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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 31
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 31

Los Angeles, California
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THE WEATHER IN THREE PARTS 42 PACES Part II LOCAL NEWS 12 Pa3o. TIMES OFFICE 202 Wait Flrit Slraat l0S ANGELES AND iOUTHEHN CALIFOR.NIAi Fair today and tomorrow) normal tomporaturo. Maximum and minimum tomporaturoa lor yootordayi IJ 2. Complolo weather i.port on Paaa 26, Part VOL. LIX FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 26, 1940.

CITY NEWS EDITORIAL SOCIETYi SIGHT OF GRUESOME MURDER IMPLEMENT SHOCKS SUSPECT 1P Found BY SI Slain Woman's Body Crammed in Automobile Ax Murder Two Weeks Ago Confessed to Police Following Arrest of Car's Driver on Street Clothed in a nightgown, the mummy-wrapped body of a woman, killed with an ax two weeks ago, was found in the turtle-back of a small coupe at 40th St. and Central Ave." yesterday and her asserted murderer taken into custody. The woman was Mrs. Gladys Long, 35, previously known as Laura Long. rr i Vv A i i i i I V' II V- 'i Y- 1 I 1 I i K- Gideons Open Convention Keynote Speech' Urges Spiritual as Well as Material Armament "Put your trust in God and keep your powder dry." Borrowing Oliver Cromwell's quotation, W.

L. Hardin, Inter national president of the Gideons, (Christian Commercial Men's Association of America vuctprdnv nffiriallv onened the Fire Fighters Call for Aid Flames Sweep Over Barricades at Newhall, Baffling Army of 700 Roaring over rugged mountain areas, vast brush blazes in the Newhall, Lake Arrowhead and San Diego areas continued to blacken acre after acre yesterday as exhausted fire fighters called for additional support and forestry experts used all available equipment to halt the racing flames. A fourth blaze In the Los Padres National Forest, between Frazier and Alamo mountains, was reported "under control" after destroying 2500 acres of watershed and menacing Los Angeles-Bakersfield highways, and a fifth conflagration that leaped across the Mexican border was subdued by the entire population of Jacumba, 60 miles east of San Diego. Other smaller fires In Shasta, Riverside and San Luis Obispo counties also were reported extinguished or under control. HUHDLKS FIREBREAK Leaving a blackened, smoking wake of more than 10,000 acres, the fire south of Newhall hurdled a firebreak at the head of Pico Canyon and started eating Its fiery way down the south side of Oat Mountain, county authorities reported.

The outbreak, which menaced several ranches, including Hoot Gibson's, was fought desperately by rangers, C.C.C. youths, volunteers and oil company workers who last night had the conflagration checked on an eight-mile front. Although still blazing, the fire was brought virtually under control by a dramatic stratagem In which Government Meteorologist F. C. Crombie successfully predicted a southwest 30-mile-an- With BILL HENRY How does life seem to you these days, my fine-feathered friend? Are you becoming a trifle fed up on war talk? Well, if It isn't war talk it's going to be something else sort of like this: War, and and Women's Wear; These are my daily bill of fare.

Hitler took France in 18 The Russians cut up in their liveliest ways, The thermometer feels like a hundred and ten And my wife is mentioning furs again. IlEYfi'OX E. NONNY. KXTKRTAIXMEXT Perhaps It was the artistry of Gertrude Lawrence, possibly it was seeing Hometowner Glenn Anders again, but most of all I think it the fact that "Skylark" is Just a good play that made it so enjoyable. Just think no "mes-age," no propaganda, no bitterness, no preaching.

It is Just a play about people making the customary mess out of their everyday lives by placing the right emphasis on the wrong things and vice versa. Why I went home from the Biltmore laughing! It hardly seems possible! HOMK BOY I owe a great debt to Glenn Anders he increased my vocabulary. Longer ago than either of us would care to be specific, I made one of my regular visits to the" principal's office In Los Angeles High School seems to me that I Fpent most of my time there. Anyhow, when I walked in, a lady teacher was denouncing a fellow student to Principal Houh. She summed it all up "I tell you.

