The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on June 30, 1917 · Page 31
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 31

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Saturday, June 30, 1917
Page 31
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THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, SATURDAY, JUNE SO, 1917, 1 ""30 Hero h the folutioa cf ycur Uz que - , fa - A J With this rr. an if o! I you set HO Pi:r: CLW'T. rr.orc rrAU - izz cut of year gasoline r,r CfJNT. more pov. - cr out of your motor. 100 Villi CENT. I - r.i carbon. All for CS.OO, in - tailed. HAYDEiT SALES CO., Distributors 17 - " 1 3 North. J ifet. Indianapolis VY.' - r., ::ain .'737. POTATOES DDVAI'ONE CfllTATCimMET PRICES STILL MUCH HIGHER THAN IN OTHER CITIES. WHAT THE RETAILERS SAY Potato pric la Indianapolis wert 1 cert a po - ur.3 lower en market today tUn they wrt last Saturday a. drcp cf 3 cent a. bushel Jn a. week. A far rr.oro sensational decline la expected within the next week r ten Ur - Eiandhoders were grettlr.g cent a. pour. - l. cr H a bushel, and practically a'.l cf them predict a decline to ST a V.ihel or lower In the near future - New Potato Coming. 1 look for the bottom to drop out within the next tea day. said ere tamihcI'Jer. "Ifi bound to eoir. soon. V.'Jrh the warm weather coming on the commiralon men can r.ot keep the - stocks trey have on hand. They will have to get rid of them or they wHl spoil. Tela ar.d the fact that honse - rrown potato win be on th market within the next wk or ten days wi;l bring potato" 4n to Si a bushel or poesiMy lower." Chicago, 1'r.iiadeiphia ar.d ?.w York hav reported remarkable drops In the 7 rice tt potato this week, but Indie r.apol.s rommiMion (5rmi report only slight declines. The retail grocers and staridboider ssy they are unable to ac - Tr'jnt for tr:l situation, although they cn see no reon whr prices should not b ) it as low in Indlanapoiis as they tr in the ether cities. P.etaiiers blame the wmmlHhn men. The fomr.unon men In the cities in which decrease hav been reported, say that the decii - e Is aud. by the lartre 3 , - ar.tltie cf potato - that have been r 'it on the market within the last few day, t - ocaj coram'.. on men con - ter.d that there is stiil shortage of potatoes In the local market. Jobber' Explanation. Eorr.e cf the eommiasion men say that the potatoes that are - being sold at reluced xrlcfs la the t'.t eastern cit ies are doubtless the poorer graces cf potatoes. They My tie hi? nues are ab - eut the only markets that a tr.l buyers for such graces, tut - soii - ers, however, ear the s.Tne grades are to be found la Xadiasa - pcs at rauca fc:ger Oscar Mark urn. who has a taad la - Hi th market house, sail today that he pa:d a barrel for two barren cf potatoes yesterday. TruS pri - e. ce Is II lower than it was . last wee, bt is frcm 4 to tS hi?her than pnees la eastern cities. The majority of tie ws - dilon men are potatoes at a barrel. It Is. said - Peaa and Beans Lower. Hon - rtwa peas that sold at the rata cf two pounds for U cents on market last Saturday were on sale today at two x - d ene - talf pounds for 13 cents, a reduction of about cents a pound. Beans also were cheaper than they were last Saturday, thers being a reduction of about 5 ee - .t a pound - Or.!or.s and tur - rips wers aeWr - .c at about the aame rate they were last week. . v a x - a been cf rauca rnent to the potato crop. aceord - .n to some of the farmer. hX ?a . .ir.t J. A rodd. a veteran "l.v:. !.. tt thr will be crop cf potatoes if the farmers can J t n - l