The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on May 17, 1971 · 60
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 60

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 17, 1971
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if i. ! 3 . I f 12 Part IY-Mon,. May 17,1971 UgannWCinua JOYCE HABER CANNES FESTIVAL Rita's Fast Burn Over 'Slow Study' : Rita Haywoith is back in Hollywood and roaring mad (or "angry," as English teachers are wont to say). Rita's roaring because Joe Kipness and Lawrence Kasha, the producers of Broadway's "Applause," let it be known and printed that Rita's "a slow study." , They'd chosen the vivacious star to replace Lauren Bacall in the taxing, onstage - even -moment part of Margo L'hanning in the musical version of "All About Eve:' "I admit that I'm a perfectionist," says Rita, but she certainly won't go so far as to call herself "a slow study." "I withdrew because 1 couldn't have been ready to take over by July, "1 was out of rehearsal tvith the flu for a week. J wouldn't have had more than five davs on the siast1 before opening and the staging, with acting, singing and dancing is far too intricate to learn in so little time. " Bacall had a year to get ready for the part. Rex Harrison took over a year preparing for 'Fair Lady.' Angela Lansbui-y had plenty of time on 'Maine.' I've never been on the stage except as a cry young girl and then only as a dancer. I needed an out-of-town break or lime in the theater itself." I So producers Kipness and Kasha are starting again in their quest to replace La Bacall. They're considering Such "fast studies" as Ginger Rogers, Anne Baxter, Eleanor Parker, Lizabeth Scott and Susan Hay ward. La Hayworth, meanwhile, is staying at the Beverly Wil-shire and house-hunting. She leased her own for a year. TAMBURITZANS OFFER SLAVIC PROGRAM Rita Hayworth !" Conunendably spirited, formidably versatile and almost alarmingly wholesome, the Duquesne University (Pittsburgh) Tani-buritzans stomped onto the Shrine Auditorium stage Saturday night for an engaging program of Slavic songs and dances. A stringed instrument resembling the mandolin, but with some of the harp' high ringing tone, the tani-buritza was exploited -- h various shapes, sizes and numerical combinations throughout the evening, (n addition, the :J2-meniber company displayed impres-f-ive vocal ability in folk y.ongs from Hungary, Bul garia. Jugoslavia, Russia, Romania and Czechoslovakia topping the evening off with a blaze of high-kicking, foot-slapping Russian dancing. Although Slavic intensity was usually replaced by American spiv-'n'-polish, no disrespect for their material or its ethnic origins was evident, in the Tani-hwritzans' p e r f onnance. In-tead. through costumes, arrangements ;md emotional buo.vancy. the group communicated a genuine (if somewhat laundered sense of Slavic folk culture's range and depth. - -LEWIS SEGAL (The tenant is TV commercial producer-director Dick Richards.) She'll want a pool (she swims every day) anil a place just large enough for her and the three pet dachshunds she left behind in Connecticut . . . John Phillip Law as Ferdinand Having completed "The Love Machine," John Phillip Law has been signed by Samuel Bronston to play King Ferdinand to Glenda Jackson's Queen Isabella. Which proves that extravagant mogul Bronston ("The Fall of The Roman Empire") is back in business and