The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1931
Page 5
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APRtLJ9,j03i CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for flrot usmion and one c«nt t word 'or e«h lubsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 60o. Count the words and ecud the jasli. Phone 306 FOK SALE FOR SALE—Baby chicks. Pay this (all. Sec us about plan. Marilyn llaicheiy. OC-TF LUTES fiankrup', stock of merchandise wi!l be the talk of Ely- thcvllle, 23C-K2 RENT FOR KENT—Apartment, in Ingram building. Sec J'arkhurst Company. OC-TF FURNISHED UOOMS — For rent, 512 North First St. 24C-K1 s I'OR KENT—2 aparlmcnls, 3 rooms and bath each, hoi and cold water, newly decorated. 111! South Franklin, Dr. J. A. Baliba. 2-KJ-K1 1'OH RENT—Well furnished nio? ern buiiBalow, D15 Hearn. Call 40. ek! Tfl LITTLE FOB RENT—Furnished apartment, 305 Rougan. 28P-K5 WANTED WANTED — Two or three room furnished apartment. Box "C", Courier News. 28P-K2 POULTRY WANTED-Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. OC-TF WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora Mlzell, 2207 18th St. TF WANTED-cican rags, free of buttons. Courier News. WATCH Lutes windows for prizes given away Saturday morning. 29C-K2 POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Teed Co. 210 N. RaUroad St.. west of-courthouse. .1. E. Fisher, Phonf M. 24C-TF " WANTED—Man wanted lo deliver famous Watklns Products to satisfied users in Blythevillc. Steady repeat business with satisfactory earnings assured to reliable, energetic man. No experience ncccs- saty. Wrile al onec. The J. H. Watkins Compnry, 70-55 W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, Tenn. . 29P-K30 WANTED—Reliable man bet ween "'a5CS"df25' and 50 to supply old established demand for Rnwieigli Precincts in Norlh Grciiiiu county. Oilier good localities available Surety contract, required. Company furnishes everything but the car Good proiits for hustlers. Write the W. T. Rawlelgh Company, Memphis. Trnn., or sec me. Dave Edwards, Lcachville. Ark. 20C-K6. LOST FOUND LOST—White Gold Watch and Chain Saturday. Five Dollars Reward. Ketum to Courier. P-K-2 FOR RENT-Oi:c of Shane Apartments, on Main Street, In very best condition. A five-room house on Second Street, just freshly decorated. Telephones 197 and 571. 28C-K4 PERSONAL OAKS WASHED. Greased, Tops Dressed, Bodies Polished, .We each job. Bob King, 417 W. Ash. 26P-KO < EDGAR COLEMAN — or anyone knowing of his whereabouts, please write John Forshawc, St Louis, Mo., General Delivery. 28P-K4 LUTES Bankrupt sleek lor rc-a values Saturday moining. 20C-K2 By a new decree all t!»;h pastes must be nnalyved, approved and rcgintercd by the govi'rnmcnt before they cati be sold in Argentina REPAIRED \ GRFASED; EATON AND SON Vhcnc 700 JIain & 5lh SI. ULLtllillREPAlREP] FAYO. Atu-atrr Kent Dealer Flionc 121 invest With Safety l!% p;iitl qiiiirlcrly on full i«itl stotk, ?100 ami up. Giiiirantcccl by first moi tR.igc loans on liomea in Biythevillo. Secured and Insured. Blytheville Building & Loan Association W. JI. Burns, Sec. "Bad Boy" of Lebanon, Ind.,Brings Great Industry to Childhood Home. BY DEXTKK H. TKKD NEA Service Wrlk-r LEBANON, Ind.—"K I should die lomorrovv who would be my pallbearers?" Henry C. Ulen. Inlernalionally- known contractor, asked his wife that Question. They sat in a luxurious suite in a New York hotel al Iho time. They had everything money could buy. Bui their • thoughts were not tliere. Although neither spoke eacli knew that the other was vlsimllz- ng a liltle town out in Indiana where (he sun goes clown over corn- lelds nnd in the gloaming locnslr, sing in the sycamore trees. Friends' were there, and peace and (|jiel. I That was Lebanon, in which both I were born. Ulen answered his own question,! answered II