The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on December 17, 1979 · 94
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 94

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, December 17, 1979
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CI 1W 1 r V ' Jill" fWTtA! iff 1 T T Cos Angeles States ft THE ARTS TV PART IV Mon., Dec. 17, 1979-Pltl IV 31 VIEW ,g i v-, ... stk...: 'j.i...t... J ii v- ' --4 Cable TV: High Hopes for New Law By LEE MARGULIES Tlntti Staff WrMw A new state law designed in part to promote innovative uses of cable television at the local level goes into effect Jan. 1, but industry executives say it won't work any overnight miracles on the programming available to cable subscribers. Limitations of equipment and money may make it the better part of a year before anyone can gauge the law's impact on the development of community service programming, says Raymond Joslin, a Stockton cable operator and vice president of the California Community Television Assn. Nevertheless, he and others discussing the new law at the final session of the three-day Western Cable Television convention in Anaheim Friday said they are hopeful it will live up to its potential. Best in the Country And that is said to be considerable. In an address to the convention Friday, Rep. Lionel Van Deerlin (D-Calif.), chairman of the communications subcommittee of the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, hailed the measure as "the best state law (regarding cable television) on the books anywhere" in the country. Passed by the state Legislature and signed by Gov. Brown last September, the law frees cable companies in California to set their own subscriber rates without approval of the city or county but only if they meet certain conditions, such as offering subscribers at least 20 channels. Another provision: that the operator make at least one and in some cases up to three of those channels available for what is called "local community, public access, educational and governmental access purposes." Variety of Coverage The bill makes no effort to define exactly what type of programming might result, but the speakers at the cable convention envisioned a wide array of possibilities. They said such community channels could, for example, offer coverage of city council meetings, educational material, informational programs from various government agencies, student films and personal statements or current events by individual citizens seeking a public forum for their opinions. They could, in short, become "close-circuit community information systems," said J. Anthony Kline, Gov. Brown's legal affairs secretary, who played a key role in drafting the law. Some cable companies already Please Turn to Page 40, Col. 1 18th RECORD-BREAKING WEEK! WESTW000. RitMl 272 0501 DAILY 12:30 3:10 6:00 6:50 Ffll. S SAT. LATE SHOWS 1 1:40 PM ARCADIA. Santa Anita 445-6200 BAKEBSFIE10 Slockdili 324 6778 BflfA. UA Moviai 714 990-4022 CAN0GA PARK. Fill Falltnook 883-4212 COSTA MESA, Srillol 540-7444 CERRIT0S. UA Twin 924-5514 C0VINA. Fo. Covin 332-0050 CULVER CITY. Studio Oiiva-ln 398-8250 DOWNTOWN, Town 622-9109 GAR0ENA. Varmont Drivi-ln 323-4055 LA HABRA. Li Hib.i Drivt In B71-1862 LA MIRADA. La Muada 994 2400 LONG BEACH. Ciicli Onvl-ln 439-9513 GLENDALE. Sands 246-6363 N0RTHHIDGE. Cinama Canlti 993-1 71 1 ORANGE. Cinidoma 634-2553 PALM SPRINGS. Plata 325-2626 POMONA. Million Oiiva-ln 628-051 1 70 mm SIX-TRACK OOLBV STEREO 35 A romantic suspense thriller. Original and engrossing. - Ytrtrt. Chnmnlln Los Angeles Times AWkRNER BROS. OKOn pictures release thru WWJNB? BROS. O -NOW WESTW00D UA Cinema Center 475-9441 Daily 2:00 4 00 6:00 8:00 4 10:00 PM HOLLYWOOD Egyptian 2 467-6167 Daily 1:15 3:20 5:25 7:35 t 9:45 PM CERHIT0S Alondra 924-5531 COSTA MESA Bristol Cinemas 714540-7444 o, HOLLYWOOD WESTCOVINA Pan Pacitic 938-7070 Eastland 339-7333 HOLLYWOOD Oriental 876-021 2 WOODLAND HILLS TARZANA Movies 996-1 300 Valley Circle 992-5461 TUJUNGA Rainbow 353-8505 ACADEMY MEMBERS: Your card admits you and a guest performance at theatrei marked