Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 8, 1949 · Page 13
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 13

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1949
Page 13
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Questions, Answers On New State School Building Plan Senator Benjamin 11. L,<:irner in a mrmonm iiim to C.ovi-rnor Ohi-s tcr Bowie:; ha'' reported, »n:ir,v rji-fMir'n < h.'ivr ni-i.'-.<-ii fMirircrnin;; tlir new :u;hi»>! u:;l lij;:i;,|.'itl,,:i. lit- "A rrr-nt ma-iy oui'-:tionp have comr to rny O..~i -M): t<-i- fi-o-n school >. ( >:ii-<K teru-'.e-i-H. :ind oil,. er interested jiroiip.s on the new school b-,iilc!u,.r proKr.-im on the ru-w school :.inli!in;r , .ro.vj-.-im on which <"5r,viM-r.or Kowk-: finally secured -ii.veem-'nt. For this reason, w,. have prepare:! ,-, series r,f o.u--KtionH :i:i<l nn-iwcrs which will explain lh ,. ,,,,, ln points of this new priv^im" 1 Whirl Hchoi'i- :-.ri> covered liy t^iii IHMV .Stall. 1 ild iH'ojirnm? Any :ir l i(n>l \vbii-h Jiii-i limn I'lllll iilnrc June 30, lIM.'j, willed In now lj<!ln;< litlllt, Hion v.'lilch hnildlnc Is Ktartod bofo-,-" June .'Ml, IliTiH. In olh- i-i- wnr-<! •-. thi; in ;i. ten-yonr I>rof'j-;iin. wiUi .a re'.n'arUv.: i.'i-ovislon covering those towns v.hirh havf alre/idy rnuvej n't,cud v.tth their 'J'.vn school t'lilldinK If \v<: build a now elementary . u ehool in os-.-n town, ho\v n'.ueh aid will v.'o he rilili: in »(<:•! '! Tl;r averse' modern, up-to- VERY SPECIAL AMERICAN 54" SINKS with CABINET and GARBAGE DISPOSER $179.95 A once-in-a-lifetirne-buy. This offer good only while supply lasts. / • EASY TERMS • IIIK ni ST IN TKADK-IN VAI.UKS OI'KN \VEI>. AND TIH.'HS. EVKN1NOS CONN. FUEL-GAS CORP. WATKKISUKY KOAIJ, \VATKHTOWN, J'HONK 275 date elementary school costs iihrmt $950. for every -boy or Kli'l who will be accommodu/- li'fl. Thin ini-tinM thnt nn «!<•- nierliiry nchoul pllpllll Will <!(«1 000. Th-i Slnte will c.-onti ibuli- pil of the $l)dO. ipilpll. On Ihi lillllt built to |>!ls, the f \ for !,(/) Illiolll $'!7rj,- ;il, I priwiiun $,'!()(). por pu- tolnl coMt per ii.-une nchool n-.'cornodnti' TiOO |ju~ Kin I, i will ronlributn •riiin .fir,o,(K«) win i,n the [i>',v\i or city In e<]U!il annual InMtull- A. Q. Yes. You arc ( c]iglblo for a stp.te Ki-ant of one-third of tho noccaanry ci>=t of any major nlt.erii.llon of your pre«on» cchool biilldl.nfcs Hint you n iixii'-ily v/ Hiln for' Slntn A. W. If we liiillrl a new ril|;h school iii (-ur -town, how much liid will we j;ct? A. Acc,ordliij; to m-honl aulhorl- tii.'M, .-'. Mooil modern hi^h Hc-honl co. l.-i about $ir>Cfl. foi each pupil who will be ac- ci.mniodali-d. That mxann Unit ,-L hl«h school built to lake; euro 01 11)00 pupils will en-it SI 1-2 million dollars The .stall- gnviM-nniunl will provide. $450 for each nunnp. On u ]<)00 pupil school^,, 'this means a contribution of $450.000. This sum would be paid to the <"lty or Iowa In twenty ei|ual In- HlullnientN. Q. Our town wants to jiay for ll.». school In c-i.'ih. Arc we "till dliflMe for nld? A. Yes. You will Kol your In five equal annual me nth. Q. Our town has already ed building a . new i How much u.ld 'will wo A. Your (.own will (jet. ||ie •IH nay other I.own -$3nn. for every clumenUry school pupil In the new school and J450. for every hi»;h school pupil. The only rllfferen-ie will ho In the number «> f payments. Your town',1 grant will he puld in a number of annual In.'itall- ni'int.-i i-.|ii.-il u, the number of yenr« during which your H-;:hool bonds am still outstanding. If your town has (paid cn.'ih for Its school, It will K«l its Brunt In five equal annual p.'iyim-nU Any state tfrant which you have already been paid will be. riedtieted from tlilH This same will be iivnllahk: If you have already eomnlelrd a new school which was fiarled ul'ler July 1. ] I>4S. Q. Our town Is not bulldlnn a now .school, but we- are moder- nizlntf and bi-ini;ln«- up to date the buildInrf we already have. 