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2-lei flngrlfa Zimtt Sept. 2, IW-PartiV MOVIE REVIEW MOVIE CALL SHEET Mills in Touna Winston5 'Scare Jessica' a MOW Fays Dunaway Warren Beatty Steve McQueen Robert Vaughn I Mm 1 Film of Intrigue Peter Haskell will make his film debut in the starring role in "The Window." John Patterson produces and directs and the cast also includes Keenan Wynn, Albert Salmi and Slim Pickens. Perfect Day for a Raspberry Ripple" for MGM. Wolper is executive producer, with Stan Margulies producing and Mel Stuart directing. The film deals with the problems of a young divorcee in adjusting to her new status.

MARY MURPHY A INDEPENDENT David duct ions L. Wolper Pro- will make "A E0IDEV ill 7 3 SiX fl Academy Award-winner John Mills has been signed lor the Carl Foreman-Rich a Attenborough production of "Young Winston." filming for Columbia Pictures. The cast includes Robert Shaw and Anne Bancroft. Joseph otten will star in the Leon International Films production of "He Didn't Want to Die," which begins filming in Italy in December. David Niven and Peter Sellers will costar in Josef Shaftel's production, "how Much Is That in Guineas?" an original screenplay by George Baxt to be filmed in Spain and Italy.

Jerry Lewis will direct and star in his first dramatic film. "The Day the Clown Cried," scheduled to begin production in Europe in December, The project is an independent venture and will be produced by Nat Wachbergcr in association with Jerry Lewis Films Inc. Richard Rust, Stanley Adams and Malila St. Du-vall have been signed by producer Paul Nobert to star in "El Salvaje," shooting for Meier-Murry Productions in Arizona and New Mexico. Paul Hunt will direct.

I 1 SEPTEMBER 2-15 i THOMAS Writer Barton Heyman tello (who, alas, bears an uncanny resemblance to a girl in a picture in the at-: tic who drowned in 1880 at the age of 20). 1 These four players are likable, believable people, especially Miss Lampert. a darkly beautiful, utterly selfless: actress who has never been afraid to look foolish when the part for it. The settings are appealing picturesque, an electronic score helps enormously in creating an eerie mood, but there's no getting around the movie's poorly, resolved script. "Let's Scare Jessica to Death" is a nice try but doesn't quite make it.

group that he would "maximize their earnings and secure substantial tax benefits." The Stones said Klein served as their manager, adviser, tax consultant and accountant from mid-1063 until "several years afterward." lie was accused during that time of "not acting for the benefit of the Rolling Stones but was directly or indirectly using his position for his own personal profit, benefit or advantage." who now manages three of the four former members of the Beatles, has 20 days lo file briefs to answer the suit. -J BY KEVIN Time Staff It's always commendable when young independent film-makers try to transcend those exploitation genres In which they're getting their start. Obviously, they don't always make it, and somtimes it's because they stray too far from the requirements of the form they've chosen. A case in point is "Let's Scare Jessica to Death" (Loew's Hollywood), directed with a strong sense of atmosphere by John Hancock, whose short film "Sticky My Fingers, Fleet My Feet" won an Oscar nomination. It's one of those stories about a woman (Zohra Lampert), recovering from a mental breakdown, who starts seeing things again.

But is she, in fact, imagining them this time? As it turns out, the picture builds and builds only to let us down. In hort, Hancock has created an intriguing, realistic i psychological drama so effectively that it's unfor-4unate vampires are brought in to resolve it. "At any rate, Miss Lampert and her husand Ear-ion Heyman taken up residence in an New England country place where thev plan to start a new, quiet life as aimers with the help of "their friend Kevin Already inhabiting the place is Mariclare Cos- Stones Sue Ex-Manager on mances 'Exclusive Tht Times from Reultri NEW YORK The Rolling Stones Tuesday sued their former manager Allen Klein for $29 million because he allegedly failed to represent their best financial interests; -The: suit, brought in New'. York State Supreme Court, charged that Klein falsely misrepresented to the five members of the BobNewhcrt EdieAdamo in th music FOR RESERVATIONS la the Circle Theaw RONT fit 100000CXK)CXXXXXX)OCXXX)OC)OOOOOOOOOOOOCX30CXX)OC 3 5 NOW PLAYING A BRAND HEW SERIES OF EROTIC ACTIOH DOUBLE FEATURES hav just completed a series of films which jj La ptfm tvbiicl UNITED ARTISTS, 142 N. Mark.t-678-8977 Murphy't Wild Rovrt ART, 551 S.

