Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 12, 1897 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 12, 1897
Page 24
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DAILYPHAEOS FEIDAY, NOV. 12. 1897. OITY NRW3. MORE MONEY To be Expended by the Cnlrerg on Cnlfer Academy. Plenty rabbit.—Traut. Celery 5c bunch.—Traut. Dressed chickens at Foley's. Bananas 5c doz.—McCaffrey. Hot and cold soda at Porter's. Extra fine celery at Johnston's. Ladles' fine shoes, II—Maloen, Bankrupt shoe sale at Walden's. Green beans, tomatoes—Eoth 'm'l. Chickens to fry and stew—Traut. Fresh chocolates, Wright & Brltton. Boy's and men's »1 shoes—Muiben. 3 Ib. cans Boston baked beans 5c. —Traut. Lemon and vanilla 5c bottle.— Keystone. Trunks and traveling bags cheap at Krels Bros. Glass oil cans, one gallon size. 20c. —McCaffrey. Get your outlcg flannel gowns at the Trade Palace. $2.35 per hundred,. Bob White flour.—McCaffrey Marten fur capes from, 110, $15 to 120 at Golden Kule. Tomorrow only, 12 bars good laundry soap for 25c—Johnston. Call on Walter Malben for fine shoes at low prices—412 Broadway. Bankrupt shoes tomorrow at the New Otto. Samples outside. Good shoes cheap—Willey's cash shoe store, 3d and Market streets. A large line of diamond rings and studs for Christmas at Ben Martin's. Dressed turkeys, ducks, geese and chickens at Klnney's Broadway mkt. When down town and feeling tired, be refreshed by a hot soda at Porter's. This is regular blanket weather. All wool blankets at 12.69.—Golden Kule. The Otto Shoe company sells best rubbers for 25c. Keep that in mind, ladles. Mrs. Joseph Sharkey, of Washington township, is very sick with erysipelas . New gloves and shirts at Will Murdock's. Prices the lowest and quality the best. Mr. A. H. Heinly, of Danville, Ills., was In the city yesterday on business. Take a look at the show window of Dykeman's bakery. It will make a fat man hungry. Boast 'possum and sweet potatoes for lunch at 9 o'clock tomorrow nipht at Charles Buhl's saloon. Do you want to be-comfortable? If so buy your underwear of Dewenter the hatter and furnisher. Window display shows some very good bargains—Willey's cash shoe store, 3d and Market streets. It will pay to see samples of Dunn & Baker's superb stock, recently assigned, at the Otto Shoe Co. The contract for remodeling the Bobbins hotel at Royal Center was let to I. N. Grant, of that town. Saturday we open our tine retail confectionery on Broadway. Please call and see us—T. M. Quigley £ Co. Behwald Bros.,the Sycamore street butchers, killed a yearling *&ether yesterday, which dressed 135 pounds. 10 extra sales people for tomorrow, last day of anniversary sale. All odds and ends go regardless of cost. —Trade Palace. Don't delay, but buy your underwear now while you have the best to pick from. All prices and weights at WillMurdock's. For rent to a reliable party—the butcher, shop at the corner of Fifteenth and Wright streets. A good stand for a competent man. Don't miss the last day of our anniversary sale tomorrow.In our cloak department all odd jackets go regardless of cost.—Trade Palace. The Otto Shoe & Clothing company bought a part of the Dunn & Baker stock, recently assigned. Examples of values: lOc baby shoes, 10c for ladies' slippers, 50c for warm lined shoes, etc. A pound of facts is worth a ton of theories. Thousands upon thousands of people prefer Fox' XXX X Square Wafer Butter Crackers because they have found them best, notwithstand Ing the high sounding but empty promises of imitators. Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRJCPS CREW. BAKING POWDER The Contract Let to John E. Barnes & Son for a $20 000 Cavalry Building. Another large sum of money is to be expended by the heirs of the late Mr. Culver, of St. Louis, on the Military academy at Lake Maxinkuckee, founded by him Land which bears his name. They let the contract yesterday to John E. Barnes & Sons, of this city, for a 120,000 cavalry building. This building will be 100x200 feet in size and will contain two large galleries. Barnes & Sons are to re celve between in,000 and 118,000 ror their part of the work. They are highly elated over their succes ic securing the job, notwithstanding the fact that another contractor underbid them $5CO. They have agreed to complete their part of the work within ninety days. Two of the college buildings now In use were built by them. WORLD'S FAiR.CHICAGO, 1893 in THE MDRUOCK HOTEL. E. F. Keller HM Taken a Partner the Per eon of C. H. Barnard E. F. Keller will have a partner in the Murdock hotel'In the person ofC. E. Barnard, late proprietor of the Pilgrim hotel at Marshall town la., The firm will oe known as Keller & Barnard. It is claimed that they have the best equipped • and $2.50 hotel in the state. Mr. Barnard has a good reputation us a hotel man. He will remove his family to Logansport between the 1st and 10th of December. A GREAT PLAY. sardou's Best Comedy, ''Madame Sans