Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 6, 1949 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1949
Page 6
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PACE 8—XAtJGATlFCK NEWS (CONN,), TUESDAY, DEC. 8, JM!> U.S. Rubber, Risdon Favored In Industrial League Games Girls To Play In Preliminary Tilt Tomorrow U. S. Kuobcr and Risdon Mfg. Co. are favored tn YMCA Industrial Council Basketball League frames tomorrow evening at the YMCA. Rubber will collide with Eastern Malleable Iron In the S o'clock opener wjth Risdon taking on Naugatuck Glass' Midgets .it 9. A preliminary game between thf Shamrocks and the Seymour Top Hatters, two girls' teams, will go on at 7:15 o'clock. The locals are captained by Doria Mitchell and •"ill »how Ruth Miller, Ann Rathburn, Ann Koj»p. Ann Zwollnsky *nd several others. Rubber opened Its season lowt week, by romping to an «a;<y. .15-23 victory over Glass, The Kedsmon were played on even terms In the opening- period but then opened up tn the second quarter to pull away. During the second half their greatest difficulty was in keeping the •core down. Although favored, they may run into a little more difficulty against the Ironmcn. They will be playing against a taller team, one which «am« from n 15-point deficit at the automatic time In last week's game with Chemical, to lose by only six points. The EJilI club takes a 'llttlu time to get warmed up, but when farmed, could cause plenty of trouble'. TU.idon drew a bye in the first w« e k's play go will be making their first appearance, tomorrow. They huve practically the same team j which won the first round championship lust year, tied Chemical 'or tho (second round title und then I lost tho crown In a playoff scries iwith the Chcmlsta. Risdon should I win this one caully. AJ5SAB KRZYKOW8K1 Muter — nruornu.r mtENNAN ST. TEL. 17M *•»»• EUinmtaw Tfatt Innrranog O»v«r«ije CHRYSLER and PLYMOUTH, O. M. C. TRUCKS J. C. Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing IM HOCTH MAIN KT. 44WB SANTOS OERBRAL REPAIRS ,.. Radiator*, Button-ten VPuUitr Hachtnmi. Bnby Carriage* ..Biqreto*. Soldering LAWN MOWERS M* Rnhhnr Ar». SMART FURS Make SMART GIFTS Cctabltibed I860 »»NO. MAIN » Vin Cuddy's Friars Seek Second Straight Victory Tomorrow Seeking their second straight win of tho Hllll young btmkotbull Hna- aon, the Providence Collega Friars will play host to the Frilrflold University Red Slags tomorrow night nt the Mount Plcnannt Gymnasium. The P. C. Freshmen team wlll play Mu.rlann.poltx Academy in a 7:00 p. m. preliminary. Thn Frl«ri4, though not too im- presslvo in -their opener against Assumption last week, will be favored to take the measure of the from the Nutmeg state. Fnlrfleld has much thu Hume personnel as a year ago whon tho Stat;a loHt twice to the Friars. FairflclU, coached by Robert Noonan, haa played three games to date and lost them all but the defeats were by small margins. Brook- yln. College, Hofstra. and Brooklyn Poly took (ho mutiHure of the Stagii. However, the Friars after defeating Falrfleld handily In an early season contest, just managed to n by four polntn In a late son-Sun game u your ago, und they realize that the Slugs will have Improved even more in this second year of organism! bOMkulbull at the Fail-field institution. Coach Vin Cuddy, Nnugatuck na- tlve_ plans to