The Austin American from Austin, Texas on September 12, 1954 · 27
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The Austin American from Austin, Texas · 27

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 12, 1954
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i 4 ' ' 4 ' ' i1 '' ' V-1, -r 't 0 -t -i w 9 a ? v V v ? t V "J V V J, -f .- ; y y fv ;y y -V" ,V f r t IT f 1 f y'Vfr'V ft LETTERS TAT 0 BACK To the Kditnr: I just want to congratulate you and thank you for the splendid work you are doing in behalf of our mental institutions, I certainly ad-Mire your courage and efforts, I do so wish that every paper In the entire slate would take up the subject relentlessly and unceasingly, as that will probably be the only way to set anything done about the deplorable condition of our state hospitals for the mentally ill. I do wish that people could realize how important this is. If they can't think of it in terms of humanity, then I wish they would think of it in financial terms. I offer my heartfelt thanks to any and all organizations that are trying to remedy this disgraceful situation. Again thanking you for your efforts, 1 remain Mrs. Shirley Williams Rox 91 Llano. For INFORMATION Ticket Office 118 E. 10th 2-1135 Kf?3V!UE,7XAS ONLY ONE CHANGE OF BUSES TO DENVER Colorado, leoving 11.SS a.m., :30 p.m. Other IcheduU to Dnvtr Ifoving Austin 7 a.m., 2 05 p.m. Only ent chanqt of busei to Lubbock, end Amorillo, leaving Austin ? a.m., 11:35 a.m., 2:05 p.m., 6:30 p.m. FARES: Lubbock $8.90 Amorillo $11.01 Dtnvar $10.40 Plui Fedorol Transportation Tax en all fartt. 1 f ,..1 ,ir.,- ,1 ' WHS i fc ' : : INTERSTATE OPENINGS Phil Carey, the rugged gentleman at left, plays a key role in "Outlaw Stallion," a Technicolor animal adventure at the State Tuesday. Piper Laurie makes an attractive shield for Rory Calhoun in the center scene from "Dawn at Socorro," a Western about a frontier gambler and a saloon belle, at the State Friday. Playing one-seventh of the title role in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" are Jane Powell and Howard Keel, right, who star in the CinemaScope musical comedy. Some countries rerive as much as 15 per cent of their income from import duties on tobacco. Sm on Yom Pmi fJeefc His Week During Out Annual INTERSTATE SPECIAL REDUCED PRICES. WJere 2-CMft Art Necessary, Use famous HOUSE Oo Coot for t Wood One Coot for trie Weother PAINf V tpteiohy rcownnclc) for nw or H wood, or twrfacof not at good1 eondrfioo. REG. $6.09 Color-Style the Exterior of Ybur Home with rooif's Up.W SUBURBAN jfev HOUSE PAINT Xn most Sgrrf cotaat var ownufocturod! S 49 V 6d tao. j for Gofoo ffVES Per Go Hon m FIVES fiBaroatMd bv Goad Bwmwtnf i Save too. on these COOK'S PAINTS , Scuff Proof FLOOR VARNISH ?,$!. 67 Velvay LATEX FINISH ,rBs 1.56 Rapidry ENAMEL ... fZsl'ii 2.21 Coroe WALL FINISH 1.23 , Rapidry VARNISH (colors) . Kutall Paint lr Varnish Rtmovtr Rapidry VARNISH . i Cook's TRIM COLORS SCREEN ENAMEL (as low as) Bp. 99c '(Clear) $2.00 MOST Rp. COLORS K.10 qt. 1.67 qt 82c qt 1.67 qt 1.89 qt 93c qt. Rapidry Non-Yellowing White 2.21 qt. ft WW K5 SAVE HALF THE WORK . . . V THE PAINT with cook's ONE -COAT OUTSIDE WHITE Covers 23 to 48 better than ordinary house paints 1 KEG. t7A9 ft - or v Bry one roll at the regular price of 26c, or , more, a roll ond we give you the second roll at no extra charge. 26c PATTERNS 39c PATTERNS This Week This Week 2 Rolls tf)(f If Rolls O fl for ZQC Z for UUC 49e PATTERNS 69c PATTERNS This Week This Week 249c 2?69 79c PATTERNS 89c PATTERNS This Week This Week 279c 2 -89c 1954 Sample Book Papers Not Included We Reserve; the Right to Limit Quantities. Carload SALE of jtENTfLE Asphalt Tile Guaranteed First Quality! 9x9-lnch Size H-Inch Thick Choice of 6 Deep Marbleized Colon Choice of 2 Solid Decorator Colors Wo 6'-j ..IIIU.I JIU I ntniwv. Woi 7 Vic 5 Both iSSS Ul J WVS EMAMELS 1 It FLAT OR SATIN SHEENS III . 