quickly because he is I a man who makes decisions quickly. I ''If I should die tomonow," lie said, "my business associates wouhl be pallbearers. None of (he boys we kne\v as children would be here." • I That Influenced (he decision he :hen made. He sized up the situation rapidly. It was characteristic of him. During the past 30 years his company has constructed railroads, dams and public works all over the "world, valued at 51,000,-. OOO.MO. And oflen he has teen 1 called upon to,determine quickly the expenditure of millions. "We're going back," he said decisively. "And when I say 'we' mean everything, out olficcs, our engineers and their families ami you and I." Ulen accomplished what for men with less energy and training would have been impossible. He achieved something hlghly- slgnfticant in age when the movement Is from country to city by moving en masse the headquarters of a gigantic corporation back to the town of his birth. rcm New York to Village The roar and rush of New York was replaced by the easy-going quiet of Central Indiana. The raucous shouts cf newsboys died to the hum of toes. The rattle and clatter of traffic was left behind. "Hr.nk" Ulen, who as a youngster was the town "bad boy," has proved that big business can operate in a small lown, and he has started osher business men wondering if, after all, it is necessary to work in towering office buildings in hearts of cities to succeed. After he left, for Chicago $1203 In debt with only $125 in cash. Ulen came back to Lebanon at intervals. It was home. Now It's home forever. He has built an addition on the house in which he lived. In it are mcclein offices where his men work Wires connect it with New York and Chicago. Cables are receiveii from distant lands every day. Out in the eastern edge ol the town he built a. sub-division with boulevards, fine English - type homes. He put in sewerage systems, electric lights, started nursery to grow shrubbery, built an 18-holo golf course anrl splendid clubhouse and all accessorie. Homes for His Staff The development was startcj less than three years ago. More than Sl.OOO.OCO has been expended Now on the very cornfields and "hog wallows" where "that Ulen boy" played pranks on unsuspecting farmers the village of Ulen stands. It is Incorporated, has a village board and all olhcr officials. II is ilonbltul if tliere is a finer village in America. Lebanon, a town of 7000 population, "has perked up" since "ffank" Ulcn came back. Business is belter. The effects of the depression haven't been frit much It suppotls a daily paper—The Lebanon Rejx)rUr. The F.lorcs are large and Hoin ishinir. Business men play golf afternoons. The "ba:t boy" hns Inrncd out to be the finest influence to affect Hie village in all its history. Bui Ultn wasn't really bad anyway. He wns Just bubbling over with unharnessed energy which found outlet in surprising ways. He and his teacher disagreed when he wns in the fifth grade. Out Ihc school house door lillle "Hank' ran—and didn't, come bnrk. Was tlnbo at 18 Until hr was 18 years old he lived where he tleslrcd. 1!<: rote freights all over the country. H mnde a. living by washing dishes selling papers or at manual labor Sometimes he would roinc home but (ho wanderlust bih; always bil him again nirl awny he dashed for .mother trip. At 10 he decided lo scltlc down. He aclcd ar corrcsixmdcnt for a pairer, wtirket in a railroad station and Mutlirc law. Eventually he was admitted to the bar. his experience thct; leading to connections with contractors. Soon he decided to tlurt his own firm. Now associated with such national figures- as Marshall Field, G. H. Batch and T. S. Shcppcrd! he Is head of one of the inrgcst contracting firms In the world. His firm built the Sh.ind.akcn tunnel for New York's water system, longest continuous tunnel in the world; the Athens (Greece; waterworks, gigantic dams in. various arts of the world and railroatis i Persia and across the Andes in South America. His linn is inter- lalionally famous. His fame hasn't made any dif- erence. ile's "Hank" Ulen in Lebanon. He lives in his fmc ionic in "Ulenlown" wilh his wile nd plays golf wilh the men wilh vhcm he playe'i as boys 51} years - " • — —- " Jl ~ '"" go. He is CO yrars old now. "uction company has succeeded in| cc , cil "Some of the boys thought I- Vl ' am "S cl!t "'« Ucm '» 'ho debit| ouldu'l manage things here in!