start the same team against Fair-fluid that ho used In the opener. Co-Captains Walt Lozoski and Art Welmilock will bo at tho guard positions with Sam NIs- sol and Ray Garcia at the forward posts. Frank Pclllgrlno will play the center position. Nlwscl, who led the Friar team iin scoring a year iigo. si'oms to have taken up where ho left off 1/mt year. Ho was the i.igli man for the Frlara in tho opener with 14 points. JlmSchlimm. reserve center, also looked good In spots on the offense and Cuddy plans to give the sophomore plenty of work. Rangers'Stanley Sprains Ankle New York. Dec. 6—(UP)--The New York Rangers have lost defense- man Allen Stanley for almost two weeks because of a badly sprained right ankle. Stanley was hurt In Sunday's Nationnl Hockey league game against Chicago. The Rangers also say rookie 1 forward Jack McLeod suffered a broken nose in practice yesterday when ho was hit by Pat Egan's titlck. But McLeod may bo In the lineup against Chicago Wednesday night. SI. Francis Favored DEFENSIVE DANDY In Grammar School League Tilt Tomorrow By Alan Mover St. Francis' defending Grammar School Biuikotfoull Leapuo champions KO after their second straight win tomorrow uftcrnoon wlion t n«y take on Pro«pect street 'in the t lr«t of throd frames on the Nnugntuck Hi<th school court. The Saints opened their «eniion la«t week with n convincing triumph over 81. Hntlwltf's and are favored to mrike it two In n row over Prospect, The Union City club loot Its opener to Central avenue last week. The second K»mo of the afternoon win match Hop Brook nKulnut St. HcdwlK'H. Hop Brook triumphed eually over Sulern lust wcolt und should make it two In n row. Central Hhould alno make; It two straight vSr.liirliiH when It Htnckx up agalnHt Sulcm. The flrnt of the three KamoH w lll got under way at 3:45 o'clock. Williams, Moore Fight Tonight Hartford, Dec. fl -If a variety of urmiitoH will help, "Dot:" Williams IM set to spring the flntlc aur- prlwe of the season tonight when he fights Archie Moore at the Auditorium. Tho local lljrnt-haavyweight on- lors this rematch with Moore « definite undcrdoK', having been twlco. Itnochwd out by the No. 2 ranking challenger O f tholr dlvli sion last year. But since that last knockout Williams had won 18 of 10 flKhts, and was winning Ihe 10th when a cut «ye halted him. He has avenged the other two losses on his record, which embraces •10 victories, and is Hot to Jur.iji from the No. 4 challenger's «pot to Moore's No. 2 post. From there ho can challenge Froddlo Mllln. or Joey Muxim should the latter succeed to the throne, -to a tltlo flghl Mills and Muxim arc .slated for « championship bout soon. Moore l:i more experienced, hav- | Ing fought lonjfor and with ;frent- er variety of opponenlg. But Williams, who was only 20 years old-- v.iung for hnavlBi- fl K ht(';r« -when kuyoed by MOOIM, Is t, 0 w 21 mid has packed on 12 needed poundo. He iftive awny that many twice 'o Archie In hitting 103 to Moore's 175 or more. This time. "Doc" win weigh 174 or 175, Moore around 177 SERV/CS, BUT sr/it. OF Ace DSFSNSB. MAfi OF rue REO WttO HAVE TAKE*/ A HE'S rue ow MAtf TO KATE ML STAR. SEt-ECT/OfJ UNDER g GETS #e/HAoe BUT HAD 7t> PEF£MS£ POSITION Fish And Game Club To Elect Officers The Naugatuck Fish & Game Club, Inc., will meet tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock in the Town Hall to elect officoi-M for tho coming year, it was announced today by Dr Joaopb J. Sitar, president. In addition, roporta on 'the recent annual outln B and tho Coon DOR Field Trials wlll be submltlcd Hunters arc urged to return per- mlu fi, r huntln,,' on regulated arciui aloriK with i-eporlH of K a mo killed to the Stuto Board of Fisheries & Game, Hartford. Pheasant lc e bunds may bo turnud In nt. lomorrow'a muttlng, Dr. situr Bald. AB an added feature of tho mooting, an nil color, sound motion plc- turo on various typoH of Florida tame nnhln K and AlUMka Ijcar hunt- Inii'-wlll be nho%vn. FAMOUS IN NEW ENGLAND FOR 8O YEARS! HAMPDEN HEWING CO. WIlUMANSCTf, MASS. For Your Convenience OUR TYDOL GASOLINE STATION On Church Street Is NOW OPEN *.• • .' '"'.' From 7 A. M. to 10:30 P. M. Monday Through Saturday and from 8 A. M. to 1 P. M. on Sunday Ford for " 50 Ways Finer A1 Used Cars Many Bargains The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 Church St. Phone 5236 rilOIIATi; .VO'i'HIi: Dl.'itrl.-t o( NmiKiuuck HH [•roti-uii Com-l. j,,.,.. f , nii A i, ,',,.,,, • "•"" KNTATIO ,,l I'IIAKI.K.H !_,. |<I-;UJ J .|,| '"'" "' . Nl """' tlll; k In mild ]>in. Tho KxucuturH ImvliiK exhibited uru»iini with wild «Htni« to thin Court lor iillnwiiiK-u, nnil miiilf; iiiMilloiitlon lor iin ordi-r nl .Hull llmtlon ,,| HII|I! ,-i<l. ( l,. It In OltDlSHKD. tlmt thu I llth (I iv -.1 ilei-einlior, A.U.. t!M(l. lit 2 oYIm-K In lliu alti-rnooii, Htnndiiril time, -it lii- V'riilintt) oiitcHi In NiuiKiilurk. In, uii(i tin; Kami! Ul, HHMlKmnl IIM- It ho-irln,; n tho lillowiinct) ol M.-ihl (iconunl, ami ii|i|i',lcntlon nnil thti Conn rili'dutx llm IOx«i!utorM to [flvn notion Ihorcnil liv liulillMliliiK lhln iirilcr In unnif nt-WH- liiiper ImvliiK h. i:li-<-nlnllon In HU|I! District, unit by lunvlni; wltli. or liy nialllng In leltt-rs ndtldnHHiul (o eiieh ol th« pormiim IntoreKled, nnd rcxI'lniK without tho I'l-ohl,. DlHIrlct o| Nau- KiKui'k, n <'"|iy nl thlM oi-ili-r, nil nl ImiKl r, iliiyn lu'lnrt. Hiilil day ol Imarlirj HiHl return to ihfn Court, AllOHt, ANN N. UNDmiUn.T,, CliM-k. piKdiATK NOTK:K DlHtrlct ol NniiKiituclf. HM. I'roluiie C'tnirl. I)«ci, fi. MI^II. 15STATK ul JODKJ'II riSHEH, |nl» ol NaiiKfttuck, within »ahl J.>iMti-lct. Ue- WIIISKISAK, nppllcntlun hllw l*<;i| miulo to lilts Court for iiurrnisHion to K(!ll (.-ol'Uiln rcul ijHtiitn liwlonKlnj; to Kitlil uHtnt^. nM iipplloatlon on fllh morn fully ni>i)fni-M, II In OltDICJtKI), thnl the [oruKoliiK iipplIcatlon ho hiiurd und (Mormliu'tl nt lh(> I'roljiitn Olllmi In NaiiRHturk on tin 1 8lh ihiy ol l>(H-onilji?r. IINSI, nl 8 o'clock In thu nltvriiiuiTi nntl Un> Court illrui-lH Hiild AilmlnlMtrntor lo ulvt' notlrn to (ill pnrnoiiN Inlfr^Ht >il In MI,hi i-Ltnl" to ii|i|ii<ni-, II Ill'-v »i<<' cause, and hi; horil Ihnrmm, by unlillHhinii: thlH ordor tn u HU\VH- IHilic-r having n i-lrculfltl<in In MnUl rllh- tl-I'M, uliio l,y loiivinK with or innHiir; In h-lli-i-H, nuHUiKit iin>liul(l. Iroin Nuu- ItuUlok, u i:opy nf 1lilM ofili.i- to IL!) purllwH Interi-iUiul nnil i-iuilOlnn without, Uir; J'roliiiiu DlMli-lft ol NHIIKILIIII-IC. .ill on nr bi'for« ihi v ftth Uay ol 'D(.(t,.