Beatrice Daily Sun from Beatrice, Nebraska on June 23, 1946 · Page 12
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Beatrice Daily Sun from Beatrice, Nebraska · Page 12

Beatrice, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 23, 1946
Page 12
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BEATRICE DAILY SUN NTERTAINMENT # ' Spiral Staircase' At The Rivoli George Brent, Dorothy McGuire And Ethel Barrymore Go-Star. An Ingenious plot and the work. of a superb cast lend distinction' to "The Spiral Staircase," newest screen myatery beginning at the Rivoli today with Dorothy McGuire, George, Brent and Ethel! Barrymore in the stellar roles. j Based on Ethel Lina White's j novel, "Some Must Watch," the gripping film deals with the ex- j periences of the heroine, threatened by a baffling killer who has terrorized a small Vermont village. The killer specializes in murdering young women and the girl seems marked as a victim. Miss McGuire portrays a housemaid companion in an old mansion dominated by crochety old Mrs. Warren (Ethel Barrymore). Two Dorothy McGuire, and George Brent are starred \\ith Ethel Barrymore in the suspensefiil drama, "The Spiral Staircase." sons, a professor of biology] (George Brent) and a wayward idler, (Gordon Oliver) also live Deliriously Fresh, and Refreshing Fisher's Finer ICE CREAM! Here's a treat you can count on for hot weather flays and nights . . . our deliciously fresh, true flavored ice cream. Creamy rich and nutritious, it comes in a variety of flavors: Vanilla Strawberry Tuti-Fruiti Chocolate Chip QUART BRICK if Curb Service Chocolate White House Almond Toffee Toasted Almond Fudge HALF GALLON Delivery Service as well as.a cook, a handy man, a nurse and the professor's secretary. Helen's only real friend is Dr. Parry, (Kent Smith) a young physician in love with her and worried for htr safety. Various mysterious happenings around the big house convince h;m that it is too dangerous for Helen to slay in the neighborhood a:iy longer. He plans to send her to Boston, but. before he can complete arrangements he is called away on a case. When the biologist's secretary is murdered, Helen finds herself alone with two Warren men, one of whom she knows is the murderer. Sho locks up the one she suspects, only to discover i that she has guessed wrong and is i at the mercy of the slaver. P. Henreidr M. O'Hara In 'Spanish Main' Also Shmviup At The Vir- ttiry Today Ts 'One \Tay To Love.' The stonily love affair of a pirate captain nnd a laciy of Spain tlurinp the picturesque buccaneer days of tho Caribbean is developed in the Technicolor production. "The Spanish Main." Starring Paul Henreid, Maureen O'Hrira and Walter Sler.alc. the film is hailed, as one of the spec- ttu-ular ofl'erinps ever turned out nf Hollywood. Sle/ak is cast as the arropant and pitiless Governor of Spain's dominion in the New World. Miss O'Hara portrays the proud daughter of the Viceroy of Mexico. Slczak's affianced bride, whilo Henreid is a Dutch sea captain who. after Slezak seizes Henreid's vessel and sells the crew into slavery turns to buccaneering and preys on tlio Spanish galleons. Learning that Miss O'Hara is en route to C'nrtagcna to marry Slovak, Henreid captures her ves- .sel by a clever ruse and weds the lady herself, solely to spite his old enemy. But to his surprise he begins to fall in