Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 11, 1962 · Page 11
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 11

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1962
Page 11
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Friday Evening, May II, 1962. JOSEPHINE LOWMAN It's Simple to Reduce the Knees-Just Spank Yourself She's exercising the knees by pulling the leg back—trying to spank herself with her feet. (The Question Box) Q. "I have large knee bones and fat on them. Can you give me an exercise to reduce them?" • A. We cannot reduce the bones, but-the following exercise will be helpful in reducing the fat. Lie on your stomach and lean on your elbows. Bend the left knee, pulling the left Jeg back as far as comfortable. Return left leg to floor. Bend the right knee, pulling the leg back. Return Jeg to floor. Continue, 'alternating left and right, trying to spank yourself with your feet. Q. "I am writing in behalf of six girls. Can you please give us an exercise to correct sag or jowls at the jawline? Can we correct this?" A. Since you are troubled with jowls, I judge you are not teenage girls. Overweight and de- cre'ased resiliency of the skin can be factors. However, muscle sag may also play a part. The following exercise is indicated. Lift the left corner of the mouth (using the muscles only) up toward the left ear. Hold a few moments. Relax. Lift the right corner of the mouth. Hold. Relax. Continue, alternating left and right. Do this exercise very slowly. Q. "Is Electrolysis dangerous or painful? Can it do harm if used to remove hairs from the breast?" A. Electrolysis is not dangerous to health. It is not painful. You will experience the sensation of a very small pinprick. The important thing is to be sure that you have a well-trained and well- qualified operator. I have carefully investigated the question of removing hairs from the breast by talking with one of New York's distinguished dermatologists and also a famous breast cancer expert. Hairs can be removed safely. Q. "I am 13 years old. five feet 2'/2 inches tall. I weigh 115 pounds. I will be going to high school in the fall and would like to lose some weight in the waist and hips before then. My measurements are bust, 35 inches, waist 27 and hips 37. "My mother will not let me diet, so do you have any ideas? Please answer in your column." A. I agree with your mother. You are only a very little overweight, just on the plump side. I imagine she would agree to letting you eliminate candy bars and soda fountain goodies from your diet. If you will do without such in between-meal snacks and exercise more, that will be all you will need to do. Your measurements are in good ratio, but if you wish to bring them nearer to perfection, ta.ke waist and hip-slimming exercises. If you, or any of my readers, would like to have these exereises, send a stamped, self- addressed envelope with your request for letflets 'No. 6 (waist) and No. 3 (hips) to Josephine Lowmah in care of this newspa per. * + + Tomorrow: "Don't Overlook Vitamins In Daily Battle for Beauty-" (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1962) ANN LANDERS If Mom Changes Mind About Dog, Ann Will Get a Puppy Dear Ann Landers: My name Is Billy. I will be 12 years old in August. All my life I have wanted a dog. My dad says it is up to my mother. My mother says no. I can pay for the dog myself because I have saved my Christmas and Easier money. I would be willing to pay for the dog's food out of my weekly allowance. We moved into this nice house last year. My mother says she isn't going to have a dog ruining her new rugs. I prom- sed I would clean up after the dog no mailer what he did. My mother says a rug is never the same after a dog has ruined it. I don't have any brothers or sisters and I think this is the least my mother can do for me. She says a dog is more work than a baby brother. -If you print my loiter and my mother changes her mind I will get a lady dog and give you one of'her first puppies. Thank you.