Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 7, 1949 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Wednesday, December 7, 1949
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Today's Chuckle Peeping Tom: window chopping wolf. —North Central Squawk. &aitu THK WEATHKR Clenrlng this afternoon with temperatures near 27 degrees. Cold »nd windy tonight, with a low near 20. Cloudy with snow flurries tomorrow and sub-free/.ing tf.mporaturen. VOL. LXIV, NO. 286 ESTABLISHED 1885 Dedicated To Community Public Service" WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1949 TEMPERATCBE REPORT Midnight. 18; 3 a. m. 21; 6 a. m.. 22; 9 n. m., 24; noon, SO. Leased Wire Service of the United Preu 10 PAGES Odd Fellows Honor 50-Year Members ,* 0 f, ° :nt ? nnlnl ' MdKC - Odd Fellow ". wp ™ presented jewels Monday night at ceremonl™ [,, Odd Fellows Hall marking: tholr C0«h y«»r iw members of (ho lodge. VVAIUIKN n". AIU1I. IIHH« -rand ' "" '" '" r ICft """"•"""•f » i"»'«'l (" WII.MAM A. Til MOV, who ,,,,ter,,d thi- I.Ml'si.' Ort. r li™Ki«. G. HOTCHKISS, Nov. ™" ar<% ! " *° riBht ' OII * RI ' K » W. IIOUHKKNKCIIT, Nov. Cl, JXUII; ttKOKCiK 99 and GKO1KJK I.. I'A.JKKll. Sept. It, !«»». Mr. Abel IIUH 1,,-,-n it ,,,,.,nl«T of din Odd FnllnwM for 4!) VCIU-H, Program Of Entertainment At Community Club Tonight Residents Of Beacon Falls To Present 8 Acts Beacon Falls Eight acts of entertainment, by an all-Beacon Falls cast, will feature the variety show at the Community Club "open house" program tonight at 8 o'clock in the club. The show will be the start of the full evening's entertainment program which will include ping-pong exhibitions and dancing. The variety show will Include everything from singing to tumbling, with all of the stars to be Beacon Falls residents. An orchestra will furnish music for dancing after the show and refreshments will be served. There is no admission charge. The club Is also staging weekly dances Friday nights In the club from 8 to 12 o'clock, with music provided by Miles Booth and his orchestra. Teenagers and adults x are invited and club officials polnt'out ^rhnt the dances end before the last bu.ves leave town. Parking space is available next to the club building, and refreshments are served. On Dec. 22. Ray Sullivan and his band will be at the club to give instructions in square dancing to persons of all ages. Instructions will be given at the dance from 8 to 11 o'clock. There is no admission, the dance being a feature of the club's entertainment program. A brief business session will be held at 7 o'clock tonight, with business to be ended for the start of the variety show at 8 o'clock. Menu Magic "Mciu Magi- with Meat" wll 1 . •be the theme of a lecture-demonstration by Mary Lane. Home Kconomi:-!. .Monday night, Dec. 34. at 7:30 in the United Church parlors, under the sponsorship of the L.iyal Daughters Society. Mrs. Ralph Upright is program shrUr- man for the society Many arractive and appetlzln'g prize food platters will be prepared for her audience by Miss Lane. A highlight of her program wiil be a roast pork garnished with holiday vegetables. Misc Lane will include in her ]«cturn ideas for better nutrition for all members of the family for each meal, and offer many helpful, as well as economical suggestions. Prize platters prepared during the demonstration will be distributed to attending home-makers with complete recipn informntl-in. Members and friends of the congregation lire invltpd to hear Miss Lanr. who Is a member of the Nntion.