love with her, which leads to the stirring action of the climax when his associates treacherously abduct the girl and take her to Cartagena, and Henreid daringly sets out to rescue her from the Governor's clutches. Also showing at the Victory Theater today is "One Way To Love" starring Chester Morris, Jan is Carter. Williard Parker, Marguerite Chapman and Hugh Herbert. It is the zany story of a couple of radio writers and their girls on the way to Los Angeles. Nebr., Sunday, June 23, 1946 Veteran Pleads Guilty To Murdering Wife SIDNEY, la., June 22 (,?)—Glen Ballingcr of Plattamouth, Neb., 32- year-old World War Two veteran, pleaded guilty today to second degree murder charges in connection with the death of his wife here June 9. Judge Vernon Johnson sentenced Ballinger to 30 years In the Iowa prison at Port Madison, Authorities said Mrs. Ballinger was shot in her back yard here while the couple's children watched from the house. The couple was estranged and Mrs. Ballinger had brought suit for divorce. South Moutain Park near Phoenix, Ariz., is the nation's largest r v T C nSn l ParU ' consis «ng of nfar- ly to.OOO acres. DANCE! Beatrice Riverside Park to Remember the Band— LEO PIEPER FRIDAY, JUNE 21 Maureen O'Hara, a reluctant and mutinous bride, Is still defiant after Paul Henreid, as her pirate husband, has, disarmed her In the i swashbuckling drama of love and romance, "The Spanish Main." j Hillbilly Jamb oree At Rialto Nebraska Sprins: Pig I • ~ cr Crop Down From 1945 LINCOLN, June 22. (/Pi--Nebraska's spring^-jjlg crop is down! 21,000 from 1945 and the indicat-j ed number of sows to be farrowed 1 for the fall crop is down 7-1.000, f state-federal agricultural Statistician A. E. Anderson said today. The spring crop is set at 2.841,000 had this year as compared to 2,862,000 head in 1945 and a ten year average of 2,585,000 head. The fall farrowing total is set at 126.000 sows this year compared to 200,000 last year and a ten year average of 152,000 head. MODERN APPAREL OMAHA i.3?i—Traditional courtroom dignity was unceremoniously brushed aside when a little two- year-old girl, sans pants or anything except a blouse, pattered hurriedly through Judge Pe£ty Wheller's South Omaha police court. In hot pursuit, as the tot ran out the rear door, was her mother. They had been visiting the welfare office across the hall. On stage, today at the Rialto is the Hollywood Hillbilly Jamboree from Nashville, Term. It presents Tommy Scott, Luke McLuke, Fid- dim' Pat Patterson. Horse Fly, Clarabell. Baby Sandra. Miss Frankie and the Price brothers in person. One of the gayest comedies to come out of Hollywood, "Steppin* In Society," with a cast headed by Edward Everett. Horton, and attractive Gladys George, opens today at the Rialto. The fun starts when Horton, as Judge Avery Webster, and his rattle-brained but charming wife, Penelope, played by Miss George, are marooned in a shady roadhouse called the Jungle Club, which happens to be the undercover headquarters of a gang' of petty crooks. The laughs quicken when the members of the gang mistake the dignified judge for an arch-criminal and he proceeds to live up to the role in order to teach them the error of their ways. The hilarious climax comes as the judge, forced to make good his unearned reputation as a big-shot racketeer, leads the gang on a "bold robbery, of his own home. In the process of reforming the criminals, Judge Webster, who had always interpreted tlio Inw mercilessly ami imposed stiff sentences, becomes more mellow and human. Lovely Ruth Terry, who is Livingston's romantic interest in the film, aids Morton's efforts to lead | the crooks along the straight and ! narrow path. Show Times VICTORY—The Spanish Main 3:48, 7:04, 10:'20 : One Way To Love 2:15, oj3J,, 8:47. .RIVOLI—^fSc" Spiral Staircase 2:05, 3:58, 5:51, 7:44. 