The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 25, 1950 · 20
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 20

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1950
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A- 1 ! II ! I Hi i s I 1 I t i i S Partn-SATNOV.25, 1950 HEDDA HOPPER Walt Disney Plans 6 Sleeping Beauty Film Walt Disney, -who's releasing "Alice in Wonderland and starting animation on "Peter Pan" next year, is a 1 r e a d y cooking up plans for two more features. One is "Sleeping Beauty." The other is "The Sword and the Stone," based on the story by T. H. White. The latter concerns the legend of King Arthur, and two of the chief characters will be a good ..and bad magician who pit their powers ' of wizardry against one another. Bert Freed join3 the cast of "Quantrell's Raiders' as one of the sergeants in the guerrilla leader's army. He's from Broadway. Incidentally, for the final scenes in that picture Alan Ladd can just step out of the breakfast nook and go to work. They're being shot on his ranch iu Hidden Valley. John Brown, who plays Digger O'Dell on "The Life of Riley" show, joins the cast of "Strangers on a Train." He'll really get a chance to characterize by playing a drunk professor in the picture. Bette Davis will give me the frankest argument we've had yet on the Hedda Hopper air show tomorrow evening. And shell also do her scene from "All About Eve." Carl Bris-son will step over to sing and Chill Wills insisted upon bringing in Francis, the mule. SURPRISED PARTY When C. B. De Mille gave Lucille Ball the role of the Elephant Girl in "The Greatest Show on Earth," he asked if she were afraid of elephants. "Of course, I'm scared to death," said Lucille. "But I'm so anxious to be in the picture I'd practically stick my bead in one of the elephants' mouths." I've got news for Lucille. That's practically what she'3 going to do. One close-up has an elephant resting his foot on her forehead. Jack Carson spent Thanksgiving with his children. Before returning to New York, he'll try to get Ginger Rogers to go back east and appear on his TV show as a plug for TV I Lucille Ball their picture "The Groom Wore Spurs." I'm told that Conrad Hilton sent a check for $1000 to CapL Melvin Bowen, the pilot who brought that plane with Nicky Hilton and Liz Taylor aboard safely to the ground. PEACE PROJECT Ida Lupino goes east the first of the month to discuss a forthcoming picture, "Man of the World," with United Nations officials. The picture will show the actual workings of a United Nations team sent into a strife-torn territory to establish peace. Ida's main purpose Is to get permission to shoot scenes of the actual workings of the United Nations while in session at Lake Success. Sam Goldwyn Jr. and writer Joel Sayre are getting together material for a picture which has an. Army ground force training background. They're going back to Ft. Riley, Kan., for two weeks of research. Story idea is original with Sam Jr. Looks like a natural for Farley Granger and Joan Evans. Marie McDonald's trying to get rid of 'The Body" by finding where the body is hidden on a new TV series titled "Molly Private Eye-Full," in which shell play a glamorous detective. Show will be produced by Lou Cowan. MAGIC BACKFIRED Jeff Donnell had an unfortunate accident while doing a comedy scene in the short, "Mealtime Magic" She was supposed to slam a large jar of mayonnaise into a collapsible sink. The jar collapsed, and Jeff had to have stitches taken in the palms of both hands. B. J. Adler, Sears-Roebuck heiress, is seen a great deal with .Bernard Glasser, and she'll have quite a part in the series of pictures he's planning to star George O'Brien. The first one's titled 'Tucson Joe." Joan Evans, .with four im 10$ ZtlQClCS CittlW pacted wisdom teeth, is having two of them yanked. Adrian Booth has gone to Houston, Tex., to address auxiliaries of the City of Hope Hospital in a new campaign to raise funds for a 100-bed cancer hospital. Billy Eckstihe will play a dramatic role as well as sing in a forthcoming Metro picture, for which he'll receive 75,000. Keefe Brasselle wants to fill in that idle time between pictures; so he's getting up a band L -am ti i. em- Walt Disney to play at Army camps and hospitals. Any entertainers who play an instrument or sing should get in touch with Keefe at Metro. WORKING IT OUT With Olga San Juan resuming her career in New 'York, Edmond O'Brien, to solve the problem of being separated, may do Lee 'Sabinson's new play, -Out of the. Sky," which Samuel Grafton wrote. With five pictures as a backlog, he can afford to take time off from the screen. Bill Welsh, who's found homes for over 200 stray dogs here by presenting them on his TV show, is having a special day declared for him by the SPCA, at which impounded dogs will be given away to kids who can't afford to pay the charges on them. Contributions sent to the Bill Welsh show will be used to pay the charges for the kids. Marie Wilson aims to stick to local