The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 18, 1978 · 55
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 55

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1978
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THE BOTTOM 10 Eos Angeles Stones wed., Oct is. 7s-Part III 3 JOHN HALL Series Diary They tied it all up with a pinstripe ribbon Tuesday night at Dodger Stadium as it proved to be another too-too World Series for the too-too-too much New York Yankees. After the Dodgers took those first two games of old No. 75, the Yankees, as too-too many sadly Viewed it in the all too convincing finale, had too much class, too much hitting, too much pitching, too much depth, too much managing, too much Reggie, too much Nettles, too much Dent and too much belief in themselves for it to end any other way. At least on this planet. Too true, 7-2, was final in the final. Dear diary, and this is the way it was from dawn to dead end in the last chapter: 2:04 p.m.: Long before the gates open, the TV team of Joe Garagiola, Tony Kubek and Tom Seaver, as usual, is among the first into the park. Garagiola worked his first World Series as a rookie catcher with the Cards in 1946. . But he never seems to get enough. He's in the Yankee dugout with Yogi Berra, as usual, jabbering. "I've said it before, and I'll say it again," Garagiola says, "the easiest thing about the game. The rest is tough. You have to worry about all your friends asking for tickets. You come out for batting practice and feel fine. Then so many people begin asking you how you feel, you begin to wonder. You have to run back into the clubhouse and look in the mirror to make sure you're OK." 3:02: Monte Basgall tapes the Dodger lineup on the dugout wall. Second quessers have been going wild demanding a new designated hitter. The Dodger coach stands back to show Vic Davalillo replacing Lee Lacy as DH and Joe Ferguson in for Steve Yeager as catcher. "The Dodgers must really be desperate," says the first second guesser to see the new batting order. 3:20: Ron Gey holding court in the dugout with six writers. The subject is familiar. It isn't roses. It's the ugly fan in New York. Debate rages before final vote for baseball's worst results in a three-way tie among Yankee Stadium, Candlestick in San Francisco and the Vet in Philadelphia. "Hey, Lasorda, you creep, drop dead," a model Dodger Stadium fan screams. 4:05: Reggie Jackson doffs cap and grins at the jeering mob. When you've got it. you've got it. 4:59: Bill Russell error pool announced in the media sky box $1 a pop, pick a number, win it all if the Dodger shortstop makes an error that inning. 4:59:30: Bill Russell error pool sold out. 5:21: Long Beach State band leaves the field. Home fans seem unusually reserved. Perhaps the word is pensive. Probably it's scared. 5:26: John Ramsey introduces "your National League Champion Dodgers" and stadium at last comes back to life. 5:32: Sue Ranev's National Anthem in brown boots and Steve Garvey's Dodger jacket ranks right up there with") Tom Tennille and Vikki Carr. Official time: 1:44. 5:38: Don Sutton's first pitch of the game to Mickey Rivers is a swinging strike. Clearly, the Yankees are in a hurry to finish it off. 5:39: Roy White records the first hit of Game 6 a wrongway sliced single to left field. Is anything ever going to go the right way again for the Dodgers? 5:44: First number on the Russell Pool is retired as Billy flawlessly handles two chances to complete the initial half inning. You see, there is a right way. 5:47: Catfish Hunter's no-hitter bursts on his third pitch a 2-0 delivery into the left-field pavilion by way of the leadoff bat of Davey Lopes. Dodgers, 1-0. A glimer. 5:59: Dark smoke rises from a brush fire on the hill beyond left field. "They haven't selected the new Pope yet," somebody announces. Dusty Baker must have been watching, too, as Brian Doyle's run-scoring double glides over his head. Where there's smoke, there's fire. Yankees score two more for 3-1 lead in second. Sutton looks like a guy in the dentist's chair. Uncomfortable. 6:22: Sutton bounces back in the third to fan both Thur-man Munson and Jackson and get Lou Piniella on a weak tapper to first. He strolls off the mound like a guy the dentist just gave some laughing gas. Happy. 