Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on December 5, 1949 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1949
Page 7
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fAOK •—NAUGATCCK NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY, DEC. B, 1940 Trinity Upsets Naugatuck, 42-35 New Haven Club Leads All The Way In 'Warm-Up' Game Roger Currier Paces Garnet With 16 Points ' Leading all the way, an under- fated Trinity Parish Boys'Club bas- Ketball team of New Haven handed Naugatuck High Us first defeat In th* opening game of the season, 4288 «t the Naugatuck Y court, Saturday evening. '.' Dick Mnrlctei, throwing In shots frftm all over the court and show- ill* a beautiful exhibition of ball- handling, compiled a total of 21 joints to lead ton way for the wln- n«ri. ••• Trinity Jumped off to a 4-1 load > In the opening minutes and held the lend the rest of tho way, opening the gap to 15-10 at .the close of the first period. Martinez tallied eight of the winners points In the first period. With Uartine* scoring five and Pnrtle three In the second period the winners loft the court at half time with a 25-16 lead. Roger Currier and $Va!ly Dumonskl accounted for most of Naugatuck'a points in the first half, with nine and five respectively. The Greyhounds fought back gamely in the third period and with Currier and Al Crosswait pacing the attack 'cut the winners margin to three poInU as the third period cam* to a close. 31-28, and it seemed that the loc«4s were finally going to .get their attack started, .when Maxiinex threw in two quick one- imnders from the corner to give nl» team a seven point edge* shortly after the -final canto got. undor- • . - . With two minutes remaining and bis team leading 40-35, Martinez took it upon hlmsulf to protect the Itad and put on one of the moot •mazing exhibitions of dribbling ••en at the local Y court, as he fribbled behind hfa back, around In circles and held the ball almost ill the r«t of the game, throwing in two more points at the gun. 3 The local* really lost the game GHKY8LKK and PLYMOUTH a. no. TRUCKS J. C. Baytkwich, JR. AOOX8BOBXES : Repairing U« HOOTH MAIN BT. 8 OEWEBAL Radiator*, Battette* Mochinm, Baby Carrtafei* Bicycle*, B*Uforlnc MOWERS 8»ABPTWKI> Runner A»i>. Phone Km from the foul lino missing 19 free throws while making but 13. Tho winners made 10 out of 22. Roger Currier was the one bright spot in the locals lineup, scoring 16 points, moat of them from outside or from the corner. The Trinity Parish JV's also won over the Naugatuck JV's. 27-21, to make It a clean sweep for the New Haven club. Gulley with 10 and Fletcher with eight led the winners attack, while Bill Matos with eight and George Mitchell with four points led '.he Naugatuck attack. Trinity Parish b r p HIU, If 2 1 5 R. Morris 1 2 4 Patrle, rf 2 4 8 Fletcher 1 0 2 Wakefleld, c '.... 