity that future generations will see it almost as it was in the days of Junipero Serra.

He began working with his own hands, and he worked 0 well that thousands now visit Capistrano every week and he can employ workmen. How We Guard Our Treasures The chapel at San Juan. Capistrano is the oldest building In California, the only church intact in which Father Serra officiated. Yet when Father O'Sullivan went to Capistrano in 1910 it was being used as a storage barn for old lumber, barley, wool and olives. The roof was falling in, the rains soon would have crumbled even those seven-foot walls.

And all about was desolation. A snag-toothed picket fence surrounded the mission. Some of the buildings of the once-lovely place had slumped into the earth and nearly all were in ruins. About half the people who visited it did so with the idea of carrying away some substantial souvenir. Some even carted away tiles and building material with which to construct pig pens or cow barns.

La Mision VIejo mission at San Juan Capistrano was started in 1775, but most of It was destroyed by hostile Indians. The priest buried the bell, then fled. In 1779 rebuilding started. Six other missions had been started before, but their older buildings crumbled during CoDap'js mJibc Cert Lord, be gracious unto us; we have waited for thee: be tiiou tbeir arm every morning, our salvation also in the time of trouble. Isa.

i 4 BY LOUISE L. TEMPLE Prepared in co-operation xcilh the Lot Angeles evening high school. Quotient concerning free evening ctauct wiU answered if stamped aidreued envelope it inclosed. Address: Louise L. Temple, care of The Times.

Since the earliest biblical times men have striven to interpret dreams. First they were believed to be warnings from heaven; next, symptoms of indigestion; and now, the workings of the untrammelcd subconscious and more valuable than many reasonings of the repressed waking ego. At the Mount Vernon Evening High School, 4066 West Seventeenth street, John H. Doebler, is conducting a class in modern psychology. Doebler has the most complete library of modern psychology In the city, and has been accepted by Freud as a pupil for the coming summer.

The aim of the class is the interpretation of the psychology of society and the individual. The whole course is comprised of forty lectures, the first four on personal psychoanalysis, and the last eight on modern psychology. Freud, Adler. Kemp and other modern psychologists will be studied, with special attention to mental processes, mental hygiene, the interpretation of dreams, the basis of mental hallucinations, and definite methods of developing memory. This class meets Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 o'clock.

It Is a part of the free public schools, and tuition is free. No text-book is required. CABLE VOLUME VS. HIGH CABLE RATES Retention of cable rates at 80 and 90 cents a word between the Pacific Coast and the Orient is as absurd and contrary to modern business practice as the retention of high prices and low sales volumes in commerce. At the present rates, the cable only works a fraction of the to year, the effect of this great work in another decade, perhaps less, will be nothing short of revolutionary.

A new light will shine upon Asia and that light will be reflected all over the world. It should be borne in mind that while the great mass of Chinese often are referred to as illiterate, their illiteracy is not of that crass, stupid order which cannot readily be made to bear fruit in culture of a really high order. This illiteracy may be likened to certain desert regions of this coast with a soil which needs only water to become almost miraculously fruitful. Under the broad sweep of the new educational movement, the great mass of Chinese, with their native intelligence, honesty, industry and frugality, will be given that opportunity for modernization and the adoption of western culture which for centuries has been their greatest barrier from participation in and contribution to world progress and world welfare. With a simplified and standardized language one that can be learned by outsiders and employed in the arts, religious missions and trades China, with Its great wealth of natural resources, can step out as a naliqn equipped to deal with other nations on a free and equal basis.

The various provinces, now virtually isolated from one another by linguistic boundaries as well as by those imposed by the likin or inland customs stations, will be relieved of their isolation and become a true union of states like those of this country which enjoy free communication of every kind. With this free communication, united China will become world conscious and look about for world trade, the potentialities of which, often discussed, but never as yet even remotely realized, will soon be something more than a dream. The needs of this modernized China will Increase a thousand fold and the people of the Pacific area, of which Los Trotzky is a unique character 1 unless you count the Wandering Jew. One reason why girls leave home is because there isn't anything to eat this side of the drug store. The only word meaning both "nasty" and "dull," one gathers from publishers' blurbs, Is "frank." TALK IS CHEAP The poet says they always talk who never think.

