Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 13, 1962 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 13, 1962
Page 11
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SUNDAY, MAY 13,1962 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE 'and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT. INDIANA PAGE ELEVEN Install Fireplace With Minimum Muss; Low Cost The fireplace has, since the colonial period, been a tradition in the American home. The com fort and enjoyment of an open fire, without the high cost of masonry, is now possible through the development of prefabricated fireplaces. These unique fireplaces, designed to satisfy every budget and style preference, make this American tradition a reality for e,very home or summer cottage. Prefabricated fireplaces offer versatility and are exciting additions to home remodeling plans. At a fraction of the cost of a masonry fireplace, they can be used as the focal point in a room. There's a fireplace for every remodeling scheme, from the rus- -tic camp setting to the modern contemporary decor. They add a decorative touch to satisfy even the most discriminating homeowner. ' There is a rising trend in installations of fireplaces in new homes. Although accurate statistics are not available, this Irene has also been evident in installations in older homes. While "do- it-yourself" has become a popular household word, the factory- built fireplace for home remodel- CLEAR\ SNOW / Get a Horse! WHEEL HORSE, OF COURSE Aboard this "horse" outdoor chores just melt awayl Choice of 22 attachments make light of every lawn and garden job. Come in for your free test-ride. ALL-PURPOSE SUBURBAN TRACTOR HOLLY'S IAWN& GARDEN SUPPLY North on Michigan Road ing is becoming one of the most popular means of adding an unusual touch of charm to a room. Any handyman can install a prefabricated fireplace in from just a few hours to less than a day. For example, th« popular prefabricated Uni-built Fireplace is now available in five decorator designed models.' Low cost and modern styling are features of each new model. Several of these beautifully styled and 1 functional Uni-built Fireplaces are finished in vitreous enamel with a selection of decorator colors. Other models are prune coated and can be painted any color to accent or harmonize with the room decor. All fireplaces are quickly and easily installed, offering • to the economy-minded homeowner a pleasant weekend "do-it-yourself" project. AUTOMATIC TACKERS SPEED FIX-UP JOBS Building a family room in the basement? Finishing off an add- on room? Insulating your attic? You can take a lot of work out of these projects by using an automatic tacker. Fastening the insulation to the studs, attaching vapor barrier materials, putting up ceiling tile, and staple-nailing wall. plankings to the furring strips, are jobs made easy with an all-purpose tacker. Such a tacker saves you all the work of securing a nail, setting it; and then driving it in with a hammer. Instead, you just position the tacker, squeeze the handle — zip — in goes the tight-gripping staple. And, your other hand is free to hold your material in position. Many home improvement projects never are started because of the amount, of time and work involved. A timesaver and work- saver, like an automatic staple tacker, helps to' get things under way and completed. PLANNING TO REMODEL YOUR • BATH • KITCHEN OR HEATING SYSTEM CALL us * OR'ESTIMATE H. R. DIETZE Plumbing & Heating Re«idenKal-Comm*rcKi! Induitrtal PLANNING TO IMPROVE YOUR KITCHEN? Remember, there's extra' convenience and many advantages in work-saving and cleanliness with a food waste disposer in the.home. Nevr models now available make even the largest bones disintegrate quickly and quietly. The WEEDERS GUIDE MOW DBAS!, WEED}. MULCH LEAVES •ITU BOTMY MOWEB DOES IT *• Faster/ Better/ * Easier/ George Goze Gravely Tractor Sales & Service 613 Hawthorne lane Logansport Dial 2909 SOME OF THE PROBLEMS with your lawn are your fault. Perhaps you don't weed it properly. Maybe you cut the grass ;oo short. Did you ignore crab- rass and other pesky weeds so long that they took over? Spring is a good time to remedy some of ihe troubles. A good feeding may improve the vigor and color of the lawn. Winter's snow and rain most likely have washed away a considerable amount of plant food. Replenish it. Where the ravages of winter and insects have laid bare the lawn, put in new grass seed or try some of the less familiar but rugged Zoysia plugs. But whether you replant Kentucky bluegrass