Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 8, 1949 · Page 10
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 10

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1949
Page 10
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I PAGE 10—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), THURSDAY, DEC. S 1049 Every jcvenlng tffixoept Sunday) by CHE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORP. NAUGATUCK, CONN. TMepiioBM 2228 and 2£M All Department* Kntered as second class matter «t tb« port office In Naug&tuek. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 Month ...91M 1 Tear . ...IIB.JO " Member: American Newspaper Pub. Ass*c K. B. Dally Newspaper Put. Ass-n Conn. Newspaper Publishers Ass'n THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1949 Red Star Over Chungking Members of the Chinese Nationalist government, now fleeing toward Chengtu from Chungking, may not be familiar with the American saying to the effect that three moves are as bad as a fire. But theyjnust feel despairingly that their* world is burning down, for Uiis is the third time within the year that a Nationalist capital has fallen before the communist armies. Their despair must be all the deeper when they think back to the years when Generalissimo Chiang Kai-«hek placed his government in Chungking and kept it there, succesfully defying the might of the Japanese Imperial Army. He held it not for months but for years. This time it has been taken from him in a period of weeks. If China was woefully weak compared with Japan, 'the Nationalist regime is far weaker compared with the Chinese communists. It is so feeble, indeed, that it will in all probability be driven out of Chengtu within a few weeks at most. The time Is coming when the Nationalist government will have to seek refuge on Formosa. Resistance to the communist forces cannot be maintained on the mainland much longer It is significant that Chou En-Lai, the communist foreign minster, 'has already warned the French not to harbor Nationalist military units in French Indo- China. The end cannot be far away now. Only a miracle, or several of them, could have saved Nationalist China after Canton fell. They have not come to pass. The still greater miracles that would have to come in order to reverse the tide, at this late date j are hardly worth hoping for. Soon all China will be under communist domination. The Eccles Charges Sharp criticism of government fiscal policies before a congressional subcommittee focuses attention anew on the divided and often conflicting responsibilities of the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve Board in the operation of the monetary system. The controversy has political as well as economic implications, coupled to a demand for legislation to concentrate control of national credit in one authority. Sparking the present flarcup is the charge by Marriner S. Eccles, member and former chairman of Federal Reserve Board, that the Treasury Department is inviting economic disaster by its "cheap money bias." Hi« further statement that the Truman administration Is making the Federal Re- servo Systfm "an engine of inflation" was tantamount to a declaration, which others have made in the past, that the Treasury Department dominates the Federal Reserve Board. Those with limited knowledge of how the monetary system works will better understand the controversy by recalling'ihat one of the primary functions of the Reserve Board is to keep credit and Interest rates adjusted to general business conditions. Credit Is restricted to stem inflation or ex- pnndnd to loosen the effects of deflation. As a means to these ends the Federal Bonrd In given authority over rediscount rates recommended by the 12 Federal Reserve banks and the reserve roquiro- mcntB of member banks. Open market purchasing and selling of securities is an additional device to decrease or increase the money supply. The Treasury is interested primarily in the government's fiscal problems rather than credit needs of business. But in times of heavy refunding operations such as the Treasury faces next month, the secretary, as u member of the Reserve Board, may be inclined to use his influence for keeping Interest rates low, though the business situation may counsel