Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 6, 1949 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1949
Page 4
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PAGE '4—XACGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY. DEC. 0, 1949 Every icvenlnx \JExo«pt Sunday) by CHE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORP. NAUGATUCK, CONN. Telephone* 2228 and S229 AH Department* Entered a> second clau matter at lb« port offlc« In Naugatuck. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable In Advance I Month ...n.30 1 Year . .HSJO Member: American Newspaper Pub. Aas'n N. 15. Dafly Newspaper Put. Ass'n Conn. Newspaper Publishers Ass'n TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1949 A Real Christmas Do you want to have the best Christmas possible? Do you want to add a touch to the usual observance that will make the coming holiday so outstanding it •will always be remembered? Here's all you do, as they say on the radio: Adopt a family. Especially one with several children ,-who might otherwise have a dreary Christmas, or perhaps none at all. Select your family well in advance in order to find out just what they need in the way of creature comforts. Make a list of the clothing needed to take them through the winter. How many pairs of shoes are required? Don't overlook the mother. See that she gets a nice house dress and a pair of warm slippers. Add the necessary toys, with nice dolls for the girls, plenty of candy aad fruit ,and, aborve all, a real Christmas dinner. This may cost a little money. But suppose it does._It has always been claimed that money cannot buy '.•.appiness. But in this case it will I ay big dividends. Both for your- iclf and certainly the family you c .'e bringing Christmas to. Don't consider this in the light (.: charity. Instead make it an ad• nture in happiness, in which ;. a share your own good fortune v th some less fortunate. Your r ward will be in the laughter of h- ppy children, the gratitude rev ded in the eyes of a tired rr. ther, who had given up all hoes for anything but a meager Ch-istmas. ""o say nothing of the glow •whijh will be in your own heart. I press. His Influence Is felt far beyond the borders of Argentina, particularly in Peru and Venezuela. Ltitle Uruguay is the closest facsimile of a republic left in South America, Mexico in Central America. Liberty seems to be receding in this hemisphere. Two important Latin American conferences, at Rio and Bogota, have produced encouraging results on paper. But the continent, in terms of the objectives of tho$e conferences, has been moving XjaclfWard rather than forward. ^~ Perhaps all this simply means that Latin America is part of the world. The outlook is darker there, but is it brighter in Europe? In the Middle East? I n the Far East? Latin America may not be retrogressing more rapidly than other areas of the world. -~X To Be Pshawed r.oyal welcome which is being cn'.Dnded to the Shah of Iran, a:-, ingratiating young man with a ; redilection for frank talk, is ix.-:.ig continued as he invades the V.\3t after a stopover for a look- so; at Ft. Knox, Ky. President Truman and the State DC partment practically threw p.: -ctilio to the winds to assure 'h; monarch an enjoyable stay. T. o Shah is definitely a personal; •_• not to be pshawed. He rules •"- -lingdom that holds a tremendous interest for the Western pc-.vers, and not because of its ar.-.iquity. Tran has great oil deposits, a fr -t that impresses the Allies ;•• oatly. But they are not so happy over the other geographic fact t.'.at places the country on the southern boundary of Russia. The r'_d bear recently made one pass a- the land of the ancient Medes that sent shivers down Pennsylvania Avenue and Downing Street, "he United Nations is given credit for aborting that provocation. Uut it lays heavy in mind. Nor does the Shah want anyone to forget it. His public remarks since alighting in Washington from the President's personal plane have been punctuated with candid appeals for military assistance. Not a man to underplay his hand, he drives home the indisputable point that Iran's position is critical to the strategy of the entire Middle East. The Shah wants American collaboration not only in the military sphere but economic aid of a type that fits into the administration's thinking with respect to continuing the Marshall Plan after 1952—or with respect to helping backward areas, as the elongation will be dubbed. The Caudillos Is the Good Neighbor policy going to pieces? The picture since the war has grown increasingly dark. Admiration for Generalissimo Franco of Spain seems to have brought new life to the Latin American tradition of the caudillo, the man on horseback. The spectacle of the big democracies fighting World War II and setting- up military governments