Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 9, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1949
Page 2
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I'AC.E Z—XAUGATUCK NKWS (CONN.), FRIDAY, DKC. !), KM!) DREW PEARSON ON "fhe WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Pastor on Trial Drew Pearson Says: Parnell Thomas Inspired Pity In The Courtroom ; Sending A Man To Jail Is Not Any Fun ; Congressmen, However, Owe It To The Country To Be Honest And Aboveboard. (Ed. Note— Drew Pearson's column today takes tho form of ;\ letter to his daughter. Mr.t. Goon; a 1-^ Arnold of !.*>« An^ftleB.) Washington, D. t\ 1 Dec. 6, 134t» The other day 1 went down to the trial of Congressman J. Parne.l I Thomas and sat In the courtroom *vhllo the jury wa« being picked He was there making a show of being unconcerned and confident, but somehow or other I felt *or.-y tor him. 1 fslt KimoBl sorry that 1 had brouRht out all the stuff about Jus klckbacha. Thomas wan a lot different In fhe ^courtroom than whon ho blustered over wltn<!»*o» In hl« own Un-American Activities Committee. He had sent a dozen or so wltnes*cg to Jail himself * chiefly tor refusal to answer questions. And he had denied them the rlsht of counsel and had hauled them before hi» committee from as far siway as California at any time of the day or week that suited him. In conlra«t he now enjoyed (ill the carefully built-up American privileges of a free trial. He wru represented by n good lawyer. He Hut before a K°»d judge. Ju'tj,"; Holtzoff. who was very fair. And he had the right to exclude certain jurors — though a witness bcfo-.-o hln committee had no right to exclude any committee members. Furthermore, the Justice Department had given Thomas one ycn>-'s delay in his trial, and had «nnl iiim to an Army hospital at government expense to get his healtu completely restored. So perhaps I shouldn't have foil. sorry. But nevertheless, a* he rat there, one little guy in the crowded, courtroom facing certain convln- 1lon. 1 did. After all, there Ian t «ny fun in sending a man to jail Morality Between Wun» In retrospect, however, there tiro n. lot more Important con»l<Jwi- tions In our lives and In our nallu-i than pity and the discomfiture of i. no man. A military commander In tlrm? <.r v.-ar sometimes has to sacrifice whale companies and regiment* uf fir- men In order to save the res'. "f MB >irmy. And In peacetime "vn to make an example of oiur in ViTh portion who betray* a t.i:".T tru'it If we are to save oui- AWAITING the selection of Jurors to hear first deRrco murder chnrgcs ngainst him, tho Rev. George P. Hctenyl reads a prnyor book In the Monroe County Court, Rochester, N. Y. Tho body of Hetenyi'a wife was found floating In tho Gencsco River Innt April. She was shot to denth. (International Soundvhoto) S'.i.n- j)efipl,. forget that our 3ti'ii-ali:y jjnd respect for clean yiv- crnmrnt between war« IB Just as important as c ur ability to win wars. If that wasn't HO. then wars •wouldn't be worth winning. A lot of boys died to defend our democratic system only four short jears ago; and we are «tlll spend- nig billions In the cold war to uphold it. So If the man at th« head of a committee supposed to be an example of good Amcrlcnn- inm practices cheap, tawdry and Hand Painted