Main-Ct. 9 A.M. 628-1781 Salvation Temptation; 2nd, op. all nit BANNER, 458 S. Main-628-1652 latest Sound Adult Films(X) CAMEO.

528 S. Broadway MA. 8-1974 Counterfeit Killer; Big Gundown; Br. John LINDA LEA, 251 S. Sutemt Narazumo; Habihim Yashiki MAYAN, 1044 S.

Hill RI.9-6294 Refinements in Love; Trader Horn MILLION 307 So. Call Theatre for Program OPTIC THEATRE, 533 Main-625-8552 Call Theatre for Program PUSSYCAT, 5th Hill. 628-6668, et.9:45 am Red. White Blue; 2nd. oo.

all niaht REGENT THEATRE, 448 So. Main-624-0785 Lowest rrtc in Town, open 24 hours TOWER, Bdwy. at 8th MA. 2-9109 In lawman; Th umega Man eHTl mam ARCADE, 534 S. troedway iecret Ceremony; Madigan; Hare Up BROADWAY, Broadway near 5th Por Que Noei Mujer; La Chomuscoda BROOKLYN, 2524 Brklyn.

Bullitt: Bonnie 8 CIvdelGPl CALIFORNIA, 810 So. Main Fray Don Juan: Vient Near GLOBE, 744 S. Broadway El Condor; Dream ot Kings (So.) IOS ANGELES, 415 S. Broadway Soul to Soul; Hot Rod Action OLYMPIC. 8th bet.

Broadway Hill last Bestial Jovems; la Venus Maldrta ORPHEUM, 9th and Broadway lov Story; Cord Stud (Sp.) PALACE, Bdwy. between 4th and 7th Wild Rovers; Mufphy't War RIALTO, 8th and Broadway 1 Pocho; Hombres de Rosa ROXIE, Bdwy. bet. 5th-6th Shaft; Return Count Yorga; Big Jak STATE, 7th Broadway Big Doll House; Student Nurses UNITED ARTISTS, Bdwy. bet.

9th-Olympit Emiliano Zapata; Eicuela Re Ratuos WARRENS, 7th and Hill McCabe 1 Mrs. Milter; Crooked Mart AERO, Montana of 14th EX. 5-4990 Murphy'i Worj Heart Is lonely Hunter BAY, Pacific Polisodes-454-5525 Omega Man; light at Edge of World BRENTWOOD 1-2524 Wilshlr-829-3344 J. Fondo, Klute; Th Statu BRENTWOOD 2-2524 Wllshiw-829-3364 Horry Kellermon; Big Jak MARINA DEL REY, Lincoln ot F-823-4724 Omeoa Man: Horry Kellermon(GP) MAYFAIR, 214 S. Monica Dr.

No; From Russia with love MONICA 1, 1332 2nd Ryan's Daughter, 1:45, 4:45, MONICA 2, 1332 2nd it. 451 -8684 Plana Suite: Odd Couple, ct. 1:30 iPUSSYCAT, 1442 2nd St. 451-2356, ct. 12 Red, White Blue; The Big Switch ALE, 2838 Wilshire 828-C8 1 1 1st Run Erotic Adult Movies ATIANTIC, 5870 Atl'c-423-4855, 423-4374 Fools Porad; Shootuot HOLIDAY, 16711 Bellflower Plata Suite; Odd Couple PLAZA, Palo Verde I Spring-429-3012 Song of Norway; A New Leaf ROXY THEATRE, 127 W.

Refinements In Love; 2nd STAR, locust 4V Ocean Lov from Paris; Shorts STRAND, 11th Facific-833-5553 Wild Rovers; P. Newman-Winning, 7:00 THE MOVIE, 345 Ocean. GE.5-5572, Red, Whit Blue; 2nd, ooen all niaht UNITED ARTISTS, 21 E. Murphy's Wor; Wild Rovers WARNER, 478 W. 4th-832-7227 McCobe (, Mrs.

Miller; Wild Bunch 8ALDWIN, Main at Romona-ED7-2759 Pinocchioi Charlie Brown, ct. 1:00 EASTLAND, Workman Citrus-331-9944 Wild Rovers; Eicape Planet Apes. 1:00 WESCOVE-CINEMA 1-338-5574 Ryan's Daughter, ct. 1:00 WESCOVE-CINEMA 2-338-5577 Omeqa Man; THX-1138, ct. 1:00 EL MONTE, Valley at Wild Rovers; Escape Planet Apes 5th AVENUE, Rowland Heightt-944-484! lov Story; A New leaf AVENUE, McCobe-Mn.