fashions after this. About eight months ago she ordered four gowns from Paris. They just arrived in time to be out- of style. It's remarkable how well Edmund Gwenn looks and acts these days. His arthritis is much better, and he's been out of the hospital for more than a week. LISTEN" TO THE HEDDA HOPPER SHOW TOMOR. ROW, SUNDAY, NOV. 26, 5:00- 5:30 P-M. (PST) NBC-KFI. Released br CMeaeo Tribune-NY. New Syndicate. Inc.. 1950 i f I - ,'' Cheaters Spoken Drama :CR. 1147 EL CAPITAN S. u. mxnm tm mm mow n w m imtt l UL HE It. Tl IttJCK IN 6AASOM KANtfCS BILTMORE SHIRLEY BOOTH SIDNEY Rl flPKMFR Mats. Wed. I Sat NOW ENDS DEC. 2 A New WILSHIRE EES ELL THEATRE , Tsnite inly 8:30 TICKETS SI. TO to S : Office WV. 70"S l Mutull Aetrirs LAST 8 DAYS Ulnronl DI?lf P . Ifeeaa I'YATT N IG HTl YSj3 51 eaawwaea a aaaa P MMiMXc mm rim MIDNITE SPOOK SHOW OLYMPIC,, H Olymeie a. Bandy I CENTURY DEVIL'S DOORWAY UHIOM STATIOM DEVIL'S DOORWAY UNION STATION ' Centy. W. at Crnjrur. urcunuT AX. DEVIL'S DOORWAY The Neit Voice Tad Heaf Kins Solomon's Mines UNION STATION ' 182 A Vermont i SAN PEDRO 21 141 1575 N. 6affey iiKFwnnn lb.. Toast of New Orleans OEVIL'S DOORWAY g Cherry a. Caraan COMPTON NE. I70l DEVIL'S DOORWAY THREE SECRETS FANCY PANTS THREE SECRETS ''4 Raseerana, E. at L.B. Page &t 61! 01 E. Gll fWHITTIER- :? 8402 E. Whittier Bl. DEVIL'S DOORWAY The Next Veice To Hear f i.j;U!nvrTaBa5c BIS SKYJSSS SUNSET BLVD. SLEEPING CITY E. af Monrovia. Hwy. 60 CENTINELA UNION STATION ROADIUM -? Streets of Laredo Centlnela E. af Seeere. EDGE OF DOOM Redowde Bch. Bl.-Cren. SLATTERYS HURRICANE EDWARDS La."?;?5 HELL TOWN SOUTH GATEhUS SUNSET BLVD. Peck Rd. E. Temple City BUFFALO STAMPEDE A Mantle 4 Flreetene THE FURIES FLORAL UNION STATION STARLITE AT ,MM SADDLE TRAMP Modniek N. of Broeklya IT.L GET BY Beeeiaead A 6arvey SLEEPING CITY GILMORE w.ff UNION STATION STUDIO tZSSt Vl1 GET BY Third at Fairfax Se WYOMING MAIL SeawNeda-Jeffereea Wert Voice) Yo Hear LOSFELIZ?., DAKOTA LIL SUNLAND l'.Life of Her Own HYOerion.mvnido ADVENTURE ISLAND 1916 Foothill Blvd. WYOMING MAIL HASTINGS Jftae GILDA THE FIREBALL Raaemead A Foothill M0VIELAND BRIEFS Both George -Tobias and Raymond Burr join the cast of "The Magic Carpet" headed by Lucille Ball, John Agar and Patricia Medina at Columbia. Lew Landers is directing the picture for Sam Katzmann, and it looks as if Landers may guide "The Skating Vanities" for Harold Steinman and Art Cohn, to be made at the Pinewood studios in London, and on location with the roller-skating troupe in Paris, Rome and Zurich. Maurice Chevalier i3 still named as the probable star with Gloria "Nord of the con? pany. Shelley Winters is looking for an actor to replace Bernard Hamilton in "Thunder Rock," the play she directed at the Circle's Experimental Theater, because Hamilton will be inducted into the service this coming week. Dick Haymes dramatic radio series, "I Fly Anything," may be brought to pictures through Universal-International if a current deal negotiated by MCA reaches fulfillment. , Jack Carson will be " busy Monday discussing the father role for Hal Wallis in "Junior," starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Director Lewis Allen is considering a picture titled "Thunder From the Stars" from a futuristic space-travel story by Stanhope Greene, to be produced in the spring in England. Vaughn Taylor, New York stage actor on radio and television, who was brought to Hollywood for the Army major in "Up Front," will play the police inspector in "Francis Goes to the Races." Patti Page, who has been appearing at the New York Paramount Theater, will join Lena Home and Bert Lahr in "Two on an Isle," to be produced on the Broadway stage by Arthur Lesser. Lon McCallister, who was In "Rookie in Korea" for Sam Katzmann at Columbia, is reported wanted by the studio for two films annually. Peggy Lee, who was in "Mr. Music" with Bing Crosby at Paramount- will oDen a three- week engagement Tuesday at the Cocoanut Grove. Mike Mazurki will be seen as Pat O'Brien's bodyguard in '"Criminal Lawyer" at Columbia. Vincent Renno will act the proprietor of a cafe in "Sirocco" for Santana Productions. Vincente Minnelli, director; Arthur Freed, producer, and Gene Kelly, dancer, are appraising candidates for the big ballet sequence in "An American in Paris," which ' will call for 100 dancers, and need two sound stages and three rehearsal halls; Producer . Gottfried Reinhardt at Metro ha3 acquired the book of sketches which Bill Mauldin did while working on "The Red Badge of Courage," which he has 'All About Eve Setting Records "All About Eve," now at Chinese, Los Angeles. Fox Wilshire, Uptown and Loyola Theaters, is establishing new attendance records, the management reports. fcwtre Enterprises hwxtA GENE MANN PRO0UCTI0N WILLIAM MARIE WPttOAUOUS MOADWAY SJAE JP Mi .