The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on June 12, 1971 · 39
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 39

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1971
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FIRST NOVEL IN YEARS log flngtUg QLimt$ Sat., June T2f 1 97T-Part II . 1 PAT HAND Richard Crenna finds Bessie Love has draw on him in scene from "Catlow." Bessie, who will be 74 this year, is former movie queen who appeared in MGM's "Broadway Melody" in 1929, first musical to win an Academy Award. MOVIE CALL SHEET Sagittarius in 2-Film Deal Sagittarius Productions has finalized a two-picture theatrical deal with Han-na-Barbera Productions to coproduce "My Name Is Roger" in live action, and "Charlotte's Web," based on the E. B. White fantasy, in animation. Paramount will release. Producer-director Lawrence Turman has signed a three-picture contract with Warner Bros. The first project will be "Everybody Knows and Nobody Cares," from the novel by Mason Smith. The other properties have not been decided. "S.R.O.," Hollywood International Pictures' feature, has begun filming 14 weeks of cross - country location shooting in Dallas. The comedy will star Rory Calhoun, Ruth Roman, Rosey Grier, Jim Mitchum, Tom Bosl ey, Jess White, John Fiedler and Percy Hellton. Jerry Schafer i3 producing and directing. Regina Buff has been added to the cast of 20th Century-Fox's "Made for Each Other," now filming in New York with Renee Taylor and Joseph Bologna starring. Adam Arkin, son of Alan Arkin, will make his feature film debut in the film. Producer David Sontag has purchased "My Father' s House," Philip B. Kunhardt Jr.'s novel, to be filmed under his David Sontag Enterprises ban- NOW PLAYING 1971 PULITZER PRIZE PLAY RACHEL ROBERTS in THE EFFECT OF GAMMA RAYS ON MAN-IN-THE-M00N by PAUL ZINDEL directed by MELVIN BERNHARDT produced by ORIN LEHMAN and JAMES A. D00L1TTLE TICKETS AT BOX OFFICE, MAIL t AGENCIES "Splendid... "Btt thow in town." Daily Variety t.A. Timer Carlino's Award Winning New York Hit! 649N.PolniettiaPi. Nr. Melroso in Hollyw'o) Performances Fri.tSit.8 30 Sunday, 89 For reservations call: 936-8811 ..,1119 v1 i ay fcrf" m .iT"- V"". - INNER CITY THEATRE SnsW.WnMnitBntltrtf.fitVannefit) 731-1911 tvfi-ngi: $5.50, U.bO, $3 50. Matiii: J4 M, H SO, $2.53. Stitdnt ndierilar ctnens wi!ti KCC tlieount cat d $1 .W t U pet fernuncet. TED ROTER TONIGHT . LAST FINAL WEEKS ASST "CLOSET CASANOVA" SANTA MONICA PLAYHOUSE 1211 4th Sr. tor Reservation! Call EX. 4-9779 "Hat Depth, innint i Controlled Hysteria Sidt-Spllttinj!!" Frl.-5it.-Sun. 1:30 AV Mutual!. Tlekwron ner. Filming is scheduled for early October in Hollywood. Scat Man Crothers has been set for a costarring role as a nightclub pianist in "Open Shadow," currently filming under the direction of Paul .Mag-wood. Filmways has concluded an agreement with Archie Productions to produce "Archie," a live-action feature based on the cartoon character. Martin Ranso hoff, head of Filmways, and John L. Goldwater, president and publisher of Archie Comic Publications, plan this as the first in a series. Tom Stern, who stars in MGM's "Clay Pigeon," has been signed by producer Martin Danzig to star in "Dear Stephen," based on Wallen Green's screenplay. Green will also direct. Bo Hopkins has been signed by Richards and Helmick Productions to costar in 20th Century-Fox's "We Pointed 'Em North," which will begin filming June 21 in Mexico. Russ Bernhardt has been set to portray Confession in HMS Cinema 71's film version of "Everyman," which James Mathers is directing. Marilee ip ONSMOil MHftSON! TODAY SAT. 10:30AM-2:30PM-8PM Thru Sun. June 27 LA. SPORTS ARENA byNAWALMODUCTIOttl EVENINGS Tut. thru Sat. 8 PM (Dark Mondays) MATIMLTC Sat. 10:30AM-J:30PH IVlHIlllLLO Sun. 2:OOPM-:O0PM Wtd. Juno 23, Thure. Juna 24, Fri. June 25.2:30PM PRICES J3 J4 '5 All Saata Raaarvao) CHILDREN (12 yrs. undar) J $1.00 eft all partormaneaa JJ TICKETS ON SALE Sports Arana Box Otfica 10AM-9PU Daily All Ticketron Outlets 678-2211 So. Cal. Music Co. & all Mutual Agencies MA 7-1248 All Walhchs Musis Cities, Butlum'a I Liberty Ticket Agencies GROUP & TICKET INFO: (213) 741-1161 GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE AS LATE AS SHOWTIME. Coma directly to Arena. FRI & SUN 8:30 SAT 8 & 10:30 tMESPEIFOTS JVhite House "A QUITE WONDERFUL CAST . . . solid to a man . . . with Alan Dexter a standout, truly admirable, as the feet-of-clay-with-head-to-match President Hale." Dan Sullivan, L.A. TIMES AFTER FRI. & SUN. PERFS. 