with s 1 " s Muni's Christmas Show Concentrates on the Lighter By SUZANNE MUCHNIC Tlm Staff Wrtttr "Magical Mystery Tour," the Municipal Art Gallery's annual Christmas exhibition in Barnsdall Park, is one of the city's most addictive traditions. Once hooked on the spectacle of artists' free-roaming fantasies crystallized in wildly imaginative artworks, ordinary people become devotees who rush home to write "Magical Mystery Tour" on next December's calendar. The show concentrates on the light side of art works by artists whose vision runs to whimsical invention, dream-world aberration or humorous commentary. A local collector, not known for frivolity, visits the Muni once a year during the Christmas show. One artist at the opening confessed to being "on Utah Cowboy A Star By CHARLES SCHREGER Tlnm stiff Writtr Wilford Brimley was seated in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, dressed in blue jeans and cowboy boots, wearing a tooled leather belt with a turquoise and silver buckle, peering out at a guest through sunglasses. The scene would have been complete if only he'd have scooped the tan cowboy hat out of the open suitcase and walked out of his hotel room onto Rodeo Drive the perfect visiting actor trying to look fashionable. Cowboy, after all, is in. Fact is, Wilford Brimley is a visiting actor, and a very good one. Those who have seen his performance as Ted Spindler, Jack Lemmon's friend and co-worker in the nuclear power plant in "The China Syndrome," can attest to his abilities. Brimley was dressed western because, well, he is western. He's a Utah cowboy, blacksmith and horse trainer who, for the past 15 years, has been trying to earn a living as an actor. The tin of snuff in his shirt pocket is no prop. He's genuine. As for the sunglasses, "I left my " 'Maria Broun' is a remarkable, chcdlengingand satisfying. Manna bchygulla has the audacity to make Maria come vibrantly alive." Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times cI$iinerchrn&cJzssbfixlers "THE MARRIAGE OF rmARIARAUlT AO HOUrWOOO. Hotlrwood Pacific 464-41 1 1 DAILY 12:30 - 3:30 6:30 - 9:30 FRI. t SAT. LATE SHOWS 12 15AM L0NG BEACH. UA Monti 596-2751 MARINA DEL REY. UA Cimmi 822-2980 OXNARD. Sky Via Driva-ln 486-1212 PARAMOUNT. 11 altera na Onvt In 634-4151 RIALT0. Foothill Diivt-ln 875-2545 RIVERSIDE. UA Cmtmi 689-8022 SAN GABRIEL. Sin Gibntl Dnn-ln 2BB-5S02 SHERMAN OAKS. Srwman Oaki 981-2437 THOUSAND OAKS. UA Monti IB05I 497-6708 TORRANCE. Old Townt 371-1221 VAN NUVS. Van Nip Onn-ln 786-7510 UPLAND. MHMani 6itan 982-7851 NO PASSES ACCEPTED OURINO THIS ENOAOEMENTI 0B A New Yorker NOW PLAYING ACAWMY manful: SPECIAL RIVERSIDE. Van (man 0m. In 688-2360 SANTA BARBARA. Stall 966-4544 SAN BERNARDINO. Cult 888-6826 VENTURA. Vantma 643-3333 mm DOLBY STEREO TJI iC W MARINA DEL REY UA Cinema 822-2980 N0RTHRIDGE Fashion Center Cinema 993-0111 ROSEMEAD Rosemead 573-9480 TORRANCE UA Del Amo 542-7383 WESTMINSTER Cinema-West 714891-3935 i MT HH'tUlH A LACMMUI THEATnc WESTLAND TWIN 2 to any an asterisk. . f .,Ar-:i'A4 a two-day high" every time the "Tour" begins. A friend was so taken with Sarah Tamor's "Sky Room," an enclosure furnished with clouds and a hammock (exhibited two years ago), she reproduced the blue island of tranquility in her bedroom. Whether you see the art as inspiration or entertainment, there's something for everyone who has a dream or a sense of humor. Memory tends to melt past shows into one immense bonbon but it seems fair to say this year's extravaganza outstrips its predecessors in collective wit and bravura. Previous "Tours" delivered unforgettable packages in John Outterbridge's "Them Folk" dolls (personality-packed representations of black people), Larry Fuente's jeweled refrigerators and hunting trophies, Bruce Houston's FILM CLIPS regular colored glasses in my truck in Nevada," he explained. Whenever he comes to Los Angeles from East Mill Creek, Utah, Brimley drives or tries to. This time the rear end went out on his Datsun truck near Las Vegas, so he had to fly the last leg of his trip. "I like to drive, it's a