The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on September 24, 1970 · 83
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 83

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1970
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JOYCE HABER Hunter Rosa Hunter is fat (not literally) and happy with "Air- port under his belt (it passed the $59 million mark last wteek). But now; he's 'itching to start another project, . still untitled, which would reteam the producer with his "Airport, partner, George Seaton. geatbn has written the original screenplay for , - wnat Koss describes as "a woman's story" . (natch, that's what Hunter does , so well). , - "It's tied in with the ac: . tivfets and militants,";, he explains. It , will probably , be the .first movie, oh the ' subject ever to get a G rat- 5 ing. His movie,, "The Pub- lie ;Eye,t;with Mia .Far-ro w, won't start until springy because it requires much exterior shooting, ; - Ross - says, "and -1 can't trust the British weather till then.": iy:;i,r:j: Another. project Ros3 is waxiner enthusiastic about: ,, would costar Helen Hayes and ter has a special in, at least. Miss Sinatra just happens to' be the daughter of you-know-who and Nancy Sr., Nancy's been Ross' ever-so-steady, charming companion about town for absolutely eons ? ' James ''Maronwanted' to'' introduce his lady-friend, . Jacky Hutton, to Beverly Hills highlife, but in low key. : He chose the wrong day to take her to lunch at the Bistro: They were settling down for a hamburger when Ellen Blume Graham arrived to photograph some of the' restaurant's top female, clientele for a West magazine layout. As the ladies trooped in,-among them Audrey (Mrs. Billy) Wilder, Fran (Mrs. Ray) Stark and Frances (Mrs. Edgar) :Bergen, James started presenting Jacky by a phony name. He finally gave up. Jacky Spells her name that way so's not to be confused with that other rich jet-setter called Jackie. , Charlotte's We Sold Jacky's the South African heiress who's been Mason's playmate of late on his worldly locationing: He gave her a 55-foot junk while they were in Hong Kong for "Yin and the Yang." Next month, Mason lectures (with Jacky present) at London's National Film Institute; then they travel to Toronto for the world premiere of his movie, "Spring and Port Wine." But still no wedding bells, says James . . , ; ; ' ' That classically wonderful children's (and adult's) author, E. B. White, refused to sell his airy talc,, "Charlotte's Web" to Walt Disney for half a decade. Now White has finally sold the rights, not to Disney, but to Edgar Bronfman's relatively new company, Sagittarius. The children's bestseller will be a feature-length cartoon . . , ,.:."" ': '-' The latest 'in' thing in Hollywood (I won't say it's A, ; but it's In) is decorating with antique stick-on "furniture" called PeoplePaper. You place it on the walls. It in- ; eludes a stained-glass window, a ring-up telephone, a : Tiffany lampshade and such. : : ' ; -; . " Dan Dailey, who plays Gov. Drinkwater on CBS' Governor and J. J., is running for reelection this season. tAnd who is his opponent? An actor, played by -actor v "' ',.' i ; : ' : . .. , Ferlinghettf s One-Act: ir-' ''."