The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on May 15, 1980 · 101
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 101

Los Angeles, California
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Thursday, May 15, 1980
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'FRIDAY THE 13TH': ENCAMPED IN GORE "Friday the 13th" (citywide) is a silly, boring youth-geared horror movie about a summer camp cursed with a bloody past: A young boy was drowned and a counseling couple were brutally murdered there. So why in the world would a new owner (Peter Brouw-er) want to reopen the camp 20 years later? He must not see many bad movies. Brouwer hires a group of likable young counselors (Jeannine Taylor, Kevin Bacon, Mark Nelson, Laurie Bar-tram. Harry Crosby and Adrienne King) who happily get acquainted and busily make general repairs to get the camp ready for the season. When night falls, a storm starts and a murderer is on the rampage while one couple go to make love in an empty cabin and the others join to play strip Monopoly. Director Sean S. Cunningham, who elicits scares, has evidently no respect for a good murder mystery. Here the red herrings are more palatable than the plot. Cunningham's pace is downright pokey; the action is as anticlimac-tic as it is unmotivated. Victor Miller wrote the screenplay that plays like a ghost story concocted by 20 different people sitting around a campfire. After 15 minutes of credibility the whole movie disintegrates. The villain is as much of a surprise as a sun burn after a July 4th beach party. The young performers are natural and appealing, in particular Taylor, Bacon, Nelson and Bartram. "Friday the 13th" has a good, nervous musical score by Harry Manfredini and pretty cinematography by Barry Abrams. Rated R for blood and gore, the moral of this movie seems to be young people who become camp counselors shouldn't make love while kids are drowning; or, it's more fun to stay outdoors than it is to go inside and watch dumb movies. -LINDA GROSS NETWORKS Contin ucd from Page 2 called "a disjointed" presentation, and the audience seemed to warmly receive his plainspoken spontaneity. Always, however, he was deadly serious when returning to the core of his remarks: getting the country turned around to "where we have a sense of responsibility." Asked from the audience how a turnaround in TV programming might influence economic and foreign policies and generally save the nation. Turner replied, "If the public is better informed, they will vote better." But another member of the audience asked Turner, who throughout the session had stressed his own strongly conservative views on social welfare and military preparedness: "If Ted Turner is going to protect us