—LONESOME Dear Lonesome: This decision is one which must be made by your family. But I would like to say a few words which may help. A pet can bring much joy, and it gives children a sense of re- sponsiblity and leaches them unselfishness. But please, Billy, if your mother changes her mind and says yes, don't send me a puppy. I have new rugs, loo. * # * Dear Ann Landers: Ths is a touchy subject and I need help. I've tried to talk this over with my husband, Harry, but every time I bring up the subject he tells me I'm imagining things. When we go out for dinner or for an after-the-movie snack with friends, Harry always manages to be away from the table vyhen the waiter brings the check. On the few occasions when he has not been able to leave, for the men's room fast enough, he fumbles around until someone else takes it. Nobody in the crowd is hurting financially, including my husband. In fact he's better off than some of the others. I'm afraid he's getting the well-deserved reputation ,of a cheapskate. What can ! do?—MRS. FREEBEE Dear Mrs.: Couples who go out together should take turns picking up the check. When it's your husband's turn and he docs his disappearing act, it's perfectly all right for YOU to take the check and say lo Hie others, "I know Harry wants Ihis one." Then hand it to Harry when he returns-to Ihe table. * * * Dear Ann Landers: Our daughter is 17, an excellent student, a fine musician and filature emotionally and physically. Lorraine has been daling since she was 15. She has always respected the curfew we agreed on and is well behaved. In 'fact I can truthfully say she has never caused .us a moment's concern unlil just a few months ago. Now Lorraine says high school boys are dull and uninteresting and she prefers lo date college -fellows. The young man she likes best is 20. He is a college junior. My husband feels that Lorraine should go only with boys from her school. He claims college fellows are loo fast and smooth for high school girls. I don't know if it would be fair lo impose such regulations on Lorraine since she has always shown such good judgment. What is your opinion? —UNDECIDED Dear Undecided: A bright, ma- lure 17-year-old girl is hot likely to be content with a fellow her own age, unless he, loo, is unusually bright and mature. Since Lorraine has demonstrated sound judgment in Ihe past I recommend that you permit her to dale college fellows if she wishes. To learn the knack of feeling comfortable with llie opposite sex, send for ANN LANDERS' booklet, "How To I!e Date Bait," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them (o her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. 1962, Field Enterprises, Inc. SINGS BIRTHDAY TUNE WASHINGTON (UPI) - Presi dent Kennedy Thursday night sang happy birthday to Norwegian Prime Minister Einar Gerhardsen at a diplomatic reception: 'It was the visiting leader's 65tti birthday, and Kennedy joined other guests- at the reception in honoring him. True Life Adventures CORMORANT ses A T=1SH SO THAT HS C.AM TAKE 01=1=.. „ See Drop in State's Winter Wheat Crop ...AMV HE BA-KElV ESCAPES TSECOM1NO A MEAL. TrCSK. A O-UKKINO AL-J-IQATOR. In spite of good growing weather this spring, the state's winter wheat crop is estimated by,, the Agriculture department at 32j520,- 100 bushels, a drop of more than 'our million bushels from an estimate made April 1. The Purdue agricultural statis- ici'an R. E. Straszheim • reports :hat Indiana farmers are about :ive days ahead of usual with ;heir spring field work, but wheat averages nine inches high r about :hrae inches shorter than usual 'or .this date. 5-11 Quotes From the New By United Press International • OAKLAND, N..T. — Traveling salesman Edward M, Moscrip, lone passenger on -a four-engine Eastern Air Lines plane in line with Eastern's "no waif policy: 'It was a little lonely, but I couldn't complain about the service. I had three stewardesses taking care of me." MADRID — The official Spa- ish news agency Cifra, deprecating the significance of the miners'' strike in Asturia: "Nothing has happened, other than purely labor discrepancies, originated and fomented.. .in countries whose radios and newspapers ' evilly swell up and twist everything referring to Spain." WELLINGTON, New Zealand- Secretary o'f State Dean Rusk, assuring New Zealand that the United States will help maintain the dominion's prosperity against possible effects of the European Common Market: "We think we can demonstrate in the next few months that we have a strong interest in your prosperity just as you have a strong interest in our prosperity." NEW YORK—Cosmonaut Gherman Titov, on the eve of his return to Russia: "The time will come when Soviet and American cosmonauts astronauts will fly to Venus, to Mars, to other plands as friends and partners in this daring venture for the good of mankind." Woman Gives Up Cigarettes—Eating Them,That Is EDINBURGH, Scotland (UPI)— Mrs. Mary Campbell said'today she has been cured of her special craving for cigarettes — she now smokes them instead of eating them. "It was when I was pregnant that I first started eating cigarettes," she said. "The craving grew stronger and stronger until I was getting through as many as 100 a day," she said. Mrs. Campbell said she finally sought medical advice when she began to get continually sick after eating cigarettes. And then there was (he expense. Cigarettes cost about 60 cents a pack in Britain and she said, "I was getting into debt." Doctors treated her in a hospital. She said the doctors told her "mental stress" caused her special craving- "Now I am down to about 10 a day — but only to smoke," Mrs. Campbell said. OK Conviction INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) - The Indiana Supreme Court Thursday affirmed the murder conviction of an Indianapolis man who killed his stepson in an argument over the family car. [Frank DeBoor was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1960 for the shotgun slaying of Tex Curtis, 16, outside their home. Carroll Hires New Head Of Schools FLORA—Leonard P. Ireland, a 30-year veteran in the teaching profession, has been named to replace Robert Forbes, superintendent of the Carroll Consolidated schools, according to John A. Hardy, school, board president. Ireland, who presently is superintendent of schools at Edinburg, Ind., will begin his new post July 1. He wa? given a three- year contract, Hardy said. The Carroll school board also is at work hiring new teachers to replace some 25 who either have been dismissed or have resigned or retired. Kenneth Cook, high school principal, also will be replaced. The board decided not to offer him another contract, Hardy said. The large turnover ol teachers in the district was brought to public attention when students at the high school staged a walk-oui Friday, March 23, to protest the dismissal of the teachers. Assure New Zealand Of U.S. Aid in Common Market WELLINGTON, New Zealand (UPI) — Secretary of State Dean Rusk assured New Zealand today the United Slates .will help maintain the dominion's prosperity against possible effects of the Common Market. Rusk said New Zealand faced a serious trading problem because of the European Economic Community, or Common Mp.rket, and "we fully understand it." "We think we can demonstrate in the next few months that we have -a strong interest in your prosperity just as you have a strong Merest in our prosperity,' 1 Rusk told the biggest news conference held in Wellington in several years. Titov Leaves for Soviet Union Today NEW YORK (UPI) - Soviet cosmonaut Gherman Titov, ending a 13-day visit to the Unitec States which took him from Greenwich Village to the Golden Gate, returns home to Russia today. Titov, who expressed mixec emotions about America during his stay here, was to depart from New York International Airport at 10 a.m. EOT with his wife Tamara, and their official party. The 27-year-old Spaceman's day Thursday was typically varied. He went from the Princeton University campus to the prize ring at St. Nicholas Arena in Manhattan. SHORTEN MILITARY TERM PARIS (UPI) — The French government announced Thursday the length of compulsory military service will be reduced to 18 months beginning. next May. 1. Present, term of service is 27 months 'and 27 days. THANKS A MILLION to the voters of Cass county for the fine support and vote of confidence you gave me Primary Day. I have always worked for the interest of the Taxpayers and will continue to do so. THANKS to Lionel Davis, Ralph Parmeter and Russell Barney for a clean, hard-fought campaign. > Robert Dewey Schmidt • YOUR CANDIDATE F6R SHERIFF Farm Plan Okayed WASHINGTON (UPI) - By a razor-thin