." ,." -BY SANDRA SCHMIDT . , ; ' ' ; NEW YORK Whatever ; the abstract niceties, Law- rence Ferlinghetti's three ; ene-act plays which opened Tuesday at the Jan Hus Theater probably set a new level for stage sop- homoric nonsense... , ; : " In "Three Thousand Red . Ants": a vaguely peevish . squabble takes place in a ' big bed by the sea.. An ant stumbles across : the page of a book. : : ; ',.r ': : - "The Alligation" takes ' : place in Lady Bird's house between , her, her ' overgrown pet", alligator" (played . by' a grunting black actor in an alligator ''suit) and a blind Indian, Everybody wants Lady Bird to let her alligator go free, but "he's just a boy," she says'. - "The Victims of Amne-, - sia" is probably about-war' arid the birth of light. A . pregnant' prostitute rents . a hotel room from an ex-train- conductor , (she's . 'missed 'her. train), gives birth behind 'a scrim to a series of light bulbs while the clerk goes through sporadic military maneuvers whenever the clock strikes two. . I have a feeling that the manuscript -might read less badly than it plays, like a Ferlinghetti poem in fact, bald, apocalyptic and Dstnbuted by lfifTgTAKIi TMK K3V7 FLAYImS fMra-MUnMiii tiKn-rmnm.inim Ltt-fifatftfc.MUlM Wants to s.f n Ross Hunter a television series that Tina Sinatra. Well, Hun - allusive. On stage, howev-' .. er,- the dialog is childish. The scenes sound bla-. t a n 1 1 y derivative, t h e ' thinkings process behind them juvenile and cliched. The production style or , lack of, it emphasizes all ' these flaws. Where the actors, under William ; E. ' Hunt's direction play rea listically, they sound stupid. Where they try for abstraction, in "Victims,"! they look stupid. ' ' Roger Morden, who " plays the man. the Indian and the clerk,' displays a talent .for character work without .revealing - any of the . inner workings (if ' any) "of these particular characters. Martha Green- ' house does the ladies. The show . is the first . stage production of TV partners 1 David Winters , and Burt Rosen who have provided some 40 network specials, ranging from Ra-quel Welch ' to . Princess , Grace and Nancy Sinatra. i 'The Garden of Eden' at the Silent Movie Corinne Griffith's 1928 comedy, "The Garden of Eden," is the present feature at the Silent -Movie Theater. The program also includes comedies of Charlie Chaplin, Larry Semon and Oliver Hardy. frwh from ."MASH" HONIY ANDJWUN'S ) mathcatvc mm vovt MU Mi IWnMl 7R-S72 WUiri-Dpomy-Mlznt Start New Andy Duggan. Now, Gov. Reagan, haven't we' voted on this one before?. ....... ' . ' . - . . - . Talk of' Cults: The David ' (Gayle Hunnicutt) Hem-rnings have dogs named Humphrey and Bogart i .' . Cosmopolitan will excerpt Price-Sloan-Sterri's "International Beauty Book", in the October issue: In it, Beulah Roth tell$ the secrets of world famous beauties ; . . If you're wondering where reclusive Christopher Jones is living gee, they say it's in the guest house behind' the Sharon Tate murder home in Benedict Canyon. ; , Visit to Carol in Reno Carol Channing; who'll be starring on Broadway' this season in' David Merrick's "Four on a. Garden," is currently playing Reno. The. other night-her friend Jack Benny turned up in the audience, along