being extravagant. He's cleared up his technical-legal-monetary problems and, backed by new money from Madison Avenue's Marion Harper, has opened production offices in London as well as Madrid where the multi-million dollar epic will be shot. Ronald Neame will direct and John Peebles has written the screenplay for "Isabella." Midst all this frenetic activity, Bronston says happily: "Motion pictures are still the most exciting, illuminating entertainment-educational-art medium in the world. The movies are the greatest invention since the printing press. I just hope what J have is catching and things will pick up in Hollywood, too." Bronston still has a major casting dilemma: who'll play Christopher Columbus? lie says he's "teetering'' among three stars but he won't say who they are. Let's hope the one he chooses is an Italian-American or else, at least, Marlon Brando who's practicing as the one and only original "Godfather" in the Paramount movie . , . Sinatra lo Present Award That foremost Italian-American Frank Sinatra plans vet another public appearance (not performing though) before his official retirement date. 1 guess that date is midnight of June 13: he'll sing for the last time professionally at the Motion Picture Television Relief Fund benefit at The Music Center that evening. Frank's new "engagement" consists of presenting the fifth annual Frank Sinatra Musical Performance Awards at I'CLA on June 7. Frank hasn't done it personalis since I.5K57, the year he established the scholarships. Shared by eight student winners, they total S10.000 , . . The Otis Art Associates hold their innovative annual meeting at the Institute on Thursday. It's a cocktail buffet with entertainment followed by the Kith annual sale of students' works. The hostesses are Mrs. Peane Johnson i the former Anne Ford), Mrs. Sam Jaffa and 'Mrs. Robeit Rowan. Continued from First Fa?e from Luis Bunuel and other film-makers, persuaded lie Bret to reverse his position. It was respectfully applauded, and Trumbo's press conference w a s crowded and enthusiastic. The reviews are mixe(d but generally favorable. "Johnny Got His Gun," derived from a news report Trumbo once saw about a similar case involving a British officer, centers on a young American soldier in World War I. He has been blown to pieces by a shell, but is being kept alive for medical study, fie was presumed incapable of thought or sensation, having lost his arms, legs, face and pail of his brain, but it seems that he can remember and dream and communicate and the film alternates be tween black -and- white hospital reality and his reminiscences and fantasies, in color. The reminiscences detail a young life very close to Trumbo's own boyhood in Colorado and adolescence in poor circumstances in Los Angetes, including 10 years of night work in a bakery (w here Johnny also works). Although these reminiscences have a pageant-like or tractarian quality, they are also felt to be truly personal and they give the film its most persuasive moments. At those moments, the events seem real rather than symbolic. On the whole, however, "Johnny Got His Gun" seems too late a passionate anti-war sermon arriving at a time when the sermon has been done often and better, and more to the point has long since been accepted by the congregation. Paradoxically, the particular horror which Trumbo lays before us is at once so special