Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 7, 1949 · Page 9
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 9

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1949
Page 9
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Employment Help Wanted—Male WAITED—Han between 25-30 years U age, inj.rrit.-ii, coi it-Re ^ducirtion- or equivalent, neat, appearing, selling experience hvipiul'bui not essential. We are dealers lor i'iio ol UIL- most ixn-i'- lar low-prit-et 1 . cars. L-ibt-nil tiiilury *tnd commission basis. 1'aid vaeiiU'JM-;. lUu h*-ii!ih A: accident insurani-a. and hospital! z;ition. K'_-p!y Hiving eomp!-?lu information :c Box "C" c-o the News. TK.N S VI.KSMK>—W:intfd t<> v.virU whfi rr«'*v in.'tn.-ttff-r**. Make- f 3 ti> ?* j>er hour. Transportation furnished. Call Win. 1^.30. For Sale Houses For Sale Employment Help Wanted—Female KL1)KHS.\ 1.ADY— To live with local couple. Do housekeeping. Call Nau«. 372:i, anytime. AT OA'CK — Bookkeeper. Steady work. Reply Box "K" care oi N'ewri. IF YOU L'SK AVON COSMKTIO. >i)U know why It IK easy lo serv.^'u Avon Cu.HtorntTK. \V<: have an opt-mlii: now lor SLblo, mature wonuin lnterc.*:totl In InilldlriK ;i pfrirtani.'nt and HUfCuMHlu! InixIm'HN ol lirr own. Wrlln ',•',. ,\I. SI'K'UU, 7or, Wont Main SI., Mvrldvn, Conn. For Sale Houses For Sale 2d Situations Wonted—Female 1K> VOI" >KKI) A JtKMAJIl.l-: 1IA1IV HlTTKIir—Days 01- ovcnilig-i. C:lll 3-113. KOIt SALH— WIIHI BhlR. r,-room 1-lam- ily hou«<'. natur-a! tiie buthrtjotn. KANT HIDE— (i- room, 1-lp.mlly IIO'.IHC, Alt Hltnati'd on KOOO locatlonn. All tt 1 or-ru [KUK-.V. 1'ATHV I,A IIHIOI.A ICMtniu A«unt T'hono NUUK. 34S8 or Wtliy. r!-22-)f) Hi. Slid. .MODlCJt.N « • BOOM HOMJi on wewt Hide, llri'plarc. oil limit. HliAl'ON I-'AM^S— 4-r<i.mis. 2 Ullll'l- iBlH-d. lilo hath, oil houl, A HH13PL,liV. 24.13 or fi 144. NKAR PJKTKll-l'AVIi CAM)!' FAC- TOKY—-1 i-o(jm 1 t:ar .^Lii'ii^o. Situated on a luryu lot. This property is in Kood coiuliuon ; not one 1 penny to .spoml lor i-L-iialr.s. Uolni? at tlio oui- suindiiiK liar^iun o( the >*car for :J.V7UU. a-: AST ,1I()IJ>'TAI> SKCTIOX — Attractive, new. ti room lircii;;c- wuy, ultnehed Kiirncu. 1 acre ol land IjOcutetl lioai- 1-IuHl Mountain li')!!, just over the Watorbury to\Vh llntj in the Jow tax (Jl.HtriU. .'or l>oth Kf'acle and hiKh school HludL-nlii at door. Heady lor immediate oeeuuanoy (or your .MKIMtlKST CII llllrtT.M t\>\ evor. I'rlc-ed to m-11. $1(1,21)11. (HIT.S'l'ANDINli IUJV WASMUUIiNK & WASVIlllJllNK IIHAI/J'OJIS—INS,—AI'I'RAISIOIIS .'