i fescue, Bermuda, Merion blue- ;rass or other, the result will be the sad same if you omit the food. Of course you'll feed the crabgrass, too. But healthy weeds look better than undernourished grass and weeds. If you feed earlier, the grass will be in better condition to combat weeds for space! And there are chemical crabgrass controls to help win the- battle. In buying lawn fertilizer, be sure to follow directions. If the container says to spread it in wet weather, do so. If it says to water immediately, do just that because the preparation you spread may burn the grass otherwise. There are nonburning mixtures now that may be applied at any time .including immediately upon seeding. . Fertilizers containing ureaform will not bum the grass and may last longer than others. Even the experts don't agree on how often you should ^'ut your lawn or whether long-lasting fer tilizers applied twice a year are better than thej less-lasting varieties applied monthly. They do agree that grass should be fed at least twice a year. Don't cut your grass loo short, especially if you don't intend to give it the tender care administered golf greens. Cutting too closely reveals the brown lowei areas, causing the lawn to be unattractive, encourages growth of weeds and increases 'danger from sunburn. Most grasses should not be cut shorter than an inch and one-half. At midsummer, when the weather is hot and dry, cut less off the top of your grass. Cut your grass more frequently, rather than shorter, for both its health and attractiveness. In spring and fall this may mean every five days. The gras° doesn't grow 'as fast in midsummer's heat. Be sure your mower, whether it ,is hand or power, rotary or reel, is, sharp. A dull cutter will injure grass- tips and the plant will have to divert some of 'its energy to recuperating front the damage. Pay attention to invasion by insects. New grasses that -. are more resistant to bugs and disease are being developed and new insecticides, and fungicides are available.. "And Further More ... GENERAL^! ELECTRIC Air Conditioning enhances the value of your h owe." FRED OORE and ANAGE th* 6th & Michigan Aye. AA dAM. US TODlAY <F O'R DBTAHlS AND FOR SURVEY HAROLD RIMMINS '»<• Phone 4426 One insect pest is the Japanese >eetle. After hatching .from the eggs, the larvae, or grubs, will 'eed on grass roots and damage .hem. The adult beetles, generally prevalent in northern states from Tune to late September, will move torn <the lawn to damage rose rushes and other flowering shrubs and vines. Beetle control.is easiest in the .arvae stage.. Apply insecticides :o turf areas in liquid or dust : orm. When the adult beetles lay Iheir eggs in treated lawns, the young will be killed soon after matching. Unless your neighbor joins in preventative measures, you may jjet some' of his flying adult beetles. Zest Economy Is tarty Planning A house divided might be poor lolitics, but it's good economics /hen it comes to planning home ighting. "If you wait., until the house IBS been built or a remodeling ob completed to discover you aven't enough lighting fixtures, ighting costs can increase sev- ral times. The economical an- wcr is to plan early," said the Vmerican Home , Lighting Insti- ute. It is best to review lighting pecifications with the builder be : ore you buy. If the 'lighting is nadequate (it should run at east one per cent of the cost of he house), you can include most if the added cost in the mortgage, said-the Institute. Home loans insured by the i'HA are usually 'made on. the >asis of a master plan. A change which increases the cost must >e processed from the builder o the lending agency to the FHA. The advantage of tacking this cost onto the mortgage should evident, said the Institute. It also costs less to install wiring, outlets and switches before the Mastering has been completed and the interior painted. Up-to-date lighting is not only mportant to any modernization jrogram, but since installed ighting becomes a permanent )art of the. structure and increases its value, it does qualify or FHA approved remodeling MODERNIZE KITCHEN FOR NEW OUTLOOK When you remodel your kitchen, ihe entire house seems to take on a fresh, new outlook. Kitchen improvements can be extensive, or relatively minor. Extensive structural changes, such as knocking out a wall or eliminating .an old-fashioned pantry, may be necessary to achieve a'modern appearance. Major internal changes, such as new appliances or built-in cabinets, are sometimes all that's needed in many older houses. Adequate