-il Home Economics Branch of the American Home Economics Society. AUTHORIZED Washington — Secretary o/ Stale Arhwton sayn the Army okayed orders for wartime •shipments to Rii-wln. And he Kays no State Dopartmcnt ro-;- ord» went to Moscow without protx-r authorization. Nov. Construction Valued At $53,200, Rosa Reports Six One-Family Homes Are Listed; Other Dept. Reports Construction valued at $53/200 was recorded during November' by Building Inspector Paul Rosa, according to his monthly report up- proved last night at a meeting of the board of warden and burgesses. Six one-family houses wore recorded as new construction valued at $43,500; six garages, $3,450; alterations to two houses, $6,250; one porch demolished. Fifteen permits were grunted by the inspector. The Itemized report Is a« follows: Earl White. Jones road, four rooms, $6,500; William Puoseck, -10 Damson Lane, garage, $650; Salvalore Mcndes, 75 South Main street, garage, $800; Frank Pronto, corner Maple and Water ntreul.«, iilteratlnns, $6,000; Mary E. Borne, Nixon av- onuc, four rooms, $6,000; ifidward W. and ]£6teHo A .Dooley, 51) Highland avenue, demolish front porch. Thomas F, Edmonds, 215 North Hoadloy street, garage, $000; John Grickis, Maple Hill road, five rooms, fft.OOO; Maria Andei-Kon, 18 May av- anun, garage, $f,50; Anna Post RUH.-:ell street, four rooms, $7,500;' Vito Puopolo, 198 Meadow street, garage addition, $300; Anthony Plu- trowski, Maple Hill road ,incl Mulberry Hill, complete onu room, $250; Mrs. Mary Busanskas, 35. Lines Hill, garage, $700; Hunry Kr/ykowjikl, Homestead avenue, five rooms $8,>00; Harry SchmlU, Kr., Little River drive, four rooms, $7,500. Tolles Heads Glendalot Manor dull Atty. Fremont W. Tollos was elected president of the OlcndalB Manor Community Club at annual elections lust night In the club home. He succeeds Jack Quinn who * 7'he eight month report of Borough Treasurer Norman 11. Wood •ihows $180,217.01 ciiHh on hnnd n:< of Dec. 1, with $110,217.01 of that amount in the N.-iiiicutuck National Bank, and $50,000 in the Colonial Trust Co. The report shows as of April 1 this year there was $11,102.10 cash on hand. Receipts are listed as follows: Tux collector, $6!)i).157.76; borough clerk, $12<t,r,40.D4 ; public welfare, $19,996.37; borough clerk, $2.474.05; schools, $33,691.80; building Inspector, $1,210; parking meters, $3.283; Old Age Assistance, $48; notes payable, $150,000. making a total of $1,034,181.02. DlHhiirMemorilii: Wnrriinls payable, $733,268.07; borough court. $.i,»'M; temporary loans repaid, $150,(100; mirpliiH, $1, making a total of $885.157.07. Tax Collator In the October report of Tax Collector John U. Ferris it is .shown that $8.118.72 was collected In property taxes and $48 in Old Age Assistance taxes. Itemized the report shows: Taxes, $5,872.05; interest, $219.07; liens, $27; Old Age AH- (Contlnucd on Page Five) Letter From Santa Claus The Nort Pole Dear Children, Are you counting the days until Chri tma.i? I am. I c;in hardly wait until it i.s time to hitch tip the n ind<'cr, toss the bulging, huge toy sack into the sleigh and b c off for my Christmas Eve rldo over a!l (he wnrld. Like -i streak of lightning I fly through the sky, stopping at each roof top to distribute the toys. Then like the wind. I take ofT ap.nin for the next town or village where children live. Oh, I am a very busy person on Christmas Eve. But I like my job. I can just see the eyes r.f each one ol' you light up -with Measure as you discover the wagons, skates, trains and other toys I have left for you. Oh. Christmas Is a lovely day, don't you think. F °r me. it is always a day of —Pri-pare now lor Ihe totldar party jra.en. (all "inn oi<lnk«iT*k| „, , ( .,, l-Nj 1-urkan* siore. Tel. 18»«-Adf. rest as well. With Mother Claus :loso by bustling in and out of .he kitchen with turkey and thi: Uingi for Chrlstmn.H dinner, thi-. >lvfs and I just take a holHay. 3r course, they :irc L'xcllcd about Lhflr own presents but mostly wo wonder how you like yours, \Vo can hardly wait until our pilot elf returns from his tour of the world to tell us. He looks; in each window. Love, SANTA CLAUS P. S.