Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 13, 1962 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 13, 1962
Page 10
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PAGE TEN THE PHAHOS-TRffiUNE and LOGANSPOBT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY, MAY 13,19(3 Know Which Type tkctrkal Cord Will Do The Job Best BY MR. FIX Written for Newspaper Enterprise Assn. When it's time to replace an old cord, whether it's on a lamp or a household appliance, use the cord that is designed for that particular job. Ordinary lamp cord consists of stranded copper wire wrapped in rubber or plastic. Ready-made extension cords in 8, 10 and 12-fool lengths are available. Use only for lamps. This cord is good for lamps because it can be threaded through narrow tubing easily. Some lamps may be equipped with rayon covered lamp cord. The stranded copper wires are set in rubber, then wrapped in cotton and the whole thing wrapped in rayon. This is going out of style, replaced by the parallel rubber or plastic covered cord. It was used principally in bedroom lamps. The cover frays easily, 'leaving the wire exposed. • Twisted lamp cord is the strongest of the lamp cords. This is 'generally green and yellow. Copper wire is imbedded in rubber and then each conductor is cov- 'ered with heavy green and yellow cotton casing. The two covered wires are then twisted. This is a little more expensive but is worth • the difference. Heavy duty cord is the type you find on your 'Vacuum clean- -er and washing machine. The stranded wire is covered with ELECTRICAL CORDSHNIE A PURPOSE- GROUNDING CORPS ARE POWER TOOL AGSET LMvlP CORDS ARE ONLY FOR LAMPS HEAVY PUTY CORDS BELONG ON APPLIANCES rubber. Then the two conductors f Ihe heavy-duty rubber covered are wrapped in twine. The whole thing is then encased in a heavy rubber cover. Use this for heavy duty extensions. Always replace appliance cords with this type. Heater cord is just what the name implies. It is used on' electric irons, toaster, portable ovens and broilers, heaters and any other electric appliance that uses heat. The rubber covered wires are covered with asbestos.' Over the asbestos is a cover of heavy cotton or rayon. Extensions for these appliances should be made of heater cord also. Three-wire cord is similar to wire used on most appliances. The third wire is for grounding purposes. Your electric drill may be equipped with ordinary two- conductor wire. Working in a damp basement or garage you stand the chance of a shock if the tool is not grounded. You can purchase three - conductor wire with the special plug already attached or you can buy it to length and attach the special plug. The ground lead is generally colored green, with the current- carrying wires in black and white. The ground lead is attached lo the round prong on the plug. Choose Shrubs With Care There are five considerations the home owner should take into account in selecting shrubs:- (1) are they easy to grow? (2) are they attractive all year? (3) will they bloom at a good time? (4) .can 'hey be used in flower ar- 'rangements in the home? (5) are they hardy for the location desired? A considerable number of evergreen planls are desirable to assure green foliage on Ihe properly all year. Some evergreens will flower, while in others the flowers may not be noticeable, but the foliage may be so altrac- '.tive that, they are very much in •demand by home owners. This .includes such plants as Ihe juni- ;pers, cedars, arbor vitae, yews •and similar plants. - Flowering evergreen shrubs in- Delude the rhododendrons, azaleas, •laurels, pieris, and m?ny others that can be spectacularly beautiful in flower. There is a long list of these, particularly in the less severe climates. Consult a nursery catalogue, or talk over with your nurseryman the different species that will grow in your location. Ideal for Fix-Up Natural warmth and vibrant color have helped make redwood one of America's 'favorite build ing and home fix-up materials. It boasts a versatility for both indoor and ouldoor applications. Redwood is' used for handsome accent walls, enhancing the at tractiveness of other walls and furnishings. Redwood panels and cabinets help impart a rich, inviting look to kitchens and breakfast nooks. LOOK! NOW SHOWING NEW MODEL HOME DAILY 1.p. m. to 8p.m. LOCATION U. S, 31 S. of Kokomo^l mile south of State Road 1 26 East side of U.S. 31. 