lighting also is lacking in many- kitchens. In some kitchens, however, a change in decor will alter con siderably the appearance of the area. For instance, if the kitchen has been painted white with few colorful sections, new paneling, counter tops ,.and -flooring can make a big difference. Plastic - surfaced hardboards, plastic laminates or tile, are at ideal for kitchens because they resist heat and moisture. Dividers are another easy way to modernize an old kitchen. The; can be installed 1 easily and eco nomically. A serving counter planter or storage cabinet can be used as a divider. Carrier Weather-makers For Year Round Comfort • Heating • Cooling Electronic Air Cleaners Automatic Humidifiers iind Dchumidificrs Tl ^? Comfort of Your Home is Our Concern. You can BUY Comfort for your -Horn* ... Probably for much Leis than You Think. Lei Us Till You HOW MUCH LESS. SHAW'S AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION Our Recommendation "30 yrs. Experience; 20 yrs. in the business; Oldest Firm of Our Kind in r-"«n*Dorl." ON THE HOUSE By ANDY LANG Home owners who -would tackle the repair of a wooden or brick house often will steer clear of attempting a similar job with stucco. Thais because stucco is something of an unknown quantity to most laymen. But there is nothing mysterious about it. Stucco is merely exterior portland cement plaster and, as such, can be repaired by the average : do-it-your- seller. Major jobs, of course, require the services of a professional. WATER-RESISTANT WALLPAPER Although water-resistant wallpaper is often called "washable" —it should not be confused with plastic treated types, To clean — all surface dirt and soil should be first removed with the vacuum. Then applying a mild soap solution with a cloth or sponge, the paper is cleaned from the baseboard, up —in long, free strokes. It is best not to scrub. Plants are the only supply of oxygen for the human race. Without them man couldn't run a car, eat or even', breathe. For every ton of the dry weight of plants in your own yard as well as over the face of the globe,.21,600'cubic feet of pure oxygen has been released by the plants into the atmosphere. Here are some solutions ' for lome owners faced with the'pros- 3ect of repairing cracked stucco: 1. If cracks are minor, seal the surface, with water-borne cement or latex base paints. If the surface previously was painted with an oil base 'paint, similar material should be used. 2. If cracks are somewhat more prominent, but not "wide open," they may be cleaned out and filled with a material such as port- land cement or cement base pajnt (natural color). Use a dry paint irush for this. It's much easier. After'this material is placed, moisten the surface lightly. Or, if desired, the cracks may be enlarged slightly and filled with a mortar of prepared patching mixture or cement and sand. On oil painted jobs, a mixture of white lead and oil, or a caulking compound (knife grade) may be used. Such materials may provide a pliable joint that will reduce additional cracking, but are unsightly if not covered with paint. 3. Larger cracks should be chipped back' and filled with a stiff mix of portland cement and sand. Take care to thoroughly wet down the adjacent areas at least an . hour before applying mortar. 4. Where stucco cracks are large and the material appears to be loose from its backing, such areas should be removed. Because such a condition often indicates that the stucco failed to bond to the backing or that something hai destroyed the bond, it is best to cover the backing with self-furring expanded metal lath than to replaster. 5. Large breaks and bulges, 01 general deterioration, usually cal for professional services and ; complete "overcoating" job. Such ] work can not only erase existing defects, but new color, style or texture can be created. If the old stucco is too bad, it may have to be removed. If it is, j waterproof paper is applied to ' .he building and self-furring metal alh nailed over it. If not, the self-furring metal lath may be ipplied directly to the old stucco. Either way, the balance of the vork is the same: % inch of new stucco is laid on in three .coats. In all cases,where repairs are necessary, it is important to de- .ermine the cause if ,)? Neglected often the im water seepage fjVifmost prominent direct cause, ^(Oi° rou gh'y check all flashingsil'drips, -gutters and downspouls.vvSomelimes roof repairs are,vindicated - by stucco 'allures. Keep caulking around openings (doors, windows) tight; don't apply, .caulking