—My thnnk.s^to Elaine Fm- tesi, 84 Coen street, for a very nice letter . . . I've Instructed my helpers to make sure th.vt Elaine gets the doll with clothes, n nursing set and a bowling .set she requested for Christmas. Love, SANTA I'KKMONT \V. TOI.LES — Urmemhrr ynnr lionin lhl» Clirlitnms Sliop nt IlHcllcy'B In iVnlcrPiur.i fur R jf|p I'li-k from liirnlliirc, niiplliuirrH. iiml "tlicr h (nine hold liirnlKlilnnH—Arty. will serve for the coming year as a i.ruMtor. . . Mm. Krancls Nounnn was elec/t- ••<! vU.-p-prcHiclunl. The new officers will assume tholr duties at the next meeting lo bo held Jan. 3 In tho club home. Tru.'UccH elected worn Mrs. Rob- orl Chase, Steve Slurdevant, Car- French. Mrs. red ward Noble, Hdward Klgcnbrot. Hugh AnderHtm, Harold Krom, Robert Barnhart and Mr. Quinn. New Snow Storm Makes Total For Season 12 Inches Although wenthnr bureau A>r'i- nnstei-K snUl HK much rui eight inrh- '•-s of snow would bo recorded by nightfall ;n a wc.Htorn Htorm. which moved into Connecticut today, in the borough only ono Inch of Die while stuff fell in the third enow slnrin of the season. Naugatuck Water Co, reports Khowcd a total of onn Inch of HPOW hud fallen by R o'clock this mot-n- ing, at about, which time the storm turned to sleet and continued in that category for about two ho'irn. Precipitation n mounted to JO of an Inch. Tim-Ing the pnst 2.1-honrs (.lie low temperature was 12 degrees and the high was 37 dcgrcos. With the one inch of snow re- rordotl today, th<. Mcason'it t.o'a! now KtainlH lit 12 Inches, Iwn and nine Inches, rnspecllvnly. having fallen during the two prrvl'iiin t*t oi'tiis. Some comrnuolltes in the pt/»te. report, that dry wells were replenished by the storm of lust wcelc, but generally the water situation Is regarded us on the brink of iorl- <ius. Portland, hit the hardest "I 1 any municipality, gained only u few inches In its reservoir. The Hi a to Health Department reguv-lH the water situation an ''.serious ht:t not critical," VOSTI'ONKI) MI-K. Gertrude M. M:i.dlgan, 'di- recloi- of lulult eduini.l.ion, announced I'xlay thai, the class in Karlv American D-porn.tlon, scheduled for tonight in the Tullli; SBhool. IIUH been r.0!,!(i«.-nf-d. The cla™ wll! iTKet next week at the usual time. PRICE FIVE CENTS Rado Letter Verified By Little League Unanimous Vote Recalled By Members Present Members of the board of <'l- reetoi-H of (ho Peter ,T. Foley Lltl'.o League who attended a meeting last week today reported that (hero "definitely" was a unanimous vote thiil. a stnement lie written find published re>>ukln^ Burgeon Wll- lium J, Undo for his criticism of ' out-of-town" mombm-B of the 1)011 I'd, US Hllfill. Others, under questioning by Burgess Rndo, apparently dovol- oped a convenient lapse of mcmn- ly. Rauo rjucfttlonerl the validity of the letter in a statement to ar cut-of-town newspaper. But a representative of T'IO News, who attended the meeting. has the straight facts. There in nlHo, In the filoH of The News, a letter with notation in tho handwriting of nn officer of thn league. Thnl Is the letter published yeii- Icrdny In The NeWH, In which uiirinlmniiH action wns reported. A poll of the membership of tho Ijoard of directors would Hiii'port the statement that tho letter wan auhorlfced. The News has a complete report ol the activities ut last week's Meeting, Including the namCH of dtroetor.H who discussed tho queB- tion, and those who made the mr- tioiiH and the seconds. The report will not bo mado public. The News feels 'that no Rood ran come from a continuance of this conl.rover.Hy. It had been hoped thiil the statement from the hoard of directors would have beu-n (he final word on the. subject. The News In'tendfl to pub'tpn nothing further In Its newa col- umnH about tho controversy. Thus (ar it has carried only one story since the Issue wan raised by Burgess Rado. That was the one story In which the letter of tho 'directors was published. A report that tho board )iud voted to censure Rado wap Jirwt published In an out-oftown paper. , Further controversy would serve no good Interest. It might have a very tiorlouH effect on an outstanding community project. 