-7 Nn. .Mjiln Tt-l. •l-:il7U--.1-«7fi!i—l-J«i;j Hoot and Soy A, Inc. Realtoru Inuuranco X74 QranJ 8t Phone 4-3161 Wtby. nuy or Sen a llnitincHH JOSEPH HA1.PEH1N, Uroker lAf<urauc«, JLottt, Haul EHtute tO E. MalD St. Toi. 4-6HII2 VTttfJ. IT. A- BRAZ1CK1 — Heal fflstaU, — 174 PROSPECT bT. , PHONK 6421. Your Prouerty lor Quick Sale, Tho A. R. Mnrtlno Co. Real KHt.ato And AlipralaiUn 201 K. Main St. Pbone 8-3286 Wthy. WAL.T10K A. NOnWABll, IN8UJIANCK 20D Church St. Phone 4784 N»u* AIil 1 ,— 1 imtilly. MOUMU with 1 roomN on oach Hour. Kood eoudlUori, Ilnb loeatlon. prlood rf-uminubl)', Ca!l Anthony rurmr 4283. InHurnniH" & Ilcul Kstulo BTROI.IiY1i ItKAl, KS'i'ATK 48 Spring Bt. Tel. S-26H1 Wuterhury. Conn. Wanted to Buy oca z tnmny houHn, G or I rooma on «nch door wrolorred, I hav« a c»Hh cUHtomor waiting lor Buuh i HKNTIY M. oal Estate and Apprnlnalft Telephone 3-4032, Waterbury FOIt HKKT—With option to liuy S rnriniH, Imlh. hot water, 1 ni'.rr- liarn, oullnilllllnKH, t:xc(>!l(,|!| i-ninl M;t. ilor-no Ui'lllty. Tfil. 2<l!H, Hcyrnoiir. For Rent Automotive Houses To .Rent JAMES MOOKE Heal instate — Appraiser Phone 356S (or Selected Homes 1 FAMILY—C rooms or. Highmnd Ave. Tol. 6031 JOHN llEAIiY, 118 Church St Wanted To Bent WANTIUJ—4 room rent. Cull 7019 Jlooni.s To Rent roil RUNT—lioom (or Kimllotnun. c.on- tnilly loriilfd. full ul nil lUiljluir Ave. I'burin (ill 10 SI) Offices To Rent I'OK KENT - OHicoH lor proleHBlonal man in Nauuatuck. Tel. 3-11865, Wtby. Announcements lib Business Opportunities Fitzpatrick-Romano — Public Accountants — Phone Naug. 2805-6007 11US011Y1 TJIIlUTri Strip At The PTHAfTSVIIitK SPA Kti-n Huron Uoiid Pilau* Autos For Sale JHIKHHMAKINU null Alteraton* done raiiHmmtilii. Phono r>841. Mi'*. MeQulro. 47 ninKhnrn Bt. Ytull our Hi>eln Fountain Opon 7 n. ;n. to « |i. m. Kxrapt Sundny ANDY'H CAMT'UK — Church Htreut 18 Spuclul Nollcon W1M.IAM M. CII1TTKNDKN lnMuranco — Tlcul JSMtate 180 Church Ht. Plione 24-tO Automotive Anton For Sole "JTA FCO" 11KTTKII liNUI> CAU8 TUT, NAiraATr/«;ic VVKI, vn. KM Hen TI..(. Motor HidfH HITS TlinmiiHttiti Avu.. Watorvlllo Wr irn- HIIII liuyliiK Koral rlimll llHi-cl I'nrn itnil Tnirku r.