ef the Uce lhfests the plants l "t now. He says fcome - arown potatoea wi'.l bs on the mareu in a'qualutlea at least, witfcia . the next wee. BOTTOM OUT IN OHIO. Wholesale Price cf PoUtoea Drop IS Retailer Hang On. CLEVELAND. O.. Jane SO. Potatoea . - K.rrel in the last IlATr K y y - rt wholesale rrica haa fallen and will faU still farther." said an authority on produce today, "but the retailers ars Vsirtin to kirn rices. Some retailer. It was estimated, art miidnr KG per cent, profit oa pine - arlt - s. ' Two Free Curb Market. TOLEDO. Jur.e SO. Two free curb markets to reduce the" cost of food will be opened by the city next week. Pro - dues growers will be permitted to use trmm. Tha Housewives lear'ie .ITlk. W - ' " - win eo - operste witn tne city wruce department xa mo enterprise. i - . Fouf audi a MaM TiEnes 1 s . as tine MonimeE as JrilglflL 2iL VOMEN'S DRILL TEAM TO TAKE PART IN ARMY POST ENTERTAINMENT A REGULAR Friday's issue of The Indiana - jC" polis News of 32 pages, in one pile would make a stack, of papers 1,250 feet high, or four and a half times as high as th Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument. The "vrhite paper use in publishing a page advertisement in The Indianapolis News would' cover more than three average xity blocks. The white paper used in a single Friday's issue would cover the territory. from Illinois street to New Jersey street and from Maryland street to North street. - f : i . f j ! ; ! ( ; ! !i i ! i I t 1 ; i 0 . - ' - , u. - , Reader Confidence i It is not only the quantity of The Indianapolis News, circulation that brings News results, but the confidence the readers - have in the paper. News advertising is not an experiment. , It is a ; proven investment. jlo tlx. cm members of the American Union Zouaves, Captain J. W. Hurt's women's drill team of the American Union lodge, will take part j - 4ifl c.Mfilainmcr.t at Ft. Dcnjamin Harrison this evening, under the auspices of the Indianapolis War Kecreational - bocial Service iiureau. vv. r. II. r el, cf tho entertainment department, and W. L. Miller are in charge of the program. C010 HEARS PROTEST OF COLORED LUi! C IZEIIS ACTION OF HOSPITAL INTCRNCS" CONDEMNED. PLEA MADE FOR DR. GIBBS Tl. 'Ity l. - '.iril of hrulth held a rcll . rii'T ( i n (j t ' - y to permit a delegation of - i - l. - r - .l cit.tns t' in.iko a" rrotest iH.sU:l aim;.il f)f Dr. William ;!, c - oloied. a un Interna nt the In - d - rti .i - U city hnl i tr.!. tr.' t.lbba was .ifi - ,s - fd when lourtcen vhito Internes l..t - 1 :f r.ft o: strike after Informing the .'.ul t? - ;t llirv .):.! refuse to work with ; lirra. The t.f legation was coin - V .o 1 of it i . - mt twenty tnen. b,;t only fi - ur f i 'vu r - .,:mer cj - i - eared before the 1 h i:ii:n lu presented ih fro - tM t li.c t"r'l wtrv lUit'ert JiroUn - I'.rp. tfc J.fv Ch - - irl - t W'll - l : - . It. : ; inner A. l'urr.i ar.l Dr. . 1 I . . r c A'.I If . sfoke Yi'.efls - . ssvln that t! - . - ! . i.' - I's action foil mvitl - U. .trike . t tt u.t it' - v f - iih on tr c !.! the i" !! cf ci i dttiii'iiv to - .lored rations ! i In.i. - : ;.!.. Tne speakers .il 1 ' .v rreventfnjr Olbhd from servln ss an Interne, he wa. b.lng deprived of a 1 art rf h'.s rneiicl education and of an r r !ortunlty to t:t himself thoroughly for a meaical career mmong colored per - rons. Statement cf Doard. Members of the hoard condemned the action of the fourteen. city hotrital intern in resigning and leaving - almost Z) riittenta In the hoarltal without ade - quste medics! attention, but said aa it would be ImjwKsIMe to