Mi Crooked Man. 4:30 BIG TOP, Norwalk-868-0622 Call Thatr tar Program MERALTA, Downey TOpai 1-2281 lawman Gr); Support Gunfighter. 4:30 NOR WALK, Norwalk 848-4771 Pinocchio Wild Country, ct. 12 SHOWCASE CINEMA 1-Stnwd. 862-1121 Wild Rovers: Escoo anet Aoei SHOWCASE CINEMA 2-Stnwd.

862-1122 Omega Man; THX-1138 ALHAMBRA, Main at Atlantic-AT. 2-61 36 Omeqa Man; Plaia Suit CENTURY, las Tunas nr. Del Summer of '42; light ot Edqe of Wrld EL CAMEO, El Srno-221-9791 Willy Wonko: My Sid Mounta EDWARDS Peck-Live Oak.447-817 Swap Meet Sot. Sun. Buvers Free El REY, Main at 4th, Alhambra.AT.2-8404 Wild Rovers: Murphy's War GARFIELD, Garfield at McCabe Mrs.

Miller; Crooked Mon GOLD Cinema, Main t. Atlantic. AT. 2-6134 lawmon: Support local Gunfighter MONTEREY, Garfield-Hellman-573-3952 Tora Tora Tora: Vanishing Point TEMPLE, las Klute; The Arrangement ROSEMEAD 1, Rosemead 9480 J. Fonda-KluleIR) ROSEMEAD 2, Rosemead Summer of '42(R) ROSEMEAD 3, Rosomead Sq.

-573-9480 Toro Tora Tora ROSEMEAD 4, Rosemead Sq. -573-9480 Who Is Harry Kellerman(GP) itiiMiiiii.Mfiiii BARSTOW, Barstow Support Gunfighter; Von Richthofen BARSTOW SKYLINE Drive-ln Million Duck; 80 Steps to Jonoh PUSSYCAT Fontana, 14779 Arrow 862-3614 Red, Whit ft Blue; Big Switch ct. 12 MONTCLAIR, Cinema l-714-62i-3534 Ryon's Daughter. 2, 3:15, 8 30 MONTCLAIR, Cinema 2-714-424-3534 Song of Norwoy(G), ct 1:30 MONTCLAIR, Montciair-424-9694 Wild Rovers; Murphy's War(GP) RITZ THEATRE, 132 N. Euctid-9B4-91 13 Refinement! in love; 2nd SAN BERNARDINO, Creit-888-4247.

Plata Suite; Murphy'i War SAN BERNARDINO, Mt. Vrnn Willord, They Shoot Horses Don't They FINE ARTS, 80 Refinementi In lov; 2nd UPLAND Grove, 274 E. 9th YU 2-1342 Willord; last Valley(GP) VICTORVILLE, El Support Gunflghtri Von Richthofen VICTORVILLE. Joshua Miliion Duck; 80 Steps ta Jonah CAMARILLO, PONDEROSA Pinocchio; How ta Pram Figg GLASGOW 145 E. Oiai, 444-4900 Thy Shoot Horss; Goodbye, Mr, Chips LOS ROBLES.

Oiai-444-6417 Willord; House That Dripped Hood MINI CINEMA, Oxnd. 805488-661 1 Big Sitch(X)i Women Slaves(X) OXNARD VOGUE HUntet 3-9214 Draeuta Risen fGrave, Shutter'd SIMI, LARWIN, larwin Willy Wonka(G); Follow Me(G) SIMI Siml Drive-ln-326-6374 Murphy'i War: Omega Man(GP) THOUSAND OAKS, Melody-493-0881 Love Story; A New Leaf, mat, daily MAYFAIR. Ventura-443-4311 McCobe Mrs. Miller; Crooked Man VENTURA, Murphy'i War; Omega Mn(GP) SKYWAY, Boulder Hiahway-DU 2 8503 Anderson Tapes; a THEfiTBE surpasses anything we have ever shown before" Cannot be seen in any other fieatref. TWI UIIUMOUJ, SHtNMI 1KB tWrMTHH TtTCS Tl JIIHUJ CWPLIS, i Usui wn tscoRTt ru ima CALL (213) 878-0704 RAl AUTOOni DOUBLE FEATURE! "KNOW YOUR SEX AND "THE CONTEST" GAVE ADULT THEATRE 8 631S Hollywood Blvd.