-iiifiii Wiitorhury 1D48 Btudebaker Champion. Renal Deluxe ]948 Kaiser. -I-door sedan 1941 Packard Clipper Mechanic'* gpccIM 1941 Ford. J2»r>. EIUCKSON MOTOHS 12D Rubber Ave. Phone 4838 — Buidebnkfcr Cars & Trucks — FOIl HALE—I94f! Lwcoin Hcdttn. let Wrick, mechanically excellent, very clean. Packard Waterbury, Inc. Packard Snlo» & Service "A Hiilo Plnco to lluy" •IS2 Wnlertown Ave.. Wlby DUil 4-11100 MEMBER OF WAMA A BETTKU BUY AT WATEHBURY AUTO PAINTING CC. — FREE — FREE — FREE — A COMPLETE CHHISTMAS DINNER With Each AUTOMOBILE PUnCHABEU FROM J47 OP *7» Office & Other ^Equipment 8V THE NUMBER OF RAZOR NICK* IN THE VICTIM 1 * FACE- WRTICUU»RW THE DIRECTION OP THE CUTS' A MM PULLS THE RAZOR DUPE DOWNWARD, ttfflj HI* BEARD 1 THE NIO* IN THE DEAD /WAN'S FACE WERE AMDE BV HACKING) THE BLADE UPWARD, A6AIN5T THE WHISKERS! I ALSO FOUND THIS PIECE OF CLEANSING TIWUE IN THE FIREPLACE — IT HAS LIPSTICK SMEARS ON IT' LOOK ...HOW DO KNOW THAT A WOMAN i» MIXED UP IN THE : K.1LLIN6? HOLD VORE OWN??/^ SHOX-- WHV, Ve BODACIOUS / THEM FELLCRS IDJIT!! THEV'LL STEftL I DON ' T ^NOW TH TH'SHIRT RIGHT OFFN MORE BRCK swow.r VO'RG A GOODCR BIZNGSS THAN I THOUGHT, NOT SINCE I GOT THEIR TIMEPIECES 1 CftM HOLD MY OWN Wlf TH' SHIF'LESS SKONKS, SNUFFV BETTER STBV FROM THECA THREE LOW -DOWN, CONNWIN COBB5-" THISi BUZ I TO 4LIP tNTO RIO 5AWBA WHERE I CAN SEND WORD TO THE GOVERNMENT ABOUT THE REVOLUTION. 100, •POSSIBLY ^VBUT WE CAN'T »SUP« INTO RIO A FKItNP OF WINE ] BAMB* CARRV1N6 CHRISTV. THERE WILL HIDE A. IT'S ALMOST PAYLI6HT. WE'LL TRUE. TELL YOU WHAT—YOU TAKE THE TOMMY 6UN AND WMT UNDER THIS BR1D6S BUT. IF I'M NOT BACK IN HALF AN HOUR... YOU'LL BE ON YOUR ATTRACT ATTENTION wvire ME DCVJN TO A SCHOOL WC E AMO lUBDG'S NO PLACE WAIT UNDER MV WINDOW I HAVE AN IDEA YOU FORGOT TO • BRICK AND TWE SAILORS Q QUICKLY SUBDUE AND TRUSS UPTriE"EVe" \MITH HIS OWN ROBE THIS is voun 20 i,n. cnitiHTMAa TUIIKICY Ti'foith Oround Moat Ollvoo HimmiKo Meut l!olMW I'nilt CockUill CuokluH Crnnhurry BHUUO Candy 1MB Crust Fruit Pako I'umpkln 1 GALLON O1- A 01 DISK l'J'17 I'onllac Rtrotimllnor Hodnn 1916 I 'online Blroiimllnur Hodaii 11)47 Ford Super Deluxe Beoan.. S10S2 1D47 Chevrolot Conv. Coupu 19-17 Chuvrnloi Jflxutllnti Hoclnn IU'17 Chovrolut Aono H«ilnnntto ID-Ill Chnvrolot Bodiin l!)-l(l Ohcvrtilol 2 door Hodiin..., $1020 IM7 I'lymoulh Dnluxo Club Couuo 1040 Oldnmolillu TO Hfidan l!H(l llnlck Hunor Hodnn HMD NiiHh Kuilun .............. J 029 1011 Chevrolet 2 door Sedan Hill N»Hh BoOnn l»41 Plymouth Seiliin . ......... $ fi7V I ill I Chry»lni- n Sndiui IIMO T'ontluc i 1 Doluxfi Rodjin 1 114 1 Hliidnlmkar dull Conuo ... % 477 - FTIEM - FllWm - FHKR — A COMI'I.ISTV; CMKIBTMAS DINNKll YOUR CAIl A DOWN PAYMENT TEHMH TO 8UJT YOUn PURSH RTEASONABLB; - D T HANS POUT AT i ON 19.TO HuilMon $ 17 I!H4 Kord Cojich t (!) • IMfl Chevrolet Redan ?ir>4 » IBflB DoSoto fiodnn $1 IS . 