0 0 0 Martinez, Ig 9 3 21 Best, rg ... l o 2 G. Morris 0 0 0 Totals 16 10 42 Nuugatuclc b f p Currier, If 5 8 18 Dumonskl, rf 4 1 9 Szczoczarz 0 0 0 B. Matos 0 0 0 Suizduk, c 1 0 2 Crosswait, )g 0 3 3 Schiller 0 1 1 Sellnsko 0 0 0 White, rg 1 l 3 Mariano 0 1 1 Scheitho 0 0 0 Totals 11 is 35 Score at half time: Trinity 25, Naugatuck 16. Referee: Weaving. Butcher. Trinity J. V. b f p Wakefleld, If l o 2 Patrle o 0 0 Fletcher, rf 4 0 8 Doolittle 0 1 1 Gulley, c 4 2 10 Hill, Ig 1 o 2 Ungcr o 0 0 Reynolds, rg 2 0 4 R. Morris 0 0 0 Totals 12 3 27 Naugatuck J .V. b f p Szczoczarz, If 1 l 3 M. Matos 0 2 2 Corey o 0 0 B. Matos, rf 4 o 8 Delaney o 0 0 Wood 0 0 0 Lambert, c o 0 0 Goggin o 1 1 Knapp o 0 0 Schlothc, Ig o 1 1 Grledor o 0 0 Reynolds o 0 0 WIlklB. rg a o 2 Mitchell 2 0 4 Sazakl o 0 0 Totals 8 n 21 Score at half time: Trinity IB Naugatuck-7. Rofcroon: Joe Hoaly! Vln Healy. BETTER AS A PRO - Aisx 'me eve AT - - By ^Vlan Mavef WHO TO c-ot.£.e<&/A-rE HEIGHTS '. /& TO t>O T#e SAMS THE PP.0 FOR /t//S W/iPCAT MD/ANAPOL/B OIYMP/AN6 OF 3 tCAI/CffS WHO opposes? opposes? H/M / i.;,'if I __^ fcili Dtttrlbuietl kjr King FtttutM J/nrf/'.it* \ McHugh May Be Lost U. S, Rubber Company To Yale Basketball Employes' Activity Team For Season New Hnven, Dec. 5 — (UP>- A lio.spltnl report IH awaited today to determine whnthor a promising 8ophomore basketball prospect will be nble to play again this seaaon. ICddlc McHugh of Bristol Injured his knee In the EllR' opening (?amo of the year apainst RutgnrH Saturday. First rcportu Indicated 'hat ho v/as hurt HO badly that he will b'; out, of action for the rnwt of tht- .sCHHon, but thn extent of hlH :n- jury won't bo Known definitely until doo.tfM'H at Now Hoven Hos- pltiil complete their examination today. • <;OIN MACIIINKS C!hk:nf^o Cnln-npoi'fi.1 (•(! viitullnir machlncH In the U. H. total about throo million, (ivitKklo of pny phonow and parcuil lockcrx. YOU READ IT IN THE NEWS - - - Now Here's The Book. HOW TO PLAY WILLIAM E. McKENNEY fc^SSnco's Card Authority „ W WriMM for NEA Strvki Available At NEV/S Office THE COPY I Schedule Released The Hchcdulf: nf nctivlties for em- pIoyi'H (if the U. S. Rubber Co. elur- Inj; the comlri).: week l;i IIH followu: Moinliiy. Dec. n 1:00 to 5:00 p. m., Olrls' Inler- dnpartmnnt Howling Ijon.^ue,. at I'anho'H Alloy.'i, NiLUKatuck. 15:00 p. m. MCIH'H Intcrdopiirt- mont Radminton LcaKUe, tiielt YMCA. 0:00 ii. m. Mcn'n Vfiralty rtowl- ln« Titam VH. lllMrlon Mf(f. Co. Na- lliinnl nU'lfikni. N. Y. I. C. Uuijfuc, Nau^ntnck YMCA Alleys. 0:00 p. m. Mrm'.-i Inlrrclepartmenl Banket ball Lciu;a«, U.l(;h School. Tiuwduy, Unc. 0 3:00 lo n:00 p. in. (.ilrln 1 Intordc- pnrtiMi'iil Hc.wllnir Lfii);uc, Pnnho'B Allnyw, Nnuifiitui:l(. 7:00 p. m. Mon'M Intordepart- m«nt. liowlInK I^'nguo, Tnalm'H Al- IryM. N. - i.tlj.;iil uc:k. WcdnoHdiiy !)««% 7 5:00 p. ni. Mi'n'Vt Office Bnwl- Inj,' jj-iiKUf!, I'liHlui'M AlleyH Naujfa- tui:k. D:()0 p. m, Men'H Inlcrdopart- m(;nt Britltnlnton LoriKlie, Nauga- tiir.k YMCA. H:00 p. ni. MUD'.- Varsity Bawkct- Imll 'tViiiii v;i. I'TruitoiTi Mnllnnhln Iron, Niini;atiii!l( YMr;A, N, Y. I. C. LoiiRun. 'I'linrNiliiy, HIT,. 8 5:00 p. rn. Mcn'H Office Bowl- Ini; League, P.i.shei'M Alleys, Nau- Kat.u c If. 5:00 p. m. Mun'.-i Interdcpart- ment liiulmlnton l/«a|,'uo, Naugatuck YMCA. 7:00 p. m. Girls' Vnralty Bowling Tcnm VH. Chase Brnnn, I. n. A. l,i'!ij;ui'. Wiilcirbiiry Kena'n Alleyrt, I'Vlduy, Our. II 5:15 p. in. II. H. (JlrlH 1 Club Bowl- In;; I,ni|.;iin. Pa.fho'H Alliiys tuclt. 