nice ride," he said of the 17-hour trip. This was the 45-year-old Brimley's first interview. He was in town to help promote "The China Syndrome," which Columbia is re-releasing. He's one of the stars of the film, but when the movie was released in the spring Brimley wasn't invited to any VIP screenings. He saw the picture in a Salt Lake City Theater and paid for his ticket. He attended his first Hollywood party on Sunday, a promotional affair with members of the Hollywood foreign press. "Some sort of a lunch," he said Saturday, "at some house up in the rich neighborhood." Not many people in Hollywood know Wilford Brimley, especially those "up in the rich neighborhood." He's one of those actors who has superb period piece... Films Release 1979 (gl)a:S tan art tm y an a al la any RETURN ENGAGEMENT NOW PLAYING 0 1 5.50 lAiilltail WOODY ALLEN DIANE KEATON MICHAEL MUPPHY MARIEL HEMINGWAY MERYL STREEP ANNE BYRNE "MANHATTAN" GEORGE GERSHWIN A JACK ROLLINS-CHARLES H. JOFFE WOODY ALLENMARSHALL BRICKMANWCODY ALLEN CHARLES H JOFFE ROBERT GREENHUT GORDON WILLIS United Aunts CgimoM $ teraUnilM AtiWI CopoWn A 10754 Pico Blvd. West Lot Angeles 474-9589 Mon. thru Frl. 6:00 - 7:45 - 9:40 Sat. Sun. 2:00 3:50 - 5:45 7:40 - 9:35 ACADEMY MEMBERS: YOUR CARD WILL ADMIT YOU AND A GUEST TO ANY PERFORMANCE. NO PASSES ACCEPTEO FOR THIS ENOAOEMENTI 'Magical Mystery Tour' at Muni Elaine Carhartt's painted ceramic "Wrestlers," John Pashilk's "Climax Sardines" car, complete with fish and driver, and Gary Martin's "PianoDesk," equipped with cigarette keys and dunce cap, are among whimsies, fantasies and witty commentaries by 16 artists at the Municipal Art Gallery's annual Christmas show, "Magical Mystery Tour," at Barnsdall Park through Jan. 13. Timei photos by Tony Barnard tiny tableaux and outsized rabbits and Michael Speaker's dazzling rhinoceros desk, a wonder in any season. "Magical Mystery Tour 1979" is likely to be remembered for Tom Foolery's soapbox derby car shaped like a giant carrot, John Pashilk's sardine can car with a top that peels back to accommodate a driver and stuffed sardine sculpture, Elaine Carhartt's dwarf-size circus figures in painted ceramic and Nancy Webber's marvelously well-observed series of photographs with contemporary artists doubling as characters in historical artworks. But that's only a starter. Sixteen artists interpret subjects as varied as feather pies and tract houses in media ranging from crocheted plastic tubing (a walk-in environment by Patty Sue Jones) to lint from clothes dryers Is Born? knocked around the fringes for years. He has a great role in a big movie, "The China Syndrome," which led to a wonderful bit part in the upcoming Robert Redford-Jane Fonda film, "The Electric Horseman," and then to two other movies that will be out this year-another Redford film, "Bru-baker," and "Borderline" with Charles Bronson. The most he has ever earned in a year either as an extra or as an actor is $20,000. "Unless I made more than that this year," he added. "I don't know, I might have." Chances are, either Brimley will hit it big this year or else he'll go back to the mountains of Utah and continue to scrape out a living as a blacksmith. Like so many other character actors, he'll either become an overnight sensation after years of hard work or be forgotten. It began for him 15 years ago when there were a lot of TV westerns on the air and a big demand for extras who could ride horses. "Then I became friends with a fella named Bob Duvall," he said referring Thn WMWEH BOOS O" LAST 2 DA YS AVC0 CENTER CINEMA Westwood 475-0711 5:20 7:50 & 10:10 PM MOVIES Tarzana 996-1300 -ACADEMY MEMBERS: Your card will admit you and i guest to any performance. (AVCO CENTER ONLY) BLAKE EDWARDS' R Tltni MiMI k)MOS O C 17 0'it Fitly NOW HOLLYWOOD Mann Chinese 464 0111 Daily 12:45 3 00 5:20 8 00 & 10 30 PM Validated Free Parking (Altai 5.00 PM Weekdays) WESTWOOD Mann Westwood 473-7664 Dally 1:45 4:00 6:15 8:30 & 10:35 PM CEMITOS UA Twin "A" 924-5514 Dally 1:10 3:35 8:05 & 8:40 PM LA HABRA Fashion Square 691-0633 See AMC Directory For Showtimes