Juit Weil ef Viae ie Nellywei' Proudly Prints iound totor DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? (haul withmt ANTELOPE, lancaster-WHitehall 2-2114 Shnntnut. Red Skv at Mornina JET lancaster-WHitehall 2-0621 Dr. No; From Russia with lov LANCASTER DRIVE-IN Wild Rovers; Pretty Maids All In Raw LANCASTER DRIVE-IN McCabe Mrs. Miller; Wild Bunch PALMDALE DRIVE-IN-947-756 Toral Toral Toral; Vanishing Point liiMiii ItfflfTi lirfrftis ADAM, 5959 HoIlywood-444-8671 Willard; House that Dripped Blood SIJOU, 7059 Hollywood Great Am. Broadcast: G'dbve My Fancy CAMPUS, Vermont at Sta.

Mon. NO.5-588 1 Klute: The Arrangement CAVE, 4315 Hollywood-463-8243 1st Run Erotic Adult films CENTER, 1451 N. las Palmas-444-9921 Call Theatre for Program CINE 1, 1358 N. Lo Brea 443-0389 Daisy Queen of Ozarks(X) CINEMA, 1124 N. Medium Coo Tropic of Cancer CINEMATHEQUE, 8814V2 7-4811 Finneqon Wake: Anda usian Doa ClASSIC-ART, 8257 Sta.

Monica-436-3J3 Girls, Girls, Girls 24 hours daily CLINTON, 524 N. Summer of 42; Harry Kellermon ENCORE, Melrose at Van -354J Bonnie 5, Clyde; Bullitt EVE, 5959 Hollywood 444-8471 Hunting Party; Peter Sellers-Hoffman FILM FESTIVAL, 1044 N. Westrn.445-0089 Latest Sound Adult Films FLICK, 1082 N. Western-447-7147 latest Sound Adult Films GORDON, la Brea at lov Story; Virgin Gypsy, ends Tues. LAS PALMAS, 1442 N.

Las Palmes 445-9171 Refinements In love; Trader Horn IOS FELIZ, NO.4-2149 Fields Poppy; Old Fashioned Way ORIENTAL, 7425 Sunset Blvd. 874-0211 Klute; Perfect Friday PAN PACIFIC, 7554 Plaza Suite; Anderson Topes PARIS, 8163 Santa Monica-469-9475 Sada-M. Genet Eoic; Tricia's Wedding PARIS PENTHOUSE, 8143 Sto.Mon. 449-9475 Couples Invited, 1st Runl Danish Blu PUSSYCAT, 7734 Sta. American Sexuol Revolution, ct.

12 SILENT MOVIE, 411 N. Fairfax-453-238? Charlie Sid Chaplin, "Charley's Aunt STAR, 5546 Hollywood-447-2871 5 Easy Pieces; Never Sang fFather, 1 1 41 SUNSET, ct. 12 Red, White 4 Blue; The Big Switch TIFFANY, 8534 Sunset-452-3220 Jo Cocker "Mad Gimm Shelter VACUUM, 428 N. La Brea-937-9233 Void Where Prohibited by low VISTA, 4473 Sunset Drive 444-9070 Battl of Marital Documentaries AIRPORT, 14733 Roscoe St. 892-1 181 Ploia Suite; Big Joke, 4:45 AMERICANA Cinema 1-893-4441 McCabe Mrs.

Miller; Rider On Rain AMERICANA 28700 Van Nuys Blvd. Doctor No; From Russia with Love AMERICANA Cinema 3893-4441 Summer of '42; Heart Is lonely Hunter AMERICANA 4-8700 Van Nuys Blvd. Andromeda Strain; Colossus AMERICANA Cinema 5-893-4441 Klute. The Statue ART, Ventura at Topanga-683-8835 song ot NorwaylO) BARONET, 4937 Who Is Harry Kellermart; Big Jak, 4:41 CORBIN, 19418 V.ntura-345-2222 Horry Kellerman(GP); Plaia Suite LANKERSHIM, 7532 lank. lov Story; Impossibl Yeare MAGNOLIA, Burbank.

ST.1-7984, TH.5-138 Plaia Suite; Murphy'i Wor, 4:45 MUSTANG Sol. Cyn. Sierra Hy. Willard; Wrecking Crew PARK, Canoga ct. 12 Red, White Blue; Th Big Switch SHERMAN, Sherman Oaks ST.4-991 1 Plaza Suite; Murphy'i War U.A.