and terrible and so manifestily symbolic, that by the end it has lost much of its power to move us. You admire the passion but cannot be sure what it has achieved. "Johnny" has a production quality which belies the modest $750,000 budget. The central performances by Timothy Bottoms as Johnny and Kathy Fields are earnest and awkward. Jason Robards is touching as the boy's father and Diane Varsi is extremely impressive as a sympathetic nurse. Donald Sutherland is Christ in some of the fantasy sequences, which in general are the least successful part of the movie, because they have bo little relation to Johnny's own perceptions. Actress Michele Morgan, who is chairman of this year's festival jury (of which Erich Segal is the American member), was reportedly in tears when "Johnny" ended, and an excited French friend said, "It's already won." That is premature, but the movie seems likely to be acknowledged somehow. Trumbo himself remarked, not without irony, on the flight over, that the anti-American, anti-war and pro-left sentiment which often characterize Cannes would not hurt the film, and he's almost certainly correct. it Studio Files X Tag Appeal Columbia Pictures has filed an appeal for reclassification of the X rating given its film. "Drive, He Said," by the Motion Picture As-n. of America. The X tag was the first for Columbia which has prided itself on never having produced or distributed an X -rated picture. Leo Jaffa, president of Columbia Pictures Indus tries, said, "The theme of the picture is serious and the use of language or sex alone does not make it objectionable. It is neither pornographic nor obscene. It is a happening that exists in today's society and parents should be afforded the right to determine whether or not their children hoold see the picture." "Orive. lie Said" is based on the novel by Jeremy Larner. It is an official American entry in the current Cannes Film Festival. 7 rv VANDEKAMP'S ENCHILADAS X Beef Cheese 7ttox.pks. WEA. COMPARE UH LOW TOTAL DISCOUNT PQICES 10 GLAD Trash Dags Fits 3Q-galfon cans lOct. 75 12o2.1in 6 PACK CARTON Sugar Free TAB (o) 2 LEO'S Sliced Breast of Chicken 3.20t. Sliced Breast ot M ra q Turkey vzol Beef s oz. pkg. 3C fsS$ 10 great,, fothj CYs: little r dogs RATH KING SIZE 10) J I lb. - LJ pkg. RATH STACK PACK lib. Pkg. 6c 16 ct. pkg. 12 ct. pkg. OAHG DACJGS ENRICHED SLICED Pre-Prteed 79c LJ 1 PKG. WHIIt OR WHEAT Vh lb. loaf Pre-Priced45c DAHOLA DAUOLA DAHOLA SLICED n SLICED SLICED ' HAf.l BEEF V?jC HAf.l g)(p)C 40Z.PK0. SLSKZJ 40Z.PKG. ZjZJ 6 0Z. PKG. LI Shows Start at Dusk Children Under 12 Free! H ANDROMEDA STRAIN 01 LINCOLN .-Thrinp, Liiiniln buMlevara "Sci-Fl" Thriller West of Knott plus . COLOSSUS: 8:00 P.M. THE FORBIN PROJECT(GP) 10:30 P.M. LOS ANGELES AREA SAN FERNANDO VALLEY CENTINELA stEMSlVRVBCp?lor Ctntili.ll 'HE RtlVERSIGP) E. of Sopul. Plus Richard Harrit H70-8b77 MAN CALLED HORSE(GP) PFNTHRY lfTouLiked"200l"-$ee " tury WfVt of "X U38IGP) Color C'shaw . 673-1824 Title Too Raw toPrinttR) FLORAL nir"6yiie' Mommy Pan Po CHNU(. mar Brooklyn Plus In Color .T.j.tmt, PACTA DIAB0LIC0 CIIMnor" Ceortre C" Scott SAN VAL A. if PATTOK(GP) Color BiKim Vista-fiS. m.uti M'"SH(R) Color F. wwii7 OLYMPIC S.W0 lilvmuir ft Bundv rHX 1,38JG,P' ' '""I .Si-mil. So, oi I77.'itii7 DinosaursRuledrth(G)jVkt. 76.M7 SAN PEDRO Moi",Iri"Lp!aflVVAN a . I. !i?o le In WonderlanJiR) isniul. r CANQGA PK Steve McQueen Color i cZ.Sr THE REIVERS(GP) Roico. . 