And think what they talk about! of it. Then one passes into a patio containing an acre of ground, beyond which is a large school building, entirely reconstructed from a crumbling wall, yet so lovingly reconstructed that one cannot tell what parts of It are old and what are new. Even the scientists who discover a dinosaur's flipper and reconstruct the entire monster from It have hardly achieved a more difficult task, but there is this difference: Sometimes when one looks at the reconstructed monsters which scientists show he wonders if such creatures ever really existed. But the reconstructed parts of San Juan Capistrano are completely convincing. They are so perfectly in keeping with the old chapel and other parts which were intact but needed strengthening that all have precisely the same atmosphere the atmosphere of adobe days.

"Faith and Two-Bits" "The Iowa farmers are helping us do this," Father O'Sullivan said. "We found we could not count on large contributions from wealthy persons. It was better to put a turnstile at the gate and let everyone pay a quarter and to try to give him a lesson in California history worth more than that. We have six guides, well prepared to tell the story, who show visitors around." "Have you really done all this with quarters?" we asked. "Oh, dear, no, it isn't all paid for yet," said the padre.

"It just had to be done, so we got credit. If we had waited it would have been too late. 3o it's a combination of faith and two-bits." of time, would have to be studied, analyzed and compared. Changes here and there would not tell the story, because climates change in places on account of local conditions, such as the cutting down of forests anything that causes a shifting of air currents. At the peak of the last ice age, this earth was a sorry abode for life.

Sea levels were then some 150 feet lower than now, for the water that rose from the seas remained frozen on land. Twelve million square miles were under a sheet of ice more than a mile thick in places. And half of this area, about 6,000.000 square miles, js still under ice. If this Ice should suddenly melt, every port and all low-lying lands would be submerged. But it is not melting rapidly.

As a matter of fact, a scientific expedition was not able definitely to determine whether the ice sheet over northern Greenland is getting thinner or thicker. Most geologists think the world is growing warmer, and that It will continue to get warmer until the little three-inch trees at Spitzbergen grow as tall as the giants lying buried as coal a few feet under ground. Prof. Coleman of the University of Toronto thinks "we are still in the closing period of the Pleistocene ice age" which prevailed in Southern California at the time the mastodons and sabertooth tigers got caught in the tar traps at La Brea. It wpuld be easy, however, for geologists to be mistaken.

For the years of neglect, so that only the chapel at Capistrano remains as one distinguished by the presence of Father Serra. Its records show that on October 23, 1778, Father Ser ALREADY FOUND Doubtless it is better to make a name than inherit it, but the latter is the lazy man's way. MAY EE SO That encyclopaedia magnate who offers Calvin Coolidge a dollar a word for his writings may be surprised to find how prolific the ex-President can be when the rules are reversed. UP IN THE WORLD New York is to have a new hotel thai, will be sixty stories in height. A bozo who tries to sneak out of the window of that tavern with his grip will need a parachute and rubber boots.

IIIS HOPE CHEST The careful driver has one consolation. He alwavs eets bumped in the rear, where there's no windshield. One thing dad gives up during Lent is all thought of getting Christmas bills paid until after Easter. So they want a name for the new Einstein theory that nobody understands. What about "she?" There are no swear words In Little Willie wanted to know if the Cabinet was where Mr.

Hoover kept his tools. They are not exactly that and yet they are supposed to do the work they are fitted for according to the Presidential touch. ra preached there and confirmed a class of candidates. The next day he baptized many Indians there, and later paid the church another visit. Records of baptisms and other proceedings in Father Serra 's handwriting are among the treasured proofs.

A stone church, the finest in California, was built a little later, but in the earthquake of 1812 it was destroyed, killing thirty-nine persons while the adobe chapel stood. Landmarks Club to Rescue In 1823 Mexican soldiers seized the mission, in line with the government's program of confiscation, and the historic pile was subjected to all the indignities of which roystering soldiers time. The idle time Is dead loss. But with rates of 5 or 10 cents a word, that cable would work every hour of the day and Angeles is the commercial capital, will be the market place where these needs will be met. The profit to China and to the Coast will be Inestimable.

In this connection it is timely to stress again the importance of the recognition of the fact by our people that we shall acquire and continue the habit of looking upon the Orient as the Near West and forever discard the appellation of the Far East, which, though it And the results arc S3 beautiful that nearly any time one goes there he will find artists sitting in the garden or patio, sketching. And there is a little art gallery, hung with Dic- night. And a volume or busi ness would be created that would not only stimulate trade on the Pacific to a new pitch, but would result in new profits one winter averages about as cold as another, the degree of change being inappreciable. We have been living In the closing period of the last ice age some 15,000 years, and if the weather keeps on getting warmer for another 15,000 years, people will be planting corn and wheat in the white lands Byrd Is discovering. But the mercury may have touched bottom already.