1!i;i7 ChryMler H(-'iln.n 1 11II17 1' Hmlan |1' ( 4 1IKIS Chrynlor Club Coupo ?1K» 193S nulck 2 door Hedun YOUK CT1TUSTMAB DINNER ON UB WITH OUR HKST WI8HK8 IIAPPY IIOI/IDAY OPTCN I3VBNINO8 VVATRnnURY AUTO I'AINTINO CO l(,H WATIOHTOWN AVH. TIOlj. S-OIIL'; (AcroMH fj-om tho Wtby. HOMplluJ) Moniber ol U. C. D. AMHH. A-i usran CAita HAUGA1NH 111-18 Ford Convortlblo 1H4H Niwh Bo<Ju.n 11147 Kalsor Sedan l»4t Oldsmoblle Club Coupo 1047 Foril Tudor 1!I47 Ford I'Utkuu 11)11) Chuvrotol, 2 ton fltoko Iruck Numoroun Others At Low PrioeH The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Churoh,Sl. Opon Kvonl EXPERT— Carburotor nnd generator Horvlco. Chouk now tor winlur. A & U AUTO SKRV1CW 014 Bunk Ht, Tel. 6-13Z2 Wlby Winter Acccijuorton BALDWIN BT. QUL7P STATION JOB. Clrlollo, Prop. Tol. 3-91»4« Wtbv or «»«< ... _ Hubb»ir* MrrXM Slutloi, 18B Rubber Ave. Phone 4947 — Washing—Polishing—Waxing _ HOTCHKI88 BT. OABAOE DODGE Job Hatcl1 Phone 5727 Trucks Trailer* i,« TKAI1.ER COACI HOMKff-Complete with bathroomn Nhowers, tuhH. FamouB Liberty Trail or Conuhen now avnIUiblo on r> yeiir TiOfi llniincti plan. Other well knowi mnkox like Vftiabond, Trotwood Amorlran. National and Pralrl Hchoonor on reasonable termn. Opni 8 n. m. to 8 p. m. dally. Uydor Trallor Co., Post Hoad, Mlllord, Conn, (1 mllo oant ol Mlllord Center) Mlllord 2-2B30 Aato Farts Hr,ar. Whool AllKnment Axol nnd Krnmo Korvlco — Woldlnu Axol I'nlnllnK — ColllHlon HowalrH WRNIE'H AUTO F1ODY WORKS Watertown Ave. Phone 3-6Z41 Wtby We carry a lull line ol Hart lor i TSMf. Autollts A Armstrong Batteries. JOB'S TIUB SHOP 241 No. Main HL TeL S-1414 Wtby Contractora NAUOATUCH NBW8 (CONN.), WEDNESDAY, DBC. 7, 104ft—PAOK t Electrical Contracting ELECTBIC ffIEIIf&— Ol all ; kinds. Specialty In small Jobs lor the holidays—Promptly^* taken care ol JAME8 A. SHEPPAKD tt» Scott St., Nan*. T«I. *«T4 Merchandise 24a Poultry and F ROXEM CRICXKN - Roasters and cut-un lowlH. ncudy lo cook. GREAT OAK FARM Phone D04D .,.,, 1 'o ~ W'' 01 " 1 brcuatud bronne TUIIKKY8. Sold whole or hall. Cull N«u«. W04. W. li. CUirk. ONION CITY POULTHY MARKHT JHICKENS—FreHh killed or trosen PHE8n E008-Fro« Delivery. 5 School ft. Tel. ZB81-B427 PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS - All raodoln.