11295 ON YOUR OWN LOT INCLUDES • 1052 sq.ft. of living area • All brick construction • Aluminum windows • Quality materials • Conventional construction • One and a half car garage • Spacious kitchen-dining urea • Glamorous marble sills • 'Beautiful hardwood floors • Carpeted living room and hall • Custom-built kitchen with range • Ceramic tile in bath « 70 ft. of well, septic and pump • One and one half baths. Write for free information Name .... I Address Phone Lot Size CENTRAL INDIANA HOMES R. R. 19-Box 46UB Indianapolis, Ind. Phone SharpsvWe 963-2359 INC. Chandeliers Light Up New Home Decor Your "Eye-Q" is high if you look up — not down. The fashion trend for residential lighting* according to Lightolier, originators of many firsts in the home ,1'ui.'- nishing field, is to chandeliers. These symbols of elegance iWW: ; w,' turn as a major focal point in today's home. Decorators more and mme favor the chandelier as a basic decoratl-ve theme for a distinctively designed room. Luxurious embellishment is the keynote in today's decorative schemes. Elegant and elaborate accessories are used to bring flair to oven the most moderately appointed interiors. The use of color too is more vibrant. Bold lavish splashes; of red and blue appear where one would least expect lo find them. To meet this decorative trend, Lightolier has introduced a veri- able carnival of chandeliers. Pendants and ceiling fixtures now. happily combine stylized designs with modern lighting techniques. A chandelier in modern terms may he a cluster of individual pendants suspended to give dar- matic emphasis as well iis 'excellent illumination lo an area!, Some of these pendants' are boldly scaled, others abound in varicolored glass or plastic, and Some are formed of 'wicker in black. For those \fhose tastes are Frankly on the "ehampagrie level," [here ard elegajii new approaches ;o crystal chandeliers, There are quite lavish, ;: .with the added ! 'plus" of flexile controled lighting. A light so-Urce is concealed within the crystal, and brings out all the 'brilliance of the sparkling prisms. Remember when choosing a ceiling fixture that a chandelier's beauty is only part .of its role. Consider the character of its lighting and how well it suits the needs and moods of the area jt will service. The Latin term used lo designate books prinled'^'before 1,500 is "incunabula.". Plant Roses For Beauty, Fragrance Perhaps the most thrilling experience for the home gardener is to pluck the first lovely rose bloom ,ihat appears and to sniff its fragrance. Some of the roses listed as very fragrant, according to the American Hose Society, are: Crimson Glory, Etoile de Hoi- lande, Good News, Kodes Perfecta, Lady Luck, Living, Mirandy, Pink Peace, Pink Princess, Rose of Freedom, Suiter's Gold, Tapestry, The Doctor, Jiminy Cricket, Ma Perkins, High Time, Pink Chiffon, Spartan, Texan and Merry Widow. A trip to a nursery when roses are in bloom in containers is a sure way for the home owner to find the roses whose aroma he likes best, simply by going arouncj and sniffing the flowers, says the American Association of Nurserymen. Most local nurserymen have their favorite roses with respect to their fragrance, while nursery catalogs almost invariably stress the fragrance of a rose if it has outstanding aroma. However, the '"best" rose is the one you like best and from which you get the most pleasure and results. A number of fine, regional nurserymen growers pj roses bring out excellent new varieties, or.« or two each a year, and these blooms often are.Very highly rated by the rose .societies as well as the public, Handymen Can For Gutters,, Spouts It's easy for the home handyman to keep up his own gutters and downspouts. •''.; -First,'however, check your ladder and all scaffolding equip- nient. .Observe fundamental safety rules when climbing. Fivft to ten years can be added to the life of your roof drainage system by cleaning out all debris in spring" and fall. While doing that, check for corroded points and spots where paint is flaking off. Remove dirt and paint with a wire brush and apply.metal primer paint to the affected area inside gutters. Paint a matching coat (or contrasting) onto the outside area to improve the appearance of your home. This also helps extend the life of the roof drainage system. CREATE DRESSING ROOM WITH NEW PLASTIC PANELING For owners of older homes who undertake bathroom remodeling, a simple method of creating a dressing room can be accomplished by installing dividers of lightweight sliding .panels of modern translucent plastics. When the flat plastic panels are used in small horizontal framing, an Oriental