restriction of credit. The secretary's Influence with the Reserve Board Is large because If the board decides to soil government obligations and bankers' acceptances to make money scarce the Treasury, If it suits its purpose, can offset the effort by buying bonds and notes. The procedure, it has been pointed out, would enable a political party In power through the secretary, a political appointee, to forestall RoHorve Board checking of an Inflationary boom which the party desired continued until after an election. It is significant that Reserve Board Chairman Thomas B. McCabe, while endeavoring to counter Mr. Eccles' criticism of Treasury domination of the Reserve Board, refused to answer when asked if the board had not been overridden only a few days ago by the Treasury in connection with the interest, rate on the coming $56,000,000,000 refunding of the government debt. It is also significant that Mr. Eccles' contention that Congress either redefines the board's power to control the volume of bank credit or turn the whole responsibility over to the Treasury, wan virtually indorsed by President Sproul of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. But the fight may have only begun. Do You Remember? One Year Ago Jack Quinn was elected president of the Glcndale Manor Community Club at the annual meeting. * • Mrs. Willis Peterson was reelected president of tho Evangeline Circle of the Salem Lutheran church. 20 Tears Ago Joseph Biernacki was elected captain of the Naugatuck Hit,'h school football team for 1930 by the 1929 letteraien. The Naugatuck YMCA swimming team opened its season by beating the Mt. Vernon, N. Y., Y swimmers, 39-23. Al Sullivan paced the local with "two firsts. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. When eating in a public place, and a mistake is made in your order, should one call tho headwaiter and complain? A. That is not necessary. Merely call the waiter's attention to it pleasantly. It is only when the waiter becomes rude or abusive about it that one should call the headwaiter. Q. Don't you consider it rude for a bride to wait until she returns from a month's honeymoon to acknowledge her wedding gifts? A. Yes. Gifts should be acknowledged the day received, if possible. Those received the last minute can be acknowledged while away. Q. Is it considered correct for a host to carve at the table, after the guests are seated? A. Yes; unless it is a formal affair. Look And Learn 1. Which is the older of the two U. S. major political parties? 2. Which is the largest species of snake? 3. Where and what is the natural phenomena "Old Faithful"? 4. What is a concerto? 5. What famous Indian was an English brigadier general? Relatives and friends of veterans who will be in hospitals during the holidays are urged to contact Mrs. Donald C. Wood at the Service for Veterans office, 5137 any evening- from 9 to 12 o'clock . veterans groups planning to-send gifts to these men will use the list of names compiled at Mrs. Wood's office. About 12 male students of the Naugatuck High, school course, Problems for Democracy, were among spectators at Tuesday night's monthly meeting of tilt- board of warden and burgesses. Members of the Musicians Union hud odd expressions whon they entered the town hall court room Tuesday night and found not a union meeting in ,p'rgi-ess, but the 'borough board in session . one late-corner camo in and 1 sat down, but he stayed only a matter o[ minutes before ho realized his error, .tho union had set u -meeting- in the court room forgetting about the board session. Patience In a virtue so Warden Harry I,. Carter found out yesterday, when during his lunch hour Santa. Clans delivered a grand, new desk to his town hall office .. of flee emplo- yes bedecked the new steel desk In keeping with the Yuletide spirit .. the chief executive has been waiting several weeks for the desk and says now he's grot a place for everything, and everything In its place. Public Welfare Supt. Rudy Anderson has- a unique method for getting a new town hall, but it would be rather time consuming . . Jan Evon, assistant town clerk, would appreciate a new desk, or an appropriation for nylons. A woman motorist, parked on Church street yesterday noon long after the storm had ceased, was given a polite reprimand