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NEW HORIZONTAL ALUMINUM FILTERED LIGHT MONTEREY ALUMINUM 8 April 25, 1971 Eo'fl flngtltg Cfalfrf I 1 -f i SAVE BUY DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY Awnings Patio Covers Made Any Size or Color for Any Purpose. Ready Made Aluminum Awnings For Apartment Houses and Commercial Buildings. PATIOS SCREENED ROOMS Will Not Chip, Peel or Crack 1 0 Year Paint Guarantee i VENTED Aluminum J' 'S' I NEW STYLE PATIO COVERS mm ATI CANVAS For large or small homes and mobile homes Aluminum; Large Doors; Bug Proof. Deflects the wind. PROTEST RIDE Estimated 1,200 bicycles moved through Newport-Costg Mesa area to protest auto exhaust.

Times Photo I Anncn KIOlAf No Money bown-36 Months to Pay UliUfclC NUW BANKAMERICARD-MASTER CHARGE AWNINGS Established 1920 CLEVELAND FOREST AREA SANTA ANA TENT AND AWNING State Licensed Contractor Visit oiir factory and showroom I Our Branch Office Some Cycle, Others Sketch for Ecology Some went cycling, others went sketching Saturday as hundreds of Orange County residents turned out to demonstrate their concern for ecology. Police stopped traffic a3 an estimated 1,200 bicycles moved through the Newport Beach Costa Mesa area on an 18-mile ride to protest environmental pollution from automobile exhausts. Arnold Parker, spokesman for the cyclists, said the ride was sponsored by Cycologists Workshops International to include the protest ride and a beach cleaning project. Cool Temperatures The event had been expected to attract 5,000 riders, Parker said, but cool temperatures cut down on the number of participants although several city officials showed up to make the trip. The cyclists rode for four hours, held a picnic lunch, then spent more than two hours picking up litter from the beach, Parker said.

In Anaheim, students of the Loara High School Interact Club sponsored a bicycle rally to raise funds to be donated to various environmental control organizations. Secret Routes Mitchell Marks, rally chairman, said hundreds of 50-cent tickets were sold to youngsters planning to take part in the ride which included secret routes, check points and competition. A special short course was set up for younger riders. Creativity was the key factor in Westminster where members of organized youth groups staged a chalk in they called "Etching for Ecology." The chalk-in, arranged in conjunction with the city's Cultural Arts Week, drew scores of youngsters to Westminster Civic Center to chalk designs on of sidewalk. 2202 S.

Main St. ORANGE COUNTY AWfilNO I Serving North Orange County ilnce I MO dama Ana ddU4yi 427 $. harbor fullerton ph. 179-6732 from our 42nd ANNUAL SPRING 1 i 'I i ENDS April 28th The. fire hazard is so severe that the district is closed to the public from, the Los Pines area north to Santa Ana Canyon from July 1 to November.

(The closing date may be advanced this year due to scant rainfall.) To make the area safe enough for year-round regional parks would require more roads, fire safety zones, fuel breaks and fire stations manned and equipped and reasonably close to the parks. The cost of those projects could easily exceed a million dollars. "The question is who's "going to pay for it?" said one official. "Park development and fire protection have to be a totally integrated package." "The county could do all or part of it or we could do part of it," said Ranger Stevens, "but the total job has to be done." Even if fire protection is put in, park planners will have to cope with severe topography. At best some of the proposed parks will be limited-access, semiwilderness areas, not high intensity-use parks that could be counted on to relieve the 'pressures at Irvine and O'Neil regional parks.

"Except for a few campsites." said one source, "mavbe the area should be left 'alone, leff wild. That' may be the only thing the Cleveland National Forest is good for." "Last year we found that over 40ro of the people were not paying," said Smart, "either unintentionally or because they were relying on their friendly forest-ranger not to do anything about it. "We started strict enforcement in November and collections are now up 20." Retreation Plan The Forest Service is planning a major recreational and equestrian area near its- existing facilities above the Los Pinos Forestry Camp. In addition, the county has planned to develop six regional parks within the borders of the district, one of them also in the Los Pinos area. Several of the parks, however, may prove to be unfeasible or extremely limited in the number of people they can accommodate.

"The need for these parks is unquestioned," said the UCI Project 21 Open Space Report, "but their feasibility should le given closer scrutiny than apparently was given when proposed "Nature still rules the mountain The utilization of the National Forest for. more widespread recreation 1 should be commensurate with the limitations which exist." Pottery, China, Melmac, Artificial Flowers, Gardenware, Stainless Flatware, Glassware, Statuary, Mexican Pottery, Artificial Trees, Gourmet Items, Ceramic Accessor-ies. Wall Decor, Decorator Glassware, Thermalware and much more. We know tht only way to completely clear our shelves of this surplus merchandise, odds 4 ends, big buy deals and over-buys of popular merchandise is by Cutting Prices Even Further! On many items where quantities are still left or where there Is only one or two of a kind NEW LOWER PRICES CLEARLY MARKED! "Ten years ago we'd just step out and look at a site and that would be it," said Smart, Nor does the district always get the public cooperation it needs to meet environm ental goals. Signs on the El Cariso Nature Trail, which opened in 1061, have had to be replaced three times because of vandalism; A new set of signs, Avhich will be in place before summer, are being made of steel.

