The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on July 28, 1978 · 76
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 76

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1978
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'Driver': Violence in First Gear BY KEVIN THOMAS Timet Stiff Writer "The Driver" (city wide) is ultra violent trash that wipes out Ryan O'Neal, Bruce Dern and Isabelle Adjani, the exquisite star of Truffaufs "The Story of Adele H." In the title role O'Neal is a hotshot, high-priced driver of getaway cars who, after a formula spectacular chase, gets tagged by Dern, an implacable cop. Dern can't pin a thing on O'Neal but intends to nail him any way he can. Thus commences a series of crosses and double-crosses multiplying as rapidly as our interest in them diminishes. Along with Miss Adjani, a professional gambler, others ensnared in O'Neal and Dern's lethal maneuvers are Ronee Blakely, who sets up O'Neal jobs, a particularly vicious gang of petty crooks (Joseph Walsh, Rudy Ramos and Denny Macko) and Dern's hapless partners (Matt Clark, Felice Orlandi). Written and directed by Walter Hill, "The Driver" plays like a bad imitation of a French gangster picture, which in THE DRIVER A 20th Century-FoxEMI Fllmt presentation. Producer Lawrence Gordon. Writer-director Walter Hill. Associate producer Frank Marshall. Camera Philip Lathrop. Production designer Harry Horner. Music Michael Small. Stunt coordinator Everett Creech. Art director David Haber. Film editors Tina Hirsch, Robert K. Lambert. Featuring Ryan O'Neal, Bruce Dern, Isabelle Adlanl, Ronee Blakely, Matt Clark, Felice Orlandi, Joseph Walsh, Rudy Ramos, Denny Macko, Frank Bruno. Running time: I hr. 31 mln. MPAA-rated: R (persons under 17 must be accompanied by parent or adult guardian). turn is a bad imitation of an American gangster picture. (Indeed, they just might love it in Paris and it probably would seem better in French with English subtitles.) So derivative is "The Driver," which has undeservedly beautifully gritty cinematography by Philip Lathrop of bleak downtown L.A. settings, that it verges on parody. Worse yet, it's afflicted with overweaning pretentiousness as its one-dimensional, relentlessly glum people talk tough in monosyllables. The more "The Driver" strives for significance, reaching at last a predictable finish of heavy-handed irony, the emptier it seems. What is left is merely a sleekly assembled, utterly mindless destruction derby. "The Driver" opens with a lengthy chase through dark downtown L.A. streets that are conveniently empty of traffic. A decade after "Bullitt" and more than half that time since "The French Connection," such