The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia on April 29, 1984 · 2
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The Atlanta Constitution from Atlanta, Georgia · 2

Atlanta, Georgia
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Sunday, April 29, 1984
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2 A.. ghe Atlanta journal AVDCONSTITl'TiON SUNDAY. APRIL 29. 1984. N.C. psychic researcher seeks scientific credibility undoy By Hunter James Staff Writer w CHAPEL HILL, N.C. hen he rose for breakfast one morning and turned to see himself still lying in bed. William G. Roll knew he had found his life's work. As a result of that "out of body" experience, as he terms it, the Danish-born Roll went on to earn a M.Litt. degree in parapsychology from Oxford University in ungiana. in way ne re- r N' 4 t ' WrS ' J ' '. Roll turned to this country to work with Dr. J.B. Rhine, the Duke University professor , generally conceded to have been the first American to subject cases of alleged psychic phenomena to controlled scientific tests. - Now director of the Psychical Research Foun-. dation ; ' here, Roll, 57, broke into the headlines recently with his investigation of the strange case of Tina Resch, a 14-year-old from Columbus; Ohio, whose supposed ability to move objects without touching them was supported by a host of witnesses. ' After observing the girl for more than three weeks, Roll concluded that her "so-called RSPK (psychokinetic) abilities are indeed remarkable." ., Roll was to persuaded of Tina Resch's unusual powers that he is making arrangements for her to undergo further tests at the Patricia Hayes School of Inner Sense Development in Roswell, Ga. Roll maintains close ties with the school and does much of his research there. h v. j Patricia Hayes said Friday that Tina will attend one of her school's one-week "Mediumship Development" seminars this summer to learn how psychic powers may be used "in constructive ways." " Roll's detailed, report on Tina Resch's experiences will not be ready until October, but Roll spoke freely of what he observed. . . ."For example, on one occasion I was about five feet away, and there was a candle on her left, about five feet from her," he said. "It moved nine to 10 feet, hitting the wall behind her. I could not see the candle as it took off, but I had her in full view. I could find no ordinary means of accounting for the occurrence. She did not. touch the candle." ' ' r "' Roll, who says he and his team of researchers de-, bunked the famous "Amityville Horror" poltergeist case long before the book and movie came out, had won no great' victories f Of parapsychology with the;Tiha' Resch i . . ; I ' . f "r 1 auU&.'.-ld ' .-.'.-.fc . J . f ,1 - " r ( .,, .;.;..,.. ,,, .., ,. ..... ., il v.( ! " ;" "' ' Th Associated Prw PSYCHOKINESIS? 14-year-old Tina Resch, who witnesses say can move objects without touching them, reacts as a phone apparently flies by her. case. He himself is dismayed at his failure to document . the case fully. "We are always anxious to have video recordings of these type of occurrences, not to convince skeptics, because convinced skeptics are beyond convincing," he . said. "We need them mostly for our own use, so that we can analyze the movements, and then to have engineers look at the kinds of trajectories and things like that" But in Tina Resch's case, the psychokinetic powers ' have a nasty habit of refusing to occur when the cameras are whirring. e : In March, a TV crew recorded the girl pulling a lamp off a table by its cord, which led many people to conclude that Tina Resch is a fraud. But Roll contends that she was impatient for the broadcasters to leave, and wanted to give their visit a quick (and impressive) finish. " . f ;' :. ' "The unique thing about this particular case was that her parents decided to seek the help of a parapsy-chologist rather than simply to rely on an exorcist," he said. "They had already had two religious groups in their ' house, and were about to call In a third. But we per-," suaded them not to do that.' Those rituals only tend to i worsen conditions In the home:' Not only do" you have 61 these occurrences biit th'eii you are' told tM y" tiave a demon in the house or in some person there. That can only cause a great deal of stress." Roll's foundation has no direct links with the University of North Carolina, but he says he has found . many of the faculty members anthropologists, humanists, theologians very "helpful and open-minded." Through the years, he says, his great struggle has been to build on J.B. Rhine's work and win for it the credibility he believes it deserves. He has gone far beyond the investigation of "simple" ESP phenomena. He has delved into the work of mediums and "sensitives." He has explored with growing conviction such exotic subjects as "after-life" experiences and reincarnation. And he does not hesitate to re-, mind scoffers that the great American psychologist William James was demonstrating to his own satisfaction , 'the existence of these and similar phenomena many years before J.B. Rhine came along. "The late Dr. Rhine's book "New Frontiers of the V Mind" was to the mid-20th century what James' "Varieties of Religious Experience" was to an earlier genera-tion. From the late 1940s until his retirement from Duke' L University in 1964, he taught orthodox psychology in the ''classroom: while pioneering in the study' of telepathy,' 'clairvbyance antf other fbrrns of ESP. Though contriver-03 sial, his privately funded parapsychological laboratory, housed on the Duke campus, won a measure of acceptance unusual In the field. "We are fully convinced that we are dealing with natural processes and that the proper methods with which to explore them are the methods of science," he said. ...