Other forms of vandalism may be less easily handled. A Natural Resources Report being prepared as part of the Orange County General Planning Program points out that ozone from smog is damaging -vegetation within the forest. Big-cone spruce and the few remaining stands of coulter pines are the hardest hit. Open land invites power lines and one application for a high-voltage line through the forest is pending. Last rear there were visits paid to camp and picnic sites in the park.

"That figure would have doubled if we had counted people who drove through in bikes ''and, cars," said Smart. Matched against 'this army the district has between li5 ami 75 employes, depending on the time of year, although most of these are fire-fighting personnel who have to stay in fixed positions waiting for the alarm. The district has 11 picnic and campgrounds, and several of them are easily the most scenic in Orange County. They can be used at a cost of a day or with a $10 annual pass. Failure to pay the fee can result in a $10 fine.

Continued from First Tage So far, only one subdivision has popped up in tha Trabuco District, a small aggregation of vacation-type homes called Rancho Capistrano. The pressures for development may increase, however. "As the county urbanizes," said County Planning Director Forest Dick-ason, "that 10 of land is not only going to be more valuable as open space but will become more clearly identified in the minds of people who want to develop it." One deterrent to development is the state of the roads in the forest. Four hard-surfaced roads enter the district, but three end in canyons (Silverado, Modjeska and Trabuco) and only the Ortega Highway crosses the area. Once off these roads, the quality of pavement deteriorates rapidly, and the scenic overlooks are not recommended for the faint of heart.

Number One Job "We want to stay away from high-standard roads as much as possible," said Smart. "We have to maintain them for fire purposes, but beyond that if you don't have any money you don't become too concerned with road construction." The district operates on an annual budget of about a quarter of a million dollars, but costs are mounting steadily. "Maintaining a top quality environment is our number one job." said Ranger Clifford M. Stevens, who runs the district. "But time and attention to environmental quality takes dollars." Before selecting a new campground, for example, the district has to call upon the opinions of a hydrologist, landscape arch i entomologist, plant pathologist, wildlife biologist and even 7971 Beach Buena Park OPEN DAILY SUNDAY 9 a.m.

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411 N. Harbor Blvd. (Car. Jth) (4 Mi. So.

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WHAT ARE THE RHYTHMS OF THE BRAIN? The human brain produces electrical activity that can be picked up by the jse of the EEG machine using electrodes attached to the scalp. Several brain wave patterns can be identified by the use of this machine. The usual and predominant rhythm for adults is the Beta frequency in the range of 14-21 cycles per second. The Beta rhythm is associated with our ability to function logically with physical ideas and concepts and the use of our physical senses. The Alpha rhythm between 7-14 cycles per second is the area where the brain functions with more power and ability to control the body and the outer conscious thinking.

This is where we can be creative and WHY YOU CAN CONTROL THE RHYTHMS OF YOUR BRAIN Learning to achieve control of the brain waves is easy. The mind already knows how to do it. In fact, we operate in the Alpha rhythms several times per day and for about two hours each night of sleep. All that needs to be done is for you to learn how to do it with full: control and awareness. With instruction in Mind Dynamic techniques, you learn how to do this.

HOW THIS WORKS FOR YOU The mind never forgets anything it has accomplished or learned. At the outer conscious levels you may forget. But your inner mind remembers perfectly. All that is required is to do consciously what your mind now does only rarely and by chance. If you ever have had flashes of inspiration, you can learn to turn your mind into an idea producing factory.

If you ever had hunches that were correct, then you can learn to use the power of intuition and E.S.P. in your daily life. If you ever have felt totally at peace with yourself, you can experience this pattern of mental quiet and tranquility again when you desire. In the depths of every person there is a reservoir of power and intelligence that is waiting to be tapped. When your full potential of the mind is applied, you can experience a new sense of control over your thinking as well as your attitudes and activities.

Mind Dynamic techniques enable you to leim how to consciously control your brain rhythms in the Alpha range and place you in contact with a whole new powerful dimension of mental activity. You can learn effective techniques for the practical use of this greater intelligence and power. You can learn dynamic methods for controlling physical habits, effective and rapid techniques for complete mental and physical relaxation, control of pain, achievement of emotional tranquility, greatly enhanced ability to learn and remember facts, improved decision making abilities, using the mind with maximum creativity and applying your innate powers of intuition. WHY YOU NEED MIND DYNAMICS The importance of ideas are what you do with them. If you merely desire better and more ideas, read books.

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