from the networks, who will protect us from Ted Turner?" "That's the frightening thing about putting someone in the White House," replied Turner. "Somebody's got to call all the shots. There's no guarantee I won't go off my rocker but at least I'm starting off with high ideals, and I'm not in cahoots like the three networks. There'll be plenty of competition." for A very human, very touching, comedy of ideals. A New Comedy by Steve Tesich Preview tonight at 8pm (limited avail.) Hot-Tlx tonight on sale at 4:30pm. Opens May 22. Thru July 6. Charge by Phone 972-7654. Info 972-7654. TTY Info 680-4017. Mark Taper Forum Gordon Davidson, Artistic Director. Q Music Center Center Theatre Group MAY 17 ONLYI DOUG KERSHAW ft CANNED HEAT e PECOS MAY 19,20,21 ELVIN BISHOP JAN CARRITT THE REDNECK ROUNDUP BAND MARK DAWSON MAY 24-25 25th MISSION MOUNTAIN WOOD DAND RICHARD GREEN CHUBBY CHECKER FABULOUS STEAKS & SEAFOOD THUKS. TAUNT NITE 6907 Lankershim Blvd., N. Hollywood (213) 764-4010 HOLLYWOOD CINERAMA DOME Special Premiere Tonight Sunset nr Vina Of Fame at 7:00 P.M. 466-3401 fKi"() Starts Frl. at 12:00 HOLLYWOOD PACIFIC 1 HiywO n. nr. Canuenga 464-4111 JEJS LAKEWOOD LAKEW'D. CTR.1 Faculty at CandMwd. TOMM 4 Dolby Lakawood APOXttrPX HOW 1 1 531-9680 WO. . 7.-00 .KW)6 iUIWOH MUT(PC) 1:003: 155:30 8:00 10:15 HOLLYWOOD PACIFIC 2 NKNT Of NeCU() 2:306:4510:45 MGNT StMISII) 12:30 4:45 9:00 HOLLYWOOD PACIFIC 3 12:30 3:00 5:30 8:00 Ml THAI JAZZ( PIX I HotywoM K RKIKaRO 1 nr. fewer IAS OMZAS Ml MPUTADO ,464-6113 Continuous from 12:30 Daily WORLD Always Lov Prices! WyM a" 1. 14I(P6) Gooer . JAWS l(PS) 469-5866 J. MOW AMBtKAN GRAFTrnirG) VINE MATRSMPII) HoUyweod f. 2:30 6:4510:45 West IX Vine TK OUGRBtG() 463-6819 12 304:30845 WARNER istassq2 i Pac. Ave. Beta. 2:30 6:30 KWO Gage & Florence B PACTO 582-6785 12:45 4:45 8:45 WIST LA." PICWOOD ptcowstwood 2 Academy Awards 272-8239 APOCAlTPSi ROW (I) 474-2569 7W KMC DOWHTOWH LOS ANGELES TOWER Braadwav 11:30 a 3:00 at an MMANOaBS ROM MtT(R) 622-9100 U5 5:00. 8:45 MAO RUX(I) 00.6:45.10:15 L OTV Of COMMERCf CAMEO ' ! ) BroadwavZ-nSia and 50i 628-1974 OUUBjl, MOON HAM MMK X AMMAl "OUSt l) 4. KIMG HI BBKUUS Itl From 9:30 A M Open All Nile wHrmtK WHITTIER Wniruerat Always Low Prices! ATOCALTrSc HUW(8:lb SAItKM 3R) 6:30 4 10:45 WHITTWOOD WtwttwocdCtr. WNrMr 943-6402 TM It STtTSt) 9:00 DfAnl Otl MUIPG 6:30 4 10:4! SO. COAST 1 S C Hiway at Broadway 714494-1514 OUPTH mOIPG WBOnOtt(PG) ftlS 0. COAST Z MAItUTU(PGj NI6UEL Monarch Bay Ptaza 714496-1253 141 fO) 7:00 SAM TIM NEXT TIAI 940 Bargain Night Every Tim. COMMERCE 1 EwrrtSubwtNos mtr Blvd. va. ion E AOanUc) 2:00 6:45 9:45 '26-8022 SIATnOWH U.S.A. 12:304:158:00 COMMERCE 2 ui THS MUJBIS a lAHOOUHA 2:156:1510:15 A 12:30 4:30 8:30 -i.rnviicgrc " ""-"" MAD MAX(I) 3 230 6:30 10:15 DEflAIKI(PG) 12:30.4:30.8:15 COMMERCE 4 MITIMOIf BULtniPO) 2:306:45 ) 1:00 KG HX(PO) 12:304:45.8 45 SAN FERNANDO VALLEY TOPANGA 1 8vkry 883-3300 TM NUM IOMiPG) 12:30 2:30 4:30 6:308:45. 