-."'.'-- ; Meantime Roll has not stopped experimenting on himself. He says he still has "out of body" sensations from time to time, and has learned that he can induce them almost at will when he wakes up in one of his "particularly curious psychological states." 1 ' Once, he says, he woke from a nap to find the room dark. "I got out of bed and went over to turn on the light ana my linger just moved right through the switch." But he does not pretend to be especially gifted at this sort of thing. He has never traveled out of his body to Fans or Kome, or even to Kaleigh. "I've been able to move about to different rooms in my house and some times just outside into the yard," he said. "But I ve never been able to get much further than that" ' " Hunter James, based in Winston-Salem, N.C, covers the Cafolinas lot The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta rjgimiAEtins i. J im mww V i i i uni i r t , '-f 4J " " II !'" IIIIJ . f WliMilJ I! l1ljf. ; 'f :j If X?fk lmiWf mv ri att ' 1 .: :ll V. I S" v I. I ' i III .LI : mm ' n 'I ' 4 f ' .1 - CtTv ' . f h Awocwted Pr Losing his shirt to tho IRS - " ' .. L '.. .... s.'i , . GAINESVILLE, Ga. Mark Joseph (right) shows off : Bank, cashed the $96 check for the Internal Revenue LV-irtt'.t.L'vLi'j'-" . i-.'-TLi: Friday a rather unusual form of legal tender the shirt Service. off his back. Jim Mathis, president of the Home Federal 'Give; me five. ' say Jackson Five From Wlr Reports ' '' ' f ' t .' The Jacksons' Five: Five lucky musicians have been picked to back Michael Jackson and brothers on their upcoming tour. After weeks of auditions, Tito and Randy Jackson have chosen Greg Wright and Dave Williams to play guitar with Tito. Randy Jackson, Pat Leonard and Jai Winding (son of jazz trombonist Kal Winding) will be at the keyboards. Jermaine Jackson will play bass and Jonathan Moffett will be at the drums. Michael Jackson, ' of course, will sing and dance. Still no firm date on the tour start i Shirley, Marty grin at Enquirer's expense What will actress Shirley Jones and husband Marty Ingela do with the money being paid by the National Enquirer in the out-of-court settlement of their $20 million libel suit? "To celebrate, we bought ourselves a speedboat" said Ingel. "We named it the National Enquirer." The agreement reached last month included an unspecified amount Of cash and a retraction of the October 1979 Enquirer article headlined, "Husband's Bizarre Behavior Is Driving Shirley Jones to Drink," "erms of the settle- , ment prevent either side from divulging the amount being . paid by the tabloid, but Ingels said after emerging from a hearing this week before Los Angeles . Superior .Court , Judge George Dell that he was "grinning from ear to ear." Ingels said the Enquirer, which has been the target of numerous celebrity lawsuits and lost a major case over a similar article-about Carol Burnett, has also agreed to publish a retraction In its April 30th issue. ; Nashville stars will sing out for telethon Country music star Mickey Gilley will be the celeb rity host Sunday for the Arthritis Foundation's eight-hour telethon, which will be broadcast to more than 50 television markets. The third annual telethon will be broadcast by satellite hookup from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. EDT from the Gaslight Theater at Opryland USA. Country singers Lee Greenwood and Louise Mandrell will be celebrity co-anchors. Other country performers scheduled to appear include Loretta Lynn, Charly McClain and Johnny Lee. California gays will get a Wilde new beer The gay community is being targeted for a new beer named after 19th century English author Oscar Wilde, who was as famous for being homosexual as he was for writing classics such as "The Importance of Being Earnest". Wilde's Brewing Co., a small Sacramento, Calif., firm, introduced Wilde's beer at a gathering of owners and employees of San Diego-area gay bars this week. Beer company chairman Lee Nichols said it was decided to dub the brew Wilde's even though the author was not known as a beer drinker. 'A' BLANCHE: ' ' GIVE HER A ROMANTIC BEDTIME STORY IN TWO PARTS : '; ; ' j ' What could be more giftable than a purely feminine fashion thaf promises to be the perfect night cap. Here, a tale she's sure to take to: hand scalloped top and matching y ? ' - , tap pants drenched in lace. Beige or lilac. Sizes P-S-M-L, $90 ' ' , .'i . i ,,:,;.: Sleepwear Rich's Lenox Square lv.4Avw.;.. vy ,1 ' . ' ' t ' 1 il;;:'ttwKftf;; yyvRia'" -A ' - - ,kt ; .. a-." ; ;t.;AV,r:-,:"r- ,k i - ' V VX ; . J i A;i Yj . , ,--wVi. ' ' ' 4- i 5 i ; . r.' ' t i - -- -f 4 . y x 1.1 i . j j 1 H - " v , - : 4 s l I Vv .. : i - v, H x ,-rv x--"'- v wWK Vi ' - -

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