Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 27, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1895
Page 5
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New Spring Styles of Hats Arriving Daily at DEWENTER, THE BLATTER and FURNISHER. READY FOR SPRING, j spring and summer we completely exhausted our stock of if-hc woolen,-, and, of coarse, we lost a few tales, but tames were" hard then and money -as scarce. They're better now and wo anticipate a busy season. Therefore we have bought heavy Ind are prepared for it. Wo have received all our BP ««, S goods and will be "lod to show yon the largest selection of the handsomest spriug good, ever shown in tho city. The prices are nomianl. TUCKER &YOUNG, PEftRL STRE.ET TfllLORS, MONETO LOAN Personal, Rcul Estate or Collnlornl Security. Any Amount. .Any Time. E. B. Ovcrsiilncr, 327 fourth Street DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING. FEB. 27. Drink McLin's Kolatona. Harvey Needham and Walter Chandler are clerking In the Boston eboo store. Additional Local on Fourth Page. Dross cutting and family sewing wanted by the day- Address 211 Wheatland street. Tho electric light works run all but one dynamo with water last night and there was plenty of water for the water works. Miss Nellie Lancaster of Wabash avenue entertained friends vory pleasantly Monday night. Refreshments wore served. Tho funeral ot Mrs. Augusta Llnfr- qulst was held yesterday at 2 p. m. from the Eocllsti Lutheran cluirch, tbo Rev. J. C. Kauffman. officiating. The opening of tho Boston Sample Shoo Go's branch store Saturday, March 2d, will bo tho gran-Jeet affair of its kiud ever attempted here. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Slovens are now on their way home, having eet k sall from Liverpool Saturday on board "the steamship. City of New York. The body of the lato Mary Apnea O'Donnell ha* been taken from the Brlnghurst vault and Interred In the family lot In Mt. St. Vincent burial ground. In looking over the field of decorating In Indianapolis it will give U8 much pleasure to know thut Mr. De- Ilaven of tho Lofjansport Wall Paper Co., has decorated some of the best homee In Indianapolis, euoh as Benjamin Harrison'*, our ex-Preeident, Wm B. Burford's, H. H. Henna's and H. W. Eastman's, of E»»tman,Schleioh. or & Lee. For Wai*. The New Fashion store delivery wagon, one large safe, a number of flrauolass show oases and other fixtures. Call at the office of Fanalenfe Mahonoy and secure a bargain. M. T. MAUONKY. Assignee, lor H. B. Kennedy. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Pair. DR; CREAM MOST PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Cream t * Tartar Powder. Free ioro Ammonia. Alum o. <uiy other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD. SHE ROSE UP AND STRUCK- A Howard County «lrl Ilns a Mnn WHO Wanted to Marry Another Womaii Arrt'Wieil For Jlotriiyul. A marriage license was yesterday Issued to Georpe Tinkle and Anna Parse, both of the South Side. Events that afterward transpired were not calculated to make the occasion of their marriage oce of unadulterated happiness. William Parse, the father of Anna Parse, le In part responsible for the little hitch that occurred in the pre~ paratlons for a permanent hooklug-up of two kearts. Francos Minnick, a Howard county young lady of twenty summers, is another charac.er in the evory day drama, and Tinklo, who was about to wed Anna Parse is at present under $300 bond, charged with the betrayal of Mies Minnick over two years ago. Tinklo is about 30 years of ago, aod according to Mr. Parse his daughter, whoso marriage to Tickle he journeyed to Logansport from Howard county to prevent, is 27 years of a<jo, and has already once been married to a man named Brooking, from whom she was divorced. The parties to the case were at Prosecutor Bale's office for some time yesterday afternoon. Tinkle was found without much trouble when the papers were ready to servo. THE CASE WAS COMPROMISED. Xlclt Frlen, the SnlooiiUt, l>Bin«|(ei to Warren Knowlm for the AismUt by Ilarrjr Worden. Warren Snowies, the young man who was shot by Harry Worden, bad prepared to sue Nick Fries, the liquor dealer, lor $500 damages, placing part of the responsibility for the shootirg upon Fries, who, the test!. mony showed, sold Worden the liquor that crazed him to the point of firing: the shot for which he has been sentenced to seven years penal fier- vlco. Tbo matter was yesterday oompro- mlsed- The saloonist paid Knowles $250, his physician $60, his attorney $50, and tho sisters of St. Joseph's hospital, whore Knowles was cared for, $25. In all it cost Fries $385. The Modern Innlid Has tastes medicinally, in keeping with other luxuries. A remedy roust be pleasantly acceptable in form, purely wholesome In composition, truly beneficial in effect and entirely free from every objectionable