The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1931
Page 6
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SIX 11 •< I Wealthy Youllis ImRacing Gairc - EQUIPOISE (A.Robertson up) Young Society Millionaires Back Favorite Horses in Blue Ribbon Event. BY WII.MAM nUAL'OHKIl NBA Sm!<v Spirts Edllrr NEW YORK, April 29.—A rl:'.: young mtn Is quint to b~ rlche 1 . by about $53.000 wh?n the Weakness Is riln May 0 at o'.:l Plmllco. The moral would seem lo b? "them as lias gils." Three young millionaires I'.nvr entered three horses In the 58-y\ir- o!d classic of spring rieln; lu Maryland. The horses will be la- vorltes when (hey po lo the iwl Til* names (horses first* are E'|iil- polse, Tv.-enly Grand mid M-it?, and the wealthy ycimg mm who wilt " send them lo (he post ar?. In IV order as the liorsss. Cofii;!i'i.; V. Whitney. J. H. Whitney and A. C. BOElwIck. Cornelius (Sonny) Whitney'? Equipoise apparently will be the hut favorite. Months ago IIP was njnt- ed In the winter books on the lOu- tucky Derby at 4 to 1. But Kniil- polsc has no such fisltl to lick rr Gallant Fox lined up \vllh hst yen This year's Prcakness camllilatt" hnvc what horsemen call clues, an I it should be a memorable battle. J. H. (Jock) Whitney, son of Mrs. Payne Whitnc-y nnA n cr.uilii of Sonny, Li bringing his fine 3-year-old Twenty Grand lo the races. Belwcen Hie two Whitney families there has always been the keenest rivalry. The boys are. mcre- .]y' carrying on tho Iradillonr. of their•• fathers, Harry I'ayne Whilney and Payne Whitney, who si>cn! millions In battles of Ulc Inrf. The boys arc ready to S]icnd .sonic millions, too. ' The battle proper Is esprclo'd I? be between Equipoise and Twenty Grand, word drifts in from Maryland that Mate, the A. C. Bosl- wiek entry, was never In b;tl?i condition. • Tremendous fortunes are berind the three young men whose liorsr* seem to be Ihe lop cholcei for l!v first big baltlc of Ihe year for 3- year-old supremacy, (.ircat re c our- ces were left lo Cornelir.s V. Whitney by the late Harry Payne Whit nel, wlrose horses swept tre . turl from 102 to 1930. except for a when E. B. McLean was the leading money-winner. J. 11. Whiln^ Inherited the Payne Whitney for tune, numbering many boihers3in^ millions. Bcstwick, nn heir to Stan dard Oil millions, is a nephew o Mrs. F. Ambrose Clark, who prc senled young Mr. Bostwiek with i cordial 54,000,000 on tils 21st birthday. . On 2-year-old form. Epilrjols: should swee'p every important 3 year-okl stake of the turf season He Is an Iron Man McGiunlly o the tracks. Ho was subjected lo (lit mcst thorough kind of tests as a colt, having had 10 races last year In some of them he was beaten but only by a chorus-boy's whlskJr. because he wns slon- to get under way from the barrier. Oddly, (he late H. P. Whitney who knew Enuipois: only as a yearling, thought, lislitly of the horse-. He once told Jimmy Rwe that hr deemed Equipoise an ordinary runner. "Send him to Bowie," was his advice to Ro-,ve. "and he might win a few cheap races." Equipoise proved to be the inns: sensational of the 2-year-olds, but his owner dieJ tofore the colt Inil •won his fame. Ruth Making ;i Uonm Him Dtl) YOU KNOW THAT— When Wllbcrl Robinson was i catcher for the ohl Baltimore Orioles, he was proud of Ills finesse in blocking at the plate . he had a subtle way of knscUna with the bull right In front of the dish ... to reach the plnlc. all the plunging alh let: had to do was push Wllbert firmly but gently or.l of the way. one day a runner charged Einaek 'nto Bobbie who v.