too thin, or feather out;.'the .edges. A proper 3ead of caulking should be shaped like a piece of cotton clothes lino, : most Uicause, with REMODELING BASEMENT CAN CREATE SPACE A limited budget need not prevent you from enjoying the comforts of a new family, room in an unused part of your basement. By investing several weekends of your time and about $263.00 (or as little as $198.00), a 12 x 24- 'oot area can be converted into an attractive and quiet room for [amily fun and relaxation. Here's a suggested work schedule. First weekend, build the partition closing off the family room from the- rest of the basement. Second weekend, install 1 x 3-inch furring strips on the walls for application of hard- ooard paneling. Third weekend, install cherry or walnut woodgrain hardboard panels on the walls. Fourth weekend; nail furriing to floor joists and begin staple application of fiberboard acoustical ceiling tile. The tile will absorb up to 70 percent of the sound striking it. Fifth weekend, finish ceiling tile, cove and base molding application and hang partition door. You can lay asaphalt floor tile in a couple of spare evenings. Here'sThe Answer By ANDY LANG AP Ncwsfcatures QUESTION: About a year ago, I painted a room with a roller.. I cleaned the roller carefully and, when I unwrapped it recently for another paint job, it apparently was in perfect condi- rin. . But this time, after I had been painting for about an hour, the roller began to make a pebbly effect-on the wall. No matter what I did, I could 'not get it to work property. I finished (he job with a brush, but would like to know what caused this. ANSWER: Because you did not mention the type of paints used for each project, it is possible only to theorize. First, the roller probably was lambswool, which is fine for oil paint."-and which you probably used (he first time. But lambswool is inclined to curl atid mat when used with latex paints. It is likely, therefore, that you used a latex paint the second time and that this affected the lambs- woo^ producing the unwanted pebbly result. If you use latex paint with a roller in the future, be sure you get a roller made of a synthetic fabric. When the job is finished, clean it thoroughly with water. If you will be using different kinds of paint for different jobs, you should have more than one roller, marking each ofr the type of paint. (Questions of general interest will be answered in this column. Individual correspondence cannot be undertaken.) The first pests of the garden are usually the thrips and aphids. These are the sucking insects, which stick their mouth parts in between leaf tissues and suck out the plant juices. In order to kill these pests use a contact spray, so called because it kills by coming in direct contact with the soft body parts of 'these insects. ASPHALT FREE ESTIMATES PROMPT, SERVICE STREETS - ROADS - 'PARKING AREAS - DRIVEWAYS ENGINEERING ASPHALT CORP. Phone 5506 or 2657 EVERYTHING IS A LITTLE IN ASGFTWAfER QUALITY if QUANTITY if SBRViJCE Free Estimates On Your Order Radio Dispatched Ready-Mix Fleet PHONE 3420 H=DDE 2 Mi. West On U.S. 24 WE CAN SERVE YOU BEST WITH STEEL • Electric and Acetylene Welding • Special Steel Built Tanks • Galvanized Roofing • Sheet Metal Work • Corrugated Culvert Pipe • Beams-Chcinnels-Angles • Fabricated Steel-Structural Steel • Bars-Sheets-Plates FARMERS: Bring your plow points, or corn planter runners,in for repairs. * If ifs made of steel we can furnish it for you. LOGANSPORT METAL CULVERT COMPANY . 220 Hetnna St. Dial 5157 Is "Invisible Hardness" robbing you of the comfort, convenience and economy that go with a soft water home? You can <ind out in seconds, when you test your own water supply with a FREE HOME TEST KITI Call or write us today for your free hit. It's' yours, with our compliments, No obligation, nothing to buy. Do it today I TEST YOUR WATER SUPPLY^CR "INVISIBLE HflRONESs; 1 nowt MJRA WATER CONDITIONING CO. 315 Highland Phone 52.149 CARTER CONCRETE BLOCK PLANT, INC. LO&ANSPORT PLANT 4 miles west on Hwy. 24 PHONE 3267 Montioello Yard Phone JUstice 533-7811 YOU TOO CAN HAVE A BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN Include Zinr< Manufacturing Co. Built-in •Cabinets in your new home or remodeling plans. • Custom Bank Fixtures • Kitchen Cabinets • Restaurant Fixtures Dealers for: Tappan Appliances Hotpoint Appliances Magic Chef Appliances Formica ZINN MANUFACTURING CO. Flora, Ind. Phone 967-4177 George Burnham Phone 967-4384 (Salesman)

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