Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 7, 1949 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1949
Page 8
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• > ublUb*d Every icvenlnc (ffixoept Sunday) by NAUGATUCK NEWS CORP NAUGATUCK, CONN: XMephonea An Departments JCntered a» kecond clmra matter »t the port office In Naugatuck. Conn. VACK »—XAUOATUCK NKW8 (CONN.). WKDNKSI>AY, 1)KC. 7, 1!HII to "set standards for applying tho Charter to tho situation in China, rather than "how governments individually may propose to meet the problems created by the civil strife in China." Thus ho avoided any direct censure of the Chinese communists, and he treated their future recognition as a matter for the various nations to decide for themselves. As for the Nationalists' complaint against Russia, Dr. Jessup referred to the International Court of Justice as being the proper place to decide a violation of the Sine-Soviet Treaty. On the point of "foreign domination" by the Soviets, he said: "It will be for the people of China to make a final judgment as to the correctness of this interpretation of the communist movement in China over the last 30 years." On that score i the Chinese communists have no intention, now or ever, of allowing "the people of China" to make any such "final judgment" or any such "free" choice of government unfavorable to themselves. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance 1 Month ...»1JO 1 Tear . . Member: American Newspaper Pub. AM*n N. B. Dafly Newspaper Put. A«rfn fonn. Newspaper Publisher* An'n WEDNESDAY, DEC. 7, 1949 Senator Opens Books The country hasn't heard the last of congressional junkets, •which are as much a fixture on Capitol Hill as the Senate restaurant or Barkley. But Sen. Ralph Flanders' statement that the tour of government housing projects in Europe made by his senatorial committee was a good investment for the U. S. taxpayer provides a fitting finale to the 1949 congressional travel season. All told. 30 Senators and 120 members of the House have taken or are taking trips to various parts of the gl»be on official business this year. Whether "millions of dollars" will be saved in future housing legislation as a result of the trip to Europe by the committee of which Senator Flanders is a member is debatable. It would be nice to think it would. The most refreshing thing about Senator Flanders' statements is the precedent he set regarding the expense of the tour. It amounted to $1.800 a head, he said. As a rule congressional expense accounts are a closed book. Full publication of the cost of all future tours may be the effective curb to excessive junketing that some Congressmen have been seeking. The Tempering Agent After 18 months of refinement, I'. X. military experts will again .•.-si the efficiency of their super A-bombs at Eniwetok. It has been stated unofficially that the bomb i= r.oiv six times as powerful as tr.e original model, and that work i.-? progressing in the devising of :i bomb that will have a thous- z-r;l limes the explosive power of those that fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with such devastating effect. The only thing more powerful than such a bomb would be a workable idea to keep the leaders of the human race from using it in anger or in pursuit of their ambitions. When the human race starts using such bombs there will be no room left in the world for either bombs or ideas. If ideas triumph over bombs, humankind will remain comparatively free to seek a happy destiny, aided materially by the unlocked secrets of creation and powered by the tremendous forces of the universe. It boils down to mind and soul over matter. If man cannot use his brain to promote his welfare, at least as effectively as he uses it to create amazing and frightening gadgets, he is not as well off as the hog wallowing in the mire. After all, the mire does do something for the hog. Man will never approach the ideal of freedom from fear until he directs his conscious efforts toward goals he knows are good. The catch is there is always a Germany, a Japan or a Russia. China Policy Conflicts A resolution calling, in effect, for a new "Open Door" policy in China has been offered in the United Nations by the United States. It is couched in the loftiest phrases and principles, yet for all practical purposes it amounts to locking the door after the horse has been stolen. The American delegate, Dr. Philip C. Jessup, presented a program which, as a ^ase of wishful thinking, seems' to hark back almost wistfully to the Nine-Power Treaty .of 1922 guaranteeing the territorial integrity of China. He asks the United Nations to agree to the following: 1. To respect the political independence of China, and to be guided by the principles of the Charter in their relations with China; 2. To respect the right of the people of China now and in the future to choose freely their political institutions and to maintain a government independent of foreign control; 3. To respect existing treaties relating to China; 4. To refrain from seeking to acquire spheres of influence or to create foreign-controlled regimes within the territory of China, or to obtain special rights or privileges. How