-alting wit:! Ihe ball . . . Tim Hurst was umpiring . . "Safe! 1 cued Hurst . . . Robbie leaped up roarlni! . "Safe! Why 1 had him fio?.e! He's out! He was fro::?, t lell you." . . Whereupon Tim, turning toward Ihe press box in the stand, cuppei] his hands and shouted, "Score ui!! 'ficKO' for Wllbert Robinson! BRUSHING UP SPORTS Lau!'<T Boston Kicked Of{ hi Na'iongl. Cards Win; Dodgers f.ose. The Boston Braves bounced back in of first place In th? National ircuit yesterday. Tin- Cleveland ndbm wen to extend llielr mar- It! .ill"hllv In Ihe American clr- ull whih' the Senators and Yank??, eniiav-id in a doyfall at Wash- npton. shed thr^Bravr-s off heir p<>d"sial by •'.R • 9 to I), 'ho- winning rtm was scored in be ninlh Inning to cop the bat- V. .Ti'inbo Elliott was credited dlh tl-.i vctnry nnd Cimnimjham vlih 111" less. The n"d BinLs secked the offcr- .ill's of three I'lUsbuiRh hurler.s tor an 8 to 2 victory, Burlekh Grime. 1 ; held the Bucs in check hk nuiles led bv who hit a homer, made five lilts count fir their eluht runs. i<> Urricklvn ftobias continued on (he losing u-ay. to (lie Glints. 3 to 2. The Olants cored their run-! in the first tlirm nlnps nnd the Dodders col llieirs hi Ihe fourth and fifth. The nianls Bot only 'four hits off to the iltnblns 1 11 off Mitchell. Darkness halted jlhe Washington- New York game with Ire score tied, seven lo seven at the end of Ihe Hill inning. The Yankees locked like winners in the ninth wl'on they forced over Iwo vims but Ihe Senators came back In the last half of the ninth to deadlock the count with three runs. Five scoreless inninps followed. '['lie Cleveland Indians and Ihe SI. Lnuls Browns slap.'d a slnefest at Cleveland with Ihe Indians winning by a score run in the Lrnth inning for a 10 to fl triumph. The lirowns counted eight runs in the eighth Inning but failed to hold their lead. Tlie Chicago While Sox won. over th3 Detroit Tigers G lo 5. Cissell. Sox second baseman, cut loose with a homer in Ihe seventh to provide the winning margin. He drove in three runs. Ulile was the losing pilclv the winner. . ic take turf • and Pat Caraway ing an , rnll sll(lt ^ ^ Iran? - lm ,, uk thc b . m Bein^ Reslorerl Of Twenty Grand, it may b? said that he knows how to beat Equipoise, anyway. In tfce Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes, with we of 122 pounds. Twenty Grand Equipoise bv a head, running th: mile in 1:36. But, if it rains 01 Preakncss Day. Twenty Grand 1 .' chances.will be considerably diminished as he dees not fancy the splashing. In Maryland lat-r hi i!r year. Equipoise paid Twenty Grand back by handin? him nn arils!:? trhnming in the mire. Mate won some good races ••last year. He wastes no lime in startmj. • but tSere seems to b2 som? question about his route abilitle-. Hr won eifht out of 15 races as a ?.year : old, and Jim Ifealv siys th? 1 hors« never was readier than lie is right now. Alaskan Bill Would Make Marriage Easy . JDNEAU, Alaska. (UPI— "Marriage made easy" might be the t'.-i exactly in i-ondi'Icn to T;LT> Ihe Inscs yet--but the mighty Mr Babe Ruih wns making a hem? '.\::\ i:\ a wheel clmir. his injuicd iniii on the mcr.d. when this picture wns taken of him at n railroad station in Boston. He'd jus', lot! the hospital, accompanied by Mrs TCnlh and a nm-?c. with al Irn 1 ;' two weeks of enforced rest ahead 01 him In New YOI'K. I!r \v;is hurl rrrcmly in a Yankfe-Rcd Sos game a; Ucstun. HOW THEY STANE Southern Hinnlngham Atlanta Memphis I.i'.tle Hock Chattanooga Vclnlr- Ncu- Orleans W. I, .. 