The Austin American from Austin, Texas on November 4, 1939 · 3
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The Austin American from Austin, Texas · 3

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1939
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For Delivery Service Telephone 4391 THE AUSTIN AMERICAN. AUSTIN. TEXAS. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4. 1939. The Show World By RUTH LEWIS Take Your Choice PARAMOUNT "HhM In Arm," lth Micksr Roanty and Judy (iarlanil: also Tiw Marrh of Tim. Plays thrmiuh TuMiiay. Miilniiiht matltuw, "Eluaiwih rn Kuex" with IMu Davit lind trrol Klyiin. BTATK "A l)a at tlw Clrdia" with tha Mar Hrnthera and Kenny Jlaker and r'lortnca Hict. 1'lays through Monday, tJlirKN "Rmashlni (ha Money Blnk" with Ronald Hrairan and Margot Blcvenson. Klarta Batunlay. CAPITOL "Frontier Marthal" with Ran. d'lliih Hrott and Nancy Kelly. Uut time Saturday, VARSITY "Susannah of the Mouiitlra" with Shirley Temple and Randolph Scott, last time, baturday, TEXAS-"hturn of the Kid" with Warner Mauler. Last timea Saturday. AUSTIN "Oauichtera Courageous" 'with Pruiilla Lane and John Garfield. Last timea Saturday, RITZ -"The Fighting Champ" with Boh Siee!e; also Kill Elliott In "Overland Vt'itn Kit Carson." I.a.t lime. Saturday. CAlTL'8-' leth Rid.-, the Range" with Ken Mannrd, Fay' and Julian Rivero ifirrt rum; alao last chanter of "Red Harry." Last timea Saturday. 'A Day at the Circus' M(j-M picture, produced by Mervyn LcKoy. directed by Edward Hunell, screen play by Irving Urech.T. musical direction by Frnna Wiiaman. lyrica by E. Y. Har-burg, by Harold Arien, dance direction by Hobby Connolly, art direction by Ceilric fiihbona, flited by William H. Ter- nune, with the following cast: who ain't pay off the mortsaM holder because the week's proceeds, $10000, ii stolen. It Ii Croucho who remembers the rich Mrs. Dukcsbury, who hai disowned her nephew because he has so forgotten his social standing as to get mixed up with a circus. To my mind this is one of the funniest Marx pictures of all time. 'Babes in Arms' An M-G-M picture, directed by RerkeUv, produced by Arthur Freed, screen play by Jack McGooan and Kay Van Riper, based on the play by Richard Rodgera and Lorena Hart; aonga and I ilea by Richard Rodgera and Lorena Hart, Na-do Herb Brown and Arthur Freed, Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg; musical adaptation by Roger Kdens, munieal direction by George Stoll, orchestral arrangermtita by Leo Arnaud and George Raasman, set decorations by Edwin B. Willis, with the ful. lowing cast: Attorney Loopholi , Antonio Punchy ' Jeff Wil,n .... Julie Rnndall ... 1'niTlms Paulina ' M;.. Dukecbury Goliath Jardinet John Carter ' Prof. Atom . .,, Whitcomb , The Marx Gmurho Marx Chico Marx Harpo Marx Kenny linker Florence Rice Eve Arden Margaret Dumont Nat Pendleton Friti Feld James Burke Jerry Marenghi Harnett Parker Brothers, back with , gag material written especially for r them and not something lifted from , a stage play as "Room Service" was, i give you a riotous giggle-fest in "A t Day at the Circus." They're in their best form, which means that you're a rock-ribbed, anti-Marxian if you can keep a dead pan while these clowns are on the loose. j Groucho plays the part of a law-yer with dubious legal talents. At-- torney Loophole, who is hired to ; pull a circus out of the hole. Mar-i garet Dumont, who has suffered ? mauling by the Marxes in many a 1 film with these zanies, is the very rich Mrs. Dukesbury in the clutches ' of Attorney Loophole, who is en-' tranced by her pocketbook. Groucho, to my mind, is never funnier than t.when he's baiting Miss Dumont. He has some good gags, too, several which are, to coin a phrase, sidesplitting. On the circus lot is Chico, gen- eral handy man. And what would a Marx picture be without that eloquent index finger of Chico's i trip"'ng over the piano keys? He J do rs ttie "Beer Barrel Polka," those 4 fin" "'s of his funnier than all his , lin-" rjut together. ? An ' ''i;n there':; Harpo (nothing in'. T:'-in getting around to him i lr.-.i. ' "''jo doesn't chase a single f b' '.'.it who carries around a fkjv!? nrops department under his coa., pirys tne narp ana, as iney say in iSotball language, is in on every play. You can take your choice between Harpo riding an ostrich or Harpo assisting the strong man in his act as the funnier. I'm glad I don't have to decide. - Romantic team in this Marx madness is Kenny Baker and Florence Rice. Kenny is owner of the circus Mickey Moran Patay Barton , Joe Moran , , . . Judge Black ., Rosalie K.WX , Home Moran Molly Moran . Don Rrire .... Jeff Steele ... Madox ... Mickey Rooney .. ., Judy Garland Charles Winnlnger Guy Kibbee June Pri-wacr Gract Hayea Betty Jaynes . Douglas MrPhail Rand Brooki Henry Hull Perhaps the youngest romantic team in Hollywood today, provided Sandy (the girl who plays a boy) hasn't a beau yet, is Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney and the combination is so pleasing in "Babes in Arms" that we're willing to name them as our No. 1 screen lovers. The picture, which opened Friday at the Paramount