CAPITOL, 139 S. Brand-Citrui 3-4241 Murphy's War; True Grit HILLTOP, 4721 Foothill SI. 352-1813 Scandalous John; 20,000 LeaguetlG) MONTROSE, 2224 Anderson Topes; Pursuit of Happines SANDS, 210 S. Brand Blvd. -244-6363 Song of Norway(G), 1 pm SUNLAND 8018 F'hill-352-1401 McCobe 8.

Mrs. Miller; Murphy's War VILLA GlEN, 404 N. Central 240-2277 Toral Toral Toral; Zig Zag, 4:30 IOGART, 87 W. Sierra Modr. Bl.

355-7244 Tak Money ft Run; They Shoot Horses CINEMA 21, 845 E. Washington. 798-8522 M'A'S'H; The landlord CINEMALAND, Arcadia HI, 7-215 Omega Man; Light at Edge of World CREST, 205 E. Foothill Bl. 358-31 1 9 lov Story; Odd Coupl ESQUIRE, E.

MU.4-177 Summer of '42; Heart Is Lonely Hunter HASTINGS, 355 N.Rsmd.794-71 Ryan's Daughter(GP) OAKS, 85 N. Fair Oaks SY. 4-2359 Big Wid Screen Girli Films UNITED ARTISTS, E. Colo. 681-5171 Murphy'i War; Tru Grit UPTOWN, 2314 E.

Colo. 793-4330, 484-11 47 Plaza Suite; Wait Until Dark, 4:30 VENUS, 2224 E. Colorado 794-81 18 Frisco Action Films, 11 am ta 2:30 am CANYON, S.D. Cyn. 4-599-2345 Anderson Tapes; Big Jak PLAZA, 175 V.rmont, Glendora-943-3551 Lov Story; A New leaf ACADEMY, 37th at Call Theatre for Program FINE ARTS, 1818 Garnet 274-4000 Call Theatre for Program FRONTIER Willard; What Happened Aunt AlictjGPI GUHD, 5th ft Univ.rsity-CY.5-2000 Call Theatre for Program LINDA, linda-Vlsta Million Duck; Four Clowns PUSSYCAT, 4th F-239-2394, ct.

1 2 Th Volupluories; 2nd open all niaht RANCHO DRIVE-IN CO. 1-1337 lawman; Support local Gunfighter SAVOY THEATRE 458 5th Call Theatre for Program STUDIO 1, 461 Broadway-239-9809 How to Make a Dirty Movie; Shorts STUDIO 2, 431 W. Broadway-239-9809 Carlo'i Thing; Shorts J't1 "'pSI'1 "WJ I'll. CARLSBAD. Cinema Ploia- 729-2262 On Any Sunday.

7 4 9. kid mat. CHULA VISTA, Big Sky 101 ot Main Fools Parade; The Professionals(GP) EL CAJON, Aero HI.4 8800 Big Jake; Von Richthofen ft Brown(GP) IMPRO. BCH. So, Bay, Hwy.

I01.HA.0-33U Babysitter; Weekend with Babysitter(R) LA JOLLA, Cove, 7730 Girard-459-5404 Big Jak LA JOLLA, Unlcorn-434-7373 Ril of love; Film NAT'l City, Paris Pussyeat.477-4477 ct. Th Voluotuorls; ell night OCEAN5IDE, Crest 722-4541 Omega Man(GP), Green BertsfG) OCEANSIDE, Valley Dr-ln East-737-5534 Scandalous John(OP); Com. Tennis Shoe OCEANSIDE, Valley West. 757-5534 WillordiCP); House That Dripped Bloo OCEANSIDE DRIVE-IN 722-3189 Big Doll House; Student Nuriei(R) OCEANSIDE, Palomar-722-2631 Always 3 Big Hits OCEANSIDE, Star 722-2895 Anderson Topes; Pursuit Happinesi(GP) OCEANSIDE, Towne 722-2155 Always 3 Big Programs PLAZA, 345 N. Eicondido Bl, Song of Norwoy(G) SANTEE, Santee Drlve-ln 448-7447 Escape Planet Apes; Battl Beneath Earth VISTA, Avo-726 3040 Pinocchio; Wild Country(G) BSAWLFYt Irowley Drlve-ln Fl.4-3941 Blu Water, White Death; Rio lobo VISTA, Vlsl Drlv-ln 724-4223 love Sloty; A New leaf YUCCA VALLEY, Sky Drlve-ln Pinocchio; King of the Grizzlies LeJeteSeseMReiteMfc EDISON DR -IN, Fdltan Angels HrHThy Cme; lury Aneel SOUTH CHtSrtR 1st Run, Murphy'i War; 2nd hit DRIVc-IN 831-7433 1st Run, Red Tent; Bandollr 99 I lig Joke; light 01 Edge of Wor) miiii ji mi immmmSm CINEMA EAST, 1021 N.

