Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 11, 1962 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 11, 1962
Page 4
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FRIDAY, MAY 11, 1963 DECISIONS THE The Common Council has v/isely decided to enact a franchise ordinance to bring Cable TV to 'Logansport. Three companies applied for franchise rights, each company sending representatives too meeting on April 23rd. H £r B understood that its representative would present preliminary proposals to the Council, fully expecting fhat •we would have ihe normal right to improve our offering. H & B's representative stated to the Council that the company was reserving the right to improve the offering and the right to guarantee the prices indicated. This is the usual way such negotiations come about. We wonder why the rush to shut'out H & B, the company that offers Logansport more service for less mohey! ' Here is the full, firm proposal,on which decision should be made. To help you make a fair comparison we have indicated what the high-priced firm has (or has not) offered to do. Since H & B, the largest system operating corporation in the United States, has gone on record to do all of these things for Logansport at THIRTY DOLLARS LOWER COST TO THE PEOPLE, we think the high-priced company should be given the "opportunity" to revise its proposal. What's the rush? Should not THESE facts be considered, too? •r> ^nury Drlva 4(H North. R™^ BilUdlnK May 4,1962 nt 01 « u *•; community a , ,^-s c orn- iary "•"• ..^ptrnent 01 « u *•; " 6 Participants is assured. NO ^ u fac tual '" ** '"' 9. " * ^. yter ^^to do tnis aC ^fS to can ^" t ^ y °^ "-° mm ^toS^ ^"d in it as v Sincerely yours, ,,_!,,w DiiVia &• '-"• 5 President ana rd Chairman of the Which Does the Most for Logansport — H&B or Jen-old? Source and Description of Signals to Be Distributed by H&B (1) H & B will install an "all-band" system capable of distributing to subscribers a minimum of nine (9) TV channels, plus a minimum' of six (6) FM stations, plus a minimum of one background music channel. (2) All TV signals will be tunable by subscribers on standard VBF only receivers without special adaptation or conversion, irrespective of the frequency or channel on which the signals were originally broadcast. (3) All FM and audio only signals will -be usablef on subscribers' standard FM receivers without adaptation or change. (4) H & B's antenna site will be so selected as to assure the availability of at least throe (3) additional alternative television signals so that subscribers may from time to time be afforded service from other program sources, thereby making a total of 12 channels available to receivers. (5) H & B will from time to time survey the interests and desires of its subscribers to ascertain their station preferences both as to television and FM and it shall be responsive to such expressions of preference. (6) The normal lineup of stations distributed by the CATV will be. Channel A B C D E F G H . I Call Letters WGN-TV WTTW-TV WNDU-TV WTTV-TV WFBM-TV WISH-TV WLWI-TV WAM>TV . Location' Chicago Chicago South Bend Bloomington Station Channel 9 11 18 4 SPECIAL INTEREST CHANNEL-See Exhibit No. 2 Indianapolis 6 NBC CBS Service Independent Educational NBC Independent Indianapolis Indianapolis Lafayette g 13 18 ABC CBS (7) FM STATIONS Prior to the inception of service, H&B will permit potential subscribers to- designate their station preferences and on the basis of a poll of the public it will designate a minimum of five (5) full time stations that will be distributed via the cable. Information concerning program schedules and typical station logs will be distributed throughout the community in order that the public may make its own choice. (8) STEREOPHONIC MULTIPLEX BACKGROUND MUSIC H&B will furnish a minimum of one channel of uninterrupted "background" or' "functional" music. This service will operate around the clock on a 24-hour basis without any interruptions of voice announcements. H & B's Unique Specialized Interest Program Channel for Locally Originated Programs The citizens of Logansport are not likely in the foreseeable fulure to enjoy the benefits of a local television station. Due to economic circumstances they are deprived of the manifold advantages' of a television station whose programming is specifically directed to the public interest of the Logansport community. (1) To lill this breach H&B intends to construct and to place lit the disposal of the city a fully equipped television broadcasting studio from which programs can be originated within the community. Such programs may include any or all of the following: (A) Public meetings of City Council and other municipal agencies. (B) Appearances by candidates for public office with time equally and apportioned to all. (C) Appearances by public officials. (D) Educational TV programs directed to in-school students at