™^, 11111 ' Lebanon," he explained, his eves . ™ r '" t ' 1 °l lcr;>lc '» iShling up. "But I fooled thcm"l l ° " llc llp ex ^nses, s f He iltrliiire il". ,,m^ i,«v n i,, c Qmik in Photoplay Fiist,' the THIS JHliiXU FICKDS FAMILY WHOLF, WEEK FOR 86.55 par- Whele wheal ridge Top milk and Slew«l prnnc:( Oalmeal Top milk and Ton si Wliole wheat ridge Top milk and Toast Oatmeal Top mill: and su;;ar Toast II too Top milk and Tun si SUNDAY Dinner Hire and meat loaf l!nketl polatoes Stewed tomatoes Kalsln bread pudding MONDAY Creaturd rice scnp Fish wilh inac.ucnl Vcgclablc slaw (five- ininutc cabbage for children! TUICSDAY Corned tcef hash Sc;ft cooked cgts ifor children) lleets Apple shortcake \VKI).\KSI)AY l!rolle;l hadilork Bakrcl cnions in lo- mnlo snnce Hakcd ixiutocs Oatmeal cookies THURSDAY Meat slew SupiK-r Cri'ism uf ix>a soup Ometet Oatmeal cookies . VcKctaljlc chowtler Corn bread Bum soup (cereal for b.iby) Collage chcfsi- and date Falad. Frencii dioising Krnlt cup Corn chowder (cereal iur bi'.by) Ki:j sahr.l Scrambled e;;gs Hnkod polittiies S!ewe:l tomatoes OUR BOARDING HOUSE PAGE I'lUDAY Mncaroiii and cl'.eesc lleets > Lettuce and clic:-s- Stcwtd prunes Whole wheat \K>$, riiige Top milk und sugar Toast Gingerbread SATUUDAY Oatmeal Seasoned beans Cr-anrd Top milk and suaar Baked brown bread beef To!!St Fivc-minule cab- lioilc;! potatoes base Carrots Applesauce Milk for children and brcud iind bnller for everybody should be served al every meal as part of this menu. Ten and collee should be seived only to adults. The Bureau of Home Economies at Washington will furnish recipes tree to those who write Vcsolablo plate (te- rcal for baby) liakcd >lufr«l psta- tu Creamed carrots l!oile;l turnips chipped By Ahern House Flies Cost Movie Companies Thousands NBW YORK, (Ul'l—Flies-ordi- nary house Hie.-,—cost the movies thousands of dollars every year. All soils ol precautions are taken against them, but not one pro- 'Conttnued from page one) |diiiuly while they nve cheap, the I bureau's expats sny, bemuse they lilso have high food value. 1 Serve meat or fish Unco or four I limes u week as the main dish for I dinner. HID bureau urges, mid on : t'liii'r cluys choose cheese, b:ikcil , b:\-itis or n thick pea or tean stew. : I'olaloes mid one other vegetable sliuuid be served every day fov ;iiiiin:r nnc! vegetables smnctimi'.n 1 I'.i'i be served raw us n salad. Tu; iHatocs, sSircdtlfd cabbage, i;rale:l ; turnips ami carrots, sliced onions ; and ninny greens may be cnlpn r.iw 1 v.;:ti salt, or salad divsilns. They aie apprizing and more healthful Ihan If cooked, us no mineral siills or vitamins are lost. Inexpensive desserts may be had with broad rice or Indian pudding or .shDil- e:ike made with dried fruit Ail:ipt .llnm In 1'rL'rs In Local Markets The family .should udapt its menu lor the day to prices in loc.U markets, it Is advised. remembering | tliiit ti-.ero arc many hiospen'ii? euls ol meat at from a lo 25 cents a pound. Explaining its low-cost fnm!ly-of- (ive ration lor a week, (he Burem ut Heine Economics does nol <-jg- Bost il as » permanent ril;t, but only as one entirely ndcijiiale from . the standpoint ol vitamins, mlner- ! als and calories. The minimum quantities mentioned are (Lose recently estimated to cost an average of 515.55 a week In large cities; (lie maximum cpmn- | titles would cost about SO. Tn 1m- j prove the diet, Just, decrease the ce- veals, stick to the same amount of 'at meat and ndd to (re lean meats, fish, cheese, eggs and vcgeltablcs.' Here Is the Weekly Ur-(|ulrcnicnt for 1'iinlry.' Here's ths weekly ration, inicior which the government says ttip vA-frleRE AR£QUEER OQlMCbS-0^ IM MV ROOM t-^c Yt UP AT-Trie douse .'