margin of one vote, the House Agriculture Com m i 11 e e Thursday approved a compromise version of President Kennedy's plan to impose unprecedented controls on American farm production to curb surpluses. The 18 to 17 vote successfully capped months of efforts by White House aides and Democratic leaders to muster the votes needed to squeeze through the committee a catch-all farm bill containngi the new control program. The program's ultimate fate remained in doubt. All 14 Republicans and three of the 21 Democrats on the committee voted against it. The Democrats who votec against the bill, all Southerners, were Reps. Thomas G. Abernethy, Miss., Watkins M. Abbilt, Va., and George Grant, Ala. The bill for the first time woulc authorize for all major grains the kind of strict planting curbs thai hitherto have appUed only to wheat, cotton, peanuts, rice anc tobacco. It also would tighten existing controls over wheat production. In addition, the governmenl would be authorized to provide financial aid to help farmers convert surplus cropland into recreation areas. The idea is to help farmers supplement their income by charging fees for hunting, fishing, camping and golfing on their land. This is part of an adminis tration program .for shifting 51 million acres from crops to other uses over the next 20 years. Delated from the bill were the controls the administration wanted to curtail surplus dairy production. Instead, the committee approved a plan under which those dairy farmers who voluntarily cut production would get fedora! payments, in addition to the help all airy farmers receive through price supports. Agriculture department figures 'or the U.S. show a decline also. It estimated 891,498,000 bushels of wheat will be harvested this year. This compares with an April 1 estimate of 921,170,000 and 1961 )roduction figures of 1,078,274,000 jushels. The April forecast for the state las predicted a crop of 36,580,000 jushels 1 . The new forecast is more ban 12 million bushels less than the 45,150,000 bushels harvested n the state last year. The weekly crop report said slowing for corn and soybeans is about 75 per cent complete compared with 'the usual 65 per cent at this time of year. Field work was interrupted by rain recently but the rain replenished soil moisture and 90 to )5 per cent of the counties now :iave topsoil moisture reported adequate to surplus. The estimated U.S. winter wheat crop, added to a possible spring wheat crop of 195,060,000 bushels would mean a total wheat crop of 1,086,498,000 bushels for 1962. This compares with a total wheat production of 1,234,705,000 bushels in 1961. The estimated winter wheat production compares with the 10-year average production of 876,232,000 bushels. The department estimated the May 1 condition of the 19G2 rye crop, planted last fall, at 88 per cent of normal. Hay was estimated at 86 per cent of normal, and pasture at 83 per cent of normal. The Crop Reporting Board predicted 34,897,000 acres of winter wheat would be harvested this year, compared with 40,753,000 acres in 1961. It predicted 10.5 per cent of the acreage planted would not be harvested for grain, but used for livestock grazing or other purposes. Last year 6,1'per cent was not harvested for grain. The board predicted the yield per acre at 25.5 bushels. $n 1961, the average yield of winter wheat was 26.4 bushels an acre. State Hit By Storm; Boy Killed By United Press International A thunderstorm crashed into Central Indiana Thursday after- won and killed an Indianapolis de school youth.as he tried io ower the flag. John D. Erwin, 13, and another »y were lowering the flag to pro ect it from the rain that was just jeginning to fall when a lightning jolt struck the metal flag pole. He vas killed instantly and his com- janion, David Kosine, 12, was inured. The Weather Bureau had warned that a tunderstorm hit near Kankakee, 111., and residents of Newton, Jasper, Pulaski, White and Benlon Counties in the state should he "alert for possible damaging windstorms during the next one to two hours," The advisory •said the winds were estimated at 60 miles per hour. The advisory was canceled by mid-afternoon. Radar at Indianapolis showed at noon a "strong storm echo east of •Cankakee and a line of cells not quite so strong extending southeast nearly to Logansport." Indianapolis reported hail in arge amounts late Thursday afternoon. There were also reports of lail along the storm front crossing Indiana. 