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The Austin American from Austin, Texas • Page 1
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The Austin American from Austin, Texas • Page 1

Austin, Texas
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nrr tie Austin Anieric FINALS-HOME CENTRAL TEXAS: Warmer, scattered showeri Wednesday. Tuesday temperatures 62-77 degrees. Expected Wednesday 70-45 degrees. More US Weather Bureau data Page 2. Vol. 48, No. 89 Austin, Texas, Wednesday, September 13, 1961 26 Pages 10 Cents Twisters Follow Carla 1. 'H' 17 Dead in Two '1 WARM 'v I 1 v. AM 7j 14 i 1 in i-A i "1 Refugee Problem Returning Too 1 Centexas Clean Up Is Started Soon Galveston, Louisiana Town Hit SEE ALSO PP. 3, 9, 22 GALVESTON (LTD Killer tor- it 1 i r--L, i i By SAM WOOD ADJUTANT GENERAL'S HEADQUARTERS, CUERO Many refugees who joined in the greatest and most orderly evacuation in Texas history were creating a dangerous problem Tuesday night by returning too soon to the vast Carla-swept area of the coast. Throughout the storm area local officials were urging anxious families to delay for a few more hours attempts to return to their homes. In many localities homes were still flooded or under threat of further floods from rising streams. Texas National Guardsmen of the 36th Infantry Division, some detachments of the 49th Armored Division and the Adjutant General's section from Austin had completed their movement into the storm zone and fanned out into critical areas. Guardsmen were assisting local officers in guarding property, directing traffic and restoring sanitary facilities along the long stretch of coast from Corpus Christi to Port Arthur. Guard detachments also were JET CRASH concluded Belgrade conference to point blame at Moscow for inducing cold war tensions was one factor in Kennedy's coolness to ward some of the themes of the visitors. Instead, Kennedy sought to im press on the neutrals that the Western cause is really the cause of the uncommitted countries too. He said the United States wants (See PLEA, Page 2) 'X: JFK 51 UPI THephoto This large frontiers home was both a victim of Carla and was caused by the twister instead of the hurricane, the tornado which struck on the heels of the huge hurri- Carla already had moved beyond Austin when the tor-cane. Most of the damage to this home and others near it nado struck Galveston Tuesday. CLAIMS 'Neutral' Leaders located in many inland towns and cities. The first day after Hurricane Carla ended with a broken sky colored by a sunset. This caused many people to stream back into the stricken area. At Freeport, where many homes were still flooded, hundreds of persons were reported milling around with no place to go. Two national guard companies were sent into Freeport late Tuesday at the request of Judge Alton C. Arnold. Roadblocks had been set up (See RETURN, Page 2) VT Pledges Listed Today The Austin American today presents the complete lists of University of Texas pledges to social fraternities and sororities. Names of the 1961 pledges, their home towns and the organizations they have joined appear on Pages 7 and 8. Then turn to Page 15 for news of University registration on the first day and for a list of faculty members who have been promoted. Take Plea to Phony Kidnap Incidents Seen 77 cident. (Air France in Paris said the passengers included a Mr. Bouf-tini, an official of the united Arab Republica, who was not fur ther identified, and a John Quinn from Australia.) The medium-sized, medium- range Caravelle, manufactured by the I rench nationalized firm Sud- Aviation, carries its two jet en gines in pods near the tail. It first went into service in 1959. X15 Hits New High In Speed EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP)-Test pilot Joe Walk er, ignoring mishaps, Tuesday rammed the X15 rocket plane to a world speed mark of 3,645 miles an hour that had it "popping like a hot stove." His flight plan called for a 3,700 m.p.h. speed burst to 120,000 feet, then a dive back into the earth's thicker atmosphere to test the craft's ability to withstand re entry heat and stress. But moments after drop from a B52 mother ship, fuel pressure failed. "This meant a lean fuel mixture which could have set up an acetelyne torch reaction in the thrust chamber and cut the walls of the engine," the National Aeronautics and Space Administration pilot said after landing. Faced with this peril, he throt tled the engine back to half power until fuel pressure was restored. He shoved the throttle to full again for the rest of his planned 79 seconds of engine burning time. The 3,645 m.p.h. speed was 42 m.p.h. faster than the old X15 mark of last June 23. Hundreds of repair crews Tuesday began restoring power and communications in the Austin area as foon as the winds died down after Hurricane Carta's damaging sweep through several cities. Rains as heavy as 10 inches and winds as high as 92 miles per hour inflicted considerable damage to utilities, windows and a few roofs. Water damage was negligible in most areas except to crops. Thousands of trees were uprooted and cracked in Austin, Bastrop, Smithville, Giddings, La-Grange and other towns. The cleanup was proceeding rapidly, and children were preparing to return to school in Austin and other cities on Wednes day morning. Two thirds of Smithville still was without electricity Tuesday night after crewmen worked all day in restoring power a third of the city. It will be several days