Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 7, 1949 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1949
Page 3
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F\V Auxiliary kins Party. In- chiidr6n's ixittl'Moridny. ulr Thursday auxiliary of Crusader post. Vcl- 1 pout home Sunday afternoon, Doc. 11. Members of the auxiliary arc erans of Foreign Wars, at 8:15 o'clock in the post home on Rubber avenue. Mrs. Victor Ijemoino is chairman of the arrangements committee. The New Haven county council invited to nttcnd ;i party fit the post home torWKht. at 8 o'clock. Olei'many adoytod compulsory old a/re inwurnnre in 1HK3. 1 At Freedman's ristmas Coat Sale AOIES COATS INCLUDING SHORTY COATS ^ Off Any Goat In Stock Just Take $10 Off Regular Ticket Price ALL OUR FAMOUS BRANDS ON SALE $39.50 Values on Sale For $29.50 $49.50 Values on Sale For $39.50 §59.50 Values on Sale For $49.50 $7&50 Values on Sale For $69.50 *++++-+-*^'*^*^*^++**+++++++-»++i++*-**++-+++~+~+++^+++^^ DON'T FORGET OUR LADIES SUIT SALE Entire Stock on Sale $19. to $59. Values to $79.50 Special on Christmas Dresses $8.95 to $24.95 BUY NOW AND GET YOUR LUCKY COUPONS TO WIN $1800 FORD CAR. Free Coupon with Every $1 Purchase — Cash, Charge or Payment on Account. 191-199 CHURCH STEEKT ' NAUGATUCK Store Opfin Daily Monday thru Saturday, 9:30 to 5:46 NOW IN EFFECT ON THE NEW HAVEN I REDUCTION UNDW OLD COACH FARES If YOU BUY A ROUND-TRIP JKKtT, GOING AND COMING SAME DAY 12',% INCREASE OVER OLD COACH FARES ON A ONE-WAY COACH TICKET NO INCREASE II PARLOR CAR FARES 10% REDUCTION UNDER OLD PARLOR CAR fARfS If YOU BUY A 30-DAY ROUND-TRIP TICKET \2Vz% INCREASE OVER OLD SLEEPING CAR FARES NO INCREASE IN COMMUTATION FARES Junior Wbmetf Plan Ohrvstma/ji Party Mlondajy The third iinnunl ChrlHlmiiH party of the Naugatuck Junior Woman's club will be held Monday evening:, Dec. 12 ul 8 o'clock in the Congregational parish house,, with members of the Nnugtifuck Woman's club JIH ypcciul guests. In keeping with tho club's nlrn to MUpnoH ku-.ul talent this year, Daniel Sweeney, tenor soloist, will be presented in H program to Include a variety of selections. Mr. Sweeney IH a voice ntudent. of Madame Henrietta Wakefield and la well-known in the borough and vicinity. He has presented three recilhls In the Waterbury Woman'H club, one recently held jointly with Gertrude Ulinskas, Wa- tertaury noprann. Ljiiit. Friday night he HNng at the annual ball of Ihc C«iMiolli! Actors' Oulld at the Hotel Astor roof, New York c.ity. j Mrs. M. 1'Yanr.iH Kceloy, president, requestH those attending to provide a 25-cent gift for the grab bag. Members of the Junior club are reminded to furnlHh a toy which will be distributed to needy children In NaiiK'ituck for OhrlntrmiH. St. Hedwig's Sodality Holds Card Party A card party WMH held last nlght t under I he sponsorship of tho Children of Mary'H Modality of St. Hcd- wig's church at Falcon hall on School street. Door and ttibln prizes were awarded and refreshments were served. Lorraine Wislnskl was chairman of the event, and hostesses wore: Dolores Kymkowsklj Dorothy Ijiguna, Ramona Novak, Helen Purkowakl, Dolores Blgcrt, Genevievc Buras- zewski. Theresa Sulhoski was in charge ')f the ticket committee. Those attending were: Victorlnc Heche, Mrs. Walter Andre wjeskl, Henry Andrewjeskl, Ceil Zguxyn- skl, MrH. Edward Plocha, Mrs. Ray- 15. Sovia, Mary Hodloakl, Mr». Henry Cieslewski. Stella Pocoskl, Julie Wislnskl, Nellie Novak, Ann Zguz- enKkl, Blanche Zgnzenakl, StaBlfi Supranovich, Bertha Kulalk und Sadie Bunk, from Seymour. Frank Blgcrt, Ceil Szczeslul, Nellie Oldaliowskl, Jayne Czapllcki, Mrs. Anthony Lacuna, Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Kevlt, Jr., Mrs, William Pfoiffer Helen Dunn, Wanda Voy- cik, Nellie Rio, Thcrnso Schiller. M™. William Curtln, Cmr. Chan. MoruBki, Mrs. Murlen Hyde, Mrs. Hcdwlg Sulkoaki, Mra. John Johnson, Mrs. Chan. Vagt, Mrs. Arnold Ijiindln, Edward Korowotny, Richard Kelley, Jr., Zigmunt Kobolyn- ski. Helen Waranowics^ Louise Swld- orskl, Julie Dajnerowlcz. Joaephine Janlk, Hortcnsc TVtattoR, Josophlno I'.aroni, Vivian Baroni, I.orclla Mannine, Ilmlwig Hrynklewc/., Stanley Fede, Stella Korzyrmkl. Stella Blqr- nuckl, Helen I«uliowleckl. j'hil Hymkowski, Alice Jankow- skl. Mrs. Ted Wojtcsiok.