c - btsln the service of other internes because of war de mnJ. ths board was compiled to meet the situation by dismissing Olbbs or leaving the honpifil ttaff Crippled. lr. Kurnlw eald he understood the condition that were being faced by the board and expressed a willingness to p - iimt the board to take some time in nr. endeavor to work out a solution of the ettuation that would be agreeable to ail ieroriB concerned. It was ue re.ted that the city honpltal Internes he asked to reconaider the stand they hwve taken and that an appeal be made to them on patriotic around. Tr.o - meeting ended by the board asrfing to take tha queetion under aJviement to ase.ertaln if some reans co' - ild not be ado - jted to give Dr. Oibba a v - !ition at the city hoppital without rabsir.s a cessation or medical attend ance there. Members of the bord did not Intimate, however, what line of art ion tiiev expect to follow. The 1 - oji rd announced that It would huv five lots In Oreer streft. between Mv - ' - rthv end htevena atreets. for Ji.;. - . for rlaytround purposes. Indianapolis and Vicinity A V t i ' 1 C? i'"N, EE? f. e. b. I) .troll f i i I I Lovcct Priced Car With iheccj Coct Features ;. r. l - r: - .ur.:ar! rfr - .s. r t!rr. C. r. '.! - . - tal r : r. - ' - . " 1 irar.j - Vrr j.'at c!atcX Hyatt ; :'.ct tearl - igrs. atreara - .:. - 3 tody, fcenr - ycomb r.i Ilator. Atwater - Kent i .itton. vanadium atecl cj. - tlTer aprlass. GREATEST PROPORTION OF TiRE SURFACE TO CAR WEIGHT aAn;:LEV - :vo;;sER mm co. ir.DI AN AT0LI3 Orief Notes of the Day. Th children and neighbor of schoel No. 27 will ew at tb achoot building alt day Tueaday Bed Croat under th direction4 - of Mr. Earl Matlock. Mr. Irving King and Ml Caroline Good hart. The auxiliary to Indiartapoli chapter No. 30.1. O. p. 8.. will meet with Mra. Ullle Llnclcome, 141 North German la avenue, Tuesday afternoon. Mra Vincent LanJwrlen and Mra John Wleg will entertain th Charity Club of th facred Heart church 1"hurdttjr afternoon at 6L Cecilia, hall. Th George II. Chapman W. R, C No. 10 will not meet Tueaday afternoon. Th next meeting wlllb held July 10 ia th O. A. R. hall. Ill Eaat Maryland street, and meeting will contlnu very two weeks during July snd Auguat, A registration meeting open to th public win be held at the WoodrulT elubhouae TYl - iJV evening. W. II. Hart will talk. The Holy Croo Social Club will enter tain In Llederkrans hail at J:J0 o'clock. Tu.adajr afternoon, th hoateaae for the oc - ca!on hir - g Mra J. H. Volrhaye, Mra. John lium, Mr. Martin Vdeton and Mr. Ed - wrd W erner. Euchre and lotto will . be piajed. An toe cream social will be given by the OU9 liranch Social Circle at 8 o'clock to - nisht tn the Odd reilow hall. Hamilton and Washington atrt A roe party will be given for th caah - girla cf th Nw York atore CPettle Dry ioda romptjyl at th home of. Mr. and Mr. Elmr Gay." 3 South Emeraon av - nu. at o'clock Sunday afternoon. Indianapolis Rotary Club. The program for the meeting of the Indiana. pcii Rotary Club Tueaday noon at th Clay - , pool hotel, eentalna a number of event not uaually found at the weekly meetinca Among th Iterr.s mentioned la th Retarr Club International bowling trophy, presented to th local club at the convention recently hld at Atlanta, which wui t on exhibition during th luncheon. Individual aaeoala will b presented to th champion Rotarl.n towlera; an adJresa will be delivered bv J. M. Hcwn, rr'dent of th local club, "and Lr. Herbert T. Waaner will read to th club the ad Ires mad by th Rav. G. Ashby Jon at tb Atlanta convention. Now Looking