chases have lost their visceral impact, which tells us how easily and dangerously we can become inured to violence. For that matter, "The Driver" is but another in a seemingly endless series of pictures that take an amoral view toward the wanton destruction of property. For O'Neal, an actor whose natural wit is so rarely allowed to surface, "The Driver" represents yet another loser, and for Dern it's simply a replay of his obnoxious cop in "The Laughing Policeman." For Miss Adjani it's a singularly inauspicious American film debut. At one point O'Neal repeatedly orders a young punk to go home. That's exactly what the viewer of "The Driver" feels like doing. COSTA MESA Soulhcoalt J, 714649-3352 HUNTINGTON BEACH EdwaraY Huntiaataa Ciltama 714141 0311 LONG BEACH RaiimaraJ, 430-0419 TEMPLE CITY Timpto 216-3179 EAGLE ROCK Elgll Rock Malt 4, 264-9101 ORANGE Stadium Orin-ln 714639-9770 GRANADA HILLS Grinida M9-0949 ORANGE Clnfdom 10, 714632553 INGLEW000 Fo (712323 SANTA MONICA trt.twaod 629-3366 Call Theatres lor Showtimn TJ Mystery loves comedy "A swift and sparkling blend of romantic comedy and murder mystery. It is likely to become the most popular French movie in the U.S. since 'Cousin, Cousine' and deservedly so."- The Washington Post u I jl i sM ' hL starring jinie QriV,5t juid Philip Noire t jdn ft Philippe DeBroca's f EXClUtiVf ENCASEMENT NOW PLAYING Mm. thru Frl. 6 00 I N & 10:00 PM 9036 WUSHIM BLVD BEVERLY HILLS Sal. t Sun. 2:00 4:00 6:00 S:00 & 10:00 PM 274-6869 A LAEMMLE THEATRE ILoS ansrlta JTunrfl Fri., July 28, 1978 Pt IV . 19 He Just May have been the Greatest Rock Entertainer of all time. V '""I He changed the sound If 1 fin of music with r L yi v "That'll Be The Day" P7- J j U A "Peggy Sue" "Oh Boy" J ix L A MIt's So Easy" "Rave On" r V KjkA "Maybe BabsT I I I 4 'r an many more... j j 1 l3i '6 Ml a. v. m l His story will have you singing, laughing, crying, cheering and stomping your feet. THE BUDDY HOLLY I STORY COIXMBIA rtCTLUfS fKESEVTS AN INNOVISIONS K A IHOOICTION THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY-, GARY BUSEY.i,.,DON STROUD -CHARLES MARTIN SMITH CONRAD JANIS-WILLIAM JORDAN FRED BAUER a, STEVE RASH tr EDWARD H. COHEN FRED T. KUEHNERT w,., ROBERT GITTLER sALAN SWYER PG PMENTM. GUUMCE suggested SOM M.11IMN. M.T NOT H lUTifU ran CHUHOI Soundlrk jllmm on M'K HK (TKOS .nd 1AITS from AMtKK AN IVTTKNAttDNAI KRORDsl '' COLUMBIA PICTIMES INDUSTRIES. INC. SfcmL' IwiS'tl'w 111 tji PM tlTORO'''ll'l"-7WS"-8W' LONG SEACHUAMwta. 1,696-2761 HIALTOfMTorivl. 714676-2S451 .KA&J'Mgjtt... m?11" ""'" c" ' "" HOLLYWOOD Pi, 46811 J COLETA Funk I0SSI2 1111 MONTEREY PARK Monlirty CiMiM ROSEMEAO Rattnwa4 2, S73f4IO DaMy-1-00 4-40 S' 20 PM "aM M.,Md ir! Trii .r..pii,le SouM LA HABRA F.ii. Svtn 1. Ml 0633 'PIEWPORT BEACH LHl 714I73-I3M " R"JJ okM stmmm " &"" . ARCADIA Sirra Awitl 1, 445-1200 LAMIRADAL.M,,. 