11:00 p. in. MCII'H Vurslty Bowllni? Team vn. Eiuitni'n MullRiihlu Iron, Ami:rl<:nn 1'ilvlnlon, N. Y. I. C. Ij'.ajfui-, PiiMhn'ii Allcya, NaiiKal.uck, NMU Demonstrator TAKIN INTO custody by a policeman ndar the National Maritime Union headquarters In New York City Is Donald G. Hamilton. Ho WDI charged with disorderly conduct by the police when he failed to move from the NMU Building area. An Inlra-union strife has made it » battleground scVCrnl times In the past two weeks. (Intcnm(ional) St. Francis' Suffers First League Defeat Since 1947-48 Season St. FrnnelB' CYO lost HH flrtt fame In Wntorbury Knlghtn of Columbus Baukctbali Ijfliicrue Competition since the 1947^8 senson yesterday, as they were routed by .S3. Potor & Paul, of Watorbury, •)T-2-l, nt 81. Frnncla' School hull. Tho winners romped to a 19 ."> load nt Imlftlmo and mnlntn'.nocl nt leuat u IB-point, lead throughout tho Heconcl half. It wan the nocond Btralght victory for the wln- uera and the ftrut IOHB In two pnmoa for St. Francis' Herman paced tho winners wltii 15 polntn. Rabtoy hnd eight and DiMarla five to top the .locate. In tho other league Kame, St.. Patrick'!) routed St. HedwtR-'a, •12-24. Tho Union City quintet trolled 27-17 at the half, but were Imld to just seven polntH In the iir-cond half, while the wlnnern col-! 15. Hardy waa high for the wlnnora with 12. Bryk had 10 points for St. HodwlR'B. 8S. 1'KTEH & TAUT. b f p McCowen, If 4 o 8 d?itamaurlco, If o 0 0 Ejdlllvan, If o 0 0 Cli&cl, rf 3 1 7 IWlIfln, rf o 1 1 SonVnfti, rf 0 0 0 HcrrSijinn, c B 5 IB Wnte|fli^5rth. o 0 0 0 Kennoy; ^ 0 0 0 Blair, Ig , i ,o 2 Palmonto^Jy 000 Mnll>oney lg* v 000 Dim lap. r#o,.' 2 0 1 La.nncy,; 2 0 4 Totals ST. 17 CIS b . y., / 1 », ' CUsham, rg Pkjhulo, rpj Uctanlon \K Mala. Ig ............ . .' 9>,. Avcollle, c ........... ,'WD " Dlmarla, c ............ ik Mloto, rf .............. 0 Spudola. rf ........... 0 Mascola, If ............ 1 Rabtoy, If ............. 3 Dowllng, ]f ........... 0 Totals .............. 9 Bcoro at half time — 88. Pel or 1'nul 10. St. FrnnclB' 5. Roftirnnn prlacoll and J. Henly. ST. PATRICK'S b f )> , If 2 0 4 Mantlno, If 3 2 8 Hurdy, rf 4 4 12 Caulflvld, rf .' 0 0 0 Sullivan, c 3 1 7 Cullin, Ig 2 3 7 Kelly, rg 2 0 4 Pllnn, TK 0 0 0 Totals 16 ST. IIKDWIG'H b 0 0 10 42 Polokowskl, rx Kelly, IB ...: Kofjut, IB Mikaluchon, c Altloru, c Bryk, rf Koby, rf WlHlnHkl, If f 1 0 0 0 3 0 2 0 0 TotalH 0 8 24 Scorn at hiilf time--St. Patrick B 27, St. HoclwIg'H 17. Roforcoa- -DrlH- (.(ill and J. 1-l'uuly. Highlanders Lose To Richards, 46-32 \1 ho NaUKOtuek Hlghlandum <lrop|icd their third game of the H«o.Hon lant night, bowing to the Alan RlchardH Quintet, •10-32, at the Torrlngton Armory. The tilt was played as a preliminary to tho Tor- rlhglon Howards, Meriden Eaatern Pro lyoaguo game, won by Morl- dfln, 87-49. The first half wa» a nip and tuck nffnlr which naw tho Richards out In front, 18-17. Tho Hlghland- oi'H faded In tho third period, how- •-•vcr, and the Rlcharda triumphed going away. Lnnduccl priced tho wlnncrH with 12 points. Danahcr had eight anil Rublno Hlx for tho Highlanders, who wore playing without Bovoral of •.holr rcgulara. MaiirtKor Milt Woissman announced today that the Hlghlund- ora will piny Friday night at the Y. Their opponent will bo a strong New Haven toam_ to be named tomorrow. Alan Richards b f p Fodorowlcz, If 1 1 3 Cantadore, If i o 2 Splno, r f 5 i 11 Hricko, c 4 3H ICulan, c l o 2 Landuccl, Ig 4 4 12 Hoysradt, Ig o l i Benedict, rg i o 2 Coppa, rg o 2 2 Totals 17 12 48 Naugy IIIghlanderM b f p Swlrskl, rg i i 3 Schuster, rg i o 2 Quint, Ig 2 1 5 Rublno, lg 3 o 6 Butor, c i i 3 Danahor, r f 4 o 8 Bockor, rf o 1 1 Armanltls, If 2 0 4 , Totals 14 4 32 Beoro at half Umo—Torrlngton 18, Naugatuck Highlanders 17. Ref" """ " and Meyer. Visit Our u I'OYLAND OALLAOHEU 8 HARDWARE .