foe Taylor. Robert Taylor, colored, a driver for the Iniianapcli Coal Company, drov out of th Hast Washington atraet yard of th com - pny with a load of col yesterday and failed to - return. J. A. Cnamcaa. foreman of the yard, reported to the police. The wifoa vraa fcucd later at Nbl and Court atreeta but It contained do coal. The police are seek, lng Taylor. Street Car on Flrt. Trf".c on the car line rvaning e - ut r - glnla avcue ti tied up ahortly after noon today when - an EigUah avnu inbound iri car caught f.r, aJ a trolley wire ' broken at Nlrglni and South street. Th fire department mas csKed to put out th f r. No n vu tnj - ard and th car not bad:y damaged. Hld to Grand Jury. Henry Tmrta. ag tw.ry - four. ITi West Msrrl street, and Lerey Higenbothem. ag thirty - two. tyy Horeh Germani arrau,, who wer arr?.l oa rharg ot rrjury In city curt yrtterlif after tay had - trsttAed in the cues of two al - va keepers, wer hU to th grand Jury today under 11.000 bonds. To Address' Indiana Alumni. Gecrg M. Day. secretary of th Inter - rational committee ef the T. M. C. - A - of North America, who was in Retrograd. Ru - tx. during revolution, will iprnk t the week'.v luachfen of the Indiana (."r.iversity Assoriation of laiianspoU. Monday, at the Eoard of Trade builcing. ' Wins Debating Prlre. Announcement haa been mad by PhilMps academy, Andover, Maaa.. that Rower Hap - good, a - n ef TVUJlarn,P. Harteod. lJtS North Nsw Jersey street, a itmrUr ef this year's graduating clasa. baa wrn Ui first Roblnaoa pr.xr. ir xtmiHrneoua debet. Accused of Arson. Jeff "Walker, colored, age thrrty - e!ght. 30 E'.lsworth atreet. waa arrested today on a crarc or arson snr in pouc naa isvesxt - rsr'i a f - .re In the basement or bia house last nisht. . . , Overcomo by Heat. C. S. Parne::. age aexenty - one. lil East Nineteenth atreet. ss - overcome by heat to - !i, t rM Felierontsjn street, and tien It the C4ty hoeritaL PLAN A VIGOROUS DR VE TO GETGUARD RECRUITS OFFICERS WILL ATTEND PATRI OTIC MEETINGS IN CITY HEED THREE HUNDRED MEN i i ' - - J4 :sn 1 i For nearly a half century The News has..been the dominant newspaper of Indianapolis and Indiana. And today, after forty - eight years of business building", it offers to legitimate advertisers the only way in which to, get sales messages to the great army of btfyers of this territory. ::ay, 1017 Net Pa!Circu!:ti :i 7 " 0' Dally .vcr: F. S. F1SHBACK OBJECTS. A vigorous drive will bo made In In - dianapolis next week to obtain tha 300 volunteers needed from this city to bring the Indiana national guard ud to its full i - . - n .... J wm.jq, 1 - a . . ui iim - I n . . . . , . . , t t. Itary age who has not yet thought ee - I UPPOSCS rteauction or nc wnna nousiy aDout nia auty m me matter will f Standard In Artificial Gaa. receive an opportunity to find out thai stanaara in Mrxincisi uas. advsntages of volunteering, and thus I Frank S. Fiehback. of Indianapolis. becoming associated with his home folk hag added ajnother chapter to the petl The ramnaiTn' win e..imin.i. I tlon of the Indiana Gas Association to Thursday night when patriotic meetings I th public service, commission of Indl in the interest of obtaining volunteers ana for authority to reduce, the calorific will be held In ten localities in the ,,it. tn artieioiai city.' Announcement of tho programs for standard of heat units In artificial gas these meetings will be made later. Re - from 600 Britlca thermal units to 550 cruitimr officers will be on hand to I , take the names of all desiring to en - I ti - viahhark haa filed a motion with