10-45 T0PAN6A WNBE MFFAIO MAM(I) , 12:30 . 4:00 8: 15 ANUAAi NOUSill) :i3n:uu 10:15 MONTEtELLO GARMAR mrtwrnr. hTJDAT TRJ ISTR(I) B:15 SarMd PtOPMKriPe) 723-2133:728-1219 &30. feo6 LAKEW'D. CENTER 2 FMtAr TNE 11111(11 12:30 2:30 4:30 6:308:30. 10:30 LAKEW'D. CENTER 3 MOOT OF TK JUGOta(l) 3:158 OBJU SVNMtOMIIPG) 1.-005:3010:15 LAKEW'D. CENTER 4 NORMA PAIIPO) 1-00.5:46.10:30 TK tOSI(l) 3:15 4 8:00 LA MR ADA If si LA MIRADA 1 """ow Q Roaecrana at IUinPO1:00.3:O0 , Free Parking U kUraoa Blvd. 714-994-2400 LA MIRADA 2 too MAO MAX(I) 5 4:430:43 DBUUeaiPG) 2.45.6:30. W-.30iO LA MIRADA 3 ml 0 FH3AT TK 1JT( 12:30 2:30 4:30 6:30.8:30.10:30 LA MIRADA wios of oiangkpoi J 1:00 2:45 4:45 6:308:15 KhOO LOS ANGELES AREA CENTINELA CentMla E. or Seourveda 670-8677 RBAT TK I1TIIII PtOPKCTIPSj CENTURY 1 Century W. ot Crenshaw 673-1824 TK FTTH FtOOt(l) PWTBfnAirt) V ram REVOLUTIONARY CINE (1 SOUND AT DRIVE-INS IB) BELOW YOUR AM CAR RADIO IS YOUR SPEAKER (IF NO AM CAR RADIO WITH IGNITION ACCESSORY POSITION BRING YOUR OWN AM PORTABLE I CENTURY 2 HYOteJ FV1(R) TARGET FOR AN ASSASSHII) STUDIO SjwJvMail 398-8250 MA MAXII) NUMANODS FROM TK 0tt?(R) TORRANCE Torranc 81. W of HawtHnL 379-8491 MAD MAXI) BBUNaiPS) TWIN VUE FlgiNroa at Itedonoo Ben. . 324-5127 MGNT Of IU6GIB(I) OMU SYNDROMiP6 XleSnf TK MM IOMI(P6 It Tuva PIISONa Of ZENOA(PG) 323-4055 I VERMONT 2 Cme-R Sound RBAY TK 1JTI PtOPKCYIPGi VFRM0NT a lUTIMOtf BUuniPC) i PTKf Of TK ACTNM(PG) SAN KKNAROeXO BASELINE 26653 Rue Line 7M862-8136 CM-Fi Sound HrBAY TK 1IT) PtOPRKYIPC) BEL AIR SB Fwy. 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M Newbury Pk. 805498-1163 KYONB IVtll) NUMANOVS FROM TK EEPR) KtWIMMFTKl 1 owWMtka Clne-R Sound Cttataworm TK NUM BOMB IPG 349-6806 PRISONER Of ZBBA(PC IWINNETKA 2 Ctne-Fl Sound FWAYTKISTRII PIOUBKYIPG WINNETKA 3 TK FtFTR FtOOR(l) SCREAMS Of A VTMTER KST(P6) WINNETKA ltinM0HluuI7( 4 A PNO OF TK ACTION ( PG LONG REACH SAN RfDRO CIRCLE Pac. Cout Hwy. 439-9513 FRBAY TK TITNI PROUBKYIPS LAKEWOOD Carson at Cherry 595-5388 WON IVtll) BAkNANOtBS FROM TKMVII) LOS ALTOS 1 SO Fwy t 421-8831 TK FTTR FIOORII) SCRf AMS Of A WMTB MAfNTIPS) LOS ALTOS 2 NUMORN)(PC) Of ZBCA(P) LOS ALTOS 3 MA MAXII) EFURXilPG) SAN PEDRO tefwy N.el 831-3370 Ctne-R-Sound MYOK) tVRIII RUKANOtBS FROM TK REEPIII Movtoe Every Tubs. PASADCNA SAN 6AIRNX j ESSJ''''' MGNT Of BJGGIER(I) W olCIt ORMA SYNMtOME(PG) 334-0263 BIG SKY MM ""'"I Hundngton at BMMANORM FROM Buena VKta TK DEEPI) 358-2565 Spanish Movies Every Tues. EDGEWOOD CarkarjgaPrlc.. San Bern Fwv CRUrSReG(RI aisos fwf X. lOUUVAR MONTI l) 338-1156 1. OBRON FeUl) " KYO-rVRI.) Uvi Oak TARGET FOR AN 447- 8179 ASSASSHII) RlLw'"'TE One Fl Sound TomrCrty ei TK NUM BOMR(PG) 448- 8422 PltSOaB OF ZENDA(PG) V!!.fABRIEL FMDAY TK ISTR(R) mX propnkyipg! 