Joplin Globe from Joplin, Missouri on March 12, 1946 · Page 7
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Joplin Globe from Joplin, Missouri · Page 7

Joplin, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1946
Page 7
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JOPLIN GLOBE, TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 1916. HIGHER MILK PRICE ! "Adam Cod" Buried Without Religious SIX FOUND GUILTY SENATE HAS TROUBLE ' Churchill Denounced as Advocate TALKED IN CAPITAL Rites;Widow P'«ent OPA and Department of Agriculture Officials Confer on Proposed Ceiling Hike. Washington, March 11.--(IP)--Discussions which probably will lead to higher prices for milk, butter and other dairy products were held Without a. prayer or religious · tired to their waiting car. The OF LIQUOR CHARGES: ROUNDING UP VOTES Of Power Politics by Russian Paper Bv EDDY GIIJV1OKK. service and without muj,ic or flow- widow then entered the car in -|Vn D«ftiiditiitft, Including; Sheriff Misnourl Body Rexjulros More Than ' Moscow, March 11.--(At--Fravdu,, tails of Uncle Sam" in hopes that ers, Melissa Sharp, aging widow of which she had ridden to the come- today by OPA and agriculture de-. frion( i s of Mrs. Sharp, gathered at partment officials. An OPA spokesman said the purpose of the meeting, one of a series during the last few days, is to "try tery and was driven to her home | The last rites for Sharp, leader of the "Adam God" riot in 1908 at Kan- \ sas City, were complete. Sharp died here Friday morning after collapsing Thursday on a downtown street corner where he had danced a jig and proclaimed the Parker-Hunsaker chapel. Six of I he would live forever, the men served as pallbearers. Oth- ' His death for the fust time erwise, the burial of Sharp was as actually separated him from Melis- unconventional as were his claims sa. The two went from Oklahoma James Sharp, 89-year-old self-st\led "Adam God." who died last Friday, buried the body of her husband at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon on a little knoll in Osborne Memorial cemetery. A group of 18 men and women. Tuni Are Freed at Tulsu. Two- Hours to Get 23 Members Present. got to get better supply and distribu- he wou id "live forever" and that to Kansas City in 1908 and a short tion of dairy products, principally he was thc f a t her of Jesus Christ. ; time later the riot occurred in milk and butter." He said this un- Mrs Sha rp stood by the plain, doubtedly will mean some higher | c o f f m in t h e f u n e r al chapel prices, although he could give no | for several minutes. At the indication of how much the creases may amount to. OPA and the agriculture department have decided to handle the dairy product price and supply problem on a national basis because of the great volume of price increase applications received from all parts of the country. Pending a decision on a general program, consideration of regional applications has beer, suspended, OPA said. OPA was represented at the meeting by Price Administrator Paul A. Porter and Deputy Administrator Geoffrey Baker. m " pointed time to depart for cemetery, the casket was closed and carried to the waiting hearse. Hides Alone to Cemetery. In a funeral car, the widow followed the hearse to the cemetery, where she walked over to the open grave, looked into it and then took a chair to wait until the coffin was removed from the hearse to be placed over the open grave. The six pallbearers placed their burden over the grave and then re- which five persons were killed. She followed to Jefferson City ap-1 when James was sentenced to 25 the years and remained there until his release 15 years later. During that time she never missed a visitor's day at the prison to see her husband. They came to Joplin in 1923. and during their residence here were Tulsa. Okla . March 11.--VP-- , Jefferson City, March ll.