this resolution squares with the realities in China is a mystery. Practically all of China —and Dr. Jessup's "peopl|e of China" — have been overrun and dominated by Chinese communists who answer directly to Moscow. In the case of Angus Ward, the Soviet puppets displayed .an insolent disdain for the most fundamental relationships with the non-communist West. In explanation, Dr. Jessup maintained that the UN's problem was Do You Remember? One Year Ago Malcolm Wilson was elected president of the West Side Community Club. The Rev. L. A. Harper, Jr., of Yale Divinity school, accepted a call to fill the pulpit at the United Church, Beacon Falls, 20 Years Ago Thomas P. Saunders was reelected president of the Naugatuck Fish and Game Protective Association. Alice C. Miller was elected worthy matron and Edward C. Miller as worthy patron of Evergreen Chapter, O. E. S. Household Scrapbook Vegetables Vegetables.that grow underground should be covered in cooking, and those that grow above ground should be left uncovered. To keep the green color in green vegetables, cook them in an uncovered kettle until they are just tender. Silk Umbrella The silk umbrella should not be opened in order to dry it as it will cause the silk to stretch and become stiff. The proper way is to close the umbrella and turn it upside down. The water will drain off without injuring the fabric. Varnish Remover To remove varnish from furniture use ammonia and water in equal quantities. Look And Learn 1. Can you identify these states, (a) Buckeye State, (b) Blue Grass State, (c) Sc/mer State, (d) Gopher State, <e> Keystone State, (f) Em pire State? 2. What tree may have as many as several thousand trunks? 3. Which is the largest inland body of water below sea level? 4. How many cubic feet are there in one cord of wood? 5. How much does the average human brain weigh? Answers 1. (a) Ohio, (b) Kentucky, (c) Oklahoma, (d) Minnesota (e) Pennsylvania, (f) New York. 2. The banyan. 3. The Caspian Sea. 4. There are 128 cubic feet. 5. About 3.1 pounds. News switchboard operator Pat Noble is back at her post after a few days of illness. .. Tickets for the News-Salem Theater Christmas party have been distributed to public and parochial schools and should be in the hands of first, second and third graders sometime next week... The party ia scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 17. From Mlramar, Calif., conies word that Olive Plumb and Cornelius T. Hogewoning were married recently...Ollie formerly resided on Park Place and has many friends and relatives In the borough. Many Americans died and millions of dollars in property damage was caused on that fateful Sunday in 1941... After four bloody years of war, peace finally returned to the world...The men who ordered that sneak attack are dead r but their deaths will never be able to compensate for the American lives which were lost... i Today the world is once again in turmoil, with the grim shadow of war hovering over us.. .J We who survived the great conflict which is yet so fresh in our | minds must always remember Dec. 7, 1941 and never again allow ourselves to become vulnerable to such an attack. The Oratorio-Chorale of Connecticut, Herbert A. France, conductor, will give £ Christmas season presentation of Handel's immortal Messiah with 65 members of the Hartford Symphony Sunday evening, Dec. 11 at 8:15 o'clock in Bushnell Memorial, Hartford. ...soloists will be Florence Vic- land, soprano; Gertrude Berggren, contralto; Howard Jarratt, tenor; Camille Girouard, bass. Allege Choir In Broadcast Saturday Upsala college choir will present program of Christmas music over acuities of the National Broadcast- ng Co.. Saturday afternoon, Dec. 0 from 4 to 4:15 o'clock, it'la an- ounced by the Rev. Donald L. •Cent, pastor of the Salem Lutheran hurch. The Rev. Kent announces that hie local church is one of the con- tltuent bodies supporting the col- ege. Christmas traditions In the various countries are Interesting... In Holland, the gift bringer is St. Nicholas, a tall, thin, bearded man, who rides a white horse... the children set out their wooden shoes, filling them with hay to feed St. Nicholas' steed...after the horse has eaten all the hay, St. Nicholas fills the empty wooden shoes with sweets. Naugatuck Man ssued Patent W. D. Harris, of Naugatuck, and Tieodore W. Kerr, Jr., of Seymour, have been issued two patents for Alkylnaphthyl athera as insecti- Get-well cards are being enjoyed by Harry Lobdell of Beacon Falls, who is a surgical patient at the Waterbury hospital... he's superintendent of the United Church Sunday school in the neighboring town. Get reads with the birthday cards for Clarence Freedman, who celebrates Dec. 12... Leo Carroll this Saturday... and Mrs. Thomas Chlswoll of Tolles square Friday. It's family tradition at Christmastime in Mexico to fix a Pin- ata for the children.. .the Pinata is an earthenware jar that is decorated with tissue paper or tini sel and made to Iqok like a fantastic mask or is thon filled with little goodies for the children and hung up. .. the children are blindfolded, given a long stick and each child is given three chances to try to break the jar. ...when it breaks a. shower of