4. 714984-7400 WgRTjjOLLYV.000! 3, TNO OAKS UA Mo, 3j CHATSWORTH WHiMtki Driw-lN 340-BIM LONG BEACH Laktwtef' Ctetlf 3, 531-9510 NORTHRIDGE FltaiM NhM 3, 0B3-0111 WESTMINSTER UATmm A 714103-1305 CITY OF INDUSTRY PutRti HMIi 1, 965-SIM L0N6 BEACH Lm AltM Drive-Id 421-9931 PICO-RIVERA FitiU Orive-la 3, B02-7581 7037" HILLS Woadlini Hii2, EAGLE ROCK E..rtcti Plm 3. 254-0101 PALMS PMim 037-1277 ""iw'"'1 f"m"' 0m'" 1 SIMI l.r. 905520-0357 ORANGE Ciri. 22. 7140342553 PALM SPRINGS Cwnltl 714327-1273 SnmM S"j Ci""" -WEST COVINA WtK tmnm iKH ii a iui i im hi i ti Jim i rm ' HMIftHM.1.) EGYPTIAN "JuitWhwYouThooghtn e7t2Hly0. wis sett to uo Back in tm water 497-ett7 JAWS 0l 1.3:18-5:3O-7:4S-tO0 (Softy-Ho Psswsl) EGYPTIAN 2 "it n turn im Minur Burt RaynoMtDom OaLulaa V tHB(B)1)-2:50-4:4(l-8:30-:W-tO:10 EGYPTIANS owmiim homwlm onm DAMKN OMHIIBI 1230-2:25-4:20-8:M-8:15-W:lS Eirty BKd PrlcM TN 2:00 r2 ( 3 only kill HUIILI tilll Illl FIIC1I 'III Ml UA MOVIES t.JoKnTnmlti itUwH 0HSI(PO) 1:30-3:45-6:00 7M-4317 6:15-10:30 (Swry, Wo PssshI) UA MOVIES. Ptijmmar Tllum 0 Natl MTtMIATIONAl VUVnirOI 12:45-3:05-5:20-7:40-W-.00 UA MOVIES lUDOY BOUY STOtYIPOJ Siry Busty STOtYIPOJ 1:15-6:00-10:40 8yintW StalkmPaut Boyla F1S.T. 3:20-6:10 UA MOVIES "TM Force Is Backl" STAB WABSIPOI 12:45-3:00-5: 15-7:30-: 45 (Sorry, Ho Ptttat) UA MOVIES "CorHI1rt Yatr" W(rran BnttyJuUa Christie HAVEN CAN WAIT POI 12:30-2:30-4:30-6:30-6:30-10:36 (Sorry. No Psttatl) UA MOVIES Wtlt Dliwy'i "awaatl CAT ROM Oufa SPAa(O) 2:30-6:05-50 TM SMOOV tX 12:46-4:25-6:00 U.A. MUVItS " TkaOtkiShoeCtr CAT FROM OUTU $2w"a SPO(0) 2:30-6:10-0:50 (905) 497.6700 SHAOOYM. 12:45-4:25-6:05 UA MOVIES Chrta OTitum O'Naal mtNATMNU vavn(Po) 12:40-3:00-60-7:40- mOu UA MOVIES AJohnTrstiolt. 0IMi Nrwton-Jorin OtlH(P)12:46-3:00-5:15-7:30-5 (Sorry, No Ptitatl) UA MOVIES rkmryFondtAIIStwCtstl In Irwm Allan's WISWttM(P)3-720 iKre) Krte1o4fertonA Mecfiraw CONVOY 1:00-5:15-8-30 UA MOVIES ABiry Buoay TK BUDOY BOUY SIOtY(PO) 1:00-5:45-tttt Sytvastar StaHoneUS.!. 3:06-7:60 ux A MAJOR STUOW PREVIEW 6:30 mCma Bl ILUPa VAU1Y P.IA. 911-6171 AWIWarn HotdenLet Grant PflAUnl OMEN BJR) 1:30.4:65-10:16 SBftMB 350-6:45 no UtmUL John Travolta M S Brand 0trvla Ntwton-Jorm 243-4291 StUSI(r)2)-4J5-7:10-:45 (Sorry No PismsI) FKI.