with some other' well-heeled friends, like San Francisco millionaire ?ren-tis Cobb Hale, who's a great friend also of Carol's great 1 friend, Denise Mihnelli, whom he plans to marry s Pren-: tis simply chartered a private plane to zip Denise and; other Carol fans to Nevada. Anyway, spotting Benny at ringside, La Channing said in. a voice loud and. clear, "Jack, it was sweet of you to send all those drinks to our" table last night, but you shouldn't haves We already had more water than we wanted."; : " : r ' ' . - Word has been leaking from New York- for weeks about "Joe," a new low-budget film made by semi-pros with a relatively unknown cast (or have you heard of Peter Boyle, Dennis Patrick,, Audrey Caire, K Callan and Susan Satandon?); After running it the other night I quite understand all the stir. It shows, with total can- dor, what happens to a comfortable middle-aged success who finds his teen-age daughter turned-ont (and finally, destroyed) by the . drug scene, It's vail there , in " Joe,"( which is surely one of the very best of the year about the year. And wow! :-; A pizzeria , in Manhattan's Times Square contains a big blowup ,6f Sophia. Loreh. Sonhia stars in Joe Levir.e's. "Sunflower," opposite Marcello Mastroianni, as of today at-the Radio City Music Hall. Says a sign beside the pizza-photo:-"Sophia doesn't eat here, but if she were in town she would." . , ' " ''DARKER TIIAM AMBER" 1! WARRENS Los Angeles -MA4-6271 LOEWS THEATRES : tALOWIN - Los Angeles V29371G4 , ELMIRO Santa Monica 394-6703 CROWN . Pasadena- 796-3131 . RQXY-Glendale -243-6393 - ' PANORAMAf anocama City-892-1167 COVINA-Covina-332-2003 HOUOAy-Canosa Park-346950 PACIFIC THEATRES WILTERN-LosAngeles-387-6147 : PARADISE - Westchester- 776-0300 -LA MIRADA-La Mirada-521-9980 ' MERALTA - Culver City-838-3432 SUNLAND DRIVE-IN Sunland 352 SARFIELD Alhambra - AT 2-4154 ' ra TASTE Til TiES3 Starring CHRISTOPHER LEE ' - " NOW PLAYING IN a 10$ ANGOB-Downtown. 624-6271 PACIFC THEATRES WORLD - Hollywood 469-5866 ' CORNELL - Burbank - 842-8193 " REStuA-Rcwda-344-0153 WARDMAN Whittler 696-3242 ' BROADWAY -Santa Ana -5424737 NATIONAL WNEIMl TNCATM ' HIGHLAND Los Annies 255-9648 fuX-Venice-395-4215 PARK-Huntington Park-587-3442 BOULEVARD - East LA. - 261-2665 ' (OLD CINEMA- Alhambra - 282-6136 N0RWALK Norwalk 868-6771 "Elliott Gould is superb in Prom CoioMbta Picture - NOW AT 4 SELECTED THEATRES! ' HOllYXSroon'654491 . ENCINO-Enclno. 784-8233 SOUTH BAY 2-Redondo Beach-370-6396 UPTOWN Pasadena C84-1 147 ' "WICKEDLY AMUSING! rrHKMn-K'iNf Angela Lansbury ... Michael York for Everyone' ...acomeoyoievii. A NATIONAL Of 'CAALPCTURCSRflEASC 10(7 drNOON AVt hi iw tmrr r, JULIE CHRISTIE "IN SEARCH OF GREGORY" r.lCMAELSARRAZi:! o joh:i hurt m A UNIVCRSAl RCUAtt TtCHNICOLM BW 2n4DIQYEEK! mix itre-i.M ititi r.m, Film "A MAN CALLED EIORSE" 1 T C4 I' E6YPT1AM-Hollywood-H0 7-6167 -,. v'-V PACC ORIVE-INS CENT1NELA 0HV-HI - Los Anjeles -670-8677 TORRANCE DRIVE-IN -Torrance - 379-8491 SUNDOWN DRIVEW-Wiittier-693-3242 IESEDA HRIYt M , Reseda - 343 5550 SAN fiABRIEL DSIVE-M San Gabriel - ; : : -288-5502 AT THEse THE ATRCT V , . MLPtTHATE-EasUA.269-8186 v WIARTKEST-WestLA-473-3706 ; CAUrORNIA-HuntingtonPk:-587-51U : MAGNOLIA Burbank -ST 1-7984 '. 