in both hemispheres probably had its effect, too. Whatever the cause, there has been less use of the ballot box and more use of the army coup to change Latin American regimes since the war. In Brazil. Haiti, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, El Salvador^ and now Panama, presidents have been ousted from office within the last four years. Less successful coups have also been numerous. In Colombia there was a nasty , revolt in 1947 following an assassination during the Bogoto conference. In Argentina President Peron, admirer of Franco, who came to power by similar methods somewhat earlier, is cracking down on the already shackled Do You Remember? One Year Ago The Naugatuck High school basketball team opened its season by romping over Olive Wolcott Tech, 4»-9. Ten players participated in the scoring. Harry Bneham was iprincipal speaker at the annual father and son banquet at Cheshire Academy. 20 Years Ago Joseph F. Doran, of Grove street, was on a. business trip to College Point, L. I. Naugatuck High school football team captain, Harold "Red" Stapleton, was named to the Ail- State eleven. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Is it all right to use ruled paper for social correspondence A. No; if there is trouble in writing a straight line, buy the black- ruled paper which fits under the notepaper and envelopes. These arc called guides and can be purchased in any stationery store. Q. When should the guests arrive at the church for a wedding ceremony? A. From a half-hour to not later than five minutes before the ceremony. The guests should be seated before the parents of the bride and bridegroom arrive. Q. When applesauce is served with pork, should it be eaten with a spoon or fork? A. It is better to use the fork. Household Scrapbook Making Hole In Glass A perfect hole may be made In glass by first covering the area where the hole is to be with putty and making a hole the size desired in the putty. Pour into the hole or "well" a little melted lead, and unless the glass is exceptionally thick, a perfect hole will result. Gold Fish It is necessary to change the water if the gold fish come to the surface for air. Be sure to use cool water, as gold fish do not like warm water, except of course in the case of the tiny tropical fish. Zippers Rub a little Vaseline jelly on the zipper that is inclined to work with difficulty. Look And Learn 1. What is the actual width of the column of mercury in a clinical thermometer? 2. Who was the first U. S. President to speak over the radio? 3. What is the highest peak ift the South American Andes? 4. Which runs the long way of a fabric—the warp or the woof? 5. What animal washes its food before eating it? Answers 1. About as wide as a Human hair • President Warren G. Harding. 3. Aconcagua; 23,097 feet 4. The warp. 5. The raccoon. Realty Transactions The following , papers have been filed in the office of Town Clerk Raymond J. St. John: Warranty Deeds Agnes Endzeleit to - Awald H. Endzeleit. property on Scott street and Andrew avenue. William J. Neary, Jr., to Nicholas J., and Anne S. Dobbins, property on Meadow street. Mortgage Deeds Edward W., and Estelle A. Dooley to Naugatuck Savings Bank property on Highland and Dunn avenues. Awald H. Endzeleit to Naugatuck Savings Bank, property on Scott street and Andrew avenue. Nicholas J., and Anne S. Dobbins to Naugatuck Savings Bank, property on Meadow street. Mortgage Releases Naugatuck Savings Bank to Edward W., and Estelle A. Doolcy Naugatuck Savings Bank to Andrew and Mary Macaitis. ONE PHONE SYSTEM More than 80 per cent of the telc- | phones in the U. S. are operated by one system. THE CLOC It is hard for an American who can recall the days of two or three years ago to become accustomed to automobile salesmen with a smile. Tony Monsante, town hall janitor, must have awakened milch before dawn Saturday .. he was clearing the sidcwaks around the town hall long before 7 a. m., but shrugged off tbs earliness of his chore by saying that much had to be done. A full house is expected at the annual dinner of the volunteer fire company tomorrow night in the K. of C. rooms new members oE the company and honorary members will be guests at the affair . . the boys will get-together at 6:30 with a turkey dinner to be served at 7 o'clock. All-day parkers have been nipped In another down-town section with the Installation of meters on the west slilo of Church street, north of Division street .. several all-day parkers lost their places when the one- side ban went into effect on Oak street. Recent snow and ice storms have caused considerable headaches for those who parked on Oak street according to the new Parking rule . with cars parked on the east side, heading uphill, many motorists had a tough time getting started. Hospital Corpsman John Ostroski, stationed- at