•i;* 178 MArLE 8TBBET nollvory Trlephono 5044 i^Mezzio's Offers:— Omb»i<>i« Brake •*rTl<t». Wh«el All»»•-!:««i-«;.M;;i...M, »«.. B^ , . ••••' J: :..MEZZIO*S I«B 1IITBHM1PB PBITB. Tgi. 4919 Saved By Drug Skiing Reported Good At Mohawk Cornwall, Conn.. Dec. 5—(UP)—Tho laloMt Mlorm broiiKht tlivn- Inchon of unow covering n flvo- mch hnrttpncked bnno ai- thn Mohawk ftkl nrcn. Some of tho nine town will Kurt operating this noon. Mohawk was open Saturday nn-J Sunday and drew about 1,000 skiers during the two dnyn. The snowfall WIIH HO unexpected, however, ihni It might hnvo attracted blgiter crowdn had it hern a gnnnn' aiorm. New York iind New Jnraey nud no HIIOW a.nd were <il' MIC fine conditions In Connecticut until It was too late. A NATIVE of Phllndelphln, Ralph Pltzor, 47-ycnr-old . farmer who beat death with a mysterious Wonder drug, stands beside a deor which he bagged while on a recent hunting trip. Critically ill from an Infection, PHzer as a last resort consented to being Injected with the new drug, ncomycin, hitherto tested only on animals. Within Fourteen hours the Infection had disappeared. (International) Gems Hold Two-Game Edge Over Gaiters RoHUltH of the U, S. Rubber Co, Girls' Intel-department Bowling League: Monday Dlvhlcm Cagers 3, Cutupa 0. ;_ Gems 3, Bluchers 0, Stylo Gaiters,3, Streamers 0. "lK«r» U, HonefulH 0. 'Jkleata 2, KnelH 1. Individual «lngle: VeraDol- 136. High Individual three: IOHH, 349. High learn single: „ liter, 498, High team thrco: Style <JaHcr, 145C. %JSnosd»y Division Boot, 'rt^ffjers 2, Invaders 1. ChargonJ^.HIgh Spota 1. Cubs 2, Slpbothlnn 1. High St.eplfo»S 2, Fireflle* 1. High Indl^ij&al ninglB: Eileen Kozolovn, 132. H((jh Individual three: Ann YvaHausk^i, -344. High team single: Boot Tappers, 539. High team three: BooffcipperH, 154-1. .848 .787 .545 .515 .545 .5.15 .421 .303 ,363 .757 .606 .(10(1 ,484 84 24 03 Washington State Grid Coach Resigns Pullman; Wash., Dec. 5— (U Pi- Head football coach Phil Sarbonof Washington Stnle h«B reBlgned effective July 1 of next year. Sarboo, in a IfHtftr to noting athletic director Robert Brumbloy, iialcl "Inaamuch as I do not bc- llcvo that a continuation of lh« I resent program can produce the roHUlla expected, I hereby lender my rcflisnallon." Washington Sttite won throe gnimoj and lost six during thi- 1949 season. The Cougar* won 115, lost 22 and played one tic in the five years Sarboc waa the the helm. Hurricanes Bow To Trenton, 88-84 Trenton, N. J.—Dec. 5—(UP 1 — If Basketball (fames wcro om- minute Hhorter, the Hartford Hur- icnnes would be better off. For the second time In four <myi<, tno 'Cn.noH have dropped rxn Ainor- Ican Loatftie contest In tlio 1/ial fow nuconds. Tho Hartford club wn8 leading Trenton by eight point:* midway through the fourth rjua--- tor. but lost out to Trenton, 88 8». aro: Monday damn Stylo Unlterii .