Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 6, 1949 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1949
Page 2
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PACE Z—NAUGATUCK "VEWS (CONN.), TtHESDAY, TJKC., 0, 1910 DREW PEARSON ON WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: U. S. Loses Out To Fascism At Its Own Front Door; Good-Neighbor Policy Must Be Carried Out Daily; Texas Oil Tycoon Appears As Rival To Jesse! Jones. Washington. — Recent revolution and rioting in Latin America has pointed up what the American public has long dimly realized, namely that while We are fighting Communism in Europe we are losing out to Fascism at our own front door. Panama, which surrounds the most Important waterway In the •world so far as the United States is concerned. Is now in the hands of a dictator. Arnulso Arias, who had roots In Germany and Italy during the days of Hitler and Mussolini. Just before Pearl Harbor, we considered him such a menace the United States helped to euchre him out of the presidency. In Colombia, a country equally vital to the strategic waterway which links cast-west shipping, dhe bloodiest riots in history have been taking place. Approximately 1.000 people have been killed, and a Fan- cist party, deliberately aided and abetted by dictator Franco of Spain, has instituted such terror that it was impossible to hold two-way elections. While U. S. senators have been guzzling Dictator Franco's lush wines in Madrid Franco how been pulling the rug ri(;ht out from under U. S. policy in one of the most Important countries in the Pan American union. Months ago Laureano Gomez, now the Colombian strong man, went to Madrid and arranged with Franco to have his shock falange forces smuggled Into Colombia disguised in the robe* of priests. Bloodshed and rioting has followed ever since. Truman's Pan Americanism In the White House, Harry Truman speaks glowingly of his visits to Mexico and Brazil. He is also do- lighted at the prospect of making a trip to Chile. He considers Pan- American relations one of his most important policies, and if anyone walked in and told him the good- neighbor policy had bogged down, he Just wouldn't believe it. But the trouble with President Truman is that he thinks of Pan- American friendship In terms of j getting out a lot of flagB and the I brans bands to greet President D«| tra of Brazil. He doesn't realize j that the good-neighbor policy must be closely coordinated o,nd carefully carried out every day of the year. Over in the State Department, meanwhile, one of the best younp men in some yo»irti, Edward Miller, Is Aa-jistant Secretary for Latin America. Miller was born in Puerto Rico, speaks Spanish, knows Liitin America intimately, works hard at his job. Over in the, Export-Import Bank, also, far more loans have been advanced in Latin America than moot ficoplo realize. But a successful good-neighbor policy Isn't built up merely by dumping money Into Latin America, or giving rousing welcomes to visiting Pan-American potentates. Today we have a lot of well- meaning cogs in our diplomatic machinery, but sometimes they seem to bo turning sopartely and in different directions. In brief, the gcans do not mesh. Jcfiso ,lone*' flli'ol