15 Local Stores To Be Visited By Mystery Men Chairman William Schporo of the Retail Division of the Chamber of Commerce today, In a resume of the first week of the Automobile Glvn-Away Event now under way In leading local stores, stated that the event has stimulated a great deal of interest In early Christmas chopping here, Chalrmaon Schpero today paid tribute to Lewis Freedman, chairman of the Promotions committee of the Retail Division who Is In direct charge of thn car event, and who worked out the myriad of details associated with presenting a new $1800 Ford car to the Naugatuck shopping public as a Christmas present from local merchants. Naugatuek stores are open Thursday and Friday nights this week until 8:45 as an aid for Christmas shopping, Chairman Schpero stated. Tho popular Mystery Man plan will bo In effect at J5 local stores on Thursday night, It also was announced today. Someone in each of tho stores on Thursday night between 8 und 8:46 o'clock will be "tapped" by a Mystery Man, and to that, lucky person will go a cash prize of JB.on In each Instance. The stores where Mystery Men will visit on Thursday night will he indicated by banners on the front show windows. Chairman Schpero today stated flint In connection with tho holiday whopping program In Naugatuck, much of tho general schedule has been accomplished through tho efforts of Arnold Carlson, chairman of tho Christmas Lighting Committee, Walter Anderson and Joseph F. Smith who worked on the Promotions Committee, with all efforts dovetailing with the aggressive program which was formulated by Mr. Freedman^ head of tho Cnr-(Jlveaway group. Stores which will | )n visited by Mystery Men Thursday night Include M. Freedmnn Co., Carlson FuYnlturo Co., Inc., Rubin's, William Schpero, Cans ,Inc., Raphael's Inc., Hawloy Hardware, Norwash Shoe Store, Sweeney's Art Store, C. H. Tomllnson, Weiss Ben Franklin store, G. C. Murphy Co, nnd Ro- Hon Watt's. President Hospital Bulletins Clayton Fellows, -10, of 501 North Main street was released from St. Mary's Hospital yesterday after receiving treatment for frost-bltton foot and mild carbon-monoxide poisoning. He told Walcrbury police that his feet became, frozen when his car stalled and he stood on (ho highway nnd tried to halt passing curs for assistance, WAI/TKB I.VSK1KWTCZ, retired Nuugatiick policeman now u Church street businessman, was elected president of the West Side Community Club at the annual mooting Monday night In Hop Brook school. Ifn succeed* Malcolm Wilson. Mr. Lynkleulc/. iiml hi* Htstff will lissome thnlr dd I leu In the club after liiNtullii- tlim ceremonies next month. New Quarters Considered By Gold Star Post Frnnk Zdrnwokl, commander of CJold Slur Post, Catholic War Vf-r.- eians announced today the post Is sanding telegrams to the National Commander of the CWV, President Harry S. Truman and Sc.:.". of State Oenn Acheson requesting thtit immediate action be taken to effect tho release of a milloc and f« marine held cavlve for 14 me. nthn by the ChlncHO Ccm- raunlstn. This action follows h, Hlm'Iiir ei. taken late last week by Nun- gatuck Valley Detachment, Marine 'Corps League, and the Slate Department of |he Marino Corpii. League. National headquarters ,-t tho Catholic War Veterans IH c\- ructod to Hupport tho request of the borough pout. At liiwt nlght'ii mooting of tho pout, It was voted that Gold S'ir Post would sponsor nn open mee> iiig In Falcon Hall for all Naugatuck veterans, to bo held In tha near futue. At that time prominent speakers In vetcranw affair:) will be hoard In discussions of veterans rlghta under existing lawa. Commander Zdrowskl also rin- nouncod that, plnns were dlHCilsnod lor a membership drive to be conducted after the first of tho yonr. Efforts