Mr. Housh, this boy Glenn Anders Is a procrastjna-tor." Gosh I could hardly wait ai i tuai "Peg-Leg" at 35th and Central 41st annual of nedin driye hjm to organization at tne aoiiywooa Roosevelt "We Gideons believe In an adequate national defense, but tanks and battleships and air REGISTERS HORROR "I don't want to see that ax again," cried Ralph W. Griggs, center, who confessed murdering woman with it. He is shown as he was inter viewed last night by Detective Lieutenant Aldo Corsini, holding the ax, and Detective Lieutenant Warren Hudson. Griggs was arrested shortly after discovery of the body, Tlmfs photo planes are not enoush.

must be combined with spiritual! Bennett became suspicious of strength and integrity," Hardin tne, odor called Hedin and to-ggjj gether they opened the back of "Man tn hast to huild the car and saw the body cf his intellectual and physical Long, wrapped tightly in Ghost Divorce Case Postponed as Judge Disqualifies Himself Chinese Woman Sister Accused of Aiding Men Witness Says She Saw i Waitress Forced Into Bedroom and Heard Cries hna nnn WteH hia tin tug III hlVMVU HUBMA' needs." the sneaker added. "As nations the countries of, Europe have forgotten God andi they now pay the price, but! Hitler's power is limited because God Is still sovereign." AMERICA'S MISSION Hardin believes God has raised America up "to be a bulwark in leading men and nations back to Himself." "There would be nothing to fear if this uiole nation was UJIIIIIIIlb JUIUUG Police Unable to Find Motive for Hanging of Mary Wong in Garage With the stoicism of her an cestors, Mary Wong, sister of 1 Tansy Moore, 1G, whose it married sister and three men are' I Anna May Wong, Amerlcan-bornV'VVrt a liniion ''Our ninccinrra and nur DrosDcrltv hav served to hpTnlrcpms cTmny wlin laClyS t0 eIp. for more than a year. on trial accused of contributing to her delinquency at a party in I San Fernando Valley where an-j other young woman says fihe was repeatedly attacked, yester- day told her version of the affair. Defendants in the case are i Mrs.

Avilda Walsh, 35; her hus-ll band Byrd; Charles L. Rudder.1 1 wind and the fire fighters hastily constructed a firebreak. FOG AIDS FIGHTERS A heavy fog blanketing Santa Susana Pass aided the fire fight- ers by checking the flames but hampered them by making the firebreaks difficult to maintain. Two Standard Oil Co. wells In the Pico fields in Pico Canyon burned.

A second head of the fire drove' half miles of the Ventura Coun ty line, according to the Sher id's office, here authorities said workers were ocing recruited in San Fernando and other valley cities to help the 700 tired fire fighters already on the blazing eight-mile front. The blaze broke out In Tows- Chinese actress, yesterday decid- a.a u-ir- lu lu lcl Ulc oaJ Arising abruptly from a table where she was having lunch with her father and another sister, Lu Wong, the 26-year-old Chinese woman walked to the garage in the rear of her home at 2S15 Council St. and hanged herself! from a clothesline from a rafter. suspended SISTER PROSTRATED in horsants Mni.a imma An US UCOaUCn OUrseiVeS inSieaa Oil "Thl3 is the age of last opportunity for men and women to hear the Gospel message and receive or reject it. Our nation is blessed above all others, but u-.

must mim-n in ihn rhrL-n practices of our forefathers If righteousness Is to prevail." THOUSAND ATTENDING More than 1000 Gldecns are at- nd Stcphc? 31, all 'of San 1 crnando. FORCED IX TO BEDROOM Arrested by homicide detail police officers was Ralph V. Griggs, 42, a mechanic, who said he slew his companion when, she "told me she was going to leave me." The gruesome discovery was made when Griggs asked Ecke Hedin, a mechanic In a garage at lOSth and Main to drive him to 33th St. and Central Ave. to locate a man he named as "Peg-Leg." SEEKS LOAN OX CAH "When I got into the car," Hedin told Detective Lieutenants J.

J. Steffens and E. C. Swan-son, "I smelled a strange odor. I asked Griggs what it was and he told me it was a dead deer he had in the back of the car." When Griggs could not find a service station at 4051 S.

Central Ave. There Griggs asked a Negro mechanic, Melvln Bennett, to lend him $3 on his car, a 192S ulrui head crammed beneath her legs the coupe's doubled b- seat and neath her. BREAKS DOWN AND CRIES Griggs made no attempt to escape when the turtle-back was opened, Hedin said. He stood by the car while Hedin called police. Then he went to the turtle-back and locked it.

"He didn't say a word," Hedin said. Griggs told Detective Lieuten ant Aldo Corsini of the homl- cide dctail that ne had 'bppn Ulil. VVIHII HIV Ac thn nmnr nnctinn, ing him, Griggs broke down and cried. GRIGGS' STORY "I killed my best friend with an ax," he sobbed. "You might as well take the ax to me.

ImT no Im Kood, Here Is the story Grigg3 told police: About two weeks ago he and Mrs. Long moved into lf.55 Shat- ing to leave Griggs and go north. Griggs argued with her. Both had been drinking. They got into Griggs coupe and began driving.