the Naval Hospital at Bethesda, Md. writes that he recently visited Rep. Jim Patterson,' a patient at that hospital . . John is on the staff at the doubt Jim was glad to see someone from "back home." Tommy Cam, second place winner at a recent ice cream eating contest showed other contestants that although he is only five years old, he knows how to eat ice cream, fast . . he won a half- gallon of ice cream, which he shared with his family . . Tommy will be six years old Thursday. BUI Leuchars, 11 New street, has been on the sick-list for the past few days, but expects to be up and around In a day or so.. many residents have complained lately of virus Infection of one sort or another. Telephone company crews are hard at work at Main and Maple streets .. all sorts of activity may be observed as the men work underground and on the surface., work was also being done the other day to the new telephone booth installed for ipublic use at the east end of the Whittemore bridge. Several local residents are in for a busy evening come Friday. ...they'll first attend the Adele Addison concert in the Congregational church, and then adjourn to the Junior Chamber of Commerce dance !n Odd Fellows hall. There have been games, and there have been games during the past football season, but in our estimation, none can compare with Saturday's Southern Methodist-Notre Dame battle The game, 60 minutes of the most action packed football, it has ever been our pleasure to hear. . .We got a big- kick out of hearing Bill Sullivan kicking extra points AGAINST the Fightin<* Irish. We don't like to keep repeat- Ing- ourselves — but onco again we extend our heartfelt thanks to T.J.D. for providing our coffee for the next week .. T. J. picks basketball games like our Circulation Dept. picks football games. Public relations head Ed McGrath and his rig-ht hand man, Tom Dillon were (pressed into service yesterday to assist the staff at the U. S.- Rubber Co. salesroom . . Tha rush for rubbers, actics, etc.. is good news for plant employes. Author Tom Sugrue. formerly of .the borough, has written a story about Israel, which appears in this month's issue of The American Magazine... Tom spent considerable time in the Holy Land this year. Cliff (Doollttle) Warren, former NaiiR-atuck resident, has made a recording- of one of the latest songs... / Mrs. Henry Erk, vice-chairman of the Republican town committee, and acting chairman at this time, says there's been no meeting of the group lately and none planned for the immediate future... looks as though FredNaw- rath has the inside track foe the chairmanship Ed Lingenheld says he's too busy to take on any other chores. Carl A. Magnuson, seaman recruit, USN, of 312 Park avenue t is undergoing recruit training at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, 111. WALTER WINCHELL In New York Flash! Stalin Writes a Column For WlncheU! (The following are excerpts from. a F-ei-ies of lectures Stalin delivered at Sverdlov University i n 1924, his book, "Probles of Leninism" and a speech he made on May 8, 1920. This represents Iho highll«-hto of the Communist bluo- pi'int for world-conquest). Fred Periste:n or our advertising department is an uncle for the second time.. .his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ferlstein, of Stamford are tho proud parents... their "first time. The Naugatuck Rotary club will have a fine time handing out red roses this week...Past President Elmer Schmitz has a birthday Dec. 10, and Ed Sodlosky observes his Dec. 31... Also having a birthday this week is Harold Turnblom, who will celebrate Friday. Postmaster Frank T. Green is taking a couple of days off from his duties at the Post Offlce .. YMCA General Secretary Herb Brown is feel I nc a little low . . Herb is bothered l»y an attack of grippe or some other such nuisance, but Is carrying on at his YMCA office Mr. and Mrs. William J. Neary, Jr., of Meadow street are taking up residence in Middlebury.. .they have sold their property to the Nicholas Dobbins. "Capitalism could under iic> circumstances, under no possible- conditions, live side by side with the Soviet Republic, both because of its objective situation and because of the economic interest of the Capitalist class which were in- conporated in it. A, conflict is inevitable. This is the greatest difficulty in the Russian revolution, its greatest historical problem — ti 1 c necessity to solve international problems, the necessity to call forth the world revolution." "Can a ardlcal transformation of the old bourgeois sy;?tem bo achieved without a violent revolution, wilout the dictatorship of the proletariat? enemies outside its borders, for the fight against imperialism." "The final victory of Socialism means complete security from any attempts at intervention and therefore at restoration. The support of our revolution on the part of workers of all countries, and still more the victory of those workers in at least some countries, is an indispensable condition of the complete security of. -the first victorious country from attempts at intervention and restoration, an indispensable condition of the final victory of Socialism." 