will bo made during tho drive to sUmulatc inturoHt In tho ladles' auxiliary and it Is oxpoctnci that a charter will soon be au- curod for the auxiliary. A special meeting will be ho'.d .Sunday following tho fl:30 Mami for (ilf.cusslori of plans to change tho location of the post'n quarters. Twu nuw sites nrc being considered. ys MEN State Trooper Edward Doollng was guest speaker at tho regular weekly dinner-meeting of the Y'a Mon'.M Club lant night In the YMCA cafeteria. President Bradford E. Smith presided over the business session. LKGION MKETINti. A regular meeting of Post No. 17, American legion, will bn hnU. thin evening at, 8 o'clock In tho Luglon Memorial J1 o m o, Cedar sl.reet. Commander C'harloB Clark will preside. Reelected Construction Of New Bldg. On Water St. Contemplated Propose To Purchase Land Gala Christmas Parties Planned By Departments A majority of departments In'tho Nn.ugatuck Footwear Plant, United State Rubber Co., are presently [banning Christmas parties to usher in the holiday Benson, The U, 8. Girls' Club was the first group to have their party lust Monday night at Sullivan's In:i The Gum Bhoe Department will stage their party tomorrow nlgut at Rinaldo's Restaurant and fron. that point on, continuing practically every night right up to Christmas week, the various office an»i plant groups will gather In rond- liouses and inns up and down the Valley for their annual Yulelltio celebrations. The following dflpnrtmanla h;i.v« already announced dates for their ruupnnllvn parties, and tho commit- IIMIK In chiirgo of arrangements. Dec. 5: U, S. Girls' Club, Sullivan's Inn, Beacon Falls. Chalrrrvio Eleanor Zblkowskl, Carmella Rio, Theresa Schiller. Dec. 8: Gum Shoe Making Dipt.,, Tllnaldo's Restaurant, Naugatur.'rf. Chairman Jako Mariano. Rune Mouln, Georglnna Miirolnka, Holan Or.oplak. Doc, 10: Tennis Packing * Car- Ion' Depts., Beacon Palls Recreation Hnll. Chairman John Mondie'n. Mary Noble, Peter Sabalh, Howurd Noodham. Doc. 10: Tennis Stitching Dopt, Cristoforo Colombo Hall, 'N«ut»jp- tuck. Chairman Harry Stogerwnirl, Robert Hill. Marlon Roml», Krnostlno Forrelra, John Ccl'.clo, Haitian Knaplk, Jonnle RomanHVl, Joe Rucclo, Freda Cattann. M. Rurark, Gertrude Slater, Ellen 'Iri nno, Helen Foulkrod, Gussle Phll- lipB, Norma Butcher. Dec. 10: Tennis Making- Dcpt, Military Hall, Union City. Chatr- ruan Joe KachowBlcl, ZlgmwvA Szymanskl. Dec. 10; Tennis Pncklnp Dopi,, Beacon Fulls Ror.rcntlon Hall. Chairman John Mondlch. George r-mmahct, Eva Collcla, Jack Jones, Mary Hodovanlk, Bornlce Stump>i, Don Gunnoud, Mary Noble. Tod Htlier. Dec. 13: Industrial RelnUrws Dcpt... American Brass Country Club. Chairman Lucille Deo, Thoni- im Nelllgan, Bernard Sulllviin, Anne Hemsen. Doc. 14: Mechanical Engineering Dapt, Paradise Inn. Chairman Lou Becker, James Nlea, Andy Hunt- Is igton. Margaret Benz. Dec. 15: Waterproof Packing Ucpt., Paradise Inn, Chairman Louis Plchulo, Cjlarn Nn^pi^l, /L> Granlca, Eva Butnoir. John OHi Mary Sodloski, Alta Ardry, Sy'vla 1'nrks, Emll Pillt, Florence Polonls, Margaret Spoors. Dec. IB: Payroll & Tabulating Dijpts., Hop Brook Country Club. Chairman Freda Matjouranls Helen Hadfleld, Kvalln (Leuttora. Dec. 15: Waterproof Misc. Fltt'.n<j & Cutting Dept., Recreation Hall, Beacon Falls. Chairman Ed Stan klcwlcz, Florence Aukstolis, Phyllis Fleming. Dec. 15: Latex Dip & Mold Hucl Mach. Depts., Fred's (High\vi:y Grill, jNaugatuck. Chairman T{. Mengttccl, Molly Kraua, Mary Lawley. Doc. ir>: S.P.C., Sales Aco'i, 1'lnnt Acn't,, Mall Hoom, Purnh:i'.