The argument became heated, There Griggs reached behind pole ax he carried there and 1, Kio 1 I guess that killed her," he concluded. Later Griggs said he bundled Miss Long's body into blankets and stuffed It into the back of Turn to 1ije 2t Column .1 TODAY'S FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS BY DlKWAUn HOWES FRIDAY, JULY 2 C. ALLAN HANCOCK. 18T.V In Angeles oilman, financier, phi-lanihrnpNt anrt (iportman: giv to the city the tiUbiattil La Urea Pits from which so many remains ot prehistoric animal have been recovered. AI.DOIS HUXLEY, 1X91.

Slim and witty grandson of a famous net. rntist, soti of a celebrated writer, and brother of a noted biologist; author of several brilliant satires. MRU McrrrriiKov, wmwZH. Author of the otu highly popular "Clrauatark" nov. els, romantic tales of a mythical kingdom, and of tha amusing comedy.

"Hrewster's besmt his writing cat err at a reporter. GEOltGK BERNARD SII.WY, An Intellectual porcupine, whn qudls, pointed and aharp, rearH out In all directions; no subject Is Moo solemn rail forth rails! ic remark from this nlf. a'yled "(greatest of livii'g rights." Testifying against her sister; ancj tne others, the girl said she Miss Saliv Campbell, waitress, forced into a bedroom iin Rudder's home. Then, she. said( was tol(j to g0 outside I 'Ending the five-day assemblvito a room in the rear of a to A'-1 i to 4 ff na Mav Worn? was nrootratM hvWnich Pcned with registration1 house.

The same night Mrs. na May Wong was prostrated by StatC( natlonal and declared that she was go- vujuii mm iiiesuay anu and sit in tne car. probably will continue to burn:,,, i iva all day today, officials said, be-'fhi Va LZuh cause shifting winds and 'h hoard Miss uonai aeiegates last Thursday. Welcoming addresses were given yesterday by Ordean Roc-ey, representing Mayor Dowrcn; Cecil Kettle, State president of sible terrain make difficult A. 1.7 ji I mi v.

the Gideons, and Walter Ru- Griggs imploring her not to chanan, president of L03 Ange- leave him. They continued drlv-les camp. ing until' about 3 a.m., when they Dan Addison, manager of the were near Victorville on a lone-Hollywocd Chamber of Com-l'V desert road some 100 miles merce. was presented with a spe-from Los Angeles, cial Bible in appreciation of his TELLS OP KILLING the news of her sister's death It was nearly an hour after Mary Wong had left her father and sister sitting at the table be fore a visitor, Mrs. C.

Arnett of 2715 Glassell discovered the hanging body. Answering an emergency call, Radio Officers J. H. Nelson and C. D.

Walker found Miss Wong dead. MOTI VK I) ETER.M I I) Later, Detective R. H. Halselt xneaunsuccessiuiiyioiearnoia reason ror tne suicide. Mary had not been despondent not worried about finances.

No wcre found 10 lhe use of backfires and pumping equipment. FLAMES IV MOUNTAINS Although the flames ran up one side of Oat Mountain, scorch ing the ranger lookout station on its top, and down the other, no serious damage to buildings was reported and no lowns in the district were In immediate dan- ger Still burning but said by au thorities to have been checked and nearly controlled last night was a fast-moving fire seven miles north of Lake Arrowhead u-hirh ha swnnt nuor mom SUED FOR DIVORCE Mrs. Lillian Boyce, left, who, according to charges of her husband, Hollywood eye specialist, is in love with a ghost. With her is Loretta Julian. Timet photo slory corroborated the one told Wednesday by Miss Campbell, who declared Walsh helped hold her while Walsh and Thomas outraged her.1 a Lach of the defendant briefly stopped to the witness stand and denied Misb Campbells accusations.

They also denied i serving her liquor. Another wltnesi was the Ualshesv 10-Jcar-old daughter wn; wh, testlfiod on the evening In question, last April, shf aw them all drinking beer, final arguments of attorneys sides rested. The case Is to be! given the Jury today. TVnmUp nf Tif. William A.ihls wife vorrirrt nnl en mtirh to get to a dictionary and was I disappointed! Anyhow, Glenn's the only procrastinator from Los Angeles High or any place to appear In three Pulitzer Prize plays which Is something.