3 5 ..85 .. 9 0 ... 1 G Nashville .............. 5 j • >J?\__b WIUAM fSA j Some "Background" I Fred Bennett, an outfielder thr 'St. Louis Browns bought from Till- sa In 1928, has been declared a free agent. A federal court has upheld Judge Landis' decision that B?n- lett, shifted from place to place in be Browns' farm system, "had ml Had a fair cbance to play major league baseball." But the story goes back farther lhan 1928. It goes back to 1S15. when Ban Johnson started P friendship with Phil Ball thai .asted as long as Johnson lived— and perhaps it will last as Intvj us .043 Ball lives, too. .615 It was a friendship-that nror .GOO from the ashes of the old Federal league. In 1915 the "outlaw" league was definitely sinking. Johnson wa punching the sinning out of it cv- .335 .385 Aiucrlcan W. t,. R 3 7 5 Eleven "Yrai YCT 19'0 1921 1052 1923 19.M 1025 I92fl 19^7 19:8 ID: 1 ) !9r.O \Vintier Man o' War Broomspun Pillory Viiil j:c!li.' Morsn Coventry Di: play Host on Inn Vict'rljn Dr. ;-\-e?lind C;;li.->nl I-'ox s of Wt. i:c 11! in 1M 1:1 125 ins 126 IM !•:•.; 126 Vraktu.-ss .Icckry C. Knmtncr Coltilctti McrrLs ^Ialinelll Slerimp? (;. Rummer Maibcn Abjl ' Workmnn PcKiefcr S;i!ule Ilisloi'Y Time 1:51 3-5 1:5-1 1-5 1:51 3-5 1:53 3-5 1:57 1-5 1:59 1 :59 -1-. r > 2:01 3-5 2:00 1-5 2:01 3-5 2:00 3-5 Value S23.000 Srt.OM S5I.CIX1 ssroco S 5 1.000 Sr.2.705 $53.G;5 $53.100 SSO.OOO f52.335 S51.9J5 Cleveland New York Washington 7 5 .583 Uelroil C G .500 Philadelphia 5 a .500 Chicago 4 6 .400 St. Louis -.... 3 G .333 Boston 3 BALTIMORE, Mil. IUP) — Ac-. College captured its second tlr.iiglu j Cve work now is mir'.jr w.iy he: 1 :' Irack championship by winning • rn rtrtovaiicn of Foil McHenrv. Ihe stale meet here yesterday, i r.ene cl Francis Soott Key's "Star with 50 2-3 points. Arkansas Tech • tipniigfcd Banner," as n "national was second with +2 points lien-1 i:in:ie. ! flrix was third and Teachers T;.,^ restoration w'ork wns nv.'.d" fourth. Other scorers were College , possible by a congressional apprn- ot Ozarks. Arkansas College, Mont-1 |,rim:on c'f $30.000 for impraviji': The high money winner lov the last two seasons. Gen? Sar.w.en. ourjes out hu^e slices of turf with SHUTE CLAIMS if IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO /.WE A DECENT 1RO.M SHOT WITHOUT TSKIM6 TURF icello A. and M.' College. jiarking the erounds. Ai)proximati'ly ICO ivd oak Irci^ Madame Schnmann-Hc-ink ^^ c ^ ^ ^Scorns Farewell Four' 1 - 1 ' 1110 " ° r llirTin - b >' v^'^5 ™^i i i~r, ;u;:i l-il]L?fs. ) COROMADO BEACH. Cal., (UPI I i —A farewell tour of Madame Er- ' \ nestine Schmnann-lleink? Un-• thinkable! j i Tne world-renowned diva, now I i "id, but leaking 15 younger | I since she Icfc her home here a, i year ago made thLs plain upon her | I return recently. ' [ 1 "There nev.n- will be any such' thing as a farewell tour on my i sch.:;iu!e." she said. "With all the ! world so wonderf'.il and all the • i:.(i^!e to uo:xt to me. is there any wonder that, T Icok on life as u ; beautiful scng?" : L'yfjewnlers - - - Adding Machines Rcpniring — Rcbuildinpr — Rental*—Rilibons—C;!rlinn •— Addin. 