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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 86
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 86

Los Angeles, California
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2Q Part Sept. 11, 1970 SLnttlt Zimt MERV GRIFFIN Meet the blacks and whites, the aids and the bikes, i i i i School Auditorium, Culver City, 8:15 p.m. "Tha Medium" (Menotti); music by Mozart, Handel. VICTOR FUCHS' MEMORIAL COMPETITION CON CERT: Jeannine Altmeyer, soprano; Carmen Tejada, mezzo-soprano; Raeder Anderson, baritone; Maria Fe-ninger, piano; Henrietta Pelta, musical director, Wilshire Ebell Concert Hall, 8:30 p.m. MUSIC, POP HENRY MANCINI, conducting the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra with guest artists Ferrante Teicher, Hollywood Bowl, 8:30 p.m. "Day of Freedom. THE Encore Theater. Stars Montgomery Clift. Cobilled with "Fury." "WEEKEND," Art Center. College of Design, 7 p.m. Jean -Luc Godard's black comedy of our bourgeois society. DANCE JOFFREY BALLET, Ah-manson Theatre, 8:30 p.m. "Pineapple Poll." MUSIC PACIFIC PALISADES SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, Mathison Singers, Joel Lish, conductor. Linwood E. Howe TODAY'S CALENDAR MOVIES I ENT COMEDIES," Palms Recreation Center, 7:45 p.m. Featuring films of Laurel and Hardy, Buster Keaton, Fatty Arbuckle and Charlie Chaplin. "THE BLUE LIGHT," Leo S. Bing Theater, County Museum of Art, 8:30 p.m. A legend of an. outcast mountain girl from the. Italian Dolomites. Leni Reifenstahl wrote, produced and stars. i 1 1 with ine love ups ana aowns, that make The Daughter i of A Woman the ultimate. i Ifitep I happened to be a sow. Gossip columnist Rona Barrett held forth on reincarnation "and her belief that women will save the world. Country rock singer Linda Rondstadt sang her current hit, "A Long, Long Time." The last guest on the show was Broderick Crawford, who "put on" Miss Barrett for commenting once that she hated actors. He also confirmed the fact that his Highway Patrol series is running and rerunning in all the far corners of the globe. Griffin, who has introduced such talents as. Jose 1 i i a and Aretha Franklin on his show, smiled, gagged and gave guidance through the best and the worst of it. One of the most amiable and engaging people in the business, the former singer with the still pleasant voice seems cut out for his job. "So much of it," he had said earlier, "depends on what kind of a day the host has had." Continued from First Page top banana Johnny Carson In perpetuaf ratings race will remain the same. "These shows replaced the gossip columns-smalL talk and chitchat. They're built on what ratings you get. If you don't get the numbers you're out, and you have to remember that a lot pf the audience is out there in the Middle You can have Buck-minster Fuller on, but you damn well better have something else the same night that won't make their socks roll up and down." That night, Griffin's first L.A.