- THE THEATRE GUltO prnwu! Plar byWIUAM INGE ""IRWIN PARNES PRESENTS World's Greatest Children's Choir 40 LITTLE SINGERS FROM PARIS Madriealsa Greeeriaa Ckanta French Folk Seaae Mllw a ansa 1642 N. IAS f ALMAS Cl.7l1 ALL THEATRES In Addition to Regular Program SHOWS START AT 6:00 P.M. EL MONTE T. Lower Anna Rd, MR. 880 UNDERWORLD STORY SAN VAL Barkank, CH. -57I4 ROCKY MT. Walk Softly. StrswEer PICKWICK Barkank. GH. SS723 MR. 830 TOAST OF NEW ORLEANS VAN NUYS Boieoo Bl. ST. 53460 RESEDAS Reseda A Vanewea DEVIL'S DOORWAY WYOMING MAIL ROCKY MT. TOAST OF NEW ORLEANS To Please a Lady ORANGE Hiway 101. Oranee 380 WYOMING MAIL TRI-CITY- Redlaade, S B. 13171 UNION STATION THREE SECRETS ROADIUM" BREAKING POINT SLEEPING CITY Parawetint ft Cemptoa VICTORY Virf9r ' N. Hollywood. ST-7442J EDGE OF DOOM WYOMINI MAIL titled "Up Front With Bill Mauldin During the Civil War." It is chiefly for exploitation purposes, but might lead to a film script. rj CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES Ho Advoncc in PriccsTUi At t VI 9 ! AHVC1 mtm0l BETTE ANNE GEORGE DAVIS-BAXTER-SANDERS CELESTE GARY H-UEMIIII& 't PXMMI If, 4111 ln WIT. 3ll um Tonite! United Artists last showing "The Milkman," 12:49 a.m. t .W TilS- Hoiycowt m m r tfiar mmm -wm w ' rain m f . . 4 .urf. DONALD lilt sift fv- UUMUK'VUKKN t tt hftl LUtt nth una IICMMQND 7-431 I 2 TODAY! 2:30 8:30 I ttrfmuKN I Jofiys ut UMjts 131 131 -1:31 i hi 7? ithWrfliimrinrt-MXTisCiffwl-R3lphCl3ntw4toydCofrii I Virginia Firmer-Producrf by Sunitr Krwntr-OirectMl try MictimI I Cwdoa Snecnpijy ky Ctrl forenun Assocutt Producer Georgt I Com Musk by Dtmitri iKxnlua Released ttwouh United VUiU UH ail PHONE tt3EU ItatUi to U PirfrwicK Matinees daily at 2:30 . m. SliO. I SO, 1 20 E.enmrs at ( 30 m. 12.40, 1.80. 10-trtri Showing Sunday and Holidays it 538 J p. m. Ail prices tri tai mcluded ! KXimCini W Tickeu on sale at Boi 0f(, So. CjWofm'a shows Mroj m$$&& V I . -,.;Wl..h-.,J r ,r-t r, , - -m 1 ARROYO S23CH Fir Os.lrlS Owl Show Flynn-WynMr. ROCKY MOUNTAINS McNHy-$mith. WTQMIMO MAIL. Or. ELMONTHt-Vrt rp l. OU-9-1331 Janw Stawart-Bartwra Hal la) THE JACKPOT; Paloofca in Ivuartd Circle BEVERLY B Ilia. On 1 :45. Owl ihew 10 Cabla-SUnwyck, TO PLEASE A LADY; iam9 8ttwart-B. Hale, THE (JACKPOT BOULEVARD Wxh.-Vt Oo 1 :5 Owl h" W. Halden-N. OlMn. UNION ITATION; Rabart Taylor in DEVIL E OOORWAY RUIN Weitwoorf Coot. 1 45. Owl "biw W. Meldan-N. OlMn, UNION STATION; 4. Cotttn-L. Dirntll, a PLACt WEST CARLTON Weitb-54. Ot 1:45 Owl Show Hmr-Lundlaan, I'LL GET BY. air.; Wm. Halden-N. OIn, UNION STATION CARMEI B16SS.MB!it On1 wl Flynn-Wymora, ROCKY MOUNTAIN; Smith-Men ally, WYOMING. MAIL, elr. EL REV 5517 Wilibira. Cm. 12. WE-11101 Jiimi Stewart-Barbara Male In THE JACKPOT; Paleoaa In the Savarad Cirtle EMBASSY Wat'B-Srd.CrB.l:45 DU-S-4311 W. Haldn-N. Olaan. UNION STATION; Rabert Taylaf in DEVIL'S DOORWAY FAIRFAX B-Tr!y-Firf On. 1 "OO. Owl Rabert Taylor In DEVIL'S DOORWAY FICUEROA Fi.-8. Bar. On 1:45. Owl 10 Maver-Lundigan, I'LL CET BY, tlr.; W m. Hal den-N. Olwn. UNION STATION FINE ARTS Ctenra. CR-4S12S 4 Farrwr Cyrana. Daily 3:34), :30: Sundaye and Halidayt :30. 6:30. -30 FLORENCE Flor-Comv Ct.l Owl. LA-7STT Rabart Taylor In DEVIL'S OOORWAY; Wm. Melden-N. OIan, UNION STATION 6ENTRV Comtrton 66th. Ct. 13:30. Owl 7 dahn Wayna Hits! 7 Sinnere and the Spoilera; Plm Alt Baba 40 Thlooa, elr. COLDEN GATE 5178 Whittier. Ct. 12:30 dama Stawart-B. Hale. THE JACKPOT; dnhn Wayne-M. O'Hara, RIO GRANDE; CORDON T Brra-Mel. On. 1:45. WH-3944 Cottan-Valll, Walk aottly. Stranrar; R. Wldmark-L. DarnaH. NO WAV OUT HIGHLAND SS04 JTFif.Op 1:15. Owl ahow Havor-Lundigan, I'LL CET BY, air.; Robert Taylor In DEVIL'S DOORWAY LA BREA tb-La Broa. Op. 1 :4S. Owl show Grayaan-Lanea, Taast af New Orlcana, dr.; Flynn-Wymora, Rocliy Mountain LARCHMONT tch.-Bor. O. 1 :45 CL-7417 I'LL GET BY. elr., d:1S, 7:54. t1:3Jj ROCKY MOUNTAIN, :?5. :Q. :44 LIDO La Cieneea-Firo. On. 1 -45. Owl abow Crayon-Lanra. Taaat at Near Orlaana, ' dr.; Flynn-Wymora. wocay aaoumain LOYOLA Man.-h.-Spiil. Op. 1. 0R-S1444 Oavm-Baxtor-Sandori-Holm-Marrill. ALL ABOUT EVE; Disney Cater Cartoon MELROSE Mel. ar.Vrt.Oo. 1 :5. OL-4421 Bow Hopo-L. Ban. fanct rami, eir.; McNally-Smith. WYOMINO MAIL, elr. MESA Crra.-Slau. Op.i:45.lwl. AX-1S95S Granaa. Lanza. Teaat al Noa Orlaana. dr.: Cotten-Valll. Walli Softly. Stranear PARISIAN Vt. -6 Op-1 :45-Owl. OU-7-1013 Grayoon-Lanea. Taast al New Ortaana, etr.; Flynn-Wymora, Roeay Mountain RAVENNA Verm't-Bee. DU -3-0060 MKor.Lundiean. I'LL GET BY. tlr. I W. Halden-N. Olaen. UNION STATION RITZ 5214 Wile. Fr.Pk. O.12:J0 WA-1221 Lans! O'Connor-Durante, tub MAN; Romance! Brltton. Bandit Queen STADIUM Ct. 12:45. Owl Show Haver-Lundican, I'LL GET BY. elr.; Robert Taylor In DEVIL'S OOORWAY STARLAND 2624 N. Bdwy Cnnt 1 Ow"l Bob Hopo-L. Ball. VANCY PANTS, clr.l Cotten-Valll. Walk Softly. Straneer TOWERCompt. Open all nita Ct. 1J M a. vvyman-u. wmim.) -. Wm. Hotden-N. OUan, UNION STATION UPTOWN Wat'n-OWwi Tt 12:SO PA-111S Dai-Rater-SanHere-Halm-Merrlll. ALL ABOUT e;we:; uisnoy voor wnwn VILLtCC-Wntxmd. On. 1 -45 Owl the The Jackpot, 17; 5:27, S:4. 