5-Day Outlook Northern 3rd Indiana 5-DAY OUTLOOK: Temperatures will average 4 to 8 degrees above normal. Normal highs 66 to 73. Normal lows 46 to 50. Cool Saturday and Sunday. Considerably warmer early next week Precipitation will total one-half to three-fourths of an inch. Showers or thundershowers likely on mos' days. Central & South Indiana 5-DAY OUTLOOK: Tempera lures will average 4 to 8 degrees above normal. Normal highs 70 to 75. Normal lows 48 to 53. Little temperature rhange tonight' anc Saturday. Warmer Sunday through Wednesday. Preciplaition will average around one inch in showers tonight, Saturday and again Tuesday or Wednesday. SPRUNG SPECIAL May 14th thru May 19th 5 foot, sturdy, lightweight Household Ladder with the purchase of 3 gallons or more PORTER PAINT v Spring is herel Stack up on top quality Porter Paints. Purchase your paints now and receive a free new fodder to make Jhc job easisr. You will thank yourself for using Porter Paints because they go on easier, and wear/ and wear, and wear. Also over 400 beautiful colors to choose from. DON'T DELAY — COME IN TODAY F. A. BUTZ LUMBER CO. Walton, Indiana Phone 3135 . ..Of you may have FREE a quart of PORTER crystal-clear, non-yellowing Self Polishing Floor Wax with a single gallon or more of PORTER PAINT ENAMEL ... a fine French bristle varnish brush FREE with one quart or more of Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Eleven Kokomo Speedway Starts New Season KOKOMO (Spl.)—The Kokomo Speedway will open its gates Saturday night for the first of season-long weekend double-headers of Figure 8 and Sportsmen's races. Races are scheduled each Saturday and Sunday nights through' out the season for the Figure 8 and Sportsmen's cars. Time trials each night will start at 6:30 p.m. with the first race starting promptly at 8 p.m. JANITOR NAMED MONTICELLO - James While- man has been named as janitor at the White county Courthouse. DANC£ Nominations In Order For Miss Circus City PERU — Nominations ior Miss. Circus City of 1962 now are being' accepted. Any Miami county resident may nominate a. girl by writing Box 367, Peru. The lel'.sr should con. tain pertinent information on the nominee. She must be no younger than 18, no older than 28, single and never previously married. The five girls receiving the most nominations will advance to the finals from which a queen and first and second runners-'nv will be selected. 63% Of Voters Turn Out In Pulaski Co. WINAMAC—A total of KI per cent of the registered voters turned out for the primary in Pulaski county, according to Board of Canvassers figures. Of- the totai, 2,670 were Democrats and 2,302 were Republicans, a margin of 168. Cass township had the highest percentage voting with 78 per cent. Tippccanoe was second with 75 per cent. Hospital Auxiliary To Meet Wednesday MONTICELLO-The date of the White County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary meeting has been changed to Wednesday, May 16, at 2 p.m. at the REMC. The board of directors will meet at 1:15. NOTICE APPEARING MOW thru 'MAY 19th BOBBY SHERWOOD Jl i PHYLLIS DORNE fVCKY \SATURDAY NIGHT IVDIAItfA EACH RECORD HOP Beginning Sat., May 12 ADM. 50e 7-11 p.m. Summer Opening Entire Resort May 30, Prnview opening ove. May 29. QUINTET A Talented Musical Group Diract From Miami Beach You've seen them on T.V. . . . now see them in person 1 ! GET YOUR RESERVATION EARLY CASA GRANDE Kokomo, Ind. NOW PLAYlttti! oOU&tE THRIILIR! The UNBELIEVABLE becomesTrue! The Saddle Tramp I ALSO Woody Wood, „ packer Cartoon -SHOWS- The Hired Gun 6 BLACK HORSES Earth at 8:35 only Horses of 7:00 and 10:00 FREE I'JDDIE SHOW-SATURDAY 9 A.M. SKYLINE TONIGHT Open 7 p.m.—.Close 10 p.m. Box Office Open Til 12 a. m. on Saturday "Second Time" at '10 p. m.—"Morginn" at 8 p. m. TOMORROW ONLY-3 BIG HITS "Hell & Back" at 8 p. m.-"Archie" at 10 p. m. rTOHELL fiPBACK AODIE MURPHY TECHNICOLOR' WITH A rOS-S AT MIDNIGHT lenn Ford • Debbie Reynolds SUNDAY

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