288-5502 t?IdRSTE TK T4FTR FLOOR(I) 6arv44B-7631 NUMANOfrS FROM 286-0443 TK BEEP l) VINELAND ,.,., VMand FRBAY TK 1JTRIR) NootVly. PR0PKCY(P0j 336-7518 VENTURA tSOUNTV " l VmJraFwy KYONB IV1(I) "SrTrrit TARGET FOR 805644-5595 AN ASSASSK(R) TK NUM BOMB I P6 1 PRTSONB Of ZBBA(PS) 101-C MAR MAXII) BERANOIPO) NOW APPEARING ; The Hip Hypnotist v CELEBRITY CLUB ewnmief Iri y f COCKTAILS 9103 SUNSET AT DOMENV INNER Thuriday. Friday. Saturday ALL AGES WELCOME 273-7658 or 275-4596 VAI F t CAHKlNr, SELF HYPNOSIS CLASSES 273-765 275-4596, i i JJm2 TONIGHT - 8:30PM LIMITED ENGAGEMENT II IAD iBCnfT iADn TIbYCT rUADftE yujDefT ineorre Century City (213)553-8101 FOR INFORMATION A GROUP SALES CALL 553-9000 nil wiim M in stmts ik HKiit u mu Sm "ON STAGE" dirvclory for complia informitton. Eos Angeles Simes Thurs.. May 15. 1980-Part VI 7 PROVISIONAL TliEATRE OF L06 AiJGtU5 "One ol the best performance K roups MAy ISnwQtJttnC I pan Sullivan, . Angeles Timf. Embassy Audrtoriurn 847 S. Grand A l DowrKown LA. LOW LOW PRICES! Get your tickets now! Thu.Sat Matinee, Sun S6 & $7.50 Fri,SatS7.50&S9 Performances 8 PM Sat Matinee 2PM TICKETS: 622-4530 or Mutual Ticket Agencies by RTD bus routes 9, 25, and 49 PASADENA PLAYHOUSE INTERIM THEATRE First ptay at the Pasadena Ptaytwuw in ovar a dacadt! An Intrioulng tmatrlcal xptriefic). Eci ielAor of The Raumker HOES Hay O-Jw I Tueeday Hi Thmay RPM, $7.50 Friday BPM. IB 50 SalurBay SPM and PN IB M. Sunday raaimee 2PM and evening BPM 7 50 Pasadena Playhouse Interim Theatre 3 S El kkHino Pasadena Boa Office: (213) 792-B672 SroupSaM: (2U) 829-1394 router I X FM "I've never seen a more exciting show." Dm Suliivea. LA. Timet Ajvita The iMtrnationat Musical Hit! Tues. thru Sat. eves, at 8:30: Sun. eves, at 7:30: Sat & Sun. mats, at 2:30. Box Office Hours: Mon. thru Sat. 10AM to 9PMSun. 10AM to SPM. Charge tickets By phone with maior credit cards: 553-8101. For information 1 group sales call: 553-9000. Tickets available by man. at box office and a Mutual ant Tlckotron agencies. SHUBERT THEATRE 2020 Ave. of The Stars Los Angeles, Calf. 90067 T0NB3HT AT 1:30 ONE OF THE GREATEST MUSICAL COMEDIES OF OUR TIMEI MILTON BERLE 3UYS AND DOLLS A Musical Fable of Broadway Based on a Story and Characters of Damon Runyon Music and Lyrics by FRANK LOESSER Book by JO SWERLIN6 and ABE BURROWS wilk JED ALLAN MAUREEN ARTHUR ELIZABETH HANSEN CHARGE BY 'HONE 1111) 972-7 lid Visa Matter Choree Tut.-Sat at 8:30, Sun. at li 19 75, 15, TO, 6. 