Colt Theatt for Program EAGLE, 4184 Eagl Reck Scondaloui John(G'); 20,000 IcagunfG) GAVEIV, Pico-Alvarado-386-8942 Artull Filmt Only KABUKI, Adamt at Crnihow 734-0342 Th Grat ChallwiaWf Torajan in lov KOKUSAI, 3020 Crenthaw RE.4-1 US 2 Zatochi Hits LA TOSCA, 2930 S. V.rmont-KE.3-7292 Call Thvatr for Program PARK, 7th Alvarada-4o2-008, 483-2524 5 Eaiy Pieces; Nvr Song'Pathr. 11:54 STUDIO 1, 462 0086, 389-9254 Tora TorcrToro: Alic B. Tolclot. 6:30 TEMPLE, 5863 S.

Willord; Houm Dripped Blood iWESILAKE. Alvarodo-Wiljhir HU.3-531I Harry Kllrman; Shaft, 12:45 BLVERLY CANON, K. Ca wn-275-5244 Summer of '42 755 N. Th littl foxn; Dead End DEL MAR, 5036 W. Pico WE.5-6424 Summer of '42; Music lover Endi Tuet.

DOHENY PLAZA, 135 S. Doh.ny-278-2090 Claude l.louch'i "Th Crook" EMBASSY, Wettem nr. 3rd-389-1114 Plaro Suite; Murphy'i War FOUR STAR, 51 1 2 1 Hello Dolly: Owl Punycat GRANADA, 9000 Suruet Warhol'i loneiom Cowboyt MERALTA, 9632 Culr McCab Mr. Miller; Crooked Mon MUSIC HALL, 9036 The Devils NUART, 11272 S.M. Where i Poppa PALMS, 3751 Motor-VE.

7-7171. 837-1277 3rd Suite; A New leaf IPLAZA, 1067 Glndn. GR.7-0097, TR.9-9077 I Bruc Brown'i "On Any 1:45 REGENT, 1045 Broxton. 477-0059, 272-0501 Peter Fonda't "Hired Homl" ROYAL, 11523 Sta. Mon.

GR.3-1636 The Clownj; Th Tw of Ui TOHO IA BREA, 9th la I Deirroy All Monttert; Selected Co-feat. U.A. WESTWOOD-477-0575 1 Eclusive-Wolk About, 6, 8, 10 VAGABONDS, 2511 i Piaza Suite; Peter Sellers-Hoffman TORT tMrrowtritiTTii imnkAifaii BOULEVARD, 4549 Whittier-261-2665 Willord; Whatever Hooo'd to Aunt Alice GOLDEN GATE, 5176 Whittier-269-8186 Wild Rovers; Murphy'i Wor U.A. ALAMEDA, 5134 Hermania Trinquat; Arrullo Dio UNIQUE, 3645 E. 1st AN.9-7131 El Mstrimonio Como Des monio; 2ntJ qBs ALLEN, 3809 Tweedy 57 Willord; When 8 Bells Toll, 6:45 ARDEN, 11709 long Beach Willord; House Dripped Blosd LYRIC, Ct.

12 Red, White 4 Blue; The Bia Switch WARNER, 6714 Pacilic-585 0944, ct. 1 pt Wild Rovers; Murphy's War EMS ALPINE, 833 W. Torrance Ooen Pridav Through Monday Only ROLLING HILLS, 101 Cr'show-325 2600 Ryan's Daughter, 1:30. 4:1. 1:00 MARINA-Cinema l-372-U09 From Russia with love: Dr.

No. 6 C4 MARINA Cinema 2-372-1 10 Summer of '42: Fools. PARK, 1458 Crenihow Bl. -324-4040 Omega Man: Parad PUSSYCAT, 16i3 Cravens-328 637Z 0. 12 -Kd.