Trays and Waste Baskets Open 10 to 10 Always Easy Parking Miss Fosters Shop SCULtY, Florist lower* for Kvery OccMlon «» BALDWIN ST. WaterUiry JLEO T. SCtTLLT, Prop. PHONE WAT. '5-7280 FLOWERS For All FLOWEB8 TKTJ5GBAPHKD MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP U« HtTBDEB AVENU« TW. sttt BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 For The Best In Jewelry C.H.Tomlinson illegal AmerlcanlHm, then I s:up- po»c 1 should not, In a weal momnnt. feel sorry for him. However. I couldn't, help t.hlnlc nK of somu of Ihcwn thlngu UH i >at In the courtroom. How Bryan AiiKmRn<wl Siilnry ThomiiM'M excuiHc, of courne, IK that, be had to auKmcnt hl« t'on- M.Hman'n Halary. But there c:yr be no CXCUHO for helping .soldlnr: o*Cfipc combat duty in warf.l>r.< 1'irid then collectlni; cunh from llu:li purentH afterward. Nor IB the:- finy excune for putting n ch.u- woman and n ijlrl who nover cum. near the office on the Brcrolnr'.n payroll and then pocketing th money. K.'H had enough putting i^ wife', a daughter-in-law and a bed- udilcn aunt on tho payroll. t cun sympathize with thp prnh- H-m of our public servnntB In mailing Nome extra money, but. (hoi-fl are other wnyit of malting It. , remember when William'Jcnnlug* bryan was Secretary of Stalo, you grandfather Peni-Hon invited him to speak on the Swarthmorc Chn.i- laurtutiH which wcru then in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania not far from Wnnhlngton. Bryan, nt>Jl a wealthy man, accepted, and filled about 20 iipenk- Ing cngjigoments at $2. r >0 each. Your father was a tent crow boy at the Umo and used to carry water for 'the gront commoner." I remcim- br.r that for most lecturers, I onl>- f.upplled a bucket and dipper, but for Bryan I borrowed a glnra pitcher. Well, the Republican newspapers let out a terrific howl —not about the bucket and dipper but ab<>-'t the Secretary of State nppcnrln.j on the same platform with Tyrj 1 - ean Alpine-yodelcm. which waH not exactly true. However, I still think It was a good Idea for the-smaller towns of the U.S.A., which seldom snc a Secretary of State In pcrxnn, to learn about our foreign affairs from the man who runs them And compared with tho Icctur- of today. Bryan's $250 a lecture WUH chicken feed. In fact, Ptirnell Thomas u«ecl to collect, much more than this himself' RS a lecturer; and. n.q chairman of the Un-American Activities Commit too he was In big demand- -a porfncMy legitimate way to increase his Income. Must C'onKTcKHmen Don't Chi-nt Contrary to gene-ral fe-o.Hslp. I don't think that there are m.-.ny conprressmon who resort to Par. nell Thoma.i'H cheap and tawdry way of making money. I pride myself on knowing- Congress pretty well, and T am convinced that. I hi: t majority of both IIOUHCH are honeHt, sincer-o rind have the. v/el- lare of their country very much at heart. They recognize that the money allotted them for sccroturlal help comes not from their own pockets but from the taxpayer, and that, it him to be npcnl ;i« a public (runt. When you look around the world today. I here are not many democratic legislative bodies left. Cm <i is one of the few. And sometimes we forget that the right of the people to govern themselves is something your great-grandfathers) have been fighting for ever ninco the -1700'ti, and we've got. to preHeive the Integrity of what they won. Congress Is merely the medium by whioh people cxcrclHc the rinht to govern theniHclves. Some day I vxant it to be governing for. with ;.nd by my grandson, and In the Interim I don't want a Parnoll Thomas or nnyone else to destroy it!