11:58: Ta Please a Laay, 3:50. t:uo. WESTLAKE AI..Wilbir On 12:15. Oal .rfi. I'll err by. dr.: Robert Taylor In DEVIL'S DOORWAY WILSHIRE 440 Wit. CR-58970. WY-3154 Davis-Rutnr-Sandare-Hoim-Morrtii. ni-a. ABOUT EVE: Dianey Celar Cartoon DOWNTOWN IOS ANGELES GLOBE 744 8. Bdwe. Ont. 10. RE-A111 irNtlTIIINIL! STARTLING! YOUTH AFLAME and TEEN ABE LOS ANGELES 615 8. F lr. 10 a.m. till 1 Oavie-Baxter-Sandere-Helm-MerriM, ALL ABOUT EVE: Dianey Celar Cartoon POMONA. ONTARIO FOX Pomona. Onnt. 1. Owl Show ABOUT EVE: TOUCHER THEY COME AUNKIST Pomona font 1 Owl fihn Lamarr-Miltand, COPPER CANYON, elr.i Donleey-Murpby, Kliwal Raidere, elr. STATE Pomona Opn 1:00 Owl Show Bob Hooe-L. Ball, FANCY PANTS, dr.; R. Conte-C. Cray, SLEEPING CITY VILLAGE Clarvmniit. On 1:45. LV-52615 Parker-Heal-Roman. THREE SECRETS; Lucille Bali. FULLER BRUSH CIRL GRANADA Ontario ion 12:4S 61-9192 Milland-Lamarr, COPPER CANYON, clr.i Hanreid, Last al the Buccaneera IEDLANDS REDLANDS Cnnt. 1. Main 4331 dorm Wayne-Maureen O'Hara In RIO GRANDE Carrell, HIT PARADE 1951 ORANGE COUNTY WEST COAST Santa Ana. KI-22421 B. Davie-A. Baxter, ALL ABOUT EVE; 2nd Feature: SQUARED CIRCLE FOX Anaheim. Phono 3601 D. Brian-d. Agar, BREAKTHROUGH; Donleey-Murphy, Kenaaa Raidere, elr. ANAHEIM Anahrim. Phono 4212 MacRae-Oiy, TEA FOR TWO, dr.: Caulneld-Cumminge, PETTY CIRL. elr. FOX Fullerton. Phone 267 John Wayne-Mauraen O'Hara in RIO GRANDE: Elliott. THE SHOWDOWN IONO BEACH CRESY Atlantic sr. Careon. Ct 12. Ft. k. B. DavlvA. Beater-G. Sondere-C. Halm, All About Eva; Teren-Ghandler. Departed Star Would Do Kellerman Saga Virginia Mayo, feminine prin cipal in "The West Point Story," at Warners Hollywood, Down town and Wiltern Theaters, has asked her studio to consider pro- MVM MHOM MUM afftH CARRYL F. 2ANUCK JOSEPH L. MANKIEWICZ OMAl 9UCX to ltO MOWN r-rv fh.. HI Piwnt Qt 3444s tAW-viet ) mm . 'J DRrttfi' IIm.IU JIMMV fviirviirr IhealhcnMltat f yj if r m v na east m m M m riiif if ma iinnnr-EiiLnji I UNitT 1-2377 JUS. AINU li'l Fabulout kml Fmrnotf tuaef JOSE FERRER as the one and only to-Uarrittq MALA POWERS WILSHIRE near U CIENEGA Beverly Hills CR. 5 6464 - CR. 4 5129 HOUYWOOD APOLLO Hlaod.-Weate.Ct.l :45 - Ul ahnw Came Early! Bob Hope, FANCY PANTS, elr.; Cotte.vValli, Walk Softly. Stranger CHINESE 692S Mlvod Up. 12. RE-4111 Oeyie-Baaler-Sandere-Holm-Merrlll. ALL ABOUT EVE; Dianey Color Cartoon FILMARTE 1128 Ji Vine Op 1:45. OR-7712 I'll Get By, dr., 2:00. S:07, S:14. 11:21; Devil'e Doorway, 3:37. 0:44. 0:51 GUILD 126 lllyd Bld Ct. 12. HI-71U damee Stawart-Barbara Hale In THE dACKPOT: Palooka In Squared Clrete OH0LLYW00O Ct 12 JO-5 a.m. HE S371 Cottan-Valll, Walk Softly, Stranear; Flynn-Wymora, ROCKY MOUNTAIN IRIS 6508 Hollewnod BLd Ct. 12 HE-2184 Bob Hopo-L. Ball, FANCY PANTS, dr.: Lancaater-Owonn-McOuire. MISTER 080 LOMA Sta. Mnn.-WV.m. Op.l :45. CL-8713 Haer-Lund lean, I'LL GET BY, dr.; R obert Taylor In DEVIL'S. POO RWAY VOGUE 75 Hwd Bird Ct 12 CR-2S5S Latfat O'Cannar-Durante, THE MILK-MAN; Romance! Britten. Bendit Queen 'OCEAN PARK. SANTA MONICA, VENICC CULVER CITY, WIST l.A. DOME 12:15. EXBR. C3?7S damee Stawart-B. Male, THE dACKPOT Ponlooy-Murpny, Kanaae Raidere, elr. CRITERION Ont. 12. EXBR. S8282 d. Cotton-L. Darnell. X FLAQS WEST:. E. O'Brien. Between Midnight ft Dawn ROSEMARY Own 12:15. EXBR. 0327 Cable-StamrycM, YO PLEASE A LADY P. Henreld, La-it of the Bueeanoore. tlr. BUNOV Piro-Cen''"' PV AR--51l Gary Ceo ear, ALONG CAME dONES; Claudette Colbert. Without Besoreofono TIVOLI 1I52J ft Mntt HI Ct 1 AR-11ii Bob Hena-L. Ball, FANCY PANTS, dr. R. Conte-C. Gray. SLEEPING C ITY WILSHIRE 1314 Wila. Rl EXBR. SCS Caulnald-Cumminei, PETTY CIRL. dr. M. Brando-T. Wrleht. THE ME N CULVER Waah.-rnni.o. Op. 11 VE-S3124 LafN! O'Cannar-Durante, THE MILK-MAN; Romancel Britten, Bendit Queen HUNTINGTON PARK CALIFORNIA Mil entai 13-5 O-I10 1S damee Stawart-B. Hale, THE dACKPOT; Marta Taron-Jeff Chandler. DEPORTED LYRIC 720. Par.r Rl. fl ahnw. LA-O402 Crahle-Oailey, MY BLUE HEAVEN, clr. Parwer-Neel-Roman. THREE SECRETS ALCAZAR 442SK (iare.Op 1 Owl LA-3MA d. Cetten-L. Darnell, 2 FLAGS WESTS A. 8heridan-D. O'Keefe. Woman On Run INGIEWOOO ACADEMY Ct l.Ol PL-15111. OR-710HO dehn Wayna-M. O'Hara. RIO GRANDE: Marta Toren-Jeff Chandler. DEPORTE D FOX U5 N. Markrt Ct. 12 SO 0R-?123 damee Serart-Barbara Hate In THE JACKPOT; Carroll. HIT PARADE 131 FIFTH AVE. Vb.V.n r l-0 Owl .how fable-Stanwyck, TO PLEASE A LADY; Wm. Helden-N. OIen. UNION STATION INCLEWOOO 103 X. la Br-a ft. 1. i Lanraater-Cwenn-MeGuira. MISTER MO; M. Roaney-P. O'Brien. THE FIREBALL SEVILLE 6407 Wt Rl.d. On 1 :4S. Owl W. of Crenihew. McCrea. Saddle Tramp, dr.; Crable-Dailey, MyBlua Heaven, dr. RE DON DO, HERMOSA, MANHATTAN REDONDO Opn 10 Rmokinr FR-257S4 dehn Wayna-M. O'Hara. RIO CRANDE; E. O'Brien, Between Midnight ft Deem) STRAND TonV. 1 FRontier 2-8300 dool McCrea. (TARS IN MY CROWN Stork well-Hickman. HAPPY YEARS HERMOSA nprn 12:45. FRontier 2-0245 d. Wvman-G. Lawrenre. Cleea Menaeerto: Robert Terlar In DEVIL'S DOORWAY LAMAR Mnhtn Brh Ct.l Frontier 0 d. f!otten-L. Darnell, 7 FLACS WEST; A. Shertdan-D. O'Ke-fe. Woman On Run GLENDALE ALEX Owall CHSH29 John Wevne-M. O'Hara. RIO GRANDE: Marta Taren-dell Chandler. DEPORTED GLENO ALE Onn 12 CH-S28I3 E. O'Brien, Between Mldnlstit ft Dawn; P. Henreid. tat af the Buceanoero, dr. GATEWAY S Fer Rrnd Op 1 -Trt C.H-51"1 . Laneaater-Cwenn-MeGuire. MISTER 880; Parker-Neal-Roman, THREE SECRETS GLEN T.,ln.