|uln'r. A.I)., in-Ill, anil return innHo to tin: Court ol notion Klvi-n. ANN N. I'ltOIIATK IVOTKJK Dl.strlnt cfl NiiUKUtiii'k. BH. ]'« Court. DIM:, filh. A.,I'.. III4H. IWTATK ul OT'J'O II. YIII.KK, lulu of Nauwalurk. In Maid [>lntrli;t diM'tniMiju, Th« exucutrlx. havliiR uxhlbltcil li»r account with ttiiUl UHtuto to thlH Coiirt lor nllowaniio. anil rniidM application lor un order o| (ll.-ti-lliullon o| mild «xUuc, II IM OKDIORIOn. that the I4tll d:\y ol nucombi-r. A.D., 1^4'.). nt 2 o'elm:^. In Ihe nltornoon, Hiundah) lime. .11 the Pruhnto Oltli-o In NttUBnluc*. In; nnd the Harm.' In. u>>HlKiii-(l lor n hnnrlnrf ml the nllownnci- ol naid lun.'ount. and a|i- lillciilltin «ml tin; Court dlrocln the ox'ifiitrlx to Klvo notion iluirMil, by puhllHhlfiK thlH tjrrtnr In Homo IIKWI-.- l>'n,.|- h;i\'!nk; a nircubitlon In Hald II|H- trlct, find by It-avlni? with, or muiliiiK in U'tlel-H addrcMHcd to carh ol tho por- MOIIM Intori'Hti'il, nnd rioililliiu Iho I'rolnili; DlHlrlc:t ol Nuunntur 1 !. n t'ony ol thin order, all nt IHIIHI ? dayn holori) Nuld day ol honrlnK and ri'tnrn to lhln Court. AltllHt, ANN N. UNDUHim,!,. Clork. Four Teams Waging Battle For Eastern Division Lead In AHL New York — Tho interest In tho ba-ttle for top honors In '.he EaK- tcn'n Division of tho American Monkey Ij-iiKUn wnn nt a fnvor pilch aftftr laHt wijok'n K'amdM. with only four polntn HCpMratlng the top four clubs. Providence led with 28 inolnt.H, r'.uffula New 1I»-ven each haU 25 and Springfield wan /inothor point ticlilnd. All of thorn hail played the same number of FJfwncH, 2.T. Hnrxhuy wan fifth with 3H pnlntH. Althoiig:i their unlieatcn atrlnK WJIH nnappod after 13 Kames, tho Cleveland Uaronn malntnlncd :i cotnfoi'tablo '*ix point edi?e at the toi,> of the Western section, over St. Ixjul.s. The Flyers enjoyed a five point mnnrln over third nl.-wi PlttshurBh, which led Indianapolis by two points. Cincinnati WIIH llfth. Lcs DoiiKltis of Cleveland had only two point') for the week, but he Btill led the scorers with 3H polntH on 1C g-ouls and 23 assista. Johnny Chad of Providence was In second ]il;i''o with 34 poln-U, followed by his tnammiitv, llarvoy Kr/iHcr v/ho had 32. Paul Oladsi I'f St. Loulu and Jack Mr.rjll! of Provlili'nce wore next In line with 28 each. Chad took ovf<r the 8'oal Hcorlnff lead, having 17, whllp Dou^laa Tncl McOIll loci in HettlnRr tip pluyn with 2.'i iuial«tH enr.h. Jui; IvC'pine of f'.ln- clnnatl still wna out 'in front In penalty box time havlnpr spent 7K minuted In repontenco. Utllo Oil Mayer, flrjl your Roal- tondcr of Plttsburtrh, came bade to the HornutM jtftur a ono game trip tri Toronto mul IIK! thn natinlnrlura with an (IVOI-UKQ of 2.80, with BB KonlH allowed In 22 game*. Terry Sawchult of Jndianupolls and Con- rile Dion of Buffalo were tied in .'ihiiloutH with two each. Cleveland led In te.-wn. goal /.-cor- InR with 108 tallies, they, and Pro- vldnnoo bring the only tc.mig to K<> ovtir the 1<X> irinrlc, with tho rtcdn huvlng 102. Clricinnaiti ahd allov.'ed (ho mast goals, 109, and «l:io lot! in penalty minutes with an even 300. Seek To Eliminate Roughness In Dying Minutes Of Games Now York, Doc. 8—(Ul')--Tho executive committee of the. Nation . al Basketball association wantri to Bomethfrifr to cut out extra mfhiiflH!! and \vlilMllu-blnwlni; In the dyinK mlnutc'H of n Kamii. Tim cummitteo thlnk.