-SAT. FOR UA WESTW000 THEATRES PARK FREE It Fadaril Cintir 9ti WIHMro 10c Shuttle Iui IB Wiitwtod Thaitrn. u. UnKrook , APatar FramptonBaa 0M SOT. PSPftrS LONUT 477-0675 ItWntwoodBI.. . "A"'""'"" 1 i:ia-a:w-s;4o-e:w- w. is- iz: (Sorry, No Ptssaal) CINEMA CTR. m'mr " 51 Twifi. HUSIMDSIB) 476-9441 1:30-3:40-5:50-8:00-10:16 Special Short 'HABPWAM WARS CINEMA CTReJi CUvtwrghAlan Bataa In Paul Maariky I AN UNMtMMB WOMINJR) 1:35-3:46-6:56-1:06-10:15 CINEMA CTR. MtTnvoit SATURDAY NKHIT FtVUllBI 1:40-3:50-6:00-8:10-10:20 CINEMA CTR Jaron BroNnOJ. Sttripion AEIIIot OoutdTelly Savalas CAPIKORN ONE PO) 1:40-3:50-6:00-8:15-10;25 UA CINEMA APeterFaftt 4335 GKma ALL STAR CAST In Nan Simon I 622 29N THE CHEAP DCTKTtVI(PO) 1r0-2:40-4:25-6:1Q-7:56-:46 UACINEMA "Tns Force hi Btckr STAR WARS(PO) 1:45-40-6: 15-6:30- 40:45 (Sorry, No Ptsaet) UACINEMA AChrU Mummer Titum 0 Nasi BTTEttlATrONAl VHVniPOl 15-3:45-6:06-8:25-10:S UACINEMA A Sytvaater Stallone Rod StalgerPttar Boyle FXS.T.(PO) 1:30-4:05-6:40-1:15 ASary UACINEMA rw BUDOY BOUY JIOtYlPO) 2:20-4:25-6:M-6:35-10:46 UACINEMANothln'N Set m Their Wiyf Kra) KrlatorfartonAII MacOraw CONVOY re)2:35-4;36-6:36-6:36-10:35 UA PC. Hwy-Cranahaw ,325-4232 APater FrarrntonBaa Baal ASeorga BurntSteve Martin sot. rifftri lonely HEARTS CLUB BAND(P0l t2:30-2:50-5:W-7:X-:56 (Sorry, No Passasl) DEL AMO W,N IKeney's Nemetl una ui mm gum areaie 10:46-2:30-6:15- 542-7363 TBI SHAOOV tX 12:45-4:30-6:16 OELAMO "A Comady ThrHtert" 6oMHi HawnCrim Chase FOUL PUY (PO) 11:t5-1J0-3:45-00-8:1S-W:30 (Sorry, No Passes) DEL AMO Henry FondaALl STAR CASTI In kwm Allen's THE SWARM(POI 1:05-5:50-10:36 ASytnstar Statono IX$.T.(PO) 10:30-3: 10-7:55 DEL AMO ACMt Ptummar-Tatum O'NasI BftTinuTiONAi vavn(po) 1O.30- 12:50-3:W-5J0-7:60- .l6 1 UA CINEMA PttarFaHi-ALL STAR CAST Nv.Fwv.Tvlar THE CHIAP BCTtCHVi(PO) (714)8W-tba 1:30-3:3O-5:30-7:30-0:36 UACINEMA -VwiMdyHlteltniVairP AWarran BnttyJuHa Chilatle WAVIN CAN WAIT(PO) 1:00-3:15-5:30-7:46-10:06 (Swry, No Pint!) UACINEMA "A Comedy Thriller!" ASoMIe HawiChevy Chan FOW P1AY (PO) 1:30-3:45-6:00-6:15-1036 (Sorry, No Pasaes) UA CINEMA ASaryE THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY(PO) 1:16-3:30-5:45-0:00-10:18 606 Fwy-So. SL 024-56)4 UA TWIN AMAjOR 8TU0K) PREVIEW 8:45 Lea Carrrloa NARPHI VA1UT r.l.a. wm ram nLL o nn CAST In Nan Simon's THE CHEAP rXTKTtVl(PO) 1:30-3:20-6: 10-7:00-10:20 UA TWIN AJohn Travolta Olivia Nawton-Jonn OKASE(PO) 1:10-3: 15-5:26-7.30-9:45 (Sorry, No Passasl) U A CINEMA "A Comedy Thrllwrr LoaCarrltoaMal ta""'(.c,h"! 024-7728 FOU PLAY POJ 11:15-1:45-4: 15-6:45-0: IS (Sorry, No Passes) UACINEMA "Comedy Hit of thaYearl" AWarran ButtyJune Matte HEAVEN CAN WAn(PO) 10:30-12:45-3:00-5: 15-7:30-0:45 (Sorry, No Passes) UACINEMA AWHHam HoHenLH Grant DAMKN OMEN BIRI IPSO- 1O5-3:20-5:35-7:50-10:06 UACINEMA "NothinU Set m Thek Way!" A Kris KrletoflereonAM MacGraw ONVOV(PO)10:30-2:20-6:10-1O:00 BMAkft BRIAKEB 12:35-45-6:15 Hi THBATNaa aAN4.V