341,-6211 MAN CALLED HORSE(GP) ! PICKWICK Alameda W. or Vic. tm-jl-S George C. Scott Color The Might Be Giants(G) Diary Mad Housewife(R) RESEDA The Ht One! ! R"da avowee HUSBANDS(GP) wi-ojiu Week-EndBabysitter(DP) i All New Horrifying L'& "R's" Titles Too Raw T1 But Oon't Miss 'Em! ftj If You ikeT"20oV'See THlt 113(GP) Color EOUINOX(GP) Color p Geore C. Scott Color t. A ThevMi?hf Be GiantslGI : "a i.75io Diary Mad Housewile(R) .J STUDIO Massacre Machine! WTflDV Massacre Machine! Cm Ii-imi. D RiD(GPi eoiori; -.. HARD RIDE(GP) Color F?i 3' i..:i2;,i l.L?"?V.t'n.,r! ! CMtr.. ;w.3il l Bullet for Pretty Boy(GP) ; TORRANCE .e.eor?e. c-.soti tfnnn'nAir fTouufcii"2iV'-see ! T,u-r. ri '"""""""Wiirr-P"- THX 1138 DP) color W. of Hawthorne;.ViLn' "K"i.iin Newliury Park . PI" 37S.IM1M ry nouBwiitn 80i448.il70 Massacre Machine! UCDMriMT mo'lut Arteill'S) .C?l!r PASADENA - SAN GABRIEL FOOTHILL Fthl. W. ot Cit. 3W.02B3 BIG SKY Hiintlngtuii BiiLr VisTit EDGEWOOD S B t. til. Iy EDWARDS I . k ft Liv 0,1k 417.817'! EL MONTE L. Ai',,! Kil. ToiiipIk City Bl. 4IU-BIK Steve McOueen Color THE REIVERS(GP) Man Called HorsefGP) All New Horrifying 8oth "R" Rated! Titles Too Raw- But Don't Miss 'Em! DinosaurtRuledEarth(G)P HUNTINGTON PARK . COMPTON lohn Wayne Color RIO LOBO GPi Plus KRAKAIOA(G) The Hot One! ' HUSBANDS(GP) ' Wek-EndBafiysitteriGP); George C. Scott Color! They Mifht Be Giants(G) Plus Carrie snoOfcress rnMPTHN Massacre Machine! r.: V,, .w HARD RIDC(GP) Color ; Atl. . MB.o.r.7 Bullet for Pretty Boy(CP)f r.lHF Steve McOueen Color Bi Plus Richard Karris Mm MAN CALLED HORSE(GP) ROSECRANS '!HYSG;"PSe of t. an i -rt t27-l 113 SOUTH GATE Fll.rtoi 'W-t Ot t B. 1 Fwy. t7 They Might Be Giants(G) 'a Plus Carrie Snodgress P Diary Mad HousewiteiR) SAN BERNARDINO AREA Diary Mad HousewiteiR) BASELINE SAN GABRIEL nsRfj2i!'! V ilify m D.l ""D RIDE(GP) Color: - iw,ir . -nu-i'M BulletforPrettyBoy(GP) JRI CITY maiW r..... '"(.. Lonia Linda K S .f PATTONlGP) ColOP Garwy 4W-7o(l. M'A'S'H(R) Color VINFt AND If You liked "2001"-See v!!w" THX 113SIGP) Color Vlllry 33t-75IR EOUINOX(GP) ColOf Hy.MU8.:02S BEL AIR S B. Fy-Cttrut Massacre Machine! f HARO RIOE(GP) Color Wgi BuHetfor Pretty Boy(GP) g1 lf You Liked ''2001"-See 'ftl THX 1138(CP) Color 4 Dinosaurs Ruled Earh(G) fi Steve McOueen Color &M THE REIVERS(GP) tt , MAN CALLED HORSE(GP) Ife WHITTIER . NORWALK AREA ORANGE COUNTY ANAHEIM Riv'Tsuk Fwy. at Lemon 7I4'S25J52S Fount. Valley BruokhiiiNt (So.) HARBOR BL. Hdrlmr-iMcFad'n 7 1 I -1 27 1 HI WAY 39 Fwy. JI4!504.tOii2 ORANGE .A. Fwy at ClmpiiMft 7K,54?.60II PAULO Nvwpoit Fy. Buk.r Eit 714 545-3JI3 LAHABRA Imperial bt'twn. Bvli. & Harbor Bl. 7I4'87I-I8B2 Preniere Color Red Sky In Morning(GP) Plus Frank Sinatra Dirty Dingus Magee(GP) If You Liked ,:2001"ee THX 1138(GP) Color Plus Dinosaurs Ruled Elh(S) Massacre Machine HARD RIDE(GP) Color Bullet for Pretty Boy6P) Steve McOueen Color THE REIVERS(GP) MAN CALLED HORSE(GP) Rock Hudson Color PRETTY MAIDS IN ROWlR) Pius Michael Calne GET CARTER(R) NORWALK Nuk. N, Impi-r. Both In Colorl ..I LA uma mm.6317 HijosdeRancho Grand : uuiTTiro Massacre Machine! E ."i"-.? .,. HARO RIOE(GP) Color 72i.ti'i3i Bullet for Pretty Boy(CP) Rundown Geore c-Scolt Color Wih at UiuMrl ' 5 I mi-mi Diary Mad Housewife(R) LONG BEACH CIRCLE 101 Hwy. 1 Laktuood 61. 