1 ? Jlachinc Rolls A(Hon Prinling; Co. Typewriter Kept, riion.o 10 Crude weighing n:ac:nncs on Ihe balance were usod in E?; cry chance he got. Phil Ball was one of the big shots of tlie lea-ju: Johnson went to St. Louis to interview him. « Ball RUTS In. Out of the meeting of the two men grew a friendship that brought Ball Into the American league, as owner of the Browns. Johnson persuaded Ball to pull out of the Federals and purchase the St. Louis American League franchise from R. L. Hedges. The chib was sold for $600,000. Ball stood shoulder to sluxilrler wllh Johnson in every important | National league i W. L. PC'. ! Chicago 7 3 .700 ' st - '-cub 1 3 •"<*> j halite ~ the great old flehle'r had i Bcston D -t .C02l Evcn l)lc I ASI ijatup tnal juims™ rNew York 8 4 J5G7 . rina u y lest—for his life. Ball stuck ! Philadelphia 5 C .4SS '• - i I'lttsbiirgh 3 1 | Brooklyn 2 10 i Cincinnati 1 7 DIVOT SHOULD BE TAKEN AT TilE fWIT WHERE ©HE* _ TUE BALL KSfS _ C» lift «W.« tr.any of lus iron .shots. All players lake turf, the amount riep-en.1- ing on the kind of shot to bo made. Denny Shute. Los Angeles and Texas Open champion in 1930, claims it ts impossible to make a decent on shot, without taking seme lurf. One should altemp; to h'.t tli urf exactly at the point where Ihe all rests on the ground, scniir.2 ic clubhead about a quarter of an nch into the turf, and folbwiu.: iron^h along the line of flight. he firsl court attack on the minority of the Judje ns baseball's zar. Last year when Landis prder- , n lto the finish, at Ban's bedside in wanted, to close th: '{'iiSt. Louis. •°'i Johnson .125 G.\MES TODAY IRI1EIP (SIS ria?e without'the formality of legal or church ceremonies. Persons living more than 50 miles from a commissioner could declare themselves married, and Marines Beat Batons aho hooked uo In n tlijht. battle al :.f:m;>hif. Wftlter Brck wns tip whmir.2 pitcher despite the fac:- that Clyde Barfoot allowed the Chicks but three hils. T'ne score \\a* t to 0 with the one run comlnc In the fifth inning. Berger walked and "•i.<; T.T.rlicd across the pl:i!e bv with tivo out. il-p ' cl * ht scattered hit-, nr.d tie inrvC ;h:l fif.,,.].,^,, won r, 0 to 1 der-Won Kouthern League Chattnnjotta at Memphis. Nashville at Little Rock. Birmingham at Mobile. .Atlanla at New Orleans. American I.eatuc Detroit at Chicago. St. Louis nt Cleveland. Philadelphia at Boston. New York at Washington. parks during the war year of 1918. j Charley Ccmiskey was the leader in the fight against that move. Bar I backed Han. Finally the parks were .ordered closed by the government. When Johnson was assailed in the Mays case. Ball stood right with him, and scnl Ihe New York club owners a telegram declaring their sportsmanship "smclled tc heaven." i New Orleans. '*' ^"" v Orleans. The Crax :on the Pel liurlers for M hl:s. Taitt ! and Carlylc hit the ball hard. The Birmingham Barons droKird ; j,.,^.,^. veteran Pcb lefty, llm- tlng forth the" fact of marriage In-.ainUinccl their place at th» h;nrlTii«l the Travelers won easi'.v 9 to • icf the Southern League cl-.^- Tn- . = Tfle Pocks iwinrlod cm 12 W.ts INVENTS CTIUTE FOR pl.AXES 1 Crackers. Chicks mvl T ,- lv ,i :rs . with nridln and French lenliiv? th> Wis.. ruP) - A'c:lvr first divi--i3n tbj-« v :n - ^smlt OM Cronln nnd Dmiqb<. Tlv -parachute Intcnfcd to land air-] The Marines, ul-i'-iin «a i'.irlr • v ." l<: s:orcd thrlr two n::)s in th;. Conut y i,y mislng tung njury has been ;rcme diamond. \vo:i a c'or-clv ,-nn- 01 j'''". . ! which produce oil for the maun- donee In Johnson's hands planes without li . ,._ Invented by Dr. RolKrt J. Miller.'t:s!«l gam^ that went 11 I . Milwaukje psycholo?i.-t nnd in- ibelorc the home br*>3 re' ; .