goodies comes raining out of the jar and the children scramble for the treats. Understand that Mrs. Jesse Barratt, of Johnson street, just missed being on Don McNeill's Breakfast Club program last week. . . . Listeners tell us that Mrs, Barratt was scheduled to go on when time ran out, and that her name was announced over the air. Lieut, and Mrs. Lane Candler will observe their second wedding anniversary Friday... Mrs. C. is the former Jeanne Stinson, daughter of Burgess and Mrs. Harold Stinson of Pearl road. Terry Clark, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Clark of Ward street, will be two years old Sunday, and Johnny Ash of Rubber avenue wiU have seven candles on his birthday cake Thursday. We're told that members of the Naugatuck Woman's club spent nearly all day Sunday decorating the American Legion Home for tho club'.s ChrlHtnms tea Monday. . . .reports are that the trimmings were beautiful. Eight years atfo today the Japanese Empiro pulled Its never-to- be-forgotten sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.. .Hundreds of Japanese bombers plummeted out of the sky on that peaceful, unsuspecting island, spreading death and destruction hi their wake... The plane that crashed recently in Dallas, Texas j roared over the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Zerbe, former residents^ just before it crashed. .. Mrs.'z. writes that they were awake and when the plane went over Ted commented that something was wrong with its engines... within seconds they heard the crash... the Zerbe home is near an airport in that city. Borough officials are speculating on what the cost of the new pension system will be to the town... some have put the expense upwards to $60,000 to make the system solvent. A point, which hasn't been brought up publicly to date, concerns the eventual construction of a bridge from Rubber avenue into the site for the National Guard garage :'.nd armory... it's believed for the present the road going into Veterans Field can be used by the NG, but the bridge will be necessary upon erection of the armory. No one seems to know what happened to the amendment to the board of finance bill, eliminating the phrase "in executive session," which was introduced,. In the special session of the Legislature by Representative M. Leonard Calne, Jr.. .consensus is that it didn't ]>ass. WALTER WINCHELL In New York PLAYMATES My heart won't speak of wedding rings Those anchors men decry. It tells instead of other things That I will hold you by. The shadowed charm of candlelight Your face within its glow, The magic mood of New Year's night Our footprints in the snow. The tavern that we call our own The "jukes" we like to play The tricks we use to be alone To while the hours away. Don't cage my love: it must be free- And if it is...then you'll hold me. —Alma Brumbelow. From a Father's Will: "To my son I leave the pleasure of earning a living. For 25 years he thought it was mine." Ex-tennistar Frank Shields was signed to a Sam Goldwyn movie contract. He idled in Movictown many weeks doing nothing but collecting his pay. He never even met Sam. To puass away the time Frank played tennis every day. Five months later, he was summoned to Goldwyn's sanctum. He raced there, expecting his first role. Sam looked up from his newspaper and dryly said: "Shields, practice acting, not tennis." Item: "Merwin K. Hart Loses Lawsuit Over 'Under Cover'." Have a few crocodile tears on me. That new blog- on John L. Lewis describes (among other things) Mr. Eyebrow's rudeness when negotiating with the operators. In shcrt, John L's manners are as miserable as his miners. Allee samee tee-hee: The way the Chinese Nationalists keep retreating (before the Communists) the wealthy Madame Chiang Kai-shek and very rich H. H. Rung will soon have to'move out of Yoiikers. G-Men approached the door of a New York City home to arrest a fugitive. They could hear the people > gab and a radio. The Feds knocked and the talking stopped. The door opened — but before the agents could identify themselves the radio voice barked: "This Is Your F.B.I.!" An English columnist says the front of. an American car looks like a Jap General with bad teeth. "Dear WW: When a father has survived a long and difficult pregnancy (in ours, 10 months), the child is born, healthy and heavy, and the mother is fine there's no greater thrill (believe me) than the WW anonuncement of the birth on the Sunday b'cast. Then, and only then, does it seem official, legitimate, and, thank God, ended!