by a passing member .of the pollen force .. with an eye to safety and the necessity of good vision, he demanded the then softened Ice be removed from the windshield and assisted In tho work .. It would have been a simple matter to have taken care of before even starting out for the boroughs main thoroughfafre. Kay Rad'diffe says the books donated by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sipnnn of Fern street for the Rocky Hill Christmas -party were "fine" books and not "flve" in number . , Kay tells us that they gave so many and that they were flo grand that she had a continued relinquishing time it was a question of reading a "v" for an "n" in the squib Kay sent us. Mrs. Theodore A. Schroder, wife of the Rev. Schroder, pastor of the Immanuel Lutheran church, is experiencing a bad cose of laryngitis .. the pastor was In New York yesterday on business. Electrical Contractor Uay Currier, is doing the re-wiring job on the police booth In the center . . It's all part of the job of installing the new telephone booth for public usage. This is the story ot a local resident, who sent away for 24 shrubs for a very small payment .. he could hardly -wait to get home after his -wife had called that they'd arrived . . breathlessly he went into, the house asking- to see them .. imagine his deflated enthusiasm - when she pointed to a very inconspicuous package on an cud table. There have been jokes about It but the other day walking past a local hardware display- Ing snow shovels outside, saw a man, wife arid thrcc j year-old, viewing the display .. the little sprite then piped up, "Daddy, why don't you buy one for Mummy?" . . Mummy, probably having tried to avoid such a chore, Immediately took her charge and husband nff down the street without further comment. Ann Grickls has returned to I Washington . . Ann is a key ern- i ployc of the Senate Committee that recently heard Perfumer John Maragon and Gen Vaughan on the related subjects of deep- freezers and five per-centers. i Answers 1. The Democratic. 2. The reticulated python, found in southern Asia, which attains v length of 30 feet or more. 3. In Yellowstone National Park; it is a geyser. 4. A composition in which one instrument, or sometimes more than one. stands out in bold relief. 5. Tccumsch. Happy birthday cakes this season to: Mary Carroll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer .. that was Dec. 6 .. to Claire Witkoski on Dec. 7 Mrs. Jake KlngKley, Dec. 12 .. to Ja<!k Ht-aly and Kay Sweeney, both on Dec. 14. The U. S. Rubber Company's Christmas display is going up near the Tower on Matple street The display depicts a winter scene with Santa and his reindeer approaching a snow-covered' cottage. January 6. Superintendent of Schools Harold E. Chlttenden was In New- Haven yesterday Johnny Simmons, of North Main street, Is sporting a very nice new car .. We're a few days early, but best wishes to Louise Carrlng- ton, of Carroll street, who ccle- b:\tes a birthday Sunday. I Watcrbury's Mayor Raymond | E. Snyder 'has sent a letter of j appreciation to the borough for ( the use of local voting- machines- I during the Nov. 8 elections in I the Brass City . . the mayor says the voting machines must have been fixed to tally only GOP votes in view of the returns in that. city. Many haippy returns of the d&y to Tommy Carn who observes his sixth birthday today..Tommy is in the first grade at Oak street school and lives at 106 Maple street. Happy birthday tomorrow to Frank D, Bona, 86 Locust street .. Frank .Is .employed at. a Church street store .. his sister will celebrate a birthday MORE SUPER-BOMB DEVELOPMENTS! WALTER WINCHELL In New York The Broadway-Miami Express Celebs About Town: King: Peter and Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia (looking a little bewildered) as a Kuban Bleu maitre d' pressed them into a tiny 2x2 table — just like common ptpple . . Oarbo and escort buying tickets to see' Molly Picon's musical, "Abl Geziint," at the 2nd Ave. Theater on the lower East Side . Quentln Reynolds and Heywood Broun's wlddcr having a lattby confab at the Algonquin .. Ava Gardner Period. .Sujata and Asoka (Mme. Pandit's prole-ares), whose dance recital is Sunday eve'g at the Ziegfeld . . J. Crosby, the H-Trib's radiogre, spurning a $50,000 