shoji-type effect is achieved. On one side of the sliding pinels are all the conventional bY.thro.om fixtures; on other side - and generally as one enters the room — is the dressing room. A small dressing table, mirror and similar equipment turns the formerly wasted space into a most usable room, permitting privacy in both rooms. Although framing and erecting a sliding divider is normally a job for professionals, a reasonably experienced, do-it-yourselfer could accomplish the same result. The materials, ordinary framing lumber and decorative Alsynite panels, are available at most lumber yards. Build Closet Wai! to Gain More Storage Facilities To the lady of the house, "con' quering space" means discovering new storage room—rather, than rocketing to the moon. Now a new plan for a bedroom closet wall deserves the designation of "space maker". The plan (see illustration) provides twin closets "his" and "hers" on either side of the head of the bed. It is a neat solution to the otherwise vexing storage problem in many, many homes since most bedrooms have unused space along one wall. Usually, you don't even need lo rearrange furniture; other times, moving the bed to another wall makes the addition practical, simple. Closels require only 2-foot depth, and they earn be as wide as the room allows. Even a 2- foot wide closet provides storage for at least a dozen men's suits or two or three times as many dresses. Above and below the -clothes on hangers, there's added space for shoes, hats, accessories. These built-ins are simple with either lumber or plywood. Finished natural or with a lighl stain, the warmth and beauty of wood adds restful charm and updates the home. Choose a light-colored, economical wood such as western hemlock that readily accepts a wide rangs of stain tones or one of the new prefinished Craftwall hardwood panelings offered in a half-dozen woods and even more finishes. For the advanced do-it-your- selfer, building a closet wall probably falls into the "moderately easy" category. When built by a professional, the project: would go fast, cause little di.sruption of Ihe home and usually cosl only $350$450 complele, unless there are unusually complicated conditions. Brighten 'Old' Bedrooms With Economical Paneling Colorful decors can be established in, cliiWr.e.ri's badroonris by instal!in#;?Marm6niBBg planks on one pi*' more walls. -By alternating'.'two colors, a "candy stripe" effect is created. This, vertical line treatment also will tend to create; a feeling of greater height in a low room. By altenoatmg the planks hori- zoiilally, a "'rainbotv" effect; can be achieved. This-horizontal treat- menl will.make short walls look wider; Plastic-surfaced planks, in addition to creating a colorful decor in a children's room, are practical and easy to maintain. The planks have a tempered hard board base,that is highly-resist ant to hard wear and knocks. A baked meiamine plastic surface protects the pre-decorated fin- Provide Proper Acoustical Setting For Musicians Whether a beginner, or an complished music - maker, it's more fun to play when the sound is rich, full and in propct'. 1 accous- tical setting. ,)V,."''•'' For this reason, more and more families are-planning room altera tion, decoration and even furniture placement to compliment their musical-; interests. With more than 3SjOOO,OOfl amateur music makers the Uniled States this year, according to the American Music Conference, music rooms and music corners are on the way back- Proper acoustical settings for at-home musical adventures are relatively easy' to achieve. Often, existing rugs, drapes and furniture are sufficient to absorb echoes. Or, correct placement of thii instrument may be all that is required. If a spinet piano or organ is to be the center of musical,activity, best results can be obtained by "positioning the. instrument against a "short wall." Other instruments may sound best if played in a corner of the room. In this way, corner walls act in the same manner as the cone of a hi-fi speaker and direct the sound. If additional sound absorbing materials are needed, use acoustical tile. This material can eliminate most echo prpblems, is usually inexpensive, and comes in a variety of textures and patterns. Hardwood wall paneling also can be used to advantage if major room alteration is planned. Paneled walls resist vibration, thereby eliminating distorted sound waves. WITH OR WITHOUT MONEY HOWTHUr PJWKENTS AS tOW AS GIVES YOU A COMPLETE HOME packages TOW mortgage is fr«e and clear within 10 years You get the complete custom-built home ) BHWflffD and ERKTtD onyourht \ with all finishing maleriak t far INSIDE and OUT, incMing: ) Contact us or your representative today! capp Homes 1143 DUPON M., PEPT. 100 MINNEAPOLIS 11, MINN. BOB KNIGHT, 220 W. 3rd'St. r Fort Wayne, Ind. Phone: E-07913 Complete plumbing system, • Complete heating system, • Complete electrk wiring system >vith fixture*. e, Complete pre-flnished custom Kitchen eabineh wirh hardwarft oad Formica tops. • ' ' v. ( ''''•'•''..