Gene," at Dolan'8, Tuesday Sight. There is something charming in a bright woman as she flirts her head and utters the words, ''don't care." Therefore to be charmed with a really clean representation of the cleverest woman of her time, one should see Miss Katbrya Kldder in the play of Madame Sans Gene" at Dolan's opera house Tuesday night. Miss Kldder will be assisted In the presentation of the historical persou- ige, Madame Sans Gene, by Mr. A. Frankel, who plays the part of Napoleon. We all know'Madame Sans Gene to have been one of the favorites of the would-be conqueror of Europe, Hapoleon Bonaparte, and as shown resplendent during his brilliant reign of the French, her associ- iatlonwith Bonaparte, lends additional interest to the play. The comedy of Madam Sans Gene, is con- ceeded bo be the masterpiece of the peerleis dramatist, the gifted Sardou, whose pen has produced the best plays ever presented to the critical audiences of Paris, and in the translation, the text has been so closely followed, that Madame Sans Gene in English has been pronounced to be an exact representation as given In the Frencn capital. All the scenery In the play has been copied direct from that used In the original production, therefore we can have the pleasure of seeing this great attraction as given In its entire production, whose run was unpre- ALLEGED THIEF Arrested at Anoka Last Evening and Taken to Columbus, Infl. A man named John Lockhardt was arrested at Anoka last evening by Detective Gable, of Columbus, Ind., upon the charge of grand larceny. Detective Gable came to Logansport yesterday afternoon and was accom- Daoied to Anoka by D. M. Surface. Lockhardt was brought to the city and commuted to jail where he was held until the arrival of Sheriff Cox, of Bartholomew count7, who took him to Columbus on an afternoon train. It is alleged that Lockhardt stole a wagon last month, at Columbus, from Solomon Everoad and after selling the vehicle at Noblesville, proceeded to Anoka, where he was located oy Detective Gable. Lockhardt is also charged with the theft of a watch from a man named Coleman, residing at Columbus. WHAT'LL THE POOR SHEEP DO? Now Alexandria Is to Manufacture Wool From Bine Limestone. According to the Alexandria Tribune a factory Is to be built at that place which will manufacture mineral wool from the Blue Niagara limestone of Clay Nicoson's quarry. The factory will be built; near the quarry to save handling the stone. The mineral wool Is used for various purposes. The process of manufacture Is novel but no more so than this Idea of converting limestone Into fibre. The intention is to have the factory in operation by spring. St. Vincent's Chnrch Bazaar. Beginning Monday evening next, November 15th, at St. Vincent's hall, the ladies of St. Vincent's church will hold a bazaar, to continue up to and including Thursday evening, November 18th. A collection of beautiful articles, works of art, elegant embroideries and very useful articles will .be exhibited and sold. There will be a ^^^^^^^^^•^^•••^••••••^•••^^^^•''•^g^g^g 4 DAYS special entertainment given each evening at the bazaar. Monday evening—Flower drill and echo song by the juniors of Holy Angels' academy; raindrop chorus and recitation chorus by the minims of Holy Angels' academy. Tuesday evening—Cake walk; night for young people. Wednesday e'v'g— Quartette night; special. Thursday evening—Senior chorus, vocal, seniors-of Holy Angels' academy and guitars, mandolins and pianos. Grand finale—The ladles will serve supper on each evening for 15 cents, at the hall, society room. Admission to the bazaar 10 cents. All will be welcome. Look Here for Bargains in Real Estate. 80 acres, six miles from Logaas- port, all improved, 12,500. 80 acres, twelve miles from Logaos- port, $2,400. 30 acres, thirteen miles frum Logansport, all improved, $900. 80 acres, five miles east of Logansport, all improved, 13,600. 160 acres, eleven miles from Logansport, all but 20 acres under cultivation, one of the best farms in Cass county, good buildings, 18,000. The above for sale by J. HOWKLL, 308 Third St. Thursday, Kriday, Saturday. Extraordinary Cloak Selling Days . . . This will be an interesting event at the Golden Rule.The unseasonable weather has delayed the sales in our Mammoth Cloak Department. "We must move these goods. The prices we are making for the above ddtes will do it or we miss our guess. AT $5.85 we will offer you a rough boucle Astrakhan Jacket all Silk lined, 26 in length, the new sleeve and a regular Tailormade garment at f 5.85 AT $8.98 We will offer you these .four days a fine imported Kersey Jacket silk lined,new and the correct style, the latest sleeve and Ivkradyke collar at f 8.98 All our $20 and $25 fine Imported Coats all go at $12 aud$15 00 Corresponding Reductions throughout this department. lose carts with 500 feet of hose each, and a hook and ladder wagon com- jlete with ladders, -hook and leather rackets, to