offer to work for a famed record mfr . . Leslie Banks (the British planter in "Lust In the Stars," who hasn't had a day's layoff in over 21 years. Sallies In Our Allies: Roger Kay mentioned he just saw a great love story . . "Whaja see?" he was asked. "Tristan and Isolde?" . . "No,' was the reply, "Barkley and Hadley" ,. p a t, the newaboy (who cover the Roney Plaea boat), is noted for his amusing- headline shouts. Yesterday it was: "Yacht Sinks Off Virginia Coa«t! Was it yours?" Mldtown Vignette: To radio editor Harriet Van Home everybody at a cocktail poddy looks liko "a man from the ad agency" . , At 21 (when the press met Lucille Ball again) Harriet saw a gent she couldn't place . . "Are you with Young & Rublcam?" she inquired No, he wasn't .. "Oh," satd Our Heroine, "then you must be with Jello?" He gave her a funny look and went away. .Of course, it had to be Robert Mitchum .. Harriet's only defense is that movie actors should look like they look on the screen. Memos of a Mldnlgbter: Serge Ufar, the Paris balietmaster (accused of Nazi collabblng), was stopped on the St. Bti»nne-to-Ly- ons road by ex-Resistance men. They made him knoel before the Memorial to the Frenchmen in the Underground, during the occupa- "°" .. °">y 17 months after he died the City Council ot Baltimore voted to change the name of The Babe Ruth Stadium, to Memorial Stadium . This Is a heluva tning to say about anybody, but in "Lend on Bar" Shirley Brown (03 Pearl White) is a double for Harpo Marx The only West Point grad in show biz (we think) is Don Al fonso Zelaya, booked for the Car- fbbeari Hotel, Virgin Intends Sinatra plavs hls flrst stra| matlc role on "Inner Sanctum" r-h 4 » ,, (OB9) '» "Enchanted Ghost. Brotha, that's what vou call perfect casting. New York, New Haven & Hart> ford Story: Stamford (Conn.) hat v^.T er f l * 8t class commuter trains bound for 42nd Street daily Tal madge Hill is a wayside flaglstop H», ? sev «n-tenths miles north- Hi 1 is off the main line - on the out-of-the-way New Canaan *pur oast of Satmford . . Talmadge tm ' bound choo-choos (on It^Cdge^H^f -B'uT^so, SE-~&/:^ - i milted to flag a train by pulfino n chain on a signal po / P " Tin S chain raises a *emaphore ar^n which, brings speeding trains to™ full stop . The conductor has to Set off and lower the semaphore 'thTtrain™"pr r ocecd 08 ' U ° r ^ O ''' editor delay" I "S!S? d t ra i BP .. oaily He get» U p a half read bumper. She took it without comment. .Mary Martin, who just Appeared at a benefit following her "S. Pacific" grind. .The Span- IshTAmerlcan ppot (at 53rd and 8th) with this misspelling in the window: "Pick Snucklcs".. Oink! The Late Watch: To a lot of you who are enclosing $1 (w^i your entries in the Kaiser-Frazer "Name-the-Oar 1 Contest) thanks for Paa-sing- the Buck! . . There'll be many more of those "Stop Your Cold" pills. All are the same with different names via various firms . . "Security Officers" at the Monte Carlo Hotel CMima Beach) must speak three lingos. "Security Officer" is upsweipt nose-do for House Dick . "S. Pacific" tickets are selling: (via brokers) for $100 each. Buy 'cm from the Runyon Fund and deduct it from your taxes .. "A Treasury of Great Reporting" (Simon-Schuster) is In ita third printing ad> is three' wok* young .. The swank Island Club, between N. Dado and Golden Beach (Fla.) offers the,- sort off culslna you get at the Stork or Little Palm Are Chllds Restaurants and Huyler's blending? Another rumor Is a V. P. of Howard Johnson, Inc., has enought stock ^» °^? President of Chllds gt Tho Fulton Lewis, Jr scoc-p (charges that uranium went lo Russia in 1943) was turned over to the grov't-by W. Wlnchell long' before. The source for it was Major Jordan's public relations firm. Household Scrapbook Duck Feathers Remove the feathers f.-om white ducks by dipping the ducks into boiling water and then wrapping in a thick cloth. The steaming will loosen the feathers within a few minutes, and the pins will come out readily after the feathers arc removed. Soot on Carpets Soot may be removed from carpets or rugs by sprinkling salt over the soot and removing with a soft brush. Follow with a brisk brush- Ing and finish by sponging with ammonia water. Planter of Paris If vinegar is used instead of water when mixing plaster of paris, It will keep the plaster softer for a longer time than when water is used. Presents Uranium Diary At Probe As the UOVIHI; Un-American AcUlvtlr* Committee a[wn<-d ;u MV.