While li Blue; Th Biq Switch SURF, 302 S. Cotolina-372-110 Andromeda Strain; Anderson Tapes, 6:15 U.A. CINEMA 1, 145 Del Ams-542-8686 Plaro Suite; Odd Couple U.A. CINEMA 2, 145 Del Amo-342-8684 Harry Kellorman; Bia Jake U.A. CINEMA 3, 145 Del Amo-342-1684 Pinocchio; Wild Country G) U.A.

CINEMA 4, 145 Del Ame-542-1684 Omeqo Mon; THX-1138 U.A. TORRANCE, 2735 Poe. Cst. DA.5-4232 Murphy's War; True Grit rffiltKlliiSSSiZ ANAHEIM, Tora Toro Tora; Escape Planet Apes ANAHEIM, Brookhurst LOGE-954-1 122 Wild Rovers; Plaza Suite ANAHEIM, 0I48, Ct. II Red, White Blue; The Big Switch BAIBOA, Plata Suite; A New leaf BREA, BREA THEATRE 529-4234 Toral Torol Toral; Vanishing Point IUENA PARK, GRAND LA.

1-J337 Beyond love Evil; Warm Bed CORONA DEL MAR, The lawman; Kelly's Heroes COSIA MESA, CINEMA-544-3102 McCobe Mrs. Miller; Harry Kellermctn COSIA MESA, Harbor 1-444-0573 Omeaa Man; THX 1138 COSTA MESA, Harbor 2 444-057 Toro Tora Toro COSTA MESA, MESA 548-1552 Wild Rovers; Eicape Planet Apes FULLERTON, WILSHIRE LAmbert 3-5777 Klute; Wild Bunch GARDEN GROVE, GROVE JE.7-4400 Willard; House That Dripped Blood 12834 Main-534-8177 Andromeda; Red Sky At Morning HUNTINGTON BEACH, CINEMA. 847-W0I Jane Fonda-Klufe; Get Carter(R) HUNTINGTON BEACH, SURF LE. 6-9394 Pocific Vibrotions-ecl, engagement IAGUNA, SOUTH COAST 494-1514 Who Is Harrv Kellermon LAGUNA NIGUEL, Niguel McCabe 8. Mrs.

Her MISSION VIEJO CINEMA-830-4990 Id Rovers; Murnhv's Wor NEWPORT CINEMA, Cst. Sona of NorwavfG) NEWPORT BEACH, IIDO OR. 3-8350 Ryan's Daughter ORANGE, CINEDOME 20-7147532-332 Blue Water. White Death; Bia Jake ORANGE, CINEDOME 21-714, 532-3361 Comal Know edae ORANGE, ORANGE-439 4730 Disney Pinocchioi Wild Country ORANGE. Stadium 1-714 439-8770 Patton; M'A'S'H ORANGE, Stadium Dr-ln 2-714-439-8830 Torol Toral Total: Vanishina Point ORANGE, Stadium Dr-ln 3-714-439-4990 Scandalous John; 20,000 leagues ORANGE, Stadium Dr-ln 4-714-439-4990 lov Machine; Volley of Dolls ORANGE, VILLA, Tuitin-Adams-439-0044 Summer of 42; Th Statu SAN CLEMENTE, MIRAMAR 492-0054 Willard; House That Dripped Blood(GP) SANTA ANA, GUUD-547-9934 Scandinavian Trio SANTA ANA, United Artists-543-9287 Th lawman; Support Local Gunfighter TUSTIN, TUSTIN, Tustin Wild Rovers) Murohv'i War WESTMINSTER, CINEMA-WEST 1-892-4493 Wild Rovers; a Jake WESTMINSTER, CINEMA-WEST 2-892-4493 McCobe Mrs.

Millerj The Arrangement FASHION SQ. 1, Chorlton Kestonf-Omega Man FASHION SQ. 2, McCab Mrs. Miller FASHION SQ. 3, Murphy'i War FASHION SQ.