'iL odorless Mp NOW WW AR-2 Gives Sfioefofofle Greofer Scrobbobilty! SNADOTONE FLAT -rrs SHAOOTONE SATIN J Moct Colors f fc-v. Mot Colors V leg. $1.70 Reg. $1.89 4Seven Brides' Offers Second Offbeat Musical When MGM Studios turned out "An American in Paris," it was hailed as bringing to the screen a new concept in the development of movie musicals. And now the same studio, which is regarded as the master maker of all movie musicals, has come up with another offbeat offering which is also being viewed as a further step in the direction taken by "An American in Paris." This new dish is "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," a Technicolor and CinemaScope romp which comes to the Paramount Theater Thursday for a one-week run. Sobbin' Women The film, based on Stephen Vin cent, Benet's "Sobbin Women," has as its story a modernized and humorous version of Plutarch's fable of the abduction of the Sa bine women by the ancient Romans. In the film, a lusty backwoods man married a pretty town girl and takes her out to his mountain cabin. Her newly-wed bliss is disturbed, though, when she discov ers that her husband is merely the oldest of seven rugged brothers who all expect her to serve as cook, housekeeper and general handywoman. The only way out of this pre dicament, of course, is to marry off the other brothers, and the boys, becoming intrigued with the idea of marriage, wheel into town and abduct bodily the first six pretty girls they find. The cast is headed by Howard Keel and Jane Powell, supported by "brothers" and "brides" re cruited from the top ranks of Hollywood and Broadway singers and dancers. Michael Kidd, choreographer of such Broadway hits as "Guys and SALE! 20-Ft. Extension LADDERS EXCfPTIONAUY STRONG YET LIGHT IN WEIGHT CAN RE USED AS 2 SEPARATE TO-FT. LADDERS Reg. $24.60 VALUE! LADDER SPECIAL J15 95 EACH SALE! GIANT SIZE CHAF.1GIS 25x28-IN. B-l-G' 100 fiwv''"'ssj oil-J$f TANNED 1&0 FULL nVJ SIZE SvJt'SL SKIN SOFT PLIABLE $3.49 VAIUH ABSORBENT LINT-FREE SALE EACH Choice of 10 Light Marbleized Colors Was 13 4 lyC I I lie pSW? Choice of 7 Extra Lt. Marbleized Colors l A BiAllJIFUL HMD-PAMW i Miniature PIAVE? f Translucent China M 4-n. Diameter Reody-,o-Hang Lovely Assf'd Subjects Gold Edge ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION it for v;,i,!Bg 0;r tt Vur 9h ... w wit wau. i I 1 Vri zrr2r-w. Wj mmm "r rn lack 5i PM 1416 Lavaca t Orrfui. Ml mm Phone 2-5429 ftp Atttfrimtt-frxaifftman Sunday, September 12, 1954 Austin, Tfxa-rg (4 Texas Constitution Party Plans State Convention Dolls" and "Can-Can," was also imported to choreograph the dance routines, and Johnny Mercer and Gene DePaul were brought in to turn out the score of eight tunes which, along with the dances and plot, are fitted together as inte gral parts of a musical entity. A change of pace from this mer ry mood will be provided in "Dawn at Socorro," the State's Friday opener. This one is a Technicolor West ern about a notorious frontier gambler who gets entangled with a daring gunfighter, an unscrupu lous czar and a readhaired saloon siren, in each case with novel results. Featured in this lusty tale are Rory Calhoun, Piper Laurie, David Brian, Kathleen Hughes, Alex Ni-col and Mara Corday. It 11 be on view for four days. Outlaw Stallion "Outlaw Stallion," which will be the State's midweek attraction, is a Technicolor animal picture deal ing, as the title suggests, with a wild horse which becomes the center of conflict between good men and bad men when both parties try to take the white stallion captive. The cast includes Phil Carey, Dorothy Patrick, Billy Gray and Roy Roberts. The film is due to play Tuesday through Thursday. Saturday will find "Magnificent Obsession" on the screen of the State Theater for a special mid night showing. The second film version of the Lloyd C. Douglas novel stars Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson, and it's currently tanked as one of the 10 biggest grossing pictures of the ration. Methodists Slate Talk By SA Man Dr. Will W. Jackson of San Antonio, lay leader of the Southwest Texas Conference Methodist Church, will be the main speaker at a banquet of Methodist men at St. John's Methodist Church, 2140 Allandale Road, Wednesday at 7 p. m., the Rev. W. G. Birkner, pastor, announced Saturday. Special music will be provided by C. W. Mclntire, chairman of the official board, who is an organist. An attendance of 100 men has been set as the goal by the officers. Jackson was formerly president of the University of San Antonio, now Trinity University. He is now administrative vice president of the American Hospital and Life Insurance Company of San Antonio. He also is vice chairman of the State Board of Education and a past president of the San Antonio Council of Churches. The Constitution Party of Texas a group which considers the current Republican administration "too left wing" holds its