theater here, demonstrates that Mickey Rooney is growing up, not necessarily so much physically, but as an actor. The coltish youngster still waves his arms and shouts and mugs all over the lot, but at times he shows signs of becoming a capable actor. It's about time. Judy Garland, the attractive kid singer who plays opposite Rooney, turns in an excellent job both as a singer and and actress. She's still miles ahead of Rooney, which means that we think she is mighty good. The film is pure froth, unless you have a great pity for old-time vaudeville players who haven't been able to keep up with the times. That's the situation for Mickey's parents and Judy's parents. They live in a little colony of ex-vaudeville players and their kids run wild. While the old folks are away taking another stab at vaudeville, a woman of the community attempts to get the score or so of youngsters sent to an institution. Mickey talks the judge into leaving them alone and in the meantime stages his own kid show with a silly ex-baby star playing the leading role because she has the $240 to finance the production. Judy and the ex -infant heart-breaker fuss over Mickey but the star is taken away from the show by her father and a rain ruins the production. But a Broadway producer likes the effort and finances a legitimate production. It's good entertainment, even if the producers do attempt to put the show over with hokum disguised as Americanism. The songs generally are catchy and Miss Garland knows how to sing. Equally impressive were two other singers, Betty Jayness, who knows how to sell a song, and Douglas McPhail, who has an excellent voice. The film is based on a Broadway show of the same name which openod at the Shubert theater April 14, 1937. and ran for 289 performances Included in the Paramount's bill is the latest issue of March of Time, concerning the American farmer. The film blames World War No. 1 with the present plight of the farmer because he planted too many acres, many of them marginal, in order to cash in on high war prices. The film shows the result low prices, floods and dust storms, and shows how various agencies and groups are attempting to put the farmer on his feet again. R. F. Louis Novy, local Interstate manager, announced Friday that Edward Everett Horton, stage and screen comedian, will play the Paramount in February in the stage show, "Springtime for Henry." This is the fourth roadshow of the season for Austin. Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne are coming in December in 'The Taming of the Shrew," and two musicals, "Leave It to Me," with Sophie Tucker and William Gaxton, and "I Married An Angel" with Dennis King are booked. L. EAST PRODUCE CO. GROCERIES MEATS VEGETABLES 103-105 Colorado St. t. CASH AND CARRY 7 VEGETABLES ' YAMS, Elgin ..'."! ... . . . . 10 lbs. 19c YELLOW ONIONS, Spanish Sweet 2 lbs. 5c SPINACH, Home Grown . . 3 lbs. 10c BEETS and CARROTS 2 bunches 5c APPLES, Cooking . bushel 85c GROCERIES SHELLED PECANS, Halves and Pieces lb. 48c CHEESE, Kraft's 2 lb. box 43c EXCELL CRACKERS 2 lb. box 15c SPRY 3 lb. can 52c KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES 2 for 15c FOLGER'S COFFEE 2 lb, can 52c MARKET PALACE BACON, lb. 2.n,c i PORK SAUSAGE, lb. 15c VEAL STEW, lb. ... 11c I VEAL STEAK, lb. . .20c POULTRY -TURKEYS ....... .. .......... lb. 20c HENS, Small lb. 15c FRYERS lb. 20c DUCKS lb. 15c TURKEYS, Small lb. 15c Live Weight Fresh Dressed While You Wait j;:::::: ; :jt j j j::.peuces Friday, Saturday aiid hoiid ay w.wj, S Stores ,0 v To Serve gfl 10U Better k,u n f l vg) ysm Vaj -n nnn rm V n ( or I I 1 II LS J I I m. I S A I I Iff J II II I f 1 1 1 1 I I nj M II I I 1 I I LS JT? HOME GROWN JONATHAN !S DOZ, DELICIOUS, Size 113's doz. 25c mo. R 1 1 ' va III III a- HOME GROWN UB3ti n Turnips J TURNIP CHEFNS Bunches fcVs nj I MIRACLE WHIP SALAD DRESSING Qts. V&fi TEXAS or CALIFORNIA MEDIUM SIZE Dozen Hg CALIFORNIA CELERY LARGE STALK . .. 9c GRAPEFRUIT TEXAS LARGE SIZE DOZ. BLUE CROSS 6 Small or 3 Large RULES. COLORADO U. S. No. 1 H Pounds Russrr Potatoes California BURBANKS 5 Pounds 13c IDAHO RUSSETS FANCY BAKERS ft POUND a lw MESH BAG LyQ Sweet Potatoes ELGIN YAMS 5 Pounds ... 10c 10 Pounds 19c HURFF'S PORK U BEANS 16 oz. Can....5c Hurff's Vegetable Soup or SPAGHETTI 20 Ounce Tall Large Cans 15c Libby's Small ASPARAGUS No. 1 Picnic Can . . 14c h No. 1 Square Can 23c gi HILLSDALE BROKEN SLICE iPIIKflMIPIPJLH Ho. 2 Can fl No. 2 'j Can 16c LIBBY'S SLICED FREESTONE MSIKI Ho. Can flSff GLEN VALLEY KIH N0-2 Or fMsocAN y DEL MAIZ NIBLETS CORN mm 2 12 OUNCE CANS l Del Maiz Cream Style Si?im 17 SE 9c FRESH PORK IHIAMS HALF or A WHOLE LB. OC Armour's Star PORK PATTIES Lb. 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Sack 41c Z 24 SD .. 82c 48 POUND SACK. 1.55 ) IICIll IlfllE IIUITT W 3 Rolls 22c SEM TOWELS 2 Rolls 15c S ilver Kin ATTOOGFOO 3 Cans 25c mad for tha SriSi paculiai digaati r tracts ot dogs and cats. I OUH f RICt LARGE jiePH'M 16c Sc CRISCO 3 51c 1 LB. CAN. OCTAGON GRANULATED SOAP ALL MED1TM PACKAGE OCTAGON TOILET SOAP, 2 bars 20c :: mrnnE VUUUVVA .

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