For, from all parts of the northern half of th- world reports are coming in which at least enable us to understand how an ice age starts, and where it first strikes. Here are THE PIE HABIT Washington gossip has it that President Hoover is always insistent upon his piece of pie on the menu for his luncheon. In this respect he will strike a responsive chord in the bosom of the politicians of his own or any other party. in cable operation. tures, some by notable artists, painted there.

If the cable cannot compete with wireless, the time has come to junk the cable and for Japan, may nave relevancy and pertinence to the viewpoint of people In other parts of the globe, incorrectly signifies remoteness when employed by the nearer and more closely related people of the Pacific Coast. China has awakened and Is marching forward, and wc must meet her and help her in what is bound to be her tri- to have worked out very well, and the merchants say they are satisfied with China, United States and Canada to build great beam wireless stations that will properly han the Welsh languags, the authorities believing the climate sufficient. Correct this sentence: "Yes, I knew yon were taking Hie wTong turn," said the lady in the back seat, "but I hated to say anything." The only thing genuine about synthetic liquor is its price. Many a man wins his spurs who was never on a horse in his life. The bigger a man is, the harder it is for him to hide behind a subterfuge.

You marry her for better or worse, but in argument you always get the worst of it. "Slow but sure" may be a good motto, but you can't make the clockmaker believe it. WHAT PRICE BEES? In a law suit, nvpr a ViivA nf Vippk on it. But whether it would work out equally well in Los Angeles or other dle business communications at reasonable rates. Illinois judge fixed the price of the cities where it has not yet been tried is a question.

Meanwnue, mere is an buzzing insects at approximately three umphant course a few sample dispatches, which actual cost loss to cable com have been running for more than a month, and are still run panies in reduced rates and it lor a aime. tney are to be transferred by hand and counted over at that rate we don want any. We will buy our honey at the feed store. ning in all newspapers. "Like the devastating plagues of the Middle Ages, Europe has been stricken by the deadliest winter in living memory." "Storms, cold and disease have Thousands of missionaries are teaching in foreign lands.

Immigrants often come to this country for gold and then go back to their homelands to spend it and their remaining days. Americans go abroad for study and bring back rare books, pictures and a wealth of knowledge that enriches our own wisdom. Our innocents abroad are usually tourists. They go horning around into must and dust, and gulp down large quantities of bunk in Italy, Egypt and Palestine. A few go to foreign shores for no other definite purpose than to escape themselves.

Sometimes they are a menace to international relations and are not always a credit to Uncle Sam. They have little to do and are always at it. If all world travelers could give as good an account of themselves as Herbert Hoover, passports might be issued with real unction and the country would have reason to be proud of its products. Mr. Hoover's travels have become his chief assets.

killed more than 20,000 people In Russia. The bulk of the deaths wrere due to Influenza, pneumonia and similar dis SOMETHIXG IN THE WIND California Institute of Technology has a new feature of equipment. This Is a wind tunnel in which gales up to 200 miles an hour can be created and studied. This should be a fine thing for the Washington Senators to play with. In the meantime it may he used for mastering some of the problems of aviation.

Where does the wind go after it has blown its brains out? eases." cmwMmi "Intense cold has settled on the continent from the Siberian steppes to the Mediterranean. Hospitals everywhere are overcrowded. Wolves, made bold by hunger, have become a men ace." WOMAN'S GLORY One of the researchers at the recent national convention of the hairdressers told the brethren that women must have been wearing waves at the time of the flood. Maybe there was where the flood came from. Also he told about one of Nero's sweeties who used to braid or mat her hair with sticks and then pack it in a certain clay.

After this she would stow herself away in a nice warm Roman bath for three weeks. When she came out she would be all pink and cream and her hair would carry a wave that would make Britannia cry with envy. When Nero would get a glimpse of this beauty he would telephone to cancel all other dates and would sit at her feet and play the ukulele for hours. At this same gathering of lock-smiths another delver sought to prove that women had always fussed with their hair or sought new means for beautifying themselves. He Insisted that he had proof that Venus herself used lime to bleach her hair the moment she hearl that gentlemen prefer blondes.

So it seems that there have never been any dames who were content to leave well enough alone. They have been dolling themselves up ever since Hector was a pup and Paris a philanderer. "Madrid. Cold weather, ship wrecks and Influenza have taken probably more than 2000 lives." "Tne German uattiesnips Schleswlg-Holstein and Elsass were sent into the Baltic again OPTIMISM It was a beastly winter day, and stormy winds did blow, when I met William John OTCay, his whiskers full of snow. All frozen was the dreary town, the skies were grim and dark, the mercury had settled down below the zero mark.