- good name. From the Old Man. HKill SCHOOL, STITJIONTS Approximately eight and a half million youngsters arc now enrolled In U. S. high schools. MOV IK TH ISA TIC ItS There are more than 18,000 movie theaters In the U. S. What's Doing In Naugatuck Friday, ixxvmnbcr II Junior Chamber of Commerce liunce, Odd FnllciWH hall, from U p. m, to 1 a. m. Sunday, Ueccmhwr II Third .Degree Inllliillun, Ojcda Council, KlnjfhU <-f ColimibiiH hall. Aririunl C'hrl/itma/i party for children, J'ollHh Kalronn and Ulun M&cloty Falcon hall, 3 p. in. Children 1 !! ChrlxlmiiH party, Km- blern club. NiuiKiLtu«li I..iKU>,e, of KI1.H, Nciiry building, 3 p. m. Monday, l>ceeml>er IZ Union City Community club bingo party, f'cullah National church luill, 8 p. m. Annual party, Senior club night, Nuugut.uck Junior Woman's club, Congregational parish house, 8 p. m. LAST JOURNEY FOR DYING GIRL ,,. DeeemlM'r 13 School NlyJit miiotlru;, Hop Brook (ichool Puront-Touchor lunoclnUon, ach'iol auditorium, 8 p. m. Card party, Pond Hill Community club, 8 p. m. Regular dhinor-mocUng of tV.i Junior Chamber of Commerce, An- nonberpr'H restaurant, Park Place, Tea tor parents and leacheru, ":1C p. m. Central Avenue School, 3 to C p. in. Wudnonday, l>if. 14 Public card party, sponmirocl by MaKnolla Knctimpment, Odd Fel- lown hull, 8:30 p. m. Meeting of Halom achool Parcnt- Tencher itRMoclatlon, 8 p. m. Tliuntdnj', IXT. IS Meeting of the Nnti^ntiu'.k V/iJ- ley Detachment, Miirlne Coij.s LnHKUd, Odd FelloWH hull, 8 p. Pi. Meeting of the. Naujralucli Nu- mlnmatlc Amiorlnt.lon, town hall. 7:3(1 p. m. Friday, r»w. Ifl Meeting of the Ladles' ntixlll.i-y ot l.h« NaiiKaluck Vnlloy Detach' ment, Murlnu CorpH jbca|.;ue. Odd Follows hull, 8 p. rn. Christmas concert, Naiipatuck Hli{h nchool A Cu||icllti clmlr. Kcliool auditorium, 8:1B p. m. Hwlal rniHitln/r, ontertrtlnmunt, Pond Hill Community club, 8 )/ m, Nnturday, Itacnmbar 17 NEWS-Sulcm Playhouso Christmas Party for YounRtiters Salem PI'iyhoiiHO fl a. m. Junior Woman's cluh Yulellde dance, Hotel Elton, Waterbury, 9 p. m. to 1am. Himcliiy, DP,,, m Carol HlnK l)y children of fllcn- dKo area. HporiHornd by Went Hlflo Community Club, <\ p. m. Monday, Oec. II) r monthly imitating, Nau- tfiituck Fcllowcraft ABHD., MuMonln Temple. Church Ktront, fl |>. m. W«iilni<H<liiy, n.-c. 21 Moc-llne; of .Pont No. .17, American L»!Klon, Jje^lon Memorliil Home, Cedar Htrect, 8 p. m. Thursday, December 82 Community Carol Sing, Horso- shcic on The Ciroisn, 8:30 p. in. thrldo ' Bull, N.aiiHfAiitiJc Wo- irmn'.s club JuilorettOH. Ohil<lren'n Christmas party, Pond Hill Community club, 7 p. in. ABOARD A TRAIN that waited for her twenty-eight minutes In San Francisco, little Patricia Owens, 4, fights for brcnth while her mother, Mrs. Margarita Owens, applies nn oxygen mask. They are en route to their home In Chicago, where, physicians nay, Patricia will die within a few weeks of a rare dlscnse of the lunei. (Ir(tcrnatio1ial Soundphoto) Compensation Pay Increased By Law Veteran,! .if peacetime, wrvlco nn well an tho.'ie of wn.rl.lmo nervlce will henol'll. from recently enacted tloti payment:! for .'lervlcn-cnrinec- loil dlwibllltlCH, Harry T. Wood, manager or the irarlfiird office of (.he Veteran.M AdiminlH-t.rn.tlon, «tat«d today In re.iponRC to numerous! Inqulrlott. "The invv tlxi'fi peacetime ral.eH of etmipcmi.