-Ad.. Opmi 1-30. CH-5178, Crable-Dniley, MY BLU E "HE A VEN, elr.; Litetlle Rett. FULL ER BRUSH ft I R L NORTH HOUYWOOD. VAN NUYS7 SHERMAN OAKS. STUDIO CITY STUDIO CITY )r 12 SU-27377. 8T-71971 Lalfa! O'Cennor-Durante. THE MILKMAN; Romance t Britten. Bandit Queen BL PORTAL N Hlywn Op 12 ST-729H Wyma n- La wrenco, Clate Menaearle: d. C often-L. Damell, 7 FLAPS WEST VALLEY N Hlrwd On 12 45. 8 U -22271 dohn Ireland. RETURN OF JESSE d AMES: Center! Thrill;! HOT ROD LA REINA Op 12:45 ST-41141. ST-72942 W yma n- La wrence , Glase Meneearle; d. Cotten-L. Damell. 1 FLAPS WEST VAN NUYS Open 1:45 State 5-2731 Flynn-Wymora. ROCKV MOUNTAIN; Cotten-Valll. Walk Softly, Stranear PASADENA, SO. PASADENA, ALHAMBRA ACADEMY Open 12 RY-ISSno d. Wayna-M. O'Hara. RIO CRANDE; Maria MacDenald. HIT PARA DE 1951 PASADENA Opn 1 :0. SY. S-274S J. Catten-L. Darnell. 9 FLACS WEST; Marta Teren-Jelf Chandler. DEPORTE D UPTOWN Open 12-45 SY-Mrta d. Cotten-L. Darnell, 2 FLACS WEST; Marta Taren-deR Chandler. DEPORTED STRAND Open 12-on SV-381K7 Cloria Swanean, SUNSET BOULEVARD; Ryan-Fantatna. BORN TO BE BAD WASHINGTON Onen 1045. SY-70140 Crable-Dailey. MY BLUE HEAVEN, elr.; dohn Garfield. THE BREAKING POINT TATE Opea 12:45 8Y-27130 O. Wellea In MACBETH, Shakeapeara'O Immortal Drama; Cent. Reg. Prlcee RIALTO Open 12:45. PY-1125. SY-931S1 W. Holden-N. Oleen, UNION STATION; E. Flynn-Wymaro. ROCKY eAwUNTAIN EL REV Alh. 4-laain. Op 1 -45 AT-2S151 Haver-Lundiran, I'LL GET BY, elr.; d. Ireland, RETURN OF JESSE JAMES RIVERSIDE RIVERSIDE Open 12:45 Owl Show B. Davia-A. Baxter-G. Sandere. ALL ABOUT EVE; TOUCHER THEY COMC LIDO Rireraide. Owl Show O. Brian-d. Afar, BREAKTHROUGH; Lamarr-Mllland, Copper Canyan. elr. DE ANZA 12th and Market. ' Phone 1840 D. O'Cemtor-d. Durante, THE MILK-MAN; Plue Texan Meete Calamity Jeno COLDEN STATE Open 1 :45 Phona 737 Grable-Dailey, MY BLUE HEAVEN, dr.; Lucille Ball, FULLER BRUSH GIRL mm i duclng a biographical drama horsed on the life of Annette Kellerman with herself in the title role. 1 RiMnn nEDrUHiiirtarv iat M1LLAKD CAREY kwu FREEMAN am CAREY, . 1 . . n ( Ad - V Color by i TECKMK0LC8 i l VSTl - (MM W MM iv Yr -71 fry t DOWXTOW. ONLT- UOONUGHrt 17 Ca o LOS ANGELES NEIGHBORHOOD AAA, Srdwoy. and Monchoitar TW. 2922 f ronkonttoin Mewti Wolf Man: Mod Ohoul ADAMS; 1S9S W. Adome BI-PA. 3464 Mr. ISO: Saddle Troma ALTO, 8862 South Weetam-PL 1-517 I II Get By: Devil s Doorway ALV ARADO. 710 S. Alvarode OU. 71 151 Unmn Station; No Way Out ARLINGTON. 2517 W. Waahingtaee-PA. 3127 Tonat of New Orleans; Wramina Mail ASTOR, 4821 S. Vormont-TW. 7387 Sunset Blvd.i Chamooom far Caasar ATWATER, 3186 Giendoke-OL 9638 My Slue Heaven; Captain China lALBOA, S713 S. Vormom-TH. 4104 Union Station! Toast of Now Chrleane BALDWIN, la roa nr. Rodea Rd. AX. 3-7164 I II Gt By Union Station BARDS. Crenshaw-Adams-PA. 310S I II Got tr: Union Station CAIRO. 11021 S. Moin-PL 5-3013 Fancy Pants Walk Softly. Stranaor CENTRO. 7764 S. Control-!. A. 794S-44C Easy livina; The Tkroat CENTURY, 6013 S. Broadway Toast of Now Orleans; Wyomina Mail CONGRESS, 7510 S. Vermont-1 rt. 9004 Clemontina; Destination Moon; Coma Eorly CRENSHAW. Crenshaw-Joflarson-RE. 3-2A5A Devil's Doorwovi Cossino To Korea DALE, 3526 Eagle Rock Blvd.-AL 9912 Fancy Pants; Walk Softly, Stronger DE LUXE, 1873 W. Jefferson PA 3022" Barn to Bo Bod; Throe Secrets EAGLE. 4834 Eoglo Reck 81d CL 6-0189 I'll Get By; Union Station ELYSIAN, 1944 Rivorsido Dr.-MO. 1-7265 Wyoming Mail; Blue Lagoon EMPIRE. Pico-Alvarado-OU. 9-0326 Minor 880; Throe Secrete FLORENCI1A, 1830 S. Florence Mr. 880; Tho Breaking Point Come Early FRANKLIN, 5502 N. FigworoaCL 6-9322 Toast of Now Orleans; Union Station FREMONT, A dama t La Brea-WA. 1301 Fancy Pants; No Way Out HOLLY. 1624 Swnsat-MU. 6766 Toast af New Orleans; Rocky Mt. IMPERIAL. Impwrtal-Oonshaw OR. B2S57 Bet.' Midnito A Dawn; last of Buccaneers KIN EM A, Campion at Manchester LA. 441 Fancy Pants; Tho Showdown KNOLL, 6612 S. Western-PL 2-0263 Toast of New Orleans; Devil's Doorway LAKE, 7th and Atvarado-OU. 2-2)03 Holiday Inn; Blondia'o Secret LARGO. IB22 E. I03rd-JE. S625 Throe Secrets: Mr. B80 LA TUERA. La Tijora Ar Con tine) o-OR. S-3S55 Bef. Midnito A Dawn; last of Bucconooro LA TOSCA. 2930 So. Vorment-RE. 3-7292 Prator-BuBen; Eho-sfroik IEIMERT, Vornon-Crensh.-AX. 3111-Op. 1:15 I II Get By; Union Statwn LINDA, 1625 E. 103rd-lA. 4112 Plotrrtum ille?nda' Giitia 'MADS 10. 8140 S. Vermont TH. 567 No War Out; Fancy Pants MANCHESTER, Manca. A Broadway Free Pkg. Watch for Opening Soon MATFAIR. 8734 S. Broadway-PL 3-2471 I'll Get By; Devil's Doorway METRO, 4720 W. ton-WH. 4913-44c No Way Out; Walk Softly. Stronger MIDWAY, 313B W. PiccPA, 1445 Fancy Pants; Mister 830 NORMANDIF. 