list. However. . there will bs no need! the nubile service commission asking for those desiring to enlist to wait un til Thursday night, as plenty of op portunities will be given throughout the week. There Is much pride among" Indisna people because this state has responded in such a Kalian t manner to th call for rerular army volunteers, and the state military authorities are anxious that Indiana shall have an equally good record In the national guard showing. July msy be the last day on which volunteers can be accepted, so the time Is short ' for action. OTHER FRANCHISES GIVEN UP BY LIGHTING COMPANY Secretary, of tho Public Service Commission la Swamped With "Notices Freight Rate Hearing. The Indianapolis Light and Heat Company, through its attorney.. C; N. Thompson, todav filed notice with the public service commission of the surrender of its franchises in Broad Ripple. Beech Grove. Southport. East Southport. University Heights. Woodruff I'lace. Hendricks and Marion coun ties, Clermont, Bridgeport, iien Davis, New Aua - usta and Old Augusta. The company yesterday filed notice of the surrender of lta xrancnise in Indianapolis. Ths commission secretary. Carl IL Mote, was swamped today with notices of tho surrender of franchises from many utilitv companies. This was th last day under the public utility law for the companies to surrender their franchises and take indeterminate permits from the commission, if they so desired. The public service commission has set aside the two weeks. - beginning - July 1, for hearing - the petitions of Indiana - railroads for an increase in freight rates of approximately 15 per cent. The railroads ask an increase of 15 per cent, on general frelgrht rates and 15 cents a ton on coal. The commission also fixed July 11 - 12 as the date on which to hear the appeal of the Indiana Gas Association for authority to decrease the heat units in gaa from 600 a cubic foot to 550. - I "BUM SPORTS." PEAT SAYS. Germane Criticised by Canadian Officer in Lunch Club Talk. The Germans are the bummest - sporta X have ever aeen." Lieutenant Harold Kecinald Feat, of the, Canadian army, told the members of the Saturday Lunch Club, at their weekly meeting in the Chamber nf Commerce, at noon today. "If they had had rer cent, of American or Canadian fcrhtme; blood they could have i - roken through our line tn the black davj of the war,' he continued. A five minutes' look, f.ret at the German line, and another five minute' look at the Knslieh line at the be - ;in - nmg of the war would have proved to the most pessimistic mind, he asserted, who was really guiicr of causing: the war. Long ' TV. that he bo made a party to tha pro ceedings. He represents that the Citl - zona ;aa Comoanv's franchise from the city of Indianapolis provides for 600 Britisn thermsi units a tae caionnc standard for gas and that any reduction from this would mean an Increased pries for gas. W. A. Flckens, corporation counsel of Indtanspolis. yesterday filed a similar petition. 0AILY VITAL STATISTICS. Birth Returns. Claude and Callle Carpenter, 1110 M. Mount, boy. Louis and Menel tsui. a - 5 i. twin, coy. Theodore and Matilda Beyer. Ills Cal houn, boy. Frank and Lydia iinsti, nw i. hodhi, Kt - tic ana i mnm r - ixir i n. - xioinm. iin. William and Pearl Pyatt. rTJ N. Wirmtn, boy - . .. James ana cora tsunmau. ui udhh, SIT?'... - - 1 1 1 TT. .rt - d Tr"H I gl"I. Francis and Clarice Wtlcex. R - W. hospital, boy. Archibald and Cora rtvecoata, K Thirty - fourth, boy. , Arthur and ooiaie aaawcu, - - x .enjii - ton. girt. . .. Raymond and une iu v. joinr - rjaniet'and Mamie Collin. 