-i.tlon for tiervlci'-con- neftod dlHahUltlmt at. RO percent of w.'irtlmn I'fttiw.ji" IVTo »n> in... Wood wnrtlnm m.n-«, m «nlil. He added t.hat UK Will I.KI gran wltlimil appllcn ran:! concerned, granted " nllon e merciineii lUtomntlc'Uly, 1iy the vote- Under Hie new In w thn ride In raid•.(I approximately 8.7 par cent bringing I bo compen.'iritlon for if) percent di.iiOillIly lo $15 and for 100 percent disability to $!!>() monthly. Veteran.'! receiving compensation lit peacetime ralen can dolermlnu how miii:li they xvlll benefit from the new law by figuring 80 percent of the now wartime nil.('«. Coroner Continues Probe In Death Of Little Girl Coroner William F. .l.-ine.'i, Waterbury, will todny conUnuo hi;j Intliicst Into the death Wednesday of Durlcnc Ann Rompre, 2 who w.'iH Tntrvlly Injui-ed whon run over by (i converted him on Golden Mill jitroot, Waterbury, He «ald Rlchnrd BrundaRo. Prospect, driver or the vehicle, WHH tho only \vllnoMM cxiimlru!d yenlordny. DolnllN nf thn accld'ont ,i.rn h<;- In^- cjockad by Watci'hiiry police, Funnrn.l iiorvlccs for the child will bo hold tomorrow morning at thn "Frlgon l^iinurnl Momn, with r.nlllng bourn today from 2 to 30 o'clocl^ Dnrterio wrui the dntixlilcr of Mr uncl Mrs, Karle llmnpre, -111 Hylviin avenue, Wn-torbnry. frenrjro W. Qrohs, Naugatuck, was granted a discharge, from b.'inlu uptcy after a hearing before Saul Knrnrmii, tr. R. 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The mnn who In bellnvod to have nil tho fiictw at hl« rin/{<ii'H In a lilKh executive of tho company whono name hua not boon revealed. Tho firm Is the Canadian Radium and Uranium Corporation, nalOH agent. of the Eldorado" Mlncu company, which In now out of bunlnoHB. Some time ugo, tho executive nup- pllntl Information on lh« d«i»l» to houBe un-American actlvltle» com- mlltocr InvosUjfutorM. But when they trlotl to Kct hold of him ngulm lust year, they found ho wan In Franco. Now he i» hollevcd to bo buck In this country. The shipment!) were made In May, IW8, and cringlHtod of 600 poundn of uranium ixtldo and 600 poundu of uranium nitrate. They wore apparently »ent to the Soviets for medical purposoK, through tho lend- lease pipeline, and with tho up- provn! ot American authorities. An element of mystery entered l.ho ca»o when the Canadian Rovorn- ment filed a poNl-war Bull ugalnHt tho export firm on fraud churRBM. Tho dispute wan quietly Bottled out of court. Canada claimed that Its national security wa« Involved, and UB a reou^t the company'n records were Impounded. It IB these rcc- ordw which the House committee fieokis to examine, Former Vlco Pronldont Monry Wallace, who wants to answer arKOH before the un-American committee that ho proHaui-uil Amor- lean officials into making wartime Hhlpmenta of uranium to RijBBia •will have his day In court. Committee Chairman John Wood miy« that Wallace can appear before thb group at Itn next mooting on Doc. II) or 'M, If ho wantu to, OOtflflBE JHUNHICHB New Orleans—Coffee consumption In tho U. S. now avorajccH more than 17 pounds per poruon, Including children. J. Waif rid Noren DiesInWalertown J. Walfrid Norcn, 1037 Ma.iii ."trout, Wulertnwn, father of Mrs. Frldolph Nelson, Naugatuck, died Wednesday nlifhl In St. Mary'c ] llonpltal nftcr a brief I||IK.