-;:r venter. The chute can be open- lone run that nps'a tfc u ! Fight I^indts. ' When Ban fought his losing battle ngalnst the appointment of Lan I dls as commissioner, Ball backed him to the bitter end. Bull was th I only one of the 1C major leagu ! club owners who refused lo i the agreement naming Landis ruler I In 1919-20 It was In St. Louis that 'Ban Johnson learned part of "the TUNG TREES FURNISH oil. ! Inside story" of the crooked world JACKSON. Mis*. (UP)—An ex-' scries of 1919 between the \Viilte pertinent Is being conduced u Sox and Reds. Ball had received a i the Illinois Railroad In Forrcsi iip ttiat the series was to be "in Ihe !:ors. tag" and he placed valuable evi- Natlonal I.casue Boston at Philadelphia. Brooklyn al New York. Plltsburgh at St. Louis. Chicago st Cincinnati. ut least 500C Chrislian era. before Hi' RITZ THEATER Thursday SliE ut' Music and And I'Yeedom She Cnivcil— Cul when lijihts died out her heart was heavy with s; KOMI? THEATRE Tuesday. Wi'tlnesdiiy and | Thursday i • ANN : HARDING for the have. bov could Nonna Shearer again iJt^tt^^'mrie^iwith KollCIl .MOMI-,^ lubs or sell him outright. Bali reused. T'.irough the Milwaukee club, which Boll also owns, lie sought, an injunction to restrain Landis, and to test his powers. Of course, all this is merely a b:t of the "background" in the case. But it may help to lell you II is all about. inimorv and jNcil b Italy has 2.435 moving picture souses with n total seating capacity of 1.003.OM. CLASSIFIED W J ---i,^»l»B»^. I facturc of waterproof Pimlly when til health and hlr NEW nri.IGlON roni:c - »ST A-cordini to E. E. Holcoaib. fn- enemies drove Johnson out of thf CHICAGO. itTPi—Establishment , eral superintendent for the rail- American League presidency. «d ^by a device operated with the Fr^lgau reached Hi-ft o-i an'. I of n vital, living rellfilon to sails- hers, practically all of the oil Invited htm to St! Louts, and it was foot. When the shin lands, the hit. took third on a v.,!d h?iv- !»i:! fv j-rrs'nt da\" iwople was pre- is imported from China. Already he who took care of Ban In th.' clautc is automatically detached rai!op:i licnio en a f-,:rin.-> f,-. • dined In an address'here by Dr. 3,it).ODO trees have Ucon MK-C,'«. iwiii3.:i of hLs day of life. Dr. Miller believes the invention r.mns was the winninT r.n.l I'jur:) : I cv.i:; T. Mann, profe-sor of (irir-n- fully raised, which Is eiiouth [,M • • • .will eventually eliminate alrpianc! stsne the loslns hnrlcr. ; n' i-in: i>.i<; s at the Univcr.'iiy o[|5.fiOO acres. Traivsplanting \ : . n ^ x n^i coutt All.nck. . (Miwltl**; j > i-| 1p ohti-VR^nr.t «:i:i ! n:koiiU Clncciuo. limdorna)'. , The leual fljihl over Bennelt was Hamilton, Marjoric Kanilx_';ui and Irene Rich. in 'Strangers May Kiss' Also Comedy ;md \o\vs. Acini.—Matinee—10 mid ;>0^. Night—15 nnd 'Kit. Yowrsclf in I's Place —'TRADER HORN". She had youtS and brauly and security, a fine husband and a child slia odorcd. VVomcnenvizdherandmin admiredKw. But the soeft wilV.KcId the on^ gift sK4 Sht lacrificcd zvcrylhJng to find [iVif it worth it? Ot wji the piicc too V.igH} Sit Jnd JL-dcc For YCL::^C' ( - Also Crir.icdy & Sliorl Sullied*. A dm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c. USE'PflONE Planting Seed For Sale Mis-hel Nn. 2, (r? S.iO.flf) per Inn, ncifos nit. (i? ,?ir>.nn \ H >r ton. Seed giiarantoid pure nnd jjcniiinnlion lest OS'--. This Mis-Del is one year from bixeiliiuj st.".tion. Staple 1 1-S inol'., thirds itself. Tiic mo-l satisfactory cotton 1 ha\v ever ynnvn. I'rices V. 0. H. Grider. Maj. F. P. Jacobs (Irider, Ark. •

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