43S-!IjI3 Massacre Machine! HARO RIDE(GP) Color Plus !f Bullet for Pretty Boy(GP) 'p LAKEWOOD liS.K.SSS M ii .j. iuii uiarv Mao nousewire ni in.r MffllLONGmcFc m "if vnu iTk.Vjffai" I liC II TflC I'You Liked"2001"-See THX 1138GP) Color Plus-Dinosaurs Ruled Earth(G) DIIFNA PBDIf Ali MacGrawR. O'Neal LiniS n W. o ' LOVE STORY(GP) Color Knott Plus Lee Marvin 714821.4079 MONTE WALSH(GP) LINCOLN Lincoln West of Kmirt 714527-2223 WARNER Warner West 01 Beach Blvd. 7H 84.35HI "Sci-FI" Special ANDROMEDA STRAIN(Q) Plus Colossus: The Forbln Project(GP) John Wayne Color" RIO LOBO(G) Plus KRAKATOA EAST OF JAVA(G) SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO r ipistrano Plus John Wayns 7l44M.4j4r RIO LOBO(G) LOS ALTOS S.D. Fwy. ft BrllflowerBI. 425.7422 THX 1138.GP) Color Plus Dinosaurs Ruled Earth(G)l VENTURA COUNTY SANTA PAULA "eve McQueen Color banta f aula ErV i iT ' Fwv. t Palm Plus Richard Harris 803529-2121 MAN CALLED HORSE(GP) 101 Drive-In Ventura Fwy. Tflephone Exit 80564-2293 SKY VIEW :m s. Oxnari 805488-12 W 1000 OAKS Ventura Fwy. in Newbury Pk. 1)05498-2170 If You Liked "2001 "-See! THX 1138IGP) Color S. pine Oinotaurs Ruled EarthjG) Massacre Machine! HARD RIOE(GP) Color! Bullet (orPrettyBoy(GP)i THX 1138(GP) Color Plus- Dinosaurs Ruled Earth(G) WINNER 0F2ACADEMY AWARDS' BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR JohnMiLIs BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY 0 TONIGHT AT 8:30 PM Ticketf mar bt parclnwo M tevneo itfi mmti 9Mmu lot THTMPt: rIIIS k SBOtif SMES CM 464-S19, spccmi pmuhc it cttaMo Mem Snklt mm aea( t M- vx,. inpilrB mil v.tidatt. HPACiFicsTi UNBELIEVABLE! SO FANTASTIC EVEN PLAY BOYS TURNED IT DOWN! i . I No out under II admitted. Proot ot ii rtquiiel (X) l!"l 1 "X" plow i.rtoirime" IN COLOR r PACIFIC Color jy Qp rlovf TONIGHT AT 8:30 Ticteli nov m nit at loiRin or tv mil, ohi 0 Mulwol Ti:kt AfliKm. Far llwo1r puily wni arpoff tm thorn 4M.9lt, Aa StATS lUitVEO SWrSET Mir VWF.-H0LLVW00O.48S-34O1 CHmxtNTJUwa n nuSoi ct ti a ant show: akv TvXu,,i,uj.UAU.iii.ii "TERRIFIC!' AUMHtKaALi;lUKt-TCHNICOLOR'PANArfl5l0N- HOlLYOOD, VCII pricls 7th RECORD-SMASHING WEEK! mmmnswu OOO tVD. .1 ass-UM I NO SEATS MiSERVCO $ Every Day at 12:3 3 00-5:30-1:00 ( 10:30 PM i iii i i i i 1 1 1 1 in 1 1 ri m h i i i i i iii i i 1 1 iw hi 1:1 1 i:i ri iiuii i n run n 1 1 j u j 1 1 1 ,,m, UWlVliJKSAL. STUDIOS TOUR bVTM Sunfldys. JO iO M th.t j:jg p. Mn- 10.00 V 3 30 P M "'RED SKY AT MORNING' it both more romantic than love Story' and superior as a film. It is 1971's first genuinely extraordinary accomplishment!" Winfred Blevins. LA. Herald-Examiner "Rarest of movie treats... warms the heart!" - .5.y.-.1rj-WiiiA;"' from trie heart-stirring btststlltr! Production hed GriY at iQEirjine itorrintaa THE YOU NO OVfS RICHARD THOMAS CATHERINE BURNS - DESI ARNAZ, JR. starring as THE ADULTS RICHARD CRENNA CLAIRE BLOOM JOHN COLICOS HARRY EUARDINO strother mm nehemikk pebsofi Scrtttplaf bf IAR5UERIIE ROBERTS - Based it, the ml by mm IMm Dirtcfid by JAMES COLOSTQE ;. Product' PAUL KTHU F'oducttf fcj" MAI. B. WALKS umivesal picture. TecHNtcoios J.'.V.'.'.i.: NOW! Monday thru Friday 6:30 8:30 10:30 P.M. Saturday and Sunday 1 2:00 2:00 4:15 -6:15 '8:30 . 