It was a day when any gent might safely be excused if he put up a loud lament, and weather sharps abused. And, meeting William, I prepared to roast the climate brown, believing that mv views were shared by every last night to answer distress calls from thirty steamers becomes necessary to compensate them (as they should be compensated for cost loss) establish that compensation, pay it and have done with it. But the Pacific countries cannot afford to hold up world progress with rates that stifle trade across this hemisphere. If cable rates are to be lowered or beam wireless stations erected. Canada must understand that the Pacific countries must do it themselves.

Canada certainly cannot expect anything but opposition from England, because English trade in Shanghai, Hongkong, Singapore, will not welcome such a close association with the Pacific Coast as a 5-cent rate would afford. Good business in the Orient is waiting for Pacific Coast cities. It is up to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver to go out with cheap cable rates to get it. Vancouver Sun. WHISPERING WINDS Whispering winds threading the sunbeam world of glory, Waking to vocal ecstasy the breathing leaves of trees, And rocking the headed grain to serried rhythm-Whispering winds are we.

Voices of the greater rhythms. Live in the winds and you shall know the voice of Mother Nature. Whispering winds are the garments of God When He plays with the children of earth. Playfully they blow the hair and fan the cheek. Kisses of angels and caresses of the infinite.

We linger in the tree tops, and snuggle at the base of swaying grasses. WhisDering wlnd3 are we gentle, soothing, caressing, Love us, know us, receive us, for we are living. You see us not, yet God-rhythms send us abroad man in town. "It is a criminal ULOP COLLEGE Chicago social workers have founded a flop college. The tuition fee is a dime and hoboes have the right to a night's lodging.

The attendance thus far seems to justify the undertaking. More than 100 ctudents have registered. Night sessions and the stove are in full blast. Whether a thirst for knowledge, or the unusually cold winter, has prompted enthusiasm, the special workers are silent. Such a university might not be a success in Los Angeles; the weather is too fine.

Lectures and discussions on civics, sociology, history, literature and kindred subjects are given by regular teachers from near-by seminary. A course in public speaking is included in the curriculum. However, that term does not appear in the prospectus. They might shy at it. Judging from the oratory escaping from various vents at the Plaza and on North Los Angeles street at sundry times, elocution would seem to be superfluous.

How to wear a muffler on the mouth might serve society better. If Calvin Coolidge could be induced to teach his variety of oratory in that college, many would highly approve. Flop houses and flop universities may offer district advantages along some lines. In athletics, walking marathons and mouth marathons could be introduced with considerable success. However, if but a few hoboes can be kindled to better things by a little culture, or by blushing up on a college course forgotten, it will be a noble experiment.

A MERICANS ABROAD From 330 consulates of the Unittd States our State Department at Washington has gathered the information that 392,668 Americans reside abroad permanently, or semi-so. Of these 77,063 live in Europe. France houses 25.B60. and not all of them are there for divorce. Great Britain has to answer the questions of 11.711 more poking around in Shakespeare's old home and at Westminster Abbey.

Twenty-four thousand require Uncle Sam's gunboats to protect them in Asia. Japan, Arrlca and Australia have to put up with some 2000 or 3000 each. More thousands In Mexico, the South and Central Americas and the West Indies are bothered because the Spanish cannot understand their own language. Many Americans have gone abroad as representatives 0f commercial houses and are engaged hi legitimate trade, offense," I started in to say: "this wind offends a man of sense, and blows his hat away. My ears are frozen and my nos" TO SURRENDER.

A YEAR OF NO-PARKING For a little more than a year the parking of automobiles in the Loop, the principal business district of Chicago, has been strictly prohibited. When the ordinance was first proposed the Loop merchants opposed it bitterly on the ground that it would mean a loss of business to them. The other day a committee of the Chicago City Council held a public hearing on the no-parking rule with the idea of obtaining suggestions as to whether or not it should be discontinued. No objectors appeared, and the ordinance will continue in effect. In reviewing the operation of the no-parking rule, Charles Gordon, a Chicago traffic expert, says that at present the streets in the Loop impress the casual observer as being almost empty, and yet they are carrying a far greater volume of automobile traffic than before the ordinance went into effect.

By actual count it was found that the number of motor vehicles entering the district in May, 1928, when the ordinance had been in effect several months, was nearly 20 per cent greater than two years earlier, when parking was permitted. The speed of general traffic has been increased from 18 to 33 per cent over that for the oeriod nrinr trapped in Ice." "A gypsy tribe was frozen to death near Lublin, Poland." "Vienna. Army field kitchens distributed 30,000 cups of tea and loaves of bread to the poor yesterday. Residents of city are walking across the Danube on ice. Birds are dropping from the trees dead." "Wolves from wildernesses of Hungary have become a menace to the highways.