-r It ban a lolution. It httH recommended •hroe rule changun, to become effective a wcoli from Thursday. Tho leafflio board of governors will vote On tha proposalu by mall this wnek. Tho bl(CK«Ht fihnnKo callii for a jump ball after «aoh succoHiiful frco throw in the last five nrilmite.H of a game. The rule also would apply to overtime psrlodn. Another suggoalcd change would allow members of the defensive teams to have both positions under tho basket on a free throw. Now, each team hati a player next to the basket. The third change would widen lliu frt.-o-throw lane from UH pru«- »nt uix feet to 12 feet on an experimental basis from December 10 to January 15. Tail Grid, Soccer Captains Named Watertown, Pr.c. C- -(UP)— -TWo PenriNylviinln. biiyn have bi^en elected captain? of tho Taf't school varsity football and soccer teams for th« coming year. . Julius Backur, Jr., of Cnatenvlllo will head up tho football tiojuad and David A. Stevcnn of Allnntown will aupluln tho soccur taunt. Overcomes 2 Forces Cleveland--A body must, crcato I we: furcoa If It IB to fly; lift to overcome gravity, and forward propuUinn to overcome drag. BAM'8 SERVICE STATION and QARAOJ5 US Rulib«r Avo. Tol. — Front End Work VION 8TOKM WINDOWS A DOOIIH NEW ENGLAND SALES CO ALBOO tK2 Kaiih Ht.. Wi^terhury I'bonn 4-1W19 I'LASTKJ '1'OILKT HKATH Llfc.tinii! (iimrnnti'n AxHortrd C'oliirn *5.»5 , WEISS HEN FRANKLIN 8TORX CHUnCJl ST. NAI7OAT1JCK Currier Electric Co. Refildontlal •— Commercial Induntrlal WiniNG and RKPASKS WuHtlnghouHa Appliance* Tel. NIUIB. 41(14 < OMM1CKCIAL uid nOMESTfC IIMKIIIGKHATION WALTER'S REFRIGERATION Mitln St., Bnucun Fall* Tel. 74Ik Emergency Ctll 8fiA7 ' Highlanders Book Strong Roesslers Five New Haven Club To Appear Here Friday Evening The Nnnfe'tituck Highlander*; will piny tho powerful Now Havon RocHHlorH Friday evening at tho YMCA, It wns announced todny Ly Mgr. Milt WelHsman, Thr- Uoesalfirs boaBt of two wins over the Kawtern AAU champn. Ir.- clucled In the lineup are , Johnny tilab, formerly of the Tmmr>n; 73111 LOOM, oiitntnndln^ MiHUus' buflubull proupoct, formi.r UConn aco and captain of the 11115•in Hlllhouno NBW England ctvim- plonHhlp Hquud. Tho toum also liHtn many members of tho Now Haven Boys' Club, the Red Dnv;)«, and other well known Elm City <,ulnt.el,M. M«r. Wijfiwimtn mild (.oiluy that the Healy twins, Vln and ,Too, vil'. bo In the HlffhlnndorH' lineup UKnln thin waolc, unil offurtH will .ilCTln bn mado to nouura VinnU; Drake, former Anaonia High utar now at Fordhnm. Drake paced tho locnlH In tliolr up«ct victory ivcr tho Torrln>;l:on THim^lCM last wucil:, In addition to the above, thu HighlnnderH will have Bonny GnalzdowHki, Hahk Swirski, Jack Q»4nt, Bobby Jonen and other rdg- ular memborH of the team. A preliminary gamo will be of- f.irnd nl 7:30 o'clock with the nuiln uUnicUon l» tf<> on about 8,30 o clock. HOttVWOOD'S CUCKIN6I CHUT wewi NOW Jeanne GRAIN Ethel BARRYMORE Ethel WATERS William LUNDIGAN — 2nd HIT — 'WOLF HUNTERS' Mr* r CM*r. In CM TO* I KBXT FBI « BUT I OH (MM IN MttOM i-iie ACTS voovn-i criM-'DEPUTY MARSHAL* ^OMIUt WKn-CDNDMUIMM IHOWI IJ.C.A. — Admiral Television B»|«M and Service SWAN'S Rlortrlcnl C«ntr«ctflrii Bin Co 10ZB 2B CICDAU ST. TIC I,. Z/17'. 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BW Our country's freedom began here in New England. Let's keep it alive here in New England. United States Rubber Company Footwear Plant Naugatuck, Conn.

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