LONQ BEACH MARINA UA Movies 596-2751 Call Theatre For Snowtimes MARINA DEL REY UA Cinemas 822-2980 Call Theatre lor Snowlines MISSION VIEJO Cinema Vlelo 714830-6990 Mon-Frl7:15t 9:30 PM Sal-Sun 1:15"3 306:OO 8:154 10:30 PM PUENTE HILLS Puenle Hills 912-5394 See AMC Directory For Showlimes THOUSAND OAKS Conelo Twin 805495-6760 Daily 7:00 9:30 PM Sal-Sun 12:45 3:00 5:20 8:00 & 10:20 PM TORRANCE Old Towns 371-1221 Daily 12:30 3:00 5:30 8 00 4 10:15 PM WSTMSTRBBKHRST Westbrook 714530-4401 Mon-Frl 7:15(9:30 PM Sal-Sun 1:15 3:30 -600 8:15 10:30 PM LAGUNA BEACH South Coast 714494-1514 Daily 7 00 4 9:15 PM Sal-Sun 2:30 4:45 7:00 & 9:00 PM ORANGE Stadium Orlve-ln 714639-8770 Open Nightly 7:30 PM ORANGE Clnedome 714634-2553 Daily 12:45 3:05 5:25 7:46 & 10:05 PM Sal 12:00 2 45 " 4:45 7:05 9:25 & 11:45 PM (miniature rooms by Slater Barron). The exhibition is geared for kids but any adult harboring a vestige of childhood will find something to love in this year's selection. If your taste runs to the outrageous, consider Larry Shapiro's sculpture "Trigger's Revenge." It looks like a coin-operated kids' ride with a life-size statue of Roy Rogers saddled and set in full gallop position. If you prefer your madness in less flashy trappings, Gary Martin has made a beautifully crafted "Piano Desk" with keys of cigarettes and a massive wooden telescope for looking at stars from the top of a tall building. For meditative types, the show has compellingly poetic installations. Christine Oatman has constructed an environment of rocks and recorded ocean sounds that reaches out to calm REAL CHARACTER Wilford Brimley may be riding the trail to a full-time acting career, thanks to "The China Syndrome." Times photo by Tony Barnard to the actor who has since starred in "The Godfather," "Apocalypse Now" and "The Conversation." "I met him on one of them horse opera TV deals. I can't remember what the name of it was. I was fascin .T;l NIVERBAL AN MCA COMPANY Canviwnatstnn Company A mm Cemn AH flHjMt Copyngnl C't'l By UNIVERSAL CITY STUOlOS INC COLUMBIA riCTUAES INDUSTRIES iNC all rights aeservcO Side of Art anyone who will linger for a minute. About half an hour is required to sit on doily covered rocks and observe a slide show of Oatman's other works in nature. Don't miss it. Carhartt's ceramic figures, about 3 or 4 feet high, have an eerie appeal that mesmerizes audiences and defies classification. Little people in soft pastel leotards, cowls and pointed shoes seem to be circus characters but they are not your average clowns. A pair of muscular wrestlers, a trio of musicians, a juggler and other pieces are self-absorbed entertainers, performing for a private muse. Carhartt pulls off a curious mixture of childish fantasy and Egyptian inscrutability. Carleigh Hoffs gauzy wisps and Please Turn to Page 36, Col. 1 ated with what he was able to do as an actor. I'd never seen anything like it. "Bob encouraged me, so about that Please Turn to Page 34, Col. 1 STUDIOS TOUR - OPEN 10:00 AM LAST TOUfl 3:30 PM AS THEY ROARED INTO BATTLE, ONLY ONE THING WAS MISSING ...THE ENEMY. An A feam Prodicton of a STEVEN SHELBERG Film DAN AYKROYD - NED BEATTY JOHN MURRAY HAMILTON TOSHIRQ MIFUNE LEE ROBERT STACK TREAT WILLIAMS t UNVERSAL HCTLHSand lXLUUBa PCIURES teenlalmn 1041 met mlei mi Kill unr ma vm m u mb m mi iwi smi DivxttdRiXw)TyVVlllAN MRMHlSCSoiH'biraBIllllK.WjeWil StovbiROSRlMKSBOBGAli and JlWftlG Km Mi J Qfiginii SounOirwtt Album on ARISTA Bwwdi nd Tpw Rtwtf Iht BIHntint Book PG Wttw-Ut GLWANCt SUGGESTED Om IMT1MW MAT NOT M IWtMLI 0 CJ PACIFIC'S CINERAMA DOME 6360 SUNSET BLVD., (AT VINE) HOLLYWOOD 466-3401 PRESENTED In 70mm STEREOPHONIC SOUND DAILY 12:30 - 3:00 - 5:30 - 8:00 -10:30 LATE SHOWS FRI. & SAT. Boa o?ice opfftl dally 10:00 A.M. Tlckat on sahi throughout each day tor that day't partormances. ALSO IN ORANGE COUNTY at UA CINEMA 1, Costa Mesa 714540-0594 CINEDOME 21, Orange 714634-2553 CINEMA WEST 2, Westminster 714891-3935 BUENA PARK DRIVE-IN, Buena Park 714821-4070 NO PASSES ACCEPTED FOR THIS ENGAGEMENT,

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