5. Frl. 1 Sat. Eve. at 8:30: $21.75, 17, ti i 5.75. Wed. Mats, at t SM, 10 SO. 7.50. 5, 3.75. SaL Mats, at 2: . $17.50. M. 10,4,4.75. Tickets on sale at the Music Center Box Office. Mon.-Sat. Noon to 9 P M. Inlorma-tion (213 ) 972-7211. Also at 135 Mutual Agencies. 6rouo Sak-(213) 972-7584 LOS ANGELES CIVIC LIGHT OPERA at the DOROTHY CHANDLER PAVILION of the MUSK CENTER 135 No. Grand Ave.. Los Annates, CA 90012 L Tau'e ami Tom V at 8 the heartwarming chronicle of a family torn ay rrorta war i IADYHOUSE BLUES by Kevin O'Marrtian Tues-Sut at t. Sal. Sun Mel at 2:30 CHARGE TIX: (714) 957-4033 and Mutual Agandee on the MAINSTAGE at SOUTH COAST REPERTORY Soma Coast Plata. Costa Mesa Ttateht at sm, Tme.-Sat. ret. :Ui p.m. Stm. at 7. ill pm; Sat & San. Mat 2: ii p m DKLKillTFl ILLY Hll.ARIOL'S AND WITTY LDON KNOTTS AST tif TMK RKI) HOT LOVERS By Neil Simon Prlca: 17.00-110.50 CHARBIT: (2131 M4-BB01 (7U 994-(3W LA MIRADA CIVIC THEATRE 14900 La Mirada Bl (Santa Ana Frwy-Rosecrans exit) TONIGHT AT 8 M FM LIMITED ENGAGEMENT! Now thru May 18 "WALK, RUN, HOBBLE, OR CRAWL, BUT tatl IMtt ID btt MARCIA LbWCj M Cye Uaiatinr. Hew York Richard Alan Woody prcsenu ARCIA LEWIS a good time girl in concert Tues. thru Frl.: 8 30RM: Sat.: 7 & 10 PM: Sun.: 2:30 4 7:30 PM. For information and reservations can 477-2424. The Westwood Playhouse, 10886 Le Conte Ave. In me Con-tempo Westwood Center 1979 TONY AWARD BEST PLAY 1 HE ELEPHANT MAN Through May 31 Only! Mon.-Sat. Eves, at 8 30: Thurs. I Sat. Mats, at 2:00. INFO and CHARGE BY PHONE: (2131 972-7654 Also Charge-Lino: (213) 520-8010, Mutual Agencies and Mail Order. Los Angeles Music Center, Center Theatre Group AHMANSON THEATRE. 135 N. Grand Ave.. LA. 90012. PERFORMANCE TONIGHT AT K Starring HENRY j. CLOfllS GEORGE FONDA LEACHMAN 6RIZZARD THE OLDEST LIVING GRADUATE" A Play By Preston Jones At the Wilshire Theater, 8440 Wllshlre Blvd., Wllshlre at La Clenega. Limited Engagement Now thru June 14. Box office open or charge by phone (213) 652-1900. Tonight & Tomorrow at 8:30 1 A WORLD PREMIERE! 1 IME WAS by Shannon Keith KeRey Tues. -Sun. at 8:30. Sun. Mai. at 3 CHARGE TIX: (714) 957-4033 and Mutual Agencies on the SECOND STAGE at SOUTH COAST REPERTORY South Coast Ptaza, Costa Mesa FOR ADVERTISING INFORMATION REGARDING THIS DIRECTORY CALL 972-3000 TOHIGHT AT 8:30 iieiiry clmis george fo::da leachmau griziard IN "THE OLDEST LIVING GRADUATE" cedent just adrFond now. we cherish him. Dan Sullivan Los Ansel" T,m" Xlo,.sLearno,e Griizard both spark born with the consumate i Pnence nf bici talent and 019 "v whenever they appear aniel(e((oteI Herald examiner GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE. BOX OFFICE OPEN CHARGE BY PHONE: (213) 852-1900 TICKETS ALSO AVAILABLE AT MUTUAL. TICKETRON AND C HARGELINE S GROUP SALES '213. 