10:30 P.M. fxtn Late Show Situritv 12;tS A.M. j ICO .1 WISTWOOt ILV 1 PACIFIC'S'' m " '"' ' "" Worthy Succe ssor ' To ' "Sound ' of Music!"1 " EBHS4.D0ME stereo SONG OF NORWAY'5' Hollywood 466-3401 Tonight at 1:30 P.M. Good Seats Available! PACIFIC'S PANTAGES Hollywood at Vino 4li9-7ll)l Don't Delay Ends Wednesday! TORA! TORA! T0RA!lG RS Daily At 12:303:156:00 8:30 P.M. Seats Unreserved HOLLYWOOD Robert Wise's Super "Sci Fi" Thriller! ESHHpBivd. w ANDROMEDA STRAIN'6' . R Cahuenoa -llib-i.'ll Daily at 12:30 3:00 5:30 1:00 10:30 P.M. PACIFIC'S BEVERLY HILLS Wilshire Blvd. at Canon -'71-1 1 .' I 2 AcarJemv Awards! Don't Miss It! Robert Mitchum Sarah Miles Christopher Jones John Millt David Lean's Tonight at 1:30 P.M DVIM'C nMiriUTTDI&PI m. A Story linn unuuniLll n invel 1 Discount Parking Available! PACIFIC'S PICWOOD Pico nrar Wstwood 272-8239 474-25H9 Catherine Burns Claire Bloom Richard Crenna Hal Wants' Drn CITV AT MflDWIIJOIGPI . PnUr " ikku ni iiiuiviiiiiu w wuiui "Today" Picturt Tonight at 8:30 1:30 10:30 P.M. STATE East Ocean Blvd. at Pine Avenue Lona Beach-447.272I 12:01) Program Rated "X" No one under II admitted rrooi ot Ae Required! inclusive Run! Plus WAKE UP AND DIE Color SWEET SWEETBACK'S11" XSLSS HOLLYWOOD lirw PIY Steve McOueen Color WwiodBlvd. .THE REIVERS(GP) Near Gower Plus Richard Harris 404-61 13 MAN CALLED HORSE(GP) From 12:30 Noon Open alljligbt j WlTpTl n George"C."Scott Color Mlvivd at Cower They Might Be Ciants(G) Ks.4246i Oiary Mad Housewife(R) From 12:30 Noon Late Show Nightly NEVVVIEW No 0ne Undcr 18 sasss HOW'S YOUR lOVELIFE?" WILSHIRE DISTRICT WILTERN wiisniie at Western 387-6147 12:00 II You Liked "2001" -Sat THX 1138(GP) Color Plus THE TWELVE CHAIRS(fi) LONG BEACH . SAN PEDRO TOWNE Atlantic at San Antonio 422-1221 6:00 SAN FERNANDO VALLEY CORNELL Bnrlianll 842-ai93 :!! m. if..).;.- rwnii niuLiurj f andlewood Bullet For Pretty Boy(GP) a j I -ssbu . e :ot The Hot One! HUSBANDS(GP) Plus BROTHERLY LOVE(fl) Rated IX) No One Under II Admitted! STATE " ' Af,e Required t. ucran at Pine "i oncciDMLR 1 1.17-2721 . I2:u0 Plus WAKE UP AND DIE R VOL stv McOueen Coler L B. Bl at 6th THE REIVERS(GP) ii':E4Zj:ULj,'ljJiDJl0iSEj.G'' Lakewood Ctr M' rius tame snodgrcst, ENCINO Ventura Near Hayvenhurst 7j,4-b2J 1 6:08 George C. Scott Color They Might Be Giants(G) Plus Carrie Snodgress Diary Mad Housewife(R) Steve McQueen Color THE REIVERS(GP) Plus Richard Harris MAN CALLE0 HORSE(GP) Tf) P A N f! A Ii You Liked "2001" See Tooanq. "v.ctory THX 1138(GP) Color I83.33U0 . 6:00 THE TWELVE CHAIRS(G) Diary Mad Housewite(R) ORANGE COUNTY RESEDA Sherman Way at Re.fda 344-0153 5:00 WHITTIER WARDMAN Greenlcal nr. Philadelphia 6X6-3242 6:11 Steve McOueen Color THE REIVERS(GP) Plus Richard Harris MAN CALLED HORSE(GP) BROADWAY stVMS?,uecDl!,,r S.inla Ana :30 THE REIVERS(GP) 714542-4737 MAN CALLED HORSE(SP) LAMIRADA fL La M.rada Cent.r Te MM1B 6'antslG) 7 14 52 1 .91H0 "ns Carrie Snodgress Open 6:0u Diary Mid Housewife(R) SAN BERNARDINO RITZ E St. Between 4th 4 5th 888-5317 12:00 George C. Scott Color They Might BeCiantsfOt Plus Carrie Snodgresa Diary Mad HousewifeiR) WESTCHESTER Georre C. Scott Color PARADISE George C. Scott Coler ISepul. nr. La Tliii'ney Mient so ciantsiBl 776-oiun 6:00 uiary mao nouseaiteinj WHITTIER Whit, at Hartley 6M5-2712 6:00 EXCLUUVE'CNSMEMCNrr They Might Be GiantsiG) Diary Mad Housewife(R) NOW PLAYING! VvipJ ' MONTEBELLO never .-r- wMlina WHITTW000 Whittwood Center S4f.mi2 00 The Hot One! HUSBANDSiGPI BROTHERLY 10VE(RI GARMAR Vna'Gp?0.1-' WKit nr. r,rtl.ld THX 113lGP Colt 7.3-213 . ih 0inosaursRuledEith(Ot J

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