It looks like Jesse Jones, long considered the financial cznr and onco an aspiring political czar of j Texas, now has a. rival. He in Texas oil tycoon Glenn McCarthy of Houston, who recently helped mastermind "Sam Rayburn Day." McCarthy has already built a swank 15-story motel <n Hov.stnn, the Shamrock, and now aspires to build 11 new buslnoHH center on the outskirts of Hoimton. To finance It, McCarthy Is reported in the market for an RFC loan, and it was considered significant that he sont his plush Htratolincr private airplane to WuNhlnglon to fly some RFC officials to Ho union for "Sam Rayburn Day." Taking tho frro rldo to TCXU.M for tint big Domorrntlc Jamboree wore Jamiw Cnnmidlnu, ItFC controller, and Allen Freeze, Ills OJ*I|H- tant. with their two wlvos. Neither arc Texan s. Another RFC official Narvln Weaver, jissi.sUint loan manager, declined an invitation because, he {•ON THE AIR TODAY 1 6:30— WATH NAUflATUCK N1CWS WTtO— JiiHti J'lnlll Hill WWCO— Capt. MldnlKht 5:45— wen Y— Cart Manney WTIO— ll-rmit J'nuo K.-irrell 0 .-00— All Htiitlcum NOWH fi:lo— WATH— Al VoHtro— Hporlu ut (lit! Dnv WWCO— Sportscopo WTK •—.Strictly HiinrtH WUUY-.i^lturH lu Kuntu 6:30— WATH— I'hlllp Vim TnliH Ni'WI WWC< )~VVho'M Tlilkllli; " WH11V— Snort K WTIC— WrlBhtvllln Pollen C :4 C— WATK— Sjunmy Knyo WBK Y— Lowell ThoniUH WTIC— :i Stur lOxtrti 7:00— WHUV— NniiKiituck Valley In- WTIC— UKht Up Timo 7 :OI— WHUY— Clvlii Theater WATIt— Hrndllno Kllltlon 7 :K>— WATK— TCaxtornidrcH w\vt;o— Twilight special WTIC— MOWN WnilY— Riiy Hindi 1 :30— WTIC— Mrillvwnnd Tlioiitcr WnilY— Clul) in WATH— liiivlil llnrcllriK WWCO— rjnbrlel Hontlor 7:46— WnnY— JOilwnrcl It. Mnrrow WWCO-I Lovo A MvHtcry S:00-WATIt— CnrnoKlo Hull WTir— Cnviiiciiiiij WBRY— MyKlorv Theater VVVVOO— Crlmn r>o«w N"l T'ny 8 :30— WATH— Town Mooting WTIC— H.-iliv KnnukH WnTlY— Mr. iind MI-H. North WWCfi— On (In, rirecn 8 :4H— WWCO— Hixilllli. On A Htnr 11 :()()— WP.HY— l.lld Will! I.tllKl WTIC— llnb Hopo VAVCO-.John Htoi'ln 3 :30— WATIt— lOrwln W. Citiilmm WTTC— Fllihcr Motion \vHn Y I'jHftitM' WWfo— MvHter'loim Trnvolcr '» : 1 r,— W ATI 1— OH RH N«WH 10:00— WI1RY— lilt thn .Tnckpot W\V(7O — N*!\VH Comment ator WATH— Tlini- lor Jldlem-o WTIC— lite Town ) 0 ; l B—WWOO— No-wnrvcl 10:30— WHUY— Sammy Kay« WTTC— People Arn Funny WWCO— Muslr. You Wnnt WATH— AH We flee It rtdmlllttd nflorwiu'd, "It might not look rlRht." Of courso, Jcasft JoncH, \vhen head of the powerful RFC, did not hcHtltutu to accept trips In a private car on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad nt n time when ho •was lending HPC money to that road. And it, will bo InteroHtlnjf to HOC whether Jesse's rival will now (jet a lonn from the HFC. Note — DerrmRralln political factions In Hoimlon were npllt over tho Slum. Rayburn celebration. While Sum Id pornr>nally popular with all ranliM (it De-mocrat.8, po- Illlcnl control of the c.Hy h.-ui bnon laliftn over by tho Trumnn-I-rf'.ivtr Krnup, and they organized thn d-omonntrallon for Sam. Old Kiiard DemocratK did n;>t cooperate. In fact, old xuardH wore privately pleaded when only 1,500 people showed \ij> in the auditorium which holds 1.0,000. ire-IB— WATU—TlilM TM Our Town 1/:00— All HtatlonH— News 11 :IO— WBHY-VVWCO— L.ocal Neva 11 :ir,— WATU— HiinrtH WliUY— NlKht Htlllt WTIC— Moi'tuli Di.wnov WWCO— TIN Tmluy WTIC— T'miHh Orch. 11 :3n.