-MHKI'- tlon of charge* that u run I um :uid atomic bomb seorpts WITP "own from the United State* ti> Russia in 1943-44, former Air Force Major George Bacey Jordan (left) produce* a diary he s»ys ho kept :it Great Palls, Montana, Air Base. Looking at the entries In th« diary is Rep. John Wood (D-Ga.), chairman of the committee. (Int. Soundphoto) DOESN'T REMEMBER Dayton, Ohio — A former Air Force colonel at Wright Field says he doe* not remember order- ins former Major George Bacey Jordan to tear radar devices out of a plane flying to Russia during the war. Jordan said In New- York yesterday that on orders from the officer, C. H. Gitzingcr, he ripped the beam equipment out of four Russian-bound planes, but that a fifth got away. ADV. depot tho nearby "" ^ ^ orl ' cr «a»to~r Maro • • sun playing with trains. Curtain Calls: Zanuck's n BWC »t aock a Hi U0thlhc o Air Forcc ' " 12 »'- ^lOCK Hi.CTli , Q CO rio^no,.'^ "fTlt^ n nu Vul JiTot'I) «Toff fl'lcfl* thur n^'' 0 ' HUg09 essa y °" Ar- OulLJ?^ ,7 ^ Coronot Tito rTi /* , tho Por!)l "n noom.,Pu- S.SS?" 0 a "-""niband at Havana- Bernard «». . "7 on tho lowor J B ,iM Sldo Broadway m-nyon Sto prlntlnir 280,000 in ' 7? , i h th « Hed-Nosol Kclndeor" replaced "Mule Train" In record utoros, tho ColuiriMii plant In iBrldgdpbrt was Damped (It says here) with 108,000 orilorn. Sounds In the Night: In the Stork: "Wonder how John L. Lsw- IB would have llkod It If tho Gin digging foxhole*' worked' only 3 days .a .week?" ., tn .Llndy's: "Sure Harry Hopkins helped tho Russlnni*. Ho helped them help us us lick the Nazis.!" Manhattan Mural*: The defeated look on the people waiting in mldtown bus terminal . . The cab driver cussing out a. lady (at 44th and 8th the other midnight) bo- cause hor car gently bumped his NO RECOGNITION Washington—Secretary of State Dean Acheaon says our government is not even considering the recognition of Chinese Commun- 1st government at this time. But Achcson says the United States is consulting constantly with a number of smaller nations who want to discuss the question of recognition. We, THE MUSIC SHOP—" This question arose last week, "Since women have u general aptitude for decorating and furnishing Interiors, why don't they go In for shop window trlmmlni;?" You see, Mrs. Virginia Conn and Mrs. Lee Labriolii put. in a display In each of THE MUSIC SHOP'S windows- Both windows are cheerful and colorful. Wo believe Hint the ladles did a splendid job of tastefully presenting some of tin- wares sold insldo. Speaking of windows; The RCA television set In THE MUSIC SHOP'S window has the largest. direct-view picture tube made, '.JO inches. The model sclte for $1,150. It is equipped with FM and AM rudlo and a three-speed automulJc record changer. It's truly the finest home entertainment llf-- time gift any home can receive. Payments may be stretched over a 3-ycar period. The RCA and THE MUSIC SHOP'S service guarantee lasts for 2 years. .INTERESTED.* 19th ANNIVERSARY Commander William Gerber re^ ports that more than 50 persons attended the birthday party at the post home last night, marking the Ifllh arinivereary of the founding of Crusader Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars. Refreshments *-.-te served and a program of entertainment was presented. The po.«t_ was founded Dec. 6, 1930. Mr. Gerber was in charge of the arrangements committee for the party. NEW ENGLAND'S LARGES PETROLEUM STORAGE TERMI BUNKER "C" Fuel Oil per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone S-3M1 rvi ^ IF* H: E: rr WATERBURY AT PLMTS MILLS T E L. WAT E R'& U R Y 4-96 3 Z Pf?a K/(/ of/'atJf/ny Snare SMALL LEAN, BIB END ROAST PORK GOLD COIN LEAN SLICED BACON SHOULDERS LEAN SHANKLK88 Smokes Shoulders FKKHH KILLKH CHICKENS OR FOWL Vur Dolling, Frying or Rousting LKAN SUGAR CURKO RIB CORNED BEEF Ib 29 Oleomargarine NKW PACK 29e U. 8. No. 1 MAINE POTATOES EXTRA FANCY — A Full AsBortmont APPLES JUICY FLORIDA ORANGES 49 C baaket KXTKA FRESH EGGS 61c aoz KKKSII HII'K TOMATOES 17c k . I.AHGK SI/.K Iceberg Lettuce JL«) C Head FHKSII CRANBERRIES 2 ,„, 25c

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