before ail power is restored. Telephone service still is disrupted in some parts of Smithville. However, Superintendent Jim Blackman of the public schools said classes will be re sumed Wednesday. Smithville had more than 10 in ches of rain and winds up to 92 miles per hour during the hurri cane sweep through the area. Power was restored to Lexing-t day. There also had been no wa ter, since power was required to pump it into the storage tank above the city square. The restoration ofpower assured a supply of water for Wednesday. Lexington had 7.2 inches of rain. Stores and homes suffered some water and wind damage. The Yegua River was on a rise Tuesday, and the community of redor was cut off near Lexing ton. However, the community was in no trouble. Power was restored before noon Tuesday at Bastrop which also had a 10-inch rain and hurricane winds. There was little damage in the city except to utilities and trees, but about half of the cotton crop of 7,000 acres allotted the county will be a total loas. Giddings also had power again Tuesday after the 90-mue-per- hour winds tore down hundreds of lines. Schill will be resumed Wednesday. Giddings had more than 10 inches of rain during the storm. The Colorado River was on a significant rise but not a flood as far east as Smithville. It is at flood stage from there on to the coast because of the downpours during Carta tenure. Many of the thousands of costal evacuees who found refuge in Central Texas during the storm began returning home Tuesday, but many others were remaining behind after heeding Civil Defense warnings not to return too soon. About 660 refugees still remained in the two shelters in Austin alone. 1 Dsl- but JFK Delaying Trip to State nadoes erupted in the backwash of dying Hurricane Carta Tues day and smashed to rubble residential areas of Galveston and a small paper mill town in Louis iana. The death toll of the hurricane and its tornadic side ef climbed to at least 17 persons. Hundreds more were injured, more than 50 seriously. Property and crop damage was expected to soar into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Police in Galveston shot a suspected looter Tuesday night and arrested eight. They said grocery stores were being watched closely as food shortages mounted. Torrential rains caused streams and rivers in South Central Texas to spill from their banks. The downpours stretched hundreds of miles northward and threatened major floods as far away as Kansas and Iowa. Rescue workers probed tons of debris, much of it in waist deep water from the storm that bat tered the Texas and Louisiana coast like the broadside from a battleship for three days. They clawed at rubble with their hands. There was no heavy equipment to help them move the debris until an 18-ton bulldozer was finally brought across the flooded five-mile causeway in a convoy from Houston shortly before dark. John Robinson, coroner of Jefferson Parish (County) in which Hodge is located, said all four of the dead were Negroes. He Identified them as Sam Rushing, 62; Ora Lee Cage, 35, and two brothers, Calvin and Craig Anderson, four months and 3 years respectively. Margaret Anderson, the mother of the two boys, was in critical condition and two other children were reported missing. It would take hours, police said, to search the ruins of row after row (See STORMS, Page 2) of Kennedy was most complimentary of Texas Civil Defense officers and others who handled the evacuations and helped keep ks-es at a minimum, Daniel said. Dominican Capitol Hit By Riots CIUDAD TUJILLO (UPD-Wild disorders and shooting erupted Tuesday as a team of Organization of American States investigators arrived here to determine if the Dominican Republic is ridding itself of dictatorship. At least one and perhaps as ttSmany as persons were killed in a three-and-one-half hour running series of clashes between hordes of wildly emotional political oppositionists and police and government supporters. Eight to 12 persons reported wounded by bullets and many others injured by gun butts and clubs. In late afternoon, the beginning of a general strike by city merchants appeared underway as a result of pressure from anti-government elements. Texas Listed Farm 1405, Farm 562. Farm Farm 105, Farm 565, Farm 3G5, Farm 1006. Bryan The following road closed: Farm 1155, Chapffll Hill to Farm 2193; Farm 1714 Andit son to Plantersvillc; Farm 211. Navasota to Farm 1 1'J. Houston the following highway conditions: US 75 and Texag 3 open south of Dickinson lute day; Texas 6 ojten southeast nf Hitchcock kite today; Texos Ti open at Green Bayou lute Uf day; the following rmids arc closed Texas Angicnn ff (See ROADS, Page 2) The Kremlin has made no such offer. Indonesia's President Sukarno and Mali's President Modibo Kei-ta arrived just as the Atomic Energy Commission was announcing the Soviets' seventh atomic explosion since the Russians broke the atomic test moratorium Sept. 1. The reluctance of the 25 neutral chiefs who met at the just- towns, can fool themselves lucky. No doubt the penalty cost in future insurance will be accepted with the same fortitude that thousands have taken far more severe losses from direct storm damage. The victims will count themselves fortunate in that they did have insurance. Texas as a whole is fortunate in that modern procedures protect the solvency of the insurance companies in case of massive losses such as this. In former days, some of the companies might have found themselves bankrupted