-- ing, Wholosalo Sales, Admlnlntra- tlon, Cost Dopt, Stationery Supply, RuloH Room, V.F.W. Home, Rubber avenue, Naugatuck. Chairman V,. J. Koofo, J. Whalon, 8. Orant M Furs, H. Warren. Dec. 17: Style Gaiter Dept., Mi;- Itnry Hall. Union City. Chairman Joe Tourangoau, A. Mascola. A. Zuccarclll, C. McCarthy, G. T.. I-*eper. J. Bondler, A. Pawelch.nk, L. Polosi, J. Covlello, C. Sanders. Doc. 17: Fabric InsiHictlon Dept,, Sullivan's Inn. Chairman Louis ItAYMONn HOTCHKISS I.oc»»l 440, Amerlciin FiMlprntlon of Musician* lust night r«N)lucted Raymond HotcliklNK prcsldnnt, tit thi; annual meeting In thn town hall. Other officers of tho local, thn NiiiiRutuck J'r»t«etlv« Asuo- r.latlon, AFM, arc Hftrry \Vlnn1inv, secretary and Kriwunl firlfflth, treasurer. All officers worn re- vli-ctvcl. Following the biiNln»Ns •unNHlon momlMTN of the local r>n- Joynd a banquet and entertainment program. (Continued on Pago Five) Volunteer Firemen To Present Badge To Fr. Vildauskas The annual banquet of tho Nau- gnjtuck Hone, Hook and Ladder Co. will be held this evening at 6:30 o'clock In the Knights of Columbu* rooms, Ncary building. A turkey dinner will be served at 7 o'clock by ICdward Haopp, caterer. Hugh Shields, Rldgcfleld, will be principal speaker. State Trooper Edward J. Doollng will discuss state police work In connection with fire department and Fred Zchnder will be master of ceremonies. New members will be welcomed by tho company and honorary mom-horn will be guests, according to Fire Marshhl Edward J. Weaving, chairman. The Rev. Goorge Vileiauskas, of St. Mary'a Church will bo presented n badge. Ho was recently elected Catholic Chaplain of the company. Masons Elect A.J.Hermonat Albert J. Hermonat was elected Worshipful Master of Shepherd Lodge, Maaons, at a meeting last night In Masonic Temple, Church street. Other officers named were: Philip IE. Kepler, Senior Warden; Fred Montrose. Junior Warden; William P. Cusbman, treasurer; F. Victor Ciarflald. secretary; John W. Hayen, Jr. .senior deacon; Waller Hultberg, Junior deacon; Marvin Cheney, senior steward; Elmer Kdlcr, Junior steward; and G. Louis Packer, tiler. Oflcors will be Installed Tuesday evening, Dec. 20. Twenty-five year membership pins wore awarded to Ralph Gllnaok, Henry Bagley, Milton E. Webster, Otto Messner_ Mr. Garflcld, Carl J. Johnson, Harry S. Lowd and Floyd E. Melbourne. The presentations wore made by tho Right Worshipful Harold 1C. Perry, past District Deputy of the Third Masonic District. Following the meeting, refreshments were served in the banquet hall. Church Council To Purchase Bibles For Meadowbrook The purchase of Bibles for Mead- owbrooK Borne was authorized lUBt night at a mooting of tho nxociitlvo commlttoB of the Naugatuck Council of Churches held In the Salem Lutheran church. Tho council al«o voted to purchase a copy of Paul Blannhard'n book, American Freedom and Catholic Power, which after study by tho Social Action committee will bo given to the Howard Whlltomoro Memorial Library. The Rev. Theodore A. Schroder, president, conducted the session, during which a report was presented by the Rev. Wlnfrod B. Langhorst on the recent meeting of tho state council. Various other reports •were given, Including one by Samuel Lyons, on tho Kvcry Member canvas conducted recently. A letter was read from Governor Chester A. Bowles expressing appreciation to tho council for participating at the recent public hearing In Hartford concerning gambling laws. Tho Rev. O. H. Bertram and the Rev. Schradcr attended tho legislative hearing. Tho next meeting of the group will be held Jan, 3 in St. Michael's Episcopal church. Bus Drivers Quit; Volunteer Firemen Take Over Posts Throe members of the Nmigatuck Hose, Hook and Laddor Co, reported to work' this morning as bus drivers when u labor dispute developed between drivers and management of tho Lionel LcClalr bun lines. Thomas and Robert Lawlor and Thomas Weaving responded to the call for emergency drivers. Mr. Weaving was engaged to drive for the firm and he mado tho Pond Hill run for school children. A spokesman for the LeCIalr firm said that all schedules were met as usual, with sufficient drivers on hand. Mr. LoClalr was unavailable for comment. KKSKJNS Robert N. Whittemorn. rocoMly' elected president of the Naugal uc* TMCA, has resigned the chairmanship of the Boys' Work commlt- tue. He IH expected to appoint n new chairman within tho next few weeks. ^£5W) SHOPPING DAYS TILL ISTMAS O g^O _ for tht kidt of Chriimw HmuTandy tan,, at» dandy. 