The price of vegetables has risen 30 per cent." "The liner Leviathan was late at Southampton and sent a radiogram that it was battling heavy seas and a snowstorm." Now, such reports mean something. A series of such winters would change the average mean annual temperature of the north temperate zone a few degrees. If the mean annual temperature of San Francisco, for example, dropped nine or ten degrees. Its climate would average as cold as the climate of Sitka. Alaska.

If the climate of the State of Washington and will take tnree weeKs to maw: and still the wind like blows, the worst I ever saw." "Ah, well," said William, "it will pass, and spring will come again; and lambs will gambol on the grass along the sunlit glen. Full soon the scent of new- DARTY MACHINES Al Smith proposes to keep the Democratic party alive between elections. It is not to be merely a quadrennial wail of protest. It is to be offered to the people as a going concern. But there are others.

Dr. Hubert Work, chairman of the National Republican Committee, intends to keep his machine running in perpetuity. The organization will neither quit nor even slow up just because it has accomplished the election of Hoover. There will be steam under the boilers at all hours. LITTLE KITCHENETTA The annual food show will be opened with a broom tournament in which a flock of ambitious young home-keepers will indicate their prowess with this kitchen tool.

No. they will not wear bathing suits. This is one stunt in which the damsels are supposed to appear in aprons. Neither will the prize go to the girl who kicks up the most dust. The money will go to the maiden who wields the broom with the most skill and effectiveness.

There are EtiU a lot of damsels in the country rho know what a broom Is for without having to have a blue print. GRALN TROSrLCTS Tom Campbell, our Pasadena farmer, says that the Russian soviet is about to plant a million acres to wheat the present season, but the leaders have ultimate ambitions of regularly placing 20,000,000 acres under this crop. This would make Russia a force in determining the world supply. Russia must have our farm implements and road-making machinery preparatory to this program. But if Russia is going into legitimate production and honest toil the country wiU be gradually weaned from its communistic contacts.

Russia has the resources and people to save Itself. Also the union bill posters sought to get a grip on the town so that nobody could stick up any advertising sheet without the hearty approval and approbation of the union at union rates. But the Police Commissioners and others in authority wouldn't pose for a picture like that. The city's progress rests upon the fact tha, it has ever been the stronghold of industrial liberty and there can be no commerce with those who would tdve it over to union bondageno matter what form It takes. mown hay will fill the languid air; so let's forget this wintry day, and shoo away an care, i hear the wild northeaster British Columbia dropped ten degrees, more snow would fall THE OLDEST CAR The tragedies in the burning of the auto show were in the loss of a few ancient models of 1901, 1905 and 1907.

Any guy with a few thousand dollars can get a 1929 car. but those ancient chariots were priceless and cannot be restored. to January, 1923, the running time of surface street cars has been improved and the number of traffic accidents has been considerably decreased. scream, and cheerily I think of fishing in a babbling stream, with flowers along its brink." "You surely are an optimist," I said, in dismal tone; "I wot and ween and also wist you're in a class alone. You face a shrieking wind like this, that fairly spoils a day, and talk about a lot of bliss that is six months away.

You're more than human, I contend, your thoughts are too blamed fine; so go and freeze your way, my friend, and I shall freeze in mine." Coprtht. 1929. Cor Matthew Adam.) Wslniit trees havtn? ngiiird grata throughout the trunk are rare. Only one tree in about 5000 is Korth cutting for tie rippled grain of its wood. And without us life perishes on in the winters than could melt during the summers, and if the low temperature lasted long enough, an ice sheet like the i last one, which was one mile! ine pianet.

GUY EOOART. it nas been found that the street cars thick, would finally form and smother everything that lives. I But it takes more than one; used to bring nineteen customers to the department store to every one that the parked rrivate motor car brouiAt. and that they are now bringing a still greater proportion, as auto parks are not numerous in the district. On the whole the ncsr systca seems Told Commerce Lloyd's, the great British insurance company, will offer odds on most anything from the of having a baby to being bv a tidal wave.

Even when Kins George lay ill it daily quoted odds against his recovery. PALE ILXNDS One coarse-grained critic says that the only time women are passive is when they are playing bridge and then wild winter to make an Ice age. and this may not be. followed by a long series of its kind. One thins is certain, however, with not so you would notice it 1, I.

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