>MII. A native of Sweden, lii._caj»uj to lulu country -10 yours n/jo. neHldes hlK <laiiKhtor horn, Mr. Noren Is survived by bin wlfV, two sons, another dauKhti-r, a brother, u sinter and nine grandchild ron. Funeral snrvl<:cn will h« held tn morrow nftcrixion at 2 o'clock at Iho Jllcltcox Funer-il Home, lli!> Main Btrefit, Wiitcrtown, with the Vtnv. II'. JCInor Kron, |i, ln i,,,. ,,, Zlon Lutheran Church, Wuleruury officiating- Burial will be In Kv- or)jT<;en Cemetery, n,t the convenience of tho family. Friends iray call at the funcrnl homo this evening from 7 to 8 o'clock, Two Given Nolles In Waterbury Court Waller Klmmer, 19, of 430 Qulnn Htrott, charged with violating Ov rulow of tno rood',, wns granted a nolle on (pnymont of $9 whnn'hn appeared before Judge James It Luwlor in Watorbury City Court yesterday. In another CAKQ heard, IMrs. J^u ella Hotuhklm. 315, of Brc'iiknwk Hill road, Mlddltfbuiy, wa« ulw, granted a nolle on payment of $0 on a charge of violating the -rules of the road. H«r car WOB Inviylv.'il In a collision Wednesday with a 03 Rockwell avenue, Naugatuck oar operated by Rmll Mannwolk-d Mr. Miinnwlnler's car v/na hndlsr damagmi In the accident, Watii-- bury pollci> said, tout no one was Injured. About half of Spain's productive ai'ea IM pasture and mountain land. The Name of tho Hawley Hardware Store on ThurHday wan Imidv<>rt<>n1ly ftmlllcd from the itdverllneiiient <-anl<-d In Thp NCWM llslliix . l tl . luvineM ol thn NuiiKUtnck iitnreH participating In the H1WIO Ford CJIvn-Awny cvftnt under xruy here, tinder the upoiiNiirnlilii . f tlio lli<tall OlvUlon, jN'uuunlueU Merchant*. Huwley llurrlware Is an nntlvo pwrllclpaiil In ;hl» iittlen Salem Lodge To Hold Annual Meeting Monday The amui-il tn<-,.iini: am! last i'liili- < •i,iri!iiiinl< ill ioti f'.r !!l-t!l of Siilt-ni Iml;:,-. Xo. 1:111. A. I' 1 . Ac A. M.. will !«. hi'lil Tui-Hilav evening at H O'l l(.r;k In M.-t; ollir- T«MM|Fli- Will r-bl|i|ill Mn.-lii- :\',,i itiiili U. Mcrirlincycr -•inii'iunci.-s il.nt following (he transact ion of InininpRs at the rr-ciil.-ir r.^Kinn. t h.- iinnn.-ii uicfiliii: will i-il,.- ;,!„.,.. in'-luillii}: ri-porlM of the ,«.(! ctary. Irfasurer. tr!iMtci-» mid iiudltin;: cnmiiiltti-c Officers will bi- elected. The Ili.-W offlci:,:: will l,e IfiHtnll.-fJ In Jolnl cfre|,i,,,,i,. K v .ji h () ffi,.,. r ,, of Shephord lodire. !->.•<•. an. AD HUM,) IICIH and Mimter M:iMr,nn iite Invl I'd 1o iitu-nd. lic,frc»)tmi-nlH v/IM |,e nerved. Visit Our TOYLANI) GALLAGHER 'S HARDWARE m MAI'I.K STHKKT Krcc Delivery Tclci.lionc FRESHLY CUT BALSAM XMAS TREES Of High Quality Go On Sale TUESDAY At The Y. M. C. A. A Volunteer Community Service Project of the Y's Men's Club METROPOLITAN OPEN THURSDAY and SATURDAY TILL 1 P ; VI, THIS Christmas give her a LANE the gift she wants that says wA /) /, w \J) awe U«L ™ j^^m^ Make her Hope Chest dreams come true with a LANE Cedar Hope Chest — the gift that starts the home I Choose now—pay later! 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