Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 8, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1949
Page 4
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TACT. «—NAUGATI;CK NKWS (CONN.), TIII nsnAY. I»KC. s. Red Cross Campaign Chairman Meets With Chief Aides Chariest E. Brunt. Kenera] ohalr- mnn of Ihe 10W) Hed Cron.i l.'un I Drive, met with members of MH committee last nl^ht In the Nim- gatuck Chapter House. Tii'.s marked the first meeting of the overall group who will steer tho fund-raising cnmp.iicn scned-ile.! lor the entire month of March. flans were outlined find dineuKsed for the Initial rally ut St. Michael » iJiirlHh hoimc which will open the drive. Thoiic pronent Included; T. R«x bphrnmn and John .J. C.-UT, vicr- rhmrmeri of Dm ciinipiii);n mid the lollowlni:; dlvlHloiml Hinlrm'">: Harold Tiirnhluni, reiilderilln]; Mb<" I rune- Si|ulr<'H, women's iirKii<il/..i- t.tons; Frnnoln O'Connor, men' < or- K'tniziiUrin.H; ISdwnrd .1. Win-Ill >•»•. ton, Itelhany; Albert" I 1 :. Iilm-Jeton, Beaeon Kn] |, 4 ; Donnlil Brtibak"!-, IniHlnomi; Hudolph II. Hwanson. in- dut-drlal; Bar.hnra. Stoned-publicity. Also pre.sent were member-i or Ihi; chapter steering committee: Philip E. Rice, chapter chairman; Mian Emily Sophie Brown. C.-.'-nl C. IneHon and Mrn. Thelma Ander- 8011, executive Neeretary of the Naugatuek Hcd CI-OHH Chap! er. YMCA Boys Work Committee Reports 1949 Achievements CARROLL'S J CUT-RATE COSMETIC STORES tJ 156 Church St. & 21 South Main St. formerly sold for NATIONALLY ADVERTISED REX COMPACTS Till' HlK'[-iv:!l (if ill" liny,i work committee c,l lln> i\' urli Y.M. <'.A. dtirlrir, l.hi' |>anl year coul.l not have b-.-en accm>ip]i!;li"d ~wil h- out tin; volunteer leadership of the varloiiM activities by various individual mcm.bern of the association, Hubert N. Whlttemore. chalrma.ii, said in his annual report submitted nl lli. ; YiMCA iinnual meeting ed. Anyone Who bcljeveM that I bin wurlc wllh boyH and Kh'l;i U worlhwhile Hlviulil w-l. In touch with a member of the Boy's Work or Wc.s duly." General Interest Clubs "During the year ,)UMt past, hoys and jtlrls part.lci.patc Large Selection in Boxes— * FRIDAY ONLY s l .Mr. vVhltlcmorr tnld in hi." repot I: "The. lioysr Work Commit- ti'f, charged vviUi providing w.iy.'i and memiH for helping hoy« and i;irla to become healthy. well-balanced. responsible eltl/.i-riH, lakei: plciimire In reporting Ibal. In monl rfii|H.'rl:i H wan able to meel this obligation micceiwrully during the year ending O;:to-ber HI, .Hliil. General Interest Club.s, Special Pro- Kranm, CampinK arid particl,|ja- tinn in the Connecl lent Youth mid Government Pvoj,'ram were amonp I lie aellvillen Mprumorod iind carried olll." He continued: "Before report- ltin<; in detail about thlc program, [ it .should be made clear that very liltle, if anything, could have been acini, iii))|i(4li ( .(l without tho volunteer leadership ol' the various activities b.y various individual nieoi- bei-H of thin A'Kocial.lon. Tiili; in In no way meant to detract from the assistance null guid-incn ol' the proforflli.nal italT, hut Uie pro- Krrim ban ^rown lo HIII:|I /i. ni/.i: (hat it would be neither' deMirable nor jitvslble for it to he carried out by tin- alone. The need for volunteer leiider-thlp )H ccin- llniinlly with UH; and il our program is lo exiiand a>i much as we would like, Kllll more Invlp is need- wcr 1 In lun- Hob 100 jellib .ie.Uvltlcs-1 under th I leer leadernlilp of fill J'n.'iho, Knapp, Mm. .Mm Nlns and Oe Xonan. The Junior Gra<y-Y Glut In- cliidi'd itiHitil. ten rtioys iij,-e<l 7-10 yearn as well ntt (lieii- tlnd.i, while the. two lli-Y and two Tri-HI-Y c:iub:i ,,r Jllnh Kchool - :.i«ed lioy« anil jilrln reaiiectlvely iivei'»i;ed a iiieiuber.Hhlp of M In Ritch club." "Special proKnims Included the followinj-C' Uoy.s Fall Rally, with 1.TO boyn nttcndlnK. M(jnth!y movies from September Ihrotii'h May with a,bout 50 hoys and KirlH a.L each show. 'I'lic Christmas Party to which over 150 boys and crirl? came. The, -Father rind Son Banquet with over 120 boys and their fathers. In the PprlnK, Fred Buker held Kly-Tylntr Classes for about 15 o a- [.