123S S. Belmont. rrank and Marl Feist. 117 Villa, girl . Ralph and Minnl Edwarda. .O N. Bismarck, boy. t Antonio ana iena. m uih.i . u.j ..aaBsw, arl and Dora' NIckeraon. JTU E - Mlchl - Al'fred and Wusbie McCarty. Charity ho - P!jf.nrTd Eva tavi. ?n Pscj, girL Clifford and Frances McCann. 409 W. Six teenth place, boy. Death Returns. John Gray, 74 years. 7 Harrison, erysip - 1l!.re Cowdr. 5J years. SC3 N. Oxford. nMtral regurgitaUon. Peter Singer, tl years. Paul Sweeney. 19 years. 1 Lexington. pulmonary tuberculosis. Dola Go It. 21 years. Eastman Sanitarium. tetanus. Irinr Ouncan. 19 years. 13TT Alvord. tu - Jowphui Gambold. T7 years. Methodist hospital, inteailnal obstruction. Building Permits. Martin Sullivan. 1S E. Washington, pub lic csnn. 11.vm. cutn Schula J'.4 New, repairs. $100. Chris Reia. nO - 2151 Martindaie. repair porch. j. - K. Jones, 1332 K. Delaware, re roof porch. X. B. Martin. 1304 Brookald gasoline tank. John W. Newman. 1T53 McLaln. garaga 140. Aetna Shavings and Trust Company, Kentucky and Capitol, eievstor. tl.i. iiarv Watklns, l3n - 0 rtnley. double dwelling. Il.p. C. A. IiUa US TV. Nineteenth, shed. $V). John Mooreheai. 52) Harrlaon. aiditlon. E. C Atklna Sc. Co.. C - ie 8. Illinola. addition. 11.500. Lafe 5icKee. . N. Tt'.tter. furnace. t'.'A B. H. Harlway, 4J3 - Jarf e!d rrare. 1140. Pearl llinman. Z:2 E. Thirtieth, daelling, $roo. - Bessie Rows, 1SI9 dwelling. S1.J50. WAR ECONOMY MOVE. WA8IIIwGTO.. Jon SOy Kllmlnatloa of Bsaessentlal service and release of snaeeesssry ata aad vehicle mm m war mmm are were nrged on tb coantry's retail' eatabllahmeBta today by . the eonaaseretal rroson y board ef the council of national" defease. A letter seat by the board to dry goods aad department atere aaldt "There l'aeb t nrgeat need fer men and .equipment In ether work that tbe country eoold not endare tbe waat that Is e - caaioned by the) accommodation deliveries of small parcksaea. If poaible, not more ' than on regralar delivery akoold be mad ver each, rente. These chances In delivery method sbbold be latrednced as soon as practicable, certainly net later than Angmst l.w T grreeers nnd batcher were sent letter asking; partlcnlnrly that they rearrange their delivery system nnd Aat wherever possible they lasttltnte co - operative delivery systems. SUIT IS FINALLY DISMISSED Judge Thornton Acts In Old Key - leu Lock Company Proeedlng. Ths Keyless Lock Compsny injunction suit against th molders union, tried about four years ago, was finally wiped off the court dockets today when Judge W. W. Thornton, of the Marion county superior court, sustained a motion to dismiss the case for want o proaecu tlon. ' Ths suit wss brought during a strike, which, was called at the plant by the molders' union, and sought to obtata an injunction against the picketing of the plant by th union members. The injunction1 was granted by Judre Thorn ton. The case was appealed an - l the n - firem court reversed the decision of the ower court. The action of the supreme court snt the eae back for a new trial, but the suit was never pressed. ( County Board of Review St. Vincent'. WALL STREET FEELS IT, Rate Decision Causes Moderate Selling at Openinjj Upturn Follows. NEW YORK. June SO. Wall street's disappointment over ths refusal of the Interstate commerce commission - to grant a general rats increase wss re - fleeted In the moderate eellinir of rail. , . , . . . . f Jaxalt Company way ar.uvji.s3 .i winning oi lootri i M'ooditor.k Cluh market. Tho shares of equipment companies, which would have benefited by an approval of a 15 per cent, advance also were under pressure. Heading broke 24. Delaware & Hudson, 2H; Missouri Paciflc, 2lA: Southern Pacific, 2; New York Central. 