ODDS A Jack Schurch, who proved that a fellow could play guard on the gridiron and then develop Into an artist, is decorating the fo'castle of the exclusive Crosse Pointe Yacht Club at Detroit So many good things need help we're likely to overlook our own fine projects like the Hollywood Studio Club and the University Religious Conference to mention a couple Jut received one of those "firsts" an airmail letter carried on the first Tan American Clipper flight from New Zealand Vast majority of United States Army Reserve officers aren't being called to training camp this summer Most effective of the services in the present superexpansion Is the Air Service Friend of mine got a letter from an Englishman In London who said: We really haven't much to be grousing about. After all we're playing this game on the home grounds and we're in the semifinals, aren't we? Value of the wool crop for this year In Australia Is equal to $10 for every person In that country Adrian Quist, demon Australia). Davis Cup tennis player, finds his asthma has disqualified him for further military service Jean Do-rotra. France's Bounding Basque, Is In charge of physical training for the French government Two Los Angeles-built Lockheed planes recently broke the London-to-Australia flight record Our C. of C.

Isn't too boastful Denver newspapers, in their weather forecasts, always refer to "Healthful Denver and Vicinity" Can't blame 'em that's nice country up there. being accused of leaving mathematically Inclined readers suspended In midair with a query about a number which could be divided by two with one over and so on up to division by nine with eight over. Elaine Carse, who oflercd the query, says the correct answer Is 720,719. Other mathematicians say the answer anything from 2319 up Into the millions. What do I think? Why I can't make a weekly expense account add up, so how ean I be expected to know about the right answers' to deep stuff like this? Anagramsters have disappointed me here's Taul Bryan's prize performance In that line: ,4 KOVEl BY A SCOTTISH WRITER.

IVANIIOE BY SIR WALTER SCOTT. F.ovce. Hollywood eye about his welfare as that of in love, maintained Wong to conclusively" that a ghost called Sho-Sha, described Sam Sing, the (father. Although ghost named Sho-Sha was the as her "soul mate in the spirit nd nIy er employed man" failed to materialize world." jtermittently as a stenographer Tn ilpsrrihlntf hnw th phostlsne always nan a nome ana was acres of jinon growth and yesterday after both! assertedly came between him snd his wife, Dr. Boyce In vrsiterdav when trial of his con- tested divorce suit with his estranged wife, Mrs.

Lillian E. rtnvre vn Continued. The trial was put over possibly Turn to Page 12, Column 1 rlnn.iultlnn fil.ifl hrnlirth Vila tornev, S. S. Hahn, told of spir-' Like her actress sister MaryjCa IIcnnin(? international until iMonaay aner Mipcnorjtualistic seances attended by! "7 them both since 1033.

during e. which Nvhat purported to be1Ier molher dled abouwo years Judge Clarence M. Hanson dis- qualified himself as judge be- rausp nr. iiovce lor a numner 01 'rh ennr vnrm tst worn in neiping arrange the convention, which also was ad- oivji 1-Y Ul. IU1IUIU 5 IV IIIIK, Ud SEPVICK OX STREET Second evangelistic street serv- Ice of the meeting was conduct- ed at Hollywood Blvd.

and Vine St. by Samuel A. Fulton, inter- national trustee of the organiza I ition from Milwaukee, and arpasUrPr from Chicago. Today's program will Include a Turn to I'ngo 12, Column 8 1 years has been his family eye to them, doctor. I These seances were conducted The divorce wilt was begun by by a Mrs.

Loretta Julian, whom Mrs. Boyce, who charged as a "trumpet me-during their marriage her hus-1 diim." band wa cold. Indifferent and Julian pul a (rump0t on unsympathetic. In his cross-complaint the doctor set forth that Turn to 1'agi. 2, Column 3 11 .11 i r.

if 'V -V A Southland's Growth Linked to Sound Economic Basis Ik. That Southern California's population not only Is the fastest growing but also the best In the country from a solid economic standpoint was the claim made yesterday by the All-Year Club. According to the organization, a survey of tne country -showed Los Angeles County has 11.7 per cent fewer on relief than the national average, and that lis tax delinquencies are second lowest among the nation's 13 largest counties. It was also xtatcd that only New York and Chicago top Los Angeles Counlv' more than $1,000,000,000 retail nales and nearly $2,000,000,000 incomt In the past year. Though Los Angeles city fifth In population It Is third In automobile ownership, slightly more than 13 machines for every 10 families, according to the report.

New York was first among the large cities In building with Los Angeles taking second place, the organization reports. SECONDS CROMWELL "Put your trust in God and keep your powder dry," W. Hardin, Gideon leader, tells his followers ot opening of convention hens. TlroM pho5 SHAME Pansy Let Moore covers her feotures 01 she goes to court with police matron in attack case.TlmM.

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