'What does the Impossibility of the complete final victory of Socialism in a single country without the victory of the revolution in other countries mean? It means the imposibility of having a full guarantee against the intervention, and against the restoration of the bourgeois order. i "It Is and Toletarian ties between the work- ng class of the USSR and the work- ng class of bourgeois countries; it s necessary to organize the poli- DAK members are reminded to get contributions of clothing- for the Kate. Duncan Smith DAR school in Alabama, into the hands of Regent Mrs. Harry Anderson not later than Thursday. Observing a birthday recently was Mrs. Paul Kelnek of Beacon Valley Manor... having birthdays this week are Robert Rimkoski of Hillside avenue and Philip Koch of Damson Lane. Someone suggests now would bo a very good time to start making New Year's resolutions what say? „ Lumber Dealers Favor Some Tax Laws For Businesses Connecticut lumber dealers are on record in favor of subjecting cooperative organizations of corporations that are in competition with private business and indus- ery to the same provisions of federal income tax laws that apply to private ownership, following the 58th annual meeting- of the Lumber Dealers' Association of Connecticut in New H'oven, at which time a resolution urging passage by Congress of the Mason bill, H. R. 5064, was unanimously adopted. The lumber dealers' resolution stated that "it is inequitable and unfair competitively that cooperatives and certain other business enterprises should be allowed to escape from all or most of the federal income taxes that are paid by the private businesses of this country," an d urged Connecticut's senators and representatives to support the Mason bill which "will correct this unjust situation." The first meeting of the newly elected board of directors of the Lumber Dealers' association is being: called by William P Miner, of the Miner ,t Alexander Lumber Company, New London, for earlv next month. The other new officers are. Harvey J. Stowe A W Burritt Company, Bridgeport vire president; William P. Beach, Lampson Lumber Comlpany, New Haven, who just retired as past president of tho association, secretary and George E. Carr, Brown Company, Norfolk, treasurer. The directors, elected upon report of a nominations: committee consisting of George .E. Carr, Nor, Cp A R ;K F - Bail?y - New Have ». and Arthur Clifford Bridgeport aj-e: A. M. McFarland, McFarland ^P ^,n° rrintrt0n ' to serve u "«l 1951; William P. Neary, Naugatuck Lumber Company, Naugatuck, to 1952; Robert Ketting, Hatch & Ballsy, Inc., Norwalk 1952, Raymond C. Rubley, H B Senior Company, Bethel, to 1952 and Willard F. Terrell Meriden Lumber Company, Meriden, to 19- nO, to succeed Arthur Clifford resigned, ar.d Gideon Rice, Man- chaster Lumber Company, Manchester, to 1951, succeeding George E. Carr. "Obviously not. To think that such a revolution can be carried out peacefully within the framework of bourgeois democracy rneana one- of two things. It means either madness, and the loss of normal, human understanding, or else an open and gross repudiation of the (proletarian revolution. . ."For what else is our country— the country that is building socialism — if not the base of world revolution?" "The more effective the assistance rendered by the first Socialist country to the workers and toiling masses of all other countries the more rapid and thorough will be the development of world revolution. By what should this assistance be expressed? "It should be expressed, first by, t h e victorfuos country achieving the utmost possible in one country for the development support and stirring up. of the revolution in all countries. ."Second, It should raise revolts nwlnst the capitalist, and in the event of necessity — comt , out ev _ von with armed force ag-ainst the exploiting classes and their states." "To put It briefly the dictatorship of the proletariat is, the rule of the proletariat over the bourgeois, a rule unrestricted by law and based upon force " .."Communist Party members everywhere should use their influence and all their arts of persuasion to bring non-party organir-a- lons into the closest proximity to the^Party, and to place thorn und£arty°. P ° m ' CaI ^ idan ^- of the "For a revolutionist, the revolu- -ion >s everything... A revolutionist may sponsor a reform because he sees in it a means for linking up constitutional action with unconstitutional action, because he teels he can make use of it as a screen behind which he can strengthen his clandestine work, whose-a, m - is to educate -and prepare the masses for the revolutionary overthrow of the bourgeoi "That is what we mean by the revolutionary use of reforms and of agreements under the imperialistic, capitalistic regime." "The Communist Party In sia is the war staff of the proie- march "T^'' ^ Party ahould march at the head of the working class. It should lead workers union' the narr ° W Path °* *«™ . . «• n ci consolidate 'then into an independent political force. m^^rTnL^tmrr^" revolution for the fight ^ BUNKER "0" Fuel Oil JS 100 -v Per gallon F. O. B. Our Terminal Bridgeport, Conn. Phone 8-3541 ^«* * BUCKLEY /-, BETfER SERVICE LOWER FUEL COSTS NAUGATUCK CHEMICAL IS A SAFE PLACE TO WORK. Last year Naugatuck Chemical's safety record was 48% better than the chemical industry as a whole and 47% better than the rubber industry as a whole, -."!* \i Naugatuck Chemical DIVISION OP UNITED STATES RUBBER COMPANY "Serving Through Science" icnl aid of the working class of Lhe bourgeois countries to the work- Ing cliiBH of our country... It IK ncccHBiiry to do our utmost \r> fortify and consolidate our Red Army, Red Navy, Red Air Force and Chemical nnil Air llcfenne. H is necessary to keep our entire people in a state of mobilized readiness." "CommuniKni is not established upon the foundation of the bourgeois system of things; it is established in the course of the destruction of that system—after the overthrow of capitalism. Communism is a revolutionary authority forcibly imposed." "The Communist Party is not only indispensable to the proletariat for the establishment of the dictatorship. It becomes even more necessary after the seizure of power in order to maintain the dictatorship of the proletariat, (o consolidate and lo enlarge -it with a view toward inaugurating a completely socialized order." must be employed in preparing for I'n.-U. "Kor tli:it end we must work in ordi-r to for;,'t: rf.ri] revolutionary c-;irlr-f:K :j n (.1 :t i (;;il rf volutionary leadership of the proletnri.'it. cap- ablo of leading tho many millions of the American \vorkin}: class toward the revolutionary class stru^- i-rlcK." ADV. "When a revolutionary crisis develops in America, that will be the beginning of the end of world capitalism as a whole. It is essential that the American Communist Party should be, capable of meeting that historic moment fully prepared and of assuming the leadership of the impending class struggle in America. Every effort and every means "We, THE MUSIC SHOP—" Some odds and ends: Dr., Hcaly, whose musical tastes are very sim- ! lar to ours, moved into his newly- 'niilt homo on Thanksgiving Day. Mrs. Ilealy and child have reason for thanks. IJest wishes! . . . Some if the LuJuIts wh/} are inducing Santa Claus to deliver phonographs *o some (oo-young-to-read-this children are: Mr. and Mrs. PaJlaco- vitch, Mr. and Mrs. Federonls. Mr. and Mrs. Dry, Mr. and Mrsr Noble, Mr. and Mrs. Amador, :»nd others whose secrets we may not tell. . . Many portable radios will be received this Christmas. Wish we could divulge the names. . . . Surprise! Various departments of the L". S. Rubber Co. are sponsoring Christmas parties this Sat. nlte. What is a party without music? . . . The Bob Grant household has become very popular since their new television, set. was installed. . . . Mario Lanza's album (from I "The Midnight Kiss) is a welcome ! addition to the Tom Lee's record i library. i Give music for Christmas: NORMAN'S BEAUTY AN INDIVIDUAL HAIR STYLE Pert, Short and in Tune with Holiday Festivities FASHIONED BY Here's a cunning, and artful center part ar:--angeracnt, with unusual front interest in the frilly double-bang that gives a pert and youthful air to a pretty face. Smoothly waved sides expose the oar. A'trim rape-line is exposed by the brushed up hack. Consultation - ;il - Mr. Norman without charge. Open MOD. Thru Sat. 9.A. M. to 6 P. 51. Friday Nites Till 9 P. M. [ 5522 .NORMAN'S BEAUTY SALON 87 MAPLJB J. .1.1 m HOW A B orrTiTF=ip In Your Stocking This [~Jfliril SURHV ENJfll RUPEE'S OCMMUtCC' ;%8k "Staggered" Cooking Top*—r ^Jn/^ t J 38^ "Simmer-Speed" Top Burners f A;/ —? 1 "Insta-Flame" Lighters | ^ Big "3-in-l" Oven-,_ J| Infra-Red "Glo" Broiler ^"Scientific" Cooking Charb~[ / We'll Gladly Help You / Tell Santa About This Great idea 're- Holiday foods and everyday foods take on full-flavor goodness when cooked in a modern ROPER Gas .Rang*. And how easy they are to prepare. Why not visit us soon and see the many fine models you can choose from? We'll be happy to slip a hint to Santa .that you're in love with that new ROPER. There's no better way to start the coming year. THECONNECTICU iGHT& POWER Go Tax-Paying Company

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