—Taylor Grant, ABC Newsroom." From Bob Sylvester's page: "Geo. Jessel said Wm. Powell will play a famous Hollywood actress in 'Dancing in the Dark'." Nancy Donovan adds: "I guess these days ya gotta take any part ya kin git." Win. Greaves' reminder: "Our policy in Germany nas enabled the Nazis to get th£ wrinkles out of their bellies but not the twist out of their minds." Bill Doll, former press agent for "As the Girls Go," told the Theater Arts editor of the time Mike Todd wanted some concessions from Actors' Equity. His staff got up all sorts of charts and graphs to prove that -the show was wallowing in red ink and c6"uldn't continue unless I the salaries were reduced. I At the same time press agent Doll was bombarding- drama editors (Continued On Page 10) clilos by tho U. S. Patent Office, according: to a Hat compiled by tho offlco of Harold Gf. Manning, Waterbury. The U. S. Rubber Co., New York, is assignor. A trade mark for candy has been Issued to the Peter Paul Co., Inc., of Naugatuck. Realty Transactions The following papers have been filed for record in the office oJ Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John: Mortgage Deeds Naugatuck Fuel Co. to Naugatuck Savings Bank, $68000 on four parcels of land, three in Naugatuck and one in Middlebury. David A., and Helen Noyes Hyde to Savings and Loan Association of Waterbury, Inc., property on Allerton road. Mortgage Release Naugatuck Savings Bank to Naugatuck Fuel Co. AGE IS FACTOR Heart disease occurs most often among older persona. Art Mooney Band Heads State Show A giant double-stage bill will be offered at the State Theater, Hartford, this Saturday and Sunday. The first headline attraction will be Art Mooney, "That Genial Irish Gentleman" and his Orchestra, featuring an array of top-flight melody-makers, icluding Kcrwin Somervllle, Billy Dee, Eddie Colins, and Johnny Martin. Art Mooney will offer many of his most recent hits and popular favorites, including "Toot- Toot Tootsie." "Hop-Scotch Polka," "Mistletoe Kiss," "Four Leaf Clover," "Baby Face," and numerous others. The second half of the stage bill will feature a great variety show wtth eight headline acts, including Harold Parr, and Jimmy Grosso, stars of the Horace Heidt show; Don Gumming, popular comedian; The 3 Sherwoods, In "Acrobatic Fashions"; Lou Marx, "America's Most Unique Juggler"; Jimmy Deil, novelty musician, and many others. NfW II PEIRUINM BUNKER "0" Fuel Oil 106 C Per raUon F. O. B. Oar Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone •-3M1 BETTER SERVICE IOWEP FUU COSIS MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Just what is the meaning o "semi-formal" as applied to <th dress of both men and women? A. This would depend upon th community. In some places wher the men customarily wear tails, then semi-formal means tuxedos for them and simple evening dresses for the woman. In a simpler community, it would be plain dark blue or gray business suits for the men and afternoon frocks for the women. Q. If an engagement has already been announced in the newspapers, and is then broken, is it all right to send an announcement to this effect to the papers? A. Yes, it is all right, if desired. Some people, though, prefer to avoid any publicity in matters of this nature. Q. When celery, pickles, or olives are passed at the table, where should the guest place them? A. On the bread and butter plate. ADV: "We, THE MUSIC SHOP—" A new pocket magazine for instrument players, singers and music listeners reached our desk several weeks ago. We liked ft very mucli. So much, in fact, that we ordered COO copies to give away—free—to our customers. We enjoyed reading an article on Pres. Harry Truman, who, we discovered, has a release from worry and tensions In his daily session with the piano. Another article, "Why Parents Want Children to Play a Musical Instrument," tells us that the I<i of musical youngsters are Wk higher than other students. "Have You Got Bhythm" la a test of whether you have a sense of rhythm. Have you? If you think you're too old io study music, turn to page 22 frv this magazine; you'll learn differently. Studying music today is fun, not torture (as it perhaps used to b«). If It isn't, it is not the pupil's fault' THE MUSIC SHOP welcomes i your request for a copy at "Tour ' Music." The magazine is free. Come In today, get your copy. hundreds of items to choose 'rom. Shop early. Toyland and Housewares Depts. . . Basement . . . Take Eleva;or or Stairway. Pure linen or sheer swiss cotton centers laden with exquisite laces. 59c — $1.00 — 51.98 Hankies . . . Main Floor 'Sbent-imental" Twosome I erfume bracelet and famous name perfume — a beautiful heavy link chain bracelet with a miniature metal perfume flacon attached as a charm Also a bottle of fragrant scent for many refills. Both handsomely boxed for gift giving. , $1.00 plus tax Jewelry Dept. . . . Main Floor A Bag to Charm Her Each an eye catcher . . . smooth calf in colors for all her costumes ... rich broadcloth, or faille for day and evening . . . many complementary styles. $4.98 plus tax Handbags . .. Main Floor Toasty Warm Flannel Robes . Wool Plaids — wrap-around models. $10.98 chill chasing gay plaids in Sizes 12—20. $16.98 , Wool Flannel in jewel toned colors of Wine Navy, Powder Blue, Kelly. Sizes 12 _ 18. ' $12.98 — $14.98 Robes . . . Second Floor For those friends or members of the family who have such: particular tastes . . . who you feel can never be pleased ... we offer the perfect solution ... THE GIFT CERTIFICATE Available in any denomination . . . just ask any sales person. 1.25 Set Carry A Miniature Pen and Pencil Set With You. A mechanical Pencil and Ball Point Pen in a red, black or maroon leather case ... a compact, useful gift for girls, teens or women. It also has a chain for keys.'TBoxed for gift giving. Jewelry Dept. . . . Main Floor

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