be ready tor A fire as soon the water works is ready to furnish the water—which will be some ,lme next week. At the same time ome twenty tax payers have filed utt to enjoin Lhe council from pay- ng for the water works and electric ight plant, claiming that the price Is too high, also that the town's debt wijl be made larger than the constl- utional limit. sedented in the gayest metropolis the world. CHICAGO MARKETS ef Received Dally by W. W. Mllner, at 9. A. R. Bnildlnft. Chicago, Nov. 12, 1897. Wheat — For Dec., opened, 93Jc; high, 94fc; low, 93$c; closed, 94}c. Wheat— For May, open, 90J@90Jc; high, 91 Jc; low, 90Jc; closed at 90Jc. Corn— For Dec., opened, 26}@26|c; high, 26j@27c; low, 26}c; closed at 26ic. Oats— Dec. opened, 20@lS<jc: high, 20}c; low, ]9Jc; closed, 20i@20Jc. Rye— Dec. opened, 47ic: high, 43c; low, 47ic; closed, 4"}c. opened, 17.47; $7.30; closed at .. opened, t4.37; 14.32; closed at opened, 14.40; 14.32; closed at Pork—For Jan high, $7.47; low, $7,37. Lard—For Jan high, $4.37; low, 1-1.32. Ribs—For Jan., high, 14 40; low, $4.32, Hogs today, 25,000; left over, 4,000; estimated for tomorrow, 20,000. Market opened to 5c higher, closed steady. Mixed, $3.45@I3.10; heavy, 13.25 @3.70; rough, I3.25@I3.35; light, $3.40@3.67J. Dec. wheat—Curb, 90Jc; puti, 89J @90c; calls, Bl|c. The Waste Gas Question. After a long conference, Governor Mount, Attorney-General Ketcham and State Gas Inspector Leach con eluded it would be advisable to await a decision from the Madison county court before further steps are taken against the waste of natural gas. An injunction suit Is pending in that court against oil men. and whatever the decision it will be carried to the Supreme court, where the attorney- general will represent the state, The Rochester-Logangport Line. Pulaski County Democrat: "The railroad meeting here next Wednes day to determine the route of the electric line, promises to have ful representation from all the proposed routes, and to be full of interest. A preliminary meeting or Pulaski coun ty people is called for Tuesday even Ing, at the commissioners' court room, to get ready for the genera one to be held Wednesday after noon.'' Attention, St. Matthew's Commandery, Knights Of St. John. You are hereby ordered to repor at armory Friday evening, Novembe 12, at 8 o'clock sharp. Every Sir Knight who intends to retain Qhi membership must be present or, tail ing to report, his resignation will be implied. Jxo. B. Fox, Capt. Far Opeafnic November 19th and JOth by the well- known Icr house, Walter Buhl & Co. If you want any nice furs for Christmas or want any repairing done, come in and let's figure with you. GOLDEK BULK. THE GOLDEN RULE. The Council at Wlnamac. The council has purchased two Must Bo. 500 hundred pairs of Men's, Women's, Boy's, Misses' and Children's THE BIGGEST MAN and the smallest in town, will equal satisfaction in the fit of kta clothes If our tape line ha* beet around him. We have a sort of prld* In fitting men that other tailor* can't please. It's t/be know-bow that tells the taste, and our experW ence and observation has given M that. Come In and look over out stock of. Fall Goods, and try not to b« amazed at the prices we quote.. J. Tailor, 409 Market Street. SHOES, odd sizes, clean,fresh goods that must be sold for less than Manufacturers cost. Don't fall to take advantage of the Greatest Sacrifice in the shoe history of Logansport. „ XEevensGon KlinsicU AS Is your linen when it comes home from J Marshall's Laundry. No. 608 Broadway. Both 'Phones 110 Wagon will call for your work. Give us a trial. Blink B»»k8, Ledgers, Journals Made to order or furnished from stock by Longwell Ss Gumming!. If You Want lo be in the Swim, You had better le • HOOLEY —Make Your— Fall Suit Or Overcoat * He'will Fit To* all other* ftiL FALL AND WINTER' Goods Nora On Exhibition. ; I have a complete line of HEATING STOVES at prices that will astonish you. Such High Grade Oaks as Radiant Home, Estate, Peninsular, Jewells and Jewetts. Natural Gas, Odorless Heaters, Eadiitors, etc. Cooks and Ranges In endless varieties. CALL AND EXA-MINE AND LEARN PRICES. H ORISMOlsTD 312 Market Street. »»+»++»«« »»»•»»»*•»+»»•»•»••••••••••+»+»»« FALL AND Winter Woolens. The most complete assortment of Up-to-date Fabrics in Plaids, Checks, Stripes, Serges and m fact anything you want for a first class Business DRESS SUIT. Prices the Lowest in the City. John R. Carroll, 1222 BROADWAY, The "Domestic" Office. Now is the time to provide your. self with a good Sewing Machine at a very low price. My stock includes all the leading makes. My term are easy, and there is no excuse for being out of a good sewing machine n the bouse. The old stand 529 Broadway, near 6th R. B WHITSRTT a \ \ And- dll winter Woolens. A Complete Assortment of the Latest Novelties from Domestic and Foreign Markets. Pierce, the Tailor, 318 M arket Street

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