481 1 S. Normoncfie AX. 7000 Mr. 880; Throe Secrets PARADISE, Seoul. In W'ch'tr. OR.S-3701 Glass Menaoerie.- I'll Got Bv .PARK. 5825 N. Figuoroa-AL 0654 My Slue Heaven; Puller Brush Girl PICO. Pico at Figuoroo PR. B785 Cassocks of Kuban; National Dancers PICWOOD, 10872 W.Pico ARJ2649; 8 . 22463 Gloss Menagerie; Woman on the Rue) PLAYHOUSE, 1214' W. 7th V A. 5579 My Blue Heaven; Destination Big House) RAMON A, 2139 Sunset SlvdDU. 95040 I'll Get By; Union Station REGENT, 4012 S. VormontAD. 7825 Rocky Mt.; Fancy Pants RIO, Western and Imperial-PL 4-2895 Moi. Prev.i Union Station; Devil's Doorway ROUND-UP, 5471 S. Vormant-TH. 0301 Adventures of Don Juan; Inspector General SIERRA. 5058 Eagle Rock Blvd.-AL 9129 Edoo of Doom; Devil's Doorway SOUIHSIDE. Vermont at Imcertal PL S 1191 Rio Grande; J. Wayne; Deported STRAND. 441 1 S. Broadway-AD. 6 144 -Op. 1 Walk Softly, Stronger; Rocky Mown ton SUN, 1408 W. Pico PR. 3735 Brookma Point; Fuller Brush Girl TEMPLE, 5862 S. Vermont-PL 2-4100-Oo. 1 Toost of New Orleans; Wyoming Mail TROJAN, 931 W. Jefforson-PR. 9981 Fancy Pants; No Way Out UNION, 1122 W. 24tkPR. 1764 Sleeping City; Fuller Brush Girl VARIfcTY, 5253 W. Adorns W A. 1378 Fuller Brush Girl; My Blue Heaven ! VERMONT, 4365 S. Vermont AD. S8B1 Edoo of Doom; Wyoming Mori VICTOR. 17th and MoinPR. 350 Fancy Pants; No Way Out VICTORIA. Pico and Vermont-DU -o787 Fuller Brush Girl; False Paradise VILLAGE, Griffith Park NO. 6579 Coll Theatre for Program WASHINGTON, 747 W.Waihinoton PR.9904 A life of Her Own; Shakedown VORLD, 7228 S, Broodwoy-PL 3-7437 Fireball; Walk Softly Stranger Coma Early YORK, 4949 York Blvd -CI. 6-9257 No Way Out; Tho Showdown WILSHIRE DISTRICT BEVERLY HILLS AMBASSADOR Hotel Theater. Op. ta Public Grayson A lonro. Toast of New Orleans BEVERLY CANON. 205 N. Canon-CR. 5-6418 I Robert Donat in The Winslow Boy DEL MAR, Pico nr. la Breo WH. 0375 No Way Out; Walk Softly, Stranger ESQUIRE. Fairfax at Oak wood YO. 8114 Michelo Morgan, Joan Moroia m Souvenir LAUREL Bevorly-Louref-YO. 1154 "A Sensation." N.Y. Times, Bitter Rica PICFAIR, Pico at Fairfax WE. 5296 Edge of Doom; Union Station UCLAN, Westwood-BR. 1-5876, At. 3-1256 Rocking Horse Winner; Run for Your Money VAGABOND, 2511 Wilshire-OU. 8-383 "A Sensation," N.Y. Times, Bitter Rico ' . EASTLAND THEATRES, AN. 1-1000 BROOKLYN. 2524 Brooklyn AM, 4981 I'll Get By; Edge of Doom JEWEL, 3817 Whittier-AN. 1-3339 Three Secrets; The Men JOY, 2016 E. First-AN. 1-1000 Wyoming Mail; Return of Jesso James MERALTA. 2035 E. First-AN. 7914 I Rocky Mt T it of New Orleans; New Pioneers ; NATIONAL. 2229 Brooklyn AN. 9-B9BZ i Dybbuk; Jewish Melody; New Pioneers i TERRACE. 3945 City Terroca Dr. AN. 6000 I Union Station! Edaa of Doom VERN, 2811 E. Olympic AN. 2-2222 I'll Get By; Devil s Doorway- CENTRAL THEATRES LINCOLN, 2300 S. Central-AD. 1-9511 Union Station; Edge of Doom; Cm. Early BILL ROBINSON. 4319 S. Central Atrocities of Manila; Showdown; Cm. Early ROSEBUD, 1940 5. Central Rl. 7-0364 Breaking Point; Tim Holt SAVOY, 5326 S. Centrol-CE. 2-892! Chain Gang; Border Rangers AVALON, 5258 Avaloo Blvd.-AD. 1-415? Coll Theatre for Program GARDENA and TORRANCE GARDENA, Gardena-ME. 4-2252 Union Station; Return of Jesse James PARK. Gardena-ME. 4-4040 I'll Reach for Star; Twilight In the Sierras STADIUM. Craven and Gromercv. Torrance Toast of New Orleans; Bomba 4 Hidden City TORRANCE, Torrance Phono IJZ Coma on leatherneck t; Loothornockt Landed SOUTH-LYN THEATRES ALLEN. 3809 Tweedy Blvd.-lO. 6-1000 Bom To Bo Bad; Louisa VOGUE, 9325 Long Beach Blvd.-lO. 4-6000 Two Flags West; Rocky Mountain ARDEN. 1 1709 Long Beach Blvd.-NE. 1-1555 I'll Got Bv: The Fireball COMPION, 136 E. Compton llvd-NE. 1-3670 Breaking Point; Louisa it CHI Itif.i i Ml ml l j" t 11 ijr-r-ra-Ba fjt m j r k. , 1: no itwiw - n 'musics M UVM'tUttM- "m" X-iulkmJxJ "-" ' ' f i , II Let's Go to the MOVIES I ' " ' 1 jM!,M STATER Ocean at Pin L.B. THE MILKMAN WOMAN ON THE RUN THE MILKMAN WOMAN ON THE RUN 44 Atlantic L.B. SANTA FEJST CAU THEATRE EOR PI 06 RAM 1170 Saeta Fe L.B. P1BBBT I THE MILKMAN WOMAN ON THE RUN 2342 E. Anaheim L.B. Rivou? THREE SECRETS THE MEN 52J Aatoricae L.B. SX DOWNTOWN THE MILKMAN LOEWS STATE Bint soi.-s Mines 8tk and Breitfwey BANDIT QUEEN 7t tea BroadwoT TOM a JERRY CARTOON U.A. EAST LA. To Please a Lady EaTPTLAN"? Kit umi ktmr, 5183 Wkitlier, 12:H HIT PARADE OP H51 S712 Holrfwood , Toto 1 Hrry Cartaea UA INGLEWOOD GLASS MENAGERIE 4 STAR Faust L the Devil OR. 0-1701.12:10 REVIL! DOORWAY 5111 WtU Bl. 7-4311 Selected tkart jabrectj UJL PASADENA Bet MidnitB I DawT CAPITOL RT. 1-577. 12:30 Ust f two Baccaween eiWdaH, CH. 5-1401 M-O-M C0L6R CARTOON UJL POMONA kins Solomon's mines CALIFORNIA f." DILLIKGER LT. 2-3515. UP BIAL I11B Cleadale. CH. B-13ST THE BANCSTEB UALONS BEACH L2NS EEACH C HUNGER LB. 712(7. Ct 12 30 MCM Color Cartaea LB ,,m fj THE CANCSTEB o ii l? o ; O cn Prffjrtm uboct tf cw9 tithnyuf fottr mm- MJU'IRP tmiir.J-mtm- BejBWeajaaajt-aaaa LOS ANGELES DOWNTOWN ARCADE, 534 S. Broadway-MU. 2820 t Alcotrar Island; San Quontin CAllfORNIA. th and Mam MA. 9 9778 Pedro Infante; Tambion Do Dalor So Canto CAMEO. 