>,. • BetJBfiftil, select oak flooring, ook base, 'door and wTrtdcJ^'Irinv, • Vinyl ilsbesfoj file for bathroom, kitchen, rear hafl. , ' • All foundeitio^ .fnaterials.inciuding basement windows. • •Self-storing ex'truilatff-alominum storms and screens—installed. • Heaviest gauge aluminum siding with rigid backer-board for triple insulation—available at smallextra cost. • Sbeetroclc. or rocklath, inside doors and hardware, roofing, siding or pre-stained shakes, insulation and combination doors. • Professional architecture •.. and much morel ish on the paneling. Plastic-surfaced hardboard can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Home handymen or professional applicators can put up (he planks over old walls or framing members if the room is lo be divided. Wall-board adhesive and melal clips are used to secure ceiling blocks with the washable plastic surface are available, in the same 11 colors. Here's News Abouf New Type Acoustical Plank A new, simplified approach to acoustical treatment of ceilings and walls has been devised. By enlarging the traditional one-foot-square acoustical tile lo a plank 16 inches wide and 10 or 12 feet long, has produced an easy-to-handle product which drastically reduces application lime ... in some cases .as much as 50 per cenl less than for standard tile. It has a %-inch thickness, same as with standard tile. The plank is painted white and is offered with either a pin-punched patlern or fissured pattern. The finish is washable and Class "C" flame resistant. "Fir-lok" joints on the long edges of the plank allow concealed nailing or stapling. Ideal for acoustical treatment of ceilings in honies and any other structures which have a sound control requirement, contractors and owners the least expensive means of reducing noise levels 50 to 65 per cent in critical locations while simultaneously providing fashionable, decorative treatment. Use of the new plank is not .limited to ceil ings; the plank size allows effective application on walls as well. JUNIOR/ SHARES BATHROOM with dad by dint of addition «>f a smaller sink, which is large enough for him to wash and brush his teeth. Fixtures by American-Standard. BEST USE can be made of avail- PLENTY OF LIGHT for stowing able space in small bathroom via and grooming is provided by the angled lub, which fits into a flared wall bracket diffusers com- shower-stall area and has a handy bined with the fluorescent light corner seat. Jlestal by American- above mirror l» give light from itandard. . all directions, By Moe Light. mow Final reports of the ISth Decennial U.S. Census, will exceed 100,003 pages upon completion this year. Fix Up Your Home For Spring We have floor coverings of every type ... let our trained staff help you select the right color . . . the right type . . . the right design for the room you'll use if in. Cell For Estimate Partridge Springfield 25 America* test-seding rWing rowperberause ifs th* best mate. Cirts 25" swath. Pushbutton be*** Jdfwbwsit Bade cMctx. Mi bp 4 cycle engine. Heeta ** Safety Standards. Attadmata, to. $ 339 .95 EASY TERMS 516-18 E. Broodwoy Phone 4186 DAVID'S Do You Know This Man? His Advice Can Save You Money It j'our heating system is old or inadequate, he can recommend thepropor installation for you and possibly save you needless expense and trouble. The most expensive thing you can do is buy an inadequate heating system. A good heating system not only saves you money in the long run, but gives ydu perfect comfort ,o something you can't get by "cutting comers".' This man is a conscientious craftsman, engineer, and businessman whose progress depends on honest, capable service to his customers. He won't disappoint you — isith. his work or his materials. Hell custom design an installation, to meet your exact requirements. And the heart of it will bo — 'Mueller Climatrol, GAS OB DEL HEATING Call your heating contractor for full details and free estimate. Baker Specialty & Supply Co Inc. DISTRIBUTORS •r

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