986 2908 3 m CTJIOL" THEATRE IEIEILT lllll VILINIIE AT U CIEREtt "I RECOMMEND IT" WALTER KERR. N Y. TIMES MUMMEN SCHANZ DIRECT FROM BROADWAY! 6 WEEKS ONLY! MAY 20-JUNE 29 TUES. thru SAT. at 8 30 PM Sun. at 7:30 PM WED. SUN. MATS, at 2:30 PM TICKETS NOW AT BOX OFFICE FOR INFORMATION 4 1,7-7 Ohtli RESERVATIONS CALL: HH'CHC1 THE WESTWOOD PLAYHOUSE Scorpio Rising? Check your astrological sign. Just for fun. Weekdays in Part II. TONIGHT at 8:30 LEOJ!rrYIrE JPffiECE SOLD OUT THIS SAT. at 8:30 "BREATHLESS BRAVURA"-i.A.Time. "A BRILLIANTLY GIFTED VIRTUOSO" LEONARD N,wYokTm" PENRIAREO SCHUMANN: Arabesque, op 18: Piano IS CHOPIN: Fiv Preludes, op. 28; SCHUBERT: Sonata in B flat, op. poith.; PROKOFIEV: Visionafugitives; RAVEL: Pavane pour una infante defunte; LISZT: Fantasia quasi Sonata. $1 0.50, $9.50, $8.50 FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! THIS SUN. at 2:30 & 7:30 A FANTASTIC MUSICAL JAMBOREE THE POPULAR TV. CONCERT AND RECORDING STARS croinsirejs $1 0.50, $9.50. $8.50 'Children, students, senior citizens Vi price (matinee), Cki. ,bsTJbbbWIb1 11 imuHmMi WED. MAY 28 at 8:30 TUC I ML INCOMPARABLE PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA EUGENE 0RMANDY Music Director, Conducting Presented by Ambassador Foundation at PASADENA CIVIC AUDITORIUM 300 East Green St.. Pasadena Tickets available at Pasadena Civic and Ambassador. PROKOFIEV: Classical Symphony; Suite from "Love for Three Oranges"; SIBELIUS: Symphony no. 2 in D Major. Orch. $20,$15 LogejUfT Balcony $15, $10 EMBASSADOR phone charge. 577-5511 AUDITORIUM 30B vvm ton Street, Reiadtna SKY VIEW BSOSe Omar 605486-1212 RBAY TNI 1JTBIR ftOftBKYIPS 1000 OAKS 80S498-1163 mom mil) HUMADOCH FtO mieai) PARAMOUNT e COMfTON COMPTON RoeKrans Weelef AO. 638-8557 KTOBB mill TARGtT FOR M WMSSBJ(I) R0SECRANS1 cw-RSounn LaUM at Reecr. BAITWORI BWIFIffi 634-4151 no or tri RcnoBj(e IROSECRAHS 2 Oe-n Sound na-Ruof Boawir nrrsoesai of rsBAire RDSECRABS 3 cme-nsoum HtfBAY TBI IJTllB mRRKTIfC PARAMOUNT fl mam mm (VmuMj RMLBI(I 633-4644 OBMA STBMORa1(RO PARAMOUNT 2 MAD Bitlll) BsjauMK rtoo TKBSTII) 1 1 (TTirri0(iT 1 SI lOWe La Con tarn m Contajmpo Wntwcrad Cmm mm h J mm mwtw eaaaa mr WAT MAT AW a (nir HP now open $imz V ELEPHANT weekends through june i -fsfe, j V If JIM 1 , lcriVSH 9 am 6 pm Including Memorial Day Jclfmt . J I .CffiWlTilflfo I mmVW2& Memorial Day is Special!!! Jj&jLn. U J m 111 Ml WjmSW CydrettunderiawithAduJt--" - .TJJi nL j mmmjLm j i admitted free i 3?a - M III I m& .'; Ill 1' ' VrlJi5. w'mmmim ..... HII r.mij;si.iaeit-tB. !!', , . fn !-a .. 51. ir. , Sfiu .'t t 1 di .r1 irMvil'TrLC- "L II Ana.'ilVk '" 1:11 ' - j'' : ill em fi'l iVtHV.IYi I I ' I nmas i I' 1 i I

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