9:37. RIALTO—Steppin- In Society 2:15, 6:50, 9:10; Hillbilly Jamboree 3:25, 5:45, 8:00, 10:20 RADIO PROGRAM Phoenix. Ariz., grew from a tiny . stagecoach stop in 1S6S to a busy I modern city -with a metropolitan i population of 165,000. Dance to the Music of The Nation's Greatest Band Woody Herman at the Uni. of Nebraska Coliseum Friday, June 28 Tickets now on sale Knowles Music Store 421 Court 2.15 tax incl. Spectator tickets 1.20 ea, tax incl. XPAB - 1110 :1 "> ;l'aul Carson 15 IMet.hod Hour 30 jUeiieutli Holla LHJ jTaher choir 13 [Voice Prophecy 00 illaciio Digest l.'i Uladio Dige-st 30 jXeb Network 4~> iM. Li. XclEon 00 :CL5S Symphony 15 ICBS Symphony 30 iCBS symphony :00 IOBS Workshop :1a 'CBS Workshop ::;0 'F.lfvtric hour :I5 iKIoctrio hour '.(ifi iKaniily Hour :,"'(> ; front porch id" ;Silv<.T Theatre 30 jBaliy Snooks •loj Biiby Snooks :r>0 :Ceno Autry ;)" iBlondia 00 IMrs. Dnnberry :15 iMrs Danborry ;>0 iCriine Doctor : 13 (Crime Doctor :i"iO ICurliss Archer 30 iTexaco Thcatrf 00 jTake it leave it !.j iTako it leave It '.!fi ,Kenr- Bavard I", ISolon Orcht-sti HO |Xews .15 (Wash. Report 30 IJimmy Vidler tj |Harry Cool 00 !Xe\vs. ;Frnnkie Carlo ItYunkie Carle SUNDAY WOW - 590 IMldwcst Report r'ftcv. Brown ipheer up time iXews i World Parade I Xews |Kami Magazine iChas. Thomas iChas. Thomas iC'men Cavellero iC'rnen Cavellcro iOne Man's Fam iXat'l Hour IXat'l Hour •Neb-la. Quiz [Xeb-Iti. Quiz iSymphony ISym phony 'Catholic Hour Ask 5Io ;.\sk Me '.lack Bpnny ;Uo!fUi>s Uallery i.Slec Templeton I-Vlec Templeton (Fred Allen IFrecJ AH«n iMcrry go rouni 'Album Music IHour of i'harm (Hour of Charm 'Rhapsody -Rhapsody iROA Show IRCA Show '[Harvest Stars [Harvest Stars IXews IShow time 'Forrign policy (Foreign policy KFOB . 1040 ICoast to coast I Bible Class IVoice phophecy iHour of faith U'rivato Show illka Chase |Xeb network iXews Siinimy Kay a Sammy Kaye (Melody Gems I Dreamer (House of beauty I Down alley (Down alley jOans for dough iCountcrspy Stair to Stars IKvoninp party |(-ene Krupa IDrow Pearson :Quiz Kids iKord Hour Ford hour Ford hour Ford hour IWincholl ILaCuardia 'Mystery i^Iystery IThealre gruild' ITlieatre KUild fOpportunity \Opportunily [Curtain Time (Paul Le Bar IXews (Dance band (Dance band ! Dance band MONDAY CFAB . 1110 WOW . 590 6:00 8 : 1 5 T:U(i 12:13 12:30 12:45 3:00 I!:!"! •1:00 •1:1." •):"n •5: 45 5. •''>!) TV: 1.1 3:30 5 :-(5 B:0(i fi:ir, ti:30 B:OJ 7:00 !Xe\va 8:(iO 0:00 3:15 9:30 »:t 5 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 !Xc\vs iBiJly Dean iKevcille !Nc\vs I.Vle.x Drpier •T.B.A. i^yle ana Co jHcuvard-SheltoijXows 'Xews 'News T.RA. |D. Harum i Hangers .Musical IXows :Xf;\vs iJack \Vells IXews . ,'Liive.stocK mkt. jXoonday torum IJossie Young ]C,irI marries Il'erry-Madalene, Portia iRangrers iO'uidingr tlfrht ll'olkaband JTodays Kids {Helen Xusb !Woman in white (Trout with new Judy and .Tana i-Sing-rhib jOr. Malone I.SiiiK club | World news '.Tack Wells i Local news iXews Xat'l news IKorcver Krnest jCavalcfirtu IKorev £•!