-FOR QOER I A WEEK I H/U/K BEEU AAlM<W£P j; BV s-rRAM&e,Gr<6s-rLY SOUUPS <MOW MV RCXiM IS KADM-f wiuc. vcu cowe AMP STAV '<-, oVeRUl&llT w it'll M£? ~T ^.V-A.. -THAT ^aU ARE UNAFRAID J SORE, l\L STA^f 1 Wl-fhl VOLt* AM' IF Til' SPGQK DOES 'AtS STTuiFF, I'LL -TAk&M. APART s-ftJFF'M IM A.SACK; FIST OF MtME riAS SToPPEP BUT A SPOQK -•-A'J' I THAT AFTER SGME 1 TuJo RIGHTS "To 1H T SPOGKS MAUA6ER WILL IM -tOWEL.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES AGAIN? By Martin family food allowance can be re duced to $331.70 a year: Seventeen to 2-1 pounds of Hour and ccreal-vMlh n pound and n llalr , of ta ' cad "Idling a pound ul quarts of to 28 tall . wnol ° frcsh lnilk m I wo ways . James H. play Magnziuc. ruinini? Hie cans of unsweetened milk Fifteen to 20 pounds of ;;olaloe.< One to two pounds of dried be.ins pens, peanut bntler. New Orleans Cotton . Three pounds of sugar and mo- arc expected to be dyllically miiei love scenes turn out lo be, a scries of z/^'s. Five to seven |x>tmds of lean meat fish, cheese and eggs—with n a K . en eggs approximating .- pound ami eggs lor each child One pound of colfce anil a tcr of a pound of tea. Don't cut down, the bureau advises, on the allowances for milk, lean meat and vegetable* NEW ORLEANS. April 29 tUP) — -ollcn closed easier. open high low close 095 595 003 M3 1022 1055 1075 1(W1 May July Ocl Dec Jan March WPME ; WAXlOPtR American Eagle Will Be Taught Falconry WASHINGTON. I UP)— A famous lecturer and naturalist. Capt. C. W. R. Knight, sailed for his home in England recently, taking with him an American bald eagle, which is 13 be initiated into the royal Spots steady at-9C3. off 9. TOMORROW: A family for 25,000,OW Amcric.-in WUBC eaui crs. . . . A larger menu fur a fam ily of five, roslinjf SU.53 :l , V erk New York Cotton and ancient sport of falconry. NEW YORK. April 25 (UP)— Cot- The bird, chrislencd Miss Amerton closed barely steady. open high low 995 33b 982 032 1013 1019 1007 1007 1074 107G 1057 1067 1083 1038 1017 1105 1!08 , ica, was obtained from Dr. William onc-lo;irlh of the -!f.O wome M Mann, director of llw 7.00 licrc. denls at Marniietlc . . Capl. Knight plans to tame Miss onrnlns parl. or all, o[ their selioal Amerca and then conduct experiments to determine the extent to aret, Harrinyton. dean uf wn which an eagle will submit to fal- ' men declared after a survey. Ti Spots quiet at 080. off lie Mid falconry is being io\ived clerking in dcpart and ic-cont store in Eng:and. Hawks ordinarily arc Rend Courier Nc*'Vs want ads. i-mploycd in Ihc sport. and women's apparel shops. HtKCKLES AND HIS FK1ENDS 6BEA YoO G/-ME OF oca. LIVS FAIUTED DE •HUGH I SHO .1KAT PHOTosRAPK YoO KbJo^l THIS FELLOW FCSED AS STOLE: AGAitJ? THEM', M SO,VT Asoori Ir IT'S ALL TVE To 1 I'LL BE sgTTIM' SI-IASYSIDP.... r DOSTT V<&MT TO 6ET MIX6D O? \"M WAT FELL/5, /16AIS1 .'/ ' PARS APIS MIS •==1 B.C. SFAKIDS Lais is f2!swr.,..o62as IS S'OfJ2 OTVSR got FAPBAR HIWSEI-F ii'^.'i^tM WASH TUHHS '1'HK KKTUKN D i To BID 06M —i. OUST cvrr Kr.iiF.vt; sj>wo iws LMF.R THE eovr> <\P.E IN wi oeriuRt cuBfv Ui FOK.T. IOAWIMO TIOO.OOO WORTH Of BOOIE PiBOW.D. IViCU Oil OUI THt Ti-ltV AP.t U\:c ML'THE ) ' 1 REoF. / E RUM-BOW. /' - ^--, , I HOvg ' HMt I K'MI- \Tl\ET GUY.',/ WL'Ll N XXOWS WUNi TiWVMJr UP Tt>, WOO 'S HURT, i T11--.V ARE GOIKG TO POftS, ib^s^mfi^^ Ry lifossei. _/

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