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Our town hns exhausted Ha borrowlnir power. Even though tho Slate Klves ono-thlrd of the approximate COT! o f a now n'-heol. W i, ,,MH v/ i]| n ot h« a.hlo (•> hiillil hnnuiso wo commit ralHo our share of the money? Thore I H a .Hperlal prdvlxloti III the ant. which will lake ciiru of your town. If tho School RulJd- CommlMfilon la ™.tlsned that your town In dolinr all that, it can to handle Its ahnro of the educational problom, and th.-it It.s llnanclnl rcsoupcs aro iriiiuiinnly and honcntly' I-K- hvi.H'.i:r|, iheri, iindnr n .-')-fir!|a.| pi-ovlHlnn of tliu act, you can get lUlrllLlonJiJ Jjolp. ThJs sno- cial additional help must bo JUI'provi.d In enrh CIIHI; by Governor Bowlcn and (he SUt-i Bond CnmmJalaon. How many mhooU will tli|,^ proKi-rrin help hulld? This proKnun provide* russlt- iince for all nehnolH which will bo built between in-15 and 19fS9. The wjhool bonrds of our «ta,to, report ln ff to tj^o State Hoard of Education, animate that thp total number of Hnhooln which have hern built »r win bn built during Ihln Diirlod will cost f.| OH() to Jlpo million. This program will provide roiiffMy one-third of this amount, or $60 million. It la estimated that the stutn will provide funds to cover about J2S million of the $8S million worth of Bchool.s whloh arc elttuir now built or will b.i built bo- and June 30 - 1«51. . QUESTIONS tho stato rajse ( y io aco Provkl ° thiH «««'«t- The money will he paid In -, n - nual liiHtallmonts to tho cltl™ and towns to help pay o(T thp wnortlzallon and Interest on their own local «ohool bonds. iiie total amount required bo- iweon now and June, in.11 the end of the present Period. ,„ $1 , 400 .ooo. In f u yoam, „. WJI1 run bfttwo million and $fi million ti ycaV dcpending on how £^' Bcnnola „,.„ hllllt . man y Hov/ do«H l.ho IlnanclnK of thin flo°wf'T dllfCr fr ° m °™*" Howlra' proposals? It doean't differ at all. In °"T n ", P , Bowloal m «»'"W o tho Legislature on No Oh r .which he D)r!lln "id action on tho mibject of for school b, i!d np Uvo mclho " M or , thc P« r ' o' the enu ' , nr °" C °' which was entirely ,atl«faotory to him m "hi " us f ""t'd ^at tho State n o,r ,° Ut 1U ° Wn bo "d« n ouler to rn .| B( , | t;( nhn f nnrt n ll hulitlln <? -"onoy "nrt turn this nionev directly over to the cltk, and (own H" • tl '' f ' W;;tod «•»" inrtoador bnl .," "'"-""K «"t the couw"' •," ° Hlc " " ml taw "" c <"'ld put out all of them "-d the State could th7, "Itn ,, nm ,,,, p(lymi;nt H,:conr| White Yule wsi^'^tsaxsy^isiMKa ... Indoors rn UP 2 How w t ^le,,, wealthy town., wouUl h^ A.mth,.,. recommendation of Oov ed t "" 1 Whlc " thp "«''«°ro- building ccn taken to rro vide up-to-date orn for our children. It will affo the building of "oo -cnool. whlnh oUierwIse n ,L' novel- have been built n w ,l 1 " l " lmlnnl « o mmeasurab SILVKII CONSUMPTION It Is oHlimaiod that manufnc NAtJGATUCK NEWS (CONN.). THURSDAY, HKC. «, 1MO— PACE ?» High School Faculty Honor Prin. Foley Ilnv»ii)ii(l K, )-'oli.y wiin 1.* nhiul -TJ member* of thi- Nn-.- l;J>lu<:l! HlKh Si-h'iol faculty. it»ff »nd Kurt, of Schools Harolil T5 C?}iln«'tifli.Ti 'it i tontlmonirO Monday I'Vimln); In DIorlo'H Rnntnurnn*.. In honor of hlx iwont appointment as principal. lie wim pri-nmtod n portal>i« rndlo ami 11 pen nn<J pencil **t ( h<> ^ather'ntf. Alex Krnycske. a member of-thfl iKh Hfhoul inciilty. wim mauler of cfromonleM. Bpeiikcr* lnelu<Uin£ Mr. ChlHemlcn, Edwin C, M'.lVr. "-ge F. Goodwin, Henry C!«K- Jtl «nd Neveral other member* of the faculty J'lNKAI'I'LK I'ROniJCKB. 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