1401 AVENUE-Oowiwi -923-6781 ! FASHION SO. 4 La Habra 691-0633 mil TNCATM DRIVMN NUI YOU! ' pacific onrvc-iNS . SEPULVEDA ORIVE-IN - Van Nuys -7864520 C0MPT0N DRIVE-IN -COmptOn-636-8557 VERMONT DRIVE-IN Garde na - 323-4055 BID SKY DRIVE-IN - Duarte- 358-2565 VINELAND DRIVE-IN -Industry-336-7518 ANAHEIM DRIVE-IN - Anaheim 525-3526 UOEWS THEATRES PICFAIR-Los Angeles -938-5296 ', -IMPERIAL-Inglewood 678 5131 - ' BRENTWOOD 1 - Brentwood 829-3366 SIMI DRIVE-IN Siml 526-6824 EL MONTE El Monte 448-6922 . WilBJM NkMl. tM " CAll THIATIf (OR SHOW TIWS.' ACMMACtNTERrUMPRRtNTAnONfR1 6TH WEEK! MV I M I 10 JO P.M. S.t. Sun. 4 M. 2.30 4 M HO W 10.20 P.M. aiuwr i""C T 1 1M WUIM IJC I I tnrrwMi nun l J Min-4nM SOL HUROR CONCERT SEASON ARTISTS TOLD Russia's Bolshoi Ballet, two other ballets corapa- nies and five concert artists from Sol Hurok's 1970-71 subscription sea-, son. All events ' with the ; exception of the Bolshoi will be held in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of The Music Center. 1 ' I The season begins Nov. 8 at ; 8:30 p.m. with yiktor Tretyakov, Soviet violinist and first prize -winner in t h e 1966 : Tchaikovsky , Competition. . i . Rudolf Nureyev and the . Australian Ballet will ap-. pear from Dec. 26 through Jan. 3 with Dec. 27 as the subscribers', date. Shirley Verrett,' mezzo - soprano, will present . a recital Jan. 23 at 8;30 p.m., followed by. Andres Segovia Feb. 5 at "the same time. The f. American Ballet Theater will return to Los Angels.. Feb. 15-24; sub-" scription date; opening ' night. . v- .i-.-' -DtnSullntn.LATi'ru "EICZ.EXT, OASSP- : ate ad mm' , TICKflROfl - MUIUAl - LIBERTY 5v Dolphins Record Stores- h f Mutereliiiee for Theatre) 'V - 1 1 V . Pirties Group Sales S ' i fhont 464-7121 XK& IMONOAY BMKl TONIGHT AT 0:30 I VAR THEATRE 1CS5NfYar St 484-7121 V-Flmt Restrntriiis Acceptetl 3u( s. Wms . 1: I ADULTS Yr t .W I, . . - ONLY Larry novak presents Starring. - r , ' - COLOR DIXIE DONOVAN JOHNNY ROCCO with Debbie) Osborne Wendy Winters reduced and Directed by BUCKALEW A BOXOFFICE INTERNATIONAL PICTURE cun:3T"is,m"uNiM Hoimi niraiiAir i0,tTHlt',N,eOiW KE 5-014B1 m "-Ml fciric AitiontNct III 0 HIT HUNTINGTON PMK W I MIl KT ""c'JSXW H 0-1234 -- 1 j s c oci an eiva ft i I r (I ..J In the Camelot Theatre EaSgOSm Soecial Argentinian Gauchos , - ' Nightly September 22-28 In the Jester's Court Cast of 501 FLESH revue FRANK SINATRA, JR. THELMA HOUSTON . JV T : ! PLEASURE KINGDOM Ntrada'a only ratorVcatlno wlwi Ha mm ortv baacfi For show or hotel reservstions, ask Operator for Zenith IV9924 " : Artur Rubinstein will perform - March 8 at 8:30 p.m., and Mstislav Rostfo-povich, Soviet cellist, at 3 p.m: on May 9. - The Bolshoi Ballet will appear at the Shrine Auditorium in late June, exact dates' to be announced. , '; Hurok will also present two other attractions outside of his regular season, both in the Ahmanson Theatre: the Vienna Choir Boys Feb. 21 matinee and evening; and 'the Greek folksinger;. Nana M o u b , kouri, accompanied by the. Athenians (an instrument tal group),. March M matinee and evening. ' r , : . ' v, ' . ' ! i 'Five Easy Pieces' . Jack Nicholson stars in Columbia Pictures' , "Five, Easy Pieces" which