-based show had a little something for everyone from here to Delight; Okla. After Mayor Sam Yorty welcomed Griffin to L.A., Glen Campbell sang and talked about how he had to move the outhouse 'every now and then when he was growing up on a Delight farm. Eva Gabor did her Eva Gabor act and trotted out a costar on her TV series (Green Acres) a pig named Arnold that "like 'women in love! it is flawless and fascinating in its evocation of Another time and another place. virgin and the gypsy' is an impressive achievement for EVERYONE -Charles Champlin, LA. Times "AN IMMENSELY ROMANTIC MOVIE WITH STYLE AND CRITICAL INTELLIGENCE. The Virgin And The Gypsy is satisfying because it realizes its goals!" -Vincent Canby, N.Y. Times "A finely made film. All the details delight -the finely etched portrait of the quiet renegade girl, played with erotic daydreams in her eyes by Joanna Shimkus; Franco Nero's snake-eyed gypsy, all purpose and passion." Newsweek Magazine cD.cH.Lawiace,s THE VIRGIN AND THE GYPSY 11. L'TniniN. ssJtz. lb is r'L-, iirniiiniiTrn "1 'There will probably never be another adult western made WW STAKSJie GER SUNOH -TOM SCOTT-ELLEN FA1S0N DStLXTED by MAC AHLBERG KmctD and wmoi by PEER GULDBRANDSEN ftw CHEVRON PICTURES RELEASE ADM OF races after they've seen No one under 18 will be admitted. this one-there is no way to top it- Hard Trail' tells it all!" Friday and Saturday Midnijht Show at 12 1230 -3 :59 5:30 7:10 8-50 10:30 i RIP-ROARING COLOR 6321 HOLLYWOOD BLVD. near VINE 463-6819 AVERY UNUSUAL 1 lent parties. Arrows dipped in I Margie's pot liquor -j Fanny's larbeque sauce. and palm readings. A Dimitri De Grunwild prtstntaBon M. I OF COURSE JOANNA SHIMKUS FRANCO NERO si D.H. lawrencfs THE VIRGIN AND THE GYPSY" HONOR BLACKMAN-MARK BURNS'FAYCOMPTON MAURICE DENHAM AbPUw PjBiclGwm KmwhHatpft ChreioplKrMw Color PHnulyMovrlali lRl3SrT A DHEnDN Pnufo Moot a divwon of Cdwom Corponiio LASH LARUE DONNA BRADLEY BOB ROMERO 1 L.Ly l-ri' V--' If 2nd FEATURE AT MOVIE. LYRIC I I iV s.s if 2nd FEATURE AT GARDEN, PUSSYCAT LOS ANGELES, TORRANCE, SANTA MONICA. SUNSET. PARK. FONTANA ii if jcij'j rxw 'z THE BEVEKLY KILLS EE DOHENY mm LANDLORD'S GETTING PLAZA Monday Thru Thursdiy at 1 00. tnd 10.00 PM Friday at 6:30, 8:30 and 10:30 PM Saturday and Sunday at 2, 4. 1, 10 PM r9 COLOR I 278-2090 Doheny Dr. half-block to. ol Wilshirs Parkina always available PARKING ON PREMISES S0( PLUS THE THRILLING TRAIL TWISTER GIRLS AT EVERY SHOW! JUST ABOUT a vt a a v. a i. i. i EVERYTHING fpussScaT 451-2356 1 jpyHM? PUSSMCafac?" 328 6375; I WWttl i M' wm THAN AT HO 2 07211 I 3 BUT THE TO8T71 rsuffSeT ESRic PAOUC AT flQRiMJt HUNTINGTON PARK Yfur OUR FILMS GO BEYOND THE LIMIT OF ANYTHING SHOWN IN THE L.A. AREA. THIS IS THE HOTTEST MOST EXPLICIT PRESENTATION EVER SHOWN IN AMY THEATRE HE 5-0148 JHJM2MJ EESSMIE war Iht'AMAN WAV AN OCA MK NEW SHOW EVERY FRIDAY COUPLES WELCOME ilo.W GE 5-5572 MA 8 66681 CT8 IIOOUPOT FlflHAT MIL ruuOouoi tos NCfi.f8 TOM CAT ADULT THEATRI 1717 N. Wiles H.llyw4: Vi Ilk. N. HollywW Blvd. 24 NhiS fnm Parking SANDBOX AOULT THEATRE 4177 lankarahim N. H.llyw..J Opn A.M. I A.M. VIEWING ROOM ADUIT THEATRI 404 S. Alvorod. Utmm. ttt WilihU. Omtm 10 AM. Mi4nito SHO-MOR ADULT THEATRI 1111 W. R.iatrant at Gardvno Op.n 10 A M. 1 A.M. jjUST ABOUT THE TIME WHEN YOU THINK YOU'VE SEEN II 'II EVERYTHING, Lni II If If II ALONET YvVfif '''V AISOLUTELY ADULT I AISOLUTELY ADULT LONELY? NEVER? NEW CONCEPT IN SOUNDCOLO ss '-v -V i I if I X. I 1 in C7 l.i 4 ADULT FEATURES Zm If? I 1 MONICA I III (i AT A.M. I II I 2i OPEN ALL KITE! I ATV Rt INCREOIBLf NEW I 1113 SRNTA MONICA LVD. ISI-1111 OPEN DAILY THE MtRlSCH PRODUCTION COMPANY pants A NORMAN JEWIS0N HAL ASHBY PRODUCTION BEAU BRIDGES LEE GRANT DIAISANDslTpEARL SSSper. Ml IK' IV IYIP0PPIN8 SHOW I IPIui, Nntr.ltM. Rmtllns Ihorii) I ONI WEEK ONLY I BILL GUNN KRiSTM HUNTER NORMAN JEW1S0N HAL ASHBY COLOR by Qeluxe' Urttfd ilrtierri LRLsj LE GAl SAVOIR "ONE OF JEAN-LUC GOOARD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL, MOST VISUALLY LUCID MOVIES. 