15 doyi lo g.t lh*m -Kcop o tro«-full handy) Borough Property On Water Street Sought By Firm; Small Strip To Be Viewed By Board Members In preparation to seeking an appropriation for construction of OL new building In tho borough, thn U. S. Rubber Co. footwear plant desires to purchase a small strip of borough-owned property on Water street. Warden Harry L. Carter at last night's meeting of the board of warden, and burgesses explained that tho firm seeks a small parcel of land adjacent to property It owns in order to build a plant "which will mean between $7(MKX> and $7fi,OOO on our ta xllut." Tho desired properly, which i.i triangular In nhape, fronts WuU-r street by 23 feel and extends about lt»n fcirt to no dimension. Willard E. BIUI, factory manager of the local plant, today said the firm's boundary on the north i» irregular and in order to build on the f.ropcrty it Is necessary to "even It up." He nauertcd that th<5 plant is seeking " a substantial appropriation", but stated that plans were now In "the Idea stage" and that no definite decision will be mode until next month. Mr. Blttle declared that "providing the large ouKpropriotion is granted, building would start Immediately." The warden was authorized with Burp-caseii Harold Stlnfon and William Rado to inspect the propar- ly and appraise It before any definite action is taken by the board. BecauiHj the time element involved Is brief, the warden will contact board members personally or by telephone to ascertain their desires before allowing (purchase of th'i property. Kxchange The board voted to exchange a parcel of borough-owned property 40 by 80 feet on Dunn avenue for 2,000 square feel of land at the Intersection of Aetna and Kdward streets with George E., anrt Mary A. McNftmara, A» tho outcome of tho transaction, which Involves no expense, the board voted to cancel deferred sanitary sewer assessments levied in JSXM against l:ind on Aetna street contained In tho deed from the McNamuraa to the borough and known as Edward street. Oppose Metor* A petition, signed by 35 employes of the U. S, Rubber Co., was road requesting t nn ( tho board reconsider placing nine meters on tho •west aide of Church itreot north of J-)j vision street. Warden Carter commented on the fact that 35 people could not benefit from only nine, parking places. Upon recommendation of the street committee, the board voted to iniitnll tho parking meters to eliminate all d«y parking. A recommendation by Polico Chief John J. Gormley at last month's meeting that parking bo eliminated on the east side of Meadow street south of Park place, Is still subject of Investigation by the street committee. The warden asked that the police department enforce tho no parking ban on the north side of Hillside avenue from Meadow street to the first curve. A parking ordinance roads that there shall be no park- Ing on either side of Hillside avenue from Meadow «(r«et 200 fe«i to Falrvlow avenue. Bun Change The board voted that buses proceeding through South Main «tre<-t north to Watcrbury discharge pim- scngors south of tho Maple street (Continued on Page 8ix) Tho YOUIIK Carpenter —Wow In th» limn In ri-mly ynnr r.*r lor win tor driving, nrlvc In Ki r. Holt mm MutorH, HI) KiiblMir Av(..-.A(1r. As a youth. Jesus "waxed strong In spirit . . . and In- creasod In wisdom ,-ind »1at- urc." A- * Our ChrlHtmaH Fralurn "The Story of the Savior" IH one for '-very member of tho family . . . the. st«ry 'if tho flrxt ChrUtmiM. Now Running Today on Page 10 nord lot, ol Orrni (nil Furro tHtHtn»rl««it milk, run \»«it. lor .IHlT<.i>-AdT.

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