528 S. Broadway-MU. 1974 Gitda; Mr. lucky CtNIftAL 314 S. roadway MA. 9-2861 Western Union: Mr. Wiseauv COZY, 320 S. Brood wov-MU. 3830 Nvodof Ovtoosf1 m PAorotxm LINDA LEA, First at San Pedro V A. 6072 . faclirsrva Jooonoso Pictures LUX, 825 W. Third-MU. 5617 Born To Be Bad; Young Daniel Boone) MASON, 127 S. Broodwav-MU. 9556 Staoe Play lodov Armino MAYAN, 1044 S. Hill-PR. 6294-Conf. 12 noon Locuro Da Amor (Tho Mod Queen) MILLION $. 307 S Broadway MA. 9289S Amor de la Calle: Audiencia Publico PARAMOUNT, 6th and Hill MU. 7321 Millond. Cooper Con von. Tech.; Plus 2nd Hit TOWN. 444 S. Hill St.-MU. 666B Her Wonderful lie; Mother Didn't Tan Mo METROPOLITAN THEATRES Ml. 272 ORPHEUM Broadway near Sth Riafrt Cross; Dial 1119 HAWAII. 593? Hollywood-O. 12 Rioht Cross: Dial 1119 RIALTO 8th A Broadway. Cant 9 a.m. Hell Town; Buffalo Stomoede BEV. HltlS MUSIC HALL. Wil.-Doheny-SOa Brookina Point; FuHer Brush Girl BROADWAY, Broadway near 5th Toost of New Orleans: Fancy Fonts NEWSREEL. Brh and Broadway. Ct. 9 am. Winter War In Korea; Now Pioneers Israel OLYMPIC. Bth Itetween Broadway A Hill Madame Bovary; You're My Everything PALACE. Broadway between 6 A 7 Devil's Doorway! I'll Get By PAN PACIFIC. 7554 Beverly 10 Force of Evil; I'll Be Sewing You ROXIE. Broadway, between 5 A 6 Union Station; Edge of Doom SANTA MONICA BRENTWOOD AERO. Montana at l4th-f:X. 5-4990 Sunset Blvd.; My Blue Heaven BAY. Poeific Poli-saoV EX. 4-762? I'll Get By- Union Sfption ELMIRO. 1443 3rd St.-EX. 5-3344 ' The Miniver Story; Adam A E-velyst RIVIERA, 144R Fourth St.-EX. 4-4111 D'H inner; Tho Ceng star MAJESTIC Santa Monica-EX. 5-2469 Gloss Menagerie: Deported MERAITA. Culver CitvVE B-3432 To Plecno a Lody; Two Floqs West PAIMS. 371 Motor Ave.-VE. 8-0M9 Eoglo A Tho Howie, ctrj Petty Girl CLENDALE ARCADE. 404 N. Central-CI. 2 9401 Iroauots Trail; Johnny One-Eve COSMO, 730 S. Brand Blvd.-CI. -9379 Pmthandle; Tram to Tombstono ROXY, 417 N. Brand Blvd. CH. 3-2741 Tho Mmnrer Story; Jimale Terror, color VOGUE. 735 S. Brand Blvd.-CI 9-570 Edge of Doom; Hit Porade or 19J1 BURBANK CALIFORNIA. 2300 Mocrnoria Gala Premierl Ooenina Soon I Watch for date LOMA. 319 5. San Fernando CH. 6-45' I Treasure Island: Beaver Valley; Mr. 9V3 MAGNOHA. 4433 W. Moonolio-CH 6-7211 Union 5ta.; Worn, an Run; Farewell Tos'etdcy MAJOR. 333 N. m Femondo-CH. 6-161 1 Next Voice You Hear; Woman an Run: Korea CO'NEU. 1212 N. San Fernando CH. 05251 Glase Menoporlo; Two F'ogs West PASADENA, SIERRA MAD RE. MONROVIA COLORADO. 9588 t. Colomdn-SY. 6-9704 lovrenco Olivier. Henry V. Pop. Prices CROWN. 129 N. Raymond-SY. 6-5100 To Please a Lodv: Hidden City SIERRA MAORE. 87 W. Sier Marlre-CU. S-3301 Sunset Blvd.; A life of Her Owe) lY'lC. Monrovia-Elliott 8-3119 Toot of New Orleans; Unton tntioa) MONOVIA, Monrovin-ELIiota 88119 Hell Town; Buffalo Stomoede RITT. S. PoMsdena SY. 9-5W6. PY. 1-2411 Edoo of Doom; Woman Hater LONG BEACH HAWTHORNE AREA ART, 4th and Cherry LB. 9-3096 Panic in the Streets; Breaking Point EBELL, 3rd at Cerrrtos, long Bch. I B. 6 3908 Summer Stock: lody Without a Passport RITZ, long Beach LB. B-0328-Cont 1 P-M. Son Oventin Alcotrar Island STRAND, 235 Pik LB. 6-4733 Ct, 1 pjn, Steeomg Citv; The Stvafcedowei RAINBOW, On the Pike 2 Faalures 3 Cartoon ?5c El SEGUNDO. Fl Sooimrio - Phone 1025 F.-1'ee Brush Girl; Cariboo Trail PLAZA, Howthome-OS. 6-2172-Owl Show Toost of New Orleans; Union station LENNOX. lenno-OR. 7-6363 Call Theatre for Program LOMITA. lomitn lomtto 243 Block Rose; Shokedown RITZ. tnalewood-OR. 7 VJ75 Alcotrar Island; Son Quontin VENTURA and VENTURA COUNTY MAYFAIR, Ventura James Coo nor. West Point story 101 DRIVE IN, Ventura-Miller 3-3570 Pectination Moon; Wyomma Mail VOGUE. Oxnard-Phano 66-3229 King Solomon s Mines; Squared Circle OXNARD. Oxnard The Milkman; last of Butcaneeri El RANCHO. Maorpars- Mr. 890; Return of Jesso James Fill MORE. Fillmore Ponie In The Streets; Savage Horde DOWNEY. NORWALK. tAKEWOOP AVENUE, Downey-Topaz 2-2289 Comanche Territory; I Killed Geronimo NEW MERALTA, Downev-Tooai 22200 Owl Rocky Mountain; I'll Get By IAKEWOOD, lakewood Villooe-l.B, 52530 Rocky Mountain; Bom To Be Bod NORWALK. Norwalk -Torrev 62219 Rocky Mountain; Walk Softly, Stranaor EL MONTE. BALDWIN PARK. CO VINA. GLENDORA, PUENTE EL MONTE. Valley at Tyler-FO. 8-6922 Rocky Mountain; Wyoming Mail BALDWIN. Baldwin Pork-FL 7-2759 Wyomma Mail: Three Secrets COVINA. Covino-Fl 2-2003 Fancy Pants; Wyoming Moil GLENDORA. Glendoro-fL 5-1522 Fancy Pants: Wyoming Moil PUENTE, Puente Phone FL 6-2463 Panic m the Streets; Storm Over Wyoming SAN PIE60 and SAN DIEGO COUNTY CORONET. 1792 Logan Two Motor Pictures; News and Shorts HILLCREST. 