-UPt-- Fi\o defendants wore convicted in ^ It took t h o Missouri senate two federal coutt tonight of conspiring to violate liquor laws in Washington county and a sixth was found 23 votcs necdcd to P« ss g u i l t y o.' m a n u f a c t u r i n g whisky in | tion bills for paying salaries of j dry Oklahoma. , clerks in the state tax commission j The verdicts, coming two and one- ' and t h e stale sav ings and loan de- I half houis a f t e r the jury retired. , ' wound up four davs of trial which started %Mth the government seek-! The bills WO « 1J appropriate $15.-' ing to prove Sheriff Tom Sears ,^0, for the savings and loan depart-| and 15 others participated in a i m e n t a n d $24 - OSl f o r t:ix comn » s - ' sion employes wages. j When Senator Rplph Erdwin, re- , publican, of Concorciia entered the ' senate at 4:10 p. m., Senator H. K. | Williams, republican, of Cussville, ' i majority floor leader, tolu the ser- 1 gear.t-at-arms and the doorkeepers i in a front page editorial today, d e - j " t h e British empire, although in the nounced f o i m e r British Prime M m - j role of a junior partner," might ister Winston Churchill as an open ' continue "politics of imperial ex- the editorial reviewed MRS. WILLIS FREED OF MURDER CHARGES ·Judge Dismisses Case on Motion of Prosecution Four Days After Jury Is Deadlocked. San Bernardino, Calif., March 11. ~-(.'P)--Murder charges against Wallis were dis- advocate of power politics whose pansion,' 1 words urged war against thc Soviet, selected comment on the speech | Mis. Gwendolyn Wallis were ,, ... , ' both in America and Britain. It con- missed today by Superior Judge Union and meant nothing use ^ c l u d c d t h a t ., th(J rcaction of Amen-· Stanley Mussel!, four days after he than the liquidation of the U n i t e d ) c i n p u l ) l i c o p j n j o n brought him dischaipcd a deadlocked jury trying her for the slaying of Mrs. Ruby Clark. Dismissal was asked by District Attorney Jerome B. Kavanaugh, Nations Organization." The communist party newspaper.. breaking silence on Churchill's Mis ! souri speech of March 5, accused, new disappointments." ACTIVITIES OF JOPLIN him of attempting to liquidate the Three coalition, trying to impose British-American rule upon nfCTDirr 4 D T UlJl KILI AKt who told the court he felt another -- - - , trial "would end the same way." Talks on activities of the Joplin Tne jurj , repol .t e d it was divided flourishing whisky traffic. Through dismissals and demurrers, ten defendants, including the sheriff, went free of the charges contained in a grand jury | indictment. the world and slandering the Soviet I district were featured at the \\eek- 10 to 2 in favor of acquittal. ' " Mrs. Walhs, 31, had testified a in in her hand went off twice Union Chuichill's speech. howeVer. '' meeting of the Joplin chapter of was unsuccessful, the editorial said, I the Toast masters Club at the Y. M adding: C. A last night William K. T. ; l cicdentallv when she found her Convicted of conspiracy were j , 0 ..,'. ound up t h c s e n a tors and lock noted for their devotion to one another. The time of the funeral yesterday was not announced, at the request Leon G a r h a i t , Mrs. Edith Mary Garhart, E. W. Ward, Paul Watkins and Clarence P. Adams. Acquitted of Conspiracy. Leonaid Livesay was acquitted of Melissa, who said she wanted to on the conspiracy charge but con- keep the burial a private affair. ' SECOND PUBLIC SPEAKING \ SHERIFF'S SALARY BILL manufacture of illicit the doors. We have 23 votes." Bilk Termed Vital. The b:lls were termed vital by Senator Francis Smith, democrat, of St. Joseph who said employes of the two departments had gone "No false speech about democ- Hurch was the acting president and husband. Don. sitting in a parked racy and freedom by convinced re- Harold Crosby served us the toa^t- car the night of December iction-u-ies such as' Churchill and | master. ' M P B r-lnrk 2fi . f o r m e r Favetteville. s American friends from the Van- 1 Major speeches of the meeting clenbor" camp will succeed in draw-| "'ore "Commerce in the Joplin Dising people onto the road to n e w l t n c t . " by L. (Pop) Ciow. "Agn- 0 . . . , ,,.. 11 » c u l t n r f i in t h p .Tonlin nistrirt." hx f ''without pay since the first of the ! year." They go to the house for concur- ; Galena Masons to Meet. Galena, Kan., March 11.--A spe- CLASS TO BEGIN TONIGHT The second class of the Dale Car- RECONSIDERED IN HOUSE victed on the indictment's eighth count of liquor. All five defendants convicted of j rence in minor senate changes, conspiracy will be sentenced also | Also passed by the senate was a on various others of the nine | house measure to require county counts, all having to do with par- ; courts to pay fees for county treus- wars being piepiued for them. Predict ttejeelion. Pravda gave a clear indication to its millions of readers, and depu-i ton The talks were evaluated by ties here from all parts of t h e , Wi bur Robinson Jay T. \Valker Soviet Union for the opening of the . TMd Harold Schuchman. The mas- Supreme Soviet, that it believed the i er evaluator who evaluated a 1 of people of the United States and the talks made during the meetmg, Mrs. Clark, 26, former Fayetteville, Major speeches of the meeting! j\rk., school teacher. Mrs. Wallis wept when she heard the judge dismiss the case. She culture in the Joplin District," by l c f t t n e courtroom with her bus- Don c - O i n f t o n , and "Mining in t h e , band. Joplin District," by Clarence Mor Jefferson City, March 11.--(.rP-- cial meeting of the Galena Masonic j negie course in public speaking will j The house of representatives recon- ticipation in either wholesale or re- , urers' surety bonds in first and sec- ! lodge has been called for Tuesday j toni-ht with a free demon- sidered and advanced a bill today , tail li( i uor traffic. ' ond class counties. j night, for the purpose of conferring .£,, ,. ,,",,,,,, _ f a ,,,,,,,,,,,, , n th . ,,,,:_,, ..,,,,,.,, ,,, ,,«,,,,,,«,, ,-,, *»,:,,,, ! Livesay also was convicted on the I An effort to extend the bills pro- i ,'-t.on meeting at 8 o'clock in th. setting salari.s of sheriffs in third o'clock at the Masonic hall, Fourth and Main streets. The next regular meeting will be 'Graduates of the previous course held here will be the principal speakers. ninth count, which charged pos- tlj' k l l l l l L U G K 1 CC Ull L W U V O . l l U J U a t . C O . ' _ , , ,-, -, . . ^ l l l l t i i V . U U 1 1 L . , \ ^ 1 1 J U J 1 V ^ l J c l I K C U UUS- The meeting will be held at 7:30 Empire room of the Connor hotel c]asg countieSj but re j ec ted a new . session of f e r m e nted whisky mash. attempt to assure state aid toward . In the beginning 18 the sheriffs' pay. Minor changes cut the sheriffs' salaries in third class counties with populations between 11,500 and 15,- men and women were accused of taking part held Wednesday, March 20, at! The first public speaking class which time the second degree w i l l ' h e r e taking the course was gradu- be conferred on several candidates, ated March 5. Graduating exer- i 000 from $2,100 to $1,900. All membeis and visitors are in-' cises for persons completing the | Representative Melvin E. Fish, course were held also in Kansas | republican, of Putnam copnty tried to get an amendment re-inserted to provide that the state pay $1,000 toward the ?nnual pay of each sher- j vited to attend. JGity. Wichita, Topeka and Spring- Santa Fe is the second oldest | j !e ] d ] as t W eek. Teaching princi- city in the United States. It was ples f o r the c ] asses are based on settled by Spaniards in 1606. ^ a course of instruction developed 'by Dale Carnegie, noted author of '·Plow To W'in Friends and Influence People." The course, which is approved for veteran training under the G. I. bill of rights, is designed to promote effective speech, human relations, salesmanship and leadership training. The meeting tonight is open to the public and is free. Husbands! Wives! Want new Pep and Vint? Thousands of couples are weak, worn-out ei- SaustM solely because body lacks iron. For new vtm. vltalitj. try Ostrci Tonic Tableis. CO:I:.IT.S iron you. too, may need 'or pep: alio .'iipplip^ vitamin BI. Get 3oc Introductorj size now tmiy 29o. At all drug stores everywhere--In JopllD at Crown's Cut-Rate. DOSS BROS. COLD STORAGE LOCKERS 2601 Sergeant Body to Kansas City. City, Mo., March 11.--' bodV of Mrs. Laura Anderson, of H. E. Anderson, a photographer hrre, which was found Saturday in the Washington county whisky ring but one, Ralph Davis, was slain in bank robbery befoie the case came to tiial and the list was reduced otherwise. U. S. District Attorney Mauzy struck eight -names the list today when he moved dis- iff in the third class counties, but j missal of cases "gainst Sears and 33-35 ' seven others for lack of evidence. visions to third and fouith class counties was defeated after Senator Emery W. Allison, democrat of Rolla, said, "several counties in my he was turned down on vote. A similar provision still is attached to a bill setting salaries for fourth class county sheriffs which has passed the house and is pending in the senate. The house also advanced three Mauzy, plagued from the start by reluctance of government witnesses, told Federal Judge Royce Savage that "we are unable to present certain testimony because of circumstances apparent to the court." He declined to elaborate district aie practically bankrupt and could not pay an expected minimum $200 to a surety company for coverage of the county treasurer." The bill sets a minimum $20.000 bond for county treasurers but f I would allow third and fourth class ! county treasurers to post personal bonds if county courts approved. The measure nov.- goes to the gov- , ernor. ] morning in a water-filled cave-in i ot an abandoned mine northwest Phone 64461 of Webb City, was sent to Kansas ····Bav ' Crtv last night for burial. appropriations bills, one to give i for reporters, the state service office.- $65,000 ad- | Savage announced the six would ditional for the current fiscal year be sentenced tomorrow morning, toward administration of his of- 1 The judge remarked from the' fice. Representative R. J. King, re- , bench that in the course of the i publican of Franklin county, house . trial he had "seen things in the appropriations committee chair- i courtroom that I never have seen I man, said the supplementary funds i before and some things I never were needed to increase the num- heard of before." tpited Hands t( by winter weather? ber of men employed to counsel veterans on benefits they may receive. Last year approximately $200,000 , ness sentenced to five years for i -was allotted for the state service I contempt upon refusal to testify He said he referred to the "contemptuous conduct" of Mane Davis, Jopiin, Mo., a. government wit- officer's work. FRENCHMAN TO BE MADE HONORARY INDIAN CHIEF Mrs. Davis, widow of a defendant slain in a bank robbery, was carried struggling and kicking Into the courtroom by four bailiffs, but refused to raise her hand to be sworn. i Mauzy told the jury that he was sorry some of those called to testify for the government were ; "crumby or sorry" witnesses, add- jwhat they knew had been obvious. Make them feel Summer-Soft in just half a minute with Hinds Dallas, Tex., March 11.--UP)-Mayor Gabriel Hocquard of Metz, France, who arrived today for a visit to Texas, will be made an honorary Indian chieftain in ceremonies at Anadarko, Oka., Thursday, i Kighth service command headquarters here announced to-day WAC First Lieutenant Vivia X. Locke, nee Princess Bunnatima of | the Choctaw tribe, Durant, Okla., | will act as interpreter. | But Lieutenant Locke was some- j Aside from the scheduled major what worried over the assignment. | productions of the season, Joplin "I think I can explain all the | Little Theater members have a ceremonial dances that they will , "dividend" play in store for Friday hold," she said, "but the mayor is r j p ht which promises considerable laughs OF LITTLE THEATER TO SEE PLAY BY CROWDER TALENT Britain would reject Churchill's views. Pravda. a potent organ of the communist party's central committee, referred bitingly to Churchill's t-tatempnt that need existed for continuance of intimate relationships between British and Ameri-j can military advisers. | "Churchill advanced a proposal for the creation of an Anglo-! American military alliance," the] editorial said. "He thereby frankly | states that this military alliance must be directed against the U. S. S R.. against the power which I bore on its shoulders the main bur- | den of the struggle and played a, decisive role in the defeat of Hit-j lerite Germany. "But a military alliance of the two participants of a coalition against a third signifies the liquidation of! the coalition of the three great pow- | ers formed during the course of the second World War. So with one stroke Churchill cancels all that he preached as immutable truth during . the war." i Urges "New War. 1 ' j Referring to Churchill's statement that he repulsed "the idea that a new war is inevitable, still more than it is imminent," Pravda said the former prime minister "in reality tries to give the impression of a.n impending war. Moreover, he urges a new war and n war against the Soviet Union when he makes a slander about the Soviet Union saying that 'Soviet Russia wants the fruits of war and unrestricted expansion of its forces and doctrines'." "According to Churchill." the editorial said, "the idea of a front of 'western democracies' under Anglo- American rule must be set against ing the congratulations of friends j the 'eastern communist' He openly proclaims power politics, which must be realized by an Anglo-American military alliance. To whom is it not clear that all of this as a matter of fact means nothing else than the liquidation of the United Nations Organization?" Picturing Churchill as one who "convulsively grabs at the coat-i was Nat Anderson. This year i.« the 80th anniversary of Christian Science. Polish Trade Shifting. Warsaw, Poland.--(j? 5 )--A government statement announced that 85 per cent of all of Poland's import* now come from Soviet Russia. Before the war, 25 per cent ot Poland's trade was with Germany, and 20 per cent with England. Only 1 per cent came from Russia. ANNOUNCE DRAMATIC CAST \ FOR SCOTTISH RITE DEGREE Members of a dramatic cast j which will exemplify the twenty- | ninth degree of Scottish Rite Masonry at 8 o'clock Wednesday night at the Scottish Rite temple have been announced by Ed C. i Lawrence, commander of the Joplin | Council, Knights of Kadosh. j In the cast a i e C. Carl Ivie, Roy j A. Doty. Lee A. Daugherty, Troy, Cooper, Adolph Wanek, John Eng- ] land, George B. Watson, Perry L. j Maeder. Charles Belford, J. Carroll Bailey, L. L. Pmkhiser and Mau ice St. Enchanting natural beauty with... FELICITATE RICHARDSON ON HIS "RE-ELECTION'' _ Revenue Commissioner H. A. Richardson, yesterday was receiv- upon being assured of re-election j unopposed for the second consecu- | tive time. I The time limit expired Saturday | night for candidates to file for citv ' offices /ind none filed against | Richardson. He therefore will be j automatically renominated in the primary March 19 and re-elected April 2 for a new four-year term, the same as occurred in 1942. MODART^if^SHAMPOO See that your hair has tiie radiant loveliness women envy and men admire--use Modart Fluff Shampoo. This reconditioning cream shampoo restores natural beauty, keeps your hair soft and alluring, easy to arrange. It lathers even in hard water, requires no special after-rinse. Modart Fluff Shampoo is the cream of shampoos for lovelier hair! 3 J / oz. jar 75* Ihrtc clinging fragrances: Gardenia, Apple Blossom, and Pint At your beauty salon, drug or department store going to be received by Comanches and Apaches and Kiowas and just dozens of dialects that I never heard before." pleasure, many laughs and some · sp j end i d acting, according to the ^ board of directorS| , vho a n n o u n c e d ! yesterday that "Room Service" will j he staged at the Market Square j-' t\ *i T*m^' HONEY AM* ALMOND T K A C R A N C E CK1. \M -- the lanfilin-ciiricltcd lolion thai soothes skin e.x/ra jast Thompson Bites Thursday. Galena, Kan., March 11.--Funeral ' pl'-yhouse by a cast from thc army services' for Mrs. Bertha Thompson, , service forces training center at 40 years old, who died last Wednf s- I Camp Crowder. day at her home in Los Ang?les, ; Schedule for an 8:15 o'clock cur- Calif., will be held at 2 o'clock | tsin, the three-act comedy by Noel Thursday afternoon at the Chris- Coward is about the show business, tian church in Galena, with the!hotel business--nnd "monkey Rev. Seth Wilson in charge. Burial will be in Hill Crest cemetery. The body is here Tuesday nicht and will be received bv the Allison funeral home. ness." The cast, under the direc- j tion of Lieutenant H. Leith Loder, I expected to arrive formerly of New York, is composed j of service men and two civilian i v.-omen employes of thc camp. The ] sht.w ins been picsented nt servic chilis .-it tb- camp in the last two week?, with marked success. The plav will be presented for Little Thrat«-r members only, who , present Grass Fires Extinguished. Firemen extinguished three grass fires yesterday. None caused any damage. They were in the 200 block on Railroad avenue, Fourth street and Monroe avenue and Thirteenth street and Maiden Lane. Sunday fire destroyed the roof of the four-room residence of J. B. Plumlee. 219 North Maple ave- and firemen v.-pro called to extinguish grass fires at 2115 West Seventh street. Sixteenth street and Minnesota avenue. 1405 Sergeant avenue. Fifth sti ect and Picher avenue. Tenth street and Willard avenue. Jasper and Mineral avenues, and at Fifteenth street and Texas a\-enue. None of the grass [ fires caused dam.-ige. j BROWN-FORMAK'S OF PRE-WAR WHISKY" where it will remain until the funeral hour. Mrs. Thompson formerly resided in Joplin and Tulsa before moving to California four years ago. Very Extra Special-- the Southern Sour! go up -- praise comes instantly -- when Southern Sours arc served. Herd's the recipe: Jigger Southern Comfort . ·Jwice of '£ lime and l£ lemon. Slrain through ic? Jn1o small sour jrlass. Once tasled, you'll eagerly try th- other Soulhera Comfort recipes in thc booklet on the bottle. NO SUGA* IS NEEDED WITH SOUTHESM COMFORT CORPORATION, ST. IOU1S 3, MO. PROOF L I Q U E U R Girl Scout Knights Me«t. ' PHns for a camping trip in May were made by the Knight." of Keawa, du:mg a week-end o u t i n g ' ;;t the Parsons. Kan., Girl Scout "little house" The Knights of I mfmbrrship cards for admittance. ' who have the Oirl Scout' There v.-j]] be no reserved seats. »c- , f i-rip for sf.v-ral seasons. ' cfrdin? to AJ^X Parsons, president. I Four Jophr: 5:11 Is made tho trip | ', to Parsons rHurninjr Sunday nin?. "little v\ ---V^Qtf ^*~+ ·HL^ JLX. are to n - , ^ai fciw, ,rW-^ !l , MRS. AMELIA CUSHMAN, 69, SUCCUMBS AT NEOSHO he nsho. M'i.. March 13. -- Mis. ia Jane OishTnan. C9 years old at h«r homr at Tliird :.n»5 Tht-y v.-cre joined at house" by aix Kills fiom P.sryons. Miss Opha Jackson, .7op- hn Gar] Scout ex^fiitive, ard Mis-'fl Tholma McHcvnold.^ a-coniiianicd at 30 rV]r.rj{ Male Kiinrral Srr\ irr*. »r;il seiv,c*s for H i i « j m*7.irir-TS the sill '.'. jvinr -T:- fjv *hil3r*i. Mrs. " J r - f . "So, tv. n c ^ - 1 ^ ' T . ~ . M l S Pij-iTt .f, M'wlt ;-m3 Mi. c S j - t - ' r 5 of .V j,h ; f o u r If, T / ' . '7 1 ·:"·"·· H l J T b ' l t "i'3 Eh^j-T 31S1.1S "11 of K'iT,"* i*. w h i c h It-' WoinanV Tartl" Rf»ik*d. Car^-j?' Mo. Ma--;, 11 7 ';.'· ~i':'J.: j* Ij'iT^fiTie \\-=?, J OJi., 71 ··vii'i ·". T . f.r' r -i''--3 4 o *'··" years for Brown-Forman's King bears one of America's most distinguished witisky names--a proud tradition for quality, for smooth, mellow flavor. That's one big reason why more and more people who know fine whisky ask consistently for Brown-Forman's And King is mild, yet full-flavored and satisfying. It's the growing favorite with those who know and appreciate the best in everything. ****B.'--Sfc. K««e NKM« S IK W* *Xt«HG ¥, MOWM.FOVMAN DOTTUCTS COftPOtATlON At tooiiw'fl* f ?tl$*? 3(tSI*fided WttsVy, 86 proof. The rtroi^hl in iMs pradt'd ore 31 »~onfhs or were c^d. »?rcigh» WhiUiet; 60% grain oevtrol jp'ir/H.

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