60DARD MAKES THE FILMS OF MOST OF HIS CONTEMPORARIES LOOK ABOUT AS ORIGINAL AN0 INDIVIDUAL AS MON0GRAMME0 VOLKSWAGENS." -NY. TIMFJ CHARLTON HESTON 1 1 I PLUS. AT I APOLLO ONLY jLmX' I FLYING HIGH rwoTHtw abiiltco hiVs, cu thcatres MOOTWOt 4 NSIfci(N I Ku" lOUISI I 4 MCH J4HJ. I cwt A STARRING: JEAN-PIERRE LEAUO CO-FEATURE ROBERT LAPOUJADE'S "LE in color AWALTERMIRISCH PRODUCTION UbJ 112 NO. VERMONT NO. 4-2111 brvfdirttitp "THE HAWAIIANS" STARTS WED. Max Ophuis Mast.rpUca "LA R0NDE" "A YOUNG WORLD" Plus DE SICA'S PALACE Downtown 624-6271 NOW 4 THEATRES WITH THE NEWEST FRISCO FILMS CINE I CINE II EXTRA MIDNIGHT NEW SHOW EVERY THURS. SHOW TONIGHT "mm MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE MINI LICK New Shsw E.ary Prt. NEW SHOW S4C2 Santa Manic "RY WED. LAMAR Manhattan Beach 372-8500 GUILD N. Hollywood 766-3741 ACADEMY-Inglewood -751-5151 ELENDALE Glcndale 241-4177 dlmt.fl.. far in4 l.aliirt. PANORAMA Panorama City 892-1167 'ERYBODY'S 9 EVERYBODY NATIONAL GENERAL TrWATnll VOGUE Hollywood 462-6621 1 WILSHIRE -Santa Monica -3940216 ACADEMY Pasadena 796-3191 LA REINA Sherman Oaks 788-8311 CULVER -Culver City-833-3124 AND TOMORROW I Thitr.t-S5I N. I'M tt Waitara 4I7-447I 10B2 N. Wtsterl 44l-17tf FREE PARKINO rnvmm NEW LARGE SCREEN 417-7117 mOPFN I 4S A.M.MADUITS ONLY All IN COLOR mmm MIDNIGHT SHOW FRI. I SAT. OPEN A.M. FAVORITE Til -Mr. COMFORTABLE AIR-CONOITIONEB OPEN 24 HRS. CLEAN II MM COLOR CLUI MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE 7- If I FINEST IN I A.I EVERY FORM OF lOVEMAKINQ) SHOWN IN EXPLICIT DETAIll NEW SHOW EVERY FRIDAY 1610 THEATRE till N. CahiitnsR Hlval. Hellywsai ID wr flu tUtimu SHOWS IT AU I KfiLTST All COIOR All PltASURE I 2 NEW SHOW EVERY FRIDAY 3366 W. TH ST. MINI THEATRI 5462 Santa Monica Blvd. At Hw Frt.woy 447-4471 VICT A Nollrwtad tumit A WiaiM Call BB1-M1S OPEN HI NITE FROM I A.M. 1 I Cl ima mm full kMBiytiny lu aavmamj ClOSE-tP THEATRE 4429 (1 Ilk. W. R.Mim4) mwmmmmmmmmmmmwmam FIRST TIME ANYWHERE COLOR SOUND 3636 E. COLORADO UNINHIBITED SHORT SUBJECTS EXPLICIT ACTION FEATURf THRU TUES i tue tfttll FUMED LAST WEEK ESPECIALLY FOR EXPLICIT ACTION FEATURE THRU TUES.I THE TOTAL 0UR JCRElNi THIS SHOW TOPS THEM "THE MAD PIE-MAN" ADULT THEATRE all. mmmmmmbmwmmmUROI SCREEN-AIR COOIED-34 HOURS anaMaMMMmaMM 'II I 1 -wmnw- f- ft iAire on nn iwTomom UNptRomuN ciAinq Mia T. STARRING1 DAVID MICHAEL! ASH fiROVf Eros Adult Theatre 715 l.vtrly Blvrf. 1 UK. w. op ia IREA Denmark's and Hollywood's Finest Adult Films Non-Members $1.00 Discount With This Ad MIDNITf torn Tmiiirf i v', OFIN ll AM. I I Liti siiow RLS ATn IL4AM jryusiy RATED niw SHOW EVERY THUIt "2 HRS. of an EROTIC FILM FESTIVAL" iat. film FESTIVAL THEATRE IPIN DAILY JO AM 4I-00tt 101 N. WESTERN IXPERIENCI ISN'T ALWAYS TMI BEST TFACHFR BUT VlUIAl 6f MONITRATION It ANdFI I PARK Ml MtMHXMMH. aiiuf.r NOVA IN i iwtT.ra AVON MailtMl (MM mtn nfuna I

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