„„ Streamot-H 18 KedM .,,,'., u Wildcats ; 18 CVI tU J>H . Oagot'H . Bliichurn Tigera MopofulH 17 TiiiiNiluy UlvlNlon Boot Topjiera ......... 30 Cubs ... ............... 20 Hmootlilo.H ............. 25 Envadura ............... 20 Char/fern .............. 20 High Spots ........... 10 High StnpperH ........ 16 ' ;ri CharmnrH I'ow ('own •16 10 !«' 21 21 30 7 7 8 13 13 17 17 10 JU 22 23 Man Wanted I'arl-llm,. Job with NnugiH tuck llounlng Authority ;o* man wlllr qnullflcatlonn to ne«rvi) HH NiiprrlntcMxIiinf, of projrinl linmrN. Apply by letter 1 only lo NAUGATUCK IIOUHUVI-; Aij'j'iioniTv I'. O. Box 87 NO WINTER WORRIES With This Fine Reconditioned 1947 OLDSMOBILK "98" Four Door Sedan, Dark Green with seat covers. One owner 12,000 ac- tutal miles. Reconditioned in our own service department. Radio, heater, A very dependable car at a price that speaks for itself. S1595 5675 Down $64.24 Mont] lee It — Drive It — Today It's too good to stay on the lot very long. FREE MOTORS, INC. The Best Place In Town to Buy Used Cars 402 NORTH MAIN ST. Tel 2211 NOl I WOOD'S ClICKIM \ CtUt IKOVll Jeanne GRAIN Ethel BARRYMORE Ethel WATERS I WilliamLUNDIGAN rnuii ,71 IRE! m*t awn . /M currow mmt NEXT mi « INT • OM (MOI IN MtlOM I-IIO ACTS VODVIl-S Scram • 'DEPUTY MARSHAL' r f»KH.COmMHXH IHOWI ran \ TEL. 404 THUS.', wicn. mid THURSDAY "THE ACCUSED" wkh Holmrt CAi Vounic Huin . 'FLAMING FURY" will. |R«»y Kolmrtn George Cooper] — Todny — "Kl, I'AKO" and "VONT OFFICK ) N VKKTIUATOH" NKW PHILCO n K F K J G K 11 A T O R 7r $199.50 7 On. Ft,. _ n y,.,»r Unrrnnty $20 Down . . . $2 Weekly IROPnTS m NO. MAIN ST. UNION CITY Phono 0401 IS CHURCH ST. TKL. IOIK) Open Frldny Till 8 P. M. Jan Leopard Named To State Tank Team .7nn Leopard .daughter of Mr. iim! MI-B. Krnont lyr-opnrd, of JJnn- ron I'^allff, riunllfUMl for llur w<M*.on*I rrlay trnni of the Corr. A. A. U. Wompn'H "Wir.iTnlr.x len;TU«. In t'-|- nJn held y>>iiti;rday nt the Ni:w Jin von YMCA r.ool. It was announced today by Alex SulJlvnn, cwirh of the Naucatuck Y swimmlnir team. Mint Leopard in a nu-mbpr of I he Nnugnutck YMCA Girls' nwini- mlng team. DON'T MISS SEEING US IN "TOY SHOP ArenA TONITE at 8 Ihru Nltcly lit Mnt. Sn< (»!!. Kl.Ti. »:i.fl6 Him ALCAZAR >'OW VI.AV.ING William I'""'.-II — iSlinU*}- Wlntrm "Take One'lFalse Step" and Yvonnn I)«C«rlo — Howard Duff In "Calamity -Jane and Sam Bass" Peter Paul, Inc. NAUOATUCK, CONN. Manufacturers of Nation'» Largest Selling 1 COCONUT CANDY BARS r.. Christmas Gifts for the Home Water Heaters Kitchen Sinks How About Your POWDER HOOM? Geo. Wiggles worth | & Son, Inc. Maple St. Tel. 6263 24 Hour Service RAMOS ffiON WORKS Hawley Hardware 120 Church Street Christmas Suggestions as ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES TOASTERS, MIXERS, Etc. also SLEDS — TOYS SHOE SKATES PYREXWARE, Etc. Phone 4086 We Deliver 4C» Now * Iloeondltinnixl Motor* KOUD ft MKIICURY Hhool Metal * Ornsmontal »»«•! Work. — PArtublH w«Mhi» EqatpmuM — TKLRPHONr ******«• The ronn DBALEU 7HVT ftn JfUBi. OO. Our^country's freedom began here in New England. Let's keep it alive here in New England. United States Rubber Company Footwear Plant Naugatuck, Conn.

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