-TUB week only, with every order: FREE valuable Kilt FHISK ono year guarantee FK1K1C cacryhiK cawo FH1HB homp typing courno Easy B»ymentJi, no nnrrylng churncs SOLOMON'S SALTJS & SKIlVtCH] 17 Cooke SL Tel. Wtby. 4-7610 Hoinehold Article* FOB HAIiM-lB-ll T«l. 'MID. FrlgMnlro 1'j<>. KOIl HAIiK—rnrlnr oil lioator, A-l cOndlllon, Itcasonabln). Phono 2122. HA1.K—IjOavlllK Htnto. Complcle kitchen, living room and bodroom, Mi- cullont condition. Mnko UH an oiler. Tfll.' 7416. JfOH oil hurnnr untl I: iible. Tol. 0520. —Duplex Htovo III K will) A13O Very volition FOB H/tTif:—Combination 1-4 "(lion dulo" Htovn. Hcaaonublo. Good condition. Call 3D10'-'between. 4 & 7. U8EI> IlliFHlGEILATORM FOB BAM!—1(« AND TIP ANDKOVHY APPIIANOB UNIOW CITY TKI,., «4»1 Venetlin Pllndu (CuntonS-Maflo). Blip Cover*, Mad* to Order. Free IflntlnmU* - Phono CSRt. SAFFRANfl BOSTON 8TOHB 41 FIKOE—80110 Vermont maple bedroom nultu, 1194.50. Oakvllle Furniture Co., 164 Main at, Oakvllle. Tel Win 22*. Wntarbury Branch. 6Sr Haldwln 8t Tol. 6-I8XI. DM our "Lay-Away Plan." Services 87 Business Services Rendered WANTED—Old rags, cars and stoveij. Also .scrap. Iron. For quick service dial 4411. ORDERS TAKKB lor Slip Covers, Drapery, Spreads, Material sample! shown. Tel. EYMjrBi Mondlelh <•»*. OAE8AB KBZYKOW8K1 falnier — Decorator 19 BBENNAX ST. TEL. *7» Free Estimate* Full Insurance Ovverace HOLLAND FUHNACB CO. ' Hot Air Furnace*. 74« B. Main St. Tel. 4-1003 Wtby. Oil B»rocr» Cleaned aid Repaired Parti For All Maaoi ol llurn"" Ilarrjr ChBrnhUI, M 1-ronpect Ml.. !•!» O1UUKJBY8 iwlntcd and repaired bj ol nrnuon work. Phone C-0207, Wtby. Delco, Romy and Autollte Service Export Auto Itepalr * Motor TUIW-UD Met l>l«k HlBlon Whltall Battery * Eleclrle Co. 130 .Rubber Ave. Phone 3713 Special Frlcea OB 4U Meiaorlalf W. B?CHAR1W-*M Soitt Mat. Kiilttiek - Maj MIT Bonter'a Alamlnom ComlilaaUoa Storm Wlnoow. Janlrtlea, BeelUw, Wdtum 100 DltKXLBB CO. Wtb». I-IOM BAflTOB Radiators, Batterie* W*»blng Muchlnen. Baby Carriage* Bicycles, SolderinK tAWN MOWERS SUAKF3NED •BOBnbhor A»e. Pbone 6877 Mezzio's Offers:— CoBSletc Brake Serrlee, Wse*l AKn- •eat aart Wheel Balancta*, Frost EsA iUMlriag. Radiator Reverie Flsisiai. •«• Baitv/f*^, Anuu-oac Tlrsa. MEZZIO'S IM BITERgIPE DRIVE. TEL «»5i . «OWNH. MATKHI- AI>»—Ml«« A. Lftrnparolla, 11 Maplo Phono 21>2B. RAY MELBOURNE a Kower Sharpeito, * W»idhi| Itsbber ATI. I'bvse JIM OUABAKTEHU BUI*4,IBM-All mak. machlnei, vacuums. Dsod machine* KALABAIOO „ _ , Sales and Service IS B»vln»» St. T»l; 4-«68» Wtl>» • /-i,iiV •. wlnaOT » Cl««nli«r Co. t Clllton Av«. S-klorbur. Phone «-4T8I 3. II. TIFFT CO. 07 Church Bt. 1'honc S7!)0 PlumblnK-lleatlnK-Oll Burner SorvU.o CKH8I>OOI,8— HKl'TIC TANKS " Cleaned, I iih tailed — lirnlno i:nvlni(t«iil AnytlihiK, Anywli«r», ]>ri>miillr SCOTT SANITATION MKIIVICI! Pill «Hf)« THE CHINA INN 11 Harrison Ave. Waterbury Closed All Day Monday* Tuesday thru Friday Open 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Hatnrday 11 A. M. to U Midnight Sunday 12 Noon to 12 MJdnlgbt HK*T~TllK NEW 8YLVANIA TELEVISION at Gerald's Appliance — N«w Low Price* — 107 SPRING 8T. UNION CITT TELEPHONE: MSI B U t K U 8 \tlantic Service Station Fern nnd Chestnut Kta. NOW OPEN! ! Atlantic Top Grade Oil S<«M»n«l-to-nonc SOe-SUc Wa. Article* For Sale XMAB niJO HPEC1AL, 4 FT.x« FT.—Umltod ijuimllty (a« la). Final Malo only t«.H5 oar.h. l^&n Pahrlc Cunlor 4S Umiid Rt. 4-1)1177 OpimHlto Hadloy'H ji'urnlturu Co,, Wtby »20 $2« $20 »20 »20 $20 $20 TWENTY DOI^LAHH DICJ'fJSlT. THAT'S A1..L,, FOTl-THK I'ltE'l'- T1IMT./ HANDSOMEST N«wo«t 11)60 SlyliiH a coMPuaTJo HOOMS KUUNITIJIIB IncludoH cvorytlilnt;, even a IDfiO 7 rt. "f'hllco" Kluctric llelrlKor- ntor, and u 11IBO "llurigal" Com- lilnntion tiantfa. Free delivery^ Fruu KloraKe. until wanted. P'rou InHurunue while II In boInK hnlil. For particular!! and dolnlln, rhon>i Waterbury 4-3144. Aak lor Mr. AI hart. A—I^-It—K _n_T—'8 MAIN HTOHR WATKUIItinY Branches JJ/irtJorrt, Naw llAv«n. Morldon Opon Tliui-B. BVOH. Till 9 p. m. »20 »20 »20 *20 »20 $20 $20 FOB SAI-H.-Hathtuh, closel cnmblna- llon while Blnk, set ot wn«h trayn with COVOI-H, 4-Di-lco Ford and Chevrolet hiitlorlOM. 1—1)000 wutt 110 A.C nlon- trlii K«»8i'iit»r, Call 3-11)00 Walorbury. THE^TOYllOUSE OPEN DA1JUY TO CIIUISTMAS FltOM 10 A. M. TO n }', M. Complete Line ol Toyn 4(1 Pleauant Avo. To). .1073 (MIH1 Mil; l-'Oll HAI.K- condltlon. Call 381)7. -Very TUB HAtlNKEMJ-'BHOP Automobile KoboH — 100% Wool 70 Ornnd Ht. Tel, 4-7382 Wib>. HA KOAINH - ROOM - JDAXi! Cadnr Clients TUCCAHDO FUnNlTUniO CO, 407 W, Main St. Tel. 4-6202 Wlby. wool I-IMITKD QUANTITY —0x12 hico niKH, $2M.f)l>. NAUQATUCK FUHNITUHE CO. 2S Ho. Main 81 Phone 27)3 11AHOAI.VH— UBdd Electric Rangew tlO and up, D.IHO, uued WaahlnK Machines, $10 and ii|>. Watts Electric Strait* Turnpike Tel. S-4I>70 Wtby. I'HUD HKVBUIIKJK COO 1,1-: U — 22 cano counter typo 'dry cooler. To bo Hold boluw coHt, comploto with unit. OrJiflnal co«t 1 year RKo 'iCOC. Sacrl- llco price $325. WALTER'S JlBFniaERATION Main Bt,, Boacon Fallu. Tol. 7130 FBBS — Full stock. LHtlo InrH. nnno