5th and University J. 6651 Always 2 Features LINDA. San Diego. Linda Vista Plata Walk Softly, Stranger; Toast at New Orleans RAMONA, 30th and University J. 0681 Always Two Features and Short Subiects RIO, 37 Hi at University San Diego T. 3721 Iceland; Pirates of Monterey VICTORY, 2558 Imperial Two Features and Selected Shorta CARLSBAD, CaHsbad-W inches tor 73; Happy Tears BAY. National City-Toast of New Orleans; No Way Out NATIONAL, National City- Sudani Hit the Road MAR GO, Oceanside-Phone 3493 Guilty Bystander; Big Timber PAIOMAR, Oceans !ae-Phone 2631 Tho Jackpot AVO. Visto- Toast of New Orleans; Sleeping City VISTA, Vista Thecm-o Closed for Evening IANCHO-DRIVE-IN. fedaral-tudid-San Diego Rocky Mtj Ihe Men - .. ' iL- -" tm""-- " -u'""' . '--Ur7 ERAYTCN ? AHaaticatHiH LB. FANCY PANTS FULLER BRUSH CIRl RunanwiY sm THE MILKMAN HIT PARADE OF 1951 " ftaati ata Aaa 410 N. Broadway paijin OHwi. RED RIYER WTOMINS MAIL aeriySS300 Santa Aaa WALKERS J" MR. ESQ WaBt Softly, ttranrw 3rd 4 Baak. Saete Ana ST1TT i- COPPER CANYCN KANSAS BAIOERS 33SI 41k at Btrta, Santa Aaa In. Lot's Go J n dl e I to Tn I j MOVIES f uni I srwnrtn, ADMIRAL Hollywood at Vine-HE. Sill soncasrer. All My Sons; Walla of Jericho CAMPUS, Vermont of Sta. Monica NO 9968 laml f SJm r,l EJ t n. CINEMA, 1122 N. Western HL, 6265 op Koors. color; slave Girl CLINTON, 526 N. Wostem-GR. 101 IamI ftjw f-i . vy - w . ... - ---- - - w. ,wui, . .w i . uk, iou near HUNLEY, 5115 Hollywood BlvcL-OL 4616 "r1?? Heaven. Tech., Throo Secret. LOS FELIZ, Vermont at Franklin OL 2l6 IIh imi C. u.. k.' - vy - w i . wwvm iww near MARCAL 6021 rtollywood-GL 6131 Orig. Uncut Version, Fantasia MONICA. 7734 Santa Monica HI. 0337 roico Too Hear; Sleeping City MUSIC HALL. Hollywood love Story; Tho Rules of the Gam ORIEN1AL 7425 Sunset HI. 1148 tfMf - u 11. t.uu r . . ' hiti7, inBnar PARAMOUNT. Hollywc-Highlana-HE-3263 . . V , YT ,, "" '-,Pr tonron, Teen. PARIS, Hollywood and Vino HL, 5380 nooenj uonat m I He Wmekrw Boy STUDIO, 1715 N. Vermanl-Na 1-3661 tVodB. Cam SUNSET, Western of Sunset-Git, 15T 2 New Swedish Films: Desire; The Old Clock VISTA-4473 Sunset Slvd.-OL 5206-40e ranie m rno Streets,- Puller Brush Girl EAST tOS ANGELES MONTEBELLO BONITO. 410 N. Ford-AN. 1-9447 Sunset Blvd.; This Side of tho Low BOULEVARD, 4949 Whrftiar Blvd. AN 1-2665 Bet Minni 4. rW.. I . i u.. o - - www.., w.i w, i ' 'w pvmmwri CENTER. 4760 Whittier Blvd.-AN. f-8332 aan wuentin; Alcotrar Island MONTEREY. Whittier and Soto AN, 1-2575 Tu Tmm.. n. sa: : n ii i - STRAND, 4232 Whrftiar Blvd.-AN. 1-360? toge or mom; oas? ot New (Jrleana UNIQUE, 3645 E. Ist-AN. 9 7131 Our Ven, fw.. T. a TV. el r 'i : VOGUE, Montebollo UN. 1.1225 s.urram tail at Cactus Crees:; Peggy GARMAR, Morrfebello UN. 8-1219 Bet. Midnito A Down; Last of tho Buccaneera WHITTIER ROXY, Whittier Whittier 4-3859 Mr. 880; Sleeping City WARDMAN, Whittier-Whittier 4-3422 Rio Grande: Hit Poroda of 10SI WHITTIER. Whittier Whittier 4-3872 JOCK pot; Wosi SAW FERNANDO VALLEY CANOGA. Conooa Pork-SU. 8-1234 roncy rants; Iho Showdown) ENCINO, 16342 Ventura Blvd. ST. 4-1733 I'll Get By; Union Station LANKERSHIM, No. Hollywood SU. 3-1997 - I'll Get By (Tech); Wyoming Mail RESEDA, Reseda Bl.-Sherman Way RU 61943 To Please a Lady; Woman on tho Bun RENNIE, San Fernando EM. 1-1940 Gloss Menagerie; Make Believe Ballroom TOWN. Son Fernando-LM. 1-4219 Dsr. of Ros CfGrady; Hills af Oklahoma SHERMAN, Sherman Oaks ST. 4-9911 Disney's Bamcx; iranua, Tho TaUunej Muio PANORAMA Union Station; Cossino To B!o INDEPENDENT DRIVE IN THEATRES BASELINE, San Bernardino S.B, 8-0947 Three SecrsrH: Feud in', fvssia', A Fightin' CHERRY PASS. Hiway 99 nr. Soaurnont Ph.44S4 Arabian Nights; last af the Menicems CINA CAR. 4 miles W. of Anaheim Hwy. 91 Saddle Tramp; Tho Snakedowa MT. VERNON, Son Bernardino Three Secrets; The Sleeping Crty SUN AIR, Palm Springs, Nr. Cathedral City eoj; auvwiiiuio isiona TWIN VUE, Figueroa and I53rd-ME. 4 5127 The Fireball: Walk &ofrlv Stranaor HARBOR, 23444 S. Vermonf-TE. 8501 The Shokedown; Bock to Bataan EDWARDS' SAN GABRIEL VALXEY ALHAMBRA A ANNEX AT. 2-6136 Toost of New Orleans: Rnrfcv A,n SANTA ANITA, Arcadia OO. 7-2195 rvtier Brush G,r1; Mister 880 GARFIELD, Garfield at Volley AT. 2-4154 Hell Town: Buffalo Stomoene GARVEY. Garvey t San Gabriel AT. 0-2131 Toum Atloma; Teen Ago CORONET. 130 W. Moin-AT. 2-8473 Treasure Islands The Pettv Girl CAMEO, 4907 N. Huntinoton Dr-CA. 4181 " inree ecrets; Mister 890 MONTEREY, Garfield ot Hell man AT. 2-2359 Fuller Brush Girl.- Mr. 830 ROSEMEAD, Rosomood AT. 6-3545 Fuller Brush Girl: Mr. 880 STATE, Anna-Hoerwood 4-25C2 Rocky Mt.; Gun Crazv TEMPLE, las Tunas Rosomood AT. 6-3179 lost Buccaneers; Between Midnito 4 Dawn TUMBLEWEED, Gorvey-Volley BI.-FO. 8-CE93 Fancy Pontss Return of Jesan li maoa VALLEY. El Monte-FO. B-971 1 Fuller Brush Girl: Walk Softlv. Stranawr SAN GABRIEL, San Gobriel-AT. 2-5168 Fuller Brush Girl; Mister 860 RIVERSIDE and RIVERSIDE COUNTY AVENUE, 2958 Eighth St. Vn Tou Beautiful Doll; Big Jack RUBIDOUX DRIVE IN. Hwy 60, Rrv -11016 My Blue Heaven: Wyomina Mail MAGNOLIA DRIVE IN Art inot onPis. 9-1070 9 Secrets; Return at Jesse Jomos CORONA. Corona Tho Furies; Who Dona It LAKE, Eisinoro last of Buccaneers: Bet. Midnito A Down PLAZA, Palm Springs All AOOUf eve VILLAGE. 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