and unable to pay in full the claims on their policies. Modern licensing and regulatory practices assure a co-insurance or reinsurance system whereby major losses are spread widely and the impact against any one firm cushioned. Again, reformation of insurance practices, both from within the legitimate industry and from intensified state supervision, assures that many of the storm victims will escape what might have happened a few years ago finding that their insurance was in some firm of inadequate resources, or that promotional and near-worthless policies had been issued. The question will be asked, will this hurricane cost tse Texas coast country any of its present or future industries. The answer probably is "no." Most of the great industrial complex, built on petroleum refining and petrochemicals, is located at Texas deepwater points because that is the logical and best place for it. Water transportation is an essential. The (See CAP 'A', Page 2) SUNSET 6:41 p.m. PUBLIC RECORDS 13 RADIO AND TV 17 SHOW WORLD 16 SOCIETY 6-7 SPORTS 19-21 THE LATE WIRE 2 THEATERS 16 WORLD THIS MORNING ...5 RABAT, Morocco (AP) A twin-jet Caravelle of Air France crashed and burned near here Tuesday night, killing 71 passengers and the crew of sue, the airline said Wednesday. An Air France official said the plane from Paris crashed just before it was to have landed at the Rabat airfield. He said he did not know the cause of the crash. TTie sleek French-built plane crashed into a ravine near a settlement called Rouar Doum, about half a mile from Rabat, and completely burned. There was a hevy fog over the area, which lies between the Atlantic coast and the Bou-Rcgeg River. Three U.S. citizens were also aboard. They were identified as Neville Fowler, a Navy officer from Pittsburgh; John Brown, a Navy officer from Hermitage Road, Bayside, Virginia; and W. Paige, an engineer. The plane was to have put down at Rabat en route for Casablanca at 10:10 p.m. local time. It re mained in contact with the Rabat control tower until 10:02. Then there was silence. The plane crashed a few minutes later. Firemen had great difficulty reaching the scene of the ac- Gullee! But He Made It CARTHAGE (AP) One victim of Hurricane Carla to join the refugees seeking safety was a gray seagull. A couple from Houston drove into a Carthage service station in Carthage. When Roger Sadler, a station employe, opened the hood of the car he found the bird sitting between the grill and radiator where it had made the 150-mile trip. It was somewhat dazed and easily captured. WASHINGTON (AP) Two presidents representing 25 uncommitted nations arrived Tuesday with the neutrals' plea for direct Kennedy-Khrushchev peace talks on Berlin. President Kennedy gave them a royal reception but no encouragement that he will rush Into summit negotiations before Soviet Premier Khrushchev has offered something the West can negotiate. By RAYMOND BROOKS Many thousands took a financial loss from Hurricane Car-la's fury. Homes and business property were destroyed or damaged: farm crops suffered heavily. Thousands of refugees who found their homes standing also found everything inside them ruined by water. There was a huge economic toll in the loss of business and the loss of work time during the disruption. Another loss will follow, which every Texas property-owner will feel in all probability for a five-year span. Insured losses were gigantic. Higher insurance rates are inevitable. The rates are based on Texas' record of insurance losses over a five-year span; and the storm damage was so vast that it will affect the record for the full coming five-year base span on which future rates are computed. In this resect, all Texas will share the cost of the hurricane. THE INSURANCE companies were reported acting swiftly to handle and pay the vast volume of damage claims. Some of them doubled their staff of adjusters, so that all policy claims could be reviewed promptly. The way the hurricane surged inland with destructive force illustrated again that while the coast is the first target, large areas of the state are vulnerable to these sea-spewed storms. Once before, a hurricane has swept up through East Texas, causing damage as far north as Carthage and Tyler. Those Texans who were not in the path of the storm, those who did not have to leave home and wait to see if there would be anything left of their home GOOD READING SUNRISE 6:14 a.nv CLASSIFIED 22-25 COMICS .....18 EDITORIAL 4 FINANCIAL HOMETOWN. Texas 5 OBITUARY 2 OH, ANN 11 PEOPLE 3 Sightseers Umvelcome GALVESTON (AP) Sight-seers were entered off the streets of Galveston Tuesday or face arrest on charges of vagrancy or loitering. Police said only those engaged in business or emergency work were to be on the streets. Police also issued a call for men with shotguns to go to the western part of Galveston to kill snakes. Three cases of non fatal snake bite have been reported. side has planned provocations in the two airfields of Tempelhof and Tegel in the next few days. "These provocations are to be staged as protests against the alleged 'kidnapings through the air The responsible authorities are prepared to act energeti cally against such attempts to make a disturbance." While Arendt-Denart spoke, Com. munist bast Berlin police were setting up roadblocks on every street leading to the wall dividing Berlin. The Reds apparently were de termined to put an end to a series of daring escapes in which East Berliners crashed trucks