liner. Wnlllnglord, 2211-M. TtONAT I'UB FARM. HI'IUJIAI. on Htmn rayon 50c a yard. Call Mr». Ruth Pllakln at r.Sflr,, TRACY STAINLESS 8TBEL SINKS Double Bowl, 86 inch. Below Cost TOWER APPLIANCE 280 No. Main Bt. Phone 4-1294 Wtby. Large Selection ol New and U«ed Auto PartB. »Ufj New and Unod TlroB Kverjrhoiiyii Mnta Cars and Ports B89 No. Hlvornldo SI. Tol. 6-0402 Opon Sunday MornlnRn FOR NEW—Uned * reciipped tlren; also odd and hard-to-net Hlies—visit OABB-S TJNITEll TYRW-"A1ES, your C, 8. Royal Tire distributor. U. S. Rubber Co. employs* Aacount certificates for tires, honored hern. 36 Jetleraon St, Wtby. Phono 8-1141. Complete lAa*. Ol Seat, Covers Joe's Service Station 17» v Brldro 81. » Phone 4970 Contractors ContrwitlnK UUII/BKB- Carpenter. No lob >«o lnr-(fo or nmfin. Reanonabfe rat««. Rol>«rt Prook, Pe»rl Road. T»- 7161. Buildtnc Materials Tho Wtby. Ready-Mixed Concrete Co. * ?*?•?'«' at ~ Tel. a-418» wtbv. BliBICRBTE — Strirngth — Beauty Sla Trucklnn—Movera WKEIULY TRIPS to Nfcw Tort, New i^rW /"? N * w Bn «'«>A T. W. Roblllnrd 'Van Lines. Wtby; D-868S. 2it Puintln.-, MARIANO BROS. Pauitini, Paperh»»gtns, —; Bjtterlor A Interior. Full Inauranea CoviracB. Telephone JJK8T IHVEHI/MJINT !• to paint J-our property. Call 4071 lor free estimates. W. F. Cots, RAYMOND J. HUQHES Painting — Paperhaiwlng 18 BoutH Vlaw Bt Phone 1»01 1KTERIOB J-Al^TIBTO ~ AfTD PAPKRHANOINt) I'liono JuHcuh Han Aiigelo — 71TO SHOULDER PA»8—Kmbroldery. trlm- mlnRR. Buttono. Lnrgont in utato. Reliable Factory, S7 Hcovlll St, Wtby, •JO Miscellaneous CUSTOM Tallor-Made Hklrts — 17.1.5 ,._ _ 5;I?ay Clcanlnn Service 1<7 9. Main St. Phono 2011 JAM. ELF.CTRICAL, WORKS Houne Wiring and Kepnlr 17 Barnum Court. PhoniiH »294-r.n»4 OOMI'LF.TK larascape service. JLoam evergreens, tree removal. E«p«r!. enced'mea: Fully Insured. >llso drlv*. wsys. J. BonettL Tel. E64R. SO Cieanhig nnd Dyeing HUKM, Drapon nnd Slip Covc-rn Beitutllully Cleaned. Dependable Dollvory Bervlco Free. KIEVMAN CLEANERS 78 Church St. Phoni 202J ^rn 11 ," ' '»^*i!Lji±j ^: Reuplioliit«rln| A PLEASANT PLACE TO STOP- ROOKY'S WAYS1HK KITCHEN Waterbury Road at riatts Mill* O[-»n Dally 12 Xoon to 12 Midnltht Sundays 8 P. M, to 12 Midnight TED'S AUTO BODY WORKS 07 HOTCIIKIHS RT. TKI.. 6158 — Collision Specialist* — fenders — Bodies — Auto Pslntlnf Towing- Service HEW CtJHTOM HAPK llTIKC BOOM KUnSITCIlJt. CAHPETIRa OBIFFIW*! OKNTKH MT. BAPO. ttn WTBT. 4-t*tf TRY NEWS WANT ADS FOB BEST RESULTS LEWIS CARROLL The Doaler