6:24: Piniella, chasing Joe Ferguson's third inning drive off the right field boards, hits the wall like Bobby Unser would. The car is totaled, but Lou stays in the game. Next week, the main event at St. Nick's Arena. 6:46: The fire outside the stadium seems to be out. The Dodgers are definitely out in order in the fourth, Garvey to Nettles, Cey to White and Baker to Dent. Man to man, the days dwindle down. 6:58: Two straight Ferguson fouls back into the upper deck behind home plate are dropped by fumble-fingered fans, who are irate over anticipated knocks in New York Post. 7:12: The long walk for Sutton after Doyle singles to center to score Piniella from second base, his third straight hit and third RBI to make it 4-2 in the sixth. Monday's throw to the plate was low and strong and in time to nail Piniella, but it takes a bad hop out of Ferguson's glove and the music keeps going round and round for New York. Bob Welch comes running to the rescue but even the rookie flame-thrower isn't clicking now and the Dodgers are simply running out of gas. Dent joins Doyle in the three-hit club, one more run, it's 5-2 going into the sevent hand going into winter retirement. 7:29: There IS a Doug Rau. He's up in the Dodger bullpen. 7:31: Oh well, why not? Jackson's sweet Reggie Bar revenge marches on with a two-run homer off Welch. Remember a thousand years ago when Welch mowed down Mr. October for the final out of Game 2? That might have been the worst mistake of young Bob's fast-aging career. 7:40: There IS a Doug Rau. He takes the mound to open the eighth. He's throwing pretty good. His fans are throwing up. Others are just throwing on their coats and heading for the exits. 7:45: Doyle going for six consecutive hits over two games. Not this time for the Yankees, not everything. A bouncer to Rau bounces him out of the record book. Still, not too bad for the No. 3 New York second baseman. 7:54: No fooling around with Bob Lemon. Ferguson's second double to open the eighth sends Hunter home and brings in Rich Gossage. And that's the end of that after an infield hit by Davalillo. The Yankees have beaten the Dodgers every possible way up to and including jerking coasting starters. 7:59: Fan on the field. Flare on the field. Too late. The ship is sinking. May Day. 8:12: The end. Smith, Garvey and Cey go out in straight falls and the corpse is pronounced frigid. It wasn't even fun while it lasted. Terry Forster Sued for Divorce Dodger relief pitcher Terry Forster, 28, was sued for divorce Tuesday by his wife of six years, Pamela. The For-sters have two daughters, 5 and 3. They were married Oct. 2, 1971. vmuiD smns tickets TICKETS AVAILABLE (213) 699-(213) 723- 0906 8471 Northwestern Loses, Strengthens Lead BY STEVE HARVEY The Colleges Steamed-up Rice (1-4) won a game but Northwestern (0-5-1) strengthened its hold on the Bottom 10 lead with a 38-10 loss to otherwise mediocre Indiana. This season, Northwestern's backs have displayed a talent for getting "that one tough yard" but unfortunately only in first down situations. The Mildcats gained 47 yards in 28 carries Saturday. Elsewhere, the newest addition to the Bottom 10 was UPI's Top 10 (No. 8), which lost five games over the weekend. UPI announced that ,the Top 10 would be put through two-a-day scrimmages this week. Ohio State coach Woody Hayes (2-2-1) was so upset over losing to Purdue that he refused to talk to himself in the dressing room. School Sad Story Last Wood 1. N'thwestern (0-5-1) 103S, Indian. . 'nl (l-H 14-30, Clemson J. Princeton (0-3-1) 10- K Columbia ,0- Oreon (-" 1617, BYU 3. Boston College (0-5) . .3-9, Tulane 11. Rice (1-4); 12. Syracuse (1-5); IX 4. UTEPO-5) Attended World Series Wake Forest (1-5); 14. San Diego 5. TCU (1-4) 14-21, Rice State (1-3); 15. Florida (1-3); 16. Iowa 6 Vanderbilt (1-4) ....7-49, Auburn (1-4); 17. Pentagon (air 8, land units) 7. Baylor (0-5) 21-21 SMU (3-7-1); 1. Oregon State (1-3-1); 19. . UPI Top 10 (46-7) . . .Lost 5 Games Illinois (1-3-2); 20. Ancient Miss (2-3). Ex-Rose Bowl candidates receiving votes: Ohio State (2-2-1). Crummy Game of the Week: TCU vs. Tulane. Rout ot the Week: Georgia vs. Vanderbilt. Clarification: In last week's Rout of the Week, Colorado was not the pick to rout previously winless Oklahoma State, but vice versa. And Oklahoma State did win, 24-20. Poor-Little-Us Award: "We're still a long way from being a Pac-10 team," said Arizona State coach Frank Kush prior to the Sun Devils' 20-7 win over