OtnO fHIClS Tll SiOO UA MOVIES AJohnTranna u cm AOKvta Nawton-John trwvnr 6RfASI(P0) WnMntter 12:15-225-4:35-6:45-6:56-11 566-2751 (Sorry, No Passasl) UAMOVIES AGary Buaay THE BUDDY NOLLY STORY (PO) 12:20-2:20-420-8:20-6:20-10:20 UAMOVIES "tin Blow Your Mlndl" ABurt ReynotdiDom DeLuiseTK EHDIRI 2:45-6:30-10:15 A Moo FosterPariy King A PffatHT SIORY12:50-4:35 6:2(I UAMOVIESAPstar Falk ALL STAR CAST In Nail's Simon's THE CHEAP DfTECnVE(P6i 12:10-1:55-3:40-525-7:10-6:55-10:46 UAMOVIES AWalt Otaney'l Neweatl CAT FROM OUTER SPAa(O) 220-6:55-9:30 THE SHAG6T 9X 12:40-4:15-7:60 UAMOVIES Ryan O'NaalBruca Darn TH BHVH(R)12:45-2-3:45 625-7-6:46-Kh2S (Sorry. No Pasaes!) n:l:lJ!U:l:,Al UAMOVIES ''ComedyHltoltheYaarr Im Ui. knoHial Hwy. Oranoi Fwy. 7t4M0-4O22 Warren BaattyJulla Christie KAVW CAN WAIT(PO) 12:30-2:30-4:36 6:30-8:30-10:30 (Sorry, No Paaeai) UAMOVIES ChrlsPtummerTatumO'Nasi ilTiRNATIONAi VHVET(PO) 12:60-3:15-5:35-8:00-10:26 UAMOVIES "The Force Is Backl" STAB WABSIPOI 12:40-3:00-5:25-7:50-10:15 (Sorry No Pssies) UAMOVIES "A Comedy Thriller!" AGoMleHawnCnavyChasa FOU PIAY(PG) 10-3:15-5:30-8:00-40:15 (Sorry, No Patsas) lllTllNtMrl AMAJOR STUDIO CHy Centra PREVIEW 8:30 634-3911 HARPER VALLEY P.T.A. "Ruober Duck Is RoHlngl" A Kris KrlatotlarsonAII MacGraw CONVOY(PO)2:25-6:26-10:20 SPEED TRAP12:35-4:30 CITY CINEMA Olivia Newton-John ORIA(PO)1:15-3:20-525-7:30-9:35! (Sorry, No Passes) i CITY CINEMA AWaH Disney's Newastl CAT FROM OUTER SPACi(G) 1:00-4:35-8:10 THE SHAGGY D.A. 2:50-6:25-10:00 CITY CINEMA ABurt Reynolds ADom DeLulieTHE END(R) 2:30-6:15-0:55 THE LATE SHOW 12:45-4:26-6:10 MUMMM I U A TWIN Adorm Travolta Fdwita st (Vitikta AttMa Nawton-John Wmruaa GREASilPGI SOrBoliir 1:15-3:30-5:45-7:55-10:10 7M0W-13O5 (Sorry, No Passeal) UATWIN AGary Busev THE BUDDY HOUY STORY 3:05-7:40 ASylester SUHoneRod Stekjer IXS.T. 12:30-6:10-0:45 UACINEMA AWanOitney'sClissIc! WltmratrkUl THE JUNOU SOOKIOI W3-0644 12:40-3:45-6:56-10:06 HUGO TNI HTTP 2: 15-5:20-8:25 UACINEMA AJohn Travolta SATURDAY MGRT FEVERIR)12:45-4:55-9:05 "WlldCraiyHHarlousI" I.G1F. 2:55-7:05 UACINEMA AWalt Disney's Newastl CAT FROM OUTER SPACi(G) 12:46-4:26-6:05 THE SHAGGY 042:40-6:20-W OO UACINEMA ARyan O'NaalBruca Dern THE DRIVER! R)' 12:40-2:40-4:40-6:40-8:40-10:40 (Sorry, No Passes!) UA LINtMA "A Comedy Thriller!" S CaLPIaza AGoMen HawnChevy Chase S40-0694 FOUL PlAY(PG) 10-3:15-5:20-7:40-teOU (Sorry, No Passes!) UACINEMA AJohn Travolta A Omna Newton-John GtEASE(PG) 12:45-2:50-4:55-700-9:10 (Sorry No Passes!) Grease Is the Word!" OREASE(PG) 1:00-3: 15-5:20-7:30-46 (Sorry, No Passes!) UACINEMA mU WAIT IS WONDERFULLY inCOSENT- Fu:::iY, lyrically mmm mn ePTicisTic. it is A FAIiTASY THAT UOtS BEAUTIFULLY. IT IS A GEtl." Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times "OMEN BEATTY, WITH HELPERS BUCK HENRY AND ELAINE MAY, HAS BROUGHT THIS CHARMING FANTASY SO VIVIDLY TO LIFE IT'S AN IRRESISTIBLE MOVIE . THAT APPEALS TO THE CHILD IN ALL OF US. IT IS SO WELL DONE THAT THERE IS REAL MAGIC ON THE SCREEN." David Sheehan, CBS-TV "AN ALTOGETHER CHARMING FILM. BEATTY IS PERFECT. 'HEAVEN CAN WAIT' IS LIGHT AND FUN-AFFECT TONIC FOR A WARM SUMMER NIGHT." -Regis Philbin, ABC-TV "IT GLOWS WITH CHARM AND GAIETY. WHEN YOU LEAVE 'HEAVEN CAN Van", YOU'LL BE FEELING SKY-HIGH." -GeneShallt. NBC-TV "WHATEVER YOU DO THIS SUMMER, PLEASE RUN, DON'T WALK, TO WARREN BEATTY' S SUPERB HEAVEN CAN WAIT.'" Rona Barrett, ABC-TV "WARREN BEATTY 'S 'HEAVEN CAN WAIT' IS THE MOST DELIGHTFUL MOVIE THE YEAR HAS OFFERED!" David Arisen, Newsweek vP.A WARREN JULIE JAMES BEATTY CHRISTIE MASON CHARLES DYAN BUCK VINCENT - JACK GRODIN CANNON HENRY GARDENIA WARDEN as Max SCREENPLAY BY ELAINE MAY AND WARREN BEATTY PRODUCED BY WARREN BEATTY DIRECTED BY WARREN BEATTY AND BUCK HENRY MUSIC SCORED BY DAVE CRUSIN Read the Ballantine Paperback A PARAMOUNT PICTURE 1978 PARAMOUNT PICTURES CORPORATION. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PG PAKNTAl CUIIMMX SUGGESTED 4 Itow MATram wi not at mjnmjtm emprnij IS! CHINESE HiXlywoorJ 464-8111 Da: 11:30 : 4:15 8:20 .10:20 Midnight Sham Frit Sat NATIONAL Westwood 479-2666 Dairy: 12:30 2:30 4:26 6:25 6:20 10:20 Midnight Stan Frl Sal 010 TOWNE Torrance 371-1600 Dally: 11:30 1:30 3.30 5:30 7:30 9:30 Mann Pasadena 351-9641 Daily: 12 30 2:30 4 30 6 30 4:30. .0:30 UA MOVIES North Hollywood 766-4317 Dally: 12:30 2:30 4:30 6:30 6:30 10 30 FOX Covina 332-0050 Daily: 12:30 2:30 4:30 6:30 8:30 10:30 UA MOVIES Brea (714) 990-4022 Dally: 12:30 2.30 4:30 6:30 8:30 10:30 UA CINEMAS Cerrltos 924-7726 Daily 10 30 12:45 . 3 00 5.15 7:30 9:45 VILLAGE Claremont 624-2612 Dally: 5:30 7 30 9:30 Sat -Sun.: 1:30 3:30 5:30 7:30 9:30 UA CINEMA Riverside (714) 669-8022 Dairy: I X 3:15 5:30 7:45 10:00 SOUTN COAST Costa Mesa (714) 546-2711 Dairy: 12:45 2:35 4:30 6:25 9:20 10:15 CONEJO Thousand Oaks (605) 495-6760 Dairy: 1:30 3:30 5:30 7:30 9:30 FOX Ventura (805) 644-7776 Daily: 1 00 2:50 4:40 6:30 6:20 10:10 NO PASSES ACCEPTED FOR THIS ENGAGEMENT Shorn Start At Dusk WINNETKA DRIVE-IN Chatsworlh 349-6806 LONG BEACH DRIVE-IN Long Beach 834-6435 MT. VERNON DRIVE-IN San Bernardino (714) 884-0403 101 DRIVE-IN Ventura (805) 644-5595 CINEDOME Orange (714) 634-2553 RIVIERA Santa Barbara (805) 965-6188 PLAZA THEATRE Palm Springs (714) 325-2626 STADIUM DRIVE-IN Orange (714) 639-8770 LANCASTER DRIVE-IN Lancaster 942-5615 I

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