11 Pierce has been signed to play Gaiety. Otto Preminger has signed Jennifer O'Neill to join Dyan Cannon, James Coco, Ken Howard and Nina Foch as a costar in his film "Such Good Friends," based on Lois Gould's nove.1. Doug Johnson, Tony Brubaker and Bruce Mac-key have been signed by producer Walter Mirisch for featured roles in "The O r g a nization," starring Sidney Poitier and now shooting in San Francisco. Michael Klinger, who produced "Get Carter" for MGM, has purchased the Nicholas Monsarrat novel, "Something to Hide." Alastair Reid will write the screenplay and direct, with filming scheduled for June 7. Owen Crump and Arthur Rowe have completed the final shooting script for their next production, "Twice a Morning Sunrise," which is scheduled for filming this summer. BETTY MARTIN Mon. thru Sat. Eves, at 8:30 Thurs. & Sat Mats, at 2:30 GEORGE ELAINE GoqoALw NEW YORK DRAMA CRITICS' CIRCLE AWARD "BEST MUSICAL OF 1970" TONY AWARD "BEST MUSICAL OF 1971" GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE at AHMANSON THEATRE BOX OFFICE SOUTHERN CALIF. MUSIC CO, 037 S. Hill St & ALL MUTUAL AGENCIES Evening: Mon. thru Thurt. $8.25. 6.25, 4.00, 2.50 FA and Sit $9.50, 4.50, 3.00) Mallneea: There. $5.50, 4.50, 3.00, ZOO Sat $6.75, 8.50, i2S Whtn ordering by mall, give) alia mats dates and nclott return envelop. Send to Civic Light Opera, 135 No. Grand Am, LA. 9001? NO PHONE ORDERS PRESENTS LITTLE ADTB AND THE IMPERIALS 2 SHOWS NIGHTLY AT 10 S 12 8151 SANTA MONICA C toS YKTXr 5th HIT MONTH AT HOLLYWOOD'S IVAR THEATRE Hfl4-7m r-ri. ir sat. o.5U,, I ui.-bat. 8 ev X ncKets ar -w iaa i TORRANCE DRIVE-IN Torrance-379-8491 Axelrod BY PHIL CASEY Exclusive to Tha Timet from the Washington Post WASHINGTON George Axelrod, the playwright and screenwriter, was located in a hotel room here the other night, bleeding. Axelrod, who is big and 48, had cut his finger trying to open an ice bucket and make himself a drink. "What a country," he murmured. "It can send three men and a mashie niblick to the moon and can't make a safe ice bucket." Axelrod has written his first novel in years (among his plays and screenplays are "The Seven Year Itch," "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?" "Breakfast at Tiffany's" "The Manchurian Candidate" and many others). Drunk as Usual Its title is "Where Am I Now When I Need Me?" It's about Hollywood and films and show people. The central character, Harvey, is forever writing suicide notes and failing to die up to them. The big scene comes when Harvey, drunk as usual, stumbles out to receive an Oscar wearing only his glasses and one beige sock. The next day he writes another suicide note. This one doesn't take either. Axelrod, touring the country for the novel, was asked about London, where he and his family have been living for three years. He loves it. The people are courteous, the streets are safe at night, and he prefers it by far to Los Angeles and New York. He was born in New York and lived there most of his life. A Long Way People in London are so polite they actually seem to like to queue up. "Maybe that's a flaw," said Axelrod. "They seem to have an absolute compulsion to queue up. My daughter loves to. She goes out of her mind. She thinks it's democracy or something." Axelrod, who wrote more than 400 radio and TV scripts, including MUSIC CENTER AHMANS0N THEATRE CHAKIRIS STRITCH s FOR RESERVATIONS 656-9333 ANDREWS oiars in weekdays&bun. $5.50. J4.50. J3.50 :iO nun. i : & 7 3D at all agencies BUY Puts It in scripts for the Shadow and Grand Old Opry, goes back a long way in the theater. He sold his first radio script when he was 18 and was assistant stage manager for a revival of "Kind Lady" on Broadway back in 1940. Mel Ferrer was the stage manager. He