USC before the largest crowd In Arizona history (previous record was set during the opening of a shopping mall In Tucson). The Pros No, St. Louis and Cincinnati are not scheduled to play each other during the regular season this year (and prob ably won't meet in the playoffs, either). So it's anyone's guess when or if the No. 1 Cards (0-7) or No. 2 Bengals (0-7) win a game. In San Francisco, where the 49ers (1-6) are rebuilding under GM Joe Thomas, the city has begun condemnation proceedings against the team. What's worse, Bill Walton announced he has changed his mind about signing with the 49ers. The Giants, abandoning their 3-4 defense in favor of the more traditional 11-man unit, downed Tampa Bay in East Rutherford, N.J., as players on both teams eluded Dodger throws sailing over the Hudson River. Meanwhile, to guard against another exhibition of beer-throwing by Cleveland fans, the Browns played before a crowd that included 86 policemen and 96 security guards (three guards were no-shows). NFL referees marched for 232 yards in Denver and 209 in Cincinnati. Team, Sad Story Last Week 5. Detroit (1-6) 0-14, Atlanta I. St. Louis (0-7) 21-24, Dallas a. Bt'tlmore (2-5); 7. Buffalo (2-5); t Cincinnati (0-7) 3-lft New England t Tie between the start of NBA and 3. Kansas City (1-6) ...4-2 Oakland NHL seasons; 10. Jot Namath's 4. San Fran. (1-6) .7-14 Ntw Orleans Wavtrly Wonders (0-1). Crummy Gam of the Weak: Detroit vs. San Dlcgo. Who's In Charoe Here Deot: Philadelphia, which previously had cut nunter Mitch Hoopes for the third time this year. The Eagles' ntw punter, Mike Michel avtragtd 2S yards on four punts Sunday. Refs' Blown Call for the Week: Cincinnati recovered apparent fumblt by Ntw England's Sttvt Grogan on Bengals' 7-yard-llnt, but officials ruled ball was dead, though Instant replay showed otherwise. Patriots marched In for winning TD, 10-3. FOR THE RECORD Funeral services for race car owner and mechanic Doug Caruthers will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. at Melrose Abbey in Anaheim. Previously, it was mistakenly reported that services would be held Tuesday in Santa Ana. 1-fltKll r. A ATARI Innovative lt?turp O VIDEO COMPUTER SYSTEM is in STOCK! SPECIAL! $-fCQ95 0f 1300 Gim nrlatlNS. 1 4 ilmri. ALL it cslir I mil. Will ill sIiiiii fur TVI JUST ARRIVED: New ATARI CARTRIDGES! Breakout, Hangman, Outlaw, Space War, Baseball, Flag Capture, Brain Games, Hunt & Score, Code Breaker, Basketball & more to come. We also have all 1977 ATARI video cartridges as well as extra paddle controls & the new keyboard controls. 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CITY 8760 Van Nuys Blvd. 894-1102 PASAIEKA 1100 E. Colorado Blvd., 793-8179 NO. POMONA 3675 N. Town Ave.. 621-2956 POMONA 295 N. Garry, 622-1365 1ISIANIS 300 W. Rolands Bl 793-3373 IEIONIO IIACN 500 N. Pacific Cst. Hwy.,379-2421 IESIIA 16051 Sherman Way 344-7155 IVIISiei 4199 Market St. 686-4465 IIVHSIBI-TTLII MAU 10091 Magnolia 687-3950 JAN IEINAIBINO 271 E. Highland, 866-5115 1144 "E" Street, 888-0201 SAN IIINANtO 104 S. Maclay, 361-0175 SAN fkO 837 S. Pacific. 547-3395 SANTA ANA 1021 N. Harbor Blvd., 839-4350 101 S. Main Street, 542-8857 SANTA ANA-COSTA MESA (No. ot San Olego Fwy.) 3733 S. Bristol, 549-4015 SANTA SAIIAIA 506 Chioala. 962-8134 3948 State St., 682-3779 SANTA MONICA '1817 Lincoln Blvd., 451-8495 12th t Wllshlre, 393-9811 SANTA PAULA 851 So. Main, 525-2114 SIMI 1256 Los Angeles Art,, 522-1100 JOtJTN (ATI 2440 Firestone Blvd., 569-8135 STUDIO CITY 11905 Ventura Blvd., 766-3771 TNOVSANS OAKS 1100 Thousand Oaks, 497-7581 TOMANCI 20550 Hawthorne Blvd., 370-5804 YHJHMtA 6511 Foothill Blvd., 352-5908 VAN NUYS 6530 Van Nuys Blvd., 786-5421 VIRTU. 200 S. California, 643-8101 WISTCHSSTH 6100 W. Mancheitsr, 645-5555 WIST 10S ANCILIS 10715 W. Pico, 475-3553 WESTMINSTER Westminster A Golden West.893-8587 WNITTIES I0WIIS 11230 E.Washington Blvd.,692-0801 OlOOLnra An (106) 255 7941 . K SMUT!te 4835 LaaUrsNei. 763-5173 5747 Lankershlm Blvd. 984-3390 M27StanMlfn 766 1135 VMUTPIAU Om (440 LterelCwionn., 9(0-20(0 tKviatiawH nwn mi saopnni at. 10U1 Mm (M, 3490273 ttKWJI 12225 E. Imerial Hy. K3S74 520 KH St. 722-1215 (WTIWIS 206 E. V St, 9SH721 SPAIMI 1(90 Testia. 63? 9010 MMKI 321 St. Oiunl Btvtf., 463 2795 DAYS SAME AS CASH Minimum Monthlv ts) Pavment Required anil LniPMA. Lm us i I

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