2; Erie, 2; Baltimore & Ohio, 14; Southern Railway, 1, and Norfolk & Western, 114 points, and various other carriers a point or more. American Car fell 3 points. Bethlehem Steel new stock. 2. and other industrials a large frsctlon to a full .point After the opening the market showed strong recuperative qualities, the steel stocks soon rebounding to levels well above yeaterday's .closing prices. Observance at the Poetoffice. Robert E. Springsteen, postmaster of Indianapolis, has issued a bulletin for tho observance of Independence day at the Indianapolis postofSce. July 4, as follows: "All departments will be closed, the collection of mails usually made on Sun days will be followed, and a hotel deliv ery will be made in the evening; provi sion will be made to deliver perishable parcel post mail: all special delivery let ters will ce aeuverea. , Tho Marion county board of review today practically completed tho work of appraising the property of corpora - tions in the county for. taxation purposes. The board will not officially ad. Journ. however, until Tuesday. A number of smaller corporations are yet to be considered by th board. The following valuations were fixed at the meetings today and yesterday afternoon: . W. 1"'17 Jersey Bulletin ll.OvO a W. R. Wheeler Co. Wabash Packing Co. Wrt - fc - troup Co. Vacu - Vi - Bray Co , Weldum Producta Co. .. W. n. Nllson. Inc. Western Ina. Agency ... Vol Harnesa Company witcox & Htrr 2VJ 4"0 230 1.7' 2 . - 0 ' Jealous Nature. "A ftrrran la r.o spark tor Trie" The words were pretty Mame's T coulin't keep the lad. you see. Away from other timn." Boston Transcript. H. P. Wolfe Company .... Vulcum Tire Filler Madam C. J. W acker Whiteside Wheel Co Woodcrofi Mfg. Co Wayn Tire and Rubber Co W'ayn Sewer and Drain Co Marietta iJias Mfg. Co.. I. A. Longaker Ludlow Auto Fir Alarm Company Cnlversal Envelope SeaW. Metropolitan Specialty Co.. McNeiy A Sons ............ - Tol Clearing Co - L'r.lon National Underwriting Vp - to - Ds?e Farming Equity Publishing Co Um'ed paving Conetruotion Co Universal, Tool and Die Co. Universal Amusement co... United Glue Co. V. S. En - aueiie Til Works Unite 1 Novelty Corapsny.. United - f ates Clay Co..... Universal Accessories Co...' Woodruff Place Cab Co..... Ordnan - e tHmmer Co. ... Hoiran Traaster A Storage Company Kregeio A Bailey - Tone Er.einVerlng Co Tripp Warehouse Company Kahn Tailoring Company.. I'rmston Oraln Cnmpeny.. J. R. William Undertak ing 1inf Prairie Plantation Co. Wineman'v Co C'f - OT - r - atl ve ll3me BullJ - tr.g Co Furnas Furniture Co H. T.. Klnny Oraln Co... Guimn'M Light Co. ..... J. C. Dun 230 "i.ri 20 "r 13.2a 200 ""ffl rro 10.0DO ro Zl.4'0 4 C a 1 t.rv - i V, : - 'o l"' o ..a 1 ( Vfl 3 5 0" 8. ft") 2 2 - ) IS) 1.700 6. 0 - 1 2V l.l'O ft) 2W l.frO r - o 4 - 1 .2 - 0 10. 'XO A Clear Shir.. fbllovJ regular ucc a: - - t i - .1 L s - ' O t - e , J j r r - t f t j.rivltly. C.pount j ALL, DRUCCUT.; RED CROSS AND THCATEP.:. Lee M. Coda Will Arrar;s to All f i Work In Indlanapclli. I'r'"il 0 The Jn1 ant. - T - l - a l .w, VASIIIN'OTO::. Jur.e ; Le ;r. rioa Is f srrarr for "T'i C t r a tl e. atrlral ' day iu If.diannpr ...n. ( a 1 . next fall, yet to 1 r. x 1. vr 1 1 . , 1 . - in th country is to five i's r - . ' i r that tf iy to tne I'.ed, 'rc s. ?.;r. i.. .. h to supervise the work l.i IrV ';.,.. . tpringueid, O., and Colur - . o. 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