quality. If really ill he consults a physician; if constipated he uses the gentle amily laxative Syrup of Figs. HontftiJ Club Eitcri*lncd. The Honesty Club was entertained by Miss E«ther Slough Monday night at her home on Eleventh and Broad, way. Progressive pedro was the chief amusement. Refreshments were served. A guest of honor was the hostess 1 ooutii, Eli Siough of Crown. Point. It was the birthday anniver. sary of Miss Stough, and she was given a neat surprise by her friends In the for» of » valuable piesent. ROYALLY ENTERTfflED, WERE THE DELEGATES 19- THE GBAJiD LODGE K. OE'H: A BoceptUn «n* B»U Followed by • Banq««r »t the Johnnton Hotel-Tli* flrmt -I>«y'« . geMlon-Bleeilon of Offlce»-Co«- itltntlon Amende - Indriuw polls Chocen M the »ei« Pluee »f Ktetlnx. '• The reception given l»§t' ( night »t G. A. B. hall by the member^pHiOgMi and W&bMh lodges, KolghU ottlonor to the officers and delegate! •to the Grand Lodge and their wlveii . wii a brilliant affair. FornoffY orchestra furniihed music for the dancing and all present spent a most enjoyable evening. Hollowing the reception ihere was a banquet at the Johnston hotel. Heretablei heavily-laden with the good things of earih were surrounded by the visitors and their ladies. After partaking of the choice viands, apeechmakiDg was declared in order. C. L. Woll acted as toaatmaeter and delivered a pleasing 1 address. C. L. Alford spoke on behalf of the local lodges and Mayor McKee thanked the lodge lor its pleasant visit to the city, jeasi Grand Dictator Smith paid a glowing tribute to Logansport people for the many kindnesses and aplondid hospitality shown the visitors. Past Grand Dictator Winans followed In like atrain and especially tbanked the ladles of Logansport for the part they had taken in entertaining the visitors. Harry Frank, of Wabash lodge, made aa address replete with humorous anecdotes. Representatives of the local press also spoke. THE OPENING SESSION 1 . Mayor George P. McKee spoke a few welcoming words to the assembled knights at the opening session yesterday morning, voicing the cordial welcome that the oltixons of Logansport are at all times ready to extend such a representative body of men as that made up of the eminent delegates to ' the Grand Lodge Knights of Honor. In a happy, though brief address, the Grand Die- tator-. J. H, C. Smith of Bluffton responded on behalf of the members of the convention. The public meeting was closed at 9:20 a. m. and the grand lodge went to work in earnest, be- bind closed doors, to consume the pile of business that was on hand. Committees were announced as follows: On Credentials—Ed'Dangerfleld, C. H. Sefton andC. L. Alford. On Distribution—W. N. Clefb, Lawrecce Gates and J. N. Hamilton. Oa Mileage—J. H. Graham, S. B. Cowery and Chaa. Roehrlng. On State of the Order—Joseph Yates, Philip Diehl aud Edward Bartlemay. Oa Grievances and Appeals—Thoa. H. Walker, P. T. Luther and J. H Foster. On Returns—Chas. L. Woll, W. H. Wagner and R. Mojer. At this session the reporls of the retiring officers were heard and passed upon. The annual statement 'Of the Grand Dictator, J. H. C. Smith, showed the condition that the order is In at present; that it keeps its ueual health and strength, and that two new lodges were instituted during the last twelve months. According to the report of the Grand Treasurer the receipts for the. year were |-t,939.52; the dlsbursemets were |4,916,91; leaving in the treasury at present, with the balance of the previous year, $2 866,49. The Grand Reporter announced that the membership of the order had fallen In the last year from 4 667 to 4 405. By an amendment to the constitution the time for holding the gracd lodge was changed from the fourth Tuesday to the second Tuesday in February. Another amendment provided for the election of grand officers on the first day's session, and for their installment on the morning of the second day. Yesterday afternoon the following officers were chosen to serve during the ensuing year: Grand Dictator—Philip Klein of Evansvllle. Second Vice Dictator—A. C. Beecher of La Grange. Second Assistant Dictator—W. H. Stephenaom of Wabash. Grand Reporter—J. W. Jacobs of Jeffereonville. Grand Treasurer-S. W. Wales of Indianapolis. Grand Trustee—A. W. Condultt of Indianapolis. Supreme Representative—J. H. C. Smith of Bluffton. Supreme Altercate—Nathan Meyers of Evansvllle. The next meeting of the Grand Lodee will be held the second Tuesday in February at Indianapolis, that city having been chosen by an unanimous vote yesterday afternoon. fiREAT SAVING BANK! Sample shoes from B oston; Philadelphia samples;samplesfrom Cincinnati; Cleveland contributes; Chicago. Buffalo and Ports^ mouth. Thousands saved— start a SavingsBank— and receive an everlasting remembrance fromlOttoKraus'sSam- ple Shoe Sale. New price list next issue. New samples arriving daily. 