various grade levels. (E) Educational, cultural and informational programs directed to adult interests. (F) "Live" meetings of civic clubs and organizations. (G) Religious and inspirational services of an interdenominational nature. (H) Public service and informational programs concerning health, civil defense, conservation, welfare, employment opportunities, job (raining, etc. Varied programming dealing with community problems and the development of citizen interest in seeking solutions thereof. News of local events and happenings. The channel, on which this programming will be viewed will be shared with the airborne educational programs emanating from the MPATI stations. The airborne educational programs are not broadcast on a full time basis so adequate lime will be available, especially during prime evening hours, for the special interest of local TV broadcasts. The H&B special interest programming studio will be housed in a full size mobile trailer so that it may be moved from place to place, H&B will invite public spirited citizens and educators to join with it in the formation of a Logansport TV Advisory Council. The Council will have the authority to determine the nature and general content of the programs and to allocate the use of the studio among those desiring to utilize the facility. This channel shall at all times be wholly non-commercial. No lime will be made available to commercial enterprises to promote the sale of any product or service. Nor will H&B engage in the sale of advertising on this or any of its channels. H & B offers to fully underwrite the technical operating expenses attendant on the mobile programming studio commencing at. the time the 1009th subscriber has connected to the CATV system and continuing without limit in lime as long as the facility is actively and purposefully utilized by the community. H & B will construct and equip the programming studio and place it into limited operation prior to the time the 1000th subscriber has been connected. NOTE: Attached to and made part of this exhibit is descriptive information concerning a similar programming facility made available by H&B for use by Montana State University in Missoula where H&B operates a CATV system similar to the one proposed for Logansport. H & B's Provision for Local Participation in Ownership and Control H & B desires and intends to operate its CATV system in a manner that is sensitive and responsive to local area interests and needs. H&B believes that this objective can best be assured by the participation of local persons. Accordingly H&B will pursue the following course of action if it is awarded the Logansport franchise: (1) Immediately upon the award to it of the franchise H&B will seek out a small but representative number of public spirited, civic minded, local residents and will offer to them a significant minority interest in a new corporation to be formed under the laws of the State of Indiana. H & B will thereupon promptly apply to the Logansport City Council for consent to the assignment of the franchise to the newly formed corporation. (2) The local residents will thereby be afforded the opportunity to actively participate through ownership and through "representation in management in the affairs of the Cable TV system. (3) In this manner'the citizens of Logansport will be assured that the operation of the cable system is truly reflective of local needs and interests. (4) H&B makes this proposal not with a view to involving area persons in the capitalization and financing of the proposed CATV. H&B has resources more than sufficient to undertake this venture. Nor does H & B propose to profit financially by such local participation. Indeed, the reverse is true. The local participants will be afforded the novel opportunity to associate themselves, without risk and with equal shareholder prerogatives, with a large publicly owhed American corporation from whose own resources the new enterprise will be completely financed. The "quid'pro quo" of this unusual arrangement is the active, day-to-day, personal involvement and participation of the local persons. For this reason H&B will invite into this enterprise only persons of outstanding local repute who are recognized community leaders and who have demonstrated by their deeds their devotion, to the welfare of their community. (5) The interests of the City are further protected by the condition that such assignment shall not become effective without the prior review and approval of the City Council. Jerrold Offers— Same Same Same Lass , Mot Offered Less Not Offered Not Offered Jerrold Offers— No local Programming Facilities No Provision For local Expression No'Financial or Operating Support for iLocal TV Jerrold Offers— 100% owned and controlled by outsiders. No focal participation to protect community interests. LOGANSPORT SUP

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