4, 0633 Summer of '42 IA HABRA, Cinema 1-697-4677 Wild Rovers) Escop Planet Apes IA HABRA, Cinema 2-697-6913 Pinocchio; Barefoot ExeculivelG) ARLINGTON, love Story; Paint Your Wogon(GP) U.A. CINEMA 1, Tyler Mall-714-689-8022 Murphy'i War; Wild Roven U.A. CINEMA 2, Tyler Mali-71 4-489 8022 Song of Norway CORONA, Corona-733 1191 love Story; Sterile Cuckoo(GP) El CENTRO, Broadway-332-5735 Adult Only Movies ELSINORE, IAKE-474-28I0 Torol Torol Vanishing Point PALM SPRINGS, CAMELOT 1-327-1273 Omega Man; THX I138IGP) PALM SPRINGS, CAMELOT 2-327-1273 Funny Girl, Hello Oolly(G) PALM SPRINGS DR1VE-IN-327-1832 Big Doll House; Student Nums PALM SPRINGS, PLAZA-323-4022 Love Machine PAIM SPRINGS, SUNAIR Orlve-In Willord; House That Dripped Hood PALM SPRINGS, VlllAGE-323-6022 On Any Sunday RIVERSIDE, DE ANZA lawman; Support local Gunflgfiter(GP) DOUBLE FEATURE: "MY SECRET DIARY" AND "THE CLUB" VAIL IE ADULT THEATRE 2833 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica 9OO0000CX)0000OO00OOOOO00OOO0000CXD00OOCX)00 0esgfBwmJ4illW Sv 1 9flff tir Ail s. ir flttiiiT i -jlt 5 CONTINUOUS 10 AM MIONITE (FRI.

SAT. TILL AM) HD0QO0CXX)O0000CX300000O0OOOCOOCX)0OOC)OOOOO' FILM FESTIVAL I 'PRiyflTE EYE' 'AFFAIR' VarrenOales Yenu Bloom The Hird Hand "a livtrlAl.tuM.TICHICkOT Twk. thr Fri. MS. JftSO (., Ma.


1 1 10 Cfl Fri. ft Sat. 9:30 11 VACUUM 42B H. It Br THEATRE Heir Milrtit B37-9233 Prtnt tiy Th Conctptipri Corp, SKO-ALL ADULT THEATRE 2605 Arlesia Blvd. Redondo Beach Starting Sept.

3 "HISTORY OF PORNOGRAPHY" Canttnvous Showina 10 AM-Midnif ht DOUBlt FEATURES mm Ft with Escort mmm ADULT LIVE SHOW HolfywooiJ'i most ttusis tlv Adult Show 1or thi Oiscrimuuttny Livs, Brin? or mention this, id for 2.00 discount FREE MEMBERSHIP. AIR CONDITIONED Ooen doyi 10 AM.I0 PM 7527 SANTA MONICA BLVD. HOLLYWOOD btreUAS fa 1 '1 Plus Series of Selected Short Subjects Adults Only Rated FILM FESTIVAL THEATRE 1066 N. Wastern Ave. 465-0089 OPEN 24 HRS.

look for Red Stars Rejiiier Receipt fee (1) Fre Admlule SSiOCICEHG EXPERIEUCE! WILDEST ADULT ACTION! DOUBLE FEATURE BONANZA! NO GIMMICKS! WE DELIVER THE GOODS! OPEN 10 A.M.-MIDNICHT CRCNET, THEATRE XT -IT "Sel HELD OVfcrt-SECOND SMASH WEEK PHIL TERI PRESENTS "WINNER TAKE ALL" OPEN NOON-LAST SHOW MIDNIOHT 366 N. LA CIENEGA 652-7022 NEW SHOW EVERY WEDNESDAY. OVER II ADMITTED SI Food galore! Brazilian Products! 13 Auto stereo and electronics! E3 Wood and Metal Engraving! Pottery Imports! Graphics! 13 Carpeting! Fabrics! 3 Gifts from All Over! EI Miscellaneous Novelties! 13 Games! 12 Jewelry! Housewares! Leather items! Wines and Liquors! a Wigs! Oriental Artifacts! Women's Apparel! Toys! Practically anything A' fUimmm 7 Film Star of the Sex Movie" Ensv Wnninn! Take the Santa Ana Freeway to La Mirada.Turn off at Valley View Avenue and turn on to International Fair. Admission, 254 for adults. Children under 12, free.

Free parkins always or leave your car with th a valet Regular hours, Saturday and Sunday, 10 AM to 7 PM; Monday, Thursday and Friday, 12 noon ts 3 PM. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday. George McDonald JVmei 13 OO, ti4H, S. I5, iiriui 11 "VSv S9. ijiwini i4 MH'MM Super iM I I RFVrDIV HWFM4 835-3908 wt.sbitbi wtus-uirs 7165 Beverly Blvd.

(1 81k. W. of Is Bra) eMn 4. JOilO, Sham Fi t. Sat 4 I 4 I "I I TA I I Mk HeJ If i A.


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