- Mrs. Herbert Scullln, Jean Zukowaki. Francis Munlcan, Mrs. Cliff Swlrski, Mrs. Chan. Johnson, Mrs. Stanley KiHielcwskl, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Lubowicckl. Richard lAibowlccki, Wanda Sel- voskl, Marion Pasxel, Mrs. Peter Pas/el, Helen Einik and Joan Platt. BUAIN IS COMPLEX From nine to 15 billion nerve nelhl and neuroriH are contained In tlu: human bi-ain. UKHT A C'KTAWAy FOB THAT rMPOUTAHT BVKWT1 W» r«n KB lfon» Too nlr IMBIMBO'S Them All II TTnlon St., Wthj. or fjnwll Pkn»t B-SISt F-.'tO AimMlginui Coutctl I,cns I'rojeclH lull color Kncluchrnmuj pictures op in 7/5 dlaliK'l<TH wlthi aina/.lng brilliance. 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KrannlK fSultlernoyiit', Mi'u. Wilfred Webster and M!n.s Chrln- tine Bedgar; apronn, Mr.s. Richard Kcnney, Mrs. Howard Bo wen and Mrs. Cora Ellis. Wliltc elephant, Mr.s. Mildred Haii- nnd Mrs. Hazel Wigglesworth; mlHceUiincouH and K^ftH, MrH. Jrlo.nry Erk^Mra. Adelaide Yoaton and M.r«, Joy 'Schldsingor. Mr. Iflrk will be In charge of tlcketn at tho door. .Mrs. %eun IH chnirnian rjf ;he Htipper committee, aHslnted by Mra. Robert Houacknecht and Mrn. Robert Fenn, The dining room committee includea Mra. Valeaca Downcs, Mm. Arthur Nelson, Mlsa Bedgar and MUH, Clara JSrlckHon. Entertatin At Rirthdaty Party Susan (iablanolll. daughter of Mr. anil Mrn. Orln.ndo (inbliinelll of HoMtlley Hl.i'(M. l t, whose second birthday was Sunday, and Mary Ann Coppola, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. ncM Co])|)ola. of Cai'roll street. vvhuHo fii-Ht, birthdny WHH Sunday, were honor(?d nt a family party at. the Coppola h(iiiii\ HDiilde.i I lie |, r ui'stn of honor and theii' parenls, others present included Mi\ nnd Mrs. Ham Tiilovl, and .sons, r PhotnnH .'ind Robert^ Mr*, and Mrs. J3dwnrd Hosnl, and children, JOMII, ICdWFird nnd Hayjriond; MrH. Prurlenof! Bn.rtelll, ^randmothei' of the honor ^uesta, and Dorothy Gab- ianelll. NAUGATUCK NKWS (CONN.), WKDNESDAV, DICC. 7. 1!>4!)—I'AGK 3 IX)SICS KKJIITS W. Miiher told the federal court llhal Hlrhiird Coi^olsky iinrl no in- New Haven, JJcc. 7 -(UP; • A j 1( , nt i,,n of supporting 'and dcfen.l- f,)i-mer Greenwich resident who r<:- ! lrlj , | n( . Const II u! ion turned to Germany three yen'. 1 ". after he became a citizen of tii country dan lost IIJM c.lU/.onship. NO KAU.U'AYS Tibet IH a country without rail- United States Attorney Adrian , ro;u ]f, or highways. FOR THE FINEST Bethany Couplet Engaged To Wed 'Mr. nnd MrH. Murvln Dry of New Ha.vcn road, B(jthnny, announce tho engagement of their niece, Miaa Winifred Clement, to William G. Moaon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mason of Carrinpton road, Bethany. No date has been set for the wedding. Miss Clement attended Naiitfa- tuck High school, and Mr. Mason, who Is a veteran of the Nnvy,' attended Commercl.'il 1-Ilj.fh school, New Haven. Stnmford, Dee. 7--OJP)—l')l.v I'lacc.d pci'HonK In the Stnmford area are j^ra.tefui for tho privilege of livinjj in Uilti ctMintry. Al.)t>ut 30 of them demonstrated Ibis by present In;; a K' ll 'l (lr| cl o.' i oseH to Ugo Cai'i.isi, who is cha ! r- nuiT) of the United States DP co,n • miLtee. The flowers were bestowed" i.pon CarUNl nhortly after hl« return from a tour of DP ca.mpB In Christmas OF ALL! 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