8.000 sample pairs. Thous-- ands for your NEW SAVINGS BANK! KRfVUSl OTTO Great Shoe Sale! The Supreme Lodge to which J. H. C. Smith of Bluffton is Snpreme delegate, with Nathan Meyers of Evans, ville. Supreme alternate, will meet the second Tuesday in June at New York city. filrniHl nail nnd Banquet." .The Peerless Skating club's grand ball and banquet last night was a grand success. One hundred couples wore in attendance. Markley was the caterer and Steinbart furnished the music. Slorrix AsriHn Heard'From, Some time ago a man giving tha name of R. B. Morris, was delected Jn an attempt to defraud the Royal Center bank. He has boen heard from at Wheaton, 111., where he succeeded in securing $250 by the scheme that failed here. A Ssrious Accident. A brother of Andy Wirwahn, the night policeman, Henry Wirwahn, Jr., met with a very painful and serious mishap Monday evening at Royal Center. While chopping wood he cut a terrible gash In his foot. D '. Gould attended him. "A Word to th? Win* ID Sufficient.'' I suffered terribly from roaring io my head during an attack of catarrh, and because very deaf, used E y's Cream Balm and in three weeks could hear as well as ever.—A. E Newman, •Grayling Mich. One of my children had i very bad dlscharg.2 from the nose. Physicians prescribed without benefit. After using Ely's Cream Balm a short time the disease was cured.—0. A. Gary, Corning. N- Y. Price of Cream Balm is fifty cents. 'JVlujre Giant* Come From. NearU" every race lias contributed to giantism, but the Enfrlish has furnished far the larger proportion, partly., perhaps, because the English have always been fond of seeing srinnts aad paying for the privilege, thereby drawing the merit of physical big-ness, ivhich has always been modest, out of its undeserved obscurity. 2^cxt to the English, the Irish have supplied the largos'; number, but the Irish plant is rarely tjroivn nowadays, since that stock has been drawn upon so heavily by America. Germany and the United States have.supplied, each, eight or nine men who ha,ve won publicity and fame by their exuberant physique. It seems to be the central and western states that gu pply the American giants, and our war records show that in these reg-ions, together with Maine and Vermont, the average stature is the "highest. There i have been French and Italian, negro I and Arab giants, but the number -is ' few, and it is evident that the temperate zones and the lar^e races supply the most cases of giantism. It is a cu- I rions fact that since biblical days there j have been no giants amon? the Jews. dN of Winter." Two birds resembling "pin tail" ducks, though smaller in ei/.a, were picked up near Bnrnetlsville. The Brat one was killed by striking a telegraph wire February 7th, and the other was picked up alive but almost exhausted, rbe 14ih. The last one lived four days in captivity. The specimens were of a kind unkcown In this section, but are eaid to be of the same species as ODO formerly foucd and prnounced by Dr. Brayton of Indianapolis, to be ornithologically koown and catalogued as tho "Hirolda Hyemalis,' 1 or "Herald oi Winter." The birds fly this far couth only when the northern winter is extremely rigorous. They are common in Alaska. The specimens were mounted by a taxidermist at Royal Center, acd were yesterday exhibited at tho Journal office by their owner. Your money back If you want it, is the way we do business.-—Boston Sampie Shoe Co., 322 Fourth street, east side. AMTSKBENT8. D CLAN'S OPERA HOC8E S, B. Pattersou, Manager. Thursday, Friday and Saturday* FEB. 28. and MARCH 1, 2. and Saturday Matinee. PARADOX! 24 Famous and UneQualetl Educated Horses Do avprjtWnK bui Uillt. lleflned, inwresinw, amuslni; Enjoyed nnd pr.ilswl over one million persons. Tlia Only « lll mi'nt pjttraniaii by «H cl.is8«n, unJ mat uevur fcuU «ii unfavorable criticism. •Evflilnir prices 2.", 35 and Me. MuttoiMS 25c. CUlldrt-'n ISc, Seats on sale at JoUnsion's Drug Stoie. Wtll IMtcti for the Cleveland*. George Cuppy, the pitcher, fas- signed with the Cleveland neticnE league base ball team, hie term* ..to the season being $2,700. Every Lady in thii city aud vicinity is given a special invitation to visit tbe cooking exhibit given in our store THIS WEEK by tue representatives of the Majestic Manufacturing Company of the great STEEL RflNOE The prudent housewife is interested always io the economies «ff" the household and -whatever tends to lessen lal>or. The tic is tbe greatest invention of oar time and has opaned era to th- women of America, We are introducing this great range in Logangport cooking exhibit in our store. We serve refreshments of Kfr- jestio biscuits and coffee and make it as attractive as poasftA*. Everyone call today and bring a friend. : Flanegin & CrismonC Sole Agent for Logansport • »"

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