• Krncst jCavaloaile IXiglit life iSingrin' Sam iXows |Xews ll.xix Theatre jBoorhese orch. illifcirm. pleasa IXews JFaith hand |Dr. I. Q. !«r. I. Q. iSupptr club IRoh't. St. John KPOB . 1040 !HKD 1MO JIKD UNO iAtvronsky IMusii: clock I Hit lice in brd. ! \~ows '.JU-niorios iXows x Theatr ;Xews iScrern Guild IBob Hawk JlSoh Hawk ILanny Ross (.lack Smith . _. _._..„_. Award Theatre ;i5arlow band Award Theatre IBarTow band (News (Xews tower ISongs iSports lOodt'rey Show iQuiz Kids (Godfrey Show (World f! (talks' i'I'e<l Malone )Xcwa :So. St. Music i Your rt'iiiK-st 1 Piano modes (Lincoln today IHeil Cross Mclodio.s iHop llarrisan Tvrry ami 1'irates i.lust fun IJark Armstrong i Dinner music YXews MuFic iLono Uanpcf 'Lone Rn utter ! n' Ahner IThose Websters i.Vews iQ. Reynolds il-'tit man iFat man JH J Taylor |G I Joe [K Drummond IB. Drummond IXows IDance band iSporta 'Dance baud On Our Stage I Hollywood Hillbilly Jamboree FROM NASHVILLE, TENN. Presents In Person Ramblin' Tommy Scott AND HIS TALKING DOLL Luke McLuke Formerly with Grand 0!e Opry MISSISSIPPI VALLEY QUARTET FIDDLIN' PAT PATTERSON HORSE PLY I CLARABELL The Funny Man I The Gal From The Mountains BABY SANDRA—Dancing Little Miss Frankie The Price Brothers—Famous Recording Artists AMERICA'S FUNNIEST RADIO SHOV~ And This First Run Feature! REPUBLIC PLUS LATEST PARAMOUNT NEWS SEES ALL HEARS ALL • CONTINUOUS,'::; TODAY RIALTO Admission Adults GOc Children 30c Tax Included SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY <? Pauline Portschy is visiting relatives and friends in Lincoln. ADULTS Plus Tax " *& • . >-c when thi$ swoshbutkling' hero tames the terrors 01 the seven seasl BIG in cost' The mighliest of ALL seo pictures! \: starring' MAUREEN WALTER flJNME »ARHl$ , 40HN EMERY MEET BOYS KISS k •* They're the year's . funniest foursome .and then some . on a riotous 48-hour tram rtdc to happiness I - '*» with HLUIB PA1ER • MARGUERITE CHAPMAN CHESTER. MORRIS . JANjS CARTER • HllfiH HERBERT Scre'enpljy by Joseph' Hoffman and Jack Henley * Produced by BURT KELLY . Directed by RAY ENRI6HT Continuous Shows Sunday We Make Old Furniture Look Like New You probably have some . old furniture that needs the attention of experts—such as recovering, refinlshing or glued. Don't store it away—If it's upholstered or made of wood we can fix it. Free estimates gladly given DeLuxe Repair Shop Phone 511 411 Ella 8^'^^'' •' Week of June 24th Veterans of Foreign Wars Fair Grounds in Beatrice Frears United Shows Furnish All Attractions Shows—-Rides— Free Acts featuring Eddie Geyer World's Highest Aerial Performer 6 BIG NIGHTS on his 143 foot swaying poje June 24-25-26-27-28-29 CONFLICTS that freeze your emotions! SUSPENSE that takes your breath!!! TODAY AND MONDAY!! Rivoli \ * Healthfully Cooled!! —Added— Latest News and Cartoon • WATCH FOR THESE BIG ONES. COMING SOON. TO THE RIVOLI "Dark Corner"—"Breakfast in Hollywood"—"Well-Groomed Bride' "Twd Sisters From Boston"- 4 'Nightin Ca8ablanca"» 44 Do YoiiXove Me'j ^ K.TT ! /TfT^^^^^^^^^^^P "~i t t ^if l ^ « s i'' 1 , » ? . . , , . .. f t .,. . .t ./...-,,.,,... «.•* ..,. a. .*,,. j u ..... w , ••% ••/•" i r- ^vj-'V"" 1 ""•7 r "/"~' "'• ""if '"

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