state convention Tuesday in the Blue-bonnet Room of the Driskill Hotel. The announcement was made by Philip Lee Eubank, convention registrar, from the party's home office in San Antonio. The Constitution Party, which claims members throughout the nation, supported General Douglas Mac-Arthur for President in 1952. The Driskill Hotel management was notified to expect "30 or 40" delegates for the convention, which gets under way at 10 a. m. The party's stand on state and national issues will be announced, and candidates for state offices-pledged to the party platform will be nominated. It was not known whether the party would name a candidate for governor in competition with Democratic nominee Allan Shivers and Tod R. Adams of Crockett, the GOP selection. Candidates named in various dis trict conventions will be approved Free Book on Arthritis And Rheumatism HOW TO AVOID CRIPPLING DtfORMITItS An amazing newly enlaraed 44- page book entitled "Rheumatism" will be sent free to anyone who will write for it. It reveals why drugs and medi cines give only temporary relief and fail to remove the causes 01 the trouble; explains a specialized non-sursical. . hon-medical treat ment which has proven successful for the past 35 years. You incur no obligation in sending for this instructive book. It may be the means of saving you vpars of untold misery. Write today to The Ball Clinic. Dept. 2302, Excelsior Springs, Missouri Adv. and certified to the secretary of state, and Eubank announced that delegates may bring guests and "visitors are welcome." The Constitution Party, whose right-wing program helped sparkplug support of the Brickrr amendment over the nation, has frequently defended Senator Joseph McCarthy and charged the Eisenhower administration as "New Deal controlled." . - Glass Jalousies COMBINE BEAUTY AND ECONOMY FREE ESTIMATES BUDGET PLAN Ed Maxey Glass Co. 515 E. 7 Ph. 2-1432 fPC ir NOW Early Shoppers' DISCOUNT Personal Greeting hristmas Cards T. V. Allen Hallmark Norcross California Artists American Artists Country Cousin 205 West Ninth Ph. 7-4411 Everett Art On Display In Driskill A collection of works by the late Raymond Everett, for 33 years a distinguished member of the Uni versity of Texas faculty, is now on view in the Driskill Hotel gal leries. The exhibit, which includes 15 of Everett's oil and pastel works, is being sponsored by the Texas Fine Arts Association. Everett was widely known for his landscapes depicting scenes of Texas and New Mexico. But in addition to being a noted painter and a professor of architecture at the University for 33 years, he was also a practicing architect and designed many of Austin's leading homes during his career. His versatility permitted him to master many fields, though, and his talents as a wood carver were also acclaimed throughout the country. His famous wood sculpture of Anne Boleyn at the headsman's scaffold was originally commissioned for the 1933 World's Fair at Chicago, and his last major work was a carving for the canopy of St. Mary's Cathedral here. He died in December 1948, but his works have been exhibited publically several times since his death. The current Everett show will be hanging in the Driskill gallery through September. Jolin S. Hovcnga Raised lo Captain The promotion of John S. Hov-enga from first lieutenant to captain was announced by Colonel James E. Rudder, commander of the 90th Division. Capt. Hovenga lives at 2601 West 49th and is employed in the State Auditors office. He has been assigned to the plans and training section. V J j y ) I - tA j l V f j Li . if DUM-DE-DUM-DUM... It Wx- u J 1 7 ajRftf ii in in -.. -ii. ! i ii i' ii i ' -'.J in J i i in .hi i , ilium-i -vnii -in ii in MiMmi.M'rrVh' -r i .ir -n - AMI - AIRCRAFT Private Daniel Perez Saldana, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Saldana, 2115 Garden Street, is at Fort Bliss, near El Paso, undergoing basic training in antiaircraft artillery. Her name is Freda. She's a cowl She works the daylight shift, out of the barn. Only her name is changed to protect her. There are other cows. Their job: produce good milk. There are friendly routemenj Their job: service. There are mothers with families. We want to pick them up on a 6-0631. That's a number . . . our phone numberl We deliver milk. To your home. It's good milk! Harry Petersen and Fred Barge, ewnert

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