through the wall to reach the West. West Berlin officials said the Communist plot involving the airport was disclosed by several civilian refugees and four men who defected from East German military forces. Three air corridors are the only routes by which it is possible to travel between West Berlin and the outside world without passing through Communist police checks. The Communists, irritat ed by safe passage of refugees thus to West Germany, have been threatening to put an end to such flights. According to the spokesman, the Communist plans call for mixing among the refugees at the airports various people with Red orders to throw themselves to the ground and shout, "I don't want to be kidnaped." Such incidents, if they occur. could serve the Communist East German regime with a pretext to launch some sort of interference with Western air traffic over its territory between West Germany and West Berlin. in a row. Long-term unemployment declined only slightly despite i the addition of 281,000 Americans to payrolls. Farm Employment Falls 000 in August, a record low for the month. The drop was a con tinuation of a long trend toward fewer farm workers. The department reported previ ously that total employment nit a record. 63.539,000 in August while unemployment declined slightly to 4,512,000. The payroll report covered all workers except the self-employed, farm hands, domestics and unpaid family help. BERLIN (AP) West Berlin officials said Tuesday the Com munists plan to stage phony East German kidnap incidents at West Berlin's two airports as pretexts for interfering with Western air traffic serving the isolated city. Mayor Willy Brandt said he will be ready to act energetically against any provocations. A spokesman for the mayor, Elimar Arendt-Denart, told report ers: "It has been learned through refugees who have reached West Berlin in uniform East German military forces that the Soviet Discoverer No. 30 Is Blasted Off VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP) The Air Force blasted Discoverer No. 30 into polar orbit Tuesday and hopes to recover its space capsule some time in the next few days. The slim Thor-Agena rocket combination thundered into a hazy sky at 12:28 p.m. and van ished within 10 seconds down the Pacific missile range. Perfecting a capsule recovery system has become a major aim of the workhorse Discoverer ser ies, which also tesls instrument systems for various military satellites. Thus far, the batting average has been disappointingly low: Only four aerial recoveries. Tnree other capsules have been recov ered from the sea. I i i i 2r www HOUSTON (AP) President Kennedy is not coming to Texas at this time but may do so later, Texas Governor Price Daniel said Tuesday night after a telephone conversation with the President about the Texas Hurricane crisis. 'Vice President Lyndon John son is deriniteiv coming, ne in formed me on the telephone this morning, Daniel said. 'He said he will come this week or next, at the time he decides would be most helpful." Hurricane Carla smashed Texas coast last night, leaving many people homeless. Daniel said Kennedy is sending Frank B. Ellis, director of the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, to Texas immediately. "And he said that after we had made a complete survey that is, state and federal agencies he would be glad to make the trip down if it would be helpful," Dan-el said. "I gave him a report on the situation, saying that while property damage severe, the toll in human life and injury was, as so far reported, far less than had been expected and that I would advise him of the disaster areas as rapidly as can determine them from the County Judges and Mayors." Daniel said. The President can order federal disaster aid if Daniel declares the hurricane-struck counties, are disaster areas. Closed Roads By Associated Pre The following road conditions were reported today by the Texas Highway Department, by districts: Yoakum The following roads closed: Texas 35 from Fort La-vaca north to Farm 1862; Texas 238, Texas 316. and Texas 185 in Calhoun County and Texas 111 east of Edna. Abilene Texas 351 closed from Abilene to US 180. Beaumont The following roads closed: Texas 87 from Orange to High Island; Texas 124 from High Island to Stowell; Texas 146; August Sees Payroll Gain 1 Nil -i- 'te WASHINGTON (UPI) -The number of Americans on non-farm payrolls climbed to an August record of 53.4 million last month, the Labor Department reported on Tuesday. But it said unemployment still is a "pretty ornery problem." Seymour L. Wolfbein, the department's manpower expert, sa.d there was a good chance unemployment would drop below 4 million this month for the first time in a year if auto production lines started rolling in high gear. The jobless rate in August was 6.9 per cent for the ninth month Author Jerome Weidman has made The University of Texas a gift of the original manuscript and other materials relating to Pulitzer Prize winning play. PAGE It Scientists want to know what causes hurricanes and plan to try research by seeding. PAGE 26 The correct time is yours again just for the asking. For the service dial GR 7-6351. TAG 13 UPI Teltphoto the coastline. The other debris around the stack of boats includes broken piers, other boats and lumber from homes and stores. These seven shrimp boats were stacked on the beach at Freeport by the devastating winds and giant waves as Carla struck

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