The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 15, 1965 · Page 12
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The Pittsburgh Courier from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 15, 1965
Page 12
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THE COURIER May IS, 1965 BOOTSIE By OlUe Harrington SUNNYBOY SUM Bf W. NOUOWAY 12 "Uncle Bootsie, up on TV . . . ThG World (The opinions expressed in this column are those of the writer, and do Hot, necessarily, express the policy or opinion of The Pittsburgh CourierJ DR. JAMES M. NABRIT, Howard University president, warns of Communist infiltration of campus student protest groups, as efforts "to disrupt our fight for justice," which should not be tolerated. This is plowing news ground. Other responsible Negro leaders ' should speak out similarly. REV. VV. J. NELSON, of Bogalusa's Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, another outspoken Ne gro leader, denounces CORE'S tactics as "shocking and dis graceful," and urges Negro youths to "stop jumping on ev ery bandwagon that comes to town." On smearing local preachers as Uncle Toms, he said: "I cannot stand by idly and let men, womrn, boys and girls drag; the names of God's ambassadors in the slime and Illiterate Adults Another Problem The "war on poverty" is being directed primarily at the young in, this country at this time. Headlines are consistently dramatizing the steps being taken to wipe out illiteracy and unemployment among America's young." However, a massive army of adult illiterates and semi - illiterates exists and its ranks are continuing to swell. This bleak fact stands out in bold relief, particularly in the closed ghetto so often the home of the Negro. Recent figures show there are 11.5 million adults in the United States ' now roughly one in 10 adults who have less than a sixth - grade education. i There are 2.7 million adults who never have been to school at all. There are 23 million adults who have never finished grade schooL The unemployment rate for the totally illiterate city adult is now as high as 50 per cent, and for the semi - Uliterae it is as high as 25 per cent against an overall national unemployment rate of under five per cent. What's worse, is that the adult illiterate or semi - illiterate is being barred in increasing numbers from the job market. Industry practically ignores him. He can't read well enough to follow written instructions for industrial machinery, installed to meet the 'mands of auto - Cfassff Zed Section Stmna - ft. union itum cataloc 10c. Love Money, Power, Health. There Is no other catalog like It. BlacK Magic onup. xf u. Box 5664, Mlnneapoln. Minn, ooeii MAIDS N.T. to w. Rusn refer - enceji. Top Jobs. Fare advancea quicij, HAV - A - J4AID. Bond 8t.. Great Neck, N.I. MA1D8 NEW YORK. Best sleep - in Jobs t0 - 05 weekly. Pee the fabulous World's Klr this year FREE! Kara advanced - n private room. Send name, phone, eddree of references. ARISTA Employment Arenry, Dept. L. S7 - S9 16S St., Ji.uaica, N.V. Agents invited lop . hew come the pore Indians always gets shot didn't they have no Martin Luther King?" Today By george s. schuyler filth of intimidation." Rev. Mr. Nelson said much more that other Negro preachers should heed. MAYOR BAILEY, Demapo - lis, Ala., says despairingly, "I don't know why they are protesting. We've integrated all the restaurants, cafes, public parks, theatres and given them anything they wanted. When I asked them what they wanted, all they could answer was 'Freedom'." So, the mentally retarded are supplying Negiro leadership! TOM C. CLARK, associate justice of the, U. S. Supreme Court, told a Chattanooga news conference: "No citizen can decide for himself whether or not a law is proper . . . that questions about the justice or validity of laws should be tak en to the courts." They should not be taken to the streets. OMINOUS is the organiza mat ion. He can't take a telephone message . . . can't add a bill of five sets of figures and can't sign a pay check (he never had use for a personal check . . . N.S.F. to him meaning "Not So Fast"). And, tragically, he's too old to absorb training or retraining which are part of today's industrial life and which are predicated on a knowledge of elementary educational skills. He's in trouble . . . serious trouble. Likewise, are the communities in which he lives. The U.S. Office of Education estimates the economic "cancer" caused by this type of adult at $100 billion a year the difference between what illiterates and semi - illiterates earn with a minimum of basic education. Most of these adults are being supported on welfare programs, financed by Federal, state and local governments. What's the answer? African Diplomat Weds Student JERUSALEM A meeting between an African diplomat ana a student irom his own nnntrv stiirivlno nuvcinn, l T.Joll o..Tl Israel resulted recently In wcuuuig a i me iamous Church of the Dormltion on Mt. Zion, Jerusalem. They were M. Joseph Ma kosso, Charge d'Affairs at the Congo (Brazzaville) Embassy, and Mile. Marcelline Bandaz - Bakekolo. The Ambassador of the Ivory Coat, M. Denis Coffi Bile, was the best man, and the bride was given away by the Ambasador of the Central African Republic, M. Maurice Dejean. The nuptial mass was celebrated in French by Father Rene Holmes, an American Negro priest. A choir of African students provided choral accompaniment at the cere mony. i tion in New York City of SPONGE (Society for the Pre vention of Negroes Getting Ev erything). These youngsters o u n t e r - picketed a CORE group, a fracas ensued, ana one CORE nose was bloodied. This reflects a growing mood among the white brethren. Like the march of 2,000 white segregationists, last week, down Atlanta's main street! N. Y. CORE and Rev. Milton A. Galamison forming a new political party in Brooklyn, ex - clusively Negro. Similar groups are planned in other cities. Now, that's one way to end segregation and discrimi nation! WHITE HOUSE is blamed by Southern Regional Council because Federal courts in the South are almost completely lily - white as to judges, district attorneys, marshals, jury com' missioners, U. is. commission ers and clerks. It is almost the same story in the North. L.B.J, has several judgeships to fill. What will he do about the jimcrow charge? SUPREME COURT contin uing judicial legislation cutting down the states constitutional rights. It has outlawed Lou Isiana's law requiring registra tion of subversive and Com' munist - f ront organizations. An other 5 to - 4 decision. It uftanl mously outlawed a Virginia residence certification require ment, in lieu of poll tax pay ment for Federal elections 24th Amendment cited. Soon the states will have no inde pendence left. Next, will come the individual citizen. USA soft - pedaling fact that it is arming some Arab states presumably against Israel, al though she s asking guns, too, Well, if we didn't arm them, Soviet Union would, as it has armed Egypt. They're not getting ready to play checkers! POEMS WANTED To Be Set to Music Send on or more of your best snema today for FREE EXAMINATION. Any aublect. Immediate consideration. PHONOGRAPH RECORDS MADE CROWN MXSIO CO.. 4 W. 3lad St. Studio nt. New Tort I DARE YOU! Success can Be your In Hitters of Employment, Money, Love, or Special Desires if my Instruction are followed. I Dare Tou to try my "Proven Method" or a money - back ruaranto. No need to I aeelt further. Mall 13.00 tor prompt ! nostnald delivery ' CHARLES J. 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