•'-•r younff llshermen." Camping "Under tho a:ble leadership of \Ves 'Cady, assisted by Gcorffc Hehu.sler rind Donald Cllsham, the iiKatucli YMCA l),-i.y (Jaim-p went roiiKli jt;i si-cond successful season, there! belm? 3 two j wei:k period.; ii.t, S,",hll[lj;en's Grove during .luly and A.iii,'Usl. Tho 77 hoys tiik- IIIR fart were an Increase of 27 over last year. We wish to express ir 8lnenre a|U'preclntlor) to Mr. Schlldgon tor the use- »} his land. "Camp HaV.i-n, a YMCA Camp for varlou* parUclpatlnK Y'c IhroiiKliout the Htate, continued tc: Improce Itw program, personnel and wenlcH coiiHldered it a wonderful fiicllltleH. All of the I'l boys who attended' for a total of ':>7 boy- experlenco, and the whow of interest Indicates that attendance! will be Increased next year. Hryant Klrlumdall. « rmnnber ol' NauKa- Uloll "Y" W.IH n. Counsellor." "I'Jiicli participating YMCA was asked lo cooperate with the Camp Hasen Improvement program and Jim RoynoIdH and Jim Nlein of the Nattgatuck "Y" combined labor and material to provide the camp din- Ing hall wl-lh serving trayH. In addition, Jim Reynolds ably repreimnt- ed Naugaluck on tho nlulo-wlila Camp Hasten Committee." Youth uncl Government lll-Y Program "It. is Bciirccly noccHBary to report to the mcrnberB of Nauga(.uck Y. M. C, A. that we had tho honor of having ono of our munibm'H, .lurry J^aljrlola, (ttoctcd "(lovernor" of tho State for tho two-day program of Youth and Government at Hartford lant Spring. Tho credit ho dcHervoH, and the commendation he received by state officials for the manner In which ho performed him duties, wore duly reported by NauKat.uck Dally NOWH. Later in tho year, ho represented the Connecticut Hl-Y Clubs ul a mooting In WaHhlngton." UoyN" Lobby Improvement* "In our efforts to make the Boys' Lobby more attractive, the lower portion of the walla ' received <t now coat of paint; ono pool table wan removed to make room for additional ehaii-H and tables; and HOV- eral new pictures were donated by Mrs. Robert Punho. It' In still felt Unit a very groat deal can be dono towards Improving the Boyw' Lobby, Hitch aw further repainting, refurnishing and the addition of sound iHorblng material to tho colllngn." Looking Forward 'In addition to the needed Boys' Lobby improvements! and tho ever- On Display The \Voiitlerful M:\V If there ever was a car to delight both your eye and your packet—it's the stunningly beautiful new Pontiac for 1950 illustrated above. It costs so little that it's within easy reach of anyone who can afford any new car. Yet it's so big and luxuriously appointed —it performs so beautifully—it rides scf comfortably — that you can drive with pride and satisfaction anywhere—in any company. Why not come in today and see the wonderful new Pontiac—one of the world's greatest cars and the world's greatest value. 600 High Street L. HARRIS RACKE Naugatuck, Conn. Vishinsky Leaves 1)15 MOTAY llehea.rtinl of the Initiatory de Hfi'i! wan Minted n.|. uiKht'.'i ini«<!lln,if of tin. Arthur V. Lewi* fhiplei, Order of DoMola.v at M finU Tc-iiiplc, under <llr'-r- lion <if Warren Winlrrhalder, rilit il !ulvl«er. Thu rehcairal followi-<! i i"i'ulir Inif-inefis meeting. I O.M.MKK* ! M HIH| DOMKSTIC HEI r IU«;KHATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Main St.. Ui-ix-on FiilU T«-l. T«St ICnuTceney (>\M «f>r»7 G.C. MURPHY Co. PURE SILK HEAD SQUARES 88c Pure silk Hi(iiar»M In ci>nnei-vatlvi HEADING) home after attending U.N. sessions at Lnkc Success, N. Y., Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Vi- ihinsky waves Ws hat in farewell aboard the liner America in New York City. In foreground is Jacob Malik, chief Soviet dcluguto to tho United Nations. (International) prints. Wear thern under rr>!it collar';, for hniiclHi|unr«>a (»• to brighten a ilress. HiR Kav ings at. Murphy's. Large size 31':-" x 33". On Sale Friday Only present need for adequate volunteer leadership, bol.h previously mentioned In this report, future plans Include the formation of a f.!ra-Y J3a.shetball League to play one afternoon a week and the plan of the lll-Y and Trl-HI-Y Clubs .to rulac $f>00.00 for this purcihuHu of a television set to Ijn used in the boys obby." "In closlnir, It lit tin! wish of thin committee to express ii;:ain llo appreciation to the profe.sHional atnff )f the NuuKiituck Y.M.U.A. for their "ontlnued hel|) and cooperation which him made thin year HUCCOHM- ful, a.nd 'to look forwa.rd to even more Ki.ic;(.:uHHfiil years In thu fu- !.ure." n.. N. WhlUomoro, Chairman CJI10ES10 FILL BUNS and COFFJCK CAKE, CIIKI.STMAS COOKIKS CIIK1SHTC CAKKS ItlltTIIUAV (!AKKS CITY BAKERY MAPLE 8T. TEL. S«7K Opun I>iilly fl:»0 A. M. to B P. M. SHOE NORWASH STORE 30 PAIRS OF BU8KEN CASUALS in the followinaf sizes 4 —4y 2 _5 — 81/2 _ 9 FOR ONLY $1 oo A PAIR WHILE THEY LAST FRIDAY ONLY!!

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