opens , an exclusive engagement Wednesday at the Crest . Theater in Westwood. ' NOW THRU SAT., OCT. 3 "ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING THEATRICAL COUPS IN RECENT MEMORY!" I.A, Fre Freie "TOO MUCH!" ; ' ,r ;. ' LA. limu "EXPLODES ON STAGE!" -So. Bay Daily Breeu ;ttK3 J TICKETS AT BOX OFFICE,. ' BY MAIL ALL AGENCIES Me, thru Tea. lit. 1:39: 1.SO; LSI, 4.50, 1.St Fri. t Sit El.l:JSi7.SI;I.St,S.N,4.W Wei k Sal M!tU:JfcS.S;S.M.H,J.M leeloie MlMMrestea enelett Ftr Partita, iHeee srtip Salts 4U-HM - m anar r aaav aw aaai v PRODUCTION!! ...NOT TO BE MISSED." LA. Timet fn8'jnir.:jV i Cl cr.Kcn TICKETS ON SALE al Mutie Center Bax Office, 135 North Grand Avtaut (6267211) and all aoanciat. Curltin at S FM. STUDENT TICKETS at 1240 MJSICCEN1R "Any end all act of hrtimacy normal and hoatlhy bolwoen hwe kaM ana ." ur. Ai LOS ANCEIES' MAYAN 1044 S. Mill 7494294. Op. Ntaa HOLIYW000 LASPALMAS 1t42N.latPalmat MS-7ll1,0a.NtM at ne. sit lit sst & ase sle. at n at at 1 ?(5 15 ?s ?5 H 5 1 ?5 ?S 7H 3I FRFF THF4TPF PRC . a a mob a mm nvv ACTION ADULT THEATRE 4704 vai Htp II, Shtrmaa Oaka Thta Put Veld ifter 10170 Oeea anly ler k imi 21 er ew He.statatatae.!ie.3itatatatatae. i Guest Stan IN THE TAH06 WOODS TO35i Heston Given Men Club Award Charlton Heston received a special . award from the'Cedars-Sinai . Men's Club on, the stage of Pacific's Beverly Hills Theater. Tuesday night preceding ,the premiere of , "Julius Caesar." . . ? The picture is the third In which Heston has ' starred that has been premiered to benefit Cedars-Sinai Medical Center charities. The others were "Khartoum" an d IT h e Agony and the Ecstasy." e&eatCTg poben Drama ugic LAST SEE SNOOPY, HRE'$ SKATER PARING 1971 sii?nEii NOW THRU Schedule of Pertwrnancts 1(1 'v" Tues, Wedjjhurs, FAat 9&25,525, $4-25, $35 taOO PM fi fu includaa muirftlpal Sat St 1 AO, 5:00 & 9:00 PM ,.ini.,inn t m -y nr tirfctfi NO MONDAY PERFORMANCE SAVE MONEYI JUNIORS (16 & UNDER) : $125, $2.75, $125, $1.73, Tiet, Wet, Thuri, at 8 PM t Sat 5 PM TICKETS NOW ON SALE . ' FORUM BOX OFFICE, ALL TICKET RON OUTLETS, INCLUDING SCARS, THE BROADWAY, UKI CO-HARRIS FRANK, OR DIAL 213-878-2211, SO. CAU MUSIC ALL nTifTUAL AGENCIES, WALUCHS BUFFUMS'. Cwep party tataa wallaMa, CaS 21374000. s Fw rtsarvstkwa , htfeneeatle. ca THE FORUM 2IMR-3-130O. Vi V5w if V J uHt A K Vav ' DONTMISSIT! FIIIAL VTEIXS TICKETS NOW AT THI IOX OFFICE Tel. 461-3571 . AQUARIUS THEATER 'X'. IVintnajs (eocapt Sun.) 8:30 Mattnaas:MrLandSat2J0 A FE-rJU;V.'AY PRESEXTATICI iii.uiv ifUNirv The New Musical Comedy based on GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE Pavilion Box Ofrte. (Plaza Laval) Southarn California Music Co, S37 So. HIS Strut and All Mutual AjancJofl Thu'rs., Sept. 24, 1 970 Part IVC "AN IMMENSELY ROMANTIC! MOVIE WITH STYLE AND t CRITICAL INTELLIGENCE ! . v;ft fnrth N V TtmM at R CobPrnbyMetab AO mrtmON $PiciiimReliw:aeWoncfCiiiecomCoraw DOHENY PLAZA! 278-2090 6:00. 8:00 and 10:00 PM BEYERtY HILLS 4 DiVYS LIVE, IN PERSON! THE (JORL FAMOUS PERFORWIIN6 HtS ROUTINE IN THE ICE FOLLIES SUN., SEPT. 27 AB Seats Reserved iHglSiiyrrii.Mi l m mm. W urn 1;. A - MUSIC CHSfTR Opayiuon Mr, 7 0i rum- n

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