OB tke Itinitrr OKNTKR SQUAKK _ UOIUVEH PBOSPBCT * UJTIOS BTKBRTS Barebtr Tilt Board Chrome Trim Door Fran*• Window ftaub * Frssiei Paisti Floor tor Bent 148* DUE TO THE HUGE SUCCESS of tho rnonnt telnplione drlvo by Naiigatuck Post No. 17. AmiM'Ican Legion Auxiliary, deliveries have been uimbto in keep up with tlie orders. All cuNtonuTN are requested to bn patient, us deliveries will bo made us noon aw po WANTED SEAMSTRESS Must Be Capable of First Class Work APPLY IV PKHSON AT M. FREEDMAN Co. Neary nnlhltn? Hi. ad«- SECURITY Does ;,-:...- insurance (rive quatc |.rr.-x-ctlon today* DO YOU HAVK WT NAUOATUCK INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Hiilldliiir costs are steadily Increasing PHONE 2080 f. W. KATON, CHRISTMAS RUG SPECIAL 4 ft. x 6 ft. Limited Quantity, As Is, Final Sale — Only $6.95 Each L. & C. FABRIC CENTER 48 Grand St. jel. Wtby. 4-9677 Opposite Hadlcy's With HWl'IKT CIKV.II wlllbn dViillnWo illilil ChrlHtimiH ul H( HII.IXJCN'M OlDI'Ut IJiI,. MOW IIAVKN HI). •Mb Musical FOB HAI/K—Prncllcally now Pun Amorlcun tr'umpot. |61). Phono CIt4l, SOd Good Things To Eat ItOMA PASTRT BOX NOUTH, MAIN ST. finest Italian-American nnd French Pantry In, all New Ei^clnnd. Alxo Bpu- monl, Oolntl atid Ic cream. Evory- thlnK murto on prcmlHen. 3pnclal attention given to wodillng ParllvM, o>ir prlcen a re > th« lowest, but Our mor- chandlne dollnltely the bunt. We deliver nnd »hlp anywhere In the "C. S. Te!. Wiitorbury 8-2117. Education 32u • 'instructions cnni.s WOMON Want To B« A T'l-Hctlonl Nurno? UKJ DICMAND ItlOTl WA01CS wchool nul iiocoKBury. Easy . loni'n at homo in Hpiirri, time. PrMimro now lor thin int«r«mUirn, orolltlihic work. Write lor FREK Inlornmtion. Wayne Sshool ol Practical Nurs'nK. "N", cnrn ol NOWH. 35a Mattresse* Aaj good old MATTHKS8 remade Int. u lan»r*nrlng eqnal to NEW hi I Day. Nnpertor Mattremi, Wtby., 1-HltO. Mattresses Remade 1 Day aeivlco—Work Ounranteod BUnluy'n MuttrixiH 8orvle» Phona 4-9279 Waterbury THY nAII>V NEWS WANT ADS FOB QUICK RESULTS ARMSTRONG FLOOR COVERINGS whether its RUBBER TILE or LINOLEUM Tin' combiniilioii r,f Arinsiront; Qiuilily Plus Sii])(>rior WorUinansliip !s Your "Floor bisuriiiK'i'" MAKE YOUR SELECTION FROM OUR TREMENDOUS STOCK! Lot Us ll'clp You I'lan a Distinctive, Snuirt Floor BUDGET or CIIAKOK ACCOUNT THE CONN. TILE & FLOOR COVERING Co. 2B1 SOUTH MAIN ST., WATERBURY _ PHONE 3-C734 I^BN'MONDAlrVrinjRSnAYS TIM, (I I>. M. Opp. Udo

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