has directed for both stage and screen. He likes writing novels, he said, and may keep at it. "You're your own director, producer, editor, sensor, prop man, leading man," he said, "you do it all." On his last two films, he was producer and director as well as the writer. "Yes, I eliminated everyone, the producer, the director," he said. "I also seem to have eliminated the audience." Axelrod got a renewed sense of the comfort and safety of London living when he arrived in New York recently. He was mugged on W. 69th St. one evening, about 10 o'clock. In the Back "This man came up behind me and struck something in my back," he said. "I don't know what it was a gun, a knife, an umbrella and said he wanted bread. I told him I wanted bread, too. I raised my arms and said 'power to the people.' He went away." Trying to explain his funny, peculiar novel, Axelrod said "it's a comment on the lunacy of Hollywood, a mythical place." He tends to miss the old days of Hollywood. "I never had any problems with things as they were. COLOR mVm X JAN IS ... a girl born beautiful, born passionate, confused by the pleasures her body and mind can conjure. She is learning to luxuriate in the tingling, electric, unashamed world of JANUARIUS, and you are invited to the feast. t HIS WIFE ADULTS ONLY! rirr. r J I .1 A .2 INCOIOH" Let Angalu Ontario-Rita Luxurious Maya .,, Cll(.,,ll 1044 S. Hill St. 132 N. Euclid 749-6294 Easy Park 984-9113 Op. 12:45 Hollywood. Lai Palmn Long Bsach, Roxy. 1647 N. LaiPalmaiAv. 127 W. Ocwn Blvd. HO i-7191. Fro Pka. 435.3022 San Diego, Savoy, San Bernardino, Fine 6S8 9th Avi.. Am, 480 "O" StTMt, 232-1387 889-7815 yWUUULTUWUUULrUUUUUUUUUUUUyUUUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lyvs vmY BUSY Come and See for Yourself 8 Join the nicest people in Southern California who attend these 5 two beautiful, spacious and comfortable theatres regularly. g WE CATER TO SINGLES AND COUPLES LADIES FREE Oil FRIDAY m'i DOUDLE FEATURES in each Theatre 311 Hollywood Blvd. Just wast of Vino in Hlywo". CONTINUOUS 10 AM TO MIDNITE OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC5000000000000000000000000 ONE WEEK ONLY UNBELIEVABLE! 0NE yveek "ISLE OF LOST WOMEN" 0NlY ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE FIRST RUN FILM FESTIVAL THEATRE Plut Saries of Adult Shorts Open 24 Hours Free Parking in Rear YZ2 CXCHeiLL colofi 1 sfef n. I xrxi, aria. zx&s ffl if smvS 1H V Writing You could get things done . . .now I don't know who's in charge anymore." Axelrod has a son studying at the University of California, a son in Boston University, and a daughter, 15. A stepson, Jonathan, is in his early 20s and has sold three screenplays. "He's marvelous," said Axelrod. "He'll be great." It was suggested that he must be something of a millionaire by now but Axelrod, like most millionaires, resisted such a thought. "Who's a millionaire?" he asked, "it's a state of mind. It's an opinion ... I live like a millionaire." He was asked if he had a Rolls-Royce while he and his wife were cavorting in London. "Of course, I have a .Rolls-Royce," he said. 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Western Ave. 465-0089 SOUND & EASTMAN COLOR m t 14 VVlkiVff Hi t i i 4 1 DUE TO THE MANY REQUESTS STRICTLY ADULT! ADULT! ES0LL7W00D EM.CTJ.7 As fflriltai fialds of ilram and itarlatt In i non-stop search for the most willing woman In the world I .... , .. , . - . .. . . i V and HEAVY THIS WEEK WE HAVE A REALLY EXCITING SHOW THAT YOU WON'T FORGET NEW SHOW FRIDAY GARDENA SHO-MOR Rosacrans at Western 10 am-1 am DOWNTOWN VIEWING ROOM 604 Alvarado Between 6th & Wilshlrt 10 am-midnlght mm is hell? CM tiWfi .f Xiv --z i A s ' f V u '" l- TX MA W MCt" - 'VA V In person, SANDY, star of "DFSERt FOXES" dressad n dosft to nature as possible. She will autograph pictures of herself to the first 500 patrons. CINE I Only, Fri. and Sat 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. NEW CSS I 1358 N. La Brea 461-3789 Open at 9 A.M. THE PAPER BACK VERSION OF THIS ADULT BESTSELLER SOLD CLOSE TO 1,000,000 COPIES "NICOLE" HAS MOVED EXCLUSIVE LA. 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