--WATH— (!i-mn Tuini-o Orch. 12-.OU— All HtnllnnB— NBWH TKI.HTISIOlt WMIC-TV Chnnnri II r, : oo— Toil Htcole fi :30— Telotunos 5:4B— Hiiwtlv Doorty <i:nO— Kllm HhnrtH fl::in— r.iu-ky I'UP 1! : 1",— MiiHlr K I'riiKrain Notcw 7 :00— Kukla, Fran and OIU« 7 :30 — Morton Downey K. -00— Milton nnrlo »: Of)— Tim O'NulUH 0 :UO — BliH|ifn»i; 10:00— Amntrmr Hour 11 :no— Tn .Ilin— NnwH i>cnn vjlinnnnl ft r, :00— T<><1 Hlciiln r, ;30— Tho Chuck Wagon 6:30— Tjieky Pup 6:4!i— TSnli Hnwanl Rhow 7:00— Ivlrliv Stone Quintet 7 :30— rHH— TnlevlHlnn New» 7:ir.-.ftimny Kr-mlln Kliow 7 :r>r,-]li.rh Hlirlniir Hlmw 8:0n— Film fl :flf)— Artnr'H Btuillo !) ;^0 — Wllfl)M'nH() ltl:nO— Wi-i'll In RnnrtH III :ir,— lilui'ii Inr HPII-KV 10:30— I'antomliiB Qui'/. ll:OD-NeWHr<wl w.VTIT Clinnnnl < K-.1B— Jllilv HpllnUl-K r, :M— llr.wilv Tlooily 0:00— flnho'M Clrrim (1:30— Knnv r)o«H It fiifir;— Wnnthor 7:00— Kukln. Fran unit Ollle 7 :,10— Rhnwroom 7:45 — Ni>w» Ciiravan S :00— Milton Bvrln 0:00-Flron!de Theater 9:30—1^110 D| Rlley 1 n :00— Amateur TInur 1 1 '00- -Ynil A r" An ArtlMt Guidance Supervisor To Attend Meeting Minn Florencp Andcrrton, Hi'ld- nnco Htipervlsor at Naug-aluck High school, will attend a High School-College Conference Wed- nccdny at Now Haven Stale Toa- cheni CollftRo as part of tho ool- le^c'n guidance proRram, H was announced today by RaymonrJ Foley, Principal Hu.perlntend'intH, principals and Kiildancn ofiflcerH frfini throughout tho nUilo havi! been invited to attend. School 'ndmlnlHl.rait.orB from An- Honla, Branford, DcrVjy, Kant Haven Hamden, Mllford', Sholton, Stamford', Stratford, Wnlllnnford, and WiMt Haven, In addition to Nauffatuck, have been Invited. What's Doing In Naugatuck A Calendar of Events Today, Tomorrow and Every Day Tuesday, December 6 Meeting, Congregational Beth Israel, Community Conted, 348 Fairview avenue, 8:30 p m. Mrotir>K of executives committee of Naiift'ituck Council of Churches, Salem Lutheran church, 8 p. m. Kennedy Circle, Daughters of la- iihe\, Knights ol Coumbua hall 8 p. m. Card party, sponsored by the Clilldrcn of Mary Sodality of St. HcdwiR's . Church, Falcon hall School street, 8 p. m. Wodnwiday. December 7 TlcKiilar meotlnK, LacHim' auxlll- iiry, American Legion po»t, Legion Homo, 8. m. Thtinulity, Docomlmr 8 Monthly c.xi'd party of Lndlun' mixlllnry, American Lejjinn post, Legion Home, S p. m. Christmas party and meeting of Cnntral Avonuo School Paront- Tc.achor AHBoclatlon, at school, 8 P. m. Chrldtman bazaar and public! supper, Evergreen chapter. Order of EiiHtorn Star, Miuionlc Tompln, bazaar opens 1 p, m., supper, 8 to 7 p, m. Frlilny, Itocemlmr » Junior Chamber of Commerce df»m:o, Odd Follows hall, from U l>. m. to 1 a. m. Sunday, December 11 Thlrtl De«ree Initiation, Ojoda Council, Kinprhte of Columbus hall. Annual Christmas party for children, Pollwh Falcons and Ulan society Falcon hall, 3 p. m, Children's Christmas party, Em- Mem club, Naugatuck Lodge ol ElUs, Neary building, 3 p. m . Mondny, Dccmnlmr re Annual Chrlntmn.ii jwrty, Nauga- tuoli Junior Wonum's club, Con- K relational parish Uouae, B p. m. Tiinmliiy,, I><-c'<:ii)lx-r JS School NJfjht mooting. Hop Brook Hchoo) Pnrent-Toachor ainoclal.lon, ilioul auditorium, 8 p. m. Card party, Pond Hill Community club, 8 p, m, Regular dinner-meeting of, the Junior Chamber of Commerce, An- ncnbci'R'u restaurant, Park Plucc 0:ir> p. m. Gov. Bowles Asked To Veto Highway Bill Hartford, Doc. 5 —(U P)— Governor Bowles ha» boon askort to veto a hill which would allow th« use of highway department funds lor maintaining- roods at Btato In- atitutlona and parlts. The bill was passed by H'pociol sosalon of the General Assembly v/hlch adjourned this week. State Highway Commissioner O. FLOWERS For AU MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 1M BOBBER AVBNtTC XW. StU EUCKMILLER Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 SCULLY, Florist Flower* (or Every Occ«*lon 4M BALDWTN ST. IEO T. 80WLI.Y, Prop. PHONE WAT. 6-7280 Give Him Something Wearable from RUBIN'S Boys Department HERE ARE SOME GIFT ITEMS FOR BOYS Boys Ties 50c and $1.00 Boys Wool Mufflers . . .$1.00 Boys Flannel Shirts .. .$2.45 Boys Ski Caps $1.00 to $2.00 Boys Sport Shirts $1.95-$2.95 Boys Corduroy Shirts $3.95 TWEEDUROY PANTS Garnet and Grey All Wool Reversible JACKETS Hnhiiol I'lmlilcm FREE $7.95 | 100% All Wool I BA SEBALL SUITS | SWEATERS I INDIANSU "s * 1 COWBOY SUITS E Coat and Shpon StyleS S $3.95 » $2.95-$4.9? GLOVE and MUFFLER H SETS | :<«<e«t(i«tci«tei«t«e(te«ic'icicicicici(>(t(« g Boy*.' All wJoi "- '^?^'^*****' m **'^^**********«"*****«i«*l(tMtiei<««iC«*«i««lCiWK*^ 5 Mlenveliiw S T» - S iOMMIX 2 Boyr.' « goyp' M Chlldran'H j | Sweaters I Pa J ama s \ Cowboy i Pants f Hose I LW Sg H80X I CO nr |"»»"«' ' Broadc,oth J BoOtS I C »vert Ix>ngl M 1 O f nv f I^ath^r Sole -™ ^- " "* ** tt M -5 •-* AWT A All Ml n " $2.95 I $6.95 I $4.95 f $1.00 S $295 a *»»»*»**»»*»»*»»»»*»*»»*»»»»»»»»»,»»^ OPEN THURSDAY and FRIDAY NIGHTS FREE COUPONS TO WIN A NEW CAR CLOTHES FOR MEN AND BOYS YS r ** 5&lS ® i * i3 * 3 *^^ ; For The Best In Jewelry C.H.TomIinson Albert Hill says the bill wn.i never of highway funds with no npr.'ir. printed and no (public hearing was I c "t restraint. held on it. Hill told thn r.nvo.-,,/,r ! L'ndcr the present law. roads nt sta:p iM.slUiiltonn. pi-rku iuid -.<>r that the imoaauro would .allow oth- . are maintained by th» i-ni.t are ninmvninod I er qgenclcH to direct tho spending cics controllinsr them. wondtrful to give! wonderful to g«tl o wonderful , Dr«i|.«lik»»" thai both mother and daughte. will lov«, Ollll»( Tht dr«n In merry two-ton* combination) of *n«it Sanfor!x«d broadcloth — the doll, o cuddly copy- ear companion) Don'l mi»* our complete Mory Jan* gin-drift coll»«ionl J(i , f<p h ENGELMAN'S I WESTERN TOGS OPEN EVEKY MONDAY TILL CHRISTMAS ROY ROGERS WESTERN SHIRTS $2.98 JEWELED DOUBLE HOLSTERS From $2.98 HOP-A-LONG CASSIDY ZIPPER JACKETS $5 98 SHERIFF BOOTS HIGH HEEL WESTERNS From $6.98 SATIN WESTERN SKIRTS, From $3,9g ROY ROGERS QUILTED JACKETS $8.98 SIX SHOOTER GUNS From $1.00 WESTERN HATS From $1.69 JEWELED CUFFS From . 69c JEWELED BOOSTERS From $1.96 WESTERN BELTS From $1 00 WESTERN TIES From 69c COWBOY GLOVES From $1.98 HEY, KIDS Here's your chance to get the LONE RANGER'S SILVER BULLET BALL PENSET for.. 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