The Austin American from Austin, Texas on March 21, 1971 · 99
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The Austin American from Austin, Texas · 99

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 21, 1971
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4 Page22Austin,"Tas Anal in- -AiufrUatt-glatV iau ,,-. Sunday. March CI, 1971 f Suna&V, 'March 21,-197 k Austin- AmrnritH-'S'thlrflmatr. t,"v Austtn'.-TfexagIge' '' 1 9 ' E r MORNIIVG 6:40 (g) RFD News-Today in Texas CD Cartoons 6:45 (5) Adelante (g) Classroom English 6:55 Q Farm and Weather 7:00 (Jg) SI News 7:15 O Sesame Street Q0 News 7:20 CBS News 7:25 2) News 7:30 (S) Cartoons Q News O CD Today Show 8:00 (DO Captain Kangaroo Movie: "WILD HARVEST" (1947). The head of a harvesting crew reaping wheat for farmers runs into a jam when his combine breaks down. Alan Ladd, Dorothy Lamour, Lloyd Nolan. 3 Star Drama. 8:13 Q What's New 8:25 (a) News-Today in Texas 2) News 8:30 g) CD Today Show 8:50 Q Project History 9:00 Q (g) The Lucy Show (4) (51 CD Dinah's Place GD The Galloping Gourmet 9:10 O Changing Earth 9:25 ) CD News 9 30 fj (TfJ The Beverly Hillbillies 3) CD Concentration Q Science 9:50 (Tf) Fashions in Sewing O Project History 10:00 5? Man Trap O ffol Family Affair C6D CD Sale of the Century 10:10 Q Cover to Cover 10:30 C5) C) CD Hollywood Squares 0 Science ) Q 3 I'We of Life (H) That Girl 10:50 Q Project History 11:00 man Heart Is Where the 11:10 Q Changing Earth CO CD Jeopardy 3D Bewitched 11:23 O 53) News 11:30 fj) CD Tne Wno- whal r Where Game Cf) Q 53) Search for Tomorrow Q Science 52 A World Apart C4). News 11:50 Q Project History AFTERNOON 12:00 gj Another World Somerset Q Woman's World (Id) Ten Acres News 3? All My ChiJdien CD Mid Day 12:13 C5) Cathy's Corner CD Our Town 12:23 TV-At Your Service 12:30 O As The World Turns .. J S)CS"The 3 Car- f If W W REAL-LIFE HUSBAND . . . Craig Stevens agolia Game Q Science 51! Let's Make a Deal 12:50 Q History 1:00 Q) Baseball: University of Texas vs. University of Minnesota. (Preempts Days of Our Lives, The Doctors, Another World.) O 5b") Love Is a Many Splendored Thing 3) Days of Our Lives 53) Newljwed Game 1:10 Q Science 1:30 (4) (6 The Doctors GD O T h e Guiding Light Q Science 1:50 Q History 2:00 d) O 55) The Secret Storm Capitol Report (3) Another World in Bay City 52) General Hospital 2:10 Q Cover to Cover 2:30 Cf) O 55) Edge of Night 5J One Life to Live (3) CD Bright Promise Q Science They Went That A' Way 2:50 r- Histor'v 5J) Dark Shadows to Anoiner woria-Somerset 3:00 (4$ Brothers Buzz 3:10 Q Changing Earth 3:15 Lulac 3:30 O That Girl JdJ Better Living m Q School Talk 5J Movie Game . f4) Dick Van Dyke QS) Dennis the Menace Cf) Popeye gj Seguro Social CD Cartoon Corner 3:45 g) Guerra Pobreza c o n tr a la 4.00 O The Uncle Jay Show 52) Movie: "COMMANCHE TERRITORY" (1950). Jim Bowie becomes' friend of the Indians and fights outlaws plotting to rob .them of land la donald Carey, Maureen'' C4J WOAI (X'.C) San Antonio. Cable" Cloanel 12 (5 KKNS (CBS) San Antonio. Cable CIkiihicI C6 KCKN (F)C) Temple. Cable Channel 3 O KTBC (Cf! Austin, Cable Channel 5 Q KLHX (Kilucalioral) AuMln-San Antonio. Cable Channel 9 7 - AND WIFE GUEST STAR and Alexis Smith on Marcus O'Hara. Star West- ern. CD Gifligan's Island 5 That Girl g O Sesame Street (4) Big Valley j Movie: "CAST A LONG SHADOW" (1959). Branded as illegitimate, a young cowhand turns to drink. Upon inheriting the ranch from an unknown donor, he straightens up. A u d i e Murphy, Terry Moore, John Deh-ner. 2'2 Star Western. 4:30 (51) Mundo Joven O 55 Bewitched CD Dennis the Menace g) Batman 5.00 O Let's Make A Deal C4) The Early Report GD Discotheque Go Go CD The Ed Brandon Shov C6 Hazel 3d) General Hospital GJ Q Misteroger's Neighborhood ) News and Weather 5:15 GJ Marta 5:25 32) Cartoon Corner 5:30 CD O 53) Walter Cron-kite (3D CD NBC News 32) Peter Jennings News gfi Q Who Knows the Answer? GJ) Fray Escoba EVENING :00 O 53) 3D CD News GB Noticiero 41 Cf) I Love Lucy G$ Challenge Q What's New? "River-boat All About You You and Your Camera": Seventh program in a ten-part series which will present in ten minute segments each day, the history of the river-boat, a better understanding rf animals and the proper techniques of using a camera. 6:30 CD 53) O The Beverly Hillbillies. Guest star Mike Minor returns as a gold-digging actor whose multiple identities, as- . mucu. ui. his -M.Mi.-ine m . unaea in. ait scnemft toj AS LATE PARENTS Welby at 9 p.m. i banker Drysdale devises an appropriate punish- ment. 52) Mod Squad. Guest stars are Paul Richards, Barry Atwa-ter, Clint Howard. Line stumbles onto the kidnapping of a young boy in a desert ghost town and finds himself held as a hostage. Connie Hines and Gregory Wakott. GJ O News GJ) Cadenas de Augustias (4) CD Julia- When landlord S o 1 Cooper (Ned Glass) decides to sell out and move to Palm Springs, Julia and other tenants learn that a prospective buyer of the building plans to turn it into a "swinging singles" dwelling. 7:00 Q Southern Per- live reports on activi-! ties, opinions, and attitudes of citizens from six regions across the southern United Slates. GD O 35) Green Acres. Oliver and Lisa Douglas play host to four underprivileged city children who visit the Douglas farm as part of a "kids for the country" program. Victoria Mey-erink is featured. The Don Knotts Show. Don's guests are Edie Adams, Baibara iuciair, louis wye ana the Mob. GD Las Estrellas y Usted S The King Family in Washington, D.C. 7:30 Q 35) Movie: "IN SEARCH OF AMERICA," a made-for-TV movie. A teenage youth (Jeff Bridges) drops out of schooi to reassess his values and invites his parents (Carl Betz, Vera Miles) to join him. They buy an old bus, add their grandmother (Ruth McDevitt), and take to the open road, where they meet interesting people en route to a rock festival. Renne Jarrett, Howard ..,... vuu.i wm iiunier. aai .Duff, Kim Hunter. Sal fid KWTX (CVS) Ware. Cable Channel 2 flj KSAT (ARC) Kan Antonio. Cable Channel 10 m KWKX (Spanish) San Antonio, (able Channel II CD K11FI (XBC) Austin, Cable Channel 4 ($ KX(T (Ktlueational) Helton Killeen Glynn Turman. 3 Star Drama. (S 50 Hee Haw. Gue t stars: Charley Pride, Amanda Blake and Mickey Mantle. GJ) El Usurero 8:00 Q The Advocates. "Should The United States Discontinue Military Aid to Greece?" 0D CD Movie: "SPIN-OUT" (1966). Three girls vie for a bandleader's attentions. He almost gets hooked by the girl whose father wants him to drive one of his cars in a race, but manages to stay un attached. Elvis Presley, Shelley Fabares, Diane McBain, Deborah Wal-ley, Carl Betz, Warren Berlinger, Dodie Marshall, Will Hutchins. Elvis sings 6 songs. 2y2 Star Mu-acal-Comedy. (5) Movie: "THE CROWDED SKY" (I960). The personal problems of the passengers and crews of a Navy jet and pas senger plane, flying in opposite directions. ui-uuuu iui uisasu I , as they approach each other. Dana Andrews, Rhonda Fleming, Efram Zimbalist Jr., T r o y Donahue, Anne Francis Drama. GJ) Do-Re-Mi 8:30 g) 55) All in the Family. Carroll O'Connor and Rob Reiner star. Gloria discovers women's lib and windsup iiiuviug uui VI uie DUI1K- er household as the result of an argument with Mike in which she demands that he treat her as a complete equal. GJ) El Retrato de Dorian Gray 9.00 O Making Things Grow How to divide plants. QO) 3D Marcus Welby. Guest stars are Laurie orange, Alexis Smith and Craig Stevens. A I ' 'YVONNE KING OF THE ' '. '. 'famtij' fecial young girl gets a severe ulcer because she feels her rich parents don't love her. CD Q 60 Minutes with Mike Wallace and Mor-ley Safer. GD Yesenia G$ Realities 9:30 (5) News 0 Periodico 10:00 a) ffl o m 32 CD News Q Femenine Fitness GO El diaria de una Seno-rita Decente 10:?0 (4) CB CD The Tonight Show. GD Teatro Familiar. CS) O Merv Griffin 3oj Movie: "IN SEARCH OF AMERICA," a made-for-TV movie. See 7:30 p.m.. Channels 7 and 19 for flnlailc 9 Cl.. Drama. 52) Movie: "CLAUDI A AND DAVID" (1946). Further adventures of Rose Franken's beloved characters. Claudia is a'-ainst David's t'oins to a convention because a mind reader said he would have an accident. Dorothy McGuire, Robert Young, Mary Astor, John Sutton, Rose Ho-bart. 3'zj Star Comedy. 10:30 O Movie: San Francisco Mix "Separating": Independent filmmaker David Meyers built his "subjective documentary" around the sen- aration of prisoners from society and their resulting psychological problems how they relate to their wives, their children and, upon release, to other members of society. 11:00 Q Thirty Minutes. 11:30 Q Joyce Chen Cooks How to prepare "Peking Ravioli" GD Noticiero 41 12:00 Q News GD The Pastor's Study KING SISTERS ' at 7 p.m.' -m.'.mvu (Continued From Paye 19) telecast Tuesday at 8 p.m. on Channel 9. Friday at 8:30 p.m. "Austin Symphony Backstage" examines the relationship of jazz and classical music. Symphony conductor Maurice Peress talks with James Wheat, trombone; Gilbert Blount, piano; and Dick Goodwin, trumpet; about the relationship of the two types of music. To illustrate the discussion thei musician should an impromptu jam session. "Austin Symphony Backstage," a production of KLRX, will be aired Friday at 8:30 p.m. with a second showing of the program Saturday at 4:30 p.m. on Channel 9. Saturday at 10:30 p.m . journey with NET Playhouse into a world that may lie just around the corner a world in which "They" are the masters. The story takes place in the year 1990. The young control the world; people over 50 are sent to camps where they are expected to take their own lives upon reaching the age of 65, or sooner, if they become ill. But somewhere on a deserted stretch of America's northeast coast five elderly people occupy a beachfront home, living in isolation. Because each was famous in the arts before the young took over, they have been allowed to choose exile together, rather than join the masses of old persons in camps. In this way they find some consolation togetner, in world where art has been totally de-personalized, where "individual and subjective criticism in all the arts has been supplanted by. . . infallible computer value scales" as one of the characters explains. Crisis and decision enter their quiet lives when one member of the group becomes ill, and must either commit suicide or be taken away to execution. MIX. CINEMA COK5JIW m OPEN 12 NOON FEATURES 'GENERAL CINEMA CORPORATION OPEN 12 NOON FEATURES 12:30-2:25-4:20-6:15 8:10-10:05 NOMINATED FOR u ACADEMY AWARDS including BEST PICTURE BEST ACTOR BEST ACTRESS The Ye if i Ali MacGraw Ryan O'Neal John Marley & Ray Miiland ALL SEATS 11.00 Tll:30 EXCEPT SUN. I HOLIDAYS Management Does Not Recommend for Children j rr PARAMOUNT , (IP PICTURE " vgggjjll "S ' , i i J V:::, i V A Q I M&mML OAKY MERRILL TORTRAYS AGING PAINTER . . . exiled in 'They' on KLRN, Channel 9 AM in Family NEW YORK Philip Brown, Doris Day's son on the CBS Television Network, is the son of Philip Brown Sr., a former actor, now a television technician. GAPRI 521 E. 6th 472-0442 Dn OpH Daily 11:30 A.M. 3-FULL HOURS OF 16 MM MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT - MAIN FEATURE -Super Hot SWEET SIXTEEN" In Sound and Color 2 Hours ot Shorts in Color Admission $2.00 (With membership card) Escorted Ladies Free Sneaks each Sunday Night rft nmriNo cross smrrr a oooooooooo o o o o o o o o o RiTZ ARTS Three Hours of 16mm Adult Movies! MAIN FEATURE: tome One, Come Air in Snnnrl I Pnlnr wwuiiu WUIUI MTEO I" YOU MUST IE II TEARS 01 Open at Noon Admission $2.00 Private Movie Club 320 E. 6th St. g. IjQ a f O O rnunt iio-uaia oooooooooo COLOR tyMOViElAB i w mr m mm m Walt Disney production r FIESTA DRIVE-IN THEATRE Monlopolis & Riverside $2.00 PER CARLOAD Phone 38S-1953 OPEN 6:00 AT 7:15 1 10:45 "G" General Audience: mvu PINAL.. Plus! at 9:15 JOSELITO KUUM U4H( MU O o o o JLOXJUUJUUUUJC?.J mm COLORE53tl, 222 Cost orh Open 12 Noon 42-0436 RATED "X" NO ONE UNDER 18 ADMITTED SUPER ADULT ONLY FIRST RUN FEATURE! PLUS COLOR SHORTS Escorted Ladies Free with Membership Program changes each Thursday I-' -WWW EMIV BRONTE'S UJutjieririg tieignis ttai!Li- fci Axericw kattcttlvi Kcturt l ANNA CALDER MARSHALL TIMOTHY OA! TON v .tsi!eita LAST 3 DAYS - TODAY OPEN 1:45 Feature 2-4-6-8-10 pm mm ain ngc THEATRE FOX Theatre 6757 AIRPORT I LVD. 4542711 l AN NGC THEATRE a m m mm m . i m. mm wr . m. Filmed in the grandeur of Jackson Hole, Wyom j T-i in- 'j - ; FORREST- ELAM HOWARD de" v a .oVERA MILES-KATE CALVIN CLEMENT&JR PAUL SAVAGE SSSS .KSS-ooo, J- ''.-- '- - Tuesday Evening Members of the University of Texas Opera Theater will present a second evening of Opera Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the auditorium of the Education Annex, located in the 1900 Block of San Jacinto Avenue. The free performance will consist of the same opera excerpts as those presented in the first evening of Opera last Friday namely, Charpentier's "Louis e," Donizetti's "Don Pasquale," Menotti's "Saint of Bleecker Street, and Rossini's "Italian Girls inAlgers." Appearing as Louise in a portion from Act II will be Deborah Strain, and with her, Joan Granny, Sherry Bell.Kim Shepherd, Jan Howell, Mary Lois Summers, Carol Baxter, Sylvia Hutchison, Natlie Schuppert and Trudy Skiff. Miss Howell will play Norina in a segment from Act THE Ell! ONE! PLUS! (Rated XXX) "STARLET" No One Under It Admitted NWY 1S3 1 at 8822 PUTNAM OPE 6:30 STARTS 7:00 Admission 1.50 Adult v m m woodward I Kange i f La I RON MILLER B of Opera I of "Don Pasquale"; Steve Haunsehild will appear as Dr. Mallaesta. Playing the title role in "Saint of Bleeker Street" will be Diana Duke. Portraying the saint's brother is Irl German. Others appearing in the scene from Act I of the opera are Jennifer Chase, Jane Wyss, Susan Bryan, James Glass, Sandra Johnson, Carol Baxter and Leslie Arnold. J. D. Goddard sings the role of Mustafa in "Italian Girl in Stm-(o.,!..DNlf! INTERSTATE ti1TTjmrj- THEATRE rNOWl "MlLllliiyi FEATURES: A INVVV! Itttott gTfil 2:30-4:20-6:10 I k 8:00-9:50 I A FRANKOVICH PRODUCTION I I J,1 j Jwfl . lr If TiTTr!Pj Jiff t1'"! f INTERSTATE ADULTS $2.50 STUDENTS $2.00 CHILD $1.50 INTERSTATE NOW! I TUP? fWITOfUCVHeV Winner of 8 V Academy Awards includine Best Picture. WAUDREY HEPBURN -REX HARRISON TECHNICOLOR jj mi fAXAVISlCN'71 FSCM WOfJ INTERSTATE DOORS OPEN 1:15 lu , It ' ur v Is Free Algiers" with Kathleen Scott;. as Isabella and Tom W. Acord as the slave Lindoro. Also in the cast are Glenn Martin, ; Frank Drake, Mary Louis Summers and Kim Shepherd. The excerpts, all in English, are bing presented in costume ! with piano accompaniment. ; Admission is free. Staging and conducting the ' excerpts are Charles Lawrie, Frank White, Raymond ; Warren and Kelly Hale. Dr. Walter jeloux is Director of UT Opera Theater. EUI1IES TAPADASH nr,T...,,,-irRANK0. St AlKUITfR . ailWRBtlWSItW iv-' tt..M J f RANKOVICH Or. ' surnwit SCHAtftR COLOR lioni Columbia Pictures DYAN RICHARD CANNON CRENNA THEATRE FEATURES: 1:00-3:00-5.00 7:00-9:00 They thought they were tough until the stranger faced them with a book ,lGp :,:j,'inil ms iui sisnmii PAT BOONE i Dawtl A'lkc-son mith tRIK I'jIBADA Jr.Klf (.iROtllt tWG Belli IPM .K) ASM R0BtiS0